Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #598

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I don’t think I purchased anything that arrived this week, actually…
  • Weekend plans: HUG AND SQUEEZE MY PARENTS UNTIL THEY CAN’T STAND IT! They are here! They are finally here! Continue to help them unpack and organize their new house!
  • Do you consider yourself a creative person?: Not really! I feel like I’d like to be, but I don’t have that creative vein running through me.

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This week's doggo photo/video...

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Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #598
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #598
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #598
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #598
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #598
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #598
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #598
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #598
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #598

Here are some photos of Winston when he was eight weeks old! 🙂


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Sandy Avatar

I’ve been using the Viseart singles I bought in their sale as well as the Lethal Cosmetics After Dark palette I bought around Easter with their sale. Loving both. Also, the sleepy puppy photo is precious!

DVa Avatar

Congrats on your parents’ arrival!
I’ve not seen mine (even though they live only an hour away) in so long, and my dad is turning 80 next week. We’ll have to zoom celebrate.

The Patrick Ta Major Sculpt Cream Contour and Bronzer Duo in She’s Sculpted is a dream. I’m loving working with it. Also Melt ‘Honey Thief’ Cream Blush is lovely on cheeks, eyes and lips!

Weekend plans, dogs+beach as usual. I have a chance to take my girl in for agility classes, but I’m still deciding. They both loved doggie nose-work classes last winter, and she’s such a little athlete she’d def do awesome.

Creative, I hope so! I’m a writer and previously a clothing designer 🙂

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I repurchased my beloved Benefit brow pencil, the one with the teardrop tip. Whichever it’s called, Goof Proof or something. I’m very blonde and very pale so their lightest shade matches my brows more closely than anything else I’ve found. Plus, it works. I won’t rave about it for days, but I like it enough to buy it again, and again, and again…

I also splurged and treated myself to Gucci’s new pressed setting powder, and I like it. Bought it for the packaging (lol), kept it for the product. And I love how it’s refillable. I just hope we see refills…

Weekend plans: Oh, nothing special. Probably more of the same.

Do you consider yourself a creative person?: Not really. But that’s my low self esteem speaking for me. I do enjoy writing, and I write copious amounts of fiction (fanfiction, it still counts), but I don’t look at it and call it good or anything like that. Others like it though, and tell me I’m creative, so I will take their compliment gladly.

Sarah Avatar

Recent Purchases: Gucci Satin Lipstick in 402 which is a lovely pink fuschia and Tower28 Blush in Rush Hour which I saw on instagram but only bought after checking this site first.

Weekend Plans: Recovering from physical therapy

Do I consider myself a creative person: I danced as a child. Since becoming disabled I have turned to photography as my creative outlet along with dabbling in writing.

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: CP Aura in Out palette, a few TerraMoons singles, and my Clionadh Cosmetics order should come in today!

Rediscoveries: I’ve been making a point to play with palettes in my collection that I have neglected to get an idea of how I feel about them now, and this week I used my CP Sweet Talk palette and Nabla Dreamy 2 palette.

Weekend plans: It was my late father in law’s birthday yesterday, his first birthday after his passing. My mother in law is coming over and we’re going to have a little celebration and think of him. We miss him so much. I am also clearing my downstairs of breakables because we are getting new hardwood floors installed on our first floor and I’m beyond excited! Next month I’m going to paint the downstairs as well and it will be glorious! We’ve been in this house about five years, it’s our first house, and beyond getting a new roof, this is the first big project we’ve had done.

Do you consider yourself a creative person?:

Celesta Avatar

and I forgot to answer the last question, lol.

Do you consider yourself a creative person?
In some ways, yes. I feel like most people look at creativity as being really artistic, but there are all kinds of different ways to be creative. I personally love being creative with color combos and I like finding creative ways to use the spaces in my house.

Genevieve Avatar

What a lovely idea to celebrate your late father in law Celesta – and to think of all the good memories you have of him.
How beautiful are hardwood floors! I am sure your home is going to look spectacular when you have finished painting and decorating it.

AJ Avatar

Awww, cute li’l snuggly Winston!

Purchases: Nothing this week.

Rediscoveries: Ok I don’t partake but I DID have to do my makeup on 4/20 so I reached for my Melt Smoke Sessions palette and I was reminded of how much I really do love those colors (even though my palette has the puffy messy loosely packed metallics).

