Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #631

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Still waiting to receive some orders!
  • Weekend plans: My life is so boring sometimes – the usual: blogging, walking Winnie, bugging hubby! Saturday’s his busiest work day, so inevitably… I bug him.
  • Do you enjoy cooking?: I wish I did! I am a results-driven person, so whenever I’ve spent a long time to make something that’s turned out so-so (or worse!), it’s deeply disappointing. I wish I loved it like my mom does!

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Celesta Avatar

Aww Winston. I love his expressions.

Recent Purchases: The ND Retro Midi palette and the Viseart Paris Etoile palettes. Both unintentional purposes, but it’s been a hard six weeks and I needed some retail therapy.

Rediscoveries: Nothing in particular; I’ve just been lucky to get ready at all! lol

Weekend plans: Wrapping Christmas gifts, cleaning…

Do you enjoy cooking?: Generally, yes, though not every day. I get into moods where I want to cook a lot and other times I don’t want to at all.

Joyce Avatar

I read “bugging hubby” as “bubbing huggy” entirely too many times 😆

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Ulta order came!

Smashbox Cali Contour palette (I’ve been wanting this for YEARS!)
Juvia’s Place Nubian mini palette
Beauty Bakerie Artisan brush set
First Aid travel size Ultra Repair Creams in Sugar Plum & First Snow
China Glaze Ruby Red Pumps

Weekend plans: Catch up on housework, get groceries, plan for my husband coming home next weekend!

Do you enjoy cooking?: I enjoy leisurely and creative cooking. I also enjoy cooking for other people. But dinner time crunch time everyone needs fed NOW cooking? No thanks!

Genevieve Avatar

Funny about that Joyce – you have said it well about the dinner time crunch time, especially with little ones is not exactly joy, is it? We have three children living with us and the rush is to get the dinner on the table before the eldest two raid the pantry….you know how it is.

C.Blossom Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Just got R+Co Dallas shampoo and TV Hair conditioner. So far, not super impressed. Certainly not 7x better than Suave, to match the 7x higher price.

Weekend plans: Sleep. TV. Sleep.

Do you enjoy cooking? Sometimes. I like it twice a week, but cooking multiple times a day is drudgery. The microwave is my friend.

Megan Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’ve been using my Auric cream shadows more to get used to the formula. It is easier to work with than I remember. The biggest thing is I can only put a thin layer of the product on my lid or else it creases.

Weekend plans: Figuring out where things go in our new place. We just moved so there’s a lot to do for the house.

Do you enjoy cooking?: I love cooking! I made a big batch of gumbo yesterday to have meals ready in the freezer for winter. Looking forward to growing more food and trying to preserve it all by canning.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases: Nothing cosmetic wise.

Rediscoveries: I was playing with some samples received with my recent orders, just to use them up and not waste at least the product… I forgot how much fragrance bothers me even in the smallest amount. I have irritation on my upper cheek.

Weekend plans: Just the usual chores and groceries, a little bit more laundry than usual. I hope to go hiking on Saturday, I need to get my eyebrows threaded and Sunday it will rain all day so I need to search something to do somewhere indoors.

Do you enjoy cooking?: I absolutely do. If I cook could every meal from scratch, it would be perfect for me. I enjoy the entire process, searching recipes, making a meal plan so I use up all ingredients, shopping for the ingredients, laying all ingredients, and the whole cooking process.

Nancy T Avatar

That eyebrow raising is so endearing! I totally get what you mean. After loosing both Pookie and Scunci only a few years apart, I didn’t believe there would be another kitty I would ever love as much as those two. Then a semi-feral from this apartment complex cat colony followed me inside. I closed the door. She HOWLED! But after several hours, she began to calm down. I named her Penelope. It’s been 10 months. She is FINALLY becoming more and more affectionate and lovey gradually. Today, she saw me upset and crying. Penelope did the unexpected; she began to give me the sweet headbutts and rubbing her head against mine as if to say: “it’ll be okay Mama”. My heart melted!

