Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #634

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’ve been trying various perfume samples lately – notably fell in love with Pierrie Guillaume Paris Coze 02 and bought the full-size! I also bought and received Chanel Coromandel (I know, a classic).
  • Weekend plans: We’re celebrating with both mine and hubby’s families at our house for New Year’s Eve. My family always does a bunch of snacky things for the night, so it’ll be interesting to combine the families for the occasion.
  • How do you like to ring in the new year?: By sleeping, LOL. I cannot remember the last time I actually made it to midnight! It’s even harder now since I usually get up around 4AM, so I am barely awake by 8PM. But seriously, I love being cozy, sipping apple cider, and hanging with a loved one (friend, family, pet).

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Lesley Avatar

Winston knows that natural beauty needs no embellishments.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases. I have been doing a declutter and I started to play with the pile that would need to go into the trash because Project Beauty Share won’t take. I mixed a pink ColourPop SS blush with a Fenty Match Stix and came up with a nice one and done that lasts longer than any of my cream shadows. I also found that my Eborian green color corrector is not too shiny in winter.

Weekend plans: Probably watching Hubs watch endless football. We are generally social distancing these days in the hope of staying healthy for a January vacation.

How do you like to ring in the new year?: Same as you. We sleep through it, although last year I stayed up because I wanted to watch 2020 finally end.

Genevieve Avatar

Happy New Year Lesley to you and your husband. We are watching endless cricket here in our household as all the males are cricket fans – and honestly there’s not much else on.
A few of us stayed up to watch the end of this truly horrendous year and hoping that this year will be better for all.

Nancy T Avatar

One can actually see the “But why, Mama?” look in his eyes! 😅

Purchases/rediscoveries: MAC Berry Tricky lipstick and the red and white gold Blizzard Wizard peppermint candy looking highlighter/blush topper which is also from the holiday collection.

Weekend plans: Might be going to my friend’s house for dinner, which is homemade Italian Wedding Soup, the Mexican version, which I can pronounce, but not spell! Sounds so good and soothing! Zoom meeting tomorrow morning. Sunday, a load of laundry, provided my back holds up. Due to a ridiculous 3 week delay in getting my Remicade infusion, my Crohn’s and especiallly the ankylosing spondylitis end of it are in a major, painful flare. It hurts to walk around.

How do you like to ring in the New Year? I just like to watch the music specials of the night, but no celebration of any kind. Also, since many people get off work early, sometimes dinner with friends. If not, then usually I’ll order a pizza and just chill on the couch with my kitties!

Genevieve Avatar

Enjoy your dinner with your friends Nancy and it does sound very nice indeed. It was awful to read that your Remicade infusion is so many weeks overdue that you are getting major flareups. Honestly, don’t the clinics/hospitals realise that this is a lifeline for sufferers such as yourself. I hope you get it soon.
I hope the New Year is a better one for you and that your forthcoming operation is successful.

AJ Avatar

Purchases/Rediscoveries: I actually did my makeup on Saturday for a Zoom happy hour with my in-laws, and once again the Wild Nothing palette came in as a good source of neutrals for me. I still wish the palette was more interesting, but I do find it handy from time to time. No makeup purchases this week, though.

Weekend plans: Hoping things will thaw out enough that we can leave the house. We’ve been snowed in since Sunday! It’s supposed to get above freezing tomorrow, but since our yard is pretty shady, I expect we might not be able to get out until Sunday. We’ll see. If we can leave the house I’d like to hit Target, maybe go to the bookstore, and get some takeout. Whether or not we’re snowed in, I have an online workshop on Sunday morning to do some goal and intention setting for the new year, and do some improvised dancing related to those intentions. Should be fun!

How do I like the ring in the New Year? I’ve always lived in places where people like to set off personal fireworks (and sometimes even fire guns!) for HOURS to ring in the new year, and for 10 years I had dogs who were afraid of loud noises. So for the past decade I’ve stayed home for the New Year. Sometimes, pre-pandemic, we would go out for a nice dinner early in the evening. This year, between the snow and omicron, we’ll just stay home. Probably watch some shows, I’ll make some nice drinks, we’re gonna eat leftover chili for dinner. This year has honestly been a rough one for us so I’ll be glad to see it go.

For anyone who is going out to celebrate, please do stay safe, and raise a glass for me 😉

Genevieve Avatar

It was interesting to read how you have been snowed in, whilst here in Melbourne Aus we have forced inside due to the extreme heat over the past 3-4 days. I hope you had enough food in stock for yourselves.
Every now and again we have some irresponsible people letting off fireworks (illegally) in the reserve behind us, but that’s about it. Absolutely no guns! How frightening would that be!
We went out for an early dinner too. And I did raise a glass for you (a nice Pinot Noir).
Happy New Year to you and your spouse.

AJ Avatar

Happy New Year, Genevieve! Thanks for raising a glass for me 🙂

Thankfully we had a lot of dry good staples, and also my spouse actually walked to the grocery store one day and brought home a week worth of groceries. They’re my hero! Of course they are from New York so they are more used to snow than I am 😉

And the snow did melt today (helped by a lot of rain) so we successfully left the house and spent the holiday money from my in-laws at the bookstore as well as getting some yummy takeout.

