Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks/Eyeshadows, YSL Lipsticks.
  • Weekend plans: I’m really proud of myself for staying ahead on blog posts! It’s just nice to have a surplus of posts, which are often rearranged for some higher priority, just-arrived kind of launches, but I feel less stressed out. What I’ve been doing is using one of the weekend days to do a big push for the upcoming week, so I plan to do that again.
  • What’s your favorite genre to read or watch?: I love to read romance with happily ever afters, but for movies, I tend to like a romantic comedy that isn’t too sappy!

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Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #588

For Christmas in 2012, I dressed Mellan up with a reindeer outfit! I actually had Christmas cards printed and mailed to family and friends with one of these photos. My told me last week how she still has the card, and it is one of her favorite photos of him!

I didn’t do as much dressing up of him in the later years (it was fun initially, but it lost its luster for me, haha!), but he was always very tolerant of being put into costumes and being photographed. He was amply rewarded with treats before, during, and after 🙂 I also didn’t keep him in his little outfits for long, just long enough to snap some cute photos for posterity.

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Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: a couple of things from KristenLeigh Cosmetics and a Electric Unicorn from Give Me Glow Cosmetics… I saw swatches of it and it looks unreal, so I had to get it.

Rediscoveries: Nothing to speak of; I’ve just had fun playing with my Kaleidos Club Nebula palette all week.

Weekend plans: nothing special!

What’s your favorite genre to read or watch?: Reading – generally fiction. I went through a fantasy phase most of last year, and I guess that is still true. Watching – comedies (I’ve watched a ton of Community lately), drama, tomance, historical fiction, musicals, adventure, documentaries, all kinds of things.

Elle Avatar

Awwww. These are the cutest photos. So beautiful, sweet and lovely to have had treat festival during dress up/ photo shoots. Happy you are less stressed and getting things done. The reviews and photos are so helpful and inspiring. Have the best weekend. thank you for sharing Mellan!

Lauren Avatar

Mellan! How cute. Wish my cat would tolerate costumes but she barely tolerates me. Doesn’t stop me, though. >:)

Rediscoveries: Focusing on my SG blushes this week! Paris Skies, Always & Forever and Stiletto.

Weekend Plans: planning the next virtual movie night with my friends, Facetiming, cleaning and cooking, drawing at home.

Genres: I will read just about any genre if it’s a great book, except for romance. I don’t mind it as an element to a story though! I especially love historical nonfiction, great fantasy reads, and general fiction. I recently read The Dutch House and I’d like to pick up Piranesi by Susanna Clarke although I’m aware it’s of a different nature to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. I have a $10 gift card for books burning a hole in my pocket and suddenly I’m indecisive lol. Recs are welcome!

Nancy T Avatar

These pictures of Mellan are so sweet and full of charm! Love seeing older shots of him that perhaps I hadn’t seen before.

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nothing purchased…yet. I do have Huda Light Nude eyeshadow palette sitting in my cart. Might pull the trigger before the day is done. I’ve always wanted it for all the light inner lid/corner shades in it, and that I can see it working beautifully with Nude Rich.

Weekend Plans: I seriously need an injection of healthy energy to get stuff done around here! Laundry, small food shopping trip, etc. But I’m totally drained. I also need to buy a pair of spring pj’s as I’ve been waking up from horrible night sweats.

What genre(s) do you prefer? For reading, historical or real life adventure type stories. For TV, crime drama or serious, darker comedy. Movies, sci-fi fantasy, spy or crime drama, rom-com.

Genevieve Avatar

Oh Nancy, upon reading your post – I knew you would get the Nude Light palette. It ‘s such a a pretty palette that would suit you very well. And all the other products would be beautiful additions as well.
What’s been the cause of your night sweats? Is it too hot in your apartment or are you feeling unwell?

