Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #616

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Still waiting to receive some orders!
  • Weekend plans: Looking forward to catching up on some sleep, taking our usual trip to the local bakery with Winnie.
  • What was your favorite childhood movie or television show?: The Land Before Time was a movie I watched every weekend as a kid. Apparently, my parents knew where I was in the movie and started to get up because I’d cry every time in the same place, LOL. I’d also say Cinderella – my earliest childhood memory is watching this movie and eating sharp cheddar cheese!

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Sarah Avatar

Recent purchases: Waiting for Quintessence to arrive. I fear it is lost in the mail. I purchased UD Elote lipstick and I love it.

Weekend plans: Doing my quarterly makeup purge. Refreshing the usps page. Reading a book about Les Miserables. Maybe, if inspired, doing a look for instagram.

Favorite childhood movie/tv show: Reading Rainbow!!!

Teaj Avatar

Me too. I bought all 3 Temptalia palettes in Light during the sale in July and still havenโ€™t received. Iโ€™m in Australia. The tracking was last updated a week ago to say it had landed in Sydney,โ€ฆ but Australia post only has a record from August 13 saying it wa yet to depart the US. No updates from either since. So have no idea where my palettes are โ€ฆ. Feels like have been waiting so long

Joyce Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Sephora orderโ€” Innisfree Volcanic Ash foaming face scrub & Rare Beauty birthday gift

Weekend plans: Weโ€™re visiting my sister this week to set things in place as Iโ€™ll be staying with her while my husband is away for work October through December.

What was your favorite childhood movie or television show?: Omg The Land Before Time for me, too! I also really like The Sandlot.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: Huda Beauty Wild Obsessions Jaguar palette and expecting a few Terra Moons singles tomorrow.

Rediscoveries: nothing in particular!

Weekend plans: Running some errands, but thatโ€™s it!

What was your favorite childhood movie or television show?: ohhโ€ฆ. I think Boy Meets World?

DVa Avatar

Winston’s nose looks shorter and a little broader? It could be the angle. ๐Ÿ™‚
Recent Purchases or Rediscoveries:
Nothing purchased since June. I did so well in no-buy July I continued the trend and I’m now at the point where I want to see how long I can go before I capitulate on makeup. Skincare is another story. I’m in need of some replacements soon.
Weekend Plans:
Dogs, dogs, dogs ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been working my butt off training mine and in the last couple months have seen huge payoffs with my boy especially. Stuff I really never thought was possible–so I’ve got momentum.
We also do our long walks as a whole family on the weekends or go to the beach where they can be off-leash, which I love.
Childhood TV Show:
Yikes, maybe Man from Atlantis with Patrick Duffy or Little House on the Prairie. We only had two channels until I was a teen (cable didn’t arrive in our city until about 1978?) but we lived in the country, so we didn’t get cable for years later.

Mariella Avatar

Recent purchases: nothing makeup related but I did buy some jars of ginger compote. Rediscoveries: also nothing makeup related

Weekend plans: training tomorrow with my new trainer, unpacking and doing laundry (our dear friends bought a fabulous cottage – really a year-round home on a lake up north – and we just got back last night from 5 days there) and trying out a new recipe. I also want to finish a loose tank type linen dress I’m making before the hot weather (lordy, it’s been HOT and HUMID, even up north) is gone entirely.

Favourite childhood movie: back in the day before even video tape (yes, youngsters, there was such a time), The Wizard of Oz would be televised once a year (not sure if it was around Halloween or when it was) but it was a huge event and I would be allowed to stay up late to watch it. It always scared the daylights out of me (those flying monkeys – they were scarier to me than the Wicked Witch of the West was) but I loved it and wouldn’t miss it. As a pre-teen, I absolutely loved The Patty Duke Show and wanted so much to be like Patty when I hit my teen years….thinking that teenage years really were like that!

Mariella Avatar

It was and it was great fun too. Hubs might be going back in the autumn to help our friend (the husband) with some work they want to do around the “cottage” – they’ve made a lot of changes already and are planning more (oh to be that financially “endowed”) and I may or may not be going with him (to keep my friend, the wife, company). But after such along time of seeing almost no one except those in our “bubble” or family group or the small group of people I was working with, it was just so joyful to be with friends again.

