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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Charlotte Tilbury Walk of No Shame Blush, Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Highlighter and Pencils
  • Weekend plans: Hubby had one of his surgeries (insurance denied the second one the day before it was scheduled, sigh, so we have to go through all the preparation again later on), and he did have to stay overnight the hospital, which was awful for him (he did not sleep at all). He’s home now and recovering, and hopefully, that goes well and post-op testing will go well. I’m hoping my back will heal up in the next week so I can get back on track with photos/swatches so I can stay slightly ahead and focus on hubby and dealing with insurance.
  • What are you looking forward to in September?: I’m glad one of hubby’s surgeries occurred and went OK, but the remainder of the month will now be a lot more stressful and anxiety-inducing than I was hoping for and likely will continue in that vein for the rest of the year.

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Kitty Avatar

I’m sorry to hear that your husband’s second surgery approval was denied at the last minute like that. It’s bad enough having to go through the surgery, especially during Covid with the additional testing before surgery, hospital protocols, etc. I hope he heals nicely and that you’re able to resolve the insurance issues soon.

No recent purchases or rediscoveries.

Weekend plans: not much different from any other day. I’ll be making pizza on Saturday, which is always a bit time consuming because I make my own crust. But it’s worth it!

September: we were going to go to New Orleans, but now we’ve no travel plans at this time. Not much to look forward to at all, unfortunately. We live in a “blue state” so may drive to another state where there are things to see and do.

AJ Avatar

Christine, I am sorry insurance is giving your husband the run-around 🙁 How incredibly stressful to have a surgery canceled on such short notice! I hope that he recovers well from the procedure he did have.

Purchases: My Nocturnal Nirvana quad arrived yesterday. It’s so pretty! I also received my order from my friend’s company, Little and Grim. Got a vial of scent for my spouse, a soap for myself, and also a skull-patterned face mask for all my spooky-season errand running.

Weekend plans: I am treating myself to a looooong weekend. I took off early yesterday to take Daisy to the vet for her monthly specialty visit (she’s doing great!). I have off work today, Monday for the holiday, and then I took off Tuesday as well. Not going anywhere, just wanted a few days off since I have not had a proper vacation since February (had lots of time off when Daisy was sick but that was the opposite of relaxing!).
Current plans:
-Today, my spouse will hopefully take a half-day and we’ll mask up and go to a local bookstore for the first time since March.
-Tomorrow we’ll go out and pick up some cider, restock our bourbon, and pick up some ice cream. Daisy will come along because the two booze businesses are dog-friendly and the ice cream has a pickup window (last time the cashier loved Daisy so much that we got a free pint and Daisy got a baggie of broken waffle cones). Maybe get some takeout and have a car picnic?
-Sunday I think we’ll stay home and do some yard work.
-Monday we’ll go visit friends and play games on their porch. Daisy gets to come along for that, too. She is living her best doggie life during the pandemic.
-Tuesday I will probably split between relaxation and chores. Maybe take Daisy for a nice long walk in the morning before it gets hot (next week is looking like summer’s last hurrah).

What am I looking forward to in September? Mostly this long weekend 😉 Also I started a 5-week class on Weds that is about cultivating creativity in dance. I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired so I am hoping this will help. And I just finished the Seattle Public Library Book Bingo (also on Wednesday), so I will be catching up on some books that came out during the summer and didn’t fit into any bingo boxes.

AJ Avatar

Oh that is nice! My spouse’s company has done a few of those this year too, but I don’t think they’re doing anything for this holiday weekend.

I think it’s really important for people to take some mental health days. With travel and major events off the table, it’s so easy to just workworkwork without taking time off unless you have to.

AJ Avatar

Oh you know it! After being disappointed that we did not share our chicken with her during our car picnic, she greatly enjoyed walking around town to pick things up, and briefly going into a dog-friendly store where the owner fawned over her and gave her treats. Lots of people on the street told her how cute she was. She LIVES for attention. It was a lot of walking for her short little legs, too, so she slept very well last night, LOL.