Nancy T Avatar

Hi Genevieve, I believe it’s partly because this apartment stays hot year-round. Even if it’s chilly or even cold outside, this place never gets below the upper 70’s. Perhaps because it’s a partial basement unit? Idk? But I don’t like this! I think some of it may also be remnants of menopause, too. Again, I’m just not truly sure.

Genevieve Avatar

The upper 70’s degrees is like 24 celsius to us and that is waaay too warm. Personally, I like the temp to be around the 18 – 20 degree mark for comfort. No wonder you are hot at night. I bet you don’t like this. You may have to get it checked out by a doctor. What a pain in the neck.

Mariella Avatar

Recent purchases: Marc Jacobs Prim-O Omega eyeshadow and Givenchy Fuchsia in the Know lipstick (a back up) because both were on sale and on their way out at Sephora. I got some samples and points perks with them – Biossance and Ghost Oil and a few other things that I can’t even remember.

Weekend plans: binge watch more of Dix Pour Cent (Call My Agent) on Netflix. Hubs and I are really enjoying this series – so funny, so witty, so fun to see actors and even directors – some very famous, well respected ones – taking the mick out of themselves! And snow shovelling – we were only supposed to get a small snowfall but they got it wrong. Sure looks pretty though. Also, making a few dozen mini cheesecakes to put in the freezer.

Favourite genres to read or watch: it’s hard to classify because I love a lot of light, spoofy type social commentary (the late Sue Townsend’s Adrian Mole series as well as The Queen and I and Queen Camilla) and also not too bloody/gory detective and Nordic Noir stuff (Quentin Bates’s Gunhildur series, Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie books and the tv adaptations) though I had to stop reading Jo Nesbo (I think it was Jo Nesbo) because the violence in that was just too graphic. I loved (still love) the British Spooks/MI-5 series and stuff like that but still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch Bron/The Bridge and its various spin-offs because it starts out pretty gory and I can’t get beyond that!

Genevieve Avatar

The Bridge does get a little less gory after the beginning and the first two seasons are perhaps the best. I loved Spooks when it first came out, although by Season 4-5 I stopped watching it because the producers killed off too many of the characters that I liked.
I haven’t seen Gunhildur, but I did enjoy Trapped and Cardinal.
Today is a fairly coolish one here – but we’re in for a real dose of hot weather next week.
The past few days have been hot and humid as well. So it’s nice to get a reprieve.
It must look very pretty with snow around – although snow shovelling doesn’t sound like fun to me.

Mariella Avatar

The Gunhildur books are just books – there is no tv series but there should be! When you think of all the “remakes” and “remakes of remakes”, this series (and also Deborah Crombie’s Kincaid and James series of books) could be wonderful tv series. I haven’t seen (or heard of) Cardinal but I also really liked Trapped. It’s always refreshing, too, to see people who look like “real” people. I watch very little US tv but I always have to chuckle when I see an ad and the female lead detective or a forensic investigator is running around a crime scene or hospital lab in 3 inch heels and flawless hair and makeup! So you’ve never seen Seasons 7, 8 and 9 of Spooks? They are the ones that brought in Richard Armitage (swoon, swoon and double swoon) as a new character, Lucas North, after they killed off the previous male younger lead (and they, of course, killed him off in Season 9, after first committing the most outrageous character assassination/personality “reinvention” of him). It might be worth giving it a look. I also adored Hermione Norris, who played Ros, and who was as cool and tough and smart as they come (of course, she got “blowed up real good” too – apparently it was a joke among the cast about when they would be killed off and how….). Right now, we’re SO enjoying Call My Agent. I want to binge the whole thing but my husband wants to make the fun last by only watching one a day. It is still snowing or snowing again. I’m sure we’ve had 8 to 10 inches and there’s plenty more falling. My husband might actually get out the snow blower at this point (we’ve been shovelling and the snow is light and fluffy so it hasn’t been too difficult but our cars are buried – AGAIN (we cleared them off yesterday but you’d never know!)

