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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Pat McGrath quads/lipsticks – my order arrived! Hurrah! I was nervous because it was in transit but no real updates and no scheduled delivery date… thought it might have gotten lost.
  • Weekend plans: Try to get ahead on writing reviews for the blog because next week is jam-packed with things I have to do that are outside of the site (but have to get done).
  • What was the last song you had on repeat?: Miley Cyrus – Heart of Glass (Blondie cover)

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Happy Monday! Kisses from Mellan 🥰

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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchase, but I am anticipating my Lisa Eldridge order! Added Chanel Soliel cream bronzer to panning project for winter….it really is nice even though Incan only use it half the year. Excited to try the expanded range.

Weekend plans: Ranch stuff. 😊

What was the last song you had on repeat?: Rise…..Sixx AM.

short YT of the week…Curbing stereotypes:
(Comment section priceless…)

Recipe of the week: But Cheaper- $2 Pasta

Recent Purchases: UD Stoned Vibes (as a replacement for UD Ultraviolet, still not really satisfied with it).

Rediscoveries: Mixing my Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream with the Paula’s Choice Super Light Daily Wrinkle Defense Sunscreen/Moisturizer. I love how it looks so much.

Weekend plans: Possibly a get together with my BFF? We shall see!

What was the last song you had on repeat?: In July by Sara Bareilles.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Innisfree order: Green Tea Hydrating Soft Balm, Green Tea Hydrating toner, Ginger & Honey Nourishing Emulsion, Apple Seed Refreshing Deep Cleansing Foam

Weekend plans: hang around the house as usual 🙂 maybe some cleaning & organizing.

What was the last song you had on repeat? I don’t really listen to music lol but I’ve had the Hamilton soundtrack stuck in my head a lot!

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nothing, beauty-wise. The new slipper socks I ordered did arrive. I’m hoping they will help keep my feet warm for dance practicing during the winter (our house has a raised foundation so the floor gets really cold). They seem like they’re pretty comfy and will stay in place well, the only issue will be that I won’t be able to do turns in them because they have a grippy bottom.

Maybe I should invent the perfect slipper sock for my fellow always-cold dancers.

Weekend plans: I have the last session of the online dance intensive I’ve been doing! Also, Seattle Restaurant Week starts on Sunday and some places are offering takeout deals, so we’ll get ourselves a nice dinner. Otherwise, mostly going to stay home, work on a jigsaw puzzle, maybe have an at-home movie night again. It’s going to be COLD, so it will be nice to stay inside and drink hot beverages and be cozy.

Last song I had on repeat: Mine is also a cover, Christina! I was listening to a cover of “Wicked Game” by The Rembetika Hipsters, because I was going to perform to it. I really loved the addition of Greek instrumentals and background vocals to the song.

This cover in particular is on an album called “Cover Art.” I haven’t explored the other songs on it, but they seem to be from a variety of artists.

Rembetiko (sometimes spelled rebetiko or other ways) music itself is pretty interesting. It’s urban Greek music from the late 19th century to around the 1950s. The themes can be really disparate: drugs, crime, violence, but also the typical themes of love and loss and such. One of the first rembetiko songs I heard was about the police taking a guy into a basement and beating him. Another song I liked the sound of, the title turned out to be a racial slur. So it’s a very mixed bag, but musically pretty beautiful, and you can find modern re-issues of some old recordings, if you like that old timey record sound.

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Oh AJ, I loved this rendition of Wicked Game – one of my all time favourite Chris Issack songs. The haunting Greek instruments add so much extra to this poignant song. This is the kind of music that I most enjoy.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No new purchases. I was in the mood for a matte look so I played with MR for a few days and found that Warm Taupe is a better crease shade than some of the warmer browns I was using.

Weekend plans: Early voting on Saturday. Maybe some cooking for the coming week.

What was the last song you had on repeat? Playing for Change YT video cover of the Grateful Dead’s Ripple.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new or rediscovered.

Weekend plans: My hair ends are so dry I actually started thinking I really need at least a trim (haven’t got a cut since February). Still debating if to book a haircut. Otherwise, same plans as usual, a long hike, chores, shopping, cooking, long calls with my mom, etc. I do hope to read a little bit more, I slacked in the past two weeks.

