Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #639

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Still waiting on some orders!
  • Weekend plans: I’m hoping to edit some photos! I’ve been struggling the last few months with my processes because my arthritis has been acting up–mostly my right hand affected from a lot of over-use of thumb/index/middle finger for triggering photos and all the mouse-work that goes into editing photos followed by a lot of clicking to add dupes for each review. I haven’t been able to work as quickly as I would like as a result!
  • What’s your favorite animated movie?: From a nostalgic sense, Disney’s Cinderella. Lately, Disney’s Encanto.

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Kira Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’ve been using Pat McGrath’s Mthrshp Subliminal Platinum Bronze all this week. One of my favorite palettes.

Weekend plans: Check out lion dance at a lunar new year event and get my new glasses adjusted!

What’s your favorite animated movie?: Hard to pick! I love Studio Ghibli (hard to pick a favorite – maybe Princess Mononoke or Kiki’s Delivery Servicee!). I also really loved the second Urusei Yatsura movie – Beautiful Dreamer.

Ana Maria Avatar

Lunar New Year events are always so colorful and beautiful. The ones in my area are usually more community based than big celebrations, but have been a good way in previous years to discover more about the culture.
Hope you’ll have a great time!

Genevieve Avatar

Kira – I have just come back from going to my local Sephora – and guess what I found there? Not advertised online, but it a small little section – the Subliminal Platinum Bronze palette! It is the only one of Pat’s (apart from Sublime Mini that came out much later) that I really liked – not a pink shade in sight. And yes, I can see why it’s one of your favourites and I think it’s beautiful too.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: I’ve been trying to find what I can of the really good BH Cosmetics palettes… with their bankruptcy, I have a feeling they won’t come back as good as they once were.

Rediscoveries: I used the Menagerie Cosmetics Indigo Ink palette for the first time in a while… it’s so beautiful, and I’m especially impressed with how the deep indigo blends without being patchy.

Weekend plans: We’ve been snowed in for two days, so hopefully we’ll be able to shovel ourselves out to do some errands and play in the snow if it’s not too cold.

What’s your favorite animated movie? I love the original Toy Story because it was so far ahead of it’s time.

Genevieve Avatar

Gosh – has BH Cosmetics gone into bankruptcy? How awful for the brand, its employees and loyal customers (like yoursefl) and yes, I do agree with you – they never come back as good as before…
Snowed in for two days!! Are you still working from home? How did your little boy and you cope with this? I hope you had enough food and supplies. With our big heatwaves, set to continue again – I want some of that cold air!

Celesta Avatar

Yes! BH is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. We’ll just have to see what happens. It’s a shame; their products are truly so good.

Being snowed in hasn’t been too bad. I am still working from home, but thankfully it wasn’t a busy time at work, and my work was understanding. It was hard keeping my son entertained, though as it was also too cold to spend too much time outside!

Genevieve Avatar

I thought the brand was going well – this is bad news as their products are pretty good.
Keeping a little one entertained is a full time job in itself, let alone with work to do. Lucky you weren’t too busy. I guess other people at your work were in the same position as you. And yes, it would’ve have been waay too cold to venture outdoors. I hope next week is better for you.

Lesley Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I started using the Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover that I purchased during the holiday sales. It’s very full coverage but not at all cakey. I am still experimenting with various primers and application methods.

Weekend plans: Dinner with some friends I met years ago when I was involved with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

What’s your favorite animated movie?: Ratatouille.

April Avatar

RECENT PURCHASES: My ColourPop haul finally arrived. I ordered a few of the blush stix to try out the formula. So far so good.

REDISCOVERIES: I forgot how good the Maybelline Rocket Waterproof mascara is. It keeps my lashes curled all day and it comes off without a fuss at the end of the day. Perfection for my super-straight lashes.

WEEKEND PLANS: Cleaning and organizing the house this weekend. Normally I do it during the week but this week was not very cooperative. Also hoping to play some board games with my hubby. He was really busy with work this week so we’re hoping to fit it in this weekend.

