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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Terra Moons eyeshadows, Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Creams
  • Weekend plans: The usual: blogging, catching up on writing out reviews, etc. I started doing some jigsaw puzzles as a way to break up my day a little over the last week (stress-reliever), so I’ll work on the one I have going at the moment here and there!
  • Do you have any year-end traditions?: Normally, my parents come visit the last week of the year (through the New Year), which has been the tradition since we moved to Arizona. With all that’s going on this year, they aren’t able to come (they’re actually locked down again!). I know I’m not alone in how I feel, but it’ll be a hard holiday without my family; this is the longest I’ve gone not seeing my parents ever. My mom sent us some masks and put in a note that said “you are loved” with a smiley heart with a mask on it, and I keep the note by my bed so I can see her handwriting every morning. I’m thankful they’re healthy and safe at home, just miss them terribly!

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Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: A few beautiful singles from Give Me Glow Cosmetics, and Iโ€™m planning on making a purchase from Clionadh once their site goes live this evening.

Rediscoveries: CoverGirl + Olay Advanced Radiance and Simply Ageless Foundations. Today I mixed them both with my Paulaโ€™s Choice Super Light Daily Wrinkle Defense Sunscreen and it is perfection.

Weekend plans: Wrapping presents and doing some cleaning.

Do you have any year-end traditions?: For the last five years, my family would come to my house on Christmas Eve, spent the night, and we would all spend Christmas Day together… thatโ€™s not happening this year with Covid, but Iโ€™m okay with it. With the very recent passing of my father in law, Iโ€™m just not in the headspace to host anyway. My mother in law, though, is coming to stay for Christmas Eve and Day. I know itโ€™s getting harder and harder for her as the holidays get closer, so we want to make sure that she is surrounded with love and has the great distraction of my three year old (her grandson has become her world). It will be a small, and sad, Christmas for us this year.

Genevieve Avatar

It’s going to be a difficult Christmas for you all, missing your father in law and with all the covid lockdowns happening. I am quite sure that your son will be a focus for your MIL’s love and affection and he will bring her great joy, as my grandchildren bring to me. Take care Celesta. Thinking of you.

Ana Maria Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new

Weekend plans: The usual grocery shopping, cleaning (I have tons of laundry pilling up), reading, phone calls. I hope to get hiking both Saturday and Sunday. I have to return a modem (switched Internet provider) and I don’t want to postpone it further more.

Do you have any year-end traditions?: My year end tradition is not to have traditions. ๐Ÿ˜… I’m not one that likes celebrations and decorations and traditions. I usually treat those days as regular days, sometimes taking advantage of other people celebrating to visit places usually busy / crowded.

Nancy T Avatar

Totally get how you’re feeling about the lack of in-person family contact. My daughter is an essential worker, a mgr in a grocery store, and also over 6 months pregnant. However, she is very nervous when it comes to physical contact with me due to my being on immunosuppressant meds. Very loving and considerate on her part, but missing out on this journey with her is beyond difficult!

Purchases/ rediscoveries: No purchases. And I cannot even think of whether or not I’ve rediscovered anything. It’s been a boring week.

Weekend Plans: Nothing but my Zoom meeting tomorrow. I’d love to get some laundry done, though.

Any end of year traditions? Nope, none! I do enjoy watching the ball drop, though, as it gives me a sense of closure. No year has been more deserving of getting booted out than this wretched one! So, why then am I feeling ever so apprehensive about 2021? Wish I could feel hopeful again, but this year left me with nothing more that a ratcheted up case of PTSD. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

Mariella Avatar

Purchases – nothing! Rediscoveries – one not so happy one: I decided to give Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again shadow another try on Sunday as I wasn’t doing anything where it mattered. I actually had to use Scotch tape to lift the glitter that had fallen under my eyes/onto my cheekbones because there was no other way to get rid of it (and that’s after using my finger, pressing/tapping, etc.) But the craziest thing is that I was STILL finding little bits of glitter in my lashes/under my lower lashes until WEDNESDAY!!! In other news, I’ve been enjoying using Chanel Blurry Grey Quad, MAC Legendary Black shadow and Guerlain’s Les Fumes quad this past week.