What was the last song you had on repeat?:
I barely listen to any music these days, nothing comes to mind.

I love seeing Mellan sniffing the plants and making sure everything is a-okay! 💙

Purchases/rediscoveries: Thanks to the sponsorship you had with Fenty, I was able to get my HG Profilt’r Hydrating Longwear Foundation for 35% off! Only $23! I appreciate this more than I can express, because this came at exactly the perfect time. I had very little left over from last winter, my coloring on my face has already faded from my staying indoors with Scunci more than before, then add the recent financial aspect to that, and yeah, perfect timing.

Weekend Plans: Zoom meeting tomorrow morning, laundry (tons!), and then on Sunday I bring my dear Scunci in for another round of steroids and antibiotics. Possibly his last or second to last. I can now easily visualize his tumor whenever he meows or yawns. It’s been so dang heartbreaking to watch him slowly declining. But he does still have a healthy appetite, uses his litter box and enjoys petting and cuddles, so I know it’s not quite time yet. Thing is, knowing what’s coming is wrecking my nerves. I hate that I’m losing him. 💔

What is the last song you had on repeat? Just been listening to the radio of late. There is one song I do love because it totally cracks me up (and boy do I need that!) : Llama In My Living Room!

Nancy ..I’m so sorry your going through this with Scunci …
It’s so heart heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet..
I’ve been through that a few times and it just never gets easier.

On top of everything else it’s also Mercury Retrograde until Nov 3rd which just throws a wrench in everything …
Take care of yourself..

Thank you, Mary. Cancer (or any other terminal illness) is so evil. And watching it make small changes every day is agonizing. This cat used to make 5-6 foot leaps through the air only 3-4 weeks ago. Not anymore. His tumor was largely invisible to me even a week ago. Now I can clearly see it when he opens his mouth. TBH, quick deaths may be traumatic, but they’re not lingering for months.
I’m so sorry that you had to go through this yourself. It’s so incredibly hard.

ShariP, this has become a waking nightmare. Because even though he’s not really exhibiting any signs of pain, I’m pretty sure he must be feeling it. That saddens me deeply. I give him kitty gabapentin, extra cuddles, groom his very long, luxurious coat for him with kitty wipes, but I can’t make him all better.

It breaks my heart to read about your beloved Scunci and how his tumor is so noticeable to you now. It’s good that he is still eating well and enjoying his friendship with you by his side. It’s so hard for you knowing what’s ahead. Thoughts and prayers to you.

Thanks Genevieve. It’s been a thorny journey. Today, I bring him back in to see his Vet for another round of steroids and antibiotics. Another $100 plus cab fare. Yet, I won’t have him put down when he’s still eating, showing interest in things, not bleeding from his tumor or anything else that would signal to me that he’s in distress or pain. I just cannot bear to rob Scunci of any precious time he may still have that is still quality life. Only catch is, his GoFundMe is dead in the water. Not sure why, but it just went kaput.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Purchases; Hanskin Pore Cleansing Balm AHA (love this, it is so wonderful for my dry skin and this is my third tub!), Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask (tis is my second tub of this as well, I love this, especially in the fall when the weather changes makes my skin a little flakey) and a couple of the Elf bite sized eye palettes.
Weekend plans: Working on the Scavenger Hunt list for my sons Halloween party the weekend after, 9 teenage boys! Also prepping some Halloween themed food for all those boys…..
What was the last song you had on repeat?: ‘If I were the Devil’ by Aaron Lewis

Organising food for 9 teenage boys! OMG Dannell, you are going to be chained to the kitchen. They eat like horses. I hope you can still have a BBQ ,if the weather where you live is not too cold at the moment.

Recent purchases/rediscoveries: purchases: I wanted to stock up on Embryolisse but the store was sold out (grrrr!). I did get some Cake Beauty body cream and a new shower cap! (exciting, no?) Rediscoveries: Algenist Luminizing Drops – who doesn’t need some brightening up these days? At the other end of the spectrum, Chanel Blurry Grey quadra.

Weekend plans: working out with my trainer tomorrow, then meeting my former trainer for coffee and so I can give her her birthday present and pay her for the FaceTime training we’re doing. My husband’s birthday is on Monday but I’m going to make him his birthday dinner on Sunday, just so I have a bit more time to prepare it. That’s about it.

