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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: ILIA Lip Wrap Lip Mask, Biossance Lip Balm, Tom Ford Costa Azzurra, YSL Rouge Pur Coutures (two shades for the New Year), Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks (new ones for the New Year as well)
  • Weekend plans: Continue to just take each day as it comes, letting myself take time off or get distracted by work or whatever it may be. Mellan was just so integrated into every aspect of my daily life with a memory in every inch of our home.
  • Do you like reading physical books or digital books or listening to audiobooks best?: I totally zone out when listening to an audiobook, but I prefer the ease of digital reading – just easier to hold and turn pages, less light needed (since the screen is lit, as I use my iPad).

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This week's mellan photo/video...

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Mellan at the Beach!

So many readers mentioned how Mellan’s Friday photo has been something they’ve enjoyed, looked forward to, or has given them something to smile over at the end of the week that I’d like to continue on with that tradition for the time being. I thought I would share some of my favorite photos and some stories about him or the moment we captured.

This was Mellan’s first time at the beach! He was 15 weeks old when we drove to Carmel, CA so he could experience the ocean. He was quite scared of the waves as they came in, though he delighted in trying to drink ocean water (sigh!). My husband spent most of the time encouraging him into the ocean–I was the photographer, duh–and he told me to “hold his wallet and don’t drop it into the ocean,” and about five minutes later, I managed to drop it into the water (recovered but totally wet).

Fun fact: I kept a weight chart for him until six weeks old. He was 33 pounds at 15 weeks, which was about half his adult weight (he was around 68-70 pounds most of his adult life).

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Aww, baby Mellan.

Recent Purchases: PMGL Interstellar Icon Quad – used it this morning and LOVE it; ND Mini Tropic palette – have had my eye on this one for a while and really glad to have it; BH Cosmetics Naughty palette – heard rave reviews and it was 75% (or something) off so I got it for $12… if it’s anything like the quality of their Blueberry Muffin palette, I will be overjoyed.

Rediscoveries: Nothing in particular, but I did get a chance this week to sit down and really play and swatch some of my eyeshadows, which I think has been missing for a long time. I think this will really help me get in touch with my collection again. I really enjoyed that time, and now it’s sort of a me-time goal to sit down and just play makeup once or twice a week.

Weekend plans: My hubby and I are going shopping for some bookshelves and a new bed frame, so that will be fun. My MIL is coming to stay the weekend and spend some time with her grandson, which frees up some time for putting the aforementioned together.

Do you like reading physical books or digital books or listening to audiobooks best?: I just love reading! I used to be sort of snobby about it and had to read physical books, but the older I got the larger and more unwieldy the books became, so I am very happy reading them on my Kindle. I’m just happy whenever I get a chance to read. I try to do it every night before bed; it relaxes me.

I really do not miss trying to physically hold a big doorstopper of a hardback epic fantasy novel while reading it in bed!

Recent Purchases/rediscoveries: new purchases – Chanel Chance Eau Tendre hair mist (a repurchase and my favourite way to wear that scent), QUO Solid Brush Cleaner (a repurchase), a big tub of Vaseline and a large bottle of Johnson’s Baby Oil (both are cheap and cheerful and perhaps not as elegant as a lot of other body products but they are both so helpful to deal with dry body skin in winter) and my big “new” purchase, Smashbox Vitamin Glow Primer, which I am liking very much.

Weekend plans: so exciting – I am going for a COVID test tomorrow at 11 am. As many of you know, hubs tested positive after a hospital stay and yesterday, I started having what I wrote off as head cold symptoms but over night I developed quite a cough (it reminds me of when I’ve had pneumonia in past and it may well be pneumonia) – to the point where my chest and ribs are aching. I’ve had a low grade fever. So just to be safe (I’m still quarantining but we are allowed to break quarantine for medical appointments). I’ve really not been keen to have the test but it’s the responsible thing to do.

I absolute ADORE audio books. I belong to Audible and also get quite a few from our public library at no cost. I love that I can “read” (well, listen to) a book while out for a walk, working out on the elliptical or even sewing. Physical paper books come a distant second these days and I’ve never, ever owned an e-reader or digital book device and have 0 interest in having one.

Mariella, I’m so sorry about you and your husband. I wish you both the swiftest recovery. The Covid test really isn’t as terrible as the media has made it to be. Best wishes.

OUCH – that could hurt! That’s just one more reason I love audiobooks – with the Audible ones, I can set a timer if I fall asleep while listening (very common when I listen at bedtime!)

