Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #568

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those on low/no-buys!), chit chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Fenty Beauty holiday gloss/lipstick sets, Laura Mercier Cheek Palette, Farmacy Honey Halo, YSL Lipsticks/Glosses, Huda Beauty Haze Palettes, Clinique Cheek Pop Palette
  • Weekend plans: I did a ton of photographing/swatching yesterday, so I have to catch up on writing posts for the weekend.
  • Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa?: I like the spa (to an extent; I’m terrible at relaxing, so I like going for treatments but wouldn’t want to stay all day!), and the salon is more like a necessary evil most of the time — like the results but loathe all the time spent!

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Woke up at 5pst and stalked the Pat McGrath site so I could nab the Celestial Divinity palette. I was so sad last year that I overslept and missed the Star Wars palettes. Not this year! Redemption!

Same! So excited for this one! I didn’t wake up early for it, but it was still in stock when I finally remembered. Hopefully that means lots of availability for those that want it!

Recent purchases: Two Dior 5-pans – Jungle (so fabulous) and New Look (almost as fabulous). Honestly, I should not be let out alone near a makeup counter! I also picked up my Sephora birthday gift – the 2 small jars of Sol de Janeiro body creams. Rediscoveries: while waiting for Christine’s review of New Look, I pulled out Dior’s FEEL quint from a few years ago. It is such a lovely assortment.

Weekend plans: high maintenance friend is coming from out of town to go to my hairdresser and to buy a new sewing machine and she’s staying so no gym for me this weekend but a lot of driving around, cooking and keeping her occupied. So no gym for me this weekend!

Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa: I really like my hair stylist as a friend as well as for her cutting and colouring skills so, yes, I do really enjoy going and I’ve referred a lot of people (my dentist, the friend coming to stay this weekend and even a complete stranger who admired my hair while we were both at the deli counter!). I don’t do spa days (maybe I should) but I do love going for a pedicure and I’m long overdue for one but here, the process for booking an appointment, checking in, etc. is very involved (which is a good thing) and I just can’t get my head around it right now.

I hope your friend appreciates your efforts to ensure she has a lovely stay with you. It can be quite tiring to have someone who requires a lot of attention and fuss.
My hair stylist is a friend of mine as well – she use to live next door to us – very handy for getting my hair done. Then we both moved to larger homes on the other side of our estate – still within walking distance. I absolutely miss get my hair done by her.

Purchases: some Sydney Grace singles: Siren, Paris, The Ballet, Mythical, Apricot, and Dream Maker. Playing mainly to the dusty rose tones of my fall color sensibilities. Also an acne serum by DRMTLGY. After one use I noticed some results! Which I know is like a Sasquatch in skincare.

Weekend Plans: movie night online, socially-distanced picnic, catching up with friends, cleaning, painting. The usual. I may press the cat into a snuggle.

Enjoy salons/spas?: sort of. I get my hair cut as needed, but I’ve never really been to a spa. Every once in a while I’ll get a plain manicure.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: From my stash – Olaplex oil. I like it. I accidentally over-baked my hair in the flat-iron and the oil has been saving it. So far, this is the only Olaplex product I feel worth the hype/money.

Also! This documentary from Lisa Eldridge…her Vintage Makeup Collection. Awesome!

Weekend plans: Updating my Project Pan spreadsheet. Swapping out eyeshadows in the eyeshadow project. Probably cleaning etc.

Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa?: I love the results but hate the time it takes (even though I have found the best people! So it’s my problem not theirs). I try to as many stack appointments into one day as I can.

You really make me curious about that oil, as a person for which the binder from Olaplex didn’t work at all. ? Maybe because I am obsessed with hair oils.

Hi! I am a hair oil junkie… hair is 3b/c bit also fine and easily over-done by heavy products….its also tends to be dry and thick

3 oils I use with success (if it’s helpful)

1. Plain old rice bran oil (super cheap) which I use as an overnight mask before Wash Day
2. Olaplex oil which has something in it that really seems to improve the quality of my hair. I use it in the office to combat air conditioning
3. Davines Oi! Oil….I work a bit in my hair at night then braid and it’s lovely in the AM

Thank you for your suggestions, my hair is as fine and frizzy as it gets, but doesn’t have more than as weak wave. I love hair oils, but lightweight formulas.

