Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #635

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Still waiting to receive some orders!
  • Weekend plans: Relaxing as it’ll be a low-key weekend of just recharging, really!
  • Do you have a favorite breed of cat and/or dog?: Labradors have my heart! I also love wolfhounds, but hubby said over his dead body, so… 😭

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Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: No purchases for me this week!

Rediscoveries: The Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Kitten… whenever I come back to this one, I wonder why I ever left. It’s stunning!

Weekend plans: Nothing special; taking down the Christmas tree, cleaning, groceries, spending time with family.

Do you have a favorite breed of cat and/or dog? I love all big dogs, especially comically large ones that think they’re lap dogs. It’s the cutest thing. Not a fan of smaller breeds of dogs, generally. I know next to nothing about cat breeds, lol.

Mary Avatar

I love that photo of Winston hoarding all his toys …so cute!

Weekend plans …it’s been alternating snow, rain and ice here so driving for me is iffy at best so we will be staying in .

Recent purchases ? An Athr Beauty Crystal Rose eye palette and some other products I’m waiting for, …
Favorite breed of cat?
I really love all cats but my two brothers I have are Siamese / Seal point and Siamese/ Lynks point.

Mariella Avatar

Recent purchases – nada; rediscoveries – Naked on the Run palette!

Weekend plans: taking care of my BIL post op. His wife is, basically, certifiably insane and won’t allow him in the house (the house HE has paid for) because she’s fearful he will have picked up COVID while in hospital. Can you believe this? Anyway, hubs had just driven him to the hospital for his procedure and it looks as though they won’t be keeping him overnight but they might. In any case, he’ll be here for another night or two after.

Favourites dog breed: Golden Retriever, obviously (that’s what my dear Daisy was) and also Bearded Collies (hubs doesn’t like them, though – he doesn’t like dogs whose eyes you can’t see) and Leonbergers – like Irish Wolfhounds (which I also love), they are gentle giants but also like Wolfhounds, they are not long-lived….

Genevieve Avatar

Good grief – how ‘precious’ his your BIL’s wife? Fancy not being allowed in your own house after a medical procedure because your wife says no! How kind both of you are to take him into hospital and have him stay at your place.
Wishing him a very speedy recovery and I sincerely hope he doesn’t catch Covid whilst in hospital.

Lesley Avatar

I wish my kitties would play with toys. They lose interest when they get older but they could use the exercise.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My Sephora birthday gift of Olaplex 3 and 8 plus Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover.

Weekend plans: I have a sore throat and am waiting for delivery of an at-home Covid test, which will determine what to do.

Do you have a favorite breed of cat and/or dog?: My favorite cat breed is Siamese, although my current two are regular domestic kitties (one may have some Maine Coon in her). If we were to get a dog, it would likely be a Lab.

Ana Maria Avatar

My cat was never interested in toys, even when she was young. I was never able to use with her regular cat stuff, she ignores toys, beds, scratchers, everything. 😅
But she’ll make a toy out of anything left around (she’s definitely not a lazy cat), invisibobbles or hair clips, forgotten plastic cap, dryer balls fallen from the dryer, beauty sponges, loose tape from cardboard boxes, anything wrapped in plastic foil, small candles etc. I constantly have to make sure nothing’s left on surfaces that she can find enticing. People still sometimes bring her toys and they can sit for months untouched on the floor.

Genevieve Avatar

Sincerely hoping Lesley that it’s nothing more than a sore throat…which is easy to catch at this time of the year for you, being winter and all that.
I hope you enjoy your birthday gifts of the Olaplex 3 and 8. Do you find this brand makes a difference to your hair? I have often wanted to try it, but it is that bit more expensive than my usual shampoos and I don’t know anyone that has used it to ask.

Nancy T Avatar

Hoping that your sore throat is just that, a plain old sore throat and not Covid. Beat, most soothing thing I’ve found for pesky sore throat or sinus issues is my one friend’s Chinese fish soup (no, she doesn’t use fish heads in hers, but mild fish like tilapia). Fish, bone broth, garlic, bok choy, julienne carrots and rice noodles, some other seasoning, too.