Purchases/rediscoveries: Everything I ordered has arrived except for my MAC Right Before Your Eyes e/s from Macy’s. That is supposed to get here today. Will probably use my new ND Retro Midi palette today for my CT scan. Not sure yet.

Weekend plans: Today, yet ANOTHER CT scan! My oncologist ordered one for the pelvic/lower abdomen. I just had a CT scan back in late July, so isn’t this too much radiation? ☢️ Tomorrow, my Zoom meeting. Sunday, straightening up.

Do you enjoy cooking? Oh yes! But, now I have no one to cook for except for myself, so not quite as rewarding. There was something special about cooking for others, especiallly my family, that made it so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Genevieve Avatar

Well I hope all of those scans are for a purpose and that is to pinpoint where you need the surgery. I think your ND Midi Retro palette would look lovely on you and it would certainly rock the CT room!
Your new kitten sounds lovely too. My twin sister rescued a kitten from under her house many years ago and Katie was such a character…

Nancy T Avatar

Genevieve, can you believe that I got all ready, got to the facility on time, but my insurance denied payment for the CT scan because “we don’t cover testing at Banner University MC”? Talk about frustrating and maddening! They never gave me an issue before when I received CT’s and MRI’s!
The only upside was that for a rare change, I had myself all together. Retro is a gorgeous, easy to use palette. Much easier than I was expecting.
And yes, wild feral kitties who attach themselves to a human and eventually become a pet are the most amazing ones!

Lydia Avatar

Those wild kitties can turn out to be the best thing! All of the cats in my family have been ones who sort of stumbled in and we are just in love with them.

Genevieve, I hope all those scans are useful and help the doctors know just exactly what needs to be done.

Lydia Avatar

Those wild kitties can turn out to be the best thing! All of the cats in my family have been ones who sort of stumbled in and we are just in love with them.
Seconding Genevieve, I hope all those scans are useful and help the doctors know just exactly what needs to be done.

AJ Avatar

I believe you can have more than one “Heart Dog” (or cat or other critter) in your life. After all, we live so much longer than them, it would be cruel if life only let us have one special pet bond! I am so happy you are starting to feel that close to Winston. It gives me hope for the day when my spouse and I feel ready to adopt a new pet.

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nothing this week.

Weekend plans: We’re going to a “BIPOC Maker’s Market” hosted at our local plant nursery! Other than that I think we may go for some boba tea, and get some chores done.

Do I like to cook: No. I am a very indifferent cook. I can feed myself if I have to, but it’s just another chore for me. My spouse, on the other hand, loves to cook and is very good at it! They collect cookbooks and actually make a point to try recipes from almost every book they buy. This past weekend we went to the bookstore to get ourselves new books as our reward for completing National Novel Writing Month. My spouse got the new Ottolenghi Test Kitchen cookbook “Shelf Love”. Already this week they tried THREE recipes from it, as well as a recipe from the Soup of the Day cookbook that they’ve been trying something new from almost every week. I eat really well *grin*

Anyway, since spouse handles the food and handles it very well, I do my part by managing our “drinks program.” I am in charge of buying and brewing tea, choosing ciders and beers, and making cocktails. I really enjoy the beverage side of things far more than I’ve ever enjoyed making food. It works out pretty well for both of us. Not so well for our cheap IKEA bookcase, which is bowing under the weight of cookbooks and cocktail recipe books.

AJ Avatar

It’s made them pretty popular with our friends too, since whenever it is safe to hang out in person (or in the before times), they will often bake cookies or brownies to share. After all, it’s often hard to eat an entire batch when it’s just the two of us!

Lydia Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’ve been using the Rephr brushes I purchased, and I like them but they’re not life-changing. That might be more to do with me not knowing what shapes I really needed. I wouldn’t return them but I wouldn’t pay full price for more. Rediscovered the Pat McGrath highlighting trio!! The blue/gold shade is so beautiful: it looks like sunlight on your skin.

