Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #600

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Terra Moons summer eyeshadow singles, Sephora eyeshadow singles, Giorgio Armani Lip Maestros
  • Weekend plans: I definitely need to catch up on blogging a little bit! I was so ahead for the last few months, but I ate up some of those pre-written posts (without adding more content) by spending more time with my family and raising Winston–which was kind of why I was trying to get so far ahead, but it’s time to buckle down!
  • What’s the best part about getting older?: Knowing yourself better and being more and more comfortable with that person.

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DVa Avatar

Recent purchases:
I used my Sephora 20% off mascara to grab a backup of Benefit’s Magnet Extreme Mascara.
I also bought a backup of my beloved Becca Sugar Ultimate Love Lipstick, at half price, which was good timing because it’s no longer available in Canada via Sephora.

Weekend Plans:
Dogs/training/beach time. Agility class for my puppy, she’s 14 mos, but still a puppy. 🙂
Planting my basil seeds so we can get them moved outdoors for June. We have a large empty planter from a tree that died last year and need to fill it–so maybe a trip to the nursery.

Getting older:
Well, there are a lot of downsides to getting older, reading glasses, lines and droopy skin, more aches and pains… but there’s also less concern over doing everything; working too hard or appeasing people. I have a better understanding of enjoying the moment and the things/people around me.
There’s a certain peace I guess–this year has really driven that home.
However, I’m also aware not everyone has that luxury to take their foot off the gas, so I’m very fortunate to be able to revel in this time more than some others.

Zia Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Just using my new Shine by SD shadows that I love! I also spent about two hours yesterday filling up two 28 empty magnetic palettes with all these singles I have been collecting from Terra Moons, Clionadh, Shine by SD, Sydney Grace, Dandy Lions, etc. I just received Terra Moons Radiation and Terra Borealis, and a couple Jah Cosmetics crushed pigment pots (which I also love) in the mail yesterday so hope to use those soon.
Weekend plans: First family dinner in a year since we are all fully vaccinated!
What’s the best part about getting older?: I’m not sure. The older I’ve become, the worse my depression and anxiety have gotten, which affects how I see everything…

AJ Avatar

Recent purchases: Got some body wash and shampoo at Target, as well as a Falsies mascara. Funny enough, the day I bought all that, I found out I had won a gift basket from the Localvore promo last weekend… and when I picked it up it included body wash and shampoo from local salons. LOL. Guess I won’t have to buy any of that for a while!

Rediscovery: The ColourPop Mint to Be palette. I always forget about it because I’m not a big pastel person, but there are some really pretty colors in there. I wore a couple of them when we went out last weekend and was really pleased with how they looked with my green eyes.

Weekend plans: Gonna head up to the cidery I’m a member of to renew my membership, and enjoy a pint if their outdoor seating isn’t crowded. Last time we were up there I noticed there’s a houseplant store nearby so we’ll pop in there too. We’ll get some takeout for dinner tomorrow and otherwise probably stay home, get some chores done, play some games, maybe start a new puzzle.

What do I like about getting older?
1. Increasingly finding I DNGAF what other people think.
2. My grey seems to primarily be coming in on one side and it really looks like I might be on my way to developing a really cool streak.
3. I just turned 39 so I’m hopefully soon going to reach an age where people won’t ask me if I’m planning to have children.

Ana Maria Avatar

I also had hopes people will stop asking about when I’ll have children, but they switched to providing lectures on how I will regret not having children at all / earlier (some lost hope in the meantime I’ll change my mind, but others are sure I’ll get desperate in a couple of years and have a geriatric pregnancy 😅).

Rachel R. Avatar

Winston, you are too cute!

RECENT PURCHASES: BH Cosmetics Remix Dance Palettes in ’00s and ’80s, (40 percent off) Apres in Aspen 6 Color Highlighter Palette and Lil’ Bit Psycho 8 Color Shadow Palette.

WEEKEND PLANS: I’m not sure. Most of our state is in high risk and in the fourth COVID wave, so Mother’s Day will probably be low key. Other than that, just the regular chores and errands.

WHAT’S THE BEST PART ABOUT GETTING OLDER? Not giving a rat’s a$$ what other people think about you. It’s liberating.

Mariella Avatar

Recent purchases: Clarins cleansing milk (a new-ish one). They had a cleansing cream I loved and it was – what else is new? – discontinued. I was hoping this might be similar, at least in smell (it’s not). It’s not a bad cleansing milk but I’m not over the moon. I also got another tube of Australian Gold Tinted Facial Sunscreen, which has become my holy grail. Oh, and some Aveeno (I think) moisturising sunscreen to use as hand cream.

