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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Olivia Palermo eyeshadow palettes

Weekend plans: Write reviews and enter dupes! We’ll have family over on Monday, so I want to get a good start for next week this weekend.

What’s something that has brought you comfort recently? Winnie really does bring me great comfort. He is a very affectionate dog and loves cuddling, so we cuddle often, and it really helps me slow down, breathe, and gives me joy to hold him/watch him.

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Seraphine Avatar

Winnie is so precious. I have a zillion photos of my dog sleeping!

Recent purchases:
• MAC Blot Powder in Light
• MAC Sheertone Blush in Blushbaby
• Estée Lauder Double Wear Sheer Makeup in Desert Beige (I’ve been wearing regular Double Wear for many years and wanted to try the sheer version so I can have lighter coverage on days when I want a more natural look)

Weekend plans: Continue binge-watching “Ozark” ( I am so hooked!) and reading “The Distant Hours” by Kate Morton, and visit my dad.

What’s something that has brought you comfort recently?: Losing myself in a good book, talking to my friends, getting a back rub from my husband.

Seraphine Avatar

P.S. I didn’t mention the perfumes that I bought this week: A travel size Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune (because I’ve been wanting to try it out), and Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori (this one was discontinued a couple years ago and I sadly missed out, but I was at Sephora this afternoon and saw they still had a tester for it, so I asked if they had any in stock…and they did! Just one bottle left! And now it’s all mine.)

Genevieve Avatar

Reading a good book is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You can’t ever be bored if you have a good book on hand to read, I think.
Good on you for snaring the last bottle of the Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori – a beautiful scent. Enjoy your weekend Seraphine.

Kira Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Ardell Wispie false eyelashes. They make a regular day super glam!

Weekend plans: Head to a wedding in the LA hills. For the day after, in lieu of a brunch, the couple is having friends head out together to a baseball game. Really looking forward to it!!

What’s something that has brought you comfort recently? During the pandemic, I was regularly watching a particular chess livestreamer everyday. Now I’m going through and watching all of his chess instructional videos – the calm and nice explanations of the game really get me to focus in and take my mind off other things.

Mariella Avatar

Recent purchases/rediscoveries: No new purchases this week. Rediscoveries: Stila’s Eyes are the Window Spirit palette. It’s such a good one. Also MAC’s Glowplay Rosy Does It blush (after learning from Christine’s Dupe List that it’s a good dupe for one of the Pat McGrath blushes that I liked the look of)

Weekend plans: “It’s Canada Day up Canada Way on the 1st day of July”. Canada Day today – hurray – and we have a wedding to go to – the youngest child of dear friends of ours. I was surprised by the date they chose but we’re going to a lot of weekday weddings in the next few months. The Lockdown meant so many people had to postpone their weddings and now, everyone is rushing to get it done and I guess Saturdays filled up really quickly. What a nice way to celebrate Canada Day, though, and what a great way to celebrate living in this wonderful country…

Something I bought that has brought me comfort….would spending a small fortune on a new furnace and air conditioner count? Our a/c conked out the other day – of course, on the hottest day of the year – and it turns out that both our furnace and a/c are old enough that investing money in repairing them isn’t the wisest of decisions. We just had to replace our roof in January and now this – 2 small fortunes! But the a/c is finally up and running and the comfort I feel….well, I’m sure Christine and anyone else who deals with hot weather knows just what I mean… In past, I’ve joked (not really a joke, to be honest) that I’d rather live without heat than without a/c.

Genevieve Avatar

Happy Canada Day Mariella and enjoy the wedding. I hope it isn’t too hot for everyone, including the bride and groom, in their finery. It is indeed a beautiful country you live in.
The comfort factor for me if my a/c stopped working on a hot day would induce an adult sized temper tantrum on my part…. Yes, they are expensive but so worth it. We had to replace our central heating system a few years ago (spending lots of $$$) but that was worth it too. We have found, to our cost, that repairing old appliances is just not worth it.
Since then we have replaced our washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, iron and kitchen appliances – only the clothes dryer and the fridge remain….

