Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #602

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Still waiting to receive some orders!
  • Weekend plans: Stay cool, LOL! This will be my weekend plan until September. Photograph/swatch!
  • Do you have any summer plans?: Just enjoy getting to see Winston grow up and hang out with my parents now that they live nearby!

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Donna Avatar

WOW! Handsome boy is growing.

I just bought Pat McGrath Divine Rose blush, got 10% off, I had signed up for early release. I really want to see how the pigment and quality are before committing to more.

Earlier in the week Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look Palette Love In Bloom the paler palette.

Because of lockdown here in the UK/Ireland not been wearing makeup. So rediscovering makeup again with the easing of restrictions.

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Well, the order was handed down from on high: in my office, we are free to take off our masks so long as we are fully vaccinated, starting Monday. If for any reason a customer or a co-worker feels uncomfortable, we put them back on, and I’m absolutely fine with that. So to prepare, I dusted off my Bite Honeycomb.

It turned during lockdown.

I’m devastated.

Weekend plans: Outside of taking a hike and changing the deadbolt on the front door, no plans! Just as I like it, haha.

Do you have any summer plans? No. None. Although I am fully vaccinated and so is my husband, I won’t be vacationing or traveling this year. I will wait until next year when the pandemic settles down more fully. I will happily wave my co-workers and acquaintances off as they travel and I’ll enjoy looking at their photos; they deserve to have a vacation…but I’m an anxious sort, so I’m staying put.

Genevieve Avatar

I quite agree with you Sarah about staying put and enjoying your local area more fully. We know people who are keen to travel interstate etc, but lockdowns here in Aus are called for anything up to 5 local cases of Covid and whilst I am not generally anxious about things, I would be about getting stranded somewhere other than home.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: Nothing this week, but I am waiting on my Kaleidos Flower Punk palette to arrive!

Rediscoveries: I’ve started mixing my Maybelline Urban Cover with my L’Oreal Age Perfect Serum foundations together again… I really love it!

Weekend plans: Probably some time outside. My neighborhood is throwing an ice cream social, so we might stop there.

Do you have any summer plans?: Hopefully getting away for some weekends. I would love to see lots of family; I haven’t seen some of them since before March 2020. We’ll see how things shake out!

AJ Avatar

Poor Winston. It’s hard work being such a cutie!

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nothing beauty related, but two different Kickstarter projects that I backed arrived during the past week, and a couple other things I ordered online, so it’s been a fun mail week 🙂

Weekend plans: My spouse got their second vaccine dose yesterday and I get mine on Sunday, so we’re keeping plans very flexible based on how we both react. In fact spouse is still in bed, but I don’t know if it’s because the vaccine knocked them out, or if they’re feeling fine and just sleeping in because they took the day off 😉

Summer plans: Mostly going to stay close to home and see what we feel safe engaging in. Hopefully, get to spend some time hanging out with friends. We have a friend down in California who might drive up for a long weekend at some point with his fiancee. We haven’t met her yet so it would be really nice to see them both!

Lesley Avatar

Such a sweet boy.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: UOMA Beauty Drama Bomb Mascara. I don’t love the shape of the brush but so far it is living up to its name. Mascara has to be dramatic to show up behind my glasses.

Weekend plans: Nothing to do. I will just chill.

Do you have any summer plans?: No plans. We will play it by ear. I am watching the situation in Europe carefully in the hope of taking the trip to Tome that should have happened in May 2020.

Mags Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I picked up one of the new Pat McGrath blushes, fingers crossed it’s as lovely as it looks in swatches! Also, I went ahead and purchased the new Colourpop Lippie Stix in Sweet Stuff. Hopefully, it’s a dupe for my beloved discontinued MAC Have Your Cake. I know there are somewhat similar dupes out there, but nothing has matched up quite exactly like it in color and finish.

Weekend plans: Visit my family, catch up on some podcasts on the drive

Do you have any summer plans?: We’re renting a small house on Lake Superior, with hopefully little to no phone service! I would love to be able to unwind and disconnect from the world for a week.

Joyce Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: nothing!