Weekend plans: Go out for fancy tea drinks tomorrow. Sunday I get my first vaccine dose and then we are having fully vaccinated friends over for dinner, with takeout from one of our favorite restaurants (they have a great Seattle Restaurant Week/month deal). I haven’t seen my friend since we hung out in my garage at my old place for a holiday gift exchange. Can’t wait to show her and her husband our new place.

Do you consider yourself a creative person? I mean, I had better since I work in content marketing, LOL. But yes. I consider creativity one of my defining features. I dance, write, make jewelry, do embroidery, enjoy creative problem solving… and of course makeup can be a very creative pursuit, too!

Rachel R. Avatar

I’m so glad your family arrived!

RECENT PURCHASES: Sephora VIB Sale — MILK Hydrogrip Primer, KVD Everlasting Blush in Rosebud, Volition Strawberry-C Serum, Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner 32 oz., and Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant.

WEEKEND PLANS: Nothing interesting, just the usual chores.

DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A CREATIVE PERSON?: Yes. I’ve always loved writing, art, crafts, etc. I get bored easily. I daydream a lot. I’m good at finding solutions to problems.

Nancy T Avatar

What a cutie patoutie Winston is! 😍

Purchases/rediscoveries: Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum cream from Sephora’s Rouge sale. Nothing really rediscovered as I haven’t worn any makeup all week because I haven’t been feeling well. A 3 day migraine marathon was only part of that equation.

Weekend Plans: Seeing my Doc this afternoon for a constellation of bizarre symptoms that have come on over the past 6-7 weeks. Not covid related, though. Missing my daughter tremendously and mourn her moving all the way to Ohio with her newborn son and fiancee. It all happened so fast! I don’t know how I’ll get through this. I cannot believe she’s gone. 💔

Do you consider yourself to be a creative person? Um, I *used* to be. And then I seemed to have lose much of my creative talent and verve. Now I’m pretty full and boring.

Genevieve Avatar

Wow Nancy – you have had a lot to contend with lately – migraines and ill health, plus your daughter, baby and fiancee moving so far north. Do you know why they moved? Was it for employment opportunities, a better home?
I think you are a creative person Nancy, but at the moment it’s probably hard for you to see this as you’ve definitely taken a few ‘hits’ lately.

Jen R Avatar

Oh, have a wonderful visit with your parents! My parents both live in the same area as me, and I’ve only seen my mom once in the last year, and my dad three times. But I’ll see my dad and his wife next weekend when we go out to eat (outside!) for my birthday, since we’re all fully vaccinated now. 🙂 And I just loving seeing Winston’s toe beans and his round puppy tummy! <3

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I caved and purchased the Natasha Denona Circo Loco palette during the Sephora sale and I LOVE it! I'm not wearing makeup much these days, but it's been so much fun to play with so far.

Weekend plans: Seeing my stylist to get my hair professionally cut and colored for the first time in 14 months! Can't wait to see her, and to feel a bit more like myself, finally. Otherwise, probably going to do some weeding in the yard, and hang out with my husband and our dogs.

Do you consider yourself a creative person?: Not really, although I wish I was. I am in awe of my friends who are creative!

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new.

Weekend plans: I’ll hopefully get my first dose today, so I’m being cautious and not planning a long hike on Saturday or Sunday. Just the usual groceries, chores, reading, long walks. I’ll also have a long call with mom, they went on vacation this week and I hope she’ll have plenty of fun stories to share.

Do you consider yourself a creative person?: I have a quite big imagination and I’m creative with methodologies and solutions in my technical work. But I have zero creativity when it comes to art. I love music, even classical, but I’m not creative. I love exploring art in museums, but I’m terrible at painting and matching colors. Even in makeup, even if I wear it, it’s either boring looks or following someone for inspiration; zero creativity involved from my end.