FAVORITE ANIMATED MOVIE: This one is so hard. I have so many favorites.
Studio Ghibli – Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle
Disney/Pixar – Wall-E
Disney – Mulan
Other – Swan Princess and Thumbelina

April Avatar

Thanks! My “work” is two kids under four who are happily taking up all my time. My youngest is currently teething so he’s koala’d to me and not sleeping as much. They grow up so fast though so I try not to get too concerned about the state of my house 🤪

Genevieve Avatar

Oh April, I know all about that one! My son, daughter in law and their three children have been (up until last week) living with us for 9 months – a 7 year old, a 5 year old and the baby – who is now 17 months old. And it was completely and totally hectic with the meals, the never ending laundry and the entertainment + lockdown learning. I so do understand what you are going through and it is a full time 24/7 work schedule, that’s for sure.
I also understand about how teething can completely throw a little one off everything – their food, their sleep schedule and they can be totally miserable.
I remember one night when Anika (the mum) was up for 2-3 hours in the middle of the night trying to get Harry back to sleep with no luck and he ended up in our bed because she was so exhausted.
We had to ‘let go’ of the state of the house too – there were (and still are) toys everywhere, Lego was confined to a room so that bubba wouldn’t eat it, colouring pencils, paper – you name it. So don’t worry about that. The days are long, but the years are short and they do grow up fast.
Take care April. You sound like a really good, kind, caring mum.

Nancy T Avatar

Such a sweepy, sweepy pupster! 💤🐶💤

Purchases/rediscoveries: After my surgical consult on Monday, I decided to go get myself a “treat” at Sephora. Had to get more of The Inkey List Retinol anyhow. And so I bought Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Palette. Used it the very next day for my Remicade infusion… yikes. The FALLOUT with Cosmic Love was insane! Think I’ll try the teensiest bit of Love Stone where I will be placing Cosmic Love next time. Or, I may return the palette, as I realize that this palette is very easy to dupe using everything else I have in both singles and palettes. It just seemed nice to have all of those shades in one place, though.

Weekend plans: Food shopping later today, Zoom meeting tomorrow morning, Sunday is up in the air. This past week was insanely busy with medical appointments and whatnot. So, I’m a bit wiped out, yet feel very good about the outcomes. My General Surgeon was very clear and concise in her explanation of what she’ll be doing, the risks, but also that she absolutely respects my stance on blood transfusions as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Said that what she’s doing hardly ever, if ever, causes major bleeding. That she will even walk the other doctor through using the cell saver machine if there’s excessive bleeding during the hysterectomy end of the operation. That greatly allayed my fears and apprehension going forward. Just waiting for the date to be set between them.

What is your favorite animated movie? Because of the wonderful memories created that day with my two children, it would have to be The Lion King. I sure do miss those precious, beautiful days!

Genevieve Avatar

I said some prayers for you this week Nancy that everything would be clearer after your visit with the surgeon – and so they are. She sounds like she knows what she is doing. That is fantastic and hopefully the date will be set not too far into the future either.
I don’t think the Huda Rose Quartz was the brand’s best palette – I can recall that it even contained tiny stones! I am quite sure, positive even, that with your extensive stash you would have many dupes of the shades there. But I understand the reason why you bought it – I would be looking for a makeup shop too if I had to undergo your ordeal!
And yes, the days that made children happy to sit and watch a good movie are definitely special….I totally agree.

Nancy T Avatar

Thank you, Genevieve! Yes, I do have confidence in this surgeon’s expertise and skills. She was so wonderful at explaining to me her entire game plan, the potential risks, how she would handle anything that may possibly happen, and I feel very well informed going into this not too distant surgery.
As for the palette; I’m a little bit torn. I used Abundance as my mid-lid shade and was blown away by the uniqueness of the shade and that it was so smooth. I’m thinking that Cosmic Love is the outlier. I’ll try using it with either a dampened brush, and if all else fails, I’ll try it over the thinnest coat of that icky looking Love Stone or glitter primer. On the other hand, how much makeup will I be playing with after the surgery, anyways? Might exchange it for a new container of Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, because that smells sooo yummy and comforting!

Genevieve Avatar

I am so pleased and relieved that the game plan has been carefully explained to you and hopefully, this will all happen soon.
As for you playing with makeup after the surgery – OMG Nancy – you’ll be up and at it soon as you can, if I know you well! A couple of good shades in that mammoth palette would either make it totally worth it or not…only you can judge.
Have a good week Nancy.