The last song I had on repeat: The Yardbirds’ Heart Full of Soul. It was playing at my grocery store (they have GREAT music) and by the time I got home, I could not remember the blasted name of the song and, coincidentally, I had Blondie singing Heart of Glass in my car (well, she wasn’t there but the song was playing) and I knew the song I’d heard had “heart” in the title but all I could think of was Heart of Glass. It was driving me mad than then later that night, as I was getting ready for bed, totally unawares, I found myself humming Heart Full of Soul!

It was worse than that – I knew the name (though I thought it was the Kinks or Hollies rather than Yardbirds) – I knew it was Heart Full of Soul and thought “Yeah, I can remember that” and then, of course, Heart of Glass just pushed it right out of my head for about 8 hours and then it reappeared totally unbidden!

I hope your husband has a beautiful dinner for his birthday Mariella. it’s so hard when your birthday falls on a Monday – because here in Melbourne, most restaurants are shut (well, they’re all shut now anyway).
I think the Blurry Grey would be perfect for you – your kind of neutral smoky shades and now you need some places to wear it too.
A new shower cap! You crack me up! And it’s a lovely thought to give your personal trainer a birthday gift too. I am sure she will appreciate it.
My husban loved Blondie – hmm, I wonder why?

The weird thing, Genevieve, is that shower caps are becoming increasingly difficult to find. I guess a lot of people don’t use them and just wash their hair daily???? I don’t know but they’re much harder to find than in past and the one I got the other day is very weird….looks more like one of those scrub cap type head coverings that I think of as being very “Soviet” – in films and documentaries, women working in hospitals but also in cafeterias, restaurants, etc., seemed to wear this strange mix of cloche hat and shower cap (this one is elasticized only at the back and really does look a bit like some 20’s cloche hat; one problem is that I have both a large head and thick hair so this thing is waaaay too snug to get my hair into….)

I actually bought my mom a couple of shower caps from Dry Divas, and she really likes them–she is impressed that they actually hold up over time (they’re more costly upfront). I have one for when my hair is exceptionally long to the point whee when I put it up… it isn’t fully up unless I take the time to pin it.

You’re quite right about purchasing shower caps Mariella – I don’t see them here in the shops either. The only time I have seen one recently was when I was travelling with my son last year and the places that we stayed at often had one (which I used and found they were a blessing). They were more of the scrub cap type – use once and discard (for obvious reasons in a motel).

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity highlighter and concealer in LM13. I love both! New favorites.

Weekend plans: Distanced meet up in the park with a friend, watch a movie remotely with my beau (hopefully something with subtitles or costumes, and not a mob movie or documentary, ha!)

What was the last song you had on repeat?: YG – Swag, and Sofia Reta Corporation – Framboise (spooky witchy techno for the season)

Haul: Nothing this week although my first Clionadh order is suppose to arrive one day this week so I am excited about that. The second order is scheduled for a week or two from now so I was worried that I wouldn’t get the second order in time for my daughter’s Advent Calendar but the first order shipped actually turns out to be her order so it obviously is going to be here in time. She is going to so surprised. I also have several origami papers coming from France and Japan so I am excited about those.

Weekend Plans: Very little. We are getting our first valley snowfall as I speak. It is a pretty good amount for the first of the season. It won’t last, or at least it better not last since I still have things to do outside. I need to get my snow blower out and ready for use. I need to get my daughter’s snow tires up to her and get mine put on also. You are not suppose to put snow tires on until November 1st but my daughter has to go to and from work and she lives in an area that gets more snowfall so I might have to make the trip up and then try and convince some tire place to put them on for her. I am feeling that this winter may be long and hard and after mostly staying home for 10 months, winter feels ominous. I am worried about COVID here in Montana. We were not hit at all in the first wave. I think we had less than 100 cases and only 1 death until about a month ago and then the numbers started to escalate. We are so blessed to have had so few cases but being in such a red state, people don’t believe the virus is real and they are aggressively fighting any restrictions. It does no good to talk to them but I still try sometimes. I am not going to get into politics here but I am fearful everyday for my daughter and have decided that depending on how the election goes, I may force my daughter to move home for the next several months. She already gets some hassling because of her ethnicity and it is a constant fear for me.

