Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #709

Freddie is SHOCKED!
Freddie is SHOCKED!

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Pat McGrath cream blushes, Kosas lipsticks

Weekend plans: I’m about to work on uploading and categorizing a bunch of products I swatched a couple of days ago, and then I’d like to do another set of lip swatches. The Fabulous Ones’ (Freddie, Marsha, and Frida, my foster pups) have a vet check up later this morning! I’ll be spending a lot of Saturday at the puppy rescue because it’s the Yogis’ adoption day. They have 12 appointments, so they likely will all be adopted tomorrow (there are only five).

What’s your favorite thing to do during summer? STAY COOL. That’s it! Summer is like winter here, we just hibernate.

Psst… since it’s Friday and we’re heading into the weekend, if you have some downtime, consider playing one of the games hubby and I have created! 🙂 You’ll find all of our games on Awordy, but here’s a breakdown of what we have so far:

  • Adoptle (guess the name of an adoptable pet in six guesses)
  • Concludle (figure out the subject within six clues)
  • Mislettered (guess one letter at a time to figure out the phrase/quote)
  • Word Frenzy (find as many words from the letters available before the shark devours them)

This week's doggo photo/video...

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group!


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Sarah Avatar

It’s been a while since I posted due to a bad case of Covid last month.

Recent Purchases: Natasha Denona Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette, Ilia lip oil in Petals, Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick in Bright Side, Caudalie Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil, Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Unscented Jumbo Size (Ulta doesn’t sell this anymore and I am cranky)

Weekend Plans: An AME Church has invited us over to celebrate Juneteenth on Monday and I will stop by that. I have my outfit and makeup planned. It is supposed to be a nice (if hot day).

Favorite thing to do in summer: Before my disability it was swim. Now it is sit in the air conditioning and read!

Lisa Avatar

JUST purchased today Victoria Beckham trio of eye shadow sticks in Trench, Oyster and Pecan. Been waiting because Pecan was out of stock. I already have Caramel and Bottle Green. Weekend plans: Relaxing. I have a staycation next week and I am looking very forwards to it. Our Bernadoodle puppy is nearly over her waiting period of activity after being spayed, and I am got to bring her to a dog park. She LOVES other dogs and people, so she should be very happy.

Celesta Avatar

OMG. Freddie! You’re such a cutie!

Recent Purchases: nothing this week!

Rediscoveries: Currently working my way through my Clionadh singles: swatching them, wearing them, pairing them with different palettes, and loving it.

Weekend plans: Saturday I’m driving a few hours to see a good friend for her baby shower and will also get to see some other good friends from college, too! I’m very excited as I haven’t seen them since attending the mommy-to-be’s wedding a couple of years ago. Sunday is father’s day, but our lawn mower just broke, so we’ll probably go get a new one then and celebrate father’s day in whatever way he wants.

What’s your favorite thing to do during summer? Go to the pool. I wasn’t a pool girl for several years; I had all sorts of body issues and my husband isn’t a pool person. But my son loves going to the pool now, so it’s been so fun going to our neighborhood pool and hanging out with our neighbors there.

BrandiD Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Revlon Illuminance Foundation in 117. It just might wind up in my top favorite foundations, in between the Dior and Lancome. I don’t know why everyone is sleeping on this formula — it has a lovely texture, good colors, a dewy finish that isn’t too shiny, doesn’t oxidize (except over sunscreen but all my foundations do that to some degree). It does have a paint smell, but it’s no worse than MAC’s Studio Fix and dissipates quickly.

Weekend Plans: Celebrating Father’s Day with our two younger kids. One of them bought my husband a golf club, fingers crossed that it’s the right one since I know nothing about golf. We’ll have a nice dinner on Sunday.

Favorite Thing to do in Summer: Before COVID, it was going to the fair with our kids. That kind of fell by the wayside, but all 3 will be home for a bit in July and I just might drag everybody back to the county fair. The crafts! The rides! The terrible food! I miss it so much.

Mariella Avatar

LOL – “the terrible food”!!! What is it about terrible food that makes it so irresistible at fairs? We always used to go to the Canadian National Exhibition (a fair which has been dying a slow death over the past 20+ years and it’s sad) but missed the past 2 or 3 years (not only because of COVID but partly). This past fall, we and our daughter, son in law and baby grand-daughter met up at “The Rockton World’s Fair” – a fall/harvest fair in our area – for the first time in several years and had a blast of a time. The “terrible food” was part of it and the lineups at all the food places were so long, so that “terrible food” really does have a strange sort of appeal!

