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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Natasha Denona Love Collection came in late last Friday! I picked up more shades of Becca’s Dewing Tint, as I suspected it was similar to Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter but wasn’t 100% sure (it’s described as a tinted moisturizer by Becca) until I tested a few shades.
  • Weekend plans: I’m happy that I was able to get ahead last weekend by a couple of days, so it’s really just keeping up with that and making any forward-progress I can. Always better to be early than late! I’ve also been visiting a nearby farm and feeding some of the animals for a little bit of furry fun. They have mini horses, llamas, goats, donkeys, cows, and even a pig!
  • What have you listened to or watched the most in January?: I haven’t been listening to any particular artist or album thus far; I have been primarily listening to the Lo-Fi Beats playlist on Spotify! For watching, I rewatch Great British Bake Off before I go to bed as it always helps me decompress and relax.

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Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #586
Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #586

These are all photos from the very first day that we had him! To my everlasting regret, I only have mostly tiny, cropped photos of him in his early puppy days–you know, back in the day when camera quality was lower, megapixels were in single digits, we didn’t have camera phones, and disk drive space didn’t feel infinite…

He was eight weeks old when we got him and weighed a measly 10 pounds. It was much to his dismay that day one involved a bath and learning to have a collar on (top row, second photo, is him adjusting!). In retrospect, he was actually a very relaxed, laid back puppy. We might even say an incredibly easy puppy; he was housebroken easily and was very trainable. I coo over his lil’ blonde eyelashes (which turned white over the years) and his true black nose (which turned pink over the years).

I had never had a puppy before, so he was my first puppy experience! My husband (then boyfriend) and I had moved in together (after two years of having a long distance relationship) when I moved back to the Bay Area for graduate school, and it was six months after living together that we added this guy to our family. I remember being very clear that in the event of a breakup, the dog was mine!

It’s amazing how many life events come and go in 13 years, but he was there for so many. He was our lil’ baby when we were adjusting to living together, as I went through graduate school, moving between three apartments, then into a first house, getting married, moving states to move to our second (current) house.

Here’s a weight chart I kept for the first six months or so! I’m putting it here so I always have a copy I can find.

  • 8 Weeks – 10 pounds
  • 9 Weeks – 12 pounds
  • 10 Weeks – 15 pounds
  • 11 Weeks – 18.2 pounds (vet visit!)
  • 12 Weeks – 22 pounds
  • 13 Weeks – 26 pounds
  • 14 Weeks – 30 pounds
  • 15 Weeks – 32.9 pounds (vet visit)
  • 16 Weeks – 36 pounds
  • 17 Weeks – 39 pounds
  • 18 Weeks – 42 pounds
  • 19 Weeks – 44 pounds
  • 20 Weeks – 47 pounds
  • 21 Weeks – 50 pounds
  • 22 Weeks – 53 pounds
  • 23 Weeks – 56 pounds
  • 24 Weeks – 60 pounds
  • 25 Weeks – 63 pounds (June 11th, 2008)
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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Just another tube of CoverGirl LashBlast Volume waterproof mascara. And Elf Bite Size eyeshadow palette in Cream & Sugar.

Weekend plans: Clean and pack because we’re moving to Texas for 2 months next week! It’s for my husband’s work. I wish it wasn’t during covid because I doubt we’ll go anywhere to really experience San Antonio. I’m very excited about grocery shopping at HEB though!! The thought of driving 3 days from PA to TX with two kids while 20 weeks pregnant is stressing me out, not gonna lie lol

What have you listened to or watched the most in January?: My husband and I are rewatching Scrubs right now but I’m watching a lot of Pioneer Woman myself. I love food!

I always loved Mellan’s holiday themed bow ties 😊

You are picking the best two months of the year to hit central Texas. I suggest you check out the state parks, like Pedernales. They are taking reservations so it’s quite socially distanced and the kids will like the water.

