Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #583

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Products (new shades), NARS Air Matte Blush/Lip Colors
  • Weekend plans: The usual aka blogging 🙂
  • How is your 2021 going?: Good so far! Fingers crossed things continue on an upward trajectory.

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Recent Purchases: ND Mini Tropic palette, PMGL Interstellar Icon palette, and a cute little necklace that says “Earthling”.

Rediscoveries: TheBalm Will Powder Blush quad, and combining ND Triochrome and PMGL Celestial Divinity together is magic.

Weekend plans: We’re transitioning my three year old to a toddler bed, so that will be interesting. Preparing myself for lack of sleep this weekend lol. 😬😬😬

How is your 2021 going?: Okay so far. Getting back into work after the holidays and my FIL’s passing has sort of been a relief. After the events at the US Capitol on Wednesday, I’m feeling some anxiety about Jan. 19th.

I would be interested to read about how you like the Interstellar Icon quad Celesta – I have been really interested in that one – it’s so darned expensive here ($105) and hopefully, one day, PMG will put it on sale. A lovely combination of shades I think.

I think your little one will love his toddler bed – especially if you put in net sides so that he can’t fall out of the bed. Lachlan had to have sides in his bed because he would end up lying all over the place and could’ve easily fallen out.

I am not surprised you are feeling anxious about the Inauguration on the 19th of Jan, given what has happened in the Capitol this week. I am just surprised that the various police forces weren’t better prepared for this event. It was shocking scenes we saw here and it must have been terrifying for all those inside the building.

I didn’t even realize that it was FRIDAY. My province is in lockdown and the schools are closed until the end of this month and so every day seems pretty much the same as every other day!

Recent purchases: nothing this week; redisoveries: it’s still Nars Old Church Street duo; I’m surprised by how much I enjoy using it.

Weekend plans: nothing at all. I’ll try to work out at home (I have so little discipline!) and maybe try out some recipes in my new air fryer thingy (which I might have to return because the “proofing” setting doesn’t seem to do anything at all!)

2021 so far – not great, really. The horror of what happened the other day in DC, Washington and the seat of democracy being attacked by those refusing to accept the will of the people quite literally turned my stomach – I thought I was going to be sick. Prior to that, hubs was in hospital for 4 or 5 days; turned out not to be cardiac issues (he and his family have a history so we don’t play around with things that could be symptons) but then it turned out he’d been exposed to Covid 19 while in hospital and even though his umpteenth test came back negative, he still has to self-isolate until Jan. 12. Our older son might be leaving for Resolute in Nunavut toward the end of the month on a military training course (Arctic survival) and he really suffers in the cold so I’m hoping – and there is a real possibility because of the virus – that this will be scrubbed. So that’s the “low lights” so far!

Thanks, Christine. Hubs sees his cardiologist in a few days and that will be reassuring as the doctors in the hospital adjusted one or two of his meds and our pharmacist was concerned about the doses. I hope things in the US settle down but I – like many, I imagine – am concerned about what will happen in the next few weeks. I hope there can be a peaceful transfer of power so that the new administration can get on with dealing with all the wide-reaching troubles of the Pandemic.

***Strangely, I posted this reply earlier and kept getting an “error” message but then it seemed to turn up and yet now, it’s not here. Weird.

I am sending thoughts to all of your family, Mariella. It truly has been a hard few days, and adding health/pandemic/family stuff on top of that is just a lot to deal with. Keep being strong, because I bet you’re the glue holding everyone else together right now! 💜

When we were in our hard lockdown some months ago, everyone just about lost the plot over which day of the week it was because all days were the same. It’s really hard to keep up any sort of routine. For those parents who were doing the ‘at home’ learning, it was a nightmare – especially if they were supposed to be working as well.

I was overcome with shock and was appalled at how easy those protesters gained entrance to one of the hallowed seats of democracy in the US Capitol this week. How they rampaged through the building and desecrated it, showing contempt for the democratic process that heralds the nation. Just awful scenes.