Zia Avatar

How glorious puppies are!!!!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I picked up some mattes from Simply Posh that I just couldn’t resist! Bright, happy summer colors!

Weekend plans: We’re having an indulgent BBQ dinner tonight!

What’s your favorite thing to do during summer? When I get home all sweaty, take off my bra, and stand in front of the air conditioning and fan to cool off hahahaa!!!

Nancy T Avatar

Okay, so I’m really wanting to get that T-Rex for my cats, LOL! These little babies are looking like very playful, friendly, very silly ones 🤪

Purchases/rediscoveries: Well, I just couldn’t seem to help myself. I ordered (and it arrived maybe 15-20 minutes ago) the newest goodness from Natasha Denona; the much swooned over Yucca Midi Palette. Also added a deluxe sample hair duo by Vegamour.
Rediscovered my slew of palettes that contain murky, grungy green and brown shades, yet still wasn’t getting the same stunning looks that I have been seeing YouTubers get using the ND Yucca palette.

Weekend plans: Need to get a few loads of laundry together. Badly. Zoom meeting tomorrow morning. Hit the pool at least once this weekend… I hope.

What’s your favorite thing to do in summer? Here? In the Arizona hellscape? Hibernate! Or go for a swim. About the only two outdoor activities I enjoy are swimming and taking pictures and videos of the Monsoon storms. Otherwise, I hate going out for much else unless I can get into someone’s vehicle.

Seraphine Avatar

Recent Purchases: I’m having a rough week at work (too much work, too little time), so on my lunch break I self-medicated with lipstick and perfume purchases: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet (Intuitive #61) and Diorella Eau de Toilette. I also bought Clinique Moisture Surge (restock). It was an expensive week.

Weekend Plans: Relaxing, relaxing, visiting family, and relaxing. Did I mention that I will be relaxing?

What’s your favorite thing to do during summer? Stay in the air conditioning! (I don’t do well in hot weather.)

Mary Avatar

Oh my cuteness ! Freddie looks like he’s in the middle of
pup splainin’ something! Lol…
Favorite thing to do in the summer ? Outdoor patios, walking , hiking,
Visiting gardens …if it’s too hot taking in a movie…
Week end plans ? Going to a stand up show…dinners out.

New purchases? Sisley Blur expert powder , ( I especially love this over primer ,before Tarte Blur tinted moisturizer, and just tried Lina Choo Great Artist velvet matte lipstick ..I really love the comfort and formula.

Genevieve Avatar

You’ve got a great array of soft and chewable toys there Christine that seem to have been well loved by all of your foster puppies. These little ones are just so cute and gorgeous. Best wishes for the adoptions and I am sure they are going to wonderful homes, where they will be treasured.

Recent Purchases: Just some skincare items for my DIL’s baby bag to take with her to the hospital when she gives birth to our newest family addition – a little girl.

Rediscoveries: Started using Naked 1 this week – what a mighty fine palette it is!

Weekend Plans: On Friday I had a fabulous day – I took my DIL out for a belated Mother’s Day lunch up in the local hills and it was just a lovely time chatting to ourselves without interruptions. I gave her the baby bag that I had put together, with a few extra additions (cleanser, moisturisers, body wash, small shampoo and conditioner set, new foundation etc). She loved it.
Even though her due date is between 29th June and July 4th, I have a feeling that the baby is coming sooner rather than later as she already has Braxton-Hicks contractions. We are on standby to have the kids.
Saturday and Sunday is generally about some grocery shopping, library visits and a bit of cleaning. We don’t want to be too far away in case we get called to pick up the other three children.
My twin sister is doing well with her ray treatment, so far, so good.

Favourite thing to do in Summer: Seeing as summer is my least favourite season, my favourite thing is to either go to the pool or sit near to the air conditioner…..

Mariella Avatar

What a lovely mother in law you are to purchase those items for the hospital bag.

The original Naked palette….still one of the best. I wish they’d never discontinued it (and kept the original formula rather than the “deformulated” one they have now).

