Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #617

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Lancome Lipsticks (x27), Smashbox lipsticks
  • Weekend plans: Seeing my parents, hanging out with hubby and Winnie, the usual!
  • Have you started any new hobbies in the last year?: Nope! Every time I look at a list of hobbies to pick one up… nothing appeals to me and/or anything that kind of piques my interest is just going to add more stress on my hands (which are already in rougher shape from my job).

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Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: I got the CP Magic Moon SS Blush and SSS in Ritz and the Glamlite x Mikayla palette. The Beauty Bay Wilderness palette and Lunar Beauty Eternal Eclipse palettes finally came in, so I’m very excited to use those!

Rediscoveries: Menagerie Wolfling – it’s so pretty!

Weekend plans: We are heading up to the Chicago area to visit my brother; I haven’t seen him since my niece (his daughter) passed away unexpectedly a couple of years ago and I’m a little nervous about it. It’s also the first time he’ll meet my son, so it’s kind of a big deal for us.

Have you started any new hobbies in the last year?: not really, but I have had a lot more time to do the hobbies I currently have: reading, video games, yoga, walking, and now, biking.

Jo Avatar

I have seen so many tutorials and reviews of those palettes, and they are supposed to be amazing. I was going to get my daughter the Glamlite x Mikayla palette for Christmas, but the Beauty Bay one is so affordable, and they have good sales… Have you tried other Beauty Bay palettes before?

Celesta Avatar

I never tried the Beauty Bay brand before the Wilderness palette; I’ve used the palette a couple of times and it is really beautiful. The shades are pigmented and blendable and the shimmers are really creamy and sparkly! Though, I think it’s sold out currently, but I might come back in stock? I’ve heard mixed messages.

Kira Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’ve been obsessed with Natasha Denona shadows lately. The Gold Palette is so much more dimensional than I would have imagined! But I still go back to my NARS Afterglow palette at least once a week. The NARS shade Deep Cut in the outer corner with Guayaquil layered on top is so beautiful! That one was really NARS best palette and an excellent travel palette for warm tone lovers with fair-medium tan skin.

Weekend plans: heading to the Made in America festival. Can’t wait to see Tinashe and Doja Cat live!!

Have you started any new hobbies in the last year?: Completely influenced by Queen’s Gambit, I’ve gotten really into chess and do chess puzzles, play chess or watch tutorials every day. I have gotten back into reading science books and would love to study college math for fun.

Joyce Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: nothing
Weekend plans: lots of getting stuff settled at my sister’s for our longer stay this fall/winter
Have you started any new hobbies in the last year?: Nope it’s just been sadness lol

What’s it been like training Winnie? If I recall correctly Sir Mellan was very food motivated!

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Since the Paula’s Choice body wash is still out of stock on their website, I managed to order one on Amazon, but it’s on delayed shipping and I’m almost afraid it will get cancelled. 😅
No other cosmetic/beauty shopping, but I have my MAC order ready just waiting to see if the Cashback increases for Labor Day. I really like that the birthday gift this year is a 4 pan custom palette (although the shade offer is limited, 3 of them are really what I like/need).

Weekend plans: Besides the usual family check in call, chores and groceries, I want to revisit some redwoods farther from me (since it’s a long weekend). On Sunday I think I’ll go to an outdoors symphonic concert, maybe visit some museums. Monday will probably be a rest day, or I’ll just end up working (lots of deadlines at work these weeks) and take a day off later (my manager is usually accommodating with this).

Have you started any new hobbies in the last year?: Nope! Every time I look at a list of hobbies to pick one up… nothing appeals to me and/or anything that kind of piques my interest is just going to add more stress on my hands (which are already in rougher shape from my job).

Ana Maria Avatar

Have you started any new hobbies in the last year?: Forgot to edit the hobbies part. 😅

No new hobbies this year, just enjoying my old ones. Sometimes I feel like I should pick a new one just not to be boring, but in the end I like my current ones and don’t feel the need to add something extra.

Mariella Avatar

Recent purchases: the Huda Beauty Jaguar palette. LOVE it to bits and I’ve only had it 2 days. Also got a new yoga bra but I don’t thing that counts.

Weekend plans: trying out a new recipe; finishing the dress I’ve been saying I’m going to finish for days and days now….

Any new hobbies: no, but I have been sewing a lot more this past year and a half than in years past. I do want to “refresh” my knitting skills (minimal – I actually got quite good 30+ years ago when I was pregnant but with 2 babies, I put it down and now I can’t even read a knitting pattern so I need a few lessons, I think).

Nancy T Avatar

Now that’s one hilarious video! He looks sooo perplexed, LOL.

