Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #605

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Still waiting to receive some orders!
  • Weekend plans: The new floors are acclimating, and we got our marching orders on what rooms to prep first, so we’ll be working on emptying small and fragile items in preparation for removal of carpet + installation of the new floors. I think Winston has done more to these carpets over the last two months than Mellan did in six years.
  • What’s your favorite cold drink?: I love a non-alcoholic pina colada, though it’s not something I’d indulge in very often. I also dig lemonade, if it’s not too sweet. Despite having a latte every morning, iced coffee isn’t something I reach for! Living in Arizona has made me appreciate crisp, cold water, though.

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DVa Avatar

Recent Purchases:
I capitulated and purchased a couple of Jaclyn’s new collection, the Luminous Rouge Mood Light Blush and the new Rouge Romance Lip Cushion. I think I’ll love the formulas of both after watching some reviews. 🙂 They won’t arrive for a couple weeks I’m sure.
Weekend Plans:
My girl is 8 days into her spay recovery so we still have to take it easy. No off-leash time until next week, so easy beach walks are definitely planned. When she heard Winston in the above video, she perked right up. 🙂 Good luck with the potty training!
Favourite Cold Drink:
As far as non-alcoholic, I only drink water, loads of it.
Chilled sparkling or white wine or alternatively a G&T or a classic shaken margarita (no salt) are my go-tos besides H2O.

AJ Avatar

Recent purchases: Nothing! Saving my $$$ for that Sydney Grace X Temptalia drop next week 😉

Weekend plans: We’re probably going to an outdoor garden festival, if it’s not too rainy. And I have an Arabic musicality for dancers workshop Sunday morning. We’ll probably get takeout as usual — or maybe enjoy some outdoor dining if the weather allows?

Favorite cold drink: For non-alcoholic, I like to get a nice boba tea from the place a few towns over which uses loose-leaf tea, fresh juice, house-made syrups, etc. And for alcoholic, I love cocktails. One of my favorites is a variation on the classic daiquiri, made with aged rum and some sherry. But I also like almost anything with gin in it, especially if it’s paired with an herbal liqueur like green chartreuse.

kjh Avatar

Lots of head cocking by a couple of mouthy dachshunds. Patticake apparently was not allowed to bark in her 7 year ‘career.’ She’s made up for it in the last two months alone. Think I cannot resist the Mellan palette. No purchases, but did get my car fixed today. A farmer drove it and screwed up the stick shift and emergency brake. TG it wasn’t the transmission. Plans, who knows? At least I have a car. Night job Sun. At least it won’t be 95+. Estivated through that. A stop the insanity week. Cold drinks? I guess it’s seltzer water. Last food shopping, I got 12 liters of Polar, two Bubly Bounce flavors (cannot wait to try the caffeinated version) and 3 types of`Nixie. The Nixie flavors aren’t the same old/same old…like watermelon-mint. Can’t do alcohol right now due to my weird skin condition. It exacerbates the blood pooling in my feet (kind of like venous stasis, but it’s not.) Painful and somewhat debilitating. Makes no sense, but there we are.

Wednesday Avatar

Wow, Winston is getting growing like crazy!
*Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: PMG Blushes. I’ve also decided to pick up ND Star palette, revised edition before my move. I am moving up much further north and consequently more out of touch with modern conveniences. I worked with the old Star version this week and love some of the looks I did, but performance isn’t as good as new edition and it’s so versatile, I simply want the better v in my collection.
*Weekend plans: Packing. Taking care of corgibroz. They had their neuter surgery this week. I have neutered them late by most, but read a lot and decided to do them at 2 and 2.5 respectively. Plus, less land and more opportunity for them to knock up some poor unsuspecting female in the new ‘hood
*What’s your favorite cold drink?: Non-alcholic: Water. I do not drink soda. Guilty pleasure is Evian, the best tasting water ever. I feel guilty buying water when I have perfectly potable water from my well.
Alcoholic: I love cider. I also love wine, any colour white/rose in summer, red in winter seems to be my thing. I like buying the small bottles (unless I am having company.. but no) because I will not drink more than one glass in a sitting under regular circumstances. I take meds for health issues and it’s just not a good idea.

