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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: MAC x Stranger Things’ orders arrived yesterday!

Weekend plans: I’m hoping to photograph/swatch through some recent products I bought/received. I have been finding it difficult to get in front of camera these days (for lip swatches/face swatches) as a consequence of my mental health lately.

What was book, movie, or TV show you enjoyed? Bridgerton Season 2! So much better than season one.

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Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new.

Weekend plans: I need to make more progress with some gift shopping, clearing up some old stuff around the house and doing some bigger cleaning jobs. Saturday will definitely be a hiking day. I want to get back into reading the Discworld series.

What was book, movie, or TV show you enjoyed? These types of questions remind me that I never watch movies / TV shows. 😅
I know it sounds odd, but the last book I enjoyed was a cooking book. I read page by page Binging with Babish, because I love so much the YouTube series and it was so nice to have compiled all those stories in a compact format. And it was surprisingly entertaining for a recipe book.

Mariella Avatar

Not odd at all to enjoy a cookbook. I adore reading cookbooks, especially those with photos. I just saw Binging with Babish somewhere – not sure if it came up as recommended for me at the library or what but I recall seeing that name.

Deborah S. Avatar

I use to purchase so many cookbooks and like you, almost read them like novels. I particularly enjoyed buying a local cookbook when I was traveling to keep as a momento/souvenir. In smaller communities in the US organizations would print cookboods as fundraiser gifts. Almost all communities have a local Grange, church organization, Elk’s club and I have found many with wonderful local recipes.

Seraphine Avatar

Recent Purchases: UD Vice Lipstick in What’s Your Sign, and MAC lipsticks in Honeylove and Love U Back (but I returned Love U Back because I didn’t like how it looked on me).

Rediscoveries: As you can see from my recent purchases, I’m rediscovering my love of lipstick after two years in a mask.

Weekend Plans: Taking care of our very sick dog.

Book, movie, TV show: I recently finished reading “Circe” by Madeline Miller (absolutely LOVED it!), then read the entire book “Penelopiad” by Margaret Atwood the following day (very good). Currently reading “Ariadne” by Jennifer Saint, but I’m struggling to get into it. I’m only 60 pages in, so I’m hoping it will get better. “Circe” started slow, but then I couldn’t put it down. Haven’t seen any movies lately, and I’ve only been watching repeats of old comfort shows like “The Office.”

Tracey E Avatar

I am so sorry to read that your dog passed away. Furry losses weigh heavy on the heart. Condolences to you and your family.

Stephanie Avatar

I am going through a mythology and fairy tale phase at the moment, so Circle is high on my want-to-read list. I loved the Penelopiad, but I generally think that Atwood does little wrong. Ursula Le Guin did something similar with the Aeneid, retelling it from Lavinia’s POV. Ariadne keeps getting rec’d to me too and the cover makes it look really appealing.

Mariella Avatar

Purchases: Two MAC Craving lipsticks (had to order them as my local MAC was sold out). At Winners, I found Sephora Micro Smooth Baked Powder Foundation for $7.99 (I think it’s the earlier version of the one they sell now and which I like very much for its ease of use and light feel). I also got some terrific liquid hand soaps (I’d bought some as baby shower “prizes” and regretted not getting myself a bottle or two because it smelled so lovely – “Pink Gin Fizz”) – anyway, they had a few bottles so I grabbed two of those.

Weekend plans: It’s Victoria Day or the “May Two Four” weekend. We’re having dinner at a friend’s condo on Monday but I think I want to relax and do next to nothing except make a no so throw for my grand-daughter who’s arriving in July.

We have crazy enjoyed The Outlaws, written by and starring Stephen Merchant, along with Christopher Walken and Eleanor Tomlinson (she was Demelza Poldark in the newest iteration of the Poldark series). It’s such a funny, well written series but just when you think it’s all a good laugh, it turns quite serious, quite threatening and dark and then very human….it’s wonderful (and there’s going to be a Season 2 coming).

Genevieve Avatar

OMG Mariella – I would stocking up madly if my favourite lipstick was going, going, gone too! I hope you can find a few more – have you looked at Brigette’s Boutique? I just looked it up and there are currently 7 of your favourite lippies in stock and they ship to Canada.
Hopefully it is at a reasonablle price.
What colours are you going to make the throw in for the bubba? Anika’s sister (who is very clever with the sewing machine and at crocheting) made Lachlan a beautiful one in white, teal and soft grey. After two children, it still looks in perfect condition. These are perfect for the pram, the bassinet or on the floor.
Enjoy your dinner at your friend’s place.

Mariella Avatar

Genevieve, I’ve probably got 5 or 6 backups and more that are in use now. I’d probably get more but lipsticks do have a limited shelf life, even if stored away. I’ve only ever had 2 MAC lipsticks go “off” – one was Brick-o-la and it wasn’t very old at all and the other was a tube of Craving that was in my purse which I used to store in my car when I was teaching. It never melted in the heat of my car but it did develop that rancid taste from the exposure to high temps, though that was after some time (the tube was nearly finished so I didn’t feel so bad and just Back to MAC’d it).

