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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:

Lots of new blushes — they’re supposed to arrive today, so fingers crossed they do arrive so I can swatch them this weekend. Cream blush season from Laura Mercier, Huda Beauty, and LYS Beauty!

Weekend plans:

We might have my hubby’s family over for dinner sometime soon, and I’ll likely see my parents at some point! It’s so nice to have everyone near by. I can’t believe it, but we have almost been in Arizona for 7 years now! I’ve also been doing a lot of work on hubby’s website, which has resulted me in turning it effectively into a word game site, LOL. It has been an interesting experience because it’s been fun really building something up; Temptalia is very much established whereas his site is growing by leaps and bounds.

What do you enjoy the most about spring time?

Flowers blooming, the weather warming up (but not scorching yet), and the smell of citrus blossoms in the air.

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Mariella Avatar

Recent purchases: An Annabelle self-sharpening eyeliner pencil in Cappuccino (I’ve had this before and it’s okay but I’m really on the lookout for something to replace my beloved Sephora liner of the same name that they’ve reformulated into mediocrity); a bit ol’ tub of Queen Helene Coco Butter Cream and a 1 liter bottle of the Joico shampoo I always use (I’d been searching and searching for this at Winners, Marshalls, etc. and thought I’d have to shell out full price and then – today – LUCK was on my side and I found one for far less than it costs in retail stores).

Weekend plans: our friend who just moved here has invited us for dinner at her new place tomorrow and then on Sunday, it’s a surprise luncheon to celebrate the marriage of my son and his wife and their move to Japan. Talk about bitter-sweet. I am so happy for the two of them (though marriage wasn’t anything that mattered to them and it’s just a hoop they’ve had to jump through for immigration reasons) but they’re moving so far away… I am hoping that travel becomes truly worry free soon so we can plan a visit to Japan, I guess to replace our oft-postponed trip to Denmark (this was supposed to be in 2020 to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and, clearly, that DID NOT HAPPEN!)

What do you enjoy most about springtime: my garden is at its loveliest in spring. All the spring bulbs – the tulips and daffs, my snowdrops (they look so perky just now) and chiondoxa and bleeding hearts….as summer moves in, everything seems to get baked and weary in the heat but the spring bulbs are so fresh and lovely. I also appreciate being able to go out of doors without 4 layers of clothing, a mad search for gloves and hat, half an hour of clearing snow and ice from my car….just walking out the door with my keys and sunscreen as the only “item” I need to apply…BLISS.

Nancy T Avatar

Oh Mariella, I definitely understand how you feel about your son and daughter-in-law moving to Japan; it’s so far away! Even my daughter and her little family moving away to Ohio has been really rough because she hasn’t been able to come back to visit, nor have I been able to get there, either. Hopefully, one day, one or the other. Admittedly, a visit to Japan sounds so much more fun, exciting and interesting, but I’d love to visit her part of Ohio, as it is very woodsy and very beautiful. More importantly, I deeply miss her and miss getting to be a Grandma that my almost 1 year old Grandson knows!

Genevieve Avatar

I can seriously understand why you have such mixed feelings about your youngest son and new DIL moving so far away as it is so hard to not see on a regular basis your own child and how they are progressing in their life. Let’s just hope and pray that international travel will be worry free in the near future so you can visit them. Having been to Japan (LOL with a group of 8 Grade 6 students on an international exchange), it is a beautiful and very clean and safe place. Do you know what part of Japan they are going to live in?
I hope the luncheon goes well and it be full of happiness and laughter.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases: No cosmetic purchases this week.

Rediscoveries: Using new products. 😅 In the past weeks I decluttered some eyeliners that were approaching the 3 years from manufacturing date. Once I started using the replacement, I realized how much the old ones dried and changed formula. Now I actually like lining my eyes.

Weekend plans: My personal laptop crashed during an OS update and nothing I tried to recover it works, including reinstalling. So I scheduled a service repair; since I’m going to the electronic store I also gathered some of old electronics and cables to drop of for recycling. I’ll probably browse some new phones or other stores nearby.
Otherwise it’s chores, groceries, and still taking time off to grieve. Saturday will be running, so I guess I’ll have to explore indoor options to get my long walks.