Zia Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’m on a no buy! No rediscoveries.
Weekend plans: We are celebrating my brother’s birthday but not sure which day!
Do you have a favorite breed of cat and/or dog?: German shepherds!

Stacey Avatar

I adore German Shepherds I’m a German Shepherd mama but we sadly had to put our princess Shiloh to sleep last Friday due to a mass on her spleen and they were unable to operate due to her being 10 years old so me and my partner are both totally devastated and can’t stop crying we’re absolutely heartbroken 😪🌈💔

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My only beauty buys have been nail related – a Kolinsky brush and a new acrylic powder to play with! I’ve pivoted; I still love love love makeup and skincare, but I’ve returned to one of my first loves: nails.

Weekend plans: My husband and I got our boosters 2 weeks ago. I was thinking well, if we’re fully boosted why not go out and get something nice to eat? But then I stopped and reminded myself that cases are still spiking, so I think I’ll stay in and bake cookies. Or do my nails. ;D

Do you have a favorite breed of cat and/or dog?: I’m very much a cat person, and I’m very much a fan of mutts. They just have the most wonderful temperament. But if I had to choose a cat breed, my favorite is Sphynx. They’re just such lil gremlins, they’re ridiculously cute and expressive. But I also love small dogs, like Pomeranians. I like small and cute!

But I grew up with black labs, and labs forever have my heart. <3

Nancy T Avatar

So cute! Penelope is also my resident toy hoarder, including things that are NOT toys like pens, nail clippers, an old dried up pan of saddle soap, and an almost empty Tic Tac container!

Purchases/rediscoveries: Ordered Natasha Denona Mini Biba, Rare Beauty Nearly Neutral Balm Gloss (?), and another bottle of The Ordinary Buffet.

Weekend plans: Hopefully, my phone cooperates and lets me get on Zoom tomorrow morning. It didn’t last night. Other than that, just going to the store later today and doing some laundry when I have the energy.

Favorite breed of cat/dog? Favorite cat is definitely Maine Coon Cat! So big, fluffy and very affectionate. Also, very dog-like when it comes to loyalty!
If I ever were to be able to take proper care of a dog, I’d get a Border Collie!

Genevieve Avatar

Penelope sounds a bit like baby Harry to me – he has quite a few toys from both the other children and his own, but he still likes moving everyone’s shoes around, the frying pan laddle, unrolling the rubbish bin bags and generally getting into mischief!
I hope your phone co-operates – mine is average too.

Genevieve Avatar

Yes Nancy – he is a live wire and knows that when everyone is putting on their shoes it means that they are going out and he runs around looking for his own and tries to put them on! He loves being outdoors.

Nancy T Avatar

Aww! Harry sounds like an adorable little firecracker! Very much like my daughter’s baby, Elijah. This child started walking unassisted at only a little over 8 months old and already has his toddler personality. He keeps his parents on their toes! My daughter and I both began walking at 9½-ish months old, but my son was 15 months old. Babies vary so greatly in “milestones”. When they’re ready to get up and go, they just do. But 8 months has me scratching my head! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases: Nothing new cosmetic wise.

Rediscoveries: Bold lipsticks! Still working from home (company went back to stage 1 due to increasing numbers in the county), but I decided to wear MAC Marrakesh just around the house… since I got it as free gift with an order. Feels strange to wear lipstick just around the house still, but I love how bold lipstick makes me feel.

Weekend plans: Just go for a long hike even if it gets muddy. 😅 Due to constant (and much needed) rain, I avoided the trails, but I’m definitely craving them. Otherwise, I have the regular stuff, including lots of chores after a busy week at work.

