Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Launches

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro Launches

Intense, seductive, illuminating color. Giorgio Armani introduces Lip Maestro: the next generation of lip color.

A truly luminous matte lip color, Lip Maestro is more radiant than a matte lipstick and more sophisticated than a gloss. A luxurious, velvet texture that glides onto lips for 4-dimensional volume; lips are drenched in long lasting, chic color. Lip Maestro has all the color and sophistication women desire in a matte finish combined with the luminous intensity of a lip lacquer. A formula created exclusively by Giorgio Armani Cosmetics and made possible by a transparent โ€œvelvetโ€ gel which diffuses light while providing a luxurious, matte finish for both depth and volume.

Extremely lightweight, the velvet gel rolls onto lips for a no make-up feel. The sensual, non-sticky texture offers hours of hydration and comfort. With its sleek design and soft applicator, Lip Maestro can be applied at any time for lips that are always perfectly finished.

For the first time in Armani, intense color has a no make-up feel. Ultra-light, Lip Maestro fuses with lips for exceptional comfort and wear. Concentrated pigments permeate the gel formula, offering an incredible depth of color. No underlying white โ€œbaseโ€ means color stays true for a flawless, matte and glowing finish.

Lip Maestro comes in 12 shades, perfect for every skin tone.

Lip Maestro ($32.00)

  • 500 Blush
  • 501 Casual pink
  • 502 Artdeco
  • 503 Red fuchsia
  • 504 Ecstasy
  • 300 Flesh
  • 401 Tibetan orange
  • 402 Chinese lacquer
  • 400 The red
  • 200 Terra
  • 201 Dark velvet
  • 202 Dolci

Availability: Nordstrom