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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks (x8), Tower 28 Cheek/Lip Balms.
  • Weekend plans: I can’t believe it’s almost the end of February! Where does the time go?! No real plans, continuing to stay home, which isn’t that far from what we’d WANT to do anyway. Maybe some photographs but most likely a lot of writing of blog posts!
  • What’s your favorite part about your living space?: I love the higher ceilings – not so much that they have to be vaulted but 10′ ceilings really open up any space and make everything feel larger, roomier. It seems more common in new builds, and I know whenever we walked an older home (when we were house-hunting–probably saw over 300 homes in Arizona), it always felt a little dark and cramped.

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Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #590

Undoubtedly, Mellan was a spoiled dog, which is perhaps most readily documented through his many, many beds. Ironically, the very first I bed I bought him–around four months of age–he promptly peed on (despite being housebroken). It was probably because it wasn’t a fancy, memory foam bed!

Mellan was diagnosed with severe, bilateral hip dysplasia around six-months of age (via x-ray). I remember the first orthopedist we saw recommended a surgery for young dogs (under two), but as I had just started graduate school, I was wholly unprepared for that expense (about $10,000). He said Mellan wouldn’t be able to walk within 2 years of age!

We got a second opinion from another orthopedist, who was the first doctor that told us to “treat the dog, not the x-ray” and said that total hip replacement was extremely effective and was something we could always do later on. She explained that hip dysplasia isn’t uncommon in larger dogs, like labradors, and many dogs never undergo surgery. She felt it better to treat conservatively, which was what we did — and ultimately, he never had hip surgery because he did not need it. The orthopedist we saw in Arizona kept shooing me out of his office and said Mellan was far too active and able-bodied!

His hips actually popped out of their sockets for about a year after that, eventually cementing in (so-to-speak), but that was… fun. His knees also started to luxate and that was also… fun… to deal with. We did end up having knee surgery done on his right leg (which was worse), and then after he recovered, we ended up doing surgery on both knees simultaneously. Of all his orthopedic problems, his right knee was actually the worst because it couldn’t be surgically fixed further. They do knee replacement in dogs, but it is a newer (or rarer) procedure compared to hip replacement, so Mellan’s orthopedist said it would only make sense to do on a dog who had run out of quality of life and was worth the risk of a knee replacement attempt.

All this is to say is that I hopped on orthopedic, memory foam beds very, very quickly! His first memory foam bed was smaller, as he tended to like to curl up anyway, but also because we lived in an apartment AND the beds are ridiculously expensive. Once we moved to our first house, I bought him the same bed but more in his size. Then, when we moved to Arizona, I bought him another large bed (so he had one in my office and one in our master closet, which was his sleeping area). THEN, I proceeded to buy him another bed for the family room and a less-supportive one for outdoors. I ended up giving my mom the outdoor bed because he hardly used it, and her dogs are outside all the time.

All of his supportive beds were Orvis memory foam beds (he liked the bolster beds), and even though they were absolutely expensive, they have been well-worth it. His first bed lasted for over 10 years and still usable now (I’ve replaced the cover once; I don’t recommend personalizing/monogramming dog things that could be reusable, whether one reuses it for another dog or donates to a shelter). His other beds have held up equally well!

I also tried to get him to love the Instagram-favorite bed, but he hated it, LOL.

P.S. — Though Mellan had orthopedic problems, you’d never know it from his attitude or how he lived his life. He never acted that old. He would pop up to follow me, even when he had no need to, and he would walk around the house or stay standing during an office exam. He wanted to play every day, and he was happy to go for any walk you wanted to take him on.

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Haul: Lancome Lash Idole mascara. I tend not to wear mascara and, to be honest, I’ve never found anything much better than L’Oreal’s original Voluminous Carbon Black….and, sadly, I still haven’t. This mascara is nice but certainly not with the 30 bucks or so that I paid for it. I also got some Quo bamboo makeup removing cloths. Cute little things but I think I still might prefer a warm, wet face cloth.