Music on repeat: I would have to say that Queen’s Greatest Hits and Bonnie Raitt. Talk about eclectic.

I’m so sorry your daughter is facing issues because of her ethnicity. It boils my blood. Sending best wishes for her safety from bigots and COVID. ((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))

Thank you, Rachel. It is just a scary time for all of us. I am just praying until January 20th. That is really all I can do. My stress level is through the roof, though and I am sure it is that causing my hair to fall out faster than normal and I can’t afford to lose anymore hair. I should probably cut it off since it is down to my waist now. I know it is suppose to age you but I am having trouble cutting it off for some reason. I am not married to long hair but something is holding me back. If I could cut it off and glue it to my scalp, I would be there in a minute !

My heart goes out to your daughter. In August I was supposed to take a job cross-country in a conservative state, but with the political climate my parents were very against me going and rooming with strangers (the job ended up getting cancelled anyway), so my family can relate to your predicament. Stay strong and stay safe <3

Thank you, Kimberly. My daughter will be out of this red state come summer or early fall. Racism exists every where but at least there are more resources and a more balanced population ethnically, anyway. I appreciate the concern and I just have to keep praying that nothing happens before she can move.

How totally awful that in this day and age your daughter is getting hassled about her ethnicity. Honestly, who do these people think they are? No wonder you worry about her so much, I would too.
And as for the Covid deniers (don’t worry Deborah – they are alive and kicking in Melbourne too – one of them threw a flagpole into the head of a mounted police horse yesterday in a lockdown protest) – there are none so blind as those who refuse to see!

I feel like the whole world has gone crazy, to be honest. It is pervasive everywhere and it seems like it just started overnight, although I do think our politics here, sped the process up considerably. Thank you, Genevieve. You are always so thoughtful.

….I don’t want to get political here but when there is a President who consistently refers to “the China flu” and fans the flames of prejudice and racism….I just don’t understand. Here in Canada, we’re not immune and as a “non visible minority”, I hear plenty of hate speak. But the level of racial hatred and intolerance in the US is alarming. My heart goes out to your daughter, Deborah. When are people ever going to learn – we all smile in the same language and we all bleed the same colour blood…

I was raised in a very WASP environment and really didn’t have much interaction with minorities. There was a large Hispanic population but we lived in a private community and just didn’t have occasion to interact. The political strife of the 60’s opened my eyes and it was the first that my father had any real interaction with a minority population. It really biased him and that didn’t end until I met my husband and he got to know him. Then when my daughter was born, my father just fell in love with her and any lingering feelings went away in a puff of love. Growing up in that insulated society, I was woefully ignorant and when my husband told me about not being able to join the Boy Scouts or swim in the local pool, I didn’t believe him. It only took one trip to the south to see what he meant. I won’t go into any more depth than that but being an intelligent person and being a nurse, the concept that someone else has different blood running through their veins, or are unable to learn and contribute because of the color of their skin was just crazy talk to me. We all know that what makes a person’s skin lighter or darker is the amount of melanin in their skin and that is an adaptive response. Anyway, my daughter is American Indian, African American and just about every Scandinavian country with some Irish thrown in. Truly a Heinz 57 and she is proud of her multicultural background. She has never been scared before but she is now and when she was home last she had quite a crying spell about it and it broke my heart. 2021 cannot come soon enough for me. I don’t think one good thing has happened, in our family, in 2020.

Well, I guess things are quite different here and perhaps have been for a long time. I remember when I was a young kid (so late 50’s or early 60’s) my mom, my aunties, my cousin and I did a car trip from Toronto to Florida (we always went on crazy adventures like this and it gave my dad a break from the whirlwind that was our blended family). Anyway, we stopped at a snack bar and saw signs on the washrooms and water fountains and seating areas that said “White” and “Colored” and even the adults were shocked – we simply had never seen anything like this in Canada. And driving through the south and seeing shacks that people (Black people) lived in – absolute falling down shacks with wringer washers on the front porch. Visible minorities here have certainly experienced discrimination (and our history with First Nations is shameful) but it was never so out in the open, so acceptable, so “legal” as what we saw. It’s sad that there are people who think it would be okay to return to that sort of society. Your daughter has every reason to be proud of her rich heritage from all sides. I hope it’s not long til she and you don’t feel this sense of worry and dread.