Nancy T Avatar

Christine, I’m so sorry to hear that your husband wasn’t able to get the 2nd surgery due to insurance snafus. That totally sucks! It shouldn’t be this way. Hopefully, he recovers well from this one with no hiccups. Hopefully your back feels better soon, too!

Purchases/rediscoveries: Almost all necessities. Repurchased Inkey List Caffeine Eye Cream, Jack Black Lip Balm in Shea Butter, KVD Tattoo Eyeliner in Trooper (now that she’s no longer involved in the company, I feel okay to finally try this liner), 2 Sephora Lip Cream Stains in Blaze If Glory and Vintage Rosewood, because masks. Even if no one else sees it, lipstick just makes me feel put together. Also had to replace my one & only tightline pencil in Smashbox Fishnet Always On Eye Pencil. One actual “treat”, PML Lavish Luxetrance Lipstick. I cannot understand why Mother Pat is DC’ing this wonderful lipstick formula! It’s a shame that I haven’t been able to locate even ONE tube of She’s Heaven anywhere. Lavish is close enough in tone, anyway.

Weekend Plans: The damnable inferno is back, so not as much as I’d like. Meeting tomorrow via Zoom. Try to get a ride from my son to buy my hair dye, pick up scripts, and a few odds and ends at the food store.

What are you looking forward to in September? Getting my beloved Scunci’s surgery over with. I’m so frightened, though. Anesthesia on a 15½ y.o. kitty who has a heart murmur. Them performing a biopsy for possible oral cancer truly terrifies me because there isn’t much that they can do for it that wouldn’t leave him disfigured and having to be tube fed. I already know that I refuse to put my dear baby through that. So, I suppose the only thing I can look forward to is a clean bill of health for Scunci aka Sinkbeast. Oh, and hopefully more rain, too!

Tracey E. Avatar

Fingers and paws crossed that Scunci has a successful surgery and biopsy with no cancer resulting. We had a cat that developed oral cancer and it’s a tough go even with a cat with a calm disposition. I wouldn’t put our current cat through it. Thinking of you, Nancy!

Tracey E. Avatar

Hi Nancy, we had some unique circumstances with our cat. He had cancer of the tongue and through relationships between the University of WI Veterinarian Care department and the same in Ft Collins, CO, he was accepted into a clinical trial studying the use of multi-point radiation (the kind used on humans) on feline oral cancer. Our cat did well for quite a while but ultimately passed away, partly due to effects of the radiation. His condition led to a feeding tube and administration of water under his skin but he was a really easy going cat who maintained a good quality of life, and only deteriorated at the very end. We knew what we were getting into and the quality of life it would give him if he were accepted into the clinical trial. Oral cancer is a terrible but well known disease in cats. I would not put our current cat through that given his temperament. Thinking of you and Scunci and hoping for a good outcome!

Nancy T Avatar

Tracey, I applaud your courage for allowing them to see whether the multi-point radiation treatment could or would work on feline oral cancer. You and every other participant. Due to what I’ve witnessed happen to my adoptive father when he was treated with radiation before surgery for throat cancer, I have made up my mind that I will likely only permit it if the cancer is in its earliest stages. Otherwise, palliative care only. This particular cancer is so aggressive in cats, and so deadly. Hopefully, one day there will be a cure that can be implemented at even stage 2 or 3. I am so sorry to hear that your beloved kitty did indeed pass away, Tracey. ?

Mariella Avatar

Best wishes to your husband, Christine. Being hospitalized is never pleasant but now, in the time of Covid, it’s even more difficult. My husband had surgery yesterday too – his second cataract surgery – and just walked out of the hospital on his own when I arrived to pick him up. But he had a far more invasive (and not entirely resolved yet) procedure back in late July or early August and had 2 overnight stays to deal with that whole issue. Take care of yourself too in all of this – take care of the “carer”.