Genevieve Avatar

Call My Agent sounds hilarious and it’s only available here on Netflix, which surprisingly enough, we don’t have. But I have a feeling it’s coming to SBS On Demand soon – a free to air series service. This is where I watched Cardinal, filmed in northern Ontario.
I do tend to watch one or two episodes per day so I can make last longer as well.
Having your cars buried in snow is something we have never experienced here and not sure that I want to….

Mariella Avatar

He is my serious “fan girl crush” – the guy is GORGEOUS and a really good, detailed actor as well. If you’ve seen The Hobbit, you’ll have seen him – he was Thorin, the Dwarf (at 6′ 3″) King.

Call My Agent is only on Netflix here too and we got it a year or 2 back because there wasn’t a lot on “main stream” tv that I really liked.
It was so surprising to me to learn that Cardinal was filmed in Northern Ontario because, as I said, I’d never heard of it nor do I know anyone else who has seen it. I check my public library to see if they had the series on DVD and – NOTHING!!!

The snow is really pretty. Looking out my windows, it’s like a twinkling winter wonderland of prettiness. But the digging out isn’t any fun. We had almost no snow last year (which isn’t great for farmers or for keeping water levels where they should be) and I wasn’t too sad about that. Snow this year has been pretty light but it’s like we got all our snow for this winter yesterday (and overnight – my car is buried AGAIN).

Mariella Avatar

Okay, this is funny! I looked up Cardinal and was surprised to learn it’s a Canadian series, filmed largely in my own province, though much further north than were I live. I’ve never heard of it and although we get CTV, I’ve never even seen it advertised on that network (mind you, I rarely watch that network, which probably explains it). I’ll have to see if it’s on Netflix or if my library has the series on DVD. Thanks for the “heads up”.

kjh Avatar

You guys who loved Trapped, as I did, might be interested to know that year one is based on a true crime story. I had zero idea until I listened to a Nordic True Crime podcast. You might wish to listen as well. Also, from the ‘don’t believe everything you read on the internet’ Dept: I read that Olafur (iirhisnamerightc) weighs 160#. More like twice that, maybe plus. Great actor, somewhat reminiscent of Orson Welles.

Genevieve Avatar

Yep, the main character of Trapped is a big boy, but he is a great actor and a perfect choice for the role.
I do prefer the UK or Nordic productions beter as the characters look more like those who live in real life.

Arena Avatar

Hello friends! OMG Mellon looks so adorable! 💕

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Welp, Sephora has a big sale right now, and I have gift cards. All of Kevyn A. Is on sale. ??? Had fun there, a perfume from Skylar which I have never heard of and. Lancome concealer.

Weekend plans: it is a bazillion degrees below zero….so basically keeping warm, keeping the animals healthy and making sure nothing breaks.

What’s your favorite genre to read or watch?: Comedy, especially sit-coms from the 90’s (Golden girls, The Nanny, Seinfeld, etc) . I like to read happily ever afters, but not too picky about the genre. Even Wall-e (the movie) was awesome as a HEA.

Friday Find: Tobra Coffee ☕️
family run Specialty coffee roaster – will ship to you

Local Favorite- Palouse Blend (for any Washington State Cougs) and Swiss Water Decaf (awesomeness)

AJ Avatar

Purchases and rediscoveries: noooooothing. I’m pretty much on a low-buy this year since I decided to cut my hours back to part-time.

Weekend plans: Well, I found out yesterday that one of our landlords wants to move into our house so they’re not renewing our lease in April. So now suddenly all of my plans are out the window as I look for a new place to live and look around the house figuring out how I’m going to pack everything up. Yay.

Aside from that, we’re supposedly going to get several inches of snow this weekend, but they keep pushing it back every day, so we’ll see. I’m really hoping we DON’T get snow, because since it only snows once a year I don’t own a snow shovel, or chains for the car, and I don’t know how to drive in snow because I am from AZ.

If we don’t get snowed in, on Sunday I am picking up a Valentine’s Kit with cocktails, charcuterie, and macarons. Since I have already paid for it I am really hoping I can actually go get it!