Oh Mellon is the best! sniffing his plants….lol…

Latest purchase? My order of “Gisou Propolis Infused polishing primer “ for hair just arrived today from Sephora , I haven’t tried it yet , but will tomorrow.
I plan on purchasing the Channel Les Chaines D’or Holiday blush when it’s released and look forward to that.

Week end plans …playing with some new oil paint and creating a color chart.
and refreshing my hair color .

Music wise .
I always have on Max Richter. …I love anything he puts out.

Sweet Mellon, still checking out his backyard – which does look lovely and relaxing Christine. You and Shaun have done a really good job of it.

Recent Purchases: Waleeda Skin food to try, The Ordinary Moroccan Argon Oil, Neutragena Hydro Boost moisturiser and cleanser, La Roche Posay’s Sunscreen, haircare products, A’kin Sensitive skin moisturiser for day and night. Most of these are for my daughter in law.
Thank you to those who suggested plum taupe eyeshadows for my twin sister. I did end up getting her a Revlon quad in Precocious – she likes the Revlon formula. And a taupe shade from Nude by Nature.

Rediscoveries: I have been using ABH’s Sultry a lot this week. I have been hesitant to use it as the formula isn’t firmly pressed into the pans and I thought that I would hit pan pretty easily on my favourite shades – but I figured I have just got to use it.

Weekend Plans: It our football grand final this weekend. – AFL – not soccer. Because of Covid restrictions it is going to be held in Brisbane, not Melbourne as is the tradition. However, the annual cyclone/monsoon season has arrived early this year in the north of the country, so it may well rain. It’s been pouring rain here in Melbourne and quite humid too.
Saturday – the kids are over here today and my eldest son, a BIG lego fan, has put out his monorail train track in our lounge room and the kids are having a ball playing with it. We will have a BBQ tonight. The grand final will be played in the evening due to the heat in Brisbane.
Sunday – just shopping, cleaning and laundry.

Luckily I was able to GET MY HAIR done this week – and I feel so, so much better.
Hopefully more restrictions will be eased this week as our Covid numbers are going down. The situation in Europe is becoming quite dire and I hope every one here is OK.

What song do you have on replay: Delta Goodrem’s song “Touch” from her Child of the Universe album.

Woohoo! Both for being able to get your sister the perfect plummy taupe and for you being able to get your hair done, I know that must feel fantastic!

Thank you Nancy – I felt so great afterwards – I always go back to my original hair colour which is a bronzey, kind of red. My hairdresser mixes red, copper, brown and blonde into the mixture to get it right.

After not using the Sultry palette for quite some time, I picked it up and used 2 or 3 shades from it one day last week. It is a lovely palette. I guess because I’ve not used it too much, I’d not noticed an issue with the shadows not being firmly pressed (I’m guessing it’s the more glittery ones?) but you’re right – why not just use it and enjoy it for however long it lasts? There will always be another great palette to replace it by then.

Purchases: PMG Interstellar quad….love it.
Weekend Plans: Get out of the hospital hopefully. I’ve been here since Wednesday morning.
On repeat: I can’t remember the last song. I dont normally listen to much music. I like podcasts or audio books. I listen to the Dan Bongino Show every day though….does that count, lol.

Oh dear – I hope you’re out of hospital and with a clean bill of health very soon. I love audio books. Since the pandemic hit, they’ve been a real life-line to me (and I read somewhere that they’re one of the businesses experiencing a huge increase in business rather than the other way around).

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing bought, but still considering several things and working on purchase spacing.
Weekend plans: Quiet day at home today, work and groceries tomorrow, maybe some errands Sunday if they pop up.
What was the last song you had on repeat?: BTS-“Dynamite” and Ava Max-“Sweet but Psycho”.