Mariella Avatar

The wedding was AWESOME! Two really wonderful young people – both raised in pretty affluent families and with lots of opportunities in their growing up years for world travel with their families, lots of amazing experiences, no worries about how to fund these things or their higher education and yet both are so grounded, so down to earth and appreciative, so close and devoted to their families – it was just lovely to see two young people who’ve been given so much and who appreciate all of it rather than expect it as their due. And it was hot and humid as anything which really gave me the opportunity to test out the Ouai leave in spray I got a few weeks ago. It’s an odd product but it sure lived up to its claim to fight frizz!

The lack of a/c on one of the really hot days of summer (so far) reminded me of hot summer nights when I was a kid – back in the 50’s when practically no one had central air. We had a small oscillating fan – just the one – and I remember being miserable trying to sleep…..because I was absolutely miserable for that one night last week and I understood (not to make light of the matter) why violence goes up markedly during heat-waves. And it seems that even repair people these days advise “it’s not really worth fixing” which is sad because of how much ends up in land-fills when we’re all trying to reduce that issue. Again, when I was younger and probably back to the mid-80’s – things were worth fixing but not any more.

Lesley Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No new purchases but I started using the Becca under eye corrector that I had been hoarding since the brand closed. It actually works!

Weekend plans: Nothing special. We probably will wander over to the river for the fireworks display.

What’s something that has brought you comfort recently? My amazing group of friends who make me feel much less alone in times that for me are very dark.

Katrina Avatar

Yes, I love the Becca under eye brightner! I don’t even need to color correct when I use it, which is saying something. But, in case you did not know, Smashbox ended up buying the rights to this product from Becca (at least that’s what I’m assuming based upon the following), so now they are producing and selling the exact same formula. You can get it at Sephora, so no need to hoard 🤓 and, I can attest first hand that it’s *exactly* the same, as far as I can tell.

Mariella Avatar

I missed out on the Under-Eye Brightener when it was made by Becca and lamented not grabbing it before it was gone but I bought a jar a month or two back at Shoppers Drug Mart (large Canadian chain that carries Smashbox) and was able to get 20% off, which was just an added sweetener. Most days, I “need” a concealer on top but for low makeup days (like going to the gym), just this is sufficient. I wish Smashbox had picked up a few other of BECCA’s best products.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new cosmetic wise (although my pantry required multiple restocks this week 😅)

Weekend plans: I have a long list of errands I can’t avoid anymore. I’ll squeeze them around my regular weekend routine. I’m thinking of looking into a local 4th of July parade / event for Monday.

What’s something that has brought you comfort recently? Getting back into my routine after travel… and cuddling with my cat before evening runs (and after).

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: Natasha Denona Bronze palette.

Rediscoveries: Sugarpill Fun Size. This is such a great little palette!

Weekend plans: Losing sleep because of the fireworks going off at all hours of the night and comforting my son, who will be losing it… because of the fireworks. Also a little family cook out.

What’s something that has brought you comfort recently? Early morning walks. My neighborhood had a lovely set of trails and it’s nice to walk, feel the breeze on my face, and listen to the birds.

Genevieve Avatar

I love the Bronze palette – I didn’t end up buying it myself because I had too many dupes of the shades I loved – but I still love it anyway. I am sure you will put it to great use with the rest of your stash.
Hopefully there won’t be too many more fireworks in your area – I find them annoying myself (we have a huge reserve at the back of our place and at NYE there is always lots going off). It scares the dogs and the little humans as well. I hope you both get some sleep.

kjh Avatar

The closest fireworks site to me has postponed until fall, due to nesting piping plovers. They’re adorable…Google if you’re unfamiliar. That’s a tiny nod after the Supreme Court eviscerated progress on climate change and conservation. Enough soapbox. Both my dogs get shaky or run about seeking shelter. There were distant fireworks last night and thunder/lightning. Surprised anyone slept. And more..the 1st through the fifth. I was totally afraid when little when I could hear better!

Deborah S. Avatar

Winnie look so sweet all curled up in sleep. I think animal lovers are all the same, as I have hundreds of sleeping pictures of my grandkitty, Sophie.