Weekend plans: Some Christmas shopping! I’m hoping to get a tree on Saturday if it doesn’t rain.
Do you enjoy cooking?: I love it! I’m not super adventurous with the recipes I try, but I love cooking for other people especially!

Mariella Avatar

Haul: I don’t think I bought a single thing for myself this week.

Weekend plans: a friend (the one who often comes to stay) is coming to stay over tonight and we’re going out to celebrate her selling her condo as the first step to moving to my city. We’re going to a Greek restaurant that hubs and I went to for the first time a few weeks ago with another couple (the wife in that couple is actually acting as real estate agent for this friend who is moving). Tomorrow, the gym and then the rest of the weekend will be baking – another Overnight Cranberry Eggnog Coffee Cake, an Eggnog Cheesecake, Skor Shortbreads and Cowboy Cookies.

Do you like cooking: See my response to question #2!!!! I do enjoy cooking and taught Food and Nutrition for a number of years but to be honest, I am becoming tired of the every-day, humdrum, “what will we have for dinner” thing. Hubs is home now and he’s the real challenge – he’s a fussy eater with a few food allergies as well and then a whole long list of things he chooses not to eat so it’s limiting (although I think I will buy a pork tenderloin next week and make it just for myself!). Nights like tonight – when we’re eating out – or nights when someone else is cooking are bliss to me. But I love baking – it’s the novelty and the fact that I don’t have to do it every darned day…

Genevieve Avatar

I know exactly how you feel with a husband that has a loooong list of no-nos (lamb, pork, chicken and some fish – which I know your husband is seriously allergic too).
My daughter in law, Anika, has been doing a lot of Christmas baking this morning – lots of different kinds of Christmas slices – choc fudge, choc with walnuts, cinnamon swirls – that kind of thing. I don’t think they are going to last very long around here.
You are a wonderful cook – nearly every week you do some fabulous kind of baking.

Mariella Avatar

Helene, in past I’ve made minis, which are fun and very cute (I have several mini cheesecake pans because I prefer the look much more than doing them in muffin tins with the crinkled papers) but a bit more work than making one big one. I have used (for the minis) is from the site The single recipe makes more than the 12 the recipe states so I usually double the recipe and get at least 30 mini cheesecakes (but make extra crust – there doesn’t seem to be enough crust/bottom if you just double). They freeze beautifully and it’s easy to pull out as many as you need. I also make lemon ones and pumpkin and will sometimes serve 3 on a plate (one of each flavour). But this year, just for the ease, I want to make just one cheesecake. I might use this same recipe and do it in a large springform pan or maybe search out something similar (the only one I have in a reliable cookbook – “The Joy of Cheesecake” – is a no bake one with gelatine and I just prefer the type you bake. If I find a promising recipe, I’ll try to remember to give you a shout out!

Mariella Avatar

DUH – I did it again…replied incorrectly via the email notification. Sorry, Christine and peeps!

Anyway, Helene, all the baking recipes I have that call for eggnog stipulate store bought, commercial eggnog, not home made. I think the commercial product is more heat stable and more predictable. I have made eggnog in past for drinking – made it from scratch – and it’s deliciously and artery cloggingly rich and very delicious.

Helene Avatar

I have to check if eggnog is available in store here. If not I guess I have to keep dreaming of the cheesecake and sweet dreams it’ll be! 😉
Even if the cheesecake will be just in dreams there were loads of yummy sounding cakes on the site, I might have to try some, and that is saying a lot as I really dislike everything baking-cooking.