My favorite oils are the Moroccanoil and Verb Ghost, although my hair also enjoys pure squalane oil as a pre-shampoo treatment.

Would love to have something that prevents frizzyness and dryness from air conditioning and wind.

Olaplex generally works for me but the frizz cream did nothing. I had a sample of the oil and found that it worked better than the cream but not better than other oils I have tried. Get a sample if you can before you commit to a fill bottle.

I was hoping to find a hair set sample with a mini.
I tried the #3, but almost ruined my hair. I found out that bonders are good only if your hair lacks protein. Mine has enough protein in the structure, and I caused over-proteinization by using the binder (or something, I don’t remember the exact term the hairdresser used), making my hair more brittle.

I also love the Olaplex oil and I was reticent about getting it because I know a lot of Olaplex products have pretty mixed reviews and their stuff is hardly cheap. But I LOVE the oil. I have thick, coarse hair and the oil is perfect for making it smoother and it’s great on the ends, where my hair is quite dry. Ana Maria – give it a try. It really is very good.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:
I made an order on the Clinique website, with what it’s probably my most repurchased item of all times, the Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. I received for free as a birthday gift the full size of the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, and got two minis with purchase, t Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips and the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+
My rediscovery is more of a type of product… I finished my foundation and started using the MAC Studio Fix foundation and rediscovered how much I like the finish and the longevity… it kind of makes me want to repurchase Double Wear once I finish it.

Weekend plans: I filled some boxes for Terracycle (one with Paula’s Choice product, multiple with other packagings for food, etc.) so I need to drop them off for shipping. Since I have to make that trip, probably I will get out “in the world” and also go to a MAC counter to drop some empties for Back to MAC (although I don’t need my free lipstick ?).
Otherwise, I hope to go for a hike in some redwoods, and the usual weekend chores and activities.

Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa?: Absolutely not. I find it almost stressful to sit in a salon or spa. I hate even when I have to cut my hair and sit there for 30-60 minutes; I just want the thing done and finishes as fast as possible. For me being active is more relaxing than sitting to enjoy a long cosmetic procedure. I’m also not a fan of the whole salon/spa experience, the music, the smells (I just don’t enjoy scented skincare, body care, candles), having to chit-chat or stay in awkward silence.

Recent Purchases: I usually line my lash lines with shadow however, every now and then I like to line my waterline. I have a brown I really like Ro(Cocoa) my Marc Jabobs. I LOVE Charlotte’s green but blue was so elusive. Either too dark or showed up too teal. So I found the Mama Bear of blues that is just right — Pat McGrath Blue Blitz. I wore it last night with a bronze eye with blue in the outer lid and bronze shadow on the lower lash line. Very nice. ND Glam Palette which I am going to redesign with the Bronze palette…hopefully this weekend

Recent Rediscoveries: Cat Cosmetics. I totally forgot this brand when I started getting into premade palettes. I used to hit pat and found an older palette. The whole ND crease fiasco naming (and like others…that crease shade doesn’t show up on me at all) made me decide to build my own basic kit so I got newer shadows to fill the case (that thing was over 10 years old!!). The shadows are excellent and I have a perfect customized kit with a shadows for crease, blending, base lid color, and brow. I find myself not having to pull out two or three palettes to get the basics. That, my foundation, mascara and contour stay out as my base stash.

Weekend plans: Hopefully clean my office and reorganize a section of my closet (I’m breaking this down in pieces). And drop off my glasses for repair. And cook. I have some beautiful lamb I got from Cotsco. I have some Mediterranean recipes I want to try it with. Cooking is such a zen time for me.

Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa? I’m kind of like Christine when it comes to relaxing. Especially when I’m working a lot. I enjoy a good pedicure and have my favorite place where it is more spa like vs assembly line. The owner keeps later hours. I wish I had a day spa closer as I really like steam and sauna rooms. I also wish I could find a good facialist. I have a good steamer and good products but sometimes it is nice to have a good professional one.

A Mediterranean lamb salad is in my weekend plans as well. With couscous, ripe heirloom tomatoes, sheep feta cheese, olives, a mint dressing.

Hope you’ll enjoy the lamb!