Weekend plans: my daughter and son in law are coming by at some point this weekend to drop of my Mothers Day gift. We are still in total lockdown so we’ll just visit in the driveway and my husband is taking me to Tim Horton’s (ugh) for “Mothers Day Breakfast” (a breakfast sandwich and mediocre coffee but, really, that’s about all that’s available).

The best part of getting older: I am just at ease with myself, with my life and with who I am. None of that angst and worry from my 20’s and 30’s – “will they like me? Am I good enough?” – lots of energy wasted worrying about what others thought.

Jill Avatar

Recent purchases: I finally gave in and bought some Balm Dot Coms from Glossier. I’m not a lipstick or gloss person so these are freaking amazing. Birthday is my favorite, a matte lip balm with subtle sparkle, freaking magic! Plus it tastes like birthday cake, I’m hooked.

Weekend plans: I have a 4 day weekend, I needed a break bc I’ve been burning the candle at both ends at work for months now. I plan to read and work on hobbies, hopefully outside on the patio if the weather cooperates.

Best part of getting older: Just turned 50, yikes. I worry about a lot less stuff. I remember how anxious I was at 25 and even 35 when my father died and I realized I was alone in the world. I’m becoming more comfortable with myself, I have a fiance that loves me as I am and I no longer worry too much about what others think. The worst part is that I don’t identify with my age, so that causes some crisis moments, and I wish I wasn’t in pain just about every morning when I wake up. I miss feeling good, where did all this pain come from?!

Jane Avatar

Can relate to you on the loss of a father early, mine was in his 50’s and I was in my 30’s too. And he was like my sun. As for the pain, understand that too, and I’m thinking I need to move somewhere near a desert (LOL!) to avoid it.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases: Nothing new.

Rediscoveries: That warm blushes don’t look good on me.

Weekend plans: Nothing in particular, cleaning, groceries, hiking, phone calls, reading. I just need to self motivate and make more plans… get somehow to raise my spirit.

What’s the best part about getting older? Feeling more comfortable with myself is definitely the only good part; when I was younger I believed this is a myth… but as a woman I definitely feel more comfortable with how I look and who I am as I age.
But I still hate getting older; it’s not that my physical appearance changes… I embrace my wrinkles and my grey hair (I hope to be able to do a salt and pepper look, don’t plan to die my hair). But I love to be active and I don’t like the aches and pains that come with age. I also hate that me getting older means other people getting older as well… I just wish my mother and grandparent be immortal… as I get older the fear of losing them increases. So I hope that getting older will also help me deal with this pain.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: More TerraMoon’s singles and the Kaleidos Flower Punk palette; it’s so cute!

Rediscoveries: Nothing in particular.

Weekend plans: Probably some yardwork and cleaning. Hopefully I’ll be able to relax a little on Mother’s Day.

What’s the best part about getting older?: Having life experience and the knowledge that as bad as something may be in the moment, it’s not permanent.

Nancy T Avatar

Precious pupper! He’s worth your extra time and attention 💙

Purchases/rediscoveries: Hada Labo Plumping Gel Cream, my favorite summer/hot weather nighttime moisturizer.

Weekend Plans: Hit the pool either today or tomorrow. Same with popping in a load of laundry. Listen to my meeting via Zoom tomorrow morning. Trying to keep busy so that I don’t give in to feeling sorry for myself about my daughter moving out of state. Gosh! I miss her and her little baby boy Elijah soooo much that my heart aches badly sometimes.

What’s the best part about getting older? I’m 62, so I’d have to say having much keener retrospect. Which is both a blessing and a curse. Just knowing what you would have done very differently had you known better, while also remembering happier moments with the deepest of appreciation and pure joy.

Denise S. Avatar

Winston’s too cute! Looks like’s he’s teething and want to chew. You’re training him well already. Don’t chew moms shoes! lol
Recent Purchase/Rediscovery:
I’m enjoying my Indie eye shadows a lot. Terra Moon’s El Barrio, Shroud’s Freakin Bats and Glaminatrix’s You Beauty palette are in heavy rotation. Also pulled out my Ice Cream palette from Glamlite, so pretty for summer.

Weekend Plans:
Organizing my makeup. Enjoying my Mother’s day shout outs and gifts from my kids. I them asked for a standing desk if it wasn’t too expensive. Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

What’s the best part about getting older?:
You’re way more comfortable in your skin. You learn that most things aren’t that big of a deal so let it slide. I appreciate the beauty of all living things more and enjoy their variety and differences. I’m a lot more empathetic now. Realizing that most people are doing the best they can and accepting them and myself are without judgement.