Do you have a favorite breed of cat and/or dog?: Sincerely, even if I own a cat, I’m not really that much an animal person… not to the point to have a favorite breed.
I guess I usually like medium sized dogs with short hair, energetic / active, but not to joyfully. I’m not really into small breeds (especially small like a cat) or big bulky dogs, or breeds that are too friendly and joyful (and that applies to people as well 😅).
When it comes to cats, I simply like the non-breed ones, what some call European shorthair, but what in my home country we simply call domestic cats. I somehow have a nostalgia about Siamese-Birmanese hybrids, as those were the first pets we had in my childhood at my mother’s house (he had always a couple of cats and a guardian dog at my grandparents/great-grandmother in the country side).

Genevieve Avatar

MAC Marrakesh is one of my favourites. I tried to order it online when MAC was having a sale here in Aus (very, very rare) and their online system was just not having a bar of it.
I wear lipstick around the house too – apart from moisturising my lips, it does make me feel good in these troubled times.

Kira Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I got the MAC Lunar New Year blending brush.

Weekend plans: I’m going to try to buy some groceries and actually cook something from a recipe. Haven’t treated myself to that in a while! I’m also going to try to go on runs or walks each day. My friend spotted some cool aquatic birds in my area so I’ve been on the lookout.

Do you have a favorite breed of cat and/or dog?: Love Japanese calico bobtails and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!

Jeanninep Avatar

I’ll just skip to the favorite pets
I love Rottweilers. I have had 2 big males, Otis and Chaos.Sadly, my puppy days are gone. I was great at crate training.
I love cats. I have 1 Maine Coon and 1 part Maine Coon.

Stephanie Avatar

Recent Purchases: My last makeup purchases were Chanel Legendaire and Emblematique from the holiday collection and the Givenchy Prisme Libre highlighter in Organza Or. All three are hits with me.

Rediscoveries: Shiseido ColorGel Lip balms-I wore Wisteria today and I had forgotten how lovely the formula is. I think these are my favourite formula in balmy lipsticks. Mover over Chanel Blooms.

Weekend plans: Just normal mundane stuff. No real plans.

Do you have a favorite breed of cat and/or dog? I am also a huge Lab fan. We have 2 right now and our house has never been happier, or furrier.

Deborah S. Avatar

Gee, I couldn’t have guessed you like Labradors, Christine, LOL

Haul: Nothing this week again. Too caught up in drama over my house and the ongoing winter storm warnings.

Weekend plans: Staying warm and again, blowing and scraping snow. I blew out my driveway and around my house yesterday and literally could not feel my fingers or my feet when I came in. As a diabetic, that isn’t a good thing but not good for anyone. It was snowing the whole time I was blowing and I had so much snow on my head that it looked like I literally stepped out of the shower. It took me all night to warm up and it snowed the entire night, again. We are suppose to get a little break on Sunday afternoon and Monday before more snow starts on Monday night. My power was out during the night and I don’t have heat if I don’t have power so I was so worried I was going to have ruptured water lines. I called the power company and they said it wasn’t a grid outage, which is good, but rather was related to too much heavy snow and ice on the lines. It finally came back on about an hour ago. I only knew the power went out during the night because a loud roar and my house shook. I got up to see what was happening and the snow coming down off the roof onto my front porch resulted in more broken wood railing. I will link the picture that I posted on my IG.
I had made the decision that how I went through this winter, by myself, would be the deciding factor in whether I try to sell and move this summer. If I were younger, not alone and more athletic, I wouldn’t worry about it but unfortunately I am not. I have to make a decision.