The throw I’m making is rainbows on one side (daughter’s wish though she did explain to me that a “rainbow” baby is one born after a miscarriage but this didn’t apply – she just likes rainbows) – anyway, rainbows and unicorns on one side and a very deep, bright pink solid on the other side (matches one of the colours in the print side). I have it all pinned together and need figure out the spacing and depth of the cuts to make the “ties” that join the 2 layers, and that sort of measuring and math are things I hate. I think I’ll get hubs to do that part.

Nancy T Avatar


Purchases/rediscoveries: No purchases this past week, but several very pleasant, even a bit exhilarating rediscoveries yesterday! It’s been a while since I’ve used my UD Naked Honey and PML’s Mothership Palettes, yesterday, I went full glam using shades from Naked Honey with a bunch of different shades from 3 of my PML palettes for a glowing golden eye look that fetched several compliments at my (finally!) in person meeting at my Kingdom Hall last night. It just felt like I really dug into the artistry of the whole thing and enjoyed the process for a nice change!

Weekend plans: A friend is loaning me her tablet so that I can attend my meeting tomorrow morning on Zoom. Perfect with my bizarre sleep/wake issues! Other than that; re-train myself how to wear heels again. Tried to wear some platform wedges last night to my meeting, but couldn’t because I felt wobbly. Haven’t worn any in over 2 years, so yeah.

What was book, movie, or TV show you enjoyed? My very guilty pleasure has been following Survivor yet again! Don’t know what it is about that show, but it draws me in every time.

Christine, as someone who has struggled with mental health issues for most of their life, I totally understand the battle to retain one’s sense of sanity and the struggle to present a “happy” face while living with deep depression and anxiety. It’s hard as heck! Since I acknowledge that everyone has their own way of coping/healing with it, I would not feel comfortable giving advice except to say that there is no shame in seeking help if necessary. But, I will just let you know that I’m sending positive thoughts and love your way as you navigate this tough path. 💕🌸💕

Genevieve Avatar

How wonderful to read that you are getting out and about a bit Nancy – and learning to walk again in heels!! I don’t think I have worn heels for quite some time (although my ankle boots do have a small block heel). And it must be uplifting for you to attend a church meeting in person too.
I absolutely concur with you re your comments to Christine as well. I am thinking and concerned about her too.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: Nothing! And I’m pretty happy with that.

Rediscoveries: I used Clionadh Smoulder for the first time in ages! I’m reminded how beautiful the Stained Glass Multichromes are.

Weekend plans: Tomorrow we’re doing a bunch of errands and hopefully Sunday we will have a rest day. We always need some recovery time after taking a trip, but didn’t really get that after our weekend getaway last weekend.

What was book, movie, or TV show you enjoyed? Book: Under the Whispering Door by TJ Klune, I really loved it.
Movie: The newest iteration of Spider-Man. It made me emotional? 🤷🏻‍♀️
TV show: Currently watching Shining Girls. It’s sort of a murder/mystery show and it’s just surreal enough to make me want to watch more… I’m not big into murder shows normally, but I do like a good dystopian/fantasy/supernatural/sci-fi show: But on the other spectrum I’m also watching The Good Place again and I love it so much. I love alllll Michael Schur shows.

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’m becoming a fume head and dipping my toes in fragrances (I’m sure it has nothing to do with this very blog’s fantastic reviews on perfume!). I know very little, but I do know what I like, and I recently treated myself to a full bottle of Maison Louis Marie’s No. 2. I purchased a sampler a few weeks back, and really found myself head over heels for No. 2 in particular. The fragrance lingers so beautifully on me, and I catch notes of cedar thru the day. AAH, such a wonderful perfume.

Weekend plans: Maybe catch a movie? It’s getting hot out, and I’m not enjoying the weather.

What was book, movie, or TV show you enjoyed? I finished an anime called KonoSuba with my husband. It’s strange, definitely not family friendly, and wildly hilarious. But that reminds me that I should perhaps re-watch Umbrella Academy – Season 3 comes out next month and I am so excited to watch Robert Sheehan’s pretty face I mean, watch the new season. Yes.

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: Nothing this week. I went to Seattle and got back earlier in the week. I actually didn’t end up buying as much as I had planned to buy. I certainly saw things that I liked but in the end, I wasn’t wildly in love with anything. I did pick up some samples of the new Chanel foundation. It is always a little mind boggling to me how brands decide to undertone their products. When you look at foundations you find the lightest shade in a cool undertone and one in a warm and then no neutral. Then you get the next level and there is a neutral undertone and warm but no cool. If you are going to make all three options, then make them in each degree of depth. Anyway, they don’t have a neutral in the lightest shade and the first neutral undertone is up a shade. So, still drying to decide if I like the foundation. Really wish I had picked up a few more to actually wear it for a week or so. I am going back to Seattle on Memorial Day to take my daughter and grandkitty home so may try to hit a couple of different stores and get more samples.