Purchases/rediscoveries: I did place some orders this week. One at Ulta for UD Grindhouse pencil sharpener, Smashbox Always On eye pencil in Fishnet, and Nabla Skin Glazing in Truth, which I hope will actually show up on my cheeks nicely as I’ve been wanting a warm peachy glowy blush recently. At Sephora, I ordered The Ordinary Buffet and Truth To The People Dream Eye Cream.

Weekend Plans: Food shopping! I’m low on so many things right now that it’s ridiculous. I would have taken care of this a few days ago, but my sleep issues came back with a bang. Zoom meeting tomorrow morning. Other than those two things, I know that I need to touch up my roots, but I’ve been so lazy about it, so.

Have you started any new hobbies recently? Nope. I have never felt so uninspired as I do these days. I will be picking up some new flowers and leaves (both artificial) for the huge sea glass green vase from my Mom when I get out to a Michael’s or whatnot. I guess that sort of counts?

kjh Avatar

Last year I decided to get fall stems for similar vase, also from Mum, w/art glass frogs on it. Being retro, I wanted Japanese Lanterns and Silver Dollar plants. Iconic midcentury. Well, it turned into WT very F, because that plan would cost me more than the huge ND palettes. Eeep. I went w/Dollar Tree seasonal for cheap and they look fine.

Nancy T Avatar

KJH, I think that’s where I’ll wind up getting my vase goodies from, too. I really am a cheapie when it comes to most of my home decorating needs, because cats. Their fur gets into EVERYTHING. And mine are both semi-longhair. When Scunci was still with me, him being a Maine Coon Cat and us living in Arizona, he she’d WHOLE cat’s worth of fur!

AJ Avatar

Purchases/rediscoveries: I bought a whole bunch of scrunchies, does that count?

Weekend plans: Just got back from REI, spouse and I needed new walking/hiking shoes so we decided to check out the sale, of course we both ended up choosing pairs that weren’t on sale 😛 Other than that we don’t have any big plans for the weekend. We’re leaving for a trip on Tues, so we’ll stick close to home, pack, and tidy up the house so we come home to a clean place.

Did I pick up any new hobbies in the past year? Nope! But I do have things for trying a couple new potential hobbies. I received a knitting kit with a coupon for a lesson as part of a gift basket that I won. I might try that out, but I don’t want to get too into knitting because I don’t have room for a yarn stash in addition to beads, embroidery, sewing (which I never really do), dance/fitness, games, and books. LOL! And speaking of books, I picked up a book on mending! Which is one part handy life skill and one part hobby, if you get into the fun “visible mending” techniques that can be more artsy-craftsy. I’ve been making an effort to buy more sustainable clothing, which is often more expensive, which means it’s worth learning how to mend it so I can keep wearing it even if it gets a hole. One of my big pet peeves with fast fashion is that so much women’s clothing is made out of fabric that is so flimsy it’s not even worth trying to mend, the stitches will just rip the fabric more.

Winston: I love his concerned face! Pets are so cute when they can’t figure out how to get up or down from a place.

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: So I’ve pretty much been obsessed with Brittbritt by Clionadh Cosmetics. No matter what eye look I create, Brittbritt is included. I’m starting to form the slightest dip in the pan. I just bought this shade in the neutrals bundle a few weeks ago!! I really want a backup…but can’t justify another bundle…boy, it’s a bummer this shade is only in a limited bundle, haha!

I’ve been pairing it with a bunch of mattes from my old Sugarpill Pro Palette, and boy, do I just love Sugarpill. I forgot how much I just LOVE Sugarpill.

Weekend plans: We’re looking at a three-day weekend inside. Delta, yanno.

Have you started any new hobbies in the last year? Nope. I meant to try birdwatching, but this year has been about as crummy as last year. Maybe next year I’ll birdwatch. In the meantime, there’s always writing to do!

Rachel R. Avatar

Recent Purchases:
*theBalm — Balm Desert, Will Powder Blush Quad. I applaud theBalm going to fully recyclable paper packaging, but the blushes fell out of the quad when I opened it. Luckily, they didn’t break. I thought they’d be set in with a biodegradable glue or something. Why not just package them in a cardboard sleeve instead, if customers will have to put them in another palette anyway?
*Lethal Cosmetics Lethal is Dead and Roots palettes, bronzer/contour in Quartz, blush in Hybrid, and highlighter in Scatter.
*Alien Cosmetics Lore Palette; pre-ordered Not Normal Palette.

Weekend plans: Shopping for odds and ends, start packing, and making sure everything is a go for our 30th anniversary/second honeymoon trip to Hawaii. We leave the 14th, but there’s still a lot to do. Plus, keeping on top of their Delta variant situation and mandates, and tourism changes. We’re vaccinated, we mask, and follow the rules, and we’ll mostly be outside, so we should be good.