I hope that your husband is getting better Mariella and that his Covid tests continue to come back negative. How scary for both of you and quite relieved that his symptons were not cardiac in origin. Self isolating is the best thing to do at this time. Do you have to isolate as well?
I am also hoping that your eldest son does not have to do his Arctic survival training at this point in time – although being in the military he probably needs to do this in case he is ever deployed in an Arctic environment. But it doesn’t sound like fun to me at all!
Especially if he feels the cold….
Best wishes Mariella and I hope all goes well in the next few weeks for you all.

Thanks for your good wishes, Genevieve. The “up side” if my son has to go is that he’ll get to see the Northern Lights and experience that almost 24 hours of darkness (and I can’t imagine how disorienting that must be – if I can’t keep track of what day of the week it is, imagine doing that with virtually no full daylight!). I think I’ll wait on the Lorac palette. If can get over the border this summer, I might get it but – I know this sounds almost sacrilegious – I’ve barely even touched my Xmas present of the Natasha Denona Glam palette. But I might try ordering it through Shoppers Drug Mart at some point. I do get excited when I look at the palette here but the excitement doesn’t last so I’m questioning whether I really either want or need it, if that makes sense.

Thanks, Rachel. My husband went for YET ANOTHER Covid test yesterday. He’s had a few headaches (we’ve all had them – being cooped up indoors is a factor I’m sure; I was talking to a friend of mine last night and she said she has frequent headaches too – I really think it’s lack of fresh air and sunshine) and has been glum and fretting, worrying that he might have the virus because of the incubation period. If this one comes back negative (please, please), I hope he’ll get over this recent obsession with his health, every single ache and pain, every headache being a sign of having caught the virus!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I am on a low-buy, so I am trying to take it slow, but I saw that the NYX High Glass Finishing Powder was half off at Ulta, so I snatched some up. I love a good, luminescent finishing powder, and I want to move away from Hourglass, so it felt right!

Weekend plans: Inaugural game night with my family tonight–a couple of years ago when my brother & nephew came to visit us in California, we played Monopoly and my husband slaughtered everyone and made my nephew cry! I think things are going to get competitive.

How is your 2021 going?: I got my hair cut because it was getting unbearable, and I feel super cute. Everything else is kind of a mixed bag, but I am keeping my chin up. I have finished one book already and I’m more than halfway through another one, so that bodes well for me on a deeply personal level.

Purchases: I bought shampoo. Living it up over here!

Weekend plans: Pretty much staying home except for our weekly takeout car picnic. We decided to run our errands yesterday afternoon to avoid the weekend crowds.

How has 2021 been so far? I mean, besides the stress of watching our capitol be overrun, we’re also dealing with a vet issue for Daisy, which started in 2020 but we’re finally getting it treated next week. I’m really tired and would just like a break from stressful events so I can focus on the stress of living through a global pandemic 😛 But on the other hand, I have switched to working part-time and am exploring my options for going back to school and setting up some side-hustles, so that has been very exciting. And my indoor herb garden is off to a good start. And my father-in-law sent us a generous Total Wine gift card so I added some goodies to my home bar. So it’s not ALL bad 🙂

Thanks, Christine. Hubs sees his cardiologist in a few days and that will be reassuring as the doctors in the hospital adjusted one or two of his meds and our pharmacist was concerned about the doses. I hope things in the US settle down but I – like many, I imagine – am concerned about what will happen in the next few weeks. I hope there can be a peaceful transfer of power so that the new administration can get on with dealing with all the wide-reaching troubles of the Pandemic.

Purchases/rediscoveries: Purchased some “basics” like Simple Face Wipes, Real Techniques beauty sponge 2-pack and Nyx Epic Eye Liner Pencil in Pitch Black. Here’s hoping that the Pitch Black eye pencil is as good at wear and application as the one by Smashbox, which I loved, but found that I was losing too much product every time I had to resharpen it.

Weekend Plans: Same old same old. Zoom meeting tomorrow morning at 10. Besides that, perhaps looking at some kitty cats in hopes of finding a truly special new fur child, maybe?

How is your 2021 going? Only been 8 days, but it’s okay, I guess. I’ve been feeling very depressed and nervous over things I’ve been seeing on the news this past few days. Makes me very worried about just where I’m living. On a more personal level, I’ve just been down in the dumps about a few things that still sting my heart.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new this week.