Weekend plans: training at the gym tomorrow (it’s the only way to get in since the gym floor area is restricted to only 10 people per 1 hour time slot and so far, since reopening, I’ve not been able to book one of those). Then a Zoom baby shower for the daughter of long time friends (since university). Beyond that, just taking it easy.

Favourite part about my living space: Hard to say – my living room is such a lovely, light filled space (9 windows!) and it has fabric – actual fabric – instead of wallpaper on the walls. But I also love the original deep baseboards (12 inches high or more) and the walnut inlay in our floors. In the new part of the house, which we added on, I love that I have a fireplace in my kitchen/family room. Mostly, I just love coming home – home feels like such a sanctuary.

Your house sounds beautiful Mariella, with the walnut inlay floors, the abundance of windows in your living room and a fireplace in your family area. I would love coming home to one with such a warm and calm atmosphere too.

Recent rediscovery: I depotted my three Sleek eyeshadow palettes while watching Netflix’s Elisa Lam/Cecil Hotel miniseries—an even longer-procrastinated project than last month’s UD depotting, and these were so easy to pop out that I really should have done it years ago! Some of the shades are just really poor quality (mostly from Ultra Mattes V1 Brights), so they didn’t make their way into my neutral or colorful palettes. I’m just…setting them aside until I finally get around to throwing out my growing destash pile.
Weekend plans: Bake a chocolate layer cake…again. Last week I tried a new recipe and it failed horribly (although boyfriend ended up liking it), so I want to use a different one and hopefully it’ll work better. Also, pick up some kid-friendly books and vegan hot dogs to bring to boyfriend’s nephew’s outdoor birthday celebration on Sunday.
Favorite part about my living space: I can’t lie and tell y’all it’s not our bed. We’ve become even closer than ever over the past year, as it’s supported me through many depression naps. While I tend to enjoy my time in the kitchen, it’s not really *my* kitchen, it’s the apartment’s kitchen (I have issues with it and if I were a rich person I would have a very different kitchen and I’d own it, is what I’m saying). The bed is MINE.

I have a minimal space, little to no furniture, mostly bought on clearance, but I bought the best bed and mattress possible. 😅 An ergonomic desk space and comfortable bed are a must for me! It does wonders for the body.

Same here, all our furniture was either gifted to us or bought/found secondhand. One day I came home to find that our living room full of several things boyfriend had brought back that were being thrown out from the hotel he worked at, including our box spring. But the mattress, we bought all by ourselves NEW!! (albeit with a promo code lol)

Thank you for sharing the story about Mellan and his ortho problems. We had to put a dog down sadly because of complications from her hip dysplasia. She lost a lot of muscle mass towards the end and dragged herself around, it got bad. We didn’t think about dog beds until later in her life. We have since gotten two beds for the other dogs.
It’s funny, she also immediately peed on the first bed we got her. It was a pain to launder and as soon as she saw it nice and clean again, she peed on it a second time! Bad dog!
Anyway, would you mind posting some links with the beds you liked most? I’d like to order a few but there is a giant world of dog beds out there and it would save me so much time. Thank you for any help!
Thanks for the info 🙏

Pretty much just Orvis beds for Mellan 🙂 They’re expensive, but they’ve held up well from lots of use. Most of them were memory foam!

You gave Mellan such a good life 🙂 I’m so glad you found a vet who realized that surgery was not the answer.

When our Daisy was in the hospital last year we decided to buy her another bed. She already had a really cozy one in the bedroom, and a comfy one in the living room, but since we work from home she spends most of the day in the office with us, and had been sleeping on a blanket in here. So we picked out a nice orthopedic bed, figuring with her arthritis she would like the extra support — NOPE! In 6 months I think she laid on it once or twice for a couple of minutes at a time. She preferred the bare floor (which is where she is sleeping now). Apparently she’s a dog of extremes: bare floors or pillowy beds, no in-between!

Purchases: Nothing!

Rediscoveries: So in prepping to move I went through both bathrooms, throwing out a bunch of expired products and such. I found a bunch of things which were missing, such as some nice handmade soap, my reusable “cotton” rounds, and I found I had one more of the body sponges I like, I thought I was all out! Also found so many random ponytail holders, LOL. With two long-haired people in this house, we go through a lot of those.