Have you started any new hobbies in the last year?: Not unless you count occasionally helping my husband with building our airplane.

Stephanie Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Purchased Catkin setting powder and some LA Girl brown eyeliners to try out.

Weekend plans: I had to get a covid booster today due to my shoddy immune system, so if it is anything like my second shot I will be relaxing and sleeping a good deal. I have some household chores to do as well, so hoping I will feel up to that. Also gonna read and maybe start a new crochet project.

Have you started any new hobbies in the last year?: Not really, surprisingly. I have used pandemic time to get more rest.

Z Avatar

I dug out my UD Honey palette for the first time the other day and was pleasantly surprised (as I am every time) just how damn good it is. There are 2-3 mattes in there that do something magic on my eyes against my skin tone. I really love that palette.

Kimberly Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: NYX Bush Tamer Instinct Brow Styler, Magic Maker Shadow Palette, Juicy Secret Lip Gloss, and Jumbo Eye Pencil Bundle from the Sex Education collaboration. As for rediscoveries, I’ve been making an even bigger pan into my Colourpop SS Blush lately

Weekend plans: Packing. I know though as soon as I’m done my mom is gonna wanna take everything out and inspect everything I picked to give her yes or no on what I’m allowed to bring anyway, but she’ll still get mad if I don’t start

Have you started any new hobbies in the last year?: This past year has mostly been about maintaining the hobbies I picked up in 2020, especially after I started working. As soon as my job picked up though, I’ve had a hard time maintaining anything resembling a personal life

Genevieve Avatar

How cute is little Winston! Is he interested in chewing shoes? Harry is fascinated with shoes and the other week I had to go searching for one of my ankle boots that he had (kindly) wedged under my son’s computer table…

Recent Purchases: We had a couple of days of very warm weather, so I had to go out and purchase some new 50+SPF sunscreen from Nivea for my body and some La Roche Posay’s 50+ for my face. Plus some of The Ordinary’s Argon Oil – which I love.

Rediscoveries: Maybelline’s Mauve for Me lipstick and Naked 3 for some light eye looks.

Weekend Plans: Our new dishwasher arrived last Monday (YAY!) and I am wondering what next we will have to replace….
We are still in total lockdown and hopefully restrictions will ease by the end of this month – given our Delta figures. At least the playgrounds are now open to kids, but adults cannot remove their masks to eat or drink anything whilst supervising their children….Not much fun there.
It is Father’s Day on Sunday and we are debating what to do – I think we will give ourselves a break and get some nice takeaway.
Apart from that, it’s just cleaning, cleaning and laundry.

Have I started any hobbies in the last year? Nope – absolutely no time for hobbies at the moment. It’s all hands on deck with three children in the house….just a bit of reading in the evening to wind down.

Mariella Avatar

I was hoping things were getting better there, G. Our idiot premier finally brought in a vaccine passport (he basically had to be hog-tied to agree to it) but it’s got so many loopholes that it’s sort of like trying to hold water in your hands! You must be double vaccinated for indoor dining, hair salons, barbers but the servers, stylists, etc don’t have to be vaccinated. What’s the bloody point. And his reasoning is just insulting to all the stylists, barbers, servers who were shut down entirely over the past lockdowns. Our provincial leader is such a moron. School starts this coming week and numbers will jump even higher then, I’m sure.

kjh Avatar

Recently read that 500,000 school aged kids contracted it in the US in 3 weeks. The schools are opening erratically in the Boston (no purposeful staggering intended!) between mid August and next week. Most southern states are earlier. One of my settings showed the contact web beautifully. A young DD adult man got positive, sick, and hospitalized. He had contact with day program staff members, program manager, housemates, residential staff, people who share his transportation, the van driver…..ombfg….had to quarantine. The site had two empty rooms and was like a tomb. I think Aus and Canada are doing a better job than the US on the Covid front by being more stringent.

Mariella Avatar

In my absolute, head-exploding rage, I got it wrong about barbers and hair salons – it’s worse than what I wrote. Clients of these businesses DO NOT have to be vaccinated or show a vaccine passport. Our government is saying these are “essential services” like food stores, hospitals….however, while those services were allowed to remain open during the lockdowns were, hair salons and barbers were force to close and, of course, lost revenue, income, etc. But now they’re not being given the same protections as other businesses like gyms, movie theatres, restaurants, etc.