Purchases/rediscoveries: Another week of nothing but I’ve got to do my makeup tonight so I’m looking forward to remind myself of what’s in my stash.

Weekend plans: It’s supposed to be really rainy, so no fun outdoor stuff for us. Tonight I’ve got to film my piece for a virtual dance show. Tomorrow will be our monthly Target and Trader Joe’s errand run. I also have to get over to the bookstore to pick up my copy of the new Allie Brosch book. I think I’ll be doing a lot of reading this weekend because in addition to that book, I also recently received the recommended reading for the dance intensive I’ll be in next month. Plus, what’s better on a rainy weekend than curling up on the couch with a book and a cup of tea?

Do I like the salon and spa? I don’t go to either very often, but I enjoy it when I do, if I go with a friend. Some years back, a friend of ours became a stylist, so my spouse and I would schedule back-to-back hair appointments and just get to hang out and chat with her, that was always really fun. But she stopped cutting hair to become an engineer, and we moved to another state, and I don’t want to think about how long it’s been since I had a haircut, LOL.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No makeup. I am struggle with mask irritation so I have decided to stop using actives for a bit, which led me to buy a whole bunch of new skin care: Kate Somerville KXActive Concentrates Omegas + Ceramindes Barrier Defense Serum from Ulta on sale; two tubes of Purito Centella Green Level Safe Sun Unscented from YesStyle (ordered three weeks ago but arrived Wednesday); another tube of same plus a tube of the Comfy Water Sun Block and the Dermide Cica Barrier Sleeping Pack from my local Asian beauty store which has managed to stay open even though you can’t enter the store. I am still waiting for my Clionadh order promised for September. I want it!

Weekend plans: I am visiting a friend with a country house. We will just chill.

Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa?: It depends. I enjoy my current hair salon but it is the first one I have enjoyed in a long time. I also like my day spa where I get massages and pedicures (because the foot and leg massage is worth the price of the pedi) but I fear it will not reopen. Generally though I find salons really tedious to be in.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Fenty Beauty sunscreen (love the packaging, texture and appearance, but I do find that I need to layer it with additional moisture. It’s for midday application in my sunny apartment); Charlotte Tilbury Look in a Palette – Gorgeous, Glowing Beauty (I’ve been using it everyday and already wore away the letters, the colors suit me well and I love the formula); COVER FX Warm Honey – Monochromatic Blush Duo (beautiful for summer/fall); Pat McGrath – Celestial Divinity Mthrshp Mega Palette (can’t wait!)

Weekend plans: Plan out some new recipes to try

Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa?: I had an incredible experience at a Korean spa in New Jersey with my friend. It was like going to a spa theme park/vacation! I really hope bathhouse culture exists in some form in the future. I like the idea of massages, but have had a couple of unimpressive ones with too little pressure and weird soundtracks/overpowering scents. My new ergonomic chair and sit/stand desk have helped a ton with my back pain. I’m interested in trying facial threading using hyaluronic acid (need to do a lot more research). For hair salons — I really love Japanese hair salons because they are used to working with Asian hair, I can practice Japanese, and they make you feel pampered with a snack and beverage. I also love getting stylist’s opinions on new styles. I’ve never gotten my nails done and find the upkeep too much trouble to go beyond general hygiene.

New goodies, Mom! ?

Purchases/rediscoveries: No purchases, and I don’t even think I wore makeup much this week.
Did rediscover the joy found in using my Natasha Denona Sunrise Palette with UD Night King 24/7 pencil.

Weekend Plans: Enjoy whatever little time is left with my beloved Scunci. We just returned from his Veterinarian’s office. He does have an aggressive cancerous tumor of his mouth and jaw, not periodontitis. His prognosis is poor. 2-3 months at best. It’s eaten away a large portion of his left lower jaw, is under his tongue, too. I’m shook to my core even though I knew deep down that this is what it was. My gut knew, my heart refuses to hear it. I’m truly heartbroken. If anyone would like to see his GoFundMe page with the details of what’s happening with him, my webpage is linked by my name. There is a surgery, but it would be costly, deforming and only give him another year before it would return again. I wouldn’t want anyone to put me through that, so I don’t think I could do this to my sweet Bubby Cat. I’m crushed inside. I wish there was something more I could do for him beyond steroid shots and antibiotics that just keep him comfortable.