Favorite genre to read: I read a LOT of fantasy. Also some sci-fi and some romance and a smidge of horror and the smallest bit of literary fiction, and a fair amount of non-fiction, but I will always reach for fantasy first.

Favorite genre to watch: Unfortunately it seems like fantasy is so rarely done well on TV, so I mostly end up watching sci-fi, a bit of comedy, the occasional mystery, and of course, Great British Bake Off, LOL.

Mellan was so cute in his reindeer outfit!

Genevieve Avatar

Best of luck in finding another place AJ – my son, daughter in law and family are in the same position. They have to be out by mid April and there are only a handful of homes in the area that are suitable for them (ie a bit of a backyard, decent kitchen, living space and three bedrooms, plus some air con). Some of the place they’ve looked at have had over 40 people apply….
I sincerely hope you have way better luck in finding a decent place. Packing up a house, particularly in winter, is just the pits. And I hope it doesn’t really snow too badly where you are because I would clueless as well driving in the snow.
Enjoy your Valentine’s Day Kit – it sounds perfect.

AJ Avatar

I’m so sorry to hear that your family is in the same situation, Genevieve! I hope they’re able to find a new place that meets their criteria.

It snowed A LOT overnight and is still snowing! Luckily the Cocktail Club packed up our kits early so we were able to pick it up last night and enjoy it today — and it has been quite delightful 🙂

Helene Avatar

I hope you’ll find a great place to live, April isn’t that far away, bad of the landlord not to let you know sooner.
Driving in snow is a bit intimidating, but imagine having an egg under each foot and try not to crush them. It may sound silly, but the idea is to be very gentle on the pedals, and also the steering wheel. No hard turns. If it’s icy it’s harder, you do need something that gives the wheels grip on the ice, otherwise drive gently and at a lower speed, low speed also in snow. I have driven in snow a lot, have almost gotten myself in a ditch once and actually got stuck once, my sons dad had to come and help me. LOL But it was in deep snow.
Here we have to go and learn to drive on ice, or very slippery surfaces. Loads of fun, especially driving on harsh ground with one side of the car and slippery ground on the other. You get a really fun spin when breaking.
OK, enough about driving.
I hope you’ll not have lots of snow, it’s beautiful but also means a lot of work.

AJ Avatar

Helene, get this, they tried to act like they were doing us a favor by telling us via email a few days before we’ll get the written notice, like those few days are going to make a huge difference!

Thank you so much for the advice on driving in the snow! We have gotten a LOT of snow and it is still coming down so we are hunkering down and staying home.

kjh Avatar

Only swears on your behalf came to mind. Moving is maybe #4 on the most stressful list. I just erased fear factor comments, because they bring fright and not encouragement. Your situation is my greatest fear. Best of luck and I mean it.

AJ Avatar

kjh, believe me, a LOT of swears came to my mind and out of my mouth 😀 I agree, moving is very high up on my stress list and just not what I wanted to be doing this late winter/early spring. HOWEVER I have turned it around — I made a long list of all the little things I dislike about this house, that I will soon never have to deal with again. In the meantime I will enjoy the beauty of one last snowstorm covering the majestic mature trees in our yard.

Lesley Avatar

The Mellan photos are just the best! I need to see this now.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I replaced my Olaplex 3 and bought some Moroccanoil hair spray. Hair spray is the only thing that controls those short ends that stick up all over. I also bought a Christophe Robin scalp scrub but the package disappeared in transit.

Weekend plans: Reading and cooking.

What’s your favorite genre to read or watch?: This is hard because there are so many genres I don’t like because they generally raise my anxiety levels or they depress me. I like domestic stories, stories about ordinary people engaged in daily life, and women detective or police procedural provided they don’t show a lot of blood and gore. I like workplace stories too.