Weekend plans: Packing, so much packing! Tomorrow we’re going to go out for cinnamon rolls and boba tea in the morning so we’ll be hyped up on sugar to pack and clean. Sunday we get our keys for our new rental house, though our lease doesn’t start til Monday.

What’s my favorite part about my living space?

Current place: I have a HUGE room dedicated to dance and fitness. It has wooden floors, and the sliding glass door to the back yard is in there, so when the sun is actually out I get beautiful natural light. There’s plenty of room to take classes or film performances for virtual shows. I also really love our yard. It’s big and private and very wild with trees and ferns and blackberry vines (I have a love-hate relationship with those).

New place: Has lots of windows for natural light! I will have a dance space still, though it will be smaller and carpeted (boo) but it has beautiful windows with a view of the yard. When we viewed the house there was still snow on the ground but it looks like there are lots of beautiful plants that I will be able to really enjoy in the spring, summer, and fall! Plus there’s a wooden privacy fence around the entire property, so I will never again have the experience of dancing around in my sports bra and looking out the back door to see that my neighbor is standing in his drive talking to someone, LOL. Anyway I’m looking forward to moving in and discovering what else I love about the new place (I already know we really like the location which is why we chose to apply for this place rather than keep looking).

Thank you Brenda! I’m definitely looking forward to setting up the new place, especially since I am jettisoning some junk along the way, so hopefully it will be a little more tidy 🙂

Congratulations AJ on finding a place so soon, my son and daughter in law are still looking. One really nice place Anika went to inspect, had over 60 people queueing to get inside and look…

60 people? Oh goodness! Places here were flying off the market, it seemed like some people were applying without even looking at the places. The place we chose was actually on the market for a bit, so we’re hoping there’s not some major problem we missed. That said, we suspect it was still on the market because it’s a bit spendy for the size of the property, and the listing only had a few not-so-great pictures, which originally left us worried the rest of the place was a dump. But we toured it and it seems fine, and it’s a good neighborhood for us!

Still thinking good thoughts for your son and daughter-in-law to find a place <3

A nightmare for them AJ – that’s for sure.
I agree with you that you get very few photos of rental places to judge from and unless you inspect the property yourself, you just don’t know what is hiding behind the facades.
Congratulations to both you and your partner on finding a place you can love.

Congratulations on finding a new home, AJ. It sounds lovely and it must just be such a weight off your mind to have found a new place! All the best for happiness in your new home.

Please continue with the marvelous Magellan. We all love him so. Got the Hachiko brush, speaking of dogs. Softest thing since (and softer than) the WG squirrel Air Brush. Don’t pick it up by the bristles, which seem a bit long, because it will slip right through your fingers! And the V Lilas Quad. Subtle and suitable for an oldie like me. Due to the extreme bargain, tried the Fenty bundle. The blush (Rose Latte) is buildable, thank god, bec a light app looks like iodine, lol. Amber (the light gray taupe one) contour is ok, but i didn’t really need it. The HL (purrl) is wet look by night and goldish by day. I like the lip (bubblerum) best. Fine alone, but a super topper for dry boys like abh mattes. W/e: mine got longer, bec my Fri site got closed again due to Covid. I had a neg test that day. I’m so far behind it’s scary. The deadlines don’t change and I lose time there weekly due to inanities, esp dysfunctional tech. House? I live in a turn of the (last) century Tiltin’ Hilton rooming house alone with my dachsies. It’s major quirky with numbers on the bedrooms/attic. There’s an ocean/bay view.

Aww, Mellan. You can see in his eyes how much he knew you loved him!

Recent Purchases: PMGL Divine Rose Eternal Eden Quad and Ultra Glow Highlighter, CT Hollywood Contour Wand and Lightwand in Pinkgasm, Musée Beauty Van Gogh palette, ND Chromium Multichrome Liquid Eyeshadow in Ultraviolet and Infranude.