Do I like the spa or salon?: Not really, but I sure could use it right about now. My hair looks wretched. It needs a professional to cut it into a style that’s easy for me to manage, and yet still look good. Seems like I always just wrap it up into a high bun or ponytail.

Nancy, I’m sorry to hear about Scunci’s prognosis but he’s lucky to be beloved of someone who cares for him so much. A friend/neighbour who is a feline veterinary specialist is not a big fan of treating cancers in cats. Liz says it’s very hard on them and actually tends to benefit the vet more than the pet (she’s not especially popular with some of her fellow vets). Her approach (perhaps with different types of cancer, though) is to put them on steroids and for 6 months or so, they’re like lively kittens again and then when the quality of life is gone for them, do the loving thing and end their suffering. She’s detailed how difficult it is to get blood from a cat, to get an IV line and meds into a cat and how stressful it is for them. You ARE doing the right thing!

Exactly the problem with treating cancer in cats, Mariella, they don’t do well with chemo and invasive treatments as well as do dogs for some reason. Much more difficult to treat. And oral cancer in cats is a particularly wicked beast of a disease with how quickly and aggressively it spreads. I believe your Vet friend is treating cats as humanely and dignified as is possible for these mini lions! I’m trying to get through this doing the same for him. I’ll let myself fall apart when it’s all over, though.

I’m so sorry Nancy. My heart grieves for you and Scrunci. Our pets wrap their little paws around our hearts and it’s beyond devastating to see them sick or hurting. You are in my prayers.

I am so sorry, Nancy. We lost a wonderful rescue cat, Lyra, to cancer a few years ago and it was so unbelievably difficult. I donated a little to Scunci’s GFM, and I wish it could’ve been more. You two will be in my thoughts.

Thank you for helping him out, Stephanie. I appreciate it more than you know. That you went through this same thing with your little Lyra makes me know that you understand what I’m feeling.

Oh Nancy, I’m so sorry to hear the diagnosis from the vet appointment. Now you know what you’re dealing with, as devastating as it is. I think you’re taking the most loving approach given the options. Sending hugs and pats to you and Scunci!!

I’m very sorry to hear about Scunci. I really admire the empathy and wisdom of your thought process of how you’ve decided to proceed. He is lucky to have an owner who loves him so much.

Nancy, I just read this and I’m so sorry about Scunci. I was really hoping that his heart issues would resolve when his oral issues had been treated but never would I have dreamed it would be cancer. How heartbreaking.

I agree with your feelings in not putting Scunci through the surgery, especially based on his age and the fact that it would be deforming and not give him much time. When we learned that our older cat had a stomach tumor, we knew right away that we couldn’t put him through the treatments and surgeries. As it was, he hated going to the vet and would get quite stressed and scared every time, plus he was never a good patient when we had to give him any medications at home. We just knew that had we chosen otherwise, it would have been more selfish for ourselves and not for his needs. There were certain activities he loved, and he loved being with us, and neither of those things would have been pleasurable to him if he continued to be in pain on top of going through consultations and surgeries.

I know you’ll treasure your time with Scunci and my thoughts will be with you and him.

I was too, Kitty. I knew the truth in the very back of my mind, but still couldn’t come to grips with it. This confirmation of my worst fears yesterday has absolutely stunned me anyway. I feel like this is all just some terrible bad dream, and that he’ll surprise us all with it just being gum disease… except for the fact that I saw the evidence on the x-rays and Dr.’s photo of underneath his little tongue. That’s my reality check. Instead of crying, I’m feeling a horrible numbness and disbelief. I’d rather let the tears fall and let go of my usual survivalist stoicism.

I’m so sorry that you yourself have gone through this tragic dilemma of having to choose to do the right thing, even though it’s the most painful thing. They really do have our hearts entwined around their little paws, don’t they though? Just like ShariP said above.

I will cherish every moment of time I have with my funny, adorable, majestic affectionately named “Sink Beast” “The Fabulous Scunccini” “Loafy Lump of Love” “Phloofball-goofball”. ?

I am so, so sorry to read about your beloved cat’s diagnosis. How awful for both of you Nancy. I know how much he means to you. He must have been in quite some pain. I think you are making the right decisions here, for his overall wellbeing.
Sending lots of love and hugs your way.