Chiara Avatar

Recent Purchases/rediscoveries: my beloved Dior 5-color palette in Crush Glow, which I regularly rediscover every summer. And my Kosas foundation has been working especially well for me for some reason. No new purchases, I didn’t need or want anything in the past few weeks.
Weekend plans: Going to an art fair on Saturday, getting our first legit breakfast at a coffee shop, and to Costco on Sunday. Planning for a movie night with hamburgers, which I am unreasonably excited about lol. It’s been a busy week!
What’s the best part about getting older?: Being able to sleep more/go to bed early without feeling guilty ahaha!!! Sorry the meaningful and personal stuff is also true, but I just love to sleep!!

Genevieve Avatar

How cute is Winston – fitting into the slipper and having a gnaw! Just like baby Harry, who loves to try and chew on shoelaces.

Recent Purchases: I picked out a perfume I liked (Givency’s Ystatis) for a Mother’s Day gift from my eldest son.
Rediscoveries: Pixi Beauty Reflex Light palette – I have been wearing a few tops lately with gold and bronze shades in them and this palette has complemented them really well.

Weekend Plans: Cleaning and laundry for Friday and Saturday. Sunday is Mother’s Day here and I plan to do none of the above on that day. Going out for a drive and having a Mother’s Day dinner out at a French restaurant in the evening.

Best part about getting older: Being more accepting and comfortable with myself, taking the time to enjoy the beautiful things in life.

brendacr1 Avatar

He is so adorable Christine! My son picks his new puppy up tomorrow! But we’ve just been locked down in our 3rd wave, no visits for 3 weeks, by then our whole family will have had our first shots.
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: nothing to both
Weekend plans: My husband and I are feeling achy and very tired from our shot yesterday hopefully by tomorrow we will feel a little better, we are putting up a new fence but the weather isn’t supposed to be agreeable tomorrow. My girlfriend had a stroke and is intubated and is on a heart machine, I obviously cannot go and visit her and we are relying on her son for updates, they are expecting her to recover but it’s going to be a long road. I’m trying to keep myself busy to keep my mind occupied until she comes home, then we can take turns to help her with her recovery.
What’s the best part about getting older?: Happy and secure with my relationships and with who I am.

Tracey E. Avatar

I am so sorry to hear that your girlfriend had a stroke. I hope she has a full recovery. My brother-in-law had a stroke earlier this year and it was sickening not to be able to travel to support him and help my sister. Your girlfriend and her family with be so appreciative to have your support and another set of hands to help her through this!

Mary Avatar

Oh a sleepy teething Winston and the slipper is so cute .it’s also useful as a pillow too Lol…
Recent purchases ,I just picked up a small 9 pan Pixi Eye Effects palette in “Hazelnut Haze” ..
Rediscoveries? My never ending experiment with my eyebrows lol.. I decided to try using one of my warm auburnish eyeshadow with a tiny angled brush under my pencil and I think it’s working better …
Weekend? ..sticking around ..everything is blooming here lilacs , azaleas , irises , wisteria, wild roses .. and outdoor cooking …

What do I like about getting older? …less “ self judgie” more accepting and embracing.
Still experimenting and learning
Less fear more love ❤️
Less “hiss”. more. “purr”…
And lots of gratitude..

BrandiD Avatar

Had to open this post because EEEEE PUPPER. Winston is so cute!

Recent purchases: Decided after much deliberation to go ahead and get MAC’s Coffee and Cigs lipstick. I love the Love Me lipstick formula, and wanted a darker lipstick in that formula. So far, I am trying to see how it compares to MAC’s Fresh Moroccan and Retro; I have all three and am not sure which color I like best.

Weekend Plans: Need to pick up a small gift for my MIL who will be coming over on Sunday. Otherwise, a low key weekend. I plan to play with makeup a bit, since I want to go very natural and Earth Mother for summer and will need to shift my makeup around accordingly. Put on MAC Golden today and decided it wasn’t nearly dark enough as a bronzer, so will be auditing bronzers among other things.

What’s the best part about getting older? Having enough experience to be confident in your choices. Knowing when something is a minor challenge vs an actual emergency. Knowing when to hold the line, when to bend with the wind, and when to cut your losses. I am of the opinion that teaching kids to continue to struggle in the face of impossible odds is unhealthy, and healthy people know when to stop. My only regret about my younger years is allowing so many people to waste my time with their nonsense.

