Getting Ready for the Big 2-1 Birthday

It’s one of my favorite, and yet, least favorite, times of the year… my birthday is on September 28th, and it means I need to compile a list of potential gifts to receive to distribute amongst friends and family. What’s the problem? I think the problem is I never have a very long list of wants, but mostly that’s a result of the fact that I don’t ask my friends or family to purchase beauty products for me as gifts.


It took me a bit of deliberation, but I think I will ask my parents for a “designer” coat, which I fully blame my wanting on Karen, because if I wasn’t a regular reader of her blog, I would have totally never seen this coat. Damn her! It was designed by The 615 Project, and they had a runway show during San Francisco Fashion Week for their Spring 2008 collection. This is the coat pictured above, and it is the “Linda Canvas” coat, retailing at $368, but in natural (white, in the box as shown). Anyone know of a knockoff? LOL. Seriously, I’ve scoured the ‘net and have come up empty.  really am NOT into couture or designers or anything of the sort. This would be the most valuable piece of clothing I’d own!

I have been falling in love with fall/winter coats (I know, I know, SPRING 2008, whatev!) for months now, and even though I’ve acquired a gorgeous off-white Guess? wool coat a month or so ago (below), I can’t help but want this far-too-expensive one.

GUESS? | JENNIE WOOL COATAlthough, I have several MAC items on my “wishlist” so-to-speak:

208 brush
212 brush
239 brush (another)
266 brush (another)
BoomBox & MAC Book (UK release only, boo!)
Face & Body Foundation
Coral cream colour blush (PRO)
Guava gloss (PRO)
Lip Erase in Dim (PRO)
Pink cream colour blush (PRO)
Sculpting Powder (PRO, I think I want all!)
Shaping Powder (PRO, Lightsweep, Soft Focus, Warm Light)
Strobe cream (I’m out!)
Stylistics perfume (Not out yet!)

It seems apparent that I really do need to head to the San Francisco PRO store at some point in the near future, because there are far too many items I want! I’m tempted to order them over the phone (hate parking at Union Square), but I’ve yet to play…

What do you have on your wishlist at the moment?