Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #644

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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:

MAC’s new spring collection and NARS’ new spring collection.

Weekend plans:

My mom and I are going to go to the plant nursery and check out some of the spring finds! I want my patio covered in flowers!

What’s your favorite way to relax at the end of a long day?

Cuddling with hubby or Winston, but if I’m not in the mood for socializing at all, a hot shower!

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Joyce Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Ulta order—they shipped in a bubble mailer so everything came destroyed at varying intensities 🙃 Essence pressed banana powder, CoverFX blush duo in Pink Dahlia (all these duos are half off rn!), Batiste dry shampoos

Weekend plans: This’ll pretty much be our last quiet weekend methinks since my husband’s pilot training is officially started so prolly just muck around the house all weekend!

What’s your favorite way to relax at the end of a long day?: I love solitude. Being by myself and left completely alone in my room to do whatever I want (e.g., nap, shower or bath, read, etc.) is 1000000% my entire jam. You know, if I ever get the chance lol

Genevieve Avatar

Bad news about the packaging of your products from Ulta Joyce – I hope they are going to replace them if they are unusable. Those CoverFx blush duos are gorgeous, but Sephora here ran out of my favourite shade and didn’t replace them.
I bet you need to relax at the end of a long day – with three little ones. Having my family live with us for 9 months left me absolutely done in by the end of the day.
Have a lovely weekend.

Nancy T Avatar

Please don’t eat the flowers, Winnie! 😅

Purchases/rediscoveries: The only thing I’ve been purchasing is comfy clothes for after my surgery! Yesterday, Old Navy was having a major sale on their usually pricey sundresses, so for just $15, I bought a maxi length floral tiered one, some loose fitting summer pants and a shelf bra tank.
As for rediscoveries… last Saturday, I used Viseart Amethyst Theory palette, Tom Ford Seadragon Lipstick and UD NOHO blush. Hadn’t used any of those in quite awhile. Also rediscovered MAC Mmmmmm lipstick the other day. Sadly, it now smells like crayons. As far as I know, this is not harmful, just not a pretty vanilla scent anymore. 😔

Weekend plans: Today, I’m anxiously awaiting news on my daughter’s knee surgery. They’re fixing her meniscus tear and removing a cluster of ganglion cysts wrapped around the main nerve to her lower leg. She’s absolutely terrified that the nerve could potentially be severed, yet my brave girl is forging through as I type this. Later today, I’m heading out to run a slew of short errands. Have a veritable MOUNTAIN of laundry to tackle this weekend, too!

Favorite way to relax at the end of the day? Cuddles with my once VERY feral, now lovebug kitty, Penelope! And also watching a few YT videos and I find doing my skincare routine to be quite relaxing. Finish up the bedtime routine with prayers for help with things that need resolving, thanksgiving because things could be so very much worse, prayers for all my brothers and sisters in Ukraine and Russia, as we are under ban in Russia and consequently persecuted severely by the Russian authorities, and trying to escape the horrible war )more like terrorism) in Ukraine. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Genevieve Avatar

Best, best wishes for your daughter’s knee surgery Nancy and I sincerely hope it all goes well. I am sure the surgeon will be ultra careful around her main nerves and they will have done this kind of operation before. She will need a lot of physio and rest afterwards – not sure about that now that she has a baby.
Yes, we are receiving the news re the awful situation in Ukraine as well and it is just shocking.

Nancy T Avatar

Great news to report, Genevieve: my daughter’s knee surgery was a total success! She finally has feeling back in her foot and toes again after months, actually over a year and a half of intermittent numbness. She can wiggle her toes on her right foot again, too! She will be facing a long recovery, though. But she’s a trooper, so I know that everything will eventually be alright for her at the end of the tunnel. I’m so happy for her!