Mariella Avatar

Helene, I’m not sure where you are but I’ve wondered in past how I can make some of these eggnog based recipes when eggnog isn’t available (it’s very seasonal here). I’ve thought it would work using whole fat milk or lighter cream and then the eggnog seasonings. I did find a recipe online for an eggnog cheesecake that doesn’t use eggnog but rather nutmeg, rum extract, etc. (I had to look at it two or three times, as I was searching for the eggnog in the ingredient list). If I find it again, I’ll try to remember to post a link but I’m pretty sure it was one of the recipes on

Helene Avatar

So many delicious cookies, I think I’ll need to do a bit of baking for the holidays.
I checked, eggnog isn’t available, maybe one can do a private import, I’ll talk to a salesperson next time I visit the store.
I’m in Sweden, northern Europe. Ginger bread cookies are popular here, I usually make the dough and then me and my son just eat it without actually making cookies. 🙂
I found a recipe for big soft ginger cookies on Allrecipes, sounds so yummy!
Now, if I gain weight I know who to blame 😉

Mariella Avatar

Helene, here’s a link (hope it works and hope Christine doesn’t mind her site being used in this way) to the recipe I found that doesn’t require eggnog – it seems to use sweetened condensed milk (hope that’s available to you) and rum extract and the traditional eggnog spices in its place. From the reviews, it sounds like the topping is optional as some made the cake and omitted the topping.

Lesley Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Stila One-Step Correct Primer, which I picked up in order to take advantage of my Ulta birthday promotions.

Weekend plans: I am supposed to meet up with a friend but she was exposed to Covid so it will depend on the results of her test. I also need to visit some pet supply stores to find a low protein/high fiber food for my kitties, who were pronounced overweight at their last checkup.

Do you enjoy cooking?: I once loved to cook and gave elaborate dinner parties. I took cooking classes. I spent entire weekends shopping for special ingredients. And then a few years ago, I decided that I did not enjoy doing any of that anymore. My efforts are pretty minimal lately. The reason why I don’t generally rely on take-out is because I know how much fat, salt and sugar restaurants generally use.

Genevieve Avatar

I know what you mean too – about the elaborate dinner parties. They were quite the go when I first got married in the seventies.
When we moved to our bigger home almost two decades ago now, it has a large very separate dinning room and we went a bit beserk about having dinner parties again – although my husband loves to cook on the BBQ and he is really, really good at it – so I ‘let’him do that. But it does take a lot of effort and it’s sometimes exhausting, especially all the cleaning up. We prefer not to have takeaway too for the same reasons you do as well.

Rachel R. Avatar

RECENT PURCHASES: Nothing this week

WEEKEND PLANS: Saturday we’ll do some winter clothes shopping for my son’s GF, and putting up our outside holiday lights. Sunday my husband and I are taking my son and his GF to see The Nutcracker at the Portland Ballet.

DO YOU ENJOY COOKING?: Not especially. I like to cook with my husband, but I find everyday cooking tedious. I love to bake and make fudge and candy but with my back injury/sciatica I can’t do that as much as I used to.

Genevieve Avatar

What a lovely, joyous thing to do – go and see The Nutcracker ballet. I think Olivia would be interested in that too, when she is a bit older.
Your son’s GF would definitely need much warmer clothes now that she is living in Portland, rather than her home state – which has a much warmer winter climate.

Rachel R. Avatar

The GF has never been to a ballet, and we haven’t seen The Nutcracker in 2 or 3 years, so it’ll be fun and festive. She’s an artist, so I think she’ll enjoy herself. I’m glad the Ballet is able to do shoes again. Proof of vaccination and masks are required, so I feel safe enough going. In February they’re doing Dracula, and I really want to see that.

I’m sure Olivia would adore ballet.

GF’s auntie is sending her some cold weather clothing, but it’s slready in the 40s F during daylight. I got her some sweatshirts/hoodies and a couple sweaters, and some boots. Today’s mission will be jeans and a heavy coat.

Denise S. Avatar

Recent Purchases/ Rediscoveries : Lots of boxes arrived from the Black Friday sales but I haven’t opened them yet. My orders from Nars, Makeup Forever eye liners, Colourpop Christmas items, Victoria Beckham – stick blushes, YSL clutch eye shadow palette, BDK hair perfume in Gris Charnel and a bottle of Peregrina Perfume from Selfridges. Also brought my Mom a few skin care and bath products.