Rediscoveries: L’Oreal Age Perfect Serum Foundation mixed with Maybelline Dream Urban Cover. Match made in heaven.

Weekend plans: All the snow has melted and it’s supposed to be almost 60 degrees, so lots of outside time this weekend! Also, we got some shelving for my husband’s exorbitant amount of RPG books, so we’ll be rearranging the office in preparation of building those shelves.

What’s your favorite part about your living space?: I love that we have a vaulted ceiling when we walk in the front door, so it seams huge. It’s not a big house, and there is a lot more that I’d love to do to it while we’re here. Thankfully, we just refinanced and will be using the cash out to make some much needed improvements!

So good for you all to be able to get outside, now that the cold weather has passed. Vaulted ceilings really do make a statement in a living area – our last house was split level and we had vaulted ceilings in our whole living area. The downside was changing the light bulbs….

This piece on Mellan really shows how resilient he was, and what an overcomer he was, too. He defied odds left and right to live a very full, happy life. Also, this shows what absolutely excellent care and consideration he always received from you.

Purchases/rediscoveries: No purchases. Rediscovered Laura Geller Pink Buttercream. I ran into it the other day while looking for something else, and was like wow, how did I forget that I had this beauty? It wasn’t where it was supposed to be, either. Not with the rest of my cheek products, so it went neglected.

Weekend Plans: Nothing, really. Just on Baby Elijah watch. My daughter is due Monday. But as we know, babies come when they want, not necessarily when we plan them to.

What’s the favorite part of your living space? Meh. That there’s 2 swimming pools on the property. That’s about it. I’m likely moving to NJ sometime this year. I’ve given up on AZ and ever finding happiness or joy living here. It’s just much too hot for me with having to depend on public transportation. There’s a lot more to my decision than that, too. I’ve had enough heartbreak here to last several lifetimes.

You’ve had NJ/NY in your heart forever. There really is something to spirit of place. If you feel as if you needed a passport to get where you live, move to where your heart lives. I hope this can happen quickly and that you’re very happy.

OMG Nancy – a baby is on the way! I hope your daughter delivers this one easily and that all are well and happy.
You have given Arizona a really good go – but now it’s time for you to move where you are happiest – by the sea and in a cooler climate. I don’t think I could cope with your climate at all. I would be a whingeing mess…

Baby watch – how exciting and “pins and needles”. I attended my first Zoom baby shower yesterday (who’d have known there could be such a thing a year ago?). It was fun seeing all my old friends (it was for the new mom’s mother’s friends so all my friends from when all our kids were little) as well as the new mother, and even playing the shower games online was great fun (we all had to send in baby pictures of ourselves and everyone had to guess who was who!)

All the best to your daughter for a safe and “easy” delivery! Don’t forget to let us all know….

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new.

Weekend plans: I can’t believe it’s almost the end of February either!
Besides phone calls, cleaning, groceries, cooking and my long weekend hikes, I’ll probably make a visit to local donation centers, as I decluttered some of my winter clothing (and got good deals on sales for replacement). I’m still scoping for textile recycling options in my area, for things that are in too bad shape to be donated.

What’s your favorite part about your living space?: I love the size and how easy is to move around, while having enough space for my needs. It’s a rental, I don’t expect much of it. But living top floor and having a dedicated garage also has it’s perks.

I love the birthday party photo. I tried heated beds for my various cats when they became arthritic. One kitty loved hers. The others went out of their way to ignore them.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Uoma Drama Bomb Extreme Volume Mascara Mini and Afro.Dis.Iac Liquid Eyeliner in Cleopatra Ink. Waiting for their arrival.

Weekend plans: Netflix et al.

What’s your favorite part about your living space?: We are in a rental, which is very pleasant but there is nothing special about it. It has cross ventilation and no street noise, both rare in NYC apartments.