Haul: Gwen Stefani Liquid Lipstick, (the color is beautiful, it wears a decent amount of time on me even though I am a lip worrier but the formula is very sticky so not my favorite). I picked up three of the Sephora Collection Mini Pocket Eye Shadow palettes in the shades Cool Brown, First Lights and Mauve. They are pretty decent little palettes and for the price I couldn’t really go wrong. For my samples I picked up Maison Martin Margiela When The Rain Stops perfume which I am enjoying and the Givenchy Prisme Libre Glow Foundation which I will try and get a bigger sample of when I am in Seattle at the end of the month. My baby is turning 28 and I can hardly believe it!! Talk about time going quickly.

Weekend plans: Not much. There is an old saying, “If I didn’t have bad luck I would have no luck at all” well that is my life. My mother continues to make slow progress. Three times a week we go for therapy which is a major production due to the distance and her underlying mental health issues. For those who may not know, my mother had 6 craniotomies in 2007 and she became a hoarder following the surgeries. She has reasoning and memory issues and is somewhat quick to anger. She can be challenging to deal with at the best of times so it is a fight every time. I was trying to do some weed whacking in my yard and managed to weed whack my foot! Still unsure how it happened and I was wearing shoes which likely saved a more serious injury but it has been painful and with being a diabetic I worry about any injury to my feet. My sister has COVID and I was exposed to her so who knows? I doubt I was really exposed as I am completely vaccinated and I always wear a mask around anyone I am not sure has been fully vaccinated. My sister is one that I would wear a mask any time I am around her as she is one of the “conspiracy theorists” that abound here in the USA. She is a “they stole the election” person and so I generally avoid her when I can. She does have a long history of asthma so I am worried that she won’t weather this well but for right now she is okay. I am not looking forward to this 4th of July weekend as the town of a usual 200 population swells to many times that and they can be crazy. In the woods of western Montana, the people love their guns and they use any excuse to shoot them off. It will be a long weekend of hearing gunshots all around me and I worry about how some drunk partier will shoot indiscriminately in my direction.

Something that has brought me comfort: Surprisingly my brother and my nephew. My mom’s stroke has bonded us in a way that we hadn’t been before. I am the eldest of three children. My sister is the middle child and my brother is the baby of the family. While growing up, I was the surrogate mom. I practically raised them as my mother and father both worked full time and so I did the majority of the cooking, cleaning, etcetera. So, my brother and sister naturally bonded and as we aged our family roles continued to play out. When I moved home to Montana we had been separated for several years. He has been mostly gracious about helping me when I have needed help around my house but he does it begrudgingly and I have developed the habit of not dealing with him or my nephew. As I have gotten to know him better, as an adult, I find that we have way more in common that I had previously thought. We have an almost identical political stance, (which luckily my mother also holds), we are both very introverted. We have the same sort of caustic sense of humor and so when we do get together, which is often now, we enjoy each others company. He has also been a lot more willing to come over and help me out without my having to ask. My nephew is an interesting character as he has lived most of his life as an “almost hermit”. He will be 40 soon and rarely would come out of his basement cave where he played video games 20 hours a day. About a year ago he took an IT job at the local school and it has completely changed him. He is actually happy, more outgoing and while he does still spend a lot of time at his computer, he likewise has helped me out quite a lot lately.
I have so much to be thankful for and am trying to remind myself of that everyday.

Genevieve Avatar

I guess one of the ONLY good things that has come out of your mother’s recent series of illnesses is the connection between your brother and you to grow. I think your mother’s previous surgeries have seriously altered/affected her mental state so that she is now extremely difficult to deal with. How hard is it to deal with elderly parents at times – my own mother was like this too.
What a change having a genuine job and being ‘forced’ to step outside his home has made to your nephew – it obviously took awhile, but better late than never. I think this will be the making of him and it is so good that he is helping you out too.
My youngest son just had his 35th birthday (the dad of our three grandchildren) and it just seems like yesterday I was bringing home from hospital….he was the only baby in the nursery that never lost weight after he was born. That hasn”t changed – he still loves his tucker. Happy Birthday to your daughter Deborah.

Deborah S. Avatar

Thank you so much, Genevieve. It is rather shocking how quickly the 28 years went past. As the days are rolling past we don’t recognize it and it is only as we pass a milestone/anniversary that we are reminded of the time passing. My added concern regarding my breast cancer and my worry over being here long enough to raise her makes every one of her birthday’s so special to me. She has been a bit down lately as she is struggling financially. The cost of living in Seattle is so crazy high and climbing everyday. I told her she could always move home, LOL! I told her I am keeping her bedroom unchanged just in case.