Chiara Avatar

It’s great that your parents are finally with you Christine! It will be a great opportunity to introduce them to the new little one too 🙂

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Skincare: I love my Iunik tea tree serum, I don’t know why I waited before repurchasing it!! It just makes an immediate difference on the skin. I also tried a sample of Ilia super serum skin tint and I am genuinely impressed. It’s very different from any other similar product I’ve tried.
Weekend plans: unlike Christine, nothing major. Bank appointment tomorrow and hopefully buy a fresh bouquet for the house. Now that I am fully vaccinated (!!!!) I have to take care of all the administrative things that the pandemic left suspended.
Do you consider yourself a creative person?: I am super analytical, but there is a part of my brain that is sufficiently turbulent to channel some creative process. I used to paint and write a lot, now I feel I am looking for creativity and excitement in my job…or in yoga. And make up too, of course.

Mariella Avatar

Recent purchases – nothing (I was going to go to Shoppers yesterday to get the Clarins cleansing milk I want to try plus a few more mundane things but I just didn’t have the energy); rediscoveries – it’s still that wonderful MAC Golden Gaze Mineralize Eye Shadow that has been lighting up my life, along with NARS Kalahari duo.

Weekend plans: staying up late tonight; sleeping late tomorrow – that’s about it. I might finally finish sewing a jacket I’ve been making (I just have to insert the sleeves and to the hems) as well as a t-shirt type top (the fun part is over and the rest is just boring and I don’t much feel like doing it)

Do you consider yourself a creative person? Not in the least. I like to cook with recipes; I like to sew with patterns. I don’t like winging it.

brendacr1 Avatar

I love puppy pics! Makes me want to have one now! Christine, you are incredibly artistic with your eye looks, you shine with your creative looks! I’m so happy that your parents have finally arrived, enjoy your time with them!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I purchased a few things from the Rouge sale, Wander Beauty Mile High Club Mascara, Ren Steady Glow AHA Toner, Supergoop Glowscreen SPF 40, GrandeLash Enhancing Serum, Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne, DE Sweet Pitti Deodorant and Kiehl’s Milk Peel Exfoliating Toner.
Weekend plans: Not much, we are getting flurries and I have a migraine, but my doctor has referred me to a neurologist again so I can try one of the new injectables that have come to Canada, hopefully that happens soon. We have been restricted from travelling because of the third wave going on here, not that we were going to travel, but all my family is in BC and just the thought that I can’t go see them is disheartening. More and more people are getting their jabs but we are running out of the vaccinations, keeping my fingers crossed that we can get more so we can beat this virus.
Do you consider yourself a creative person?: I cross stitch, and I have been beading some anklets for summer in my spare time. I have some painting projects I would love to get to, I love to think of different ways of using things, turning something upside down and using it for something else, thinking outside of the box. Using different materials for a project that you wouldn’t normally use it for. So I try to be creative because I don’t like to fit into a box.

Genevieve Avatar

For so much talk in Aussie land – still no vaccines have really been done. My husband should be in the second wave of jabs (age and asthma), but no news yet. So far, for the past month we have been mask free and able to travel, but of course that can change in a heartbeat.
I hope the new neurologist can help you more with your debilitating migraines. Fingers crossed!

Mary Avatar

Oh Sleeping baby Winston is so sweet…that last pic is so cute either he’s dreaming or stretching lol…
Have fun with your family that’s amazing .
Oh and Christine your so creative look at the way you work with color in eye shadow palettes ..that’s your canvas …plus your writing ..
Anyway ..I splurged yesterday and purchased a Hermès lipstick Rose Indien
It was stupidly expensive and I’m sure they’re dupes but fell in love and it’s beautiful and feels very luxe …
This weekend .. if the weather holds out and doesn’t rain a walk , everything is blooming and blossoming and Birdseye singing it’s just amazing right now.
Do I consider myself a creative person? ..yes .I have always been into art and used to own a Salon …after selling it I returned to studying art formally again.
Having everything shutdown though really put a damper on my creativity , .. I realize how much inspiration I receive and gather just being out in the world interacting with everyone and everything .

Genevieve Avatar

Aw – how cute and lovable Winston is! What a divine, cuddly little puppy dog he is, sleeping there peacefully – it reminds me of baby Harry in our household. He is a cuddly little bubby as well.
Congratulations on having your parents with you Christine. How wonderful it is for them to be near you and I hope they settle into their new home and locale really well.

Recent purchases – nada
Recent discoveries – Naked 3 – my word, how good is that palette compared to the rubbish UD is putting out nowadays.