Genevieve, thank you. Yes, this is a very difficult to deal with situation. I’m just going to continue to try to do right by him all the way to the end. Oddly though, even the Vet was quite surprised by how “normal” Scunci is behaving, he’s not exhibiting any signs of pain yet. But he will. And it will require more kitty “morphine”, Buprenorphine, and very soft puree food. Oddly, his jaw x-rays show that the entire left lower jaw is “mothy” on the image, but he’s still eating!

Recent Purchases: I bit the bullet and bought the PMGL Mega MTHRSHP. I missed out on the SW release and I’m SO happy that those shades are in the palette. That is my last makeup purchase for myself for the rest of the year. Time to focus on Christmas gift planning (I start early).

Rediscoveries: My ND Metropolis palette (a lovely palette for fall) and Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne blush palette.

Weekend plans: Some cleaning and hanging out with my son.

Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa? I enjoy going to my salon to get my hair cut; my stylist is a sweetheart and it always relaxes me whenever someone plays with my hair. As far as a spa goes, it’s been YEARS (literally a couple of days before my wedding day, almost 7 years ago) since I’ve been. I used to live in a city where there was a nice spa down the road from me that I went to occasionally, but there’s no such spa in the city I live in now. All the spas in my area have horrible reviews and I’ve heard a lot of negative experiences from friends.

How is the Beauty Bakerie blush palette? I have their Eyelash Icing and LOVE it for a natural to medium drama everyday mascara. It wears so beautifully and I love the shape of the wand.

Blue, it’s LOVELY! But that is only if you like really glowy blushes. That said, they go on really smooth and evenly and build beautifully. You don’t need a highlight at all if you wear them.

No treats in the box for doggies Mellan!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Lise Watier Sun Smart UV Shield Spf 30, Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pore-Tight Toner and Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops.
Weekend plans: We are going to tour our Daughter and Son-in-law’s new home, hopefully they will have the counter tops and tiles in.
Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa?: My nails are so weak they won’t grow very long so I usually have solar nails done every three weeks, until Covid hit. I also used to have spray tans, eyelash lifts and pedicures done before we went on vacations, that also went out the window with Covid. I have done my own fake tan that has turned out pretty good, my nails are another matter though. So yes I miss my pampering and I don’t know if my salon will survive through this pandemic.

Dear Mellon – like a little kid, searching in the boxes for something for him.

Recent Purchases: Nada this week, still waiting for my PMG and ND purchases to arrive. It will make my day when they come.

Rediscoveries: Pixi Beauty Reflex Light palette, Milani’s Tuscan Toast lipstick. I used both this week and they are still lovely.

Weekend Plans: Under the ‘care and compassion rules’ of our still very strict Stage 3B lockdown (no shops open and NO hairdressers), we had our two eldest grandchildren over this week a lot, so mum and dad could rest from their nights of hardly any sleep due to Harry. He’s had a hiccup in that he seems to be lactose intolerant, so Anika has eliminated dairy from her diet and that has done the trick. He is sleeping more peacefully now and doesn’t have the huge tummy pains that upset him so much.
Lachlan played very happily with our huge tub of lego and castles and Olivia enjoyed the craft activities I had prepared for her, plus her collection of horses and stables. So this weekend is about cleaning up…

Do you enjoy going to a salon/spa? I have never gone to a spa and I don’t think I will – it’s just not for me. But a salon? My goodness, I would sell my soul to get to a hairdresser at the moment. My hair looks awful and I cannot wait. The trouble is that when restrictions on hairdressers are lifted, it will be very limited numbers and It will be a long, long time before I can get in – my hairdresser, who works from home, can only fit me in on Nov. 10th……she is so booked out. OMG.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Bought the WnW MegaLast black lipstick that’s in the Halloween section and I don’t like it. The only other beauty purchase was some satin-y skinny scrunchies.