Weekend plans: I had the baby on Monday! He came early at 35 weeks. I was severely preeclamptic 😬 he’s in the NICU for now but hopefully he will come home soon 🙂

Do you have any summer plans?: just try to adjust to life with 3 kids! My sister should be visiting here in a couple weeks so I’m very excited about that!

brendacr1 Avatar

Winston is sooo precious!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No makeup orders I’m holding off on PML’s Blush until it comes to Sephora, just waiting for a pair of sandals from Free People if they ever ship! I also purchased some Butterfly puddlers to attract butterflies to my yard and just trying to wait patiently for those to ship as well!
Weekend plans: Stay warm! We have had a cold front hanging around, had to bring in all my flower pots as the temp dropped below 0 and we had some snow! Yuk! My husband finished putting up the fence last night so the finishing touches have to be done. I have one section left to clean in the basement! Finally! It’s coming to an end! Then I will have to organize everything on to the shelves. Not that I want to spend my long weekend cleaning but there’s really not much else to do.
Do you have any summer plans?: We hope to travel to BC and visit my family, I know all of our family has had our first shots and hopefully we will be able to get the second ones in a timely manner. I don’t hold out any hope that they will open the border so that we can travel to the US anytime soon 🙁

Genevieve Avatar

Congratulations Joyce on the safe arrival of your little one, even though it was under extreme circumstances. It would have been quite a worrying situation for all of you and I hope that you are recovering well. Sending love and prayers for your little one and I am sure he will gain strength each day.
Adjusting to life with three little ones – I can tell you a lot about that Joyce – as my son, daughter in law and their 3 children (including a now crawling baby) have joined our household. I would say just take things as they come and not worry too much about the state of the house….

Zia Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Some very special Terra Moons shadows I need to try out! I already wore Big Bang and it’s gorgeous and totally my style!! I also wore older favorites Mac Painterly all over lid with Touch in Sol cream shadow on lid yesterday so that was kind of my rediscovery moment this week!

Weekend plans: I was supposed to hang out with a friend but she said she might be too busy moving furniture. I’m starting a new medication tonight though so maybe it’s for the best since I have an infection.

Do you have any summer plans? No

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases: My make-up remover was running low, I needed to stock on SPF and there was 15% cashback on Rakuten, so I had to make a Paula’s Choice order.
I purchased the new Omega+ Complex Cleansing Balm, the HYDRALIGHT Shine-Free Mineral Complex SPF 30 (to use it during my evening walks, during the day it’s SPF 50), the Extra Care Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 50 (gotta be prepared for the summer hikes and runs), a mini
Smoothing Primer Serum SPF 30 (the full sized lasts me ages). I for for free the mini CLINICAL 0.3% Retinol + 2% Bakuchiol Treatment and the Weightless Body Treatment 2% BHA.

Weekend plans: On Saturday I need to drop off my car for service, and while they take care of it I’ll be walking to a nearby shopping center to drop off some items for Back-to-MAC. I’m still anxious (haven’t been to a shopping center or cosmetic store since last September, when I told myself I’m not doing it again in a pandemic 😅), but I plan to just enter, drop the items, and leave fast.
Otherwise just the regular groceries, cleaning, cooking, phone calls. Maybe switch my hiking plans to Sunday.

Do you have any summer plans?: Just keeping it low… at some point late last year I hoped I could visit my family back in Europe mid-summer, but it seems I’ll have to delay it a few more months. I somewhat hope my brother could come from England, either do a roadtrip (if he takes vacation) or a city trip (if he comes with work to New York or Seattle).
Otherwise… I hope to finally kick my but and actually force myself to take a week off, do a road trip, get a cabin in the mountains… anything that’s a vacation from work and home.

Genevieve Avatar

That was a really good haul from Paula’s Choice Ana Maria and I think all of them will be useful in your summer sun.
When we first came out of our big lockdown late last year, I found going to a shopping centre really hard going – the noise, the music just made me feel exhausted. I much prefer strip shopping zones better.
I have a feeling it’s going to take a long while before we will be able to travel overseas again.

Nancy T Avatar

What a sweet little squiggly pupster he is! 💕

Purchases/rediscoveries: Just more Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender shampoo and conditioner. It’s definitely my favorite for my dry, naturally curly hair. Very gentle, and it smells so fresh and clean afterwards!

Weekend Plans: Well, I came down with something. Possibly a milder form of Covid, I endured that awful long swab test yesterday. Won’t know anything until either late today or sometime tomorrow. Just trying to stay as comfortable as possible, stay hydrated even though everything tastes awful except water. Couldn’t really sleep last night until 6 a.m., so naps are in order for today. I’m wracking my brain as to how this may have happened because I received both Pfizer Covid vaccines. Possibly just a very severe allergic reaction or very bad cold? We’ll see. I’d say Zoom meeting tomorrow, but my phone has been acting up lately and Zoom hasn’t been working well on it anymore unless I restart my phone, and then sometimes it won’t turn back on unless I do something to the back of the phone, but this is one of those that you cannot get a new battery for. #WeekendShot

What are your plans for summer? Getting internet for my Roku TV so that I can watch our annual convention. Possibly take a weekend trip to San Diego with friends in July.