Mellan puppy photos! 😍

Rediscovery: Etude House Lovely Cookie Blush in Apricot Peach Mousse. Such a pretty ‘bright-eyed’ color. Makes me look awake lol.

Weekend plans: painting, reading, the usual. Getting out for walks regardless of the cold.

Physical/digital/audio books: Physical books are the most charming but I typically will get them as ebooks, either from my library’s online collection or purchased if there’s a long waitlist or it’s new and I’m too impatient. I like audiobooks for when I’m painting, baking or doing chores. Currently listening to a novelization of Hamlet and like it but weirdly I generally prefer nonfiction audiobooks. My record is a 48-hour book! I like to squeeze my Audible credits for all they’re worth lol.

Lauren, is that the David Hewson Hamlet, read by Richard Armitage? I have both that one and Romeo and Juliet and while I tend to be a “bit” (just a bit) of a purist, I loved them both and the background (historical, cultural, social) he provided. And like many people, I’d listen to Richard Armitage read the shipping reports!

Yes, it is the Hewson one! Richard Armitage does a great job, particularly with a challenging character like Hamlet. The Hamlet and Macbeth novelizations were recommended to me (haven’t started Macbeth yet) and so far I’m impressed by how well it fleshes out the story.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: MAC Moon Masterpiece palette – there is a lot of fall out.

Do you like reading physical books or digital books or listening to audiobooks best?: Physical because it’s easy to take notes and share books with friends, but to save space I always try to buy digital when it’s available. All cookbooks and art books I buy physical. Autobiographies I prefer as audiobooks.

Christine, I’m so glad you’re going to continue for now to share pictures and thoughts of Mellan. I still can’t believe it because of how sudden it was. You are in my thoughts. Your readers know how much Mellan was so much apart of your life, and it’s hard to picture Temptalia without Mellan.

Dear Christine,
I have always checked your site daily, but Friday was the day everyone Loved Mellan, ( The Cure song is in my head) What a beautiful story and picture. Sending love and healing for feelings of loss or grief and wishing all of the beautiful moments and memories you shared will lift and sustain you. You are such a blessing dear one. Your blog has inspired me and informed my beauty choices since the beginning and I am so very grateful!

Aww thank you for the baby Mellan! He truly will live forever in our hearts. My dog (lab/shepherd/pit mix) is also very scared of large bodies of water, but she loves the hose.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: NYX High Glass Finishing Powder is a recent purchase, and I really like it! No rediscoveries, even though I have been trying to move through my makeup a little bit more. I guess just overall I have rediscovered my stash!

Weekend plans: Other than two shifts at work, not much is planned. I’ve been just taking things one day at a time too.

Do you like reading physical books or digital books or listening to audiobooks best?: I go between physical books and e-books. I have a Kindle Paperwhite, and I love reading on it–I actually read a bit faster on my kindle! I can’t do audiobooks very much for the same reasons: I zone out and miss several sentences or even paragraphs. Increasing the speed does work for me, to a point, but I’d rather just read with my eyes.

Thank you for continuing to share Mellan pictures with us, Christine! He was SUCH a cute puppy!

Purchases: Just placed an order with Little and Grim for some scents, lotion, and masks for me and my spouse.

Weekend plans: Eh, I dunno. I’m tired of car picnics. Kind of doesn’t feel worthwhile to go out for much of anything right now. We are going to get doughnuts from a new-ish place, other than that I think we’ll mostly stay home and maybe get takeout for dinner one night. Oh, and we won a gift certificate in a raffle so we’ll go pick that up.

My reading habits: Ok I love books and I read a lot. A lot a lot. For novels and some non-fiction, I prefer ebooks, and currently I prefer to get them from my library so I can save a little $$ given how voraciously I read. For anything with a graphic element and non-fiction Chris and I will read together, or that I might want to loan to a friend, I prefer physical books. As for audiobooks, I only listen to them on long road trips.

Sweet little puppy Mellan! Cutest dude at the beach, I’m sure! 💙

Purchases/rediscoveries: No purchases. Rediscovered PML La Vie En Rose MTHRSHP yesterday. It seems to have gone on with a more dry feel to it than I remember. Very odd. Hopefully, it’s not turning. Although I’ve never had that happen to a powder e/s.

Weekend Plans: Other than my Zoom meeting tomorrow morning, I cannot think of anything else I’m planning on doing.

Do you like reading physical books or digital books or listening to audiobooks best? For now, I still prefer physical books. There is just something very satisfying about turning actual pages and using a bookmark after I’m done. If I owned a pad, I believe that would be a close 2nd. Like you said, I already know that I would zone out listening to an audiobook. Which means it would miss the whole point of reading to begin with!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing beauty related.