Helene Avatar

Your general surgeon sounds like a really good one. It sounds like a really constructive meeting.
I keep you in my thoughts and send positive thoughts your way.
I totally understand the need of getting a treat after the meeting. It’s just like something I’d get myself. If you don’t love the palette, can you exchange it for something you’ll really love? We aren’t able to return makeup, there certainly are some products I would have gone back with if it had been possible.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new.

Weekend plans: Still laying low and close to home. My car should have been fixed today, but as it goes it will be delayed for next week. It’s going to be chores, groceries and lots of phone calls with family (things aren’t necessarily better, but at least people don’t need to be really that hands-on and sleepless… we’re on the long waiting game).
I have some books that apparently now I have time to read. But walking around my neighborhood it’s just plain boring right now.

What’s your favorite animated movie? For me it would be between Asterix and Obelix, and Sailor Moon (if you can call them both animated movies). I wasn’t that into the Disney genre… or at least I liked the Mikey & co, the Three Little Pigs, Fantasia and movies like so better than any of the princesses ones.
Asterix and Obelix will always be a favorite because they were funny, historical (I like both Celtic, Gaelic and Roman history) and spawned my love for comics. Not to mention they remind me of my childhood, my mother renting video tapes with those movies to keep us busy in the era before cable and Internet.
And Sailor Moon was definitely my version of having a princess story… well, I guess I ended up like a sort of Sailor Jupiter. 😅

April Avatar

Technically the new Sailor Moon Crystal is a movie. I love Sailor Moon and I read the manga a million times. I loved that they were all princesses but such great friends with very minimal drama between them. I’m pretty sure Tuxedo Mask was my first superhero crush 🤣

Ana Maria Avatar

I heard people waiting for 3 months due to the pandemic, so it’s not that bad.
It just that it took 1 week to get it to the repair shop… and they’re basically making the rear end from scratch. I’m just glad they parts were in stock.

AJ Avatar

I’m with Winnie — waking up is hard to do 😉

Purchases/rediscoveries: Bought a few face cleanser at Target. I’m almost out and had previously repurchased the one I’m currently using, but then I realized that my face has been feeling pretty dehydrated after showers so maybe I need a more gentle cleanser. Of course this leaves me with an opened bottle of the previous one, so I’ll keep an eye out for something like a food drive that also accepts personal care items 🙂

Weekend plans: Assuming everyone tests negative, we are going to go hang out with a couple of friends! It will be the first time we’ve hung out with people since my brother was here in October. We’ll get some takeout, play games, finally exchange our holiday gifts (snow+omicron delayed that), and I am going to make us some nice boozy hot cider drinks. It will be SO nice to leave the house and see friends!

Favorite animated movie: I guess maybe Up or Brave? I don’t watch a lot of animated movies… actually, these days I don’t watch a lot of movies at all, I don’t like to sit still for that long.

Genevieve Avatar

I find that CeraVe’s Hydrating cleanser in a pump pack leaves my skin pretty hydrated after the shower and I hope that your new one works well too.
I am crossing my fingers that you and your spouse get to go out with some friends and exchange your holiday presents. Boozy hot cider drinks…..sounds good to me.

AJ Avatar

We did get to see our friends and it was so wonderful! We had takeout, played games, pet their cat, went to a big field to see the wild elk herd, wandered around town a bit, and exchanged gifts. And hugs! It’s been so long since I hugged someone besides my spouse, LOL.

Genevieve Avatar

Don’t annoy me mamma, I want to go back to sleep! He does look ready for another snooze!
And I am not surprised Christine to read about your arthritis either – no wonder after all of these years of clicking and using your mouse for the blog!