Helene Avatar

When the Rain Stops is such a great name for a scent. I would love to try it.
I like your saying about luck, that’s how I feel a lot of the time.
I have a mother who is very different from how I am, we rarely speak and never meet after I moved 550 kilometers or so from where she lives. We rarely met when I lived 20 km away either so distance doesn’t matter.
Your nephew, before starting working could be my brother, only he is nearing 50, relatives! 😀
I’m happy to hear that you and your brother are getting closer.

Nancy T Avatar

Awww! Winnie is the epitome of cuteness overload! 🥰

Purchases/rediscoveries: Well, even though I returned it the FIRST time I bought it due to my having difficulty with a color story and textures that drove me crazy, I jumped the shark late last night and REPURCHASED PML’s Subversive Mothership! This, because she finally brought it back into stock, and secondly, I now know to use a stickier primer this time around. Also because I revisited some of Alicia Archer’s tutorials using it, so I’m more confident this time around. But still…🦈

Weekend plans: Food shopping, laundry and the Zoom streamed 1st part of our annual Convention! I’m really hoping that I can get up tomorrow early enough to get myself together for it. But, I’m really not a morning person at all, so I may watch it via JW. org Broadcasting later in the day.

What’s something that has brought you comfort recently? Penelope, my once feral kitty that I began feeding and slowly getting a pet or two in before she’d claw or even bite me, has officially become the lap cat/cuddle-bug of all time! A 2 year+ journey, but so very worth it! 🖤

Genevieve Avatar

Good on you for taming the wild one Nancy. I am sure that she has become so secure in her relationship with you that she has allowed herself to relax.
Now that I have looked up the Subversive palette, I can see why you found it tricky to deal with – the colour choices seem random to me. So for you, it was an issue with the primer to underpin the eyeshadows then. I hope you get to enjoy it Nancy.
Have a lovely weekend.

Helene Avatar

How interesting.
I have the Subversive palette, and it’s the one I like the most. I do think a stickier primer may be a good thing for some of the shades, maybe a sticky primer can save my relationship with my other Motherships. I honestly have a hard time liking the other two I have, and also the mega palettes, I do like the 6 pan ones, odd isn’t it!
I must check Alicia Archer on You Tube, her photos from the video came up when I googled PmG Subversiv, I had forgotten it was called that, and thought you talked about another one.
Must be my age! 🙂

Erica Avatar

Recent Purchases: Fenty’s Stunna Lip Paint in Unattached. It seems that this shade isn’t being sold at Ulta or Sephora anymore, and can only be found on Fenty’s website. This is terribly disappointing, as it’s a wonderful coral pink. I hope that it’s not discontinued altogether like Uninvited.
Weekend Plans: Reading, reading, reading. I’m currently almost halfway through a Lovecraft anthology, and the way that Lovecraft writes (putting aside the horrid racism) is outstanding.
Something that’s brought comfort recently: Watching movies for the most part. I don’t consider myself a film buff, but I recently watched Cinema Paradiso, and aside from the bittersweet ending, it’s such a heartwarming little love letter to cinema.

Rachel R. Avatar

The pic of Winnie is prescious! ❤️
RECENT PURCHASES: None this week
REDISCOVERIES: ABH Jackie Aina Palette, Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Strawberry Choux

WEEKEND PLANS: Shopping and housework, mostly. I can’t say we feel much like celebrating our country right now, but we’ll BBQ on the 4th and enjoy the time with our family.

Hugs from my kids and cuddles from my cats.

Genevieve Avatar

Hopefully Rachel things can change – nothing is set in stone. So the recent decrees from your legislature may not completely come to pass. Here’s hoping there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
The ABH Jackie Aina palette is beautiful and I can see those lovely glossy shades working well on you. Enjoy your bbq too. Happy 4th of July.

Nancy T Avatar

I totally feel ya, Rachel! Nothing quite like a warm bun of kitty curled up in one’s lap, or hugs from our kids. I get plenty of kitty time, but the last hug I had with one of my kids was back in April 2021 the day before my daughter moved to Ohio.
As for SCOTUS, the overturning of R vs W, that was only the beginning of their madness. Them testing the waters, so to speak, before coming for so many other previous rulings. Including the environment, Indigenous People’s rights, etc.