Recent purchases/rediscoveries: I went to purchase my beloved Clarins Super Restorative Eye Cream only to learn (well, I suspected but was hoping I’d still be able to find the original) that it’s been “replaced” with some new eye “serum” (the cosmetician said it’s not really a serum but a lovely cream). EVERYTHING I love gets axed. They didn’t even have a place on the self for Embryolisse cream (they had everything else in the line but not the face cream I use – the original). Anyway, I bought the eye cream and probably won’t get to it for a year (I have a backup stored in my “backups” drawer) but I’m miffed. REDISCOVERY: Smashbox’s Showmance e/s trio. It’s the perfect autumn “quick eye” trio.
Weekend plans: quick trip to the gym tomorrow because I had to cut short my workout today.
What I’m looking forward to in September: getting this stupid mandatory Covid Training out of the way before I can return to supply teaching. I have no problem doing it – it is vital – but I’m a bit of a Luddite and I’ve been having the devil’s own time trying to register for a session and now that I’m registered, actually getting to the area of the board’s site where I’m supposed to do the training. And of course, you can’t actually TALK to anyone who can help; I have to email and then I get an auto-generated “we’ll get back to you as soon as we can” reply. I am beyond stressed over this thing and just want to get it done and over with.

Mariella Avatar

Oh, it might be something he’s going to have to live with. In part, it’s exacerbated by the blood thinner he has to take but we’ll see. He sees the surgeon at the end of the month and we’ll see what he says. Thanks for the good wishes, Christine. Same to your husband, of course.

Genevieve Avatar

It’s good to hear that your husband’s cataract surgery went so well, but not such great news about his other surgery a month or so ago. Being on blood thinners can be so tricky to get right when dealing with a surgery. I hope he continues to improve and his issues can be resolved with his next visit to the surgeon. An anxious time for you both.

I can understand your absolute frustration re the online training course. Sometimes I think that the people who develop these programmes never have to actually try and use one. They can be very difficult during the login in process and finding the actual ‘start’ button.
Many moons ago, our Dept of Education brought out an online Numeracy assesment test for Prep – grade 3. It was an absolute, 5 star nightmare of a programme that refused to upload and work properly. Quite a lot of Maths Co-ordinators resigned from their positions over the stress of managing this program. I refused to do the online and kept to pen and paper. No dramas at all. You are not a luddite Mariella, just a normal, sane person.
By the way, my husband loved my new take on risottos – using the sundried tomato and porcini mushrooms, plus vegies. I also added some smoked bacon pieces as well.
We gave a portion to my youngest son and he loved it too. He asked me where I got the recipe from – and I told him it came from ‘downtown Ontario’ ….

Mariella Avatar

2 years ago, I got a phone message from the Canada Pension Plan that I had to call them. So I called and got this long menu of “for this, press 1; for that, press 2; for the other, press 3” but, of course, the message didn’t say what the problem was. As it turns out, they claimed (incorrectly but who’s going to argue with them) that I hadn’t sent my bank branch # for the direct deposit (as I’d sent a void cheque with that info on it, I can’t see how they could claim this but….whatever!). I finally DID get to speak to a person (after a 45 minute WAIT) and I said to her “Do you folks actually HEAR the menu that we clients hear?” She said “No” and I said “Maybe you all should have this as part of your training!” I also asked why the phone message couldn’t have said “regarding a problem with your bank branch #” or “When you call, press option 3 on the menu”. The woman said “They couldn’t tell you the problem because of confidentiality issues”. Oh for f’s sake! Which reminds me – a young woman who works in customer service/complaints for a major corporation said that if you start SWEARING when you get a frustrating recording, you will get put through to an actual human! I’ve never done it (too afraid of being disconnected) but recently, in a Netflix series I was watching – The Stranger – the main character, played by Richard Armitage whom I adore, did this very thing trying to get help from his bank and HE got through to an actual person! Glad to read that the risotto was a hit!