Recent Purchases: Well, I was looking for a new ‘good’ daytime matte foundation and remembered that I previously like Clarin’s Everlasting foundation, so off I hopped to the Clarins counter at a dept. store to see what new formulas/shades they had in. What a disappointment! Yes, the new version of the Everlasting formula was out, but MUA couldn’t tell me if it had warm or cool undertones – there was no chart to help her (or me) and no listings on the products. Although the MUA was loyal to the brand, I had no trouble giving them a bit of a serve (politely) saying that for an expensive foundation, you really needed to know that it would suit you re the undertones when even brands like Maybelline and L’Oreal do so. Anyway I got some sample pots and tried them out: they were thick and full coverage (not for me) and the lightest shade had either neutral or yellowy undertones. It was awful to use, so I have thrown them away.
Better news: I have ordered some of Fenty’s Soft Matte foundation in the right shade and the much coveted Freckle Fiesta lipstick and I am waiting for that to be delivered.

Rediscoveries: By Terry Bonjour Paris – so gorgeous and Lorac Noir’s cool toned shades.

Weekend Plans: It was quite a ‘strange’ week for us without the children around 24/7, although we did babysit Harry whilst his mum went to work. She was warmly welcomed in both kinder places and had a really enjoyable time. So it’s really great news that her introduction back into the workforce went so well. And Harry loves being at our place.
The older two settled into school really well too – Lachlan’s highlight from his first day at school was his delight to see his sister in the playground – so sweet. He also had a lovely 6th birthday as well.
We are still in the process of tidying and cleaning our place. The weather has been pretty kind from last Tuesday on, but is now set to warm up again – but without the high humidity.
My plans this weekend are to chill a bit more, clean up a bit more and do some shopping.

Favourite animated movie: I don’t really have one as I am not a fan of animated movies.

Nancy T Avatar

I definitely believe that it must feel strange, perhaps a little lonely, without your son, daughter-in-law and grandbabies. Not sure how I would feel if it were me, though, as I’ve never had this living arrangement myself.
Also, so very happy for your DIL’s transition to her new job(s)!
That you got a break from the extreme heat is wonderful news! I’m sure you have been enjoying that cool off like we do here in the Desert Southwest when we catch a break during our own furnace-like summers.

Genevieve Avatar

It was strange Nancy. The other night we had a BBQ and it felt weird not having the usual stack of sausages, shaslicks, lamb cutlets and hamburgers that we normally prepared for the 8 of us, plus two or three salads. However, I am enjoying the peace and quiet and not having to deal with the messy kitchen and overrun laundry though.
Anika is enjoying her new job and they think she is wonderful – she is working with a combination of 3 and 4 year olds – an age group she is very familiar with and is so caring and loving towards them. Being more mature and a parent herself, she is able to relate to all the parents too.
Yep, the reprieve from the extreme heat and humidity was welcome and couldn’t have come soon enough for me. We due for some more hot weather in the coming week, but it won’t be humid (so we are told by the Bureau of Meterology). We shall see.

Mariella Avatar

Genevieve – another area in which we’re alike – not liking animated movies. The only one I can even think of “liking” was the first Toy Story and that’s more because I remember taking my children (now all adults) to it so it was the memory rather than the film itself…

I don’t understand what’s going on with Clarins. It’s like they and UD are following the same path to self-destruction! They’ve got rid of some of their BEST products (including a throat cream that actually did make a difference, their foundations, some of their wonderful lipstick formulas, an eye cream “companion” to their Beauty Flash Balm…I could go on and on). Some of their newer skin care products seem to be aimed at a “younger” market but I don’t think younger people really are drawn to Clarins as a brand and even for skin care, would look to companies like Fresh, Fenty, etc. rather than Clarins. I used to love their foundations but no more and ditto their concealer. I’m glad I got a backup tube before it was “replaced”.

It’s -14 here and we’ve so much snow (2 more snow days Thursday and Friday) that people and the city are all running out of places to pile it up. Our neighbours have 2 little boys who’ve made a “run” out of the bank of snow in front of our house – they slide down it on their bums while mum and I watch to make sure no cars are coming! Glad things have cooled off a bit for you; I’m hoping they warm up a bit for us here in the Frozen North! I’m feeling a bit like Catelyn Stark…..