Helene Avatar

I’ve spent what feels like ages (maybe a week or so) angry at it. I’m not American, well I sort of am, half of my genes come from across the Atlantic Ocean, but I don’t live in The US and have only visited once, but lots of things happening in The US have a way of swimming over oceans and arrive here. I’m not following everything in US Politics, but mayor events I do read a lot about.
I’m not going political here, this wonderful site is for on of the lovely things in life, makeup, nail polish and perfume, and let’s not forget, our pets,

Helene Avatar

Having a BBQ with family is nice and a good thing when ones country seems to run off in a way one doesn’t like.
So even if you don’t celebrate the country as it is right now, I think or hope it’ll get back on a more likeable track and I hope it’ll be soon.
You can celebrate the beauty of the land itself, I see photos of your national parks and I want to visit them all, so much beauty!

Mariella Avatar

Rachel, what gives you concern re celebrating July 4 is the very thing that made me and so many of the women (and men) I know feel that Canada Day (July 1) had extra special meaning here. We look south and wonder how long until the few LGBTQ+ protections, the awareness of the inequalities faced by Black, Brown and Indigenous peoples – all of that starts to get eroded by the very judicial body that should be protecting those rights. I just despair…

Mary Avatar

Winnie …how adorable he is…
Recent purchases…still loving my rms beauty Re dimensional hydrating powder blush , and waiting for a couple more shades .
Just ordered Madame Gabriela lipstick in the shade “Paris at 7:00 pm”

Something that brings me comfort? My two cats brothers
aka the Beastie Boyz ..they makes me laugh daily and there is nothing as comforting like a cats purr…

Weekend plans ? It’s Canada 🇨🇦 Day and we are out having fun today.

Genevieve Avatar

How gorgeous is Winnie – snuggled up there having a snooze! What a beauitful doggie he is!

Recent Purchases: Two eyebrow pencils in hopefully the shades that will work well on me. There are no testers at the moment, so I had to guess.
Rediscoveries: Just been rotating my eye palettes and used the good old Naked 1 again this week.
I recently bought a bottle of EL’s Youth Dew and was blown away about how spicey the perfume is and I much I now love it. I hadn’t used it for decades and it wa onsale at our budget beauty shop for $40. Love it.

Weekend Plans: Last weekend we took Lachlan to a miniature steam train place and as it was raining heavily, we only got one ride on the trains. This weekend is Take 2 and the weather, though cold, is going to be dry – so hopefully more rides and a play on the playground there.
So the family over for a BBQ dinner tonight and Lachlan will stay over.

What brings me comfort: Many things bring me comfort recently: Waking up to a quiet, clean kitchen and house every single morning now that the family have moved out!
Applying my makeup every morning brings me joy.
Having my first sip of coffee and reading this blog.
Curling up with a good book
Seeing my grandchildren and having little Harry over during the week whilst his mum works
Having my husband give me a good back rub
Going out for dinner with my family and/or friends.

Mariella Avatar

I wonder what you and I (and so many others, I’m sure) will do once we hit pan on our Naked 1 palettes (or the colours we use most in them). I still lament that UD discontinued Naked 1 and 2 (and Smoky also, though I’m less likely to hit pan on the shadows in that one) as they really were sort of groundbreaking (especially N1) and so excellent and practical. Of course, sadly, UD seems to be going downhill FAST (I keep thinking I should buy backups of the 24/7 liners I like best before those also get discontinued, “reformulated” or otherwise destroyed by what the company is doing to its products)

Mariella Avatar

…it’s just nuts, isn’t it, that they’ve messed with their best stuff? I think if I’d really believed that Naked 1 was going to be discontinued, I would have purchased a backup… Remember their wonderful blushes and highlighters – the Afterglow ones – and their Revolution lipsticks (I figured with the lippies, it was the packaging – heavy, solid and not shaped like a bullet – that was the issue and they switched to Vice because the cases – bullet shaped this time – were cheaper…). Such good products, those were but they’re long gone now!