I always love seeing Mellan’s sleeping positions. It’s so nice that you always share about advocating for your pet through the process of seeking medical care. It may really help some others who don’t realize when it might be good to seek a second opinion.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’m really enjoying how barely-there the Pat McGrath foundation feels, though I wasn’t expecting how light the coverage would be.
Weekend plans: I am thinking about buying a house and will be touring a place on Saturday with friends.
What’s your favorite part about your living space?: Lots of light from large windows, and a view of many trees and plants that are teeming with squirrels, cardinals, hawks, butterflies, and other critters.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No new purchases for the week. I think I finally figured out how to use DevaCurl B’leave in, although that’s more of an issue since I’m actually liking it a lot and I promised myself to just finish the bottle and not buy DC again. It never gave me any problems, but I don’t want to risk it.

Weekend plans: Pick up laundry, and work. There are so many upcoming deadlines I don’t even know where to begin. Honestly I can’t wait for March to be over as well!

What’s your favorite part about your living space? Currently, our patio, since we just bought awesome new furniture and I can just spend the day working there. The weather is finally starting to transition into our typical beautiful spring, so the investment was totally worth it.

Doesn’t new furniture in an old space really make a difference? It’s just lovely how it has turned out and you can use the patio as an office area. I hope that nice weather continues for you.

You guys loved Mellan deep!! He was blessed to have such a caring loving family.
Purchases/Rediscoveries: I brought Byredo Prismic eyeshadow palette and so far I really like it. Also brought a bottle of Frank Boclet’s Cocaine perfume a loud unisex tuberose fragrance.
Weekend Plans: Recovering from my hip drainage due to arthritis. Need to do some housework but I’m taking it easy. Reading, TV and relaxing

What’s your favorite part about your living space? : High ceilings and open airy rooms, lots of space, oak floors and pretty foliage to look out the window at lol.

That doesn’t sound like a fun procedure Denise, in fact it sounds quite painful – although you probably did have some kind of anaesthetic, I hope. Take it easy and maybe other members of your family can do some housework for you (I wouldn’t hold my breath though on that one!)

❤️❤️❤️ I have SO MANY pictures of my fur babies sleeping, lol…Our Billy Dog was also a larger dog, and my husband jokes about the amount of money I spent on orthopedic dog beds (admittedly, it was a lot), but he needed one for inside and outside, and each floor, right? Your fur baby was so loved ❤️❤️❤️!

Mellon looks so gorgeous in his many beds and certainly had his favourites. What an ordeal you and Shaun both had with his orthopaedic problems and how lucky he was to have landed in your family to take care of him.

Recent Purchases: Just some more skincare products – CeraVe moisturising cream and some CP lipsticks that I ordered when there was a sale on last week. Hopefully, they will arrive soon.

Recent Discoveries: Have been using my ND Glam a lot this week, with my Lorac Noir palette. Also Clarin’s Joli Rouge lipstick in Spicy Cinnamon – which is nearing its end.

Weekend Plans: We have had our grandchildren over a lot this week, as my son and daughter in law continue to house hunt (with absolutely no luck) and attend rental inspections. It’s just too hard dragging three kids in and out of the car for these. So our house is in dire need of a good vacuum, once I get the energy to pick up the toys.
Harry continues to be a darling baby and is starting to blurt and love his food – just the basics at the moment. Olivia’s birthday is next Thursday and my husband’s on Friday, so I am going to be busy preparing for that – although we are going out for dinner on the Friday.
I am hoping that on Sunday I will go out for a drive in the countryside, exploring a few little towns, now that our lockdowns have eased.

Favourite part of my living space: I have two favourite parts – one is my ‘comfy spot’ in our rumpus room, which doubles as a large study – it has my computer desktop, a bookcase and a TV, plus the corner spot of a couch – which is my spot to sit, read, watch some TV etc.
Another favourite spot is our large dinning room. In our previous house, it was just open plan with a smaller dining area and we could never really fit more than six people in. Now with a dedicated dinning area, with a large table for 10, we can seat our whole family (including my twin sister and her partner). As it is a separate room, you don’t see the mess of the kitchen…

Mellan was so loved and so cared for .I love the picture of him spilling out of his bed , It looks like he had a wild night lol..
Recent purchases ? I just received a trial kit of Hourglass’s new skin care line
“Equilibrium “ .
Favorite part of our house .?I love our house .. We’re lucky enough to live close to water so it’s the view.
Week end plans ?
The husband wants to go on a full moon walk tonight ..other than that Were staying close to home .