Favorite breed of dog or cat: I don’t really have a favorite breed of cat. I think they are all cute. I do favor Spaniels when it comes to dogs. I think that relates to my first dog which was a Golden Spaniel. He was the most amazing dog. When my parents moved us from Montana to California, we had to leave him behind. Two years later we returned and brought him to CA with us. He was so happy to be reunited. He walked us to the bus stop every morning and was there waiting for us when the bus brought us home. My mom always remarked that no matter what was happening, he would stop and head up the road to meet us and she marveled that he had such an instinct about time. You could also tell if my Mom wasn’t home and was visiting a neighbor as he would be sitting on the neighbors porch until she came out. He was a wonderful dog. He was attacked by a roaming dog when he was about 10 years old and we had to have him euthanized. He couldn’t move his hind quarters at all. I still cry about it if I think about it, such as now.
My night time snow fall:

Genevieve Avatar

OMG Deborah – what a LOAD of snow you have to deal with all the time in winter. I can see why winter can be so arduous for you. And I think you are moving towards a wise decision re selling your home and moving to a small town or village where there are lights, footpaths and proper roads (plus some nice neighbours).
Having power blackouts are not fun either. We’ve had some big storms here in the past week and there have been many power blackouts, but fortunately not in our neighbourhood. Just torrential rain bands that have been quite localised. My daughter in law, with baby Harry and Olivia were caught up in Kinglake last night and couldn’t return home until the rain bands had cleared.
I loved the story about your dog too and I have to say I really hate roaming dogs – they can be quite scary and so many other dogs and children can be attacked by them, with devastating consequences.

Deborah S. Avatar

Yes, you are right, Genevieve. I am moving towards a decision. It is a hard one as I love my house, I love the woods and I love being near my mother who just turned 85. She is in better shape than either my brother or I, though!! I am actually sitting here looking out my back windows and there is a little patch of blue sky moving towards me, yay! My brother is on the way over to help dig me out. Sounds like your rainfall is almost as bad as our snow. They had torrential rain in Vancouver B.C. and there was significant flooding up there. No matter where you live there are hazards that Mother Nature throws in our paths. The difference for me is my general health. It all depends on the housing market here in the USA because I refuse to sell for less than I paid and I don’t want to deal with renters. You be careful, also.

Genevieve Avatar

The housing market is horrendous here – so very, very expensive and I guess it is the same in many parts of the US. as well. One would hope that you would get more for your house now that when you originally bought it. I am sure your home is in a beautiful, peaceful spot and many may well appreciate that after the trials of living in covid filled neighbourhoods.

Nancy T Avatar

Too, too much snow! Once every several years, we would get a 3 foot of snow blizzard in Northern NJ, and until I got a Jeep Cherokee in 1995, that meant being snowed in at home until it was safe to get out on the roads. Definitely understand your dilemma about selling your house and moving. When it’s a matter of it affecting your health and well-being, sometimes we have to. Same situation here for me in Arizona. The summers are getting hotter and more unbearable for me, as I’m prone to heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

AJ Avatar

Purchases: I actually bought something this week! It was time for a new mascara so I got the Maybelline GreatLash Lots of Lashes. I know, I know, big spender here.

Rediscoveries: I wanted to do a fun green eye look so I grabbed ColourPop Just My Luck and Mint To Be. I really do enjoy CP’s 9-pan palettes.

Weekend plans: Tomorrow we are getting doughnuts for breakfast. Might go to Total Wine since my father-in-law sent us some gift cards for the holidays. And we’ll get takeout tomorrow night. The weather is muddy and floody and omicron is everywhere so that’s about the extent of what we feel safe getting up to.

Do I have a favorite dog or cat breed? Ok so I love animals. And I like pretty much all dog breeds. But I have a preference for shepherds, since I grew up with Aussies my entire childhood. But my very favorite breed is corgis, and I miss mine so much! I also have a soft spot for pitbulls with their big blocky heads and waggy tails. And mixed breeds, especially when you can’t even guess what they are and they’re just goofy and lovable. But seriously, if you put any dog in front of me I will tell them they are the best dog.

As for cats, my boy Topher probably had some Maine Coon in him and he was the best, most affectionate, most easy-going cat in the world. So if I ever got another cat I would want another big floof like him. But I’d also accept any ol’ cat that sauntered into my life.