Nancy T Avatar

It really is nuts, Mariella! I would even go so far as to call it “brand suicide” with their getting rid of so many wonderful, and very loved by many, products. My Afterglows in Rapture and the Jawbone bronzer are almost gone. I still have plenty of Bittersweet, Quiver and NOHO still left. After being on a SERIOUS colorful eye look kick this past month and a half, I’m going to pull out both Naked 2 and 1, and go in either natural or super dark and smokey with those two great performance palettes! Was going to send Naked 1 to my daughter, but I love the shimmery and metallic shades in it, just not the two lighter brown mattes on me because the lightest one looks dull and ashy on me, and the mid-tone one is just not warm or cool enough for my coloring. And those Revolution Lipsticks were outstanding! So were the Vice ones I bought, but I’m not crazy about the lack of innovative or interesting shades in the newest iteration, Vice Hydrating. I bought one shade, Uptight. Looks and feels great for a few hours, and then I get the DREADED ucky gathering and splotchiness where my lips meet!!! 😝

Mariella Avatar

Nancy, have you ever tried Elizabeth Arden Lip Fix (I think that’s the name). It’s the most wonderful lip primer. I have one of the UD “Comfort Matte” lipsticks and what a lie – there is NO comfort involved at all. But the EA product makes it wearable and almost comfortable. And it works really well with all my other lipsticks too. You might want to try it with the UD Hydrating lipstick because it does help lipsticks last longer.

Helene Avatar

I also used Naked 1 this week. What a perfect palette it is. I will never understand why they DC’ed it.
Without knowing it, I had a complete dupe palette for it, UD wasn’t available at all back then, I found this nice palette from a British brand, I can’t recall the name right now. Anyway I used it so much I think I panned every shade in it. The UD one is better though, and I would never knowingly buy a duped palette.

brendacr1 Avatar

Love Winnie pics!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: PMG Skin Fetish Divine Blush Duo Night Bloom

Weekend plans: It’s Canada Day here in the North. We did all of your yard work today because we are going to have thunderstorms for the rest of the weekend so it’s all taken care of, now Mother Nature can water it all.

What’s something that has brought you comfort recently? I listen to music all day long, and somehow it distracts me from the migraines that I get. I have started a new migraine med and it really helps but it is very expensive and it’s not covered by insurance. I’m grateful that it works but it has severely cut into my shopping budget! I just have to be a little more creative.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Between the two orders I made this week, I’ll finally have all the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks I’ve wanted! (And a bonus shade, because I tossed Magnetic Pink into an Ulta order I made and received a few weeks ago, and it looks like I accidentally ordered it from Sephora too, so I might give one to my aunt.)
Sephora order: a freshly-restocked LM Kiss from a Rose, UD 714 hydrating Vice lipstick, Versace Crystal Noir. Sephora @ Kohl’s order: LM Intense Amethyst and Benefit WANDERful World Willa and PomPom blushes (the first Benefit products that have interested me during my adult life).
Weekend plans: Grocery run tonight between storms, work all day tomorrow, Sunday and Monday are open (unless my uncle has a cookout Monday-even then, I probably won’t want to stay as long as I normally would).
What’s something that has brought you comfort recently? Current events led me to get a Nexplanon implant this week. I’ve only had it in for a few days, but I already feel a lot more stable hormonally and emotionally than I did on the Pill, so this may be the perfect BC/period control method for me! More generally, makeup and fragrance have always brought me a lot of comfort.

Helene Avatar

First and most important, Winnie is adorable in the photo. Such a cute little dog!
I have so many photos of my dogs, sleeping. Unfortunately, it’s hard, photographing a black dog on a dark grey coach. And both Stubbs and my late love Maserati have so much facial hair that it’s difficult to se the eyes in photos.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I decided I needed a little something so I bought a Maybelline lipstick yesterday, Plum Reflection. I like it There aren’t many fun brands at the supermarket, but I always stop by the section to check, just for fun. Sometimes I do miss the department stores and Sephora, I must say.
I also ordered some stuff from CP, but forgot to add a brow pencil, I rather like the one I bought some months ago.
Rediscovery, Naked 1, It’s a beautiful palette, I will never understand how they though when DC-ing it.

Weekend plans: Same old, cleaning, gardening, hang with the dog.

What’s something that has brought you comfort recently? My dog, Stubbs, always.

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