Weekend plans: The usual phone calls, long walks, groceries, cooking, tons of laundry, hoping to squeeze in a hike, maybe dropping off some shipments to Terracycle.

How is your 2021 going?: Same as 2020, absolutely nothing changed.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Tatcha The Liquid Silk Canvas, a promo size of UD Primer Potion, and my Sephora birthday gift of Moroccanoil minis.

I did not spend $1,000 at Sephora is 2020 but according to them I am Rouge through 2021. Has this happened to anyone else? They must have decided to extend everyone for another year but I never saw an announcement. I could understand them not saying anything during 2020 so as not to depress that end of year purchasing but I am surprised that nothing has been said officially.

Weekend plans: Zoom with friends and catching up on reading I need to do for an online American literature class that I am taking.

How is your 2021 going?: It seems to depend on the day, the hour, the minute we are talking about.

Look at the Muse’s blog. I got re-rouged and had >600 to go. I was sure it was an error. Ulta is extending time to make tier. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Awww what’s the matter Melon? Cute pampered pup!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I finally got an Alex 9 drawer to store my hefty makeup collection! I brought a 8ml of Roja Sweetie Aoud perfume and ordered PMG Crimson Couture lip stick set.

Weekend Plans: Today is my birthday!! I’m so excited to open my presents and have a chicken and rib dinner tonight. Wish I could go out but the virus and my bad hip is keeping me home. If I feel better I want to start storing some of my cluttered makeup.

How’s your 2021 going? For some weird reason I developed a hip Labrum tear so my holidays and birthday has been challenging due the pain and decreased mobility. The political chaos is maddening and Florida isn’t doing well with the virus. But I’m grateful for the blessing that I have and the possibility of more unity and stability in the USA.

Look at Mellon, with those beautiful eyes – it must be so hard to resist patting and cuddling him.

Recent Purchases: Well I would like to say that I’ve ordered the Lorac Noir palette,, but sadly no – not yet. But it is on my radar, so hopefull soon.
Still waiting for my MAC lipsticks to arrive too.

Recent Discoveries: Flower Beauty Gimme Gold palette, ND Glam – such a beautiful palette and Naked 3.

Weekend Plans: We are back to having a scorching hot weekend here. After the cool change hit last week we were in our winter woolies for a few days, but it has heated up now. Monday is scheduled to be 38 Degrees C.
My weekend will be spent doing some food shopping, laundry, a bit of cleaning and waiting out the heat reading and watching some TV. Not much else to do in the heat.

2021 – So far, so good. Even though this horrible, devasting virus is still lurking around, generally here in Melbourne it is being contained. I hope that the US, Europe and UK can reduce their numbers and that the promised vaccines work.
Saying some prayers for your nation (US) after this week’s devasting event in your capital.

Thank you for your supportive words and well wishes to the United States after the worst week I can ever remember. Wishing all the best to you and your fellow Australians. The whole world needs more positivity and thank you for yours.
Happy New Year

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I have a problem. I have been dedicated to a project pan for about 4 years. I have learned that an *almost* cleared out stash and a low-buy do not necessarily go together. 😳

So. I did purchase a couple things to replace items I had finished. Farmacy Honey Hydrating oil (an experiment), Peace Out acne dots (they work! They defy Maskne!) and Farmacy hand sanitizer. Also Babyganics foaming sanitizer and surface cleaner.

Also ( I know!) Davines: Volume mousse, and energizing serum (to replace the hair growth serum I finished)

Weekend plans: Writing reports. Dealing with mud. Planning an easy maintenance garden.

How is your 2021 going?: Dear hubby gets his 1 year post-cancer appointment next week. Sooo far so good. Hopefully we are still cancer free.

Find of the week: (independent small business)

I can buy Argan oil and marula oil very inexpensively….or rice bran oil….check out the formulary (if you can bake you will be excited)

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I used the Huda Desert Dusk palette yesterday for first time in a long while. The mattes still performed well but I couldn’t get ANY of the shimmery or peal ones to give off any pigmentation worth anything. Funny how things change, I really have better products that I love much more now. I ended up taking out a ColourPop Supershock to finish off the lid area 😛
Weekend plans: My brother is coming over and making us Mexican food with carnitas!
How is your 2021 going?: It feels all over the place honestly. But personally, I’m safe and healthy, and my family is safe and healthy so that is a giant plus.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My MAC Moon Masterpiece palette arrived and it’s so small and cute! The design is beautiful and I love the color assortment in it.