Rachel R. Avatar

Winnie’s very thorough with his inspections. 😄

RECENT PURCHASES: Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pact. These were out of stock so long, I kept hearing they’d been discontinued, but I got notice they were back in stock. I bought six, just in case. Lol


WEEKEND PLANS: Wearing lipstick and dangly earrings, as Oregon’s indoor mask mandates will be lifted tomorrow (with a few exceptions). We don’t have anything concrete planned, My husband just got his empennage and canopy kit for the plane, so I might help him finish inventorying parts and make him take me out to lunch.

Flop on the couch, write in and/or decorate my journal, and watch TV.

Genevieve Avatar

I can see that Amrezy palette working beautifully on you Rachel and isn’t it fabulous when the mask mandates are lifted so you can wear lipstick comfortable again?
Yep, I would definitely get your husband to take you out to lunch! That’s exactly what I am telling my husband to do on Sunday!

Genevieve Avatar

Too right Rachel – we are going up into the Yarra Valley for lunch at a winery. Very, very nice they are.
I couldn’t help but wear a variety of lipsticks in the first week our mask mandate was lifted either!

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: Nothing this week!

Rediscoveries: My Oden’s Eye Solmåne palette. I reached for it a lot this week. I love that it is neutral, but also pastel and soft and there is a deep shade in there. It’s so nice.

Weekend plans: Nothing exciting. Just hanging out at home.

What’s your favorite way to relax at the end of a long day? I love to cuddle up with my husband and watch a show, wash my face/skincare, journal and/or read.

Wednesday Avatar

📍Winston has the flower munchies 😁

📍Haul: I always have to try new MAC mascaras so purchased Macstack.. I do not get the length I get out of Extended Play—my go-to for lower lashes, and final layer top lashes—, but I do like that it is a less brittle mascara overall. Macstack is highly buildable, but takes quite a few layers and time to build to my desired level of thickness. It’s all mostly good at the outset, but the deal breaker for me is that it transfers and gives me raccoon eyes. I am always careful to lightly powder my concealer and have never had issue with Extended Play.

📍Weekend Plans: going out to dinner with a friend on Saturday…weather permitting. Oy, expecting snow squalls again! It’s been a brutal winter.

📍Ways to relax: playing piano, or streaming a series on TV, or using Hay House app to meditate if I am feeling anxious or having a difficult time winding down.

Genevieve Avatar

I just cannot, for the life of me, apply mascara to my lower lashes – it ends up all under my eyes and smudges, which I loathe. And yes, I do get the racoon eye look – so now I just don’t bother. But I do like the look of mascara on my lower lashes as it does finish my eye look. It’s just such a drama.
I hope you do get to go out with friends on Saturday Wednesday – so nice to be able to socialise again.

Ana Maria Avatar

I was debating on getting Macstack since the new items weren’t included in the MAC sale… but I saw Emily Noel’s video yesterday and I decided to splurge. Hearing your review doesn’t give me high hopes. 😀 I hate having to build mascara, I get bored after the second layer. And I have runny eyes.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases: I needed to re-stock / replace some makeup items and the MAC Lover sale came just in time. I decided to try the new Stack Mascara, I needed to get some replacements for my custom made eyeshadow palette (refill pans for Greystone, Give A Glam, Sketch, Shady Santa), and I repurchased the Eye Brows Big Boost Fibre Gel in Stylized. I got a free lipstick on Taupe.
I also still haven’t received the Smooth Conditioner form my last Paula’s Choice order, so I got to purchase as emergency the Vanicream fragrance free conditioner from Amazon.

Weekend plans: I got hit with a viral infection this week, so I’ll mostly rest. I had to double check it’s not COVID, since I have mild chest pains and my throat gets all raspy if I talk for too long. Unfortunately that means I’ll have to delay some errands for next week, but I don’t feel comfortable being around too many people with this flu or whatever it is, especially since many more people aren’t wearing masks.

What’s your favorite way to relax at the end of a long day? Having my me-time routine, which is quite long because I have great trouble to relax. It all starts with a run or walk, listening to a good podcast, followed by some weight training and stretching when I get back. All the physical activity helps me relax my mind. Than I’ll have a nice shower, enjoy preparing my dinner, than relax with planning the next day(s), a book and skincare before going to sleep.

