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I’m not as good as I should be, I can think of at least three times in my life when I fell asleep without removing makeup.

I take my makeup off 99% of the time… I think there have been three times I’ve gone to bed with it on in the last few years, and all involved heavy amounts of alcohol and exhaustion! I don’t always go through a full cleansing routine but at the very least I use makeup remover on some cotton pads.

Story of my life! On top of the cold weather I’ve been slacking on cleaning my brushes and removing my makeup so my skin is breaking out like crazy. I invested in some purity wipes that are helping me get into the routine. You should try them!

I’m quite strict about it. I’ve never gone to bed with make-up on, EVER. The worst I’ve done is dozing off in a car (not while driving) for a few minutes with make-up on.

I used to be very good, but since I stopped wearing make up to work, I find that when I DO wear it, removal is such a chore!! I find myself just using a make up wipe a lot now!

I’m very thorough, even if I happen to fall into bed at 3 or 4 am. I just can’t stand the feeling of makeup that has been sitting on my face all day and all night long, it makes me feel grimy. I also happen to own almost only white and ivory sheets and bedclothes, and I know that taking off my makeup at night is still less works than having to wash them in the morning.

Worse than I should be. Two to three times a week I do before bed. I do clean, tone and moisturize every day, and I get complements on my skin in the store when I shop for products. No one ever tries to sell me on skin care, because I am lucky enough not to have issues, even though I regularly fall asleep with makeup on.

For me it’s very important to remove my make-up befoe i go to bed because if I don’t it’s very likely that I get break-outs from it and also my eyes itch terribly the next day if I don’t remove eye make-up. So I was always very good with it, but when it gets late and Im tired I get lazy to, so I made it a habit of always having make up remover wipes in my bedside table so if I can’t be bothered to do the whole program I at least use those.
Emmy Recently Posted: [Rezept] Zimt-Zupfbrot

Same here, it’s a vital part of the “I’m home” routine. I literally feel uncomfortable until I washed everything off and applied my eye and face creams. The only excuse for going to bed in make up is partying and drinking till really late, which currently happens once in a blue moon :)))

it used to be a constant battle to take make-up off before sleeping UNTIL i slept once with my kajal on. i woke up with my eyes feeling all gritty and dry. that was my cue!

Always, without fail, no matter how drunk I am. Can’t STAND the feeling of it, so despite the fact I’ve worn it everyday for the last 7 years, still haven’t gotten used to it.

I am TERRIBLE about it, especially now that I’m pregnant and have a bad habit of falling asleep on the couch every night around 8:30. I’ve gotten bad about taking my contacts out, too. I need to work on just taking my makeup off, moisturizing, and putting my glasses on as soon as I get home from work!

Hi Christine!

I am pretty good about it! There’s maybe a night or two that I can recall where I didn’t take any makeup off (*ducks*), but those are usually days I wear none or minimal makeup. I usually at least use a cleansing wipe. I am to do my full skincare routine with wash, tone, treatment, moisturizer. I do that the majority of the time 🙂 I will say I’ve consistently followed a morning and night skincare routine for about 10 years now, since I was a teenager!


I’d say very good as well. I can only recall 2 times I’ve ever fallen asleep with my makeup on (not on purpose!). I try to keep makeup wipes nearby to avoid that happening. At the very least, I’ll use a makeup wipe to remove makeup when I’m super tired. For the most part, I use cleansing oil and warm water at the end of the night.

I’d say I’m quite good, but there were occasions where I’d fall asleep unintentionally. Like, curl up with a magazine or a book on the sofa to unwind for half an hour — come to senses five hours later closer to waking time than bed time.

I always make sure to take of my makeup at the end of the day. I struggled with bad skin through most of my life and so am super thorough about cleaning my skin. Plus I have finally found a skin care regime that keeps my skin clear even during times when my skin would break out like crazy.

Oh my…I religiously remove my makeup at night! In my 20’s I was not as good about this but now that i NEED skincare products at night I absolutely remove makeup and apply skincare products.

I wash every day! Sometimes some mascara/eyeliner lingers around my eyes because it can be hard to get off, but I’ve never understood going to be with makeup on. It just makes no sense to me.

I /always/ take off all my makeup I get home. For some reason the minute I step into my house it feels like I’m wearing a mask and it’s very uncomfortable. I’m not wearing a ton of makeup either. It won’t feel like that when I put it on or at any point when I’m out. I guess it’s like wanting to rip off the bra when you set foot in your door lol.

Both very satisfying landmarks for the day. I’m not comfortable lounging at home with a face and a bra on. Even without makeup, I wash my face (<3 my mia2) when I get home anyways. Its just refreshing. Like scrubbing off the outside world.

I have always been most conscientious about removing my makeup (or simply doing a good cleansing even if I’m not wearing any makeup). But it’s odd that this comment has come up now because within the last month, for the first time in decades, I went to bed TWICE without removing my “day face” – we had 2 very late night galas followed by a long drive home and when I got in, I barely had the energy to change out of my party duds. I just passed a warm face cloth over my face and went to bed! (can I blame this on getting older?)

