Go Lightweight & Condition Hair with FHI Heat Professional Brushes

A brush is a brush is a brush.  Right? Wrong! FHI Heat is out to prove you 100% wrong about what your brush needs are. They recently launched a professional brush series that is supposed to restore your hair’s natural resiliency and shine as you use them. The science behind this uses the same technology as FHI Heat’s blow dryers, which basically creates negative ions. When negative ions are heated, they help lock moisture into the follicle and keep hair looking glossy.

Did I love ’em?

There are three styles (paddle, cushion, and round), and each style comes in two sizes (small and large), which gives you a few options depending on your needs and preferences. I’m a cushion kind of girl, personally. I’ve gotten too many round brushes stuck in my hair to ever feel comfortable using one of those! However, Les Haverty (artistic director for FHI Heat), recommends the paddle and round styles for blow-drying and using the cushion style for finishing. The round brush works well for increasing volume, while the paddle brush works better on detangling. The cushion brush is excellent for finishing your style.  Each brush retails for $19.99.

Every time I do a post on anything hair-related, I feel it’s necessary to reiterate that I’m a hair idiot, and I’ve lucked into having pretty good hair that requires very little work. I do get more volume in my hair when I use the round brush (though it makes me very, very nervous, and probably adds ten minutes to my blow out, as a result!), and I’ve always wanted to add a bit more volume to my hair when I wear it down. I use the cushion brush for brushing my hair in the morning, putting it up into a ponytail, etc. It’s my everything brush. I hang onto brushes for years, so the price of these works out to be quite affordable for how long it’ll last me (especially if you clean your brushes regularly–my sister is a brush-cleaning addict, I swear).

But the best thing about these for me is that they are LIGHTWEIGHT! I love everything to be as weightless as possible, especially because it makes traveling even better. Who wants to pack pounds of hair care tools with them? That’s why I have a T3 Featherweight AND my new FHI Heat brushes to cover my hair tool needs without adding a lot of weight to my bag.  I hate checking bags in, so I’m always thinking about ways to reduce my carry-on bag’s weight. Every ounce counts at that point 😉