Genevieve Avatar

Yes, my kids liked Toy Story and Shriek too, but I was not really that into the whole animated thing at all. It kept them happy and I would either take them to the movies or borrow the video from the video shops…but it wasn’t my scene at all.
As for Clarins – why brands just shoot themselves in the foot by d/c their best products is beyond me. Their Joli Rouge lipsticks are great, so too was their previous foundation, but now it’s just yuck. I am totally disillusioned with the brand and couldn’t believe that the MUA didn’t really know what an undertone was and whether their foundation was yellow, neutral or pink. Seriously, for a high end brand you would expect better.
I don’t think Clarins knows what market its aiming at – certainly not mine or yours anymore and you’re right – a younger market goes to Fenty or Huda or ND, It Cosmetics etc. It’s a road to ruin.
The cool change was so, so welcome and it’s lovely to read about the boys near to you playing in the snow. I could see my three grandchildren doing that.

Ter Avatar

As my April 30th wedding gets closer every day I’m trying not to let the usual stress get to me. I still have dress alterations and choosing my shoes on my list. My wedding planner is on her own honeymoon so I’m at a standstill. Just going to try to stay busy and keep my mind occupied but also low-key relax. Next week will be crazy for me! Happy weekend to everyone!

Genevieve Avatar

How exciting Ter – a wedding! I am sure you have an organised list of what to do each week until the big one, but of course, you would be nervous about all the little (and sometimes big) things that can be misplaced or not work out.
Good luck with keeping your mind occupied and relax – I don’t think I could do that in your situation. I wish you a good weekend too.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I had to buy a personal care item from Target, so I threw in a bunch of Milani Color Fetish lipsticks to reach the free shipping threshold: Fantasy, Seduce, Bitten, Petal, Blossom, and Fleur. The personal care item’s currently expected to arrive Tuesday, and the lipsticks Thursday.
Unfortunately, my remaining Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks from Neimans have been delayed-Kiss from a Rose indefinitely, with Intense Amethyst’s new expected arrival date on Feb. 21.
Weekend plans: I would’ve normally worked all day today, but there was a ton of snow in my area and my workplace was closed yesterday and today! Right now it looks like the weekly grocery run tomorrow should still be possible, and Sunday will be open.
What’s your favorite animated movie?: Of all time: Beauty and the Beast or Anastasia. Ones I haven’t gotten around to watching yet but want to: Encanto and Raya and the Last Dragon.

Genevieve Avatar

So lucky that your Target has Milani – I am envious because I love their lipsticks. Bummer about the delay in the arrival of your Caviar sticks – I guess the combination of snow and covid would cause the delays.
I am envious about the snow – such heat we have experienced here, although it cooled down last week. But we are in for furnace blash next week and I am not looking forward to it.

Helene Avatar

First, Winston is a darling!
Second, your poor hand! Take care of it.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I did have to order a nail strengthening polish, I decided to try one form Orly. It’s the third one I try after finishing my old really effective one that I can’t find now. I hope this will work. I have dry, peeling weak nails, and keeping them short doesn’t help, they still peel.
Rediscoveries, my MAC singles, I haven’t used them in a while and I must say I really do love most of them.
Weekend plans: Taking photos of my woodworm eaten bookcase to mail to the store. I want my money back! I think I wrote about this bookcase earlier. I’ve had it for less than a year, it looked perfect when I got it. I filled it with my palettes, and in the dark the worms started eating. I discovered it by chance when lifting the palettes I had on the top shelf, suddenly noticing that it didn’t look as it should. Yuck! At least none of the palettes have a mark on them, and it seem the worms kept to the shelves.
the bookcase is standing outside, swept in plastic bags, maybe I’ll find a little worm, frozen when I unwrap it.
What’s your favorite animated movie?: This is a hard question. I like many animated movies. E think I love the ones I saw with my son when he was a little kid the best, as I sort of also saw them with his eyes. The one that comes to mind is Toy Story. It wasn’t new when we watched it, but it was amazing all the same. Not a movie but an honorable mention to Pokemon, I spent a night with my son sitting on my lap watching episode after episode of Pokemon when he had a stomach bug, my son that is. I think it’s one of few things he remember from when he was really young.

Genevieve Avatar

I recall reading about your bookcase in an earlier post and I am surprised that the store hasn’t contacted you about it – because the woodworm would have been it it already. How annoying for you and what a waste of money too.
I have weak nails too and I got some Sally Hansen Nail oil to strengthen them and it did the trick. It stopped them peeling and all the cuticles were looking ragged, but now are better. I hope the Orly product works for you.