Mariella Avatar

Purchases: nothing
Rediscoveries: also nothing
Weekend plans: gym tomorrow with my son and then wings night before he leaves to fly back to Alberta on Sunday morning, early. He was home to find somewhere to live when he transfers back to Ontario in August and – fingers crossed – we’re just waiting to hear on an offer he put in. He’s on a tight time-line and the military is not as helpful or supportive as one might think/hope (so many of our friends have said “but don’t they just have housing available for members of the military?” and are surprised that this is not the case). Then packing up to go to the cottage of friends for 4 days (this is the first year I’m not really feeling it – I guess because there’s so much to do and this whole thing with our son has been so stressful).
My favourite thing to do during summer: sleep late and sleep soundly! I’m up so early during the school year and I don’t really sleep all that well (I think that’s partly a function of age too) but in summer, I can sleep in til 7 or even longer….bliss! I also have time to walk my neighbourhood, meet up with friends for coffee, etc. if the weather isn’t stinking hot and humid!

Mariella Avatar

…oh, and Fathers’ Day will be a bit of wash-out. My husband is driving our son to the airport in the morning (not a nice thing to be doing on Fathers’ Day) and then working his part time/mental health saver job so we’ve deferred Fathers Day to next week when we’ll get together with our daughter, son in law and grand-daughter – who has now mastered standing and walking with a vengeance and has thrown in her little “happy dance” when she stands – it’s hilarious!

Mariella Avatar

Thanks, Rachel! House prices in all of Ontario (and much of Canada) are really high and it’s a lot for a single guy to be taking on. But it’s also a good investment for him rather than paying rent in perpetuity!

brendacr1 Avatar

Love the pup updates, I used be a cat person, after bringing our dog into our home 16 months ago a lot has changed!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Le 8 Hypnose Serum-infused Volumizing Mascara.

Weekend plans: I have plantar facitiis and doing anything is a challenge right now. I just downloaded some exercises so hopefully I’ll be on the mend soon. Father’s Day is going to be a rainy and cool day here (we really need this rain) so inside activities will be on the menu. I’m cooking a turkey dinner for my husband as that’s his favorite meal besides bbq steak.
What’s your favorite thing to do during summer? Vacation! I love travelling out to the West Coast to visit my family. Our pup really loves the beach so we spend a lot of time at the water.

Ilene Avatar

Hi Brenda:
I had plantar facitiis last summer and one of the treatments that helped me was to roll my foot over a frozen water bottle. I went for pt for a few months and when the therapist worked on me I saw stars! I hope you feel better soon!

Mariella Avatar

Same as Ilene – fortunately, my family doc is a sports medicine doctor as well and believes in fixing rather than going straight to orthotics. The physiotherapist in his clinic is amazing and in addition to the stretching (like a runner’s lunge) and all the treatments he did, I also used a frozen water bottle and a small tennis ball sized therapy ball to roll under my arch and the sole of my foot. The PF went away – and in a surprisingly short amount of time (I think because I realized right away what it was and got treatment right away and also, I was just lucky!)

Rachel R. Avatar

RECENT PURCHASES: I put in a small ColourPop order for the lavender nine-pan palette and some lip products that were on sale.

WEEKEND PLANS: Today, Stitch Circle with my son’s GF at the local crochet shop. Then some cleaning and a cooking lesson with my son.

Tomorrow, my husband wants to work on building his airplane all day, then have some take out with the kids and me. I’ll just do the usual work and crochet. My brother requested a amigurumi of one of his characters he draws, so I want to start that.

Travel and explore. No big vacations planned this year, but we’ve got some smaller trips we want to take.

Helene Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases. I used Colourpop Of Quartz the other day, I’ve not used it much, I had started wondering why I had it, and after using it I know it was a good one for me, So glad I forced myself to use it.
I also used UD Naked lipstick, Vice formula, I hadn’t used it in a long time, it’s such a good, almost nude shade.
Weekend plans: It’s almost over, It’s been raining, and boy, did we need it, so I didn’t have to water the plants in the garden, nor did I do any gardening, I had planned to, but I’m not obsessed enough as a gardener to go out in the rain.

What’s your favorite thing to do during summer? Sitting in the shadow after walking the dog, neither of us love the hot summer days. Stubbs likes to lay down in the shade and rub his hose and body against the grass, I love watching him do it.
I also like to read in the shade, watch all the roses, and smell them. Having a glass of something nice to drink while doing the above adds to the summery feeling for me.

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