Hi, everyone. I’m new to the site. I don’t know how I hadn’t seen the foundation matrix before a few days ago. What a help it is! I’m a stay at home mom right now, and I’m going through a divorce. Of all the times for me to decide to start wearing *actual* makeup looks, (all I used for about 19 years was mineral foundation, concealer on blemishes, blush, eyelash curler, mascara, tinted lip balm), and using makeup to make me feel good, I choose a time when absolutely no one will see me because of the pandemic. My daughter is very interested in makeup, kind of cosplay type stuff, and she showed me the joy and art in painting one’s face. I find makeup tutorials on YouTube to be soothing for my major anxiety… but I swear, every time I watch a tutorial with recommended products or read a positive review about a makeup item, I feel like I need it! I need to try it! This site is amazing, descriptions of items and the pictures make me feel like I’m trying it. That’s great for someone like me. I love researching stuff and inputting data into databases, so if you need me… :). (I’ve actually found that also helps me manage my anxiety and so I have been adding stuff on here, haha).

That doesn’t mean I’ve achieved my slow/no buy mentality yet. I have bought a to s of stuff the past year, but most recently I some Becca lipsticks and a highlighter after I read they were closing their doors in September. I bought some Rimmel lip glosses in neutral to mauve colors, and a few more nude liquid lip colors by Ofra, Dose of Colors, ABH, and Colored Rain… pretty much someone’s Ipsy subscription cast-offs, but they were unused, and I wanted to try some formulas.

This weekend I’m just relaxing with my kids, reading a David Baldacci book, and I’m sure I’ll be on here or on Fragrantica.

My living space is cozy. It’s a big house, but it’s exposed post and beam, with shiplap ceilings, and it’s also passive solar, so it has great big windows across the front so the sun can stream all the way, from front to back, during the winter.

Welcome Joanna, you’ve come to the right place to learn about makeup. Christine does an amazing job of reviewing most of what comes out and we find out whether it’s worth buying or not. This blog has saved us all heaps and heaps of money.
The dupe list for shades is absolutely a life saver for me.

Welcome, Joanna! You are certain to find Temptalia a friendly, welcoming and educational place! Christine’s reviews are pretty much the only ones I trust. I used to rush out to buy anything a youtuber said was “a must have”, “a miracle worker” and “the greatest thing since sliced bread” (a lot of them gush about anything they were sent for free, I’ve come to learn over time). Christine’s reviews are in-depth, detailed and so informative! As Genevieve said, this site has saved me and lots of others a ton of wasted money (of course, it’s also what has encouraged me to buy a whole lot of beautiful and good quality stuff too! So in that sense, it’s a bit of a double edged sword, but a nice double edged sword!)

Thank you for the welcome. :). I agree, Christine’s reviews are all I trust now! One thing that has been funny now that I’ve joined this site is that I have an internal crisis when there’s a product I’m interested in, (or have already purchased but haven’t had time to try it out), but Christine hasn’t reviewed it yet! I feel like I want to see what she says about it before I spend any money or form my own opinions! Haha. Christine better get testing Juvia Palettes, Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, Ofra palettes, Beauty Bay… 😉

In past, she has reviewed at least some of the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks (I bought a holiday release of 4 minis in 2017 because of the review here; I’m not sure if she’s reviewed other shades but she did review Vanilla Kiss, Amethyst, Rose Gold and Au Naturel in that little set). Okay – I just checked and she has reviewed quite a few of the shades so if you check in “Reviews” and enter Laura Mercier Caviar Stick into the box, you’ll be able to access all of the colours she’s reviewed (over 20 of them, though some might have been limited edition).