Rhonda Avatar

I’m still waiting for my latest ColourPop splurge to come in. I finally ordered something other than an eyeshadow palette, their oil-based cleanser. I did get the Wild Child palette, after watching a bunch of YouTubers tell me that the over-60 crowd should stick with beige and light gray. ZZZZ I’m hoping to use that palette with some green from the Yoda Child’s palette to make my green peepers stand out.
For the weekend I think after the weekly visit to the patisserie, it will be a hunt for a new rug for the basement stairs and then looking for some curtains for the guest room. Unfortunately, it’s raining in Seattle, so that’s put a damper on things.
My go-to cold drink is Britta filtered tap water that’s been carbonated by the SodaStream. The SodaStream ready reduced our recycling, which is great. I’m a bitter beer drinker, so a nice IPA by Ninkasi or Stone Brewing. For my once a month splurge, I love the traditional Manhattan. The alternate is usually the Aviation.
Your puppy so cute! Does he go on walkies yet? Have a great weekend.

Jen Avatar

Recent purchase – not such a recent purchase but today in the mail my first order from Sigil Inspired finally arrived so I’m excited to play with that.
Weekend plans – A special dinner tonight then nothing specific is planned. Saturday nights are for crafting in this house so I’m hoping to make some progress on a cross stitch project. Maybe I’ll finally get around to doing my nails.
Favorite cold drink – Besides water I’d say lemonade. I’m not much of an alcohol drinker but I do enjoy a hard cider from time to time.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Another week of nothing new.

Weekend plans: Chores, groceries, cooking and finishing reading a thriller I started last week. A day hike on Saturday. A long phone call with my mom, to chat on her vacation plans, and hopefully I’ll find some time with my brother as well. I need to get a haircut, maybe I’ll push myself to make a reservation for Sunday morning. It would be my second haircut since the pandemic started, and my ends definitely need a trim.

What’s your favorite cold drink?: I actually don’t like cold drinks that much. Ice cubed water was a cultural shock when I moved to US. 😅 I will have my hot coffee even in the hotest day of the year and I can only drink room temperature water.
I sometimes get the Zevia teas, and it’s the only beverage I drink slightly chilled. My favorite is the blood orange Earl Grey tea one.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: I got in on the Clionadh restock and finally got my hands on Verte, Smoulder, Bloodline, Abrasion, Tracery and Azure. And they shipped so fast! I also purchased an extra Becca Dewing Skin Tint because it was half off and I love it. I’ll be so sad when it’s gone.

Rediscoveries: I haven’t worn a single bit of makeup this week, so nothing.

Weekend plans: I’ve been painting my downstairs all week, so the hope is to finish that off this weekend.

What’s your favorite cold drink?: I’m a fan of cold brew, lemonade, and LaCroix, but very specifically the Limoncello flavor.

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: It’s not super fancy, but my favorite Skin Aqua sunscreen popped back into stock on Yesstyle so I grabbed two of those. Oh, and I also received a Chantecaille highlight I purchased from SpaceNK a long time ago. Long story short, I placed my order, a month passed so I decided to check up on it, and lo and behold there’s no order (although I had proof! I never delete emails!). So I complained to PayPal, got my money back, and a month later SpaceNK shipped the highlighter to me. Effectively, it was free! But I don’t intend to purchase from SpaceNK again, it was my first experience and wasn’t ideal.

Weekend plans: I hope to do some more writing. And there’s yardwork, of course. My weekends are always so low-key. 😉

What’s your favorite cold drink?: I don’t drink alcohol, but I do enjoy La Croix. Every flavor minus coconut and cola. I could easily guzzle down a case or more in a weekend, so I have to show so much restraint around La Croix.

Otherwise I love ice water. Though, once someone asked me “why do you Midwesterners like ice water so much?” and I didn’t know it was a Midwest thing until I moved away from the Midwest? Surely others love ice water too? Oh well I miss the Midwest.

Zia Avatar

He is soooooo cute!!!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: A new UD 24/7 Perversion eyeliner! My fifth? They last me a long time! Waiting for some things to arrive in the mail!
Weekend plans: Finally hanging out with my friend who I haven’t seen in 1like 15 months despite living 20 minutes from each other!!
What’s your favorite cold drink?: I drink iced green tea with honey every day!!

Kira Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Now that I’m mostly mask-less (masks are now optional at work, and I think almost everyone who enters our premises is vaccinated), I’ve been using my Guerlain contour and Chanel Baume Essential Multi-Use Glow Stick in “Sculpting.”