Ana Maria Avatar

I also have the issue of movies/series causing me anxiety; the combo of sounds and images sometimes is nerve wracking. I end up skipping parts of movies just to avoid it. But the odd thing is that I don’t have the same issue if that scene was described in a book.

Genevieve Avatar

Actually Ana Maria and Lesley, I find it easier to read scenes from a book than the visual on a series, sometimes I just skip the yucky scene. It’s sometimes the music or, obviously, the images.

Mariella Avatar

With the Jo Nesbo book I mentioned further up (it’s called The Leopard) the opening chapter was so dreadful I couldn’t even read it. It started with a woman who was bound in the dark (I think) and something called Leopold’s Apple. I’ll say no more but anyone who has read it knows what I’m talking about.

kjh Avatar

Nesbo is only for those who tolerate the truly dark, visceral, and diabolical. You need ‘palate cleansers’ after reading one, and certainly cannot BINGE them.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new, but keeping an eye on some Presidents Day Sales

Weekend plans: Just the usual chores and phone calls, I tried forcing myself to make some interesting plans for a long weekend, but I’m so mentally drained that I can’t. It doesn’t help that it’s going to rain, so less chances to plan some outdoors stuff.

What’s your favorite genre to read or watch?: My preferences are usually quite eclectic. My favorite books are somewhere in between thriller and fantasy, in the past years I have read a lot of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett; I like a dark style, with intelligent humour and life lessons delivered in an almost painful way; the kind of books I need to meditate after finishing the read. But I also enjoy an easy mystery book when I want a light read, and sometimes I crave the rawness of a realist novel. I rarely watch movies or series myself, I like to play things in my head. If I watch a movie I prefer to choose something with great aesthetics and decor, for visuals, like fantasy or historical ones. And I am a sucker for old classic Hollywood movies, things as old as my grandparents.

Kira Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Rediscovery – MAC Omega Eyeshadow as a brow shade – subtle and sophisticated

Weekend plans: I’m inspired to get ahead on work too 🙂 I’m also working on an article about social media, so hopefully I finish that.

What’s your favorite genre to read or watch?: I love sci-fi, though lately I am very engaged by non-fiction so it can be hard to get into a fictional narrative. I love artsy flicks, but I also love anything with historical costumes.
I’m scared to get started with Bridgerton. I heard it’s as satisfying as Pride & Prejudice, and I already find Shonda Rhimes series to be incredibly addictive (to the point where I start to get headaches from not giving my eyes a break, lol).

Genevieve Avatar

What an absolute cutie Mellon is in that reindeer costume. He looks so gorgeous sitting there patiently whilst being snapped for a photo.

Recent Purchases – nada this week.
Recent Discoveries: Used my CT The Rebel 2020 this week and it is divine.

Weekend Plans: Thanks to our state government, who has had three goes to get the Hotel Quarantine program right for incoming Australians who have been stranded overseas, they have managed to bungle it up again and now we are facing another (our third) lockdown for a week. You can bet it will last longer than this. So we are back to only travelling out of our homes for 4 reasons, 5km travel limits and all schools closed. The really hard part was that restaurants were gearing up to Valentine’s Day dinners and all that food and effort will be wasted…..
My weekend wil consist of cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. We have had our grandchildren over a lot this week, as Lachlan’s pickup from kinder time coincides with Harry’s afternoon sleep… So our house is absolutely desperate for a good clean.

Favourite genre to read and watch: Mystery crime thrillers – both to read and watch.- not to gory though. I quite like documentaries as well.

Chiara Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I was able to get the Hourglass ambient lighting face palette at Sephora at about half the price, combining their sale and a coupon. It just was too much of a good deal to let it go! Still waiting for my ColourPop order. Rediscoveries: I recently did a violet smokey eye with my Pat McGrath Subversive palette, and boy do l love it! I think I finally figured out how to use this palette, since the colors are not really something I’do easily go for.

Weekend plans: it’s been a really bad week for both hubby and I work-wise, so I guess just relax – we are having our first socially distanced lunch since last year, since our friends will be moving soon. I also have to do some gloss on my hair!