Mariella Avatar

New purchases: Jouviance SOS Cream (what a marvel that stuff is); Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (used it years ago and I’m amazed to rediscover it….it’s really a great product); Mario Badescu Rose Body Wash – smells divine and is a lovely product – not overly drying (It smells like the Hada Lobo body wash they use at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa and perhaps all the Fairmount hotels but at a fraction of the price; I wish there was a body lotion or cream to go with it). Rediscoveries: the Kat Von D (it wasn’t KVD when I bought it) Monarch palette. Does anyone else have and still use that oldie but goodie? I’d put it aside for ages but vowed last week to use it every day. As there were only 3 days of school (Thursday and Friday schools were closed because of the snow), it was a short week but I really liked using it and trying to use some of the warmer shades in small amounts.

Weekend plans: a friend is coming to stay. She wants to go to a yarn store and also a fabric store but also wants dinner and as she herself rarely cooks (eats out or orders in or just doesn’t eat) she can’t seem to grasp that I can’t be out shopping with her and preparing dinner at the same time. I’ve just started the makings of a Bailey’s cheesecake but I’m hoping to persuade her to stay indoors, in light of the cold temps (she also hates the cold).

Favourite animated film: I don’t think I have one. Possibly Toy Story because of my fond memories of taking my children to see it many years ago.

Genevieve Avatar

I looked up that Jouviance SOS Cream, but alack and alas, it is not available here in Aus because it’s the kind of cream I would use. I guess it might be similar to Weeleda’s Skin Food – which is also heavenly.
I don’t have the KVD Monarch palette (just looked it up to refresh myself) and we’ll ignore the Wrath shade, but it does look like your kind of palette with lots of cool toned shades in it. A nice little rediscovery.
Hmm — your friend sounds a bit tricky Mariella and dare I say a tad unaware that you can’t be in two places at once? Besides it’s cold outside….and everyone else has to eat…

Z Avatar

Rediscoveries – Those l’oreal infallible shadows that came out around the time Giorgio Armani did – the ones in pots with a stopper that you use to press down? Am I being helpfully descriptive at all? The Bronzed Taupe was quite lovely on my eyes the other day and I’d worn the Golden Emerald last month and am taken aback at how hard I worked to buy up the shades I could find at the time and then basically never use them again. Weird. That’s the kind of crap I wanted to cut out years ago when dialing down my beauty purchases. Buy shit you love and use it. Don’t just buy shit cuz it’s popular, chuck it in a drawer, and then forget about it entirely.

Plans – Pretty much the same plans every weekend. Clean the house as early as possible and then relax and enjoy the free time.

Favorite Animated Movie – I blanked out entirely reading this question. I don’t know the answer any more as I rewatched some old Disney favorites last year and found them….just really underwhelming. I don’t find them to be good movies for children at all. So bland, they don’t tackle anything of value and gloss over any real important moral lesson in favor of fluff and “good vibes” – which some people enjoy, but I find leaves me a little flat.

Adventure Time the tv show is a far superior show for kids that manages to address a wide variety of the human condition in a lovely, easy to enjoy way that’s surprisingly depthy and feels entertaining without propaganda.

Genevieve Avatar

To be honest Z, I really don’t like Disney movies at all. Some of them (a lot of them) have too many scary elements for children and the stereotyping is just breathtaking in some instances. There are times when the moral of the story is so subdued that any child would have a hard time working it out.
L’Oreal’s Bronzed Taupe, like Golden Emerald are real gems and I hit pan on them some time ago. I only buy the products I love, that work on me and that I will use.

Kimberly Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I finally bit the bullet and purchased MAC Soft and Gentle. Can’t wait to get it and see what all the hype was about. For rediscoveries I’m finally diving in deeper into my Colourpop Nightmare Before Christmas palette, and I’m liking it more than I thought I would

Weekend plans: For once I have two days off on a weekend, so I’m gonna send off my headshot selections and clean up my room

What’s your favorite animated movie?: Inside Out, one for the emotional impact of the movie, and two because it takes place in my hometown of San Francisco

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