Ana Maria Avatar

Wish you all the health and good energy to you and your husband.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My face scrub was finishing, so I took advantage of a 20% off on one product + free shipping and got the Paula’s Choice Unscrub. While I was at it I redeemed the BHA body lotion as a free birthday gift.
No rediscoveries, just using my regular stash.

Weekend plans: Just the regular, scoping for hiking areas that are heatwave proof (we have another one here in the Bay Area) and not closed due to the recent wildfires. It’s quite sad to not be able to make any big plans for a long weekend, but I got to do with what I have.
I might try to explore some neighborhoods around, I actually discovered a lot of nice places in the last two weekends just by strolling around.

What are you looking forward to in September?: My traditional birthday road trip which most likely won’t happen. ? It’s hard to look forward to things these day, significant things like being able to see my family are far ahead in the future.
I just look ahead to non-heatwave weather and wildfires to stop, so I can enjoy again some of my favorite natural places at least.

Mariella Avatar

Wildfires – talk about terrifying! It seems it’s either too much rain in some areas (the hurricane ravaged ones) or not enough, and the ensuing forest fires. We’ve had terrible ones in the western provinces here in Canada and I saw a report last night on the ongoing ones raging in Brazil. All just very terrifying and it makes a person realize that in spite of how we think we’re advanced and are so in control of the world around us, we’re really not. It’s almost like we’re living in the 1600’s in England – the Plague and the Great Fire….

Lesley Avatar

I am so sorry that your husband isn’t well and that the process of getting him healed is so stressful. Stay strong! I am sending healing vibes out to you all.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: PMG Eyedols Eye Shadow in Crimson Fire; Milani Conceal + Perfect Shine Proof Powder. I have shadows similar to Crimson Fire but the quality of this shadow is superior so I am very happy with it. I also started to use the Milani Even-Touch Powder Foundation that I bought in July. It’s fine but I prefer the Conceal + Perfect Powder so when I came across it, I picked one up.

Weekend plans: Just lounging around and hanging out. No Labor Day gatherings going on.

What are you looking forward to in September?: I signed up for some continuing education classes that start in September so I am looking forward to those. I don’t mind doing them on Zoom since I tend to listen to others rather than talk myself. I am a summer person so I actually don’t look forward to September and summer’s end.

Lauren Avatar

I’m very sorry to hear about your husband’s difficulties! My dad’s going through something similar ahead of his surgery; the insurance should be straightforward, yet he’s getting the runaround. Much worse, in your case, to be mentally prepared for surgery and through part of the process already, only for it to be canceled at the last minute. Hope all goes well.

Finds & Rediscoveries: the new CosRX AHA/BHA toner. So far I really like it and it immediately put the dampers on a hormonal breakout. I think I have enough used-up MAC products to do a Back-to-MAC, so trying to consider what lipstick I’d like ahead of time.

Weekend plans: Facetime movie watching with friends, lots of baking (I want to perfect pie crusts), socially-distanced picnic with more friends, and an online RPG session.

Looking forward to in September: several books I’ve been waiting for impatiently are coming out! Also, I’m hoping to finish up a large project so I can take on the next few.

kjh Avatar

The Cosrx with the C in it? Definitely trying that one. I lost the skin lottery and am fully dependent on Cosrx and now Purito for extra Centella. I think I have 2 acne spots, but it’s hard to tell, when you have another autoimmune skin condition. Cosrx has very pared down and excellent ingredient lists. Skincare and food are alike in that way: the fewer ingredients, the better.

Genevieve Avatar

I hope your father’s issues with the insurance company get cleared up Lauren. It’s not fun for him to be sick and then have to worry about the finances. The runaround for any person is not helping matters at all.
Best wishes on creating the perfect pie crust – I will be envious if you can get this right – I have tried myself and it’s been OK, but I wouldn’t rave.
I guess you are an avid reader too. One of the many things I miss in our severe Stage 4 lockdown has not being able to go to our local library, which is always well stocked with the latest releases…

Lauren Avatar

Thanks very much Genevieve! I think it will all work out.
I’m very nearly there on the pie crust. I’m finding I like adding additional spices and vanilla to it. And yes, I love to read! You must read a lot too. 🙂 Your library sounds like mine. I admit I got a Kindle–one of the ones that looks like paper–to borrow library ebooks (and buy the ones I can’t wait for…) which always seems a little like a betrayal of physical books, but is awfully convenient right now. I do miss browsing for gems, also. Libraries are such great sources for out-of-print reference books.