AJ Avatar

Thank you Genevieve! I have to be careful with mint because pastels can wash me out, but I really like to pair them with the emerald greens in the Just My Luck palette!

The doughnuts were very good. We go to a place at the border of our current town and our previous town, which is Black-owned and veteran-owned, and the owner is always behind the counter when we go, and he’s just so friendly and pleasant. He comes up with really fun flavors too and there’s always something new to try. But they are very decadent so we only go every 4-6 weeks!

Genevieve Avatar

Oh Winston – guarding his toys! How cute is he!

Recent Purchases: Nada
Rediscoveries: After enduring an extremely tropical week with full humidity and thunderstorms, I have just one the one and done kind of looks – usually with either Lorac’s Noir Primrose or SG’s Temptalia’s Magellan’s Light.

Weekend Plans: It’s a much cooler day here this Saturday morning, which is such a relief. I am not quite sure about what we are doing this weekend. Probably just chilling (as much as one can with three children in the house!) and doing some food shopping and chores.

Favourite breed of cat or dog: We don’t currently have any pets at home, but I do love labradors myself.

Denise S. Avatar

Winnie has a great variety of toys. He seems to be saying what’s she up to now?
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:
I just brought the new ABH Primrose eye shadow palette and some skin care for Ulta. Been using my Sydney Grace/Temptalia eye shadow the one with Mellan on it a lot. And enjoying Shroud/Beautebean Freakin Bats eye shadow palette.

Weekend Plans:
Tomorrow is my Birthday! I’m going to Tiffany’s to get a necklace I’ve been pining over for years! Then some good carry out food for dinner. I’m working on clearing out my closet slowly, too much stuff.

Do you have a favorite breed of dog or cat?:
Golden Retrievers are my favorite dogs but I love a sweet dog of any breed. I’ll take any type of cat too lol. Tabby, Maine Coon or Exotic breeds, love them all!

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: All my remaining ColourPop palettes arrived earlier this week! Today I got out the On a Whimsy palette and incorporated Taffy Much, the light green, with a UD gold-Blaze-and a UD brown-Laredo. Taffy Much was pale enough to blend in with Blaze, but the green cast really came through in certain lights. I’d love to try this shade on its own!
Weekend plans: Worked all day today, grocery run tomorrow, no active plans for Sunday.
Do you have a favorite breed of cat and/or dog?: I love pretty much all cats (even though no one in my family has owned any particular breeds), but I’d love to have or at least cuddle with a Ragdoll sometime-they’re so smart and friendly! As for dogs, I prefer either small-to-medium breeds or the really calm large breeds-we had to give our last German Shepherd to our neighbor because he was too big and too hyper for either me or my dad to handle! Specific breeds-corgis are adorable, I’ve met some lovely Labs, poodles, and Shelties (Shetland Sheepdogs-for anyone who’s unfamiliar, they’re basically miniature longhaired/rough collies), and I’ve never met a pit bull that showed any more aggression than headbutting people to ask for petting!

kjh Avatar

Rediscoveries; Think this is what I’m keeping or tossing and had makeup dementia about, lol. Lunatick and Smashbox cool palettes. Reminded of how totally terrific the MUFE e/s were before the reformulation. OCC lip tars were fun. Buried deep, obvi, though I did swatch them before I tossed. Old bite, Besame l/s.

Work off Fri. 2nd weather. Sat= feels like temp of 4-5 and shoveling. Or baby snowblower. Packing boxes, and it reminds me of Christine’s advice. Off loaded pounds of stuff. Would have been nice if I had bought things I need, rather than things I like. Probably should have joined addiction or however you type that Reddit.

Dogs: oh, my. Too many. Littles: Border Terrier #1. Dachshunds, mini or tweener wieners, want an Affenpinscher for my last dog. Yay Banana Joe! Medium: Wheatens, Spinoni, Porties. Big: yes, Leonberger..I think the mellow comes from the Pyr. Pyrs, Malamutes. So little time, so many dogs. Cats: ragdolls, Bombays, Abys. Unfortunately allergic to most with Siamese in the the background.