Weekend plans: go on a hike with friends and PACK! (I keep telling myself this, and my move is only 11 days away now!)

What’s your favorite cold drink?: Hard to pick just one, but maybe milkshakes from Bare Burger! I also love Veuve Clicquot Rosé 🙂

Mary Avatar

Oh Winston is so gorgeous…I love that he’s listening so intently.
New purchases a Doll Face Beauty (new to me ) drug store brand eyeliner pen
Which I love .I think it’s available in the Staes at Rite Aid and in Canada at London Drugs.
Rediscoveries ? Yes I pulled out my Shiseido Rouge Rouge lipstick in First Bite and Liaison .
I just sorted and donated a ton of clothes and house hold items that I don’t really need and it feels so good to have space and organization ..I still need to do more but got a big chunk done .
Fav Cold drinks ? I love flavored waters , cold Jasmine tea, Yerba Mate ,
Also once in a while some ice cold Lamarca Prosecco 🥂

Nancy T Avatar

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nada, nothing, zilch.

Weekend Plans: Surviving. Today was just plain brutal. Long story short; my Remicade infusion will end up being one entire MONTH late. This is because the infusion center I go to for it clearly doesn’t have their $#!t together. Neither does my GI Doc’s office. Totally unacceptable. So, now I’ve been already having breakthrough symptoms for the past week and a half, I dread to think how these next two weeks will be like. I’m feeling pretty crappy. No pun intended.
On top of that whole kerfuffle, we are going into this weekend here in the Phoenix area with what is guaranteed to be a deadly heat wave. I say this because we have a very large homeless population here. It’s a horribly sad issue all through the Valley.

Favorite cold drink? Raspberry Iced Tea! I’m also a fan of real homemade lemonade from Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, too. However, I sip and even gulp water all day, every day because this is such a harsh, dry climate.

Genevieve Avatar

I can see from the video how much Winston has grown in the past few weeks and I totally understand about the carpets!

Recent Purchases: Nada
Redisoveries: I used my bareMinerals Soft and Smokey palette the other day after a long while. It’s still a gorgeous palette, but I do wish the brand had included a gold shade.

Weekend Plans: It’s the Queens Birthday long weekend here and not much is happening due to the wild weather event we had last week – gale force winds blew down a lot of power lines in neighbouring suburbs and damaging rainstorms as well. As we live close to the mountain range in outer east Melbourne, a lot of tourist spots have been made inaccesible. If it was the current lockdown that got the businesses, it’s now the weather. Olivia was due to go to school on Friday (yesterday here) and it was closed due to a lack of power for lighting and heating.
Our lockdown has eased, but still wearing masks and now we can venture out to a 25km radius.
My health is back to normal and just need another CAT scan and a final visit to the specialist next week.

Favourite cold drink: I do like iced coffee’s and very cold water the best in summer.

Rachel R. Avatar

RECENT PURCHASES:. Midas x TheBasicB Perception Palette, Glamlite Cupcake Palette, and Paula’s Choice Calming Moisturizer.

WEEKEND PLANS:. Helping my younger son update his resume and prepare for a possible job interview. Help hubby start prepping our camper for an upcoming trip.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLD DRINK? Alcoholic — frozen strawberry margaritas; non-alcoholic — peach ice tea.

Kimberly Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I bought the Becca “Hi Angel” highlighter. I really liked the look, and the connection with the Trevor Project. The website also had the Vanilla Quartz highlighter, which I tried to get for my sister at my Sephora but we didn’t have it because we were taking out our Becca stand, so I picked that up on the Becca website as well

Weekend plans: I’ve been working most of the week and I’m scheduled to work most of next week too so I’ll be setting aside the weekend for filming

What’s your favorite cold drink?: What don’t I like? I’m very big into cold brew, especially when I was in college. Smoothies are also a go-to breakfast for me, and when I lived on my own and could get away with drinking soda I would have the occasional root beer or ginger ale. I haven’t had a chance to try many alcoholic drinks, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be a hard cider

Caroline Avatar

Recent purchases: Colourpop x Barbie Malibu palette
Weekend plans: I have a shorter shift coming up, and so I plan to spend my time in the garden enjoying the sun with my family
Favourite cold drink: Volvic still water with lemon and lime for non-alcoholic. I like Pimm’s and lemonade as an alcoholic drink as it’s so refreshing!

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