What’s your favorite genre to read or watch?: I mostly read for work (does it count?), so anthropology, history or linguistics-type things really just dominate my life. Lately I’ve been enjoying classic comedy shows, as I don’t really have the emotional bandwidth for much else at the moment!

Also – this is my first comment! I’ve been reading Temptalia pretty continuously for maybe 10 years. This is the online resource I open daily now, it is a place of such beauty and positivity it just brightens up these dark days, and all thanks to you, Christine. I thought I could share a little bit more of myself as a thank you!

Kira Avatar

Yay for your first comment! For PMG subversive I also find it’s tricky to think of looks. I sometimes put the brown shade on with a fluffy brush as the base and then later another color, like the magenta, on top of that. The combination of two shades layered from the palette is really nice!
Anthropology, linguistics and history sound like great fun.

Chiara Avatar

Thanks Kira!! Funny enough, that’s exactly how I used Subversive this time. I was a bit skeptical since cool colors combined with browns really are a huge hit or miss on me, but it turned out so nicely. Perfect for a night out too – if only one could get a night out…!

Only reading for work is exhausting, but at least ‘my’ stuff is kind of fun 🙂

Genevieve Avatar

Welcome to the Temptalia online community Chiara. I hope you and your husband have been able to relax this week after an awful week at work – I hope that doesn’t happen too often for you either.
What a joy to be able to entertain your friends, albeit socially distanced, Have a lovely weekend.

Mary Avatar

Aww Mellan ….cutest reindeer evah…..
Recent purchases ? YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in Nude Fougueux and a Chanel blush.
Weekend plans ? Staying in …there is a weird Arctic cold front storm passing through this weekend ..
Favorite Genre to read or watch.? Anything Victorian …

Rachel R. Avatar

Recent Purchases: Kaleidos x Angelica Nyqvist Star Nebula Palette.

Weekend plans: I’m not sure. We hadn’t planned anything, because we were supposed to get our second COVID shots Thursday, but those were rescheduled due to winter storms. So…still no plans for Valentine’s Day. LOL

What’s your favorite genre to read or watch?: Horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Genevieve Avatar

Thank you Rachel for wishing Lachlan’s birthday party well. We had it up in the local hills, a very pretty spot with lots of playground pieces for the kids to play on. It was probably the first time in a year almost that all of them could now come together. Lots of the boys are either at different kinders or some are at school.
The weather was the big feature, as the forecast had changed overnight – from sunny to very cool. So a lot of parents rocked up in shorts and a T shirt, and golly gosh that wind was freezing… The birthday boy had a great day.
So very lucky it wasn’t scheduled for this weekend, as we are back in lockdown for the third time.
I hope you don’t get the same reaction to the Covid shots as you did the last time I also hope that your family and you are keeping well too.

ShariP Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I finally splurged and got the PMD Divine Rose Ii. I’ve used it one and liked the look so thats a plus. Quality of course is excellent. Pink packaging 💗 I’m a sucker for pretty packaging.
Weekend plans: Work. I am having some medical tests done at Cleveland Clinic next week, so I have to make up my hours. Nice that my company allows that and the ability to flex time.
What’s your favorite genre to read or watch?: Books, mysteries are my favorite followed by historical novels. But I’ll read the encyclopedia for fun. I’ve always loved to read. If I’m watching a TV series its something along the same lines. Movies, comedies. I can watch action films because their the hubby’s favorite, but I really love old films. Anything 1940s to 1950s. Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, James Garner, John Wayne, Hedy Lamar, Maureen O’Hara….love them.

Genevieve Avatar

I hope the medical tests aren’t for anything too serious Shari and that you and your husband are keeping well generally.
It’s great when company’s are kind to their employees by allowing them time of to visit dentists, or have medical tests done. My eldest son’s company is like that too.
Is it pretty cold where you are at the moment? Are you still in lockdown?