What do you enjoy the most about spring time? Well… I have allergies to some trees blossoms, so spring is never that fun for me. Also, I actually hate changing hours, because I like my evening walks to be in the dark… and after daylight savings is not possible anymore.
I enjoy the slightly warmer weather, and despite allergies I do enjoy seeing the fields filled with wildflowers.

Mariella Avatar

My husband used to have dreadful spring time tree pollen allergies – just awful. We put central air in this house partly so we could keep the windows shut; he went for shots but they didn’t do much. And then suddenly, they just stopped, as quickly as they started (he only developed them in his early 30’s; they were gone by his early 40’s). Hope yours eventually go away too!

Genevieve Avatar

Having developed full on Hay Fever in my 50’s I have had to take medication (full strength) and a nasal spray to combat it from the beginning of spring to the end of summer and beyond. It is so very annoying and debilitating. One of my cousins got an air purifyer and that has helped her too.
Central air conditioning also helps. In Australia many people develop seasonal allergies, it’s a national default position!
Bad news about your laptop crashing – I hope it doesn’t take too long to repair – such a nuisance as well. You are certainly having a rough trot.

Nancy T Avatar

Smelling, and sometimes trying to get away with eating one! I know Winnie keeps you on your toes 😅

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nothing purchased, at least not makeup related. If I can get to an Ulta before next Friday, I will get the Nars Summer e/s Palette.
After our “winter”, lol, I did “rediscover” the beauty of my little Chanel Empriente du Desert quad that has oddly gone months ignored. I always know that “Spring” has sprung once I get the urge to bring that out!
Also been rediscovering many a 2 years neglected tube lipstick recently: MAC Marque, TF Seadragon, UD Bittersweet.

Weekend plans: Just getting as much done as I humanly can in preparation for next Friday’s surgery and hospitalization. Don’t even know where to begin, either. I feel so nervous and apprehensive, and this even though I have faith in God to pull me through, plus 2 excellent surgeons and a good hospital. I shouldn’t be, but I am scared.

What do you most enjoy about springtime? Everything just comes back to life! Longer amounts of sunlight, all the beautiful flowers blooming, things turning green again, and in previous years, getting to go swimming or going to the park. Obviously, this spring will be quite different for me. But, once I’m all healed up and significantly recovered, then I will get out and about as much as possible.

I’m hoping to jump on here next Friday before I go in just to say “Hi” to all of you until next time! You have no idea how much I have enjoyed interacting and talking with all of you on this site, with some of you even becoming my friends off the site, as well. I feel blessed with getting to be included in this wonderful group of fellow readers/makeup and beauty lovers from all over the world! 🌺💕💄🌺

Nancy T Avatar

Yes, it sure is! But you’ve undergone NINE. Wow, that’s many times facing this particular mountain. This is my second major surgery. I’ve had several more minor surgeries, ie; tonsillectomy, myomectomy w/ D&C and uterine ablation. Next week is the big leagues. And I feel wobbly inside at the very thought. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement, Sarah!

Sarah Avatar

If you are anxious, talk to the anesthesiologist about how to meet your preop needs. I don’t like being strapped down and so I get a dose of something so I don’t remember being strapped down. Don’t be afraid to advocate for what you need preop!


Mariella Avatar

I’m facing knee replacement surgery this summer some time (hospitals here are very slowly catching up with all the procedures that had to be postponed because of the Pandemic) and I know what you mean, Nancy. It is a scary prospect, no matter how excellent the surgeons, the hospital, even your own pre-op health… wishing you ALL the very best!

As for Empreinte du Desert, I can’t help but smile EVERY time I see that little treasure mentioned. What are we all going to do if we ever finish these?