Ilene- light skin, dark brown hair, dark green eyes
It is very hard when a pet is ill and I feel for you Nancy and what you are going through. It was 2 years this week that we had to put our 16.5 chihuahua down but we knew it was time when she couldn’t stand. It is heart breaking and so hard but you do what they need out of love.
It is disgustingly humid here in NY but will be much cooler tomorrow. Going to dinner later as it’s Restaurant Week. Hoping my hair doesn’t puff too much. I shall have nice eye makeup that my daughter does for me as I am “boring”. I will post what it ends up being later/tomorrow.
Be well and enjoy the weekend!

I am so, so, very envious that you get to have a Restaurant Week Ilene, as here in Melbourne Australia – our restaurants have virtually been closed since last March. They can only serve takeaway and it’s not the same.
I hate humid weather and sympathise with you and hope that it cools down quite a lot for you in the coming week.
You said it perfectly, Illene, about knowing when to put your pet down – it is out of love. And you have made that hard decision. My twin sister had to do the same for her pet cat and it was just so distraught a time.

Recent Purchases: I had some orders arrive while I was gone camping — Terra Moon Cosmetics Pressed Pan e/s in Red Giant (Breathtaking! I want to bathe in it.), Black Moon Cosmetics Urban Myth Palette, Fenty Cheeks Out Cream Blush in Cool Berry and Slip Shine Sheer Shiny Lipstick in Vamps Who Brunch, LORAC X Rachel Zoe Face and Body Diamond Dust, Sephora Hourglass birthday gift, Sephora point perk Nest fragrance in Sunkissed Hibiscus, Glamlite Veggie Lovers Pizza Slice Palette, Musee Beauty Impressionism Lip Glaze in Cossette; ColourPop That’s Taupe Palette (I love the snakeskin packaging, and it’s cheap enough if I replace a few dud shades from my singles stash, it’s no big deal) and Pressed Glitters in Santeria, Overpacked, IYKYK, and Tiny Nugget.

Rediscoveries: UD Born to Run Palette. I took it on our trip, as we did venture into a few little shops and a restaurant for my birthday dinner. Such a great palette for travel, though I definitely needed to bring some pale-person friendly crease shades for more variety. I remembered that Jet is one of the few black eyeshadows I really like. It really blends in perfectly with other shades to darken them up and is actually useful to me.

Weekend Plans: We got back from our camping vacation yesterday, so just getting back into the groove of real life. Unpacking from the trip, of course.

What was the last song you had on repeat?: Billie Eilish, “You Should See Me In a Crown.” I was really feeling it a couple weeks ago.

I am so glad that you had a wonderful camping trip and a beautiful birthday dinner. I hope the weather held up it’s end of the bargain for you and provided you with coolish sunshine (if that makes sense).
What a fabulous little haul you had to come back to Rachel – it must have made your day to see all those welcome parcels safe and sound in your hands.
Have fun playing with them and don’t do anything too strenuous, like lots of boughts of washing!

Thank you! My migraines started mitigating by my birthday, thank goodness, and I got a higher dose of prescription meds as back-up. The weather was unseasonably sunny and gorgeous, except for a storm cell that came in on our last day. We set home a little early because of it, but we didn’t mind. We slept in every day. We spent a lot of time outdoors, but hit a few shops that had no one or only a 1-2 people besides us. We ate at a favorite restaurant for my birthday dinner (Fortunately, our coastal towns are taking COVID very seriously. We found a great rock and mineral shop with the sweetest owner, and we talked with him for awhile, He gave us a great deal just because he liked us, The trip was exactly what we needed.

Oh, And yes it was great to come home to my packages. It kept the birthday feeling going. I tell you, though, I see more aging on my face in the last six months than in the last 10 years. I don’t know if that’s from being in the 50+ Age group, or just effects of 2020. Lol

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My best friend’s father is in the hospital so another close friend and I put together a care package for her consisting of some TonyMoly sheet masks, chocolate, and tea. No purchases for myself, but for rediscoveries I’m still loving my MAC Matte Lip Mousse in “My Better Half”. I’ve filmed two videos in a row with it now but I sheered it out in the second video so hopefully it’s not too noticeable

Weekend plans: I’m filming my final Preptober video this weekend about self care, so that means actually having to perform self care. I’ll be baking cookies and painting my nails, as well as showcasing my skincare routine

What was the last song you had on repeat?: “I’m Your Lighthouse” by Gamma Skies

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