Weekend plans: It’s a long weekend for me (Monday is a day off), and I plan to spend as much time outdoors as I can… any excuse to spend less time in the house I guess… Otherwise house chores, cooking, phone calls, the small things. And I plan to get some good sleep, although in the last month my insomnia has been awful.

Do you like reading physical books or digital books or listening to audiobooks best? For me reading physical books, holding them, smelling them, will always be the best experience. But I don’t like owning books, I try to keep belongings to a minimum. I’m not going to a library, so the next best option for me are digital books, I have a Kindle and sometimes I even read from my smartphone.
And I love books in general, so I sometimes prefer audiobooks during my runs or walks; I rarely listen music. But for audiobooks I only like short or easy reads or books I have read before; if it’s a heavy book I really want to digest, I have to actually read it myself, audio doesn’t do it for me.

I am so glad we will be seeing Mellan a bit longer.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My first set of lashes. Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kit. I saw them on YouTube and they looked feasible.

Weekend plans: Zoom cocktails with former work friends. Watching my husband watch football.

Do you like reading physical books or digital books or listening to audiobooks best? I can’t focus on audio books. I like both the physical and digital format. Books I borrow from the public library are likely to be digital. Books I buy are likely to be physical, although I tend to buy cookbooks in digital format these days.

Lesley, I would like to know how you make out with the lashes. My sister told me that you had to use more liner than you think so I applied the liner twice, it still seemed that I could have used more. Good luck I love lots of lashes!

Mellan puppy photos! 😍 Thanks for continuing to share Mellan with us.

Recent Purchases-I just received the Chanel Spring 2021 blush/highlighter. The blush is every shade found on a peach, all rolled up in one and the highlighter is quite beautiful too. I love the embossing but I use all my makeup so I don’t imagine it will last long.

Weekend plans: Going for walks with Wilson, my chocolate lab boy. We are on a Stay at Home Order right now so that’s the extent of my weekend activities outside of knitting and baking more sourdough bread.

Physical/digital/audio books: I am old school on that. I prefer physical books. I love the smell of a new hardcover and the turning of the pages. I will read digital books too, when carrying a physical book isn’t feasible.

Thank you for continuing to share Mellan pics. I know what you mean about memories in every inch, and I am thinking of you and Mr. Christine*.

*I was here as a reader when he proposed, but I can’t remember his name!

Truthfully, I have been unable to look at this blog until today. I still haven’t read the condolence messages. I’m very glad you will continue to post pix of Mellan. The videos have shown us not only how he looks and moves, but his personality, behavior, and how his mind works. It sounds trite, but he really was special, and you were kind enough to share him with us. I hope your apple devices automatically make a slideshow about the yellow fellow. A salsa music (sounds like Tito Puente, but idk) soundtrack with stills/vids of my dachshunds was an enchanting surprise. I hope apple makes a Mellan one, too.

It was initially harder to watch videos him than see photos of him because what we’ll miss most – his personality, which always shines so much through video.

Oh, thank you for continuing to share sweet Mellon. 💕 You and dear hubby have been in our thoughts this week.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: The Ordinary Hair Peptide Serum (repurchase). Davines Hair growth serum (experiment) and Volume mousse (experiment).

Weekend plans: Being Thankful.
My husband had his clean bill of health on Thursday, so for now, no Cancer.
My brother’s wife was safely delivered of a little girl after an emergency C-section.
Our cousin left a very a toxic relationship and has a 2-year work contract to enjoy.

Do you like reading physical books or digital books or listening to audiobooks best?: I have vast quantities of all the above. I especially love hearing a good story-teller, in person or on stage, spin a good yarn.

Friday find: Wayne Goss and the fakery of Setting Sprays(safe for work)

Theresa is dead: Beauty resolutions (NOT safe for work) (hysterical)

Arena, woohoo for your husband. I work in the field of cancer and love to hear of the successes. You also had a stressful week. Congratulations on the new niece and and your cousin breaking free of her toxic relationship.

I, too, looked forward to seeing the latest photos of Mellon every week and I think this is a lovely idea to remember what a great doggie he was and how much he was a part of all our lives in the Temptalia community. This is a gorgeous photo of him at the beach and he looks so adorable.

Recent Purchases: As soon as I found out that Beauty Bay had restocked the Lorac Noir palette, I ordered it through this site. I can’t wait for it to arrive.
Recent Discoveries: I have been using a lot of Stila’s In the Garden palette lately, the sage and taupe shades are just bliss.