Weekend plans: My usual, work! My boyfriend has gone back home, so I think I’ll be able to focus better though I will miss him enormously.

How is your 2021 going?: So far, better than 2020. I really needed to spend time with my partner, because I have been much more resilient after the siege in Washington than I would have been if I had been in complete isolation. We are all dealing with a lot of uncertainty, but once there was a clear path to vaccination, I felt a lot of relief and have a lot of hope on that front. Full of gratitude for scientists and healthcare professionals.

Recent Purchases: Sydney Grace Chase Your Dreams Palette, using the Temptalia code and link, of course. Gorgeous!!! It’ll go so nicely with the Viseart Dark Edit, I think.

Weekend plans: Same old; same old. I might finally try to do my nails this weekend. I’ve been growing them out for a month or so, and (mostly) not biting them.

How is your 2021 going?: Pretty much like 2020 — Pretty sucky, but it could always be worse. I’m very disturbed by the horror of what happened in the Capitol. COVID is still rampant in my state and I’m super-high risk, so I’m pretty much home bound for God knows how much longer. Finances are getting tighter. My anxiety and blood pressure meds had to be increased due to stress, even though my blood sugar is where it should be and I’ve lost another 11 lbs.

Yet I have a place to live, there’s food on the table, we have health insurance, and we’re paying our bills, so I’ll thank God and the universe for that. Too many people in the US can’t say that right now.

Recent purchases/rediscoveries
I have purchased and received the following items:
Thrive cosmetics defying gravity eye cream( here’s hoping) and the eye brightner in Stella( champagne shimmer)
Bobbi Brown jelly pop in honey
I ordered but have not yet received the Rare Beauty cream blush in the neutral pink and a Girlactic jelly balm in camelia. I will let you know my thoughts when they arrive
Rediscovered a too face blush/bronzer duet that was part of a set gifted to my daughter in who’s your poppy and bronzer in chocolate soleil. Love the blush although I’ve been mainly using cream blushes due to dryness.
I forgot to mention the City Beauty sculpting cream that I began using this week( it’s the last step after serum and moisturizer) and I think it may be doing something. I remain hopeful
Weekend plans- pretty much the same as weekday plans as I am a retired educator. Reading, procrastinating getting up, cleaning, food shopping, food preparation and food consumption. Walking weather permitting. I have no complaints and am grateful for my health and my family.

Hi Christine. I’m not sure if anyone else had this problem or if it was me only, but I had to actually look for this Friday post. It isn’t included in my email from Temptalia. Thats never happened to me in all the years I’ve been reading your site. I thought I should mention it.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No new purchases, but I finally tried out my MAC lipstick in “Mull It Over” and I love it!

Weekend plans: My mom’s making deviled eggs. Yep, that’s about the biggest thing happening in my life right now

How is your 2021 going?: Honestly, it’s been going okay. With the vaccine slowly circulating I can start tentatively beginning to actually plan out when my life can start. My YouTube channel has actually been taking off a little due to a video I released in mid-December. But I slept in on Thursday and I woke up to what everyone else in the USA was seeing. While I’m saddened I can’t say I’m surprised. But the events have inspired me to recommit myself to keeping myself educated, because the people who stormed the capital on some level are just regular people who’ve been severely misled by bad actors

Recent Finds/Rediscovery: Chanel: Fleur de Printemps Blush/Highlighters.

Rediscovered: Chanel Stylo Ombre et Contour and Bobbi Brown Longwear cream shadow sticks. Particularly enjoyed the Chanel Metallic Flash and BB Gilded combination. I purposely kick off the new year using cream products.

Weekend Plans: Packing away the last tidbits of Christmas and cleaning up. Our cat was at the vet twice last week as he’s shying away from dry kibble (though not dry treats), so we’re keeping a close eye on him. Also trying to decompress from the sickening insurrection in Washington, DC this week.

How’s 2021 going? Up until last Wednesday, optimism mixed with the repititon of the day-to-day life in a pandemic.

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