I’m usually pretty good, but if I have waterproof marcara or eyeliner on I know I don’t get all of it off… I’m just not patient enough.

I’m always sure to remove my makeup because back in high school, I had a classmate who slept in her makeup and woke up with a nasty eye infection that had her wearing an eye patch to school for days. It was the juiciest gossip at the time, quite sadly. I’ve no desire to end up with an eye infection like that!

I used to sleep without taking my makeup off when I was in my early-mid teens. I made a new years’ resolution when I was seventeen to never, ever go to sleep again without using makeup remover, facial wash and moisturizer, and it was one of the few resolutions I ever kept. I have a routine that I’ve stuck with for 30 years, and even on the days when I’m not wearing makeup, I still have to wash and moisturize before I go to bed. I’m pretty strict about it.

I’ve become very ritualistic at night before bed and I can’t stand the feel of makeup on my face after a certain period of time. If I’m really feeling overly tired or sick, I will still grab one of those quickie towelette thingees to take the worst of it off at a minimum. But that is rarely enough for me either. If I do not do my full skincare regimen, I can really see the difference the next morning. You get to 50 and you will understand. You wake up with skin creases that seem to stick! So not worth skipping that extra 5 minutes.

99.9% of the time my makeup gets removed. The remaining 0.01% is usually a result of excessive alcohol and staying up REALLY late – I have done it once that I can think of this past year and that was at my best friends birthday party, I woke up at dawn with my beautiful green glittery eye makeup completely intact (impressive, but beside the point!).

I nap during the day about once a week and I never take my makeup off for that… but if it isn’t at the end of the day, does it even count? 😉

I am so compulsive, I have never missed a day. I use Lumene oil to dissolve and remove my eye makeup and then use baby shampoo to wash my face. Then I put on a moisturizer and an oil over that and that’s my nightly routine every night.

I’m going to have to try this! I use wipes because I’m too lazy to get out of bed to do it but then some wipes sting my eyes and then the ones that don’t – don’t get anything off anyway!

Very good, every night! Cant stand the feeling of makeup left on your skin when you wake up, and its also terrible for your skin. I’m 26, and glad I got in the habit of being good about it now cause I know a lot of people older who never did and that regret it. I’m the same, will slip up the odd time but very rare!

I think I’m very good about it now. In the past when I didn’t remove my eye makeup, I would get styes. I hate those little buggers, so I started getting really diligent about cleaning it all off. I also have always had bad skin, so I figured it’s the least I can do. Now on the days I don’t wear makeup, it’s a different story – I don’t always wash my face…but I love my skincare regime (Paula’s Choice), so I’m getting much better!

I always remove it. I can’t sleep in it as it could trigger a rosacea flare up. I can’t use makeup wipes because they can also trigger breakouts and a flare up for me as well. My routine has me removing my makeup before bed, no matter when I go to bed.
Phyrra Recently Posted: Melt Cosmetics Lipsticks Review

It’s really funny, in the morning I don’t feel ‘fresh’ without my makeup on. Towards the end of the day, I just want to get that crap off my face!!! I’m pretty good at it. Although, makeup wipes and me have a complicated relationship…some sting my eyes but work realllllly well at getting my foundation off. I like to read in bed so I can’t use them anymore. The ones that don’t sting, I have to use like 3 to get everything off. And even then if I get up in the middle of the night and look at myself in the mirror I have black smudges everywhere. I tried to use oil once with a cotton bud as I know that stuff is good for getting eye makeup off, but the oil just soaked right into the bud and it was like sandpaper =S

I am all about skincare, and I have sensitive skin, so sleeping in makeup is not an option at all for me. I typically opt to remove my make up once I’m in for the day. If I don’t remove it when arriving home, I do so during my nightly shower. On the rare occasion that I arrive home at a late hour and I’m exhausted, I just use a make up remover wipe and call it a day.

I am STRICT about it! Even if it’s 3am and alcohol flushed. Not that I can’t stand my face with with makeup on when I sleep, it’s just that my PILLOW IS SACRED and who wouldn’t want to sleep with a freshly washed face?

I used to sleep in my makeup all the time until I realized that was one of the most damaging things to skin. Now I’m so used to taking it off that it feels pretty gross when I have forgotten so I’ll do it even if I’m about to drop. I just think of my dirty face, the dirty pillow and the break out that follows.

I always wash off my make-up because I don’t like how crud gets in my eyes and makes them uncomfortable. If it weren’t for that, I probably would get lazy….

I just try to tell myself that it is helping me relax for bed.

I always remove my makeup. First I use a removing wipe, then a cleansing water. After that I wash my face and it’s ready for my night cream!

I always remove my face makeup, but I sometimes leave my eye makeup on and use it as a smudged smokey look the next day.

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