Kimberly Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases, but I rediscovered Urban Decay Born to Run that I wore a few times this week

Weekend plans: Today I had a job interview and I got the position! I’ll be helping my sister with her livestream tonight, and then tomorrow we’re going over to my grandma’s house for Mother’s Day dinner

What’s the best part about getting older?: Realizing that “old” is really not old and life is a lot longer than you’d think. My core audience on YouTube is mostly teenagers, and on my livestream they were talking about how all the Marvel actors are “old” because they’re all over 20. I then proceeded to go on a rant about how being over 20 is DEFINITELY not old, but also about how I remember being their age and thinking that was old. I then shocked them by reminding them that I am, in fact, 22, and therefore “old”

Nichole Hale Avatar

I recently purchased Natasha Denona Metropolis (yes I’m late to the ND party). I also picked up some new Propa lipsticks. I rediscovered some DC Fyrinnae shades that are very pretty.

My weekend plans are attending a family birthday party and spending time with my son.

I recently turned 46. If you take care of yourself, getting older is fine. My skin has never looked better, my hair is longer and healthier. I started intermittent fasting and lifting more weights a couple of years ago, which has me in my best shape.

janine Avatar

Recent finds- I haven’t been buying much but the biggest find I’d Dior no powder powder. It’s amazing. I can even use it on my crepey undereye. I guess I didn’t give pmg concealer a good try as trying it again it is really lovely. Paired with the Dior makes a smooth iunder eye.
I bought Hermès blush x2 in the replacement form, and that bare minerals blush bronzer all nice.

I got the Becca veil skin tint was disappointing. Very small container magnifies every skin imperfection. It swatches beautifully tho! Lol

I’m actually off this weekend so an early run sat am and it’s gonna rain rest of weekend. I’m gonna organize and spring clean.

Getting older is a blessing that some don’t have. I’m happier and more comfortable with what I expect and want from others and in life. More grateful for what an awesome life I have. It’s not perfect but oh so good.

Helene Avatar

Winston is adorable, almost falling asleep, but maybe there’s something fun. No, ok sleep then, oh what was that!?
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I finally got my order from Clionadh Cosmetics. I had forgotten all about it, so it was a nice surprise. I now have five eyeshadows from them along with the empty palette. The eyeshadows are Icicle, Char, Narwhal, Merlot and Bon Bon. I have only used the greyish ones and I love them.
Weekend: This weekend, as the last one and the days in between will be spent worrying about my miniature schnauzer who is in intensive care at the animal hospital. He had an enlarged gall bladder, removed it, got on OK after the surgery and then got a lot worse, getting into a coma, he had a portosystemic shunting, and after hoping he’d get better he had that surgically closed on Friday, exactly one week after the first surgery. Now I hope his liver will start taking care of the toxins it couldn’t handle after painkillers and sedatives along with the anesthesia after surgery one. He may have an edema in the brain, or it may be inflamed. He is at a good hospital, so he has the best care. He’s only four years and seven months old.
I swear I get a cardiac arrest every time the phone rings, as no news is good news. The call once a day with updates.
This will get expensive so my no buy is now firmly set to just buy food.
Best part about getting older?: Honestly is there a good part? Maybe I’m just not seeing it.
The only thing might be that I don’t take bulls..t from anyone, but I really only did at work as sometime I thought I had to. If I still worked I wouldn’t take any these days. I’m on disability due to my depression, anxiety and panic attacks, that’s why I say “still worked”.

Tracey E. Avatar

Purchases from the past 3-4 weeks all with discounts:
Sephora: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Skin Gift Set, Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks in Dou Dou;
Bergdorf: Chantecaille Real Bronze in Goa and PMG Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Concealer;
Charlotte Tilbury: Instant Look of Love in a Palette in Glowing Beauty, Lunar New Year Kissing Lipstick in Sweet Blossom, Pillow Talk Push Up Eye Secrets (mascara + mini eyeliner), Brow Cheat Pencil in Soft Brown, Legendary Brows Tint in Soft Brown, mini Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray, and GWP Magic Cream (50 ml).

Weekend Plans: Gardening, spring cleaning, dinner takeout on Saturday, and watching NHL hockey.

Best part of getting older: Wisdom that comes from experience, liking the person you’ve become, letting go of dramatic relationships, and savouring the richness of longtime friendships.

Jane Avatar

Cutie he is! Looks sleepy too!
FINDS: No finds this past week, but I came upon this brand on Facebook yesterday and even though its made in China (like a lot of makeup is, but I tend to avoid), just had to try due to the packaging : Zeesea Cosmetics’ Peony blush. Their eyeshadows look lovely in the palettes, but the pigmentation seems weak, so I’ll leave it with trying the blush.
WEEKEND: Though it’s over, I spent time with my kids and taking care of little tech issues (printer not working, etc.)
GETTING OLDER: Who? LOL! Seeing that most things that you think are important aren’t, so taking things slowly and hopefully more and more with less stress. Also, seeing what is more important, so cleaning up less and spending time with your loved ones and people in general more.

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