Weekend plans: baking, baking, baking (for the Christmas that may not happen), doing the last of the grocery shopping (for a big batch of chili as well as for the Christmas Day brunch and easy late lunch/early dinner and for our Christmas family meal on Boxing Day, all of which might also not happen) – we Canadians in general are pretty good at following the suggestions from public health and from our various levels of government (I’m actually fully expecting an announcement tonight that my area is going to enter into a full lockdown). I have training tomorrow morning as well and I want to cut out a jacket in matching fabric to a skirt I made a while back.

End of year traditions: I have a dear friend who is pretty much on her own and she has joined us for New Year’s Eve ever since my children were little and she always delighted in playing Sorry with them. If her area comes out of lockdown and mine doesn’t go into it, she will join us again (sans my children) and we will still play Sorry and drink champagne at midnight and then take a walk outside and around the block, just to “greet” the coming year (I’ll sure be happy to see the end of 2020 and I know I’m not alone!). Like I said the other day, every time I look at my Dior 5-pan Celebrate in Gold, with the “Happy 2020” message, I feel I’m being mocked!

Mariella Avatar

Whoooosh….and that whizzing sound you hear is the sound of Xmas and New Years gatherings zooming away. As of this coming Monday (the 21st) my area goes into the “grey” zone – an almost total lockdown. I actually think that since schools are now closed (and the 2 week break is very likely to be extended to the end of January), it IS the right time to do this and really knock the spread of the virus on the head. I am very disappointed but, heck, if this is the worst we have to put up with, it’s not all that bad if it achieves the desired results. Large fines are being brought in for those who violate the lockdown rules. My younger son and his g/f won’t be able to be here but my daughter and her husband might be able to come for a socially distanced walk along the Bruce Trail with us and I’ll pack up some Christmas dinner and their stockings and presents for them to take home with them. I caught the end of Dr. Phil the other day where 2 virtual guests were asking about how safe it was for them to hold Xmas family gatherings and he showed them, statistically, the risks for them in their geographic areas of the US if they hosted 5 people, then 10 people, then 25 people, etc. And after all that, both women said basically “oh, but we’ve been robbed of so many traditions; I think we’ll go ahead and hope for the best”. Is it any wonder that over 300,000 people in the US have died already, with mindsets like this?

Genevieve Avatar

I absolutely agree with you Mariella, this darned virus is so easy to spread and in the States they are now seeing the effects of the Thanksgiving celebrations that so many families had – with a spike in numbers. Our lockdown was the harshest in the world and it went on for over 11 weeks – but we nailed it.
In NSW they have had made cases from overseas travellers returning home and now their numbers are up. Strict border controls are back up and I think they need to have a stronger lockdown too.
I hope that you are able to meet up with your duaghter and her husband at some stage – even to just see each other and exchange gifts.
We are having the ‘full monty’ here for Christmas and I have just spent a very busy weekend getting the house in some sort of order (after being unwell for a week). Because our Christmas is celebrated in summer, thank goodness it’s not going to be a really hot day, salads are the go.
Best wishes Mariella.

Mariella Avatar

Genevieve, I’m sorry to hear you’ve not been well. If you’re anything like me (and a zillion others), even when you were ill, you were running though the dozens of things you needed/wanted to get done as soon as you were able to. Regarding travel, there was a report on the news tonight from London and the people they interviewed seemed to be mostly Canadians hoping to get home for Xmas and several were complaining, saying the timing was bad and they’d have appreciated a few more days notice of the travel lock downs that are happening. Seriously??? We’ve all been advised for months and months and months not to travel if at all avoidable. So if you can’t get back to Canada (or Portugal or the US), well, just tough it out. If you’re in the UK for work, you at least have some sort of home or home base and if you went there to take advantage of cheap flights and because you were bored and wanted to see London, well, you took your chances and now these are the consequences. Sorry, I’ve got such a head of steam built up over reckless or selfish behaviours that are causing our hospitals and our health care workers to be stretched beyond the max.

AJ Avatar

I wish I was as good at dozing as Mellan ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, puzzles have become one of my favorite ways to unwind, because I make sure to leave my phone far away so I don’t keep checking things.

Purchases: Nothing for me but I got my spouse a lip balm in a skull and a crystal nail file, to go in their stocking.

Weekend plans: Daisy is at the vet having her nose scoped, so depending on what the news is, that might change our plans… But currently the plan is that I have dance class tomorrow morning, and then a live music (online) dance party in the early evening. Sunday we’re going to go check out a drive-through cinnamon roll place and probably also get drinks from my new favorite boba place.