Genevieve Avatar

My twin sister has been hit by a really bad infection too – and it’s not covid. I think that since we’ve all come out of isolation the bugs are now starting to hit us. She is on two lots of antibiotics and a whole slew of new asthma medication. So I really feel for you Ana Maria and I hope that you get better soon. It’s not fun being sick.

Ana Maria Avatar

A couple of co-workers have some sort of viral infection, and we haven’t been in the same building for months. No one around me has it and I’m still wearing masks in stores so I assumed mine is caused more by night runs.
Hope your sister will be well soon!

Deborah S. Avatar

Winston cracks me up with his interest in the garden and all the plants. He is so cute!

Haul: Nothing again! I have no life so no reason to buy anything.

Weekend plans: I am attending my Uncles funeral tomorrow. I lost the last of my paternal family about 2 weeks ago and now the only Uncle on my mother’s side. My Aunt passed from COVID but I think my Uncle likely had cancer. He refused to go to the Doctor and even after a family intervention to try and make him go, he was adamant and got his way. He took a turn for the worse during the night and an ambulance was called to take him to the closest hospital which is about 35 miles from his house. He was throwing up blood. He refused to let them do any testing or treatment so they admitted him for the night and then the next morning took him by ambulance to a nursing home closer to home. He only lived about an hour after arriving at the nursing home. I have officially made it to the age where pretty much all family are getting up there in age and even your friends are old enough that the possibility is always there. I was blessed in that my parents had us kids at a really young age. My mom was pregnant with me when she was 16 and had all 3 of her children by the time she was 19. My Dad was 17 and had all his by 20 so we all sort of grew up together. I am 68 so all of my aunts and uncles are getting up there. I have cousins older than I so there is always the possibility that we will start having serious health issues. It feels strange because inside my head, I still think I am 21 !! Anyway, the two deaths have contributed to my usual winter depression and I haven’t cleaned my house in two weeks. I hate that!
Evening relaxation: I do Sudoku’s. It relaxes me because it is a bit mindless and once you get good at it, you are always hoping for the next challenging one.

Deborah S. Avatar

Thank you Wednesday. You are right. I am not in a good place mentally and just need to let some things go. I will take your advice. It isn’t like I have anyone visiting me to see my messy house!

Genevieve Avatar

So very sorry to read about your Uncle’s passing and it seems like he was a fairly stubborn character – but still, it’s a very sad way to pass on.
As Wednesday said, the house can wait – would it be possible to go and visit your daughter in Seattle? Just to get you out of the house, the loneliness and isolation?
Take care Deborah – we are all thinking of you.

Deborah S. Avatar

Thank you Genevieve. I really can’t go over right now but I am planning on going the first part of May to bring my grandbaby, Sophie the cat, home for her annual vet appointment and so that my daughter doesn’t have to go home to get her when she comes over here for the Memorial Day weekend. It would add an hour to her already long drive to come home and she will only be here for a day and then has to go home. She hasn’t seen my Mom for about 8 months and she wants to see her Grandma. I actually just got home from my Uncles funeral. It was quite nice. He was born in this little community and has lived his entire life here. He took care of the local cemetery and everyone remarks on how incredibly beautiful it is. He took a lot of pride in his work there and because of that, he pretty much knew everyone for 100 miles around. I am sure he would have been very happy to know everyone came to honor his life. He wanted it to be kept brief and it was. I got to see a lot of family that I hadn’t seen in awhile. He was the second youngest, with my Mom being the baby of the family so they were the only two at home for quite awhile. The high school was 30 miles away so the older kids would go into school on Monday and then come home on Friday night unless they were old enough and working in town. That left all of the labor on the farm to be done by my Grandparents and my Uncle and Mom. Anyway, he was a lovely man but you are right, stubborn as the day was long.