Nikki Avatar

There’s so many articles out there about how the mask mandates are said to have nearly or completely eliminated the normal winter cold and flu season, so maybe those colds and flus are coming back with a vengeance now and you caught one or the other? Get well soon!

Nancy T Avatar

Nikki, you make a valid point there. All the “regular” viruses have also been held at bay for over a year. But now with so many of us vaxxed, we are probably letting our guard down just enough to get one of those. I’m hoping that’s my case. It feels like an awful case of the flu. I was so horribly dizzy and lightheaded last night that I was afraid of passing out here all alone. I was so scared!

Genevieve Avatar

I think if you have had both shots of the vaccine you are probably OK, but I wouldn’t take any chances Nancy. It probably is just a cold or another bug. Since our lockdown ended there have been a number of bugs floating around – gastro in summer and sniffles and colds in winter.
Such a nuisance for you that your phone isn’t working properly, especially when you really need it, being isolated and all. And the way those phone companies keep changing their chargers, batteries etc makes it all the more difficult.

Nancy T Avatar

I hope so too, Rachel. Because at least those are manageable and almost never turn deadly.
Yeah, I’m pretty bummed about my phone acting up when I attempt to use Zoom. Listening in on the phone tie-in just isn’t the same. Plus, not always accessable.
Hopefully, I really do make it to San Diego with them! I need it something fierce.

Mariella Avatar

Recent purchases: nothing. Once again, I was planning to go to Shoppers this past Thursday (to stock up on sunscreens as ours are on the verge of expiring, as well as to get a few other items) but instead, I headed straight home as I was tired (I had both of my classes out on the track and while we had a lovely breeze, the sun and heat really took it out of me). Rediscoveries – Nars Rue Allent and MAC Greystroke (because of a look I saw on tv) and also the one Sephora Lipstories lippie I have….I’m forcing myself to use it.

Weekend plans: It’s Victoria Day/May two-four weekend here but it’s so hot that I don’t plan on doing anything more than a bit of weeding in the cool part of the day and maybe walk to the library to return some stuff.

Do you have summer plans? We are still waiting for things to lift in my province but once travel within the province is government approved, I really want to go to Ottawa for a few days. Visit the BEST Shoppers Drug Mart and go to The National Gallery again and enjoy the history, etc. Above all, though, I want to be able to see my kids and their partners and have them all here for a bbq or dinner or ANYTHING!!! My older son is in Alberta and isn’t likely to be able to get home any time soon (military restrictions on non-work travel). I miss all my kids so much but he’s the one I’ve not seen in the longest time and he’s the one who is furthest away and with the most limitations of when he can get “home”.

Mariella Avatar

The one at the Rideau Centre. They have a full range of Chanel and almost full range of Dior. The closest to me with that sort of range of cosmetics is probably in Toronto and driving the QEW terrifies the daylights out of me.

Genevieve Avatar

I didn’t get a chance to reply to you last week Mariella, but my oh my what a challenging group you have to teach – particularly worrying is the young man who keeps running away. You can never catch them and even if you did, you couldn’t hold them – they may lash out or become frustrated.
You must have been totally exhausted to have not gone to one of your favourite shops, but I can see why. Combined with the heat and concentrating on what the young people were doing would make you very tired indeed.
Hopefully the situation with your province will ease soon and you can see your children again – that is so tough.
Enjoy your weekend and have a good rest.

Rachel R. Avatar

RECENT PURCHASES: Kaleidos Flower Punk Palette

WEEKEND PLANS: Getting ready for our house refinancing appraisal next week. Paperwork for my son’s ISP. Reserving campgrounds for a family trip to Eastern Oregon next month.

DO YOU HAVE ANY SUMMER PLANS? Travel! We want to make some short family trips in-state to Crater Lake and Mount Hood, and of course our beloved Oregon Coast. My husband and I have a trip to Oahu planned for late summer to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

Genevieve Avatar

A beautiful palette Rachel, that will really suit you. Best wishes for the appraisal. It’s really wise that you have booked the camping grounds early, otherwise you might not have got in. Oregon seems to be a beautiful state and it has everything – mountains, the sea, rugged coastlines. fabulous cities. A gorgeous part of the world.

Rachel R. Avatar

Thanks. The appraisal should go well. The house is in great shape since we got the roof redone last year. Michael is touching up some outside paint that needed touching up anyway, and we’re finishing spring cleaning. We’ve been doing some redecorating, so the house was a bit torn apart. We shampooed the carpets, too. The refinancing will cut our interest rate, and we can consolidate the roofing loan into it, too, which will make that cheaper. We’d be ok financially without refinancing, but why not take advantage of the lower interest rates?