Love seeing photos of puppy-Mellan. So adorable. It’s so cute that you kept a weight chart for him. 🙂

Recent Purchases: Nomad Cosmetics Tokyo Harajuku and Fire and Ice palettes.

Rediscoveries: Nothing in particular, but I have been using a sponge to blend in my base products again, and that has been nice.

Weekend plans: Nothing exciting. Probably cleaning. It’s been a stressful week, so hopefully there is some time to relax in there as well. I’ve been taking make up inventory, so I hope to get to my lip products this weekend.

What have you listened to or watched the most in January?: I’ve watched a lot of Gilmore Girls, WandaVision, and Community. And YouTube. I also binged Bridgerton as well.

There is nothing worse, after having a stressful week at work, than coming home (or being home and looking at) all the cleaning you have to do. I really get where you are coming from Celesta. Hopefully, you will be able to take your little boy to a park and breathe in the fresh air – or is it still tough lockdown where you live?

We’re not in a tough lockdown (though we should be), but we did get a nasty snowstorm over the weekend, so we were stuck inside all weekend. Thankfully I’ve been able to work from home since last March and I can get some things done during the week while my son is at daycare, which frees up a little time to relax over the weekend.

Recent purchases: I am trying to keep from buying too much since my collection is pretty comprehensive, so I’ve been sitting on things I’m interested in for a while. This week, I finally bought the ND Bloom palette. Man, it’s nice. I want the new Love blush mini too, but I think it’s redundant, so I might just enjoy the pictures.

Weekend plans: I want to go mountain biking. I haven’t been in a few weeks because of allergies, so it’s time to get back in the saddle.

Listened to or watched: I usually am more of a reader but I went with the crowd and watched Bridgerton. It’s frothy fun, good for a pandemic escape. The costumes and sets were my favorite part.

I can totally relate to what you said about our dogs/cats becoming like our children! Mellan was an adorable baby puppy. 💙

Purchases/rediscoveries: Purchased more Ole Henriksen Truth Serum. Also, Rare Beauty Lip Souffle in Heroic. What a stunning berry fuchsia!

Weekend Plans: Been waiting and waiting for a call from the infusion center to get in to receive my Remicade infusion. Hope I hear from them today, because tomorrow I’m overdue for it. Other than that hair twisting wait, listening to my meeting on Zoom tomorrow.

What have you been listening to/watching recently?: The newest Star Trek series. It’s on ÇBS. I believe it’s called Star Trek Discovery? Also been watching the Magnum P.I. reboot, too. Jay Hernandez is a 95% dead ringer for my biological father! It’s such a weird feeling to be watching someone on TV who looks so much like my long deceased father.

We are BIG Star Trek fans in our household – my kids grew up watching it and we have everything on DVD now. We love the Discovery series – you will enjoy it.
I sincerely hope you get the phone call you have been waiting for re your infusion. It’s too hard to make you wait for it as it is a necessary part of your treatment plan for Cohen’s.

What a stressor to manage your infusions during pandemic, Nancy. I am so glad I administer my biologic at home. I was skipping out on my standing order blood draw because duh, who wants to be at a laboratory during pandemic, but this did not please my rheummy… Hope you get a call soon and can get your meds.

Wednesday, I finally do wish that my doc would switch me to one I inject into myself. I cannot stand the whole rigamarole that I have to deal with as pertains the hospital infusion center. The worst? No one picks up the phone! And when I do leave a voicemail, it can be days before somebody calls me back. Totally unacceptable and unprofessional.

There are so many options, Nancy. I cannot speak to your specific brand of autoimmune. I also cannot speak to issues of insurance, etc as I believe pill forms and self-injectors and incredibly expensive. As you know, I live in Canada and the severity of my disease warrants the use of the biologics. I had to go through 2 years of torture to qualify, but in the long run so worth it. I get help from a Governmental program to deal with the exorbitant cost. I am totally unaware of how USA health care works, but surely given your situation, there is possibly a better answer. Wishing you safe and your health manageable.