Nancy T Avatar

You most definitely nailed that on the head, Mariella; because it really is scary stuff no matter what one has going for or against them. My last big surgery wasn’t planned, but an emergency. That one was by far less terrifying than this one. No time to think about the “what ifs” or to panic.
And just how you’ll be keeping me in your thoughts next Friday, I will do likewise when you get your knee replacement done. All we can do is hope for the best possible outcome for each other 💜

Genevieve Avatar

We are all wishing you well Nancy – you are not alone here. So I am very confident that all will go just the way the surgeon wants it to and we’ll hear from you on the other side talking about which eyeshadow palette you are going to rock…..
Of course you feel nervous and scared – that’s completely understandable and your faith will keep you strong. It’s the waiting around that is giving you time to over think and feed your anxiety.
Best wishes and take care Nancy.

Nancy T Avatar

Exactly, Genevieve! It’s the very long wait that has me losing my mind. Because I’ve known since late November/early December that I had to deal with this, it’s been very nerve rattling. My previous major surgery was an ASAP emergency with the two doctors literally RUNNING my gurney down the hallways and into an elevator. There was no time to even process the true gravity of the situation. And so, I was nowhere near as frightened.
You are correct, though: my faith in God will give me at least some peace of mind on Friday.

Helene Avatar

It is natural to be scared when you are going to have surgery done, even a minor little one is scary. You’ve had such a long time waiting for this, and that makes it even worse.
I used to work as a nurse in the operating room. I’ve met countless patients and while some seemed OK, that was because of the pre surgery medication. I should say that 99.9% are scared.
I once said that the day I meet someone who isn’t scared at all, I’ll be scared.
You know I’ll keep you in my thoughts, Nancy and even more in the coming week.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: ND Pastel palette and Fantasy Cosmetica Druid palette.

Rediscoveries: nothing in particular.

Weekend plans: Running errands and hopefully going putt-putt golfing for the first time with my fam. Also going to the zoo. It will be a busy fun weekend.

What do you enjoy the most about spring time? Watching things slowly get greener and more colorful. Not a fan of the allergies that come with it, but I’ll take it so it doesn’t look so gray outdoors.

Genevieve Avatar

That sounds like a fun weekend Celesta and I hope your family has a lovely time.
LOL – I knew that you would ge the ND Pastel palette – it is so up your eyeshadow alley and the colours would look fabulous on you.
On another note, I recall reading your posts around Christmas time and you said that your mother and mother in law had been really ill with a serious infection. This bug has migrated to our shores and my twin sister is seriously ill with it too. It sounds exactly the same kind of thing. She is on her second bottle of antibiotics and slew of new asthma medication. We are going over at the weekend (which I forgot to mention in my post today) to see how she is and take her some homemade soup.

Celesta Avatar

Oh no Genevieve! I hope your twin gets well soon! It was the most nasty cold that kept mutating. It was horrible. We all had it around end of November last year, and we were sick for a month.
Are you and your sister identical or fraternal twins? My mom is a fraternal twin, so I’ve always thought it was fascinating how completely opposite they are in every way imaginable!

Spoiler: I love the Pastel palette. It’s gorgeous!

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:

My only recent purchase is Sara Happ Lip Slip. I’ve been struggling with painful, chapped, peeling lips (lovely Santa Fe dryness, isn’t it?) and I’ve been using a lot of things to help. Laneige lip mask, balms, glosses, whatever. And I know the SH Lip Slip is beloved by many, so I gave it a go.

It feels very nice. A touch sticky, but very plush and moisturizing. My lips are singing right now.

Weekend plans:

I had tentative plans, nothing set in stone, but I was suddenly hit with a brilliant flash of inspiration and I’m now planning to write!! I love feeling so alive and creative, this is going to be a brilliant little story and I imagine I’ll have a lot of fun writing it.

What do you enjoy the most about spring time?

Baby animals. That’s it, because I dislike a lot about spring: pollen, the warming weather, and summer’s unwelcome encroachment. I’m sorry, I hate heat, I much prefer to freeze, lol!