Weekend Plans: Put my Christmas tree up and finish decorating. Wrap a few gifts. Buy a few more gifts.

Do you enjoy cooking? : Yes I like to cook delicious and healthy foods. I find it relaxing and rewarding. My system doesn’t do well when I eat out too much. Restaurants add too much butter, salt and grease. Love cooking and eating fresh vegetables, seafoods and poultry. I rarely cook desserts, so I buy them.

Genevieve Avatar

That’s a lovely group of beauty items you have purchased Denise and it’s nice to savour the moment when you open the boxes rather than all at once.
I do like preparing healthy foods and seeing our grandchildren eat them – Lachlan isn’t keen on cooked vegies, but he does (surprisingly) like salads. Now that we are coming into warmer weather, this is much easier to prepare.

Genevieve Avatar

Oh Winston, you are so gorgeous with your facial expressions – wanting mama to take you out! He’s a sweetheart.

Recent Purchases: Just some extra skincare products for my daughter in law’s Christmas bag – she loves the Antipodes Vanilla pod cream and some serums from Skin Chemists, so I have got those.
I decided that I just couldn’t wait for Beauty Bay to stock the Lorac Fairytale Forest palette, so I ordered it from Camera Ready and just increased the shipping time to make it less expensive.

Rediscoveries: Just using some of my good old favourites this week: Lorac Noir, PMG’s Sublime, CT’s The Rebel 2020.

Weekend Plans: Anika, my daughter in law, is doing some Christmas baking of chocolate cookies, so the house smells lovely this sunny Saturday morning.
Our much used old Dyson vacuum cleaner has finally packed up and I ordered a new Shark one, that reviewers online said was better than the newer Dyson models. I believe that Shark is a popular brand in the US, so I am waiting (desperately) for it to arrive. Our floors are in a great need to be vacuumed with 8 people living in the house.
We are all going up to Kinglake on Sunday for the Pony Club’s Christmas event and Olivia is riding a horse (Charlotte) in it, so we will be finally able to see her ride.
Lots of cleaning and clearing to be done around the home in preparation for Christmas too.

Do I enjoy cooking? – Hmmm – I do enjoy cooking, but cooking meals for 8 diverse people every single night of the week has definitely challenged me over the past several months or so. BBQ’s work well as we can incorporate a variety of meats and fish, with salads – which I do enjoy putting together.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My Milani blushes and free-gift lipsticks came in Monday and I can’t wait to get into them!
Weekend plans: Worked all day today, grocery run tomorrow, probably laundry Sunday.
Do you enjoy cooking?: I don’t have the patience to do much beyond operate a microwave, but I used to bake when I was younger. I am the queen of takeout!

Helene Avatar

I love those expressive eyebrows! He is so cute! I’m sure the bond will grow to be very strong between you.
I still cant think of getting Stubbs, the schnauzer, a new baby brother, I miss my little Maserati, black and silver miniature schnauzer so very much.
Stubbs, who isn’t a cuddly dog probably think he should have a new brother so his humans stop cuddling him so much.
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Purchases: From MAC Prep+Prime Fix+. lipsticks in Dusty Grape and Odyssey, blush in Dolly. Revlon Color Stay Brow Pencil in Dark Brown (my favourite brow pencil from DT is DCed and I try to find a new one I like). From Burberry lipstick in Military Red, a lipstick I’ve been longing to get. I find it lovey.
I have a package or two to pick up and some on their way still.
Rediscovery, nothing really, I keep trying om liquid lipsticks and have come to a conclusion, there are very few really matte lipstick I like, I think they make my lips look older than they look in satin or glossier finishes.
Weekend plans: Nothing.
Do you enjoy cooking?: Absolutely not! I find it stressful. I actually hate cooking, but I do sometime do a bit, after all I have to eat.

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