Recent Purchases: I’m running low on body wash and a couple of things, so I placed a Paula’s Choice order with the Hair and Body Shampoo, the Purifying Clay Mask, Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF and I got the Advanced Replenishing Toner (full size) for free.

Rediscoveries: Smoked out purple grey eye looks.

Weekend plans: I am still brainstorming hiking area that aren’t affected by the latest rains in California; I love being in nature, but I hate getting mud dirty. Otherwise most likely it will be another boring weekend.

What have you listened to or watched the most in January?: I am mostly listening to podcast lately, nothing in particular, just all the ones I am subscribed too. In December I got into deductions (I finished in January the MindReader season from 2019) and legal drama (I am both listening and watching on YouTube a lot of Emily D. Baker).

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing this past week.

Weekend plans: Just hanging out indoors. It is pretty cold now and I am frankly a bit anxious about the new virus mutation.

What have you listened to or watched the most in January?: I think I read more in January than watched. I was particularly charmed by Never Have I Ever, the reboot of All Creatures Great and Small, and Call My Agent.

Apologies for no carriage returns. They have seemingly disappeared.. again!

MELLAN: It warms my heart to see Mellan puppy photos. I find myself holding my phone to my chest almost every day as my iPhone has a photo widget and I never know what might pop up on any given day.

Thought I would try something different.. yup, fail.

PUCHASES: Natasha Denona mini Love set. Our postal service is suffering under the weight of COVID cases and I do not know exactly when I will take delivery, but I am excited.

WEEKEND PLANS: Shovel snow, go snowshoeing with the doggos, watch some Netflix and cook. Last weekend I made my famous butternut soup and peeled three giant butternut squashes into my garburator and completely plugged my drain. I separated it into three distinct batches, but what a mess. I was doing dishes in my doggie shower in my mudroom for three days waiting for a plumber. They are all super busy because of pandemic. I have renamed my soup to $500 dollar butternut squash soup.

WHAT I HAVE LISTENED TO/WATCHED: I stream and listen to Radio Paradise a great deal. They play a fantastic mix of music. Also, I grew up with Mowtown music and so I am enjoying the playlist from Hitsville, The Making of Mowtown documentary. It’s definitely my favourite for jamming in my car. Lol and I don’t care who is watching. In terms of Netflix, etc..streaming, I have binged on Bridgerton like the rest of the planet. I am looking forward to bingeing on Servant season 2 on AppleTV

Beautiful baby boy!! It is my girls birthday today, she is nine. She came to me from Serbia, she is an Akita and the most beautiful, intelligent, amazing multifaceted Being on a canine grid of consciousness. I had four others previously that Hubby and I adopted at different ages and I loved them all but a couple were for only a few years. I was blessed to find Audrey as a Puppy. She has had health challenges, she nearly died at four years old of an autoimmune platelet disease. The challenges highlight every moment being a mindful celebration of gratitude for the time I get to have with her in this form. Similar to Mr. Mellan was to you, she is my constant companion through everyday. I Love that you are seeing farm fur babies and celebrating your forever boy. Sharing him here is cathartic, so thank you for that and for being lovely and making the world brighter.

OMG – what an adorable puppy Mellon was – he’s just like a little baby. He looks so, so cute there having a snooze. You could easily cuddle him forever.
Thank you for sharing these precious photos of him Christine, he was so much a part of our community here.

Recent Purchases: My daughter in law liked the Maybelline’s Mauve for Me lipstick, so I have bought her one to go into her birthday package in a couple of months. That’s all I have purchased this week.

Rediscoveries: bareMInerals Soft and Smokey. Such a lovely little palette and the Midnight Luminance (green/pewter) shade is just heavenly.