BrandiD Avatar

Aw, pupper! Hopefully Winnie will grow to appreciate the job of modeling holiday fashions.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’ve been enjoying a lot of what I’ve purchased this winter season, but I did splurge on Winky Lux’s Galaxy palette with a Target gift card and I’m not impressed with it. I think it has a very limited color scheme — essentially grays, with a black shadow for liner and two blending shadows. It’s fine if you do a lot of smokey eyes, which I don’t. May regift to my BFF who has the lid space and patience for a proper smokey eye. The good purchases have beaten out the bad though: Colourpop Of Quartz, MAC Dusty Rose x9, Clinique Heather Pop, MAC Plum Dandy among quite a few others this year.

Weekend Plans: We’re ringing in the new year with close family, appetizers and drinks. I’m hopeful we will play at least one card game, and we might watch a movie or two. It’s how I enjoy doing New Year’s Eve!

How do you like to ring in the new year? As mentioned above, even more fun now that we have two kids of drinking age who are currently home for the holidays. I’ve also done the same celebration with just DH and I a few years, and that’s fun too. Food, drinks and love is all I need to make a good celebration!

Genevieve Avatar

What a shame the Winky Lux palette didn’t work out for you – to me it looks like CP’s Smoke Show – although that is of better quality and a little more variety of shades.
Having your family around for NYE is the best – we did that too. I wish you and your family a lovely New Year.

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: I didn’t buy anything while in Seattle. Frankly, other than the grocery store, I didn’t go anywhere.

Weekend plans: I plan on sleeping a lot and also blowing, shoveling and pulling snow around my yard. I got home quite late and there is literally a 10 foot pile of snow just at the entrance to my front porch. It is going to take all day to clear it out. I will probably tackle it tomorrow. I managed to shovel a 2 foot wide path so that I could get myself and my luggage into the house but that was about it. Should I decide to stay here, I am going to buy a riding lawn mower that has a scoop/scraper attachment.
My trip to Seattle was very interesting since they rarely get snow and it snowed there 3 days in a row. My daughter and I sat in front of her big window and watched the cars in the Safeway parking lot, try to negotiate the corners. Places literally shut down for 3 inches of snow! Starbuck’s for heaven’s sake. There was practically no traffic as they appear to be scared of driving in it. My daughter works for a dentist and they were only open one day last week due to the snow! The office manager laughed with my daughter about her driving in snow and how she was likely the only one in the office who had any experience. Because of that, she went in one day and set things up for when they resume seeing patients on Monday. If they saw my 10 feet they would likely faint. I didn’t have any trouble coming back home over the pass but there were spin outs, wrecks and a semi truck full of packages that was lying on it’s side with the packages strewn all over the road. I wasn’t worried about the road conditions, just the other drivers. Anyway, I was relieved to get home and rest up.

Ring in the New Year: I think I have only ever been to one New Year’s Eve party and that was a long time ago. I prefer to stay home, wait for the ball to drop, drink a little champagne and go to bed. Here in Montana, it is a popular pastime to shoot off your guns. So, I have to wait for that nonsense to stop so that I can sleep so I might as well watch the ball drop.

Here is wishing all of the readers on the blog and especially Christine, a very happy, safe, prosperous and healthy New Year.

Genevieve Avatar

I had to laugh about your description of people in Seattle reacting to the snow. It would be the same here in Melbourne if we ever got snow. Usually once a year we get a tiny bit of snow where I live in the outer eastern part of Melbourne (near to the mountains), but that’s about it.
Quite a few years ago now, at the school I was working at did an exchange of teachers to Canada – Southern Ontario. When one of our teachers over there encountered minus 5 degrees on yard duty, she rushed into the staffroon and asked was it too cold for the kids out there, and they just laughed. Minus 15 was their cut off point!
Yes, it would be the other drivers’ reactions to the snow that can get you into trouble and you have done really well to plan and navigate your way over the snowy roads.
I hope that you and your daughter had a lovely time together and I wish you all the best for the coming year.

Cat Avatar

Winston looks perfect! So serious!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases or rediscoveries I would say. Christmas has kept me busy.

Weekend plans: We aren’t staying up late tonight but will be celebrating tomorrow. Having a nice late lunch/dinner and I think it will be quite nice!

How do you like to ring in the new year?: The last couple years I’ve been at home, usually on the couch and usually the only one still awake albeit not entirely awake. Today I’m home alone all day so not much is happening or planned to happen at all. I am happy it is raining though.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: IlNothing new cosmetic wise.

Weekend plans: Explore as much as I can nice places nearby… since it rain a lot this week hiking is possible only if I suddenly get an itch to get muddy (although I would love to keep the tradition of hiking in Mt Diablo around the New Year). The last day of the year is quite quiet, just strolling the Richmond Marina, visiting Rosie the Riveter Museum (I am very passionate about WWII history). The weather is also quite mellow so I crave a long run outdoors without ten layers of clothing.