Arena Avatar

Very sorry the insurance is being so stinky! Wishing you and Dear Hubby the very best so it all gets arranged and you both feel in good health (Mellon also!)

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Marc Jacobs TanTastic Bronzer (at Sephora, with a point-coupon….it ended up being 50% off!)….so excited to finally try it! Also Paul Mitchell root booster and Aquage Volume mousse from Ulta ….still on the hunt.

Weekend plans: Measuring horses for saddles. Training horses and doctoring horses. Ignoring all work email. Starting Trim Healthy Mama book…will see if I like that better than Keto.

What are you looking forward to in September?: Sweater weather. Candles. Red wine (the glue holding this 2020 Blank_Show together). Books. A full book at the practice.

kjh Avatar

Best of luck to all with health issues for human and animal family. Everyone. I MEAN IT. I went there, too. Patticake was hospitalized for three days and two nights. N, V, D, UTI, and dehydration. The quinfecta. Poor thing; you can’t even enter the hospital during the pandemic. It was probably giardiasis. They treated it empirically with (take home) flagyl, augmentin, and Cerenia, an anti-emetic for which there is no human equivalent. Lots of IV meds and hydration. She’s home and doing pretty well, but it is zoonotic, so Jussi and I could both get it. Did the CosBar sale on fragrance by Muse’s rec. Not quite the $700 save I had last year, but good. I got Regime des Fleurs Wave and Falls, and minis of three Bastides: Ambre Maquis, Nue Soleil, and 1958. They come in adorable, sturdy, wee boxes. Plans: also having a Sat-Tues w/e, though my day job does not know it yet! I have to reschedule for Mon anyway, so why not do Wed-Fri and snag an extra day? Plus, no night job….quit. No real plans except maybe a dip in my neglected ocean…not at the beach down the hill that I call Covidville. Walks with the pups, if their waste is pick-upable, but not requiring disinfecting. I would hate to get another animal sick. Looking forward to? More Goodwill. Seeing the backsides of the day trippers; there has not been many transient overnight stays, for obvious reasons. Where I live is lovely in Sept. The bumper sticker reads ‘If it is tourist season, why can’t we shoot them?’ Obviously, the economic boost is needed, though the restaurants may fail anyway. So much $ lost this year. Everyone’s pumpkin season is my pomegranate season. Yum. I have been trying to make something new to eat weekly. The latest was Adirondack Blue potatoes. Hybridized at Cornell in 2003. I’m not sure how lavender mashed potatoes would look at Thanksgiving, lol.

Maggie Avatar

Hi Christine, that’s crazy that the insurance can cancel the day before surgery. I’m hoping for the best of health and recovery for you and your husband!

Purchases/Rediscoveries: I actually ordered more than I intended this week. I’m a little nervous of this trend of things being discontinued:
Cover FX Matte Bronzer in Suntan,
PMG Luxetrance Lipsticks in Realness, Profumo, Psycho Candy, and Pink Ultraness,
Colour Pop Stick Foundations in Light 50W, Light 70W, and Dark 165W,
Colour Pop Blushes in Nightbloom, Desert Rose, and I Need Space
Colour Pop Miss Bliss Palette

Weekend Plans: A new library book Sorcery of Thorns (I think librarians have swords in this one) plus laundry, cleaning, and tidying. I’ve been letting go a little bit on the latter.

September: I’m hoping the California wildfires will lessen a bit. It’s all not too far away from each other.