Genevieve Avatar

Our Premier is very, very strict about all of these things and we are in total lockdown for at least another few weeks and then the situation will be reviewed. Currently there is a big vaccination push for 12 -18 year olds to be vaccinated with the Pfizer one so that they can return to school.
The issue for us has been the spread of the Delta variant and the availability of vaccine doses.
Personally I am hoping that a vaccine passport will be established so that businesses can open and only those fully vaccinated can use them. Both staff and clients/patrons should be fully vaccinated.
I agree with you about your ‘moron’ premier – what a mess and how confusing this must be for everyone. No wonder you are livid Mariella, I would be too.

Mariella Avatar

This joker ran on a campaign of “buck a beer” (which actually never happened since you can’t produce a quality product for a buck); he’s cut funding for all manner of public necessities – schools, hospitals, safe injection sites, wind farms (for power), subsidies to encourage people to switch to electric cars…on and on. To give him his due, when the pandemic first hit, he was deferring to our Federal leaders and experts and the provincial and federal public health experts (in spite of advising people to go to their cottages to relax during the first Lockdown…he had to backtrack majorly on that ) and he even praised our federal leaders. But lately – honestly, he has only reluctantly agreed to this vaccine passport and he insisted it be watered down from what it originally was. Then he shut down the Legislature for 3 weeks (it’s our provincial Parliament/government) probably because he didn’t want to be open to all the question and outrage from the Opposition parties.

Nancy T Avatar

OMG. Mariella, WT actual F? How can they in good conscience allow this? So horribly unfair and just downright WRONG on every level to service workers! My son is an airport limo driver, but I don’t know his situation here with Arizona’s policies as I haven’t heard from him in almost a year (because he went all QAnon and conspiracy theory nonsense, so we don’t talk).

Mariella Avatar

See my correction, Nancy. I was so angry when I posted that I got all confused. It’s the customers at hair salons, barbers who DON’T have to show proof of vaccination because these businesses have been deemed “essential” (but only recently). You just had to look around during our various lockdowns to know that people couldn’t get to a barber or hairdresser…jokes about “Covid hair”, people in need of hair cuts or struggling with colour growing out/grey or natural colour growing in, 2 and 3-toned hair and NOT in a good way. And these stylists, etc. couldn’t earn a living during the lockdowns. But now they’re suddenly considered “essential” and are denied the protection a vaccine passport would provide. Of course, as private businesses, they can choose to deny entry to those who can’t or won’t show proof of double vaccination but that can be both tricky and potentially dangerously confrontational (as we keep hearing from stories in the news). If your son is all QAnon, I’m sorry to say it but there’s a fairly predictable outcome for those folks, though I hope your son can remain safe.

Genevieve Avatar

Yes kjh, our Premiers are really on top of this I think, overall. They are very strict – even though the lockdowns are a pain, it is much better than getting the virus for sure. At least in our local government area, we have had no cases at all – but that is just luck really.
The major issue with the Delta variant seems to be that it is targetting younger people and the urge is now to vaccinate all levels of the population as quickly as possible. All of our family have had the first dose and both my husband and I are getting our second doses next week.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I ordered the ColourPop Lust for Dusk palette and Smashbox Harley Quinn lipstick from Ulta yesterday and the tracking number was created today, but UPS hasn’t picked the package up from the warehouse yet.
Weekend plans: I had to switch shifts with a colleague this week, so I’m working tomorrow when I’d normally be slated to work today. Other than the different timing, it’s a pretty standard weekend-work, groceries, and various takeout.
Have you started any new hobbies in the last year?: The closest thing I can think of to a new hobby is that a few weeks ago I started playing Disney Emoji Blitz on my phone.

Cat Avatar

Recent Purchases: No makeup purchases this past week!
Rediscoveries: Mac Painterly (never really forgot about it but have been using my new one more!)
Weekend plans: Movies tomorrow, BBQ with family for Labor Day holiday.
Have you started any new hobbies in the last year?: Nail art & nail stamping and indie perfume reviews!

Helene Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My order from Charlotte Tilbury got lost in transition, as did my order from BECCA, quite annoying I must say.
No real rediscoveries. Makeup wise it was kind of a boring week.
Weekend plans: Taking care of Stubbs, my standard schnauzer. He had his gallbladder removed the 30th of August. Today he finally seems to have some appetite back. It’s been a hard, stressful week, taking 5 minutes walks, making sure he got some water and food, more or less forcing him to eat and then remember to give him his medication one thing almost every hour, now we only have his meds against nausea and tomorrow it’s just the usual again.
Have you started any new hobbies in the last year?: No, I have tried to get into one, or any of my old ones, but I don’t feel any inspiration at all. Makeup is still fun most of the time, happy about that.
Winston is adorable! <3
Stubbs looked almost like that when I wanted him to walk down the stairs yesterday, he couldn't see as ha has to wear a cone thingy over his head so he can't lick his wounds. When I removed the cone he was all right. 🙂

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