Mariella Avatar

I forgot about that tree (wasn’t it when they meet the Tin Man?). Also the part where the Witch has Dorothy imprisoned and Dorothy sees Auntie Em’s face in the crystal ball and then it turns into the Witch, mocking her and saying “Auntie Em, Auntie Em”. But for me, the flying monkeys were the worst! For many years, most of the actors playing the Munchkins went totally uncredited (though I see now many of them are, probably as a result of research from family members, film buffs, etc.) and I think the same is true for those flying monkeys.

Genevieve Avatar

How absolutely heavenly Mariella – a trip to a lake in the north of your state! It would have been a beautiful break for you and your husband after all the lockdowns, missing your son and other children and everything else you both have been through – including getting Covid 19. You both deserve this break. And that stressful part time job you have too.
We’ve been planning for the longest time to go on a trip to the north of our state and whenever we go to book, darn it, it’s lockdown again.
I also think, in reply to last week’s post, that we would have got along like a house on fire if we were colleagues or neighbours too. At the very least, I would have someone to talk over my makeup with!

Mariella Avatar

Not a state – it’s a province. We Canadians are a bit particular about that terminology! It was such a great get-away, though, and we just roared with laughter most of the time.

Lily Kelley Avatar

Purchase – UD Depends on Traffic and Liar, Cetaphil cleanser and lotion.
No plans for the weekend
Favorite childhood memories – my mon would sit me in front of the tv and watch american shows like Andy Griffith, Man from uncle, too many to name so i would learn English(besides school).

Both Mellan and Winston are really lucky to have you as their mom. Both just gorgeous.

Lauren Avatar

Purchases: 5-piece sampler of Cocoa Pink perfumes. Iโ€™ve heard great things!

Weekend plans: getting out and about in nature, visiting some small businesses, and seeing some family.

Favorite childhood tv show/movie: Does anyone remember ReBoot? I was obsessed with that show as a kid lol. It was a few seasons in by the time I first saw it but I remember being so excited for the last one (which was not very good, sadly.)

P Jill Avatar

Recent purchases: Im still waiting for Huetopia and Nudegasm palettes to arrive! I am liking Ouai Dean Street fragrance and restocking all of my favorite Renee Rouleau products during her sale!!

Rediscoveries: Weeding through my skincare products and falling back in love with Kat burki vitamin C cream and Eminence Stone Crop Hydrating mist, and EltaMD tinted sunscreen.

Weekend plans: Im getting ready for my first major surgery next week– so nervously “feathering my nest” this weekend by decorating for fall and stocking up on new books, pajamas and snacks for my recovery.

Cherie Avatar

Rediscoveries – Nars Gina blush — getting plenty of zoom meeting love.

Weekend plans – working and catching up on housework

Favorite childhood movie/tv show – Follow that Bird and Scooby-Doo. Follow that Bird was the first movie I ever saw in a theater and my love for Scooby-Doo still goes strong.

Nancy T Avatar

Your baby boys! ๐Ÿ’™

Purchases/rediscoveries: No purchases this week. But I did rediscover the beauty of my ND Mini Gold and Nude palettes!

Weekend Plans: Just sitting here nervously waiting for the reinspection of my apartment. Seriously cannot wait to move. Either back over to Scottsdale, or my dream move back home to NJ. Financially, Scottsdale is doable. Other than that, probably hit the pool tomorrow or later today, idk? Zoom meeting tomorrow morning.

What was your favorite childhood movie or television show? Easy peasy: The Wizard of Oz! I literally drove my parents and everyone else bonkers with my obsession over that movie. Looking back, I know why it affected me so much. Dorothy was adopted by her grandparents, and I was adopted myself. The idea of them being ripped away from me, losing my family, my home or them possibly killed by a tornado or something really affected me very deeply. Unfortunately, due to my being on the autism spectrum, this manifested as a serious obsessive thing as I didn’t know how to properly express those fears.

Genevieve Avatar

Is it easy for you to find another (better) apartment in Scottsdale? Or is it ultimately better for you to move to NJ? I know that organising to move to NJ would be much harder, but you have so, so wanted to go there for a long time.
I hope the reinspection goes well and in your favour. Best wishes Nancy.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases: Still no purchases cosmetic wise, but preparing my shopping carts for those Labor Day sales

Rediscoveries: That I still don’t like Briogeo. ๐Ÿ˜… The issue that everyone raves about it and I’m stubborn enough to try again and again maybe I’ll like one of their products. The latest fail is the Farewell Frizz heat protectant that made my hair incredibly dry. I kept using it a couple of times to make it work, but now I feel it damaged my hair more.

