Global Goddess’ Tribal Eyeshadow Misses the Mark, but Passport to Beauty Book Doesn’t!

Global Goddess ‘Goddess Glow’ South Pacific Shimmer ($32.00) looked like a really pretty glowy blusher-highlighter. I was drawn to it because of the designs found on top of the powder, but unfortunately, the design really is just on top. The white line pattern disappears as soon as your brush hits the product. I found that this just gave me a subtle shimmer, which is nice, but it’s not something I haven’t seen before. I think I was disappointed, because I saw it having a lot of potential, and in reality, it doesn’t do anything different from products I already have. (The shimmer, also, seemed more whitish-silver, so it didn’t complement my warmer skin tone; but perhaps it would work better on cooler skin tones.) This product definitely gives you shimmer, and it really just lets me down because of the design fading away instantly–otherwise, it’s your average highlighter.

Global Goddess ‘Sizzling Serengeti’ Tribal Eyeshadow Quad in Arusha ($42.00) made me drool for months! The cool tribal pattern looks fun and lovely, and while the designs are imprinted, so they will stick around longer, the quality itself is lacking. The color pay off is decent, though the colors are somewhat subtle by nature, so I wasn’t expecting a neon purple or anything. My problem with this quad is the eyeshadows do not go on smoothly. I used a creamy neutral base before applying these, and I think I had more eyeshadow under my eye than on my eye. I’m not a makeup beginner — I know enough to be able to slap shadow on my eyes, y’know? The fact that I was using a quality brush (MAC 239, which I love and use all the time) and could barely get this to work is just not what I was expecting.For a product with this price tag, I was expecting quality closer to Chanel, Dior, etc. – not below average quality like I got.

BUT! despite these products not impressing me, the founder of Global Goddess, Shalini Vadhera, wrote Passport to Beauty, which I have been reading lately, and it is definitely worth checking out. It is filled with beauty tips from around the world, broken down by region/culture. There are a lot of home remedies/natural beauty tips, so it’s been a great read thus far. Now the book, I definitely recommend to you!