Year-end traditions: Sometimes we like to go out for a really nice (early) NYE dinner. But we always spend the bulk of the night at home because Daisy is soooo scared of loud noises. This year it’s going to be extra stressful because she has a disorder where she doesn’t make cortisol, which means the stress can cause her to crash. That said, her initial diagnosis was right before July 4th, so we got advice from the vet and she made it through that OK, so she should make it sure NYE. But our focus is going to be making her feel calm and loved, as much as possible. We’ll probably put something silly on the TV, wrap her up in a blanket, and squish her between us (her favorite).

AJ Avatar

Brenda, thank you for your kind wishes! It was so scary this summer before we discovered what was wrong with her. She had to have an emergency surgery and initially was recovering very well and then suddenly, she stopped eating. She developed pneumonia and she was in and out of the hospital for a month while we tried to figure out why she wasn’t eating and wasn’t recovering. Finally, one of the doctors noticed some weird results on her bloodwork and ordered the test for this specific disorder — they hadn’t thought of it before because normally it presents with shrunken adrenal glands and hers were actually slightly enlarged. Well sure enough the test came back positive, they gave her the treatment for the disorder and it was like a switch had been flipped — her appetite came roaring back and she became the happy, energetic dog we knew and loved.

On the day-to-day she is doing great (other than this nasal thing). Every time we take her to see her internal medicine specialist, who was the one who made the initial diagnosis, she is just amazed at how much better Daisy looks. So it’s only around 4th of July, NYE, and the rare thunderstorm that we have to worry about her. The doc said we might also have to worry about GOOD stress, like if we have a bunch of people over for a big party, but obviously that hasn’t been a worry with the pandemic ๐Ÿ˜‰

Genevieve Avatar

Look at gorgeous Mellon, sleeping under the Christmas Tree! He is the best present ever!

Recent Purchases: My CT The Rebel 2020 has arrived in time for Christmas, which is wonderful news for me.
Rediscoveries: Just Naked 1 and my Pixi Beauty Reflex Light palette.

Weekend Plans: On Friday it was my 44th Wedding Anniversary and we were able to go out for the day to a winery for lunch. Thankfully the weather was mild (it has been so hot this week) and we had a lovely day.
Saturday – I am going out with my eldest son David to go a buy some Christmas presents for Lachlan. He is really into building things and lots of toys for his age are actually too babyish for him. It’s been a hard one for his whole extended family. We are going to a speciality toy shop and hopefully will find what we are looking for there. We don’t have access to the wider range of toys in Aus as there are in the States. We don’t want to get him building kits designed for 8-10 year olds either. Hmm.
Sunday – a MASSIVE clean up for the house in preparation for Christmas Day. Since I have been sick (and a big thank you to those who wished me well last week), lots of big and little things have not been done.

Year end traditions: Usually we go out for New Years Eve dinner somewhere really nice and we are this year too. On New Years’ Day we generally have a BBQ at our place.
I am sorry to read Christine that you won’t be able to celebrate the end of the year with your parents. It must be so tough for you. I hope that they stay well and that your covid numbers reduce.

Genevieve Avatar

Thank you Shari, we had a lovely day and it was special because it was the first time we have been able to go out for lunch for a long time, due to the covid restrictions and everything. So it was nice on all fronts.

Genevieve Avatar

Yes, indeed it was. The wineries have just started to open and have extended their menus to cater for visitors who are now able to travel there (in the Yarra Valley) since lockdowns have eased. So it was especially nice.

brendacr1 Avatar

Mellan I could use a nap too!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I have a very small order that was supposed to be delivered yesterday from Sephora but it hasn’t made it here, the Post Office is probably overwhelmed I’m sure.
Weekend plans: Last weekend we went for a long drive to outlying small cities around ours and that was really nice. I’m thinking that maybe we could do that again. It is chinooking here so the weather is quite mild and my migraines are actually behaving and letting the meds work for a change.
Do you have any year-end traditions?: We usually get together with friends and have a party at someone’s house. This year we are going to spoil ourselves with elaborate meals of prime rib, crown rib pork roast, a turkey and anything else I can think of so we don’t think of missing our families. By this time next year it will be in the past and we will be toasting, hugging and seeing everyone’s smiles again!