Weekend plans: Hiding from the last heatwave of the year!
I also need a long conversation with my mom. It’s her birthday tomorrow (well, in Europe it’s almost her birthday already) and I also want news on my brother’s visit past week (at least he can travel to visit family).
We have some urgent deadlines at work, might have to prepare some materials.
But I also want to make time to actually plan something for the Labor Day long week and or my birthday… so it doesn’t passes with no plan whatsoever.

What was your favorite childhood movie or television show?: I watched a lot of TV (living in a small time in the pre-Internet era), but I can’t say something was particularly my favorite.
I guess I fancied Sailor Moon a lot, loved old movies like Sissy (the 50s version). But I would also watch the Asterix and Obelisk cartoons (and read the comic books), Dragon Ball Z or things like that. We didn’t have many children shows in my home country, and those weekend morning ones were awful. I remember liking a show called with a bunch of teenagers singing popular hits with lyrics modified and translated in Romanian, in different sketches. Must have been a copy of some sort of American or British TV show.
But on the one of my first memories topic, mine is coming home from a visit with my grandmother and crying I missed the last episode of Sandy Bell. ๐Ÿ˜… Looking back, I don’t actually think it was even a great show.

Rebekah Avatar

I tried one set of Briogeo products, and the scent was so overpowering that I immediately had to rewash & condition my hair to tone it down. I gave away those products and wonโ€™t buy more from the line. Nope.

Christine Avatar

Thank you, Zizzie!

Winston is really playful – he is a jumper and a licker! He’s learning how to “chill” and hang out, but he really loves to explore, and I’m pretty sure he has a bit of rebel in him since he very well knows what he can and can’t do and regularly chooses to test our convictions (on slippers, rocks, and blankets). He likes to be closer to his humans, like he’ll want to have part of him against you if you’re on the bed or couch. He is rather cautious when he meets new people/experiences something new and a little more likely to shut down if he’s “forced” to experience the new thing vs. giving him time to overcome it (Mellan was cautious but very quick to move forward).

Denise S. Avatar

Aww those little honeys are so cute! Now I can see a big difference in their looks. Mellan would probably have loved playing with Winston. I really miss having a dog. Me and my daughter look at the Animal shelters websites after dinner and fantasize which dog or cat we’d adopt. But we travel to see our family and I hate putting them in shelter so I’m going to wait a bit before getting another dog or cat. Fur babies are truly a blessing.

Christine Avatar

Mellan definitely had a much longer and narrower nose/snout compared to Winston… at least thus far, haha!

It’s a tribute to how much you love animals and how good of an owner you’ll be when you and your daughter are ready for one that you put their needs first!

Janice Avatar

My beloved cat just passed away. I cannot get over being so sad. She was such a love, and affectionate cat. I had her for almost 13 years, so many memories. But, I miss her so. But, fur babies bring so much joy to our lives. Iโ€™m just so sad at her passing.

Lune Avatar

Your puppy grows so fast!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: First cream eyeshadow (Sydney Grace The Queen). Also Philosophy’s Fresh Cream toilette spray and Ulta’s Black Salt Vanilla lotion. Milky vanilla is so comforting lately.

Weekend plans: A walk around the lake

What was your favorite childhood movie or television show?: those PBS cartoons like Cyberchase and Liberty’s Kids

AJ Avatar

Winston is such a cutey! And he’s growing up!

Purchases and rediscoveries: None, but I did finally crack open my “Dear Reader” single today and it’s very nice on me! I was wearing a olive-sage jacket and the pinky-purple was a lovely contrast for a simple daytime look.

Weekend plans: Chris took the day off of work and I’m working extremely part-time so we got a head start on our weekend today. We had afternoon tea for lunch, it was very fun and tasty. Then the much-needed rain stopped, so we headed over to an art fair in our town. We saw so much beautiful arts and crafts! Daydreamed about some things we’d like to buy if we had a place where we were allowed to put nails/screws in walls, lol. And I fell in love with some $200-400 earrings. But all I bought was a $2 sticker.

As for the rest of the weekend, tomorrow I have a massage scheduled (hallelujah!) and we’ll head over to one of our favorite neighborhoods where a bunch of the local shops are joining forces for a sidewalk sale. Hoping to find some nice things to put in a gift basket for our friends who are getting married next month.