Maggie Avatar

I’m glad your parents are home and their home is okay!

It really has been horrible. I hate that wildfires are now a regular part of West Coast summers and fall. That used to be the perfect time to road-trip not even ten years ago. Now, we’d have to check everyday to make sure one didn’t land a few miles from your doorstep and keep go-bags ready.

kjh Avatar

Not to be too make-upy, but i hope the Cal fires do not impact Sydney Grace. They had extremely bad fires in their area in the past. They donated to support nearby impacted communities. Every place I knew in the mountains above Santa Barbara has been burned out, since i was in college there. Wildfires may be part of the natural cycle, but no one can tell me that human settlement and environmental disruption has not had an effect.

Maggie Avatar

This blog is TOTALLY the place to be make-upy and wonder how disasters will affect our makeup life. It’s a bit weird to factor in a “wildfire season” for all the West Coast states now: not even a thing a decade ago. It’s now totally a legitimate reason to not buy too many material things in case it all goes up in smoke (including property). *Knock on Wood* It’s so sad that it’s an actual serious concern: as if earthquakes/tsunamis aren’t a big enough concern for coastal Californians.

ShariP Avatar

Hi Christine. Can you (or anyone else) answer a question about Natasha Denonas palettes? Is the quality in her mini palettes consistent with the quality of her $65 palettes? I’ve only used her mini Glam palette and I’m considering her new cool toned palette. Thanks.

Christine Avatar

Hi ShariP,

I believe I have rated all of Natasha Denona’s palettes, and there wouldn’t be different criteria for a mini palette vs. full-sized palette unless the finish itself had something different about it (which would be true if the same finish was in a full-sized!)… so the ratings are all there! 🙂

Genevieve Avatar

I’m pleased to hear that the first surgery went well and I am not surprised that he didn’t sleep well in the hospital, as they are very noisy places – plus his blood pressure and everything else would have been checked on an hourly basis – so no sleep at all.
You just have to wonder about these medical insurance companies – you pay a lot of money per month for them, for them to have the privilege of denying you your next surgery.
Christine, may I suggest you take it very easy on yourself so that you can focus on your husband and the insurance company (much fortitude is needed there). The blog will always be here and so will we.

Recent Purchases: Nothing this week.
Rediscoveries: Naked 1 – I started using the Sin shade, which I have never used before and it is quite pretty as a base for the rest of the neutral eye looks I have done this week.
Also, because the weather is getting warmer, some of my ginger lipsticks. I used Clarin’s Joli Rouge lipstick in Ginger – a lovely soft shade.

Weekend Plans: Tomorrow it is Father’s Day here, but alas, like Mother’s Day in May, no visits from the family in our strict stage 4 lockdown – which seems never ending. Our Covid numbers are not going down quickly enough, due to outbreaks in aged care, health workers and other workplaces having to operate at this time. So our stage 4 may well be extended for another 4 weeks post Sept. 13th….
Harry, our newest addition, is doing well, but is experiencing quite a bit of tummy pain during the evening and night. He is taking far longer to burp inbetween feeds and his mum and dad are doing everything to help him. But they are exhausted. Plus the whole home learning work has to be done for Olivia as well.
It’s pretty unclear how much we, as grandparents, can help now that Anika has had the baby. The last thing we all want/need are the fines (quite substantial) for not adhering to the rules.
We haven’t been able to nurse the baby yet and have only seen glimpses of him, when I or my husband have been delivering food to them.
Otherwise we are all well and the weather is turning sunny at last.

Looking forward to September: An easing of lockdown restrictions so that we can properly see our newest grandchild, Harry.
Having the family over for a big feast.
Taking my two eldest grandchildren to a playground, with the equipment open
Catching up with my best friends, for a much needed ‘girl time’ chat.
The virus numbers to go right down for all the above to happen.