Genevieve Avatar

It sounds like you have Christmas sorted Brenda! I hope the covid numbers in your area are reducing, instead of spiking, so that you can see some of your family.
It’s good news that your medication is starting to kick in and relieve your painful migraines. I hope that continues. Take care Brenda.

Mary Avatar

Mellon is adorable ..My Kitties would b all over that tree like tiny Tasmanian Devils and ornaments would be everywhere …
Christmas is quiet this year , with things in a quasi lockdown again , however I decorated the house and my husband strung lights outside so weโ€re making the best of it.

I discovered CT Hollywood Filter and I really love it also rediscovered my Marc Jacobs Eye conic Scandalust eye shadow palette one of my most loved .

Week end ? Giving my husband a haircut .and baking cookies.

Cat Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I received my first order from Clionadh and my first order from Terra Moon!
Weekend plans: Helping with a family emergency :S
Do you have any year-end traditions?: Making no new year’s resolution!

ShariP Avatar

Christine, I’m sorry you won’t be able to spend time with your family. My moms in a nursing home and we haven’t been able to visit since early March when our state locked down. Now she has covid.
No purchases and no discoveries. Haven’t even wore makeup this week. Weekend plans was to bake Christmas cookies with my sister in law, but I’m not up to it this year. Normally I take the week between Christmas and New Years off just to relax. This year I’ll be working.

Tracey E. Avatar

Shari, how frightening that your mom has covid. Sending strength for her recovery! My husband’s aunt is in a nursing home and she caught covid. Thankfully, her case was mild and she recovered.

Genevieve Avatar

Oh Shari – how awful that your mum is sick with covid! How is she going? No wonder you don’t feel the Christmas spirit so much – it’s certainly very dicey in many parts of the States and in Europe at the moment.
I hope that you will be able to take some time off work after NY for yourself.
Thinking of you at this difficult time.

Pearl Avatar

Purchases: Some backups of mascara, concealer and lipstick staples (Dare You, Craving, Creme in Your Coffee and a few from the Love Me and Powder Kiss formulas) from MAC during their sale(s) a few weeks ago.

Weekend Plans: Also puzzling, Christine! I am new to it as of a few months ago. I can only do my nails so many times in a week.

Year-end traditions: I volunteer to pass out meals at a few local centers. My family usually has a few parties but this year they will probably be virtual, if at all.

Kimberly Avatar

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I bought the Angelica Nyqvist bundle from Clionadh Cosmetics during their sale as a Christmas gift to myself. For rediscoveries I realized I specifically like the shimmering topcoats in the Morphe Icy Fantasy Artistry Palette. The mattes are pretty garbage by themselves, and it’s clear that they exist as dust for the topcoats to sit on top of

Weekend plans: I’ve started filming the declutter of my childhood closet. It’s going to take several separate days of filming since I can only film in the few precious hours between when my sister wakes up and when the sun goes down (ever since the school semester ended she’s become quite a night owl and our rooms are right across from each other)

Do you have any year-end traditions?: We usually have Christmas dinner with both my mom and dad’s side of the family at our house. That certainly is not happening this year. We’ve never done anything for New Year’s Eve as the turning of the lunar calendar has always been the official new year for the family

Tracey E. Avatar

Recent purchases: Cult Beauty (30% off): Westman Atelier blush stick in Chochette, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue, and Charlotte Tilbury The Air-Brush.
Aveda (25% off): Smooth Infusion straightening gloss and sample size Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Masque
Beautylish: Sonia G Keyaki brush set (my Christmas gift to me)
Celebrating empties: Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow and Magic Away Concealer

Weekend Plans: Stocking up on holiday coffee blends sold by a local coffee shop, sending a few Christmas cards, getting the last small gifts, and preparing a grocery list. On Christmas Day, we’re sharing dishes with a friend who, like us, is not traveling for the holidays.

Year-End Traditions: Usually we are home in Canada celebrating with our families and we won’t be doing that this year. It’s crushingly disappointing. On the upside, our cat has us home for the holidays. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m planning to watch the World Junior hockey tournament, which will feel a little like home. We often order Chinese food for dinner on New Year’s Eve so I might try to keep that as a tradition and there will be calls wishing family Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021!

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