Helene Avatar

The breader of my black standard schnauzer also breeds Affenpinschers. They are lovely, friendly little dogs.
I completely agree with “So little time, so many dogs.”
My ex, the father of my son, didn’t understand why anyone would have a dog. So there were many dog-less years. Before I met him I worked long hours, so I couldn’t have a dog, but I grew up with dogs, mixed breed and then German Shepherd.

Genevieve Avatar

When I was decluttering my make up stash recently – I had three piles – to keep, to think about and to toss. A couple of my think about’s ended up in the toss pile and a few I kept hold of (eyeshadow palettes I am talking about) ended up being kept and seeing if I would turn to them in the next six months of so.
I found my lipsticks easier to get rid of – old, nearly worn out or too dark for me now – just went. But I still have lots and lots.

Helene Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases, but I still wait for some orders. I can’t think of any rediscoveries.

There will probably be a lot when I sort out where to store my palettes. I had this really nice book shelf thingy, I liked it so much, and late last week or maybe early this, I was going to decide what eyeshadow palette to use, and I took the three Temptalia ones, I had laying on the top shelf, so I could see the artwork. I noticed the wood looked different somehow, I looked closely, started to take out every palette and it turns out the wood has been attacked by some kind of wood eating larvae. YUCK!
So the shelf now stands outside, packed in black plastic bags, though I have to remove the plastic to take photos (more photos) of it to send to the store.
I’ll not put anything in the space where the shelf stood as I need to monitor the wooden floor, so far I can’t see any trace of any damage to anything else.
I do think whatever it is eating the wood came with the self.
Weekend plans: Taking photos of said shelf. 😀
Do you have a favorite breed of cat and/or dog? I love animals, I love dogs more than I love cats, but I do love all animals, domestic or wild. I guess I’m an animal person a lot more than I’m a people person.
As for breeds, I do love schnauzers, all sizes, I have a black standard and had a black and silver miniature. I had a German Shepherd growing up, and love them, but they do have a lot of health issues, unfortunately. Before the German Shepherd we had a lovely mixed breed, with a bit of Giant schnauzer in the mix.
I also like Irish Wolfdogs, and large terriers as well as Dobermanns and Rottweilers.
Cats, I’ve never had a cat, but I’ve been thinking of maybe getting a Maine Coon, I love how they look, and they seem to be nice ones. I like the look of Bengal and also Siamese cats.

Genevieve Avatar

Holy Moly Helene – what a problem with the cabinet – and yes, I think the little critter that is eating the wood came with the shelf and was buried deep inside it.
I sincerely hope that it hasn’t spread to your floors. Maybe there is something you can buy from a hardware place that will protect that particular floor space or at least give you advice on what to do if something bad happens to it.
I hope the store you bought the bookshelf from acknowledges the problem and refunds you….best of luck with that.

Erica Avatar

Recent purchase: I’ve been loving the Patrick Ta Major Dimension eyeshadow palette. It’s been the only thing I’ve been reaching!

Recent Rediscovery: Pink blush. For the longest time I’ve pulled for nudes, mauves and peaches. I’ve been wearing MAC Lovecloud for last couple of weeks

Weekend plans: Pretty cold where I am. I’m all about staying inside and keeping warm. So lots of tea and coffee!

Favorite breed of cats/dogs: Siamese cats & Schnauzers. Playful and obedient and fun personalities 😉

Caroline Avatar

Recent purchases/rediscoveries: Currently experimenting with my ND mini palettes in Star & Biba.
Weekend plans: Work on Saturday, then as there’s no overtime in January, just chillin’ on Sunday.
Favourite breed of cat or dog: Dog wise I love Samoyeds (I have one myself), Jack Russell Terriers, Greyhounds, Pomeranians, Japanese Spitz and Labradors! Cat wise I love Russian Blues and Turkish Vans.

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