Weekend Plans: Our topsy turvy weather continues – after a 40 deg C day last Monday, we are now back in the depths of thunderstorms and cold weather. I even had my electric blanket on last night, it was so freezing.
Friday – I was up really early and at my son and DIL’s place, as Anika needed an ultrasound for some pain she has been experiencing in her tummy. She has an overactive thyroid that has been causing her problems as well. The kids were all really good and baby Harry is just a darling, so placid and easy to look after. Later on, I took them all out for lunch and they came back to our place. The incipent rain prevented us from going to a park.
Unfortunately, they have been given notice to leave the place they have been renting, as the owners wish to sell. They have only sixty days to find another home. This is going to be really tough for them.
So we all have been scouring the properties in the area and hoping we find something decent.

Saturday and Sunday – not sure what we will be doing, but it will probably involve having the family over for dinner on Sunday.

Reading: I always like physical books myself. My twin sister loves her audio books, but I just can’t get into it myself.

I just love baby pictures. We rescued our current beast at 3 yrs estimate so no baby pictures. Still a character.

I wish I had more baby Mellan photos! And I wish I kept high res ones but alas, those were the days of far more limited disk space, lol!

Yes Mellan was something I looked forward to every Friday and thank you for continuing to post his photos, my heart aches for you guys.
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing this week.
Weekend plans: It was my daughter’s 40th Birthday yesterday and even though we are not supposed to visit other households there was no way in hell that we were not going to see her on this birthday. We were safe, we all wore our masks and we just dropped off our gift and got snuggles from her dog and admired her new furniture and it was wonderful, I miss my kids! This weekend I’m helping my husband hooking up the last 2 of our security cameras we need to get the outdoor ones done before the Polar Vortex comes in the next week or so.
Do you like reading physical books or digital books or listening to audiobooks best?: I like physical books I also still have my Newspaper delivered every day I like my laptop but I still like my paper too!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I needed to buy a multipack of socks from Amazon last week and needed another item to hit free shipping, so I threw in a pressed compact of BellaPierre Autumn Glow mineral blush. The socks arrived Tuesday and the blush this afternoon.
Weekend plans: Not much of anything today, a long work day tomorrow, maybe some errands Sunday.
Do you like reading physical books or digital books or listening to audiobooks best?: Digital books are the form that most easily fits into my life right now, although I still try to squeeze in some physical books.

I didn’t mention it initially, but I also always loved seeing his photos weekly. It is nice to hear stories about him 🙂 I think telling stories about those we loved is a sacred element of love.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I got my order in from Jah Cosmetics (my favorite makeup artist) and can’t wait to use them!! I ordered some pigments, a pigment pot and also some Ronia brushes!
Weekend plans: Felt really depressed all day today so hoping I’ll feel better tomorrow. May look into making some homemade popcorn. Maybe go for a drive into the rural town above us (no traffic at all).
Do you like reading physical books or digital books or listening to audiobooks best?: I only really work holding an actual book.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I played with some eyeliner looks with a Nyx retractable pencil and gosh was it bad. It transferred all along my lower lash-line raccoon-style, and yet it took five attempts to wash it off my face with cleansing oil. I suppose it’s serviceable for a Gerard Way-type look, but I think I’ll be looking for something different in the future…

Weekend plans: Need to start prepping for a big work project I’m starting next week. Hopefully I can cozy up and watch some recorded shows as well.

Do you like reading physical books or digital books or listening to audiobooks best?: I love the feel/smell of physical books and it’s the most comfortable for my eyes as well. Digital is ok too, though I start to get a headache when I’m really hooked and reading for like six hours straight haha. I haven’t listened to an audiobook in years. I’d rather listen to a podcast or youtube video where I can zone out a bit without missing anything crucial.

Mellan looks cute there! I love beach pics.

Thanks for sharing this photo and story about puppy Mellan, Christine!

Purchases/Rediscoveries: Hudson’s Bay Co: Guerlain Meteorites in Pearl Glow.

Discoveries: Too Faced Damn Girl mascara (sample size) – it provides length on those days I’m too lazy to curl my lashes. Also trying YSL’s After Hours foundation (sample) – I find it quite cakey, so trying it again with moisturizer to thin it out.

Weekend Plans: The NHL has returned, so lots of hockey as well as the Green Bay Packers playoff game. Cleaning and organizing remains my focus. I finished organizing my makeup, sonar least that is pulled together. Now onto files and clothing.

Physical or audiobooks: I like physical books as I look at electronics for too much of the day but really enjoy hearing authors tell their stories. The format depends on the subject and author.

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