Weekend Plans: Friday – I went out to lunch with all my former colleagues from a school I once worked at. It was lovely to catch up on all the news of what each of us is doing. Better still, it was lovely to go to a venue mask free too.
Saturday – Lachlan has joined the local footy club for an Auskick program – AFL football rules modified for 5 -8 year olds, although it is streamed for each age level. The family is all there this morning, so it is peaceful at home at the moment.
Olivia is back to school and Lachlan at kinder (our preschool) and they are both loving it. Everything is settling into a good routine here.
Sunday – not sure what is happening yet, but hopefully a drive out into the countryside.

Are you creative? Lots of people don’t think they are creative, but actually they really are. As a former teacher, I was always reassuring those students who thought they weren’t creative that they were and could be. I guess our definition of what is creative can be quite narrow (eg drawing), whereas it involves lots of different things – writing stories, creating a slideshow, creating different solutions to a maths problem, demonstration how shapes and colours can be used to make patterns, exploring how other cultures create – eg Japanese in paper folding etc.
You are one of the most creative people I know Christine – your eyeshadow looks are a work of art; your systems for reviewing products is most creative, your dupe list etc etc. You are really creative.
As for myself, I use to love creating interesting lesson plans for my students to foster their creativity. I loved marrying maths and art in a whole new way and writing my own stories to demonstrate a key point.

Mary Avatar

Genevieve …
You sound like an amazing Teacher ! beautiful and inspiring ! ..I actually had an Art teacher I idealized try and talk me out of following in his footsteps because he was working a Summer job (at a Mall) ..(.we just don’t honor our Teachers enough …)….

Genevieve Avatar

Thank you Mary – I always tried my best and to think out of the box when it came to my students. I always treated them like they were my own to cherish and take care of. Often they called me ‘mum’.

Stephanie Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I bought Juvia’s The Berries, the last of the 6 pan minis I wanted, during my lunch break today along with ELF’s new-ish Shadow Stick in Magnetic Pull. I was in need of a nice small haul, and this more than hits the spot.

Weekend plans: We are selling the house we bought last year just because it is not the right house for us, so I will be packing and getting ready to move.

Do you consider yourself a creative person?: Oh yeah! I am pretty creative and imaginative. I don’t have a lot of artistic talent, but I like making things. I have a good eye for color and design/fashion as well, which I absolutely think is a form of creativity as well.

Nikki Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My first Sephora spring sale order arrived Tuesday-ABH Iced Out highlighter, YSL Chili Morocco lipstick, Fenty Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule highlighter duo, Brother Vellies x Sephora large bag trio, and Versace Dylan Blue Femme perfume sample. My second sale order-Dior Poison blush, NARS Audrey Audacious lipstick, and a new tube of Fenty Pro Filt’r 110 concealer-has had a confusing journey from Sephora’s Vegas warehouse to my house in southwest Ohio. It was originally slated to arrive Tuesday the 27th, was delayed as of Wednesday afternoon, and is now expected to arrive tomorrow.
Weekend plans: Not much today, work all day tomorrow, groceries tomorrow night, probably laundry Sunday.
Do you consider yourself a creative person?: I try to be! I don’t do well at or have the patience for many of the creative pursuits that others are good at, but people seem to like the creative efforts I do make, so I guess that’s success!

Lune Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Terra Moons Sundazed and JD Glow Good Gawd. They really do flip colors in the light! So so cool. I’ve had some reversible taffeta (sheer, bouncy, color-shifting fabric) laying around forever. It has a red-black to golden orange shift, so it matches Sundazed’s coppery tones…feeling inspired to finally sew a dress with it.
Weekend plans: Overtime…boring weekend. Hope to keep sewing a new shirt.
Do you consider yourself a creative person?: I wish I had the vision and originality some people do! I’m definitely more of a technical person, so my creativity is usually implementing designs with tools and math. There’s definitely interesting choices to make in the details.

Cat Avatar

I think you are creative with your eye shadow color combos Christine!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My Oden’s Eye stuff has arrived but I haven’t opened any of the items up yet! I wore Terra Moons Phoenix for the first time and it’s a real showstopper!
Weekend plans: no plans except watch The Oscars with my mom while eating yummy food
Do you consider yourself a creative person?: Not really, except for my makeup and my nails! And I write poetry sometimes 😛

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