Tracey E. Avatar

Belated congratulations, Genevieve, on the birth of your grandson Harry!! I hope the Covid situation improves so you are able to visit and relieve the parents. I read with interest the state of the pandemic where you are as it seems to be a familiar trend – what looked to be under control becomes an escalating situation that requires restrictions. Hoping things turn around to you can see your grandson soon!

Genevieve Avatar

Thank you Tracey for your kind wishes.
Well Tracey – I wrote far, far too soon yesterday re our Covid 19 Stage 4 lockdown – it has just been announced that our Stage 4 will continue for another 3 or more weeks past its supposed end date of Sept. 13….
Under the ‘care and compassion’ ruling, we had our eldest two grandchildren yesterday as their parents desperately needed to sleep when Harry sleeps.
They are beyond exhaustion – particularly as they are trying to keep a lively 4 1/2 year old amused and Olivia’s homeschooling.
I feel sad that I can’t even go up there to help them tidy the place, fold the washing, clean the bathrooms etc. All the jobs that can pile up and make any new mum feel overwhelmed….

Rachel R. Avatar

I’m so sorry about how your insurance is treating your husband. I hope it works out in the end for him. (((((Hugs)))))

Recent Purchases: Juvia’s Place (sale) bundle with the new mini palettes — Sweet Pinks, Mauves, and Taupes, and The Glass Gloss in So Glazed.

Weekend plans: The usual chores, errands, and paperwork.

What are you looking forward to in September?: In mid-September, hubby and I are going camping as a late anniversary get-away.

brendacr1 Avatar

Hugs to you and your Hubby Christine! Insurance Companies can be so insensitive and callous, I hope this issue is resolved in your favor and in a hurry! Hugs to Mellan too!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: nothing
Weekend plans: We are going to Vancouver to finish our trip that was rudely interrupted two weeks ago. My husband’s shop was broken into so we had to return home to deal with all the fall out. My 2nd oldest sister is not well and we need to put some things in place for her so that she can function on her own a little easier. Plus Vancouver’s weather is going to be way better than ours, I’d rather be enjoying 30C weather than 9 at home, I’m going into winter kicking and screaming! Summer is too short!
What are you looking forward to in September?: My daughter and her husband (and grand puppy) will be moving in with us for a few weeks until their house is finished, so I’m looking forward to a full busy house instead of an empty house!

Nikki Avatar

Seconding kjh’s well wishes for all whose human or animal family are having health issues!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing officially purchased yet, but I’ve put a few things in my Sephora cart: a backup bottle of Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte 110 foundation, NARS Torrid blush, and brand-new perfume reward YSL Libre. I also have some Urban Decay Stoned Vibes items sitting in my Ulta cart (because Urban is running out of the lip glosses quickly!): the palette, Power High gloss, and Raw Energy and Tiger’s Eye eyeliners.
Weekend plans: Lots of TV (including Ion’s newest marathon, CSI: Miami on Mondays!) and takeout, and probably a grocery run.
What are you looking forward to in September?: I just hope there won’t be too much rain!

Celesta Avatar

Recent Purchases: A few singles from Devinah Cosmetic (I FINALLY purchased my namesake eyeshadow, which has rave reviews, so excited for that one) and a few singles from Menagerie Cosmetics.

Rediscoveries: My Stila Cosmetics Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Kitten. I just apply it with my fingers and it is soooo pretty.

Weekend plans: My in laws are coming over for a Labor Day get together, so we’re going to have a picnic and go hike some trails at a local park and get ice cream, which will be nice.

What are you looking forward to in September?: The start of fall and maybe the beginning of some cooler weather.

ShariP Avatar

Christine, I hope all goes well with your husband’s health and he heals well. Remember to take care of yourself too. My husband underwent a below knee amputation a couple weeks ago so I know how much stress you might be feeling.

For purchases…I shop when I’m stressed…I bought the Sonia G blue eye brushes set, love them, and the Pat McGrath Bronze Ambition palette, which I’m thinking of returning. Not sure if I got a dud or what, but the mattes are really patchy. I love the special shadows which is why I’m teetering on returning it.