Favorite childhood movie/TV show: Really depends on my age! I liked the Garfield and Friends cartoon and even briefly went to church with a guy who worked on the show. I also liked Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony, but I remember nothing about them, just the toys. And Labyrinth was a favorite movie that I still love today, same for The Princess Bride.

Christine Avatar

So glad to hear that Dear Reader is working well on your skin tone! ๐Ÿ™‚

OMG, my parents’ house here in AZ was originally a place we rented out, and the last tenants (who were there a year) put 12309847238974 holes in the wall. It’s like they put five wall shelves on every wall in every room! I was like wow, we expect some but that was… a day of drywall repair. I was like you when we rented – we avoided putting holes in the wall at all costs!

Genevieve Avatar

OMG – how sweet both the boys look in their corresponding photos! Mellon had such kind and soulful eyes too. How adorable he was!

Recent Purchases: Nada
Rediscoveries: CT’s The Rebel 2020 and really just using a random sample of eyeshadows each day.

Weekend Plans: As today is Saturday here in Aus, we are in relax mode after Harry’s !st birthday celebrations yesterday. He had a wonderful day. Waking up to some of his presents and a big birthday party lunch. He had his first taste of cake (chocolate) and absolutely smashed it – loved it so much. Let’s just say he needed a bath afterwards! We did a zoom meeting with his other grandparents and relatives to sing Happy Birthday to him.
The older children are also enjoying Harry’s new bath toys and play tunnel. I got them som Play doh and model making toys so they wouldn’t feel left out.
The weather is really sunny here today, so we are off for a walk later. Big restrictions are still in place whilst the govt is trying to vaccinate everyone. We are hoping that our restrictions will ease in the next week or two.

Favourite TV show/movie: The favourite movie for me was Sound of Music and Calamity Jane. For TV shows it was Lassie, My Three Men, Denis the Menace, Father Knows Best and all the family shows of that era. Now I am really showing my age!

Genevieve Avatar

Thank you Christine, he had a great day and enjoyed tasting all the party food – absolutely wolfed down a home made sausage roll and fairy bread.
And he loved the pirate boat we got him for the bath. And so too did his older brother and sister.

Stephanie Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Some waterproof CoverGirl Exhibitionist mascara. I really like the original version, and the waterproof isn’t bad either–so far.

Weekend plans: Working on a creative project with my husband, cleaning the apartment, getting my car’s oil changed. And finishing Glow Up on Netflix. I thought I’d hate it but it is sweet (It is basically Bake Off but with Makeup.)

What was your favorite childhood movie or television show?: I do not wanna sound like a nerd but… I liked watching the news with my grandpa! He watched a lot of science shows like Cosmos and I’d watch that with him too. Once I got in trouble at elementary school because I told a kid in the lunch line I knew what a caesarean was because I saw it on a documentary I watched with my grandpa. (It was the lunch lady who snitched in case you were wondering.) For regular kid stuff, I liked all of the Disney movies on VHS, the cartoons on the Disney Channel, Scooby Doo, and stuff on 90s Nick at Night, like Adam West Batman.

Stephanie Avatar

Neither of my grandparents could read well until they were adults, but they also both read the newspaper every day by the time I was in the picture. I read the paper a lot as a kid, especially the Sunday paper! (Had to wait for grandpa then grandma to finish first, naturally.) Now I do not have the patience for a physical newspaper, but I do read a lot of news daily. It is always amazing when adults manage to pass things like that down to kids.

Rachel R. Avatar

This is a few weeks’ worth:
*Lois Cosmetics Meet Me in the Underworld Palette.
*Beauty Bay Wilderness Palette.
*All three Makeup by Mario Glam Eyeshadow Quads ($15/each at Sephora).
* A couple dozen eyeshadow singles from Terra Moons in sparkly shimmers and a few mattes (sale).
*A bunch of eyeshadow singles from Glam Shop Poland, including bright pastel duo- and multi- chromes (sale), sparkly shades, shimmers, and a few mattes. Also, lipstick in Lila Nude and lipgloss in Zloty.
*Some Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye and Lip Pencils, including a replacement Perversion, and a new Grindhouse sharpener (sale).
*Laura Geller Baked Balance-n-Brighten Color Correcting Foundation in Porcelain.
*A couple backups of Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation Sticks in Porcelain, because of course they’re discontinuing this great formula.