Weekend plans: Deep clean the kitchen, make soap & lotion bars, take pics for etsy

Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa?: No. I have social anxiety and lots of trauma, which means I don’t like being touched. I have anxiety, so I would love a massage, but I cannot let a stranger touch me. My husband does do it sometimes and it is nice though. Even getting a haircut is rough, but I do love the hair washing part. If I could just get someone with kinda long nails to wash my hair everyday I’d be in heaven.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I ordered the Dior Denim quint as part of the Sephora 15% promo. I am a sucker for the teals. The Bay also had a VIP promo (10% off) so I bought the Dior Capture Totale skin care sampler set and a lip gloss Diorama. That purchase also included a free makeup brush bag/pouch. Still haven’t received that part of my order. Aveda has a 20% off promo and Rakuten had a 6% cashback promo so bought some shampoo and conditioner. I am set for the next few months. Nothing much in terms of rediscoveries – I may pull out some more of the fall palettes I have.

Weekend Plans: The usual. Laundry, cleaning, yardwork. Visiting my cousin to pick up some apples and stuff from her garden. Send my sister an email or call her. My furry nephew was diagnosed with doggie dementia and it’s pretty rough for her and her husband.

Salon or spa? I really haven’t gone to too many spas. Did the mani/pedi once. It was okay. The salon is a necessary evil and sometimes I like going, sometimes I don’t. I’m not always a chatty small talk type person. What I do enjoy is having someone else wash my hair for me once in a while, along with a good scalp massage.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I went hard last week and am trying to cool it on the spending again. I’m trying to shop my stash more and have rediscovered MAC P for Potent lipstick and Shroud Arcana palette.

Weekend plans: Gear up for school next week! I have reading and should start learning to code too. ???

Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa?: I’m too stingy and DIY for treatments except a very rare massage, but I love going to spas for pools and saunas. Before COVID I loved to go to an all gender swimsuit spa in town. I really hope they reopen!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Lorac Vintage Vixen palette! It performed so well on me today!!
Weekend plans: I’ve been thinking about french fries for days so I’m going to get french fries!!
Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa?: I’ve gotten one facial in my life and I enjoyed it! I only go to the salon (if we mean hair salon?) like once every two years hahaha.

Recent Haul : I bought a MAC Foiled shadow in Tide n Seek. And a MAC clear lipglass for my daughter during the 21 Days of Beauty

Rediscovery: I’ve pulled out Tarte Exposed. Haven’t worn that in ages. I’ve been using Clinique Nude Pop for so long, I’ve neglected most other blushes!

Weekend plans: It’s in the 70s so I will be outside since it’s cooling down next week. I’m happy it’s getting cooler but I want to enjoy the warmth too?

I actually dislike salons. It’s like going to the dentist for me. I hate the small talk when someone else has the power to ruin my hair. Very anxiety inducing!!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases, but I did rediscover my Colourpop Lux Lipstick in “Fred” from the Safiya Nygaard collab. It’s a little bit more matte than the typical Crème Lux formula but I can see why it’s not matte and drying enough for Colourpop to label it a Matte Lux. My mom also complimented my lipstick the day I wore it and considering my mom usually hates when I wear makeup that’s high praise

Weekend plans: Dropping off food for my grandmother. We’ve been making sure she’s eating regularly but I think for the most part she wants to grieve alone. She’d been taking care of my grandfather 24/7 for the last few months of his life and hasn’t had any time to herself until now. So we’re dropping off some take-out food for her as well as groceries. Also this weekend I’m babysitting my cousin, we’re gonna play Animal Crossing

Do you enjoy going to the salon and/or spa?: I’ve been getting my hair done at a Japanese salon for years, but my stylist is booked solid since hairdressers have only just been allowed to reopen in my area. As for spas, I honestly don’t remember if I enjoy spas because the last time I went to one was about 15 years for a friend’s birthday party

Haul: No hail for 2-3 weeks now. Saving up for holiday releases on Oct 1 and Wayne Goss blush release on Sept 29.

Weekend Plans: We have been in our new home for one full week. We’ve done a lot of unpacking but boxes are still everywhere. Plans this weekend include buying a hood for above the stove, watching NHL playoff games, and cleaning our old apartment so we can hand in our keys this week.

Spa/salon: I tend to go to small businesses for a manicure and pedicure, massage, and hair cut and colour services. I would love to have a facial but one that leans towards dermatology vs. what may be offered in typical spas. These days, I have no interest in venturing into a spa or having spa-like services.

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