Weekend plans are to work a few hours and then spend the rest relaxing. We may go for a drive to see the damage caused when the Edenville and Sanford dams failed. It’s not too far, but gets the husband out so he feels less trapped. It’ll be a couple months before he gets his prosthesis so he feels a bit trapped in the wheelchair. If you want to see some good footage of the dam failures Jordan Mowbray has very good YouTube channel with excellent coverage. It’s really sad because the dam owners filed bankruptcy and the insurance companies don’t want to pay for the damage. A lot of people lost everything. The State of Michigan knew the dams could fail, but did little to prevent it. ?

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Goodness, Shari, you have had a lot of issues to contend with lately. I hope your husband’s recovery and rehabilitation is going well as this has been a huge adjustment for you both (and, at times, a frustrating and painful one).
A couple of months is a long time to wait for a prosthesis too – is that wait time because of healing the tissue surrounding the amputation or because of Covid 19 restrictions?

OMG Shari – I have just watched that excellent documentary by Jordan Mowbray on the dam failures. Honestly, you just want people to do their jobs – how could the Michigan state not try and fix this up before the catastophe happened?
And the insurance companies (both medical and house) are in absolutel denial of what is before their eyes.

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Thanks Genevieve. Yes, the stump is put into a hard plastic adjustable protective form which helps shape it and prepare it for the prosthetic as it heals. He’s been doing amazing and seems to be adjusting well mentally too.

As for Michigan, first we had the City of Flint government disaster with the water and now the dams issue. The last few governors haven’t done their job for sure. Fortunately, no lives were lost in the flood, just residents property and life’s work. So sad. Thank you for taking the time to care and watch the video. Stay safe in Melbourne.

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Finds: Cult Beauty (15% off UK prices): Charlotte Tilbury Walk of No Shame blush, Desert Haze quad, Pillow Talk Intense lipstick, and mini Pillow Talk mascara.

Rediscovery: Charlotte Tilbury Fallen Angel quad.

Weekend Plans: We had the closing to buy our first house and 24 hours later, I was in tears as we started to bring some things over. This comes at a time when I’m acutely aware that my elderly mother is slowing down and I would have visited with her twice in normal times. Thankfully, my twin sister is visiting as she’s in a province that doesn’t have a quarantine requirement to travel to see my mother (though she quarantined before travelling at my mother’s request, wore a mask for the first week she was there). I’m in the US and subject to a quarantine when I go back. (Canadian citizens are exempt from the border closure). The whole notion of buying a house for a higher quality of day-to-day life just seems at odds with where my heart says I should be. I’m trying to manage my anxiety so I don’t flare a health condition but the emotions all came to a head this weekend.

Looking forward to in Sept.: Cooler weather. After a stretch of 90F weather, we’re in for a sudden cooling off next week and I can’t wait for it. Fall is my favourite season, so I hope we can linger in it for awhile.

Tracey E. Avatar

Christine, I am so sorry to hear that your husband’s second surgery was abruptly cancelled. I hope he recovers fully and that you feel better, too!

Kimberly Avatar

So sorry to hear about your husband, my grandfather is having similar issues right now getting his biopsy. I wish there was something I could do for you, your content has brought me joy in an otherwise difficult time in my life. Much love

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: No purchases. I did rediscover my elf Blush Palette. It’s HIGHLY pigmented but it’s good for the bolder blush looks I’ve been doing. It’s just a little chalky but when I don’t wear setting powder my oily skin seems to completely negate its dryness

Weekend plans: My friend was supposed to get a liberty for Labor Day Weekend and come up to visit me for my birthday. Sadly he twisted his ankle a few days ago and now they want to keep him on base. So no weekend plans for me

What are you looking forward to in September?: I’m supposed to get my physical diploma shipped to me “sometime this month”. However considering I was supposed to get my graduation robes last month and they never arrived, I’m not holding out hope. Luckily I’m in a field where I really don’t need proof of an education (or a college education at all really)

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