Genevieve Avatar

I share your passion for colder weather too Sarah and I guess we are both living in the wrong summery climate (Me in Melbourne and you in Santa Fe) – always so darn hot.
My lips can get cracked and dry too and I am always on the lookout for a good lip balm. I shall see if Sara Happ Lip is available here.
Very best wishes for your writing project, so very creative and adventurous of you.

Genevieve Avatar

Winston is certainly having fun investigating all the beautiful flowers in your backyard. They look gorgeous Christine.
Recent Purchases: After working out my correct shade with Flower Beauty, I went back and purchased more of the brand’s Skin Illusion foundation (which is medium coverage) and their Serum foundation (which is light to medium coverage) and both have been excellent.
An online retailer (Ozsale) was offering a heap of Shiseido’s products at more than 50% off, so I purchased the much coveted lipsticks of Firecracker, Sleeping Dragon and Ginza Red lippies. These retail at Mecca for $43 a pop and I got them for $15 each.

Rediscoveries: My Pixi Beauty Reflex Light palette – it has the best golds, coppers and bronze shades.

Weekend Plans: On Friday I went to get my hair done (coloured and cut) and it’s always lovely to do that. My husband, eldest son and I went out for dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant in a neighbouring suburb and it was just bliss.
The rest of the weekend, alas, is going to be spent doing some housework -catching up on laundry, ironing and vacuuming. I will have to do some grocery shopping as well.
We’re also gearing up for a hard rubbish collection too and lookiing at the things we can either donate or toss.
I’ve recently gone through both of my autumn/winter and summer wardrobe of clothes to donate, so our household is getting ready for a good clean out.

What I like about Spring (We are coming into autumn here – and I can hardly wait!) I’m not a bit fan of spring – because I get hay fever and it’s the knowledge that summer is on its way that turns me off. I loathe the heat with a passion and this year it was particularly brutal – lots of high humidity and heat temps as well. We are still having very hot days, but at least the nights are cooler at the moment.

Nancy T Avatar

I’m so glad that you had a lovely day out and about today with some of your family, Genevieve! That’s one thing that I would love to do before surgery is go to Super Cuts and get a shorter hair cut styled with some soft layers, but where I could still throw it up in a pony. Where you are sounds so much like here, except times of our respective years are reversed, and so I tend to approach spring with a sense of dread just knowing what’s to come a month or so later!

Latika Avatar

This new ND palette makes me wish I had purchased the Tropical palette… I have no interest in this pastel palette. Its just off to me. I should have bought the MAC botanica palette as well… I feel like a pastel palette needs to be more comprehensive, including the colors of the rainbow.. including purples! and some neutral browns, light brown, pinky brown, orange brown… none of them seem to have everything I would want in cohesive palette that would make me want to purchase it…

Helene Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing bought, nothing at all.
Rediscovery, MAC lip glosses, OK, I know I love them, but I’ve not used any lip gloss in what feels like ages and yesterday I put one on, and I just love the feeling of a good gloss. For me no brand even come close to how good I think the MAC glosses are.

Weekend plans: You know, nothing special.

What do you enjoy the most about spring time? That it’s getting warmer, but it’s still not warm. I don’t like when it gets too warm.
I also love the amazing hardiness of the spring flowers in the garden, they are tiny and dainty, yet they bloom even though the nights are freezing cold. It always amazes me how they can keep blooming when I still wear layer after layer of clothes, mittens, scarves and hats when walking the dog.
I also love the tender green of the leaves on the trees in the spring.

Winston really likes his flowers, it seems, such a cutie he is!

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:
Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream lipsticks from Ulta, with an expected arrival date of Tuesday-Black Prince Ruby, Hot Pink Ruby, and Sunrise Ruby.

Weekend plans:
Worked all day yesterday, battled rain-induced headache and got takeout today, delaying the weekly grocery run to tomorrow night due to said rain.

What do you enjoy the most about spring time?
Spring is very much a mixed bag for me. I like the warmer weather and the sight of flowers (as long as my black thumb and I don’t actually have to handle them), but it rains too much and I can’t stand the pollen!

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