That’s something I really love about living in the Portland metro area: It’s about two hours to the ocean, two hours to the mountains, and two hours to high desert. It’s so easy to take a variety of day or weekend trips. And it seems like we’re always learning about something new to see.

Mary Avatar

Oh wow…Winston’s ’ bow and little belly ….so adorable 🥰
Rediscoveries ? I just started using my perfume from way back Versace Eros I forgot how much I love it it warm weather and purchased Pur 4 in 1 mineral foundation .
Weekend plans ..? Easy weekend here at home and garden .

Summer plans ..? We’re not fully vaccinated here in BC yet I just have had one jab so far so we’re just traveling locally until more of us are vaccinated.
Victoria and Butchart Garden at the end of June .

Genevieve Avatar

Winston looks like he’s ready for a nap. What a cuddly little cutie he is.
And it must be so wonderful for you to be able to easily get together with your parents Christine. It must make living where you do so much richer to be closer to your family.

Recent Purchases: Nada
Recent Discoveries: Just rotating my stash as per usual and using what co-ordinates with my outfits.

Weekend Plans: It is actually quite sunny here this weekend, but very cold, icy mornings. A lot of house keeping this Saturday and tomorrow, going out for a drive and a Sunday lunch.

Looking forward to in Winter (it’s our winter here in Aus) – Last year we had the most perfect Autumn and winter weather and couldn’t enjoy it at all. So this year we are making the most of the beautiful sunny days and going out.
We don’t have any travelling plans beyond our state, because we don’t want to get stranded anywhere other than home.

Kimberly Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Really have been loving my grey-beige neutral shades for work, both the grey-beige shades in my Maybelline City Mini palette in “Concrete Runway” and my Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Quad in “Joyful Jade”

Weekend plans: We’re taking a mini road trip to San Jose so my sister can drop off her books at her college. Her first year of college has been a bummer as she’s spent it all at home, but she’ll be able to live on-campus in the fall

Do you have any summer plans?: In July I’m going to visit my best friend in Delaware. Both our families are vaccinated so hopefully there won’t be any concerns

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Received some of the excess warehouse stock of discontinued Revlon Ultra HD lip products I ordered-Walgreens sent Tropical, Lava, and Garden gel lipsticks and Fire Opal, Strawberry Topaz, Carnelian, and Pink Amethyst glosses. 2 shades had their last tubes sent to others and got canceled from my orders-Tourmaline lip gloss from Walgreens (apparently duped by UD Hi-Fi Savage) and Rhubarb gel lipstick from CVS (Revlon ColorStay Satin Ink Silky Sienna liquid lipstick appears to be a dupe). Pink Diamond gloss is also from CVS and hasn’t shipped yet.
Weekend plans: Today was quite frustrating because my city tested all the fire hydrants today and our water was brown for most of the day! Work all day tomorrow, weekly grocery run tomorrow evening. Not sure about Sunday.
Do you have any summer plans?: Just stay cool!

Frozendiva Avatar

Mr. Wigglesworth, you will grow in to your skin. Mom’s couch must have a tasty texture and seems very lickable.

Recent Purchases: Have ordered some Dior iLife foaming cleanser and a lip maximizer in Bronze Shimmer? from Shoppers. There is a 20x the points promo plus a free bag with a $75 purchase. Also cashed in a few points for a discount and still got a bunch of points. Aveda had 20% off and Rakuten cash back so I restocked some Shampure shampoo and conditioner and a sample Nutriplenish leave-in conditioner. No rediscoveries except for looking in my stash.

Weekend Plans: putting everything back in my yard. After a few summer type days, a cold front blew in Tuesday night and it snowed. Snow mostly melted by the end of the day Wednesday. All my plants were either covered up on the deck, in the garage, or in the house. Yanked out a lot of dandelions and still need to mow the lawn. Probably the Victoria Day holiday Monday. Groceries and other errands.

Summer Plans: my second vaccine. Maybe getting to see friends I haven’t seen since December 2019. My neighbors are nothing but a huge problem so I will be starting to look for a new home. Until the travel restrictions change, it is a bit of a staycation again.

Jane Avatar

Only one find, but I really just wanted to say, “Awwwwww!” on the puppy!

You must try Zeesea Cosmetics, really. Would love to see you rate their eyeshadows before I try. I ordered the Chinese Dragon lipstick (by accident, I wanted the Peony Blush) and I really liked it. But since the color was too light (being exactly my lip color), Nude Apricot, I gave it to my daughter. So now my teen is sporting a $30 luxe lippie (that really looks nice on her)! The container is heavy, well designed and just beautiful! Will likely purchase the same for me, but in Queen.

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