ShariP Avatar

Thanks Genevieve. I hope its not serious too. Lockdown is not as bad now. Limited seating in restaurants. Private schools are opening, but public are still closed. We’ve had quite a bit of snow this winter. Today its 14F or -10C. So basically still locked down since its been too cold to do anything, lol. Hope all is well with your family too.

Kimberly Avatar

Okay, now that I’m not giggling over cute reindeer doggo photos…

Recent Rediscoveries: Maybelline’s Super Stay Ink Crayon lipstick is still lovely. I have begun wearing it at home because masks hide it outside.

Weekend plans: reading, video games, and laundry. It’s exciting.

What’s your favorite genre to read or watch?: I have favorites in almost every genre, but I can list what I’m reading/watching right now.

American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson
Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
Pride and Prejudice (again)
sci-fi short stories

Brooklyn 99
Man in the High Castle

Helene Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I ordered a new mascara from Ciate yesterday, and just happened to buy three lipsticks. It was on sale though.
No rediscoveries, I’m still working through my lipstick collection, today I found what I thought was a lovely neutral pink. It may be, but not on me, it was awful! I have no idea why I bought it, maybe it came in one of the boxes I subscribe to, it’s going out in the trash.

Weekend plans: None. Since I don’t work, due to mental illness, depression and anxiety, I know sounds like one could work, but I, unfortunately can’t. It is that bad. However it makes the weekends like any other day something that is kind of boring, it means there’s nothing really to look forward to the way I used to long for Friday afternoon. But rather boring than having my illness getting really bad again.

What’s your favorite genre to read or watch?: Watch, almost anything fiction. Documentary, anything except true crime.
I love classic Hollywood, but like all genres of film except films like Schmuck for Dinner and the likes, they make me nervous and anxious.
TV shows, also anything and everything, I’ve been watching Psych and laughing a lot, I loved The Golden Girls, but also like Criminal Minds and sci fi, well, yes, most any genre but not true crime.
Books, I feel I get boring when I say anything again. Right now I’m reading Bob Woodward’s book Fear, On my to read list are a book about President Lincoln, some philosophy, two Jo Nessboe, just to see what I think and loads of other books, fiction and non fiction.
Unfortunately I have problems finding the peace to sit down and read these days, I used to read a couple of books a week before I got ill, and I miss it a lot, still I persist.

Genevieve Avatar

Bravo to you for still persisting in reading books and living your life, even though your mental health issues are, or can be, overwhelming. It’s a difficult disease and if working full time makes it worse, like any other health issue, you have to stop. I hear what you are saying about your weekend days though.
Keep well Helene

Stephanie Avatar

Jingle Mellan! He looks so cute, and not even that fazed by the costume. Ellie, my dog, is okay with stuff on her body, but as soon as it touches her head she gets so mad.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No makeup, but illness, boredom, and starting a new job is making me want to make a haul.

Weekend plans: It is supposed to snow a lot, and I haven’t been feeling well, so the remainder of the weekend is just gonna be about relaxing with my husband. We’ve started re-watching Bob’s Burgers coz we’ve missed the past couple of seasons since we cancelled cable, so we will probably eat leftover Valentine’s cake and stay snuggled under the blanket watching TV.

What’s your favorite genre to read or watch?: I am the exact opposite of you, Christine! I like to read stuff that most people think is pretty depressing: dystopias, post-apocalyptic novels, things like that, but also some more grim nonfiction and fiction as well. I like that these kinds of books tend to find some hope amongst all of the sadness and fear. My TV and film taste tends to be more all over the place, but I do tend to prefer sci-fi, fantasy, and alternative comedy.

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Recent Purchases: Electric Unicorn from Give Me Glow Cosmetics!
Rediscoveries: My ColourPop No Rest for the Wicked Jelly Much. Found out it had completely dried up 🙁
Weekend plans: Sushi feast. And my brother making homemade pizza.
What’s your favorite genre to read or watch? I love reading satirical memoirs.

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