Genevieve Avatar

Winston looks quite intrigued by all of these flowers. I hope you get to find the flowers you want at the nursery Christine and it’s a nice way to spend some time with your mum.
Recent Purchases: After weeks and weeks of no buys, I have bought quite a few items in the past week.
Skincare: CeraVe’s Hyaluronic Acid serum (for when I run out of my Inkey List one); Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day cream (my DIL loves this); Swisse Beauty’s Bamboo Skin Exfoliator. All of the above were on sale for around 40% off.
Makeup: A brand new eyebrow pencil – which is very hard to get in my preferred shade of light blonde. I prefer an actual pencil and the one I have chosen is from Maybelline.
A new foundation to try: Flower Beauty’s Skin Illusion in Porcelain – It was meant to be a light foundation – but it’s definitely a medium to full coverage foundation, so I was a bit disappointed there. However it looks amazing on my skin and for half price, I am loving it.
I think I mentioned last week that I repurchased MAC’s Fresh Moroccan lipstick – which I had used up and a single of the much beloved Satin Taupe (I actually have no dupes for it). Both are beautiful.

Recent Discoveries: Now our weather has become slightly autumnish over the past week, I have been using CP’s Foolish lipstick – what a lovely one that is!

Weekend Plans: It’s our Labor Day long weekend here and the weather is going to be fairly sunny without it being too hot. I am going to do a bit of cleaning, some food shopping and generally browsing the end of summer sales to see if there is anything that I like. Some of the autumn clothes are coming out and these are often in my favourite colours.
I am going to go over to my sister’s place sometime during the weekend as she has been quite ill with an infection (not covid thankfully) and it has triggered her asthma.
Sunday we are going out for a drive and a Sunday lunch somewhere up in the mountains.
Monday – my eldest son David and his brother Nicholas is taking Olivia and Lachlan to the Steamrail exhibition over in the other side of the city and then onto the Moomba festivities on the banks of the Yarra River in the city for a good day out. We will have Harry so that my DIL can have a day to herself.

My favourite way to relax at the end of the day: Reading my books and sometimes watching a series on TV is my favourite way to relax after a long day.

Genevieve Avatar

Thanks Rachel – at least the doctors at her local clinic are monitoring her well and I hope she is taking her asthma medication the way she is supposed to (she doesn’t always take her preventor the way she should – which is eternally frustrating for me).
Harry is such a placid and relaxed little boy to look after – he loves the big outdoors and will bring you his shoes (and your shoes) to put on to go outside. So gorgeous.

Rebecca Avatar

Recent purchases: I received my ColourPop order: Darth Vader palette, the Hocus Pocus super shock shadow trio, the Sally lipstick from the NBC collection, a matte lippy Stix in Energy Field, a pressed glitter in Get Clarity, and a Pretty Fresh powder foundation. I also ordered the ColourPop Pretty Fresh liquid foundation from Ulta. I think I’ve finally come to the realization that liquid foundation just doesn’t work for me.
Recent discovery: NYX Marshmallow primer. I tried a sample and immediately ordered a full size from Target because I like it so much.
Weekend plans: I work at a grocery store so I will be working. The mask mandate is being lifted tomorrow but because I am around SO MANY people during the day I’m going to continue wearing one except when I am just around 1 or 2 co-workers.
Favorite way to relax: hot shower, reading, playing games on my phone, watching paranormal shows.

Genevieve Avatar

Even though our mask mandate has lifted, everyone is still wearing masks at indoor venues like shopping centres and so on. It’s just the safest way to go and I can completely understand why you do too.
It’s great when a sample works out for you -NYX is such a fabulous brand – which we cannot get here in Aus anymore.
Take care Rebecca.

Zia Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I made my final purchase from Makeup Geek. I still can’t believe they are closing :'(

Weekend plans: Tomorrow having lunch with a friend and Sunday Thai BBQ with my family.