Weekend Plans: Full on – that’s all I can say at the moment. I have a house to clean in preparation for Lachlan’s 5th birthday on Monday – he will be having a family party on the day and his birthday party with his friends will be next Saturday. Hopefully the weather will be mild on both days.
Yesterday I managed to scrape my car against the fence when backing out of our driveway, so I will have to get that fixed. I can’t believe I did that and needless to say, my husband was not happy about it at all.
Olivia started back at school last Thursday, and there was a huge collective sigh of happiness from all the parents who now hope that their child’s year of schooling will not be interrupted.
Baby Harry is just the most gorgeous and cutest little bubba – he is making all kinds of gurgling noises and is a most easy baby to look after.

Watching and listening to: I have been watching some of the older series of Wallander lately and I am enjoying this. I really like my dose of Nordic Noir every night.
Listening: I have been listening to Delta Goodren’s Wings of the Wild album and love it.

We all have a little Nordic Noir in us. Sorry about your car. I pulled a really good one when I sold my car to my dealership to trade-in on a newer model. Just days before the transaction was supposed to take place, I impatiently drove my car into the garage before the garage door was fully opened and peeled off my GPS/infotainment do-hickey.. costing me a 500 dollar reduction on my trade-in. I seemingly have a pattern here…

Have a good weekend and enjoy the babes, Genevieve!

Purchases: My Little & Grim order arrived, so spouse and I have been enjoying having some new scents to wear.

Rediscoveries: Cleaned out a box that had been under my bathroom sink for almost 2 years since we moved in to this house (and may have been under the sink in the apartment for 2 years before that). I rediscovered a fair amount of makeup/skincare crap in there and I threw it all away 😛 If I haven’t used it for this long, I’m never going to use it.

Weekend plans: I just worked an 8.5 hour day despite being part time, so it’s going to start with takeout and an adult beverage! Other than that, we’re going to go get some nice boba and pick up our order from the local bookstore, eat more takeout, and hopefully relax and have fun.

What have I been listening to lately? A very eclectic selection of music on Spotify as I spent way too much time working in spreadsheets all week. I just put my “Liked” songs on shuffle and see what comes up 🙂

Oh, forgot to mention I LOVE the baby Mellan pictures! He was so precious and tiny. I have similar regrets to you, as I have zero pictures of my late cat Topher when he was a kitten — we didn’t have a digital camera at the time. I have TONS of photos from when he was an adult though <3

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing this week! My low-buy isn’t super strict, but if I don’t need something then I am not shopping. I suspect that DH got me the ND Love blush/highlight duo for Valentine’s Day, but I won’t get my paws on that for a couple of weeks yet.

Weekend plans: Hanging out the the hubs and my doggo, maybe going to the park if it isn’t too cold. We’re having some tile replaced in the hallway, but hopefully it won’t take over most of our day tomorrow. I have to work on Sunday, so no fun there.

What have you listened to or watched the most in January?: I watched a couple of seasons of The Crown. I can’t say I love it, but it is mildly entertaining. DH and I watched the second season of Blown Away, a glass art show, on Netflix, and it was diverting. I haven’t really gotten into new shows lately, even though there are things on my “to watch” list. As far as music, I just listen to the same old stuff I have listened to for forever XD

Awww, baby Mellan! What a cutie pie he was.

Recent Purchases: None
Rediscoveries: Oldies, but goodies. E.l.f. Pressed Mineral Blushes, and Naked2 Basics Palette: I never used it much, because alone it goes muddy on me, but I could never bring myself to destash it. But it’s been really useful for eye crease and face contouring shades.

Weekend plans: I have to get out of the house or I’ll go mad. No concrete plans, though.

What have you listened to or watched the most in January?: WandaVision, BoJack Horseman (I never saw the last season, so my son and I started over), indie makeup reviews on YouTube.

I know the feeling about getting out of the house – cabin fever strikes me if I am home more than two to three days in a row. It’s also because our homes are also workplaces Rachel – where we clean, launder, cook and repeat….
I hope you get to go out someplace nice – are you still in a big lockdown where you live?