I’d love to live my next life as a spoiled house dog! I’m glad he never seemed in struggle given the health stuff.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Three highlighters and a the large empty Mermaid Dreams palette from Bitter Lace Beauty arrived yesterday! I plan to store my Sydney Grace blushes and Bitter Lace Beauty highlighters in the palette.
Weekend plans: Spa day at home!
What’s your favorite part about your living space?: I love that my bathroom has no windows (I’m weird)

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Mac Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in A Natural Flirt I needed a brow bone color.
Weekend plans: My daughter and her husband are coming over to pick up the last few things that they left here when they were staying here in October. We will be masked up, my husband saw the owner of a restaurant that we used to frequent bc and he had been hospitalized for five weeks with Covid, he almost didn’t recognize him, he had lost 60-70 lbs. He is the first person that we actually know that has contracted a more severe case of Covid and he almost died, he is around our age, healthy and active. Brings it a little closer to home, I told my sister we would not be joining them for a ski trip next month, we’re staying put not worth the risk.
What’s your favorite part about your living space?: I like that we have enough room to accommodate our large families at our house for get togethers and hopefully we will be able to do this soon!

That’s what I love most about our place too Brenda – we can have our extended family over and we can all sit down to eat and then relax in our large lounge or family room.

It must have been such a shock to have recognised the owner of the restaurant, considering he has lost so much weight and was so critically ill. 5 weeks is a long time to be in hospital nowadays, so he is lucky to be alive.
Travelling around is definitely not worth the risk, you never know how quickly things can change too.

Good decision to stay home, Brenda. My husband and I both had the virus (he actually contracted in on his last day in hospital, from a nurse who clearly didn’t know HE had it or was contagious). We’re older – he’s 70 and I’m not far behind – and we were fortunate, in spite of our ages, to have mild versions of the virus but even that was not easy and it was also worrying (would it get better? would it get worse? would we have lingering side effects? – we do, but they’re minor). If people would just tough out staying home a little longer – not having monster parties (or any parties, for that matter), not travelling, observing the best information we have to keep ourselves safe, coupled with the vaccines, it’s the best way we have of bringing this under control.

I totally agree, keep places shut down until we can safely go out again otherwise this virus is not going to go away. I wish you well with your fight against this horrible thing, it’s not something that anyone would ever want to have to deal with.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No new purchases or rediscoveries. I used my newly-bought Marc Jacobs Oh Miley! lipstick yesterday. It goes on incredibly smooth, stayed on even after I accidentally bit my lip, and was hard to remove when I went to eat a snack!
Weekend plans: The main thing is work tomorrow.
What’s your favorite part about your living space?: The couch we got last year or the year before–it’s a dark blue velour 3-seater with removable cushions, both back and seat (removable cushions can be rotated and extend the life of a couch). Occasionally I might have to readjust the back cushion, but otherwise it’s really low-maintenance and comfy.

I love seeing photos of Mellan, he was such a gorgeous boy, those eyes!

No new purchases, nor any rediscoveries.
Weekend, just the same an all other days. Walk the dogs, play a bit with them, maybe try a new trick and keep grooming them. Grooming is a never ending thing, I do enjoy it and the dogs, though finding it boring don’t mind having the dead hairs removed and the wool parts of the fur combed through and partly removed. They are schnauzers, one standard one miniature.
I may even do a bit of cleaning and start gardening.

Favourite part of my living space, I think it must be the sea view. I also love that I have a fireplace and a cast iron stove (wood burning) meaning I never need fear having a very cold house.

So interesting to read about the different approaches to Mellan’s early diagnosis. He found the right family to care for, love, and spoil him!

Purchases/Rediscoveries: Purchased a Suqqu Foundation brush and Bobbi Brown Luxe Defining Lipstick in Terracotta. Rediscovered the Tom Ford Afternooner face palette, Tom Ford Golden Peach eyeshadow duo, and Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation, which I especially enjoy in the winter months.

Weekend Plans: Staying close to a cat who spent Friday at the vet, ordering takeout dinner on Saturday night, watching NHL hockey, and going for walks as temps hit 46F.

What do I like about my living space: I’m enjoying having lots of windows for sunshine to pour into our livingroom, diningroom, kitchen and 3-season porch.

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