What’s your favorite way to relax at the end of a long day? Scrolling through nail art mani photos or eye makeup photos.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:
Not really a purchase or a rediscovery, but I used another one of my ColourPop Cheek Dew blushes today-Tumble 4 Ya-and I’m liking it as well as I liked Hot Fuss last week! However, after wearing 2 shades, I can say that it looks like the tubes squirt a lot of product out regardless of whether you have the opening facing up or down.

Weekend plans:
Lazy day today, work all day tomorrow, not sure about Sunday.

What’s your favorite way to relax at the end of a long day?
Watching YouTube videos or reading.

Genevieve Avatar

That’s the reason Nikki I don’t buy liquid blushes – I am too afraid of squirting too much out and ending up with a mess on my fingers and hands. What a nuisance for you – does CP have the shades you like in a pressed powder format when these ones run out?
Have a relaxing day from work Nikki.

Nikki Avatar

They don’t, but it’s not really too much of a problem-the Cheek Dew formula is really buildable, so I’m able to blend the excess onto the layers I already applied without it looking clownish, or I can apply the excess to other parts of my face.

Mariella Avatar

Recent purchases: nothing. I have to get a few items – eye makeup remover replenishment, a few skin care items – but I just can’t work up the enthusiasm to go out to a store (weird, hunh?). Rediscoveries – Dior’s Celebrate in Gold 5-pan. But I have to say that the bitter irony of the embossing still stings! What I love though is that the “black” in that quint is actually not all that black or harsh and is quite wearable

Weekend plans: made a Tia Maria torte last night to take to dinner with friends tonight. Heading out to the gym soon and tomorrow I think I’ll just relax and finish off the Paperless Post invitations for my daughter’s baby shower. This is March Break here in the schools so I’ve got a whole week of being home and also going to some appointments (dentist, eye doctor, etc.)

Favourite way to relax after a long day – it really varies. Sometimes, it’s vegging in front of the tv with hubs (often watching old British tv series like Rumpole of the Bailey); sometimes it’s a soothing shower or a walk (though my knee is so bad that is becoming less relaxing) or stopping off at the gym. It really depends on my mood, the weather and a lot of other things.

Genevieve Avatar

You sound tired Mariella – and that’s because it’s the first weekend of the school holidays. I remember that kind of feeling well – I want to do things but I can’t be bothered.
My word – that Tia Maria torte sounds yummy – you are such a good cook and I am sure your hosts and fellow dinner guests are going to really enjoy it.
Is the baby shower going to be at your place or at your daughter’s? What an exciting time for you all.

Mariella Avatar

Not tired so much as just a lot of things to do and get out of the way. I’m having one shower here and her mother in law is having one as well. Both of us want to keep them small – J, the mother in law, helps care for her aging and very frail mom so worries about exposing herself to the virus and “carrying” it to her mom and my daughter is trying to avoid a lot of contact with lots of people so we’re asking those not double vaxxed and boosted to please not attend out of consideration of her health.

As for the torte…it’s the easiest dessert you could imagine but no one ever believes it when I give them the recipe. It’s store bought choc. chip cookies dipped quickly in milk and then Tia Maria – not soaked but just a quick dunk – then layered in a springform pan, covered with whipped cream, then another layer of the dunked cookies, layer of whipped cream, 3rd layer of cookies and then whipped cream and covered and refrigerated overnight. You can decorate with chocolate curls or grated chocolate, brandied cherries (well drained) or pretty much whatever you like just before serving. No one ever believes me when I tell them the recipe – they think I’m lying and just don’t want to share – and every time I’ve taken it anywhere, I always get asked for the recipe!

Alice Avatar

Recent purchases: On impulse I bought the ColourPop rooftop cocktails sss, Darth Vader palette, and TNBC palette. Also pre-ordered the Lethal Nightflower palette. I think that’s more makeup than I’ve bought in the last 2 years combined lol!

Weekend Plans: Nothing big since it’s cold today (right now it’s 17F) but going to be nice tomorrow. Run some errands, do some chores, catch up on some shows.

Fav way to relax: Watch a movie, play with the cats, read.

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