We aren’t on lockdown, but in extreme risk conditions, so limits on gatherings were just raised to 6, we went back to no indoor dining weeks ago and that’s still holding, still limits on shopping in stores. Movie theaters, etc. still closed. Recent flooding and snow in places make outdoor locations somewhat limited at the moment, unless you hit an uncrowded park. We went to a park with our son yesterday, which was nice. Kind of cold and cloudy, but at least it was out of the house! Then hubby and I went for a drive. There was snow in the hills/farms, which was pretty.

Baby puppy pics of Mellan, just melt my heart <3
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases except groceries, I'm officially going through withdrawal!
Weekend plans: My migraines have blown up, I had to go to emerg early Thursday morning 2 am I was dry heaving which has never happened before, 3 hours later my husband picked me up and I slept until noon and the migraine has come back and meds are not taking it away. So my plans are praying.
What have you listened to or watched the most in January?: Nothing in particular mostly news. I also listen to my local radio station every day.

I am really sorry to read Brenda that your migraine flare up was so bad that you ended up in Emergency. I hope that you are under a neurologist and that there is other treatments available to you. It must be so debilitating for you.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My Sephora (YSL x Zoe Kravitz Brooklyn Baby lipstick, Rare Beauty Confident Energy palette, UD Roxy and Viper eyeliners, Marc Jacobs Whip It gloss) and Demeter (a 4-pack of fragrances in collaboration with Elvira) orders came in-Sephora Monday, Demeter Tuesday. I also ordered Megababe Bust Dust (supposed to ward off underbreast sweat-the downside of being buxom!) from Target (it’s expected Monday) and added a bottle of my moisturizer (as well as a non-beauty item-both came yesterday) to help get to free shipping.
Weekend plans: Went to the store tonight-normally it’d be tomorrow night, but there might be 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow evening, so it was tonight instead. Work all day tomorrow, pick up a prescription Sunday or Monday.
What have you listened to or watched the most in January?: I’ve been streaming SiriusXM’s 1st Wave (80s New Wave/alternative) channel a lot lately. I was watching Kitchen Nightmares every weeknight, but next week the lifestyle channel that was running it is replacing it with the British cooking competition Culinary Genius. Gordon Ramsay was on the CG judging panel, so hopefully it won’t be too much of an adjustment?

Recent Purchases/Rediscovered: I received my Natasha Denona bundle today. I did find a dupe for the highlighter. Tickle from Benefit is a perfect match. I also purchased the new Pat Mcgrath quad and highlighter today. I slept through the launch and thought it was sold out. But to my surprise it hadn’t. Maybe people are over the pink theme.

What have you listened to or watched the most in January? I’ve been watching older telenovelas with my mom at night. Now my reggaeton keeps me going. Keeps me moving and wanting to just enjoy life no matter what they throw at me.

Weekend plans: I’ve been going through a lot these past weeks. My mom who lives with me had a stroke. I feel like she’s not wanting to get better. This is from a woman who used to tell me to suck it up. I don’t see that spitfire of a mom. I’m trying to keep her busy and re learning things. I have a son who has down syndrome and autism who keeps her in line. Then my son’s dog. He’s a malamute wolf hybrid that just turned 10 and he’s started to poop inside. All I do is clean up after him. He’s been to the vet and blood work is all fine. He still has a lot of life in him so I’m su king it up. But I’d like to get in my car and just drive and get away. Don’t think that will happen but I can dream.

Selva – what a really tough time you are having – between your mum, your son and the dog. Does the dog live outside? Maybe it’s a psychological thing with him. My son’s cat started weeing inside when he thought the baby was getting more attention than him. They had to keep him outside during the day and in the laundry of a night time.
Do you get any home help for your mum? I think you are the ham in the sandwich at the moment. I hope things get better for you.

I’m so sorry for your loss. I also lost my fur child this week, she was with me 19 years, she also had a host of health problem for a good 15 of those years. There were a lot of ups and down but she always made me smile.

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