Weekend Plans: Nothing really. I had hoped to get my house painted this month but we have had a lot of rain and temperatures are still too cold for painting. Our high yesterday was 43. I have rented a storage shed and will start packing up the things I want to keep and taking them to the storage shed. I am leaving the things I don’t want in the house to either sell with the house or to have a yard/home sale. I have never heard of anyone selling their home with most of their possessions inside so would love to hear if anyone has seen or heard of that being done. It would just be so much easier on me to just do it in one foul swoop. I don’t know if my back can stand up to selling it any other way. My daughter thinks I should run adds to sell my house in large metropolitan areas like Seattle, Los Angeles, etcetera. She thinks that people might be interested in purchasing a summer or vacation home that is situated as mine is in the mountains within site of the river/lake where there is so much wildlife, outdoor sports and beautiful scenery. The boat launch is less than 3 miles away. Not sure how I am going to proceed but need to make some decisions.

Book/Movie/TV: Gosh, I have done so much reading lately and watch TV all day. I multi task while the TV is on. I like true crime so rarely venture from those shows. I have long since lost interest in any of the big channels and their primetime line up. Actually can’t remember the last time I watched a show on ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX or any other major channels. Probably the Olympics which weren’t that long ago but even those did not really capture my interest like they usually do. I thought the network did a terrible job with the telecast and only watched a few. I am looking forward to the beginning of football. I have been reading the Diana Galbadon Outlander series and enjoy them although I don’t love her. The books are good though. It took me awhile to adjust to her style but they are thoroughly written. I am a little addicted to Fan Fiction. I read a lot of Star Trek (original series) FF and Pride and Prejudice FF. I nearly exhausted both of those fandoms and will likely need to branch out and find others to watch.

Genevieve Avatar

Oh Winnie, you look so sleepy and adorable snuggled there!
I sincerely hope Christine that your mental health concerns ease over time. Thinking of you!

Recent Purchases: I had bought a brow pencil some time ago and it turned out to be one of those wind up thin pencils that I loathe with a passion, so I am going out today to get another one. The hard part is finding the shade that suits me best as most of them on offer at the moment are way too dark.

Rediscoveries: Now that autumn is in full swing here, my Maybelline Burgundy Bar palette – the best thing that Maybelline has put out (eyeshadow wise) ever. Love the cool tones of the neutrals and that pop of burgundy (really it is cranberry like colours).

Weekend Plans: We had a lovely trip away to Bendigo to see the Elvis exhibition at the Art Gallery there – which was amazing. For all the Elvis fans (my husband is one) it was truly magical and even I enjoyed seeing how the collection was put together showing all aspects of his life.
I have unpacked and already have done quite a few loads of washing, so it’s back to supermarket shopping and planning meals for the week (sad face inserted here). I am going to be looking for a new oven as well.

Book, Movie or TV Show Enjoyed: I have been reading Liane Moriarty’s Apples Never Fall and that is a good one so far; TV Show – I always enjoy the latest episodes of Call the Midwife and I have just finished watching Season 4 of Unforgotten.

Zia Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Copacetics Cosmetics Feisty!
Weekend plans: celebrating my sister’s birthday
What was book, movie, or TV show you enjoyed? Resident Alien is the last one I really really enjoyed.

Stephanie Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: LYS serum foundation recently came to me and I am really liking it so far. I have also just been loving blush in general lately, so I am doing a lot of stash shopping and pulling out old faves.

Weekend plans: My bday is Sunday and DH’s bday/our 19 year anniversary is Tuesday, so we are going to Palm Springs for the weekend. (We will have a special dinner on his actual birthday, do not worry!!) Looking forward to two long weekends in a row 😀

What was book, movie, or TV show you enjoyed? I am currently reading a book about the history and some analysis of fairy tales and it is pretty good. I re-watched all of Derry Girls as I am very impatient for the new season to come to the US. It is such a wonderful show, and freaking hilarious. Nostalgia-me identifies with the titular girls a lot because we’re of the same generation, but now me relates to Ma Mary and Ma Sarah a lot too.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I just placed an order with Half Magic Beauty (Euphoria chief makeup artist Doniella Davy’s new makeup brand) for Light Trap highlighter in Spiritually Complex (a pearlescent bold purple-almost neon in the pan, but blends out pearlier-Doniella says it also works as a blush) and a Wing Magician silicone wing stencil (I need that so badly!). I don’t watch Euphoria, but I’ve seen a lot of the colorful makeup looks online and even tried out and liked a few of the less crazy ones!
Weekend plans: Weekly grocery run tonight, work all day tomorrow, no plans for Sunday.
What was book, movie, or TV show you enjoyed? I read Ilise S. Carter’s The Red Menace: How Lipstick Changed the Face of American History last month and found it quite fascinating!

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