WEEKEND PLANS: We canceled our four-day weekend in Seattle to minimize exposure to the Delta variant before our anniversary trip next month.
(Tuesday is our 30th anniversary.) Tomorrow we’re renting a plane and flying down our coast and will go out to dinner along the line. Sunday we’ll prep for a booster spray from our pest control service.

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MOVIE OR TELEVISION SHOW? Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It would play on network TV once or twice a year, and I lived for those times. This was in the 70s before even video tapes and home VCRs were a thing.

Kimberly Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I bought the Natasha Denona I Need a Nude lipstick in “Michelle” for myself while picking up an Innisfree Balancing Cream for my sister. For rediscoveries I’ve been using my Pat McGrath 6-pan Rose Decadence palette. I’ve been contemplating buying the full size Pat McGrath palette for a long time but in the meantime I’ll be enjoying the one I have

Weekend plans: Today I visited my sister at her dorm to drop off some necessities (including the Balancing Cream!), then went out to lunch with my family, along with going shopping for my future apartment furniture. This is a rare weekend when I’ll have both Saturday and Sunday off, so I’m making the most of it. I plan on starting to pack for New York, livestreaming writing sprints on Twitch, and getting filming and editing done so I don’t fall behind on videos (again) during the move

What was your favorite childhood movie or television show?: Oh gosh I was an avid consumer of media as a child, even more so then than now. So I have so many picks that it’s impossible to pick just one movie or show. For TV show I would have to pick Powerpuff Girls, I still have decal stickers of the characters on my window. Then for movie, this is definitely going to age me, but I watched The Lion King so much as a child that I “wore out” the VHS tape and my parents had to buy a new one

Kimberly Avatar

Bronze Seduction is the one that has been calling my name ever since it was released, but a friend also recently bought the Huetopian Dream so that palette has also been tempting me lately

Nina Avatar

Laura Mercier Candleglow powder #1. I havenโ€™t reached for it in a few months and this week began again only to find that it may be IMO thee perfect everything powder. Such a subtle glow. So smoothing with or without foundation. I’m in love with it and buying a new fresh compact today. Laura Mercier a far and underrated brand.

Helene Avatar

How lovely they look, both your boys. They look so kind. Interesting to see them like this, side by side.

Rediscoveries, nothing.
Purchases, from Clionadh: the Perfect Neutrals Collection Bundle, Ursa, Sky Lights, Lofty, Panacea, Aqua Fortis and Mist.
From Sidney Grace: Regal, Predictable, As If, You Only Better, Forbidden Love, Totally Worth It, Ladies Dancing, Maids a Milking, Deliver, Awake, Flannel, Magic Act and Brilliant Realm.
Everything from SG was bought during the Christmas in July event.
From Tarte: Miami Vice lipstick and Escape Lipstick and Maracuja Neck Treatment. I rarely buy from Tarte, but have wanted to try their lipsticks for a long time, not too bad actually, pigmented, comfortable and lasting about as long as lipsticks from other brands.
I think that’s it. I have an order with BECCA that’s sort of lost and the same from CT, I hope to hear from both soon, though BECCA seems to take better care of their customers, they replied within hours.
Weekend, nothing really.
Childhood movie or TV show, for movie it must be The Seahawk with Errol Flynn. Back when I was a child loads of old movies were on so I grew up with the classics from Hollywood, TV show Bonanza, High Chaparral, Star Trek, what can I say, there weren’t a lot of children’s shows on TV when I grew up.

Zia Avatar

Purchases: BeautyBay Wilderness Palette arrived! And my first JD Glow multichrome!
Rediscoveries: Just continuing to use my older Coloured Raine shadow singles.
Weekend plans: I didn’t even realize it was the weekend!
What was your favorite childhood movie or television show?: When I was very very young, Puff the Magic Dragon LOL

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I just got my latest Beautylish order-Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Hel’s Bells lipstick (couldn’t resist the Helena Bonham Carter shade!) and three 1/2 off Becca Glow Glosses-Ruby Fire, Snapdragon, and Dahlia.
Weekend plans: Slow Friday, worked all day and did grocery run Saturday, Sunday is up in the air.
What was your favorite childhood movie or television show?: I was born at just the right time to literally grow up loving Beauty and the Beast.

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