How do you like to ring in the new year? For me New Years Eve happens multiple times. 😅 When it’s around midnight in my home country and London (we’re my brother lives), I always make sure we call each other to wish Happy New Year.
Otherwise I like to “ring” in the New Year by doing some sort of travel on the 31st and the 1st, even if it’s a place 1-2 hours aways, as a good omen of lots of travel.
I also always make sure that the 31st dinner is fancy (lobster this year).
But around midnight I’m at home in my PJs, parties and fireworks are not my style.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: JD Glow Unexpected Galaxy Eyeshadow, and Sugar Drizzle Polish Frosty Flamingo Eyeshadow palette.

Rediscoveries: My Kaleidos Club Nebula palette. It’s just so beautiful!

Weekend plans: Finally celebrating Christmas with my in-laws!

How do you like to ring in the new year?: By sleeping and hoping there aren’t too many fireworks in my neighborhood 😂

Genevieve Avatar

Oh Winston, you do look so cute there, sitting to attention whilst your phot is taken!
It’s wonderful Christine that both of your families can spend NYE together. Although the news that you get up at 4 am is a bit early -so I hope you get to sleep in somewhat on NY day.

Recent Purchases: Nada – none of the cosmetic offerings on sale have really appealed to me. And both Sephora Aus and Mecca only put a few things they can’t sell on sale.

Rediscoveries: Just rotating through my palettes as per usual, depending on what I am wearing.

Weekend Plans: It has been incredibly hot here the past few days – temps more that 40 celcius for about three days running. I guess it’s just like Arizona in summer…
The family went out for dinner on NYE and it was just to a fairly local hotel restaurant, which has excellent food, and a playground for the kids. The adults saw in the new year and watched the fireworks on TV.
Saturday – we are taking the children, including Harry to the local pool. He had his first experience of the beach a few days ago and loved the water. He’s a smart, intelligent and very feisty little boy who loves everything.
Sunday – we’ll just see what the weather is like.

How do you like to ring in the New Year? Just as we did – a family dinner out and safely at home to congratulate ourselves on surviving what has been a most difficult year.
I am hoping that this virus mutates to something really mild so we can all relax and get on with our lives and no-one gets sick.

Mary Avatar

Oh Winston’s adorable …who hasn’t had to endure Grandma’s Christmas gift?lol..
Not too many new purchases , oh the Chantecaille Baroque Holiday set
..( love it)
Rediscoveries ? My Zoeva. Caramel Melange of my favorites .
New Years plans .? Champagne with the husband and a weekend of
( football) and movies …
Happy New Years everyone 🍾

Stephanie Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases! Rediscovered my love of Juvia’s The Berries tho… dang that is a good palette.

Weekend plans: Relaxing, adjusting back to work sleep schedule after a week off, cleaning/organizing. Nothing exciting since crowds are gonna be out–which means I will be in.

How do you like to ring in the new year?: Whatever it is, I just wanna be with my husband! We watched the clock turn over so we could kiss, and he promptly went to sleep after.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My ColourPop On a Whimsy and Ticket to Dreamland palettes just arrived from Ulta today! DHL currently expects the palettes I ordered directly from ColourPop-Baroque, Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Secret Life of Scorpio-to arrive January 7.
Weekend plans: Normally we’d be going to a small New Year’s party at my aunt’s house, but she’s not feeling well, so we skipped and my other aunt dropped off cabbage rolls (German tradition says you have to eat sauerkraut on NYE for good luck, and the cabbage rolls disguise the taste with beef and tomato sauce) at both houses. My family always does a bunch of snacky things for the night, so it’ll be interesting to combine the families for the occasion.
How do you like to ring in the new year?: The aforementioned party includes games, food, and some combination of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and NBC’s NYE special. Since we’re stuck at home, we’re doing the specials alone!

Nikki Avatar

Update: ColourPop Baroque, Secret Life of Scorpio, and Nightmare Before Christmas palettes arrived early-Tuesday the 4th. Yay for DHL!
Also, why did Christine’s “snacky things” comment not get deleted from the copy/paste I used as the base for my answers?! (facepalm) Maybe I was too distracted by the music on the NYE specials?

Rachel R. Avatar

Winston looks so handsome!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.

RECENT PURCHASES: MAC x Keith Haring lipsticks; (sale) Viseart Cool Mattes Palette.

I also received several beauty items for Christmas:
*ND Retro, Zendo, and Circo Loco Palettes.
*LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Morticians Show face palette and Cemetery Shrines Highlighter Palette.
*PML Huetopian Palette
“Viseart Bijouxette Étendu Palette, and Petits Fours quads in Lapis, Peridot, and Garnet.
*Kayali Eden Juicy Apple /01 Parfum Spray.
*Tom Ford Bitter Peach Eau De Parfum Spray

WEEKEND PLANS:. We have to make a trip down to my MIL’s house and pick up a trailer to store for her. Of course, hubby:s truck started to leak, so he’s replacing the radiator today while I hang with rest of the family.

HOW DO YOU LIKE TOO RING IN THE NEW YEAR?: We’re boring. We just stay home, watch TV or a movie with the family, eat snacks, and reassure the pets when fireworks go off. Hubby and I share a New Year’s kiss and a toast.

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