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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I had a lot of stuff come in late Friday last week… and I only like to mention what I have on hand, LOL, so…. Fenty Beauty Eyeshadow palettes x2, Fenty Beauty Lip Balms x3, Kaja Alotta Colada Trio, Marc Jacobs The Face II Brush (x2), Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes (x2), Hourglass At Night Lip Oil, more JD Glow eyeshadows.
  • Weekend plans: I managed to get slightly ahead this week with respect to reviews, so I’d like to stay a few days ahead of schedule, as it is less stressful. I always end up moving posts around as new releases occur, but it’s still better to be ahead! I took so many photos/swatches, I ended up getting (my first!) chemical peel on Tuesday afternoon after being super disappointed by a dermatology appointment the day before (first time I have an appointment outside the house in five months and the derm spends five minutes or less with me and barely looks at my skin… could have been a telehealth visit!). I am molting, and I am pleased to see skin coming off!
  • What was the last thing you cooked/baked?: Though not really cooked or baked, I last made Mellan’s homemade pill pockets! He takes so many pills that buying them was 1) super expensive, 2) annoying because we’d end up smashing one or two together and press it around his pills, and 3) sometimes they’d dry out in the bag.

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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries No makeup. I bought a new antioxidant serum called Vitamin X from an indie company called Regimen Lab. I have not tried it yet.

Weekend Plans. None. I will try to enjoy the nice weather we have been having.

What was the last thing I cooked or baked? Two days ago I made a vegetarian green chili stew with onion, hot pepper, canned Hatch chilies, corn and navy beans. I also made a batch of granola.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Third Ray Beauty Matcha Face Milk. I’ve only used it twice, but it is nice so far. Even in summer, my skin can get hella dry! I also bought the hydrating version of ELF’s newer concealer with the giant doe foot, but I haven’t tried it on my face yet. I am hoping it is good stuff!

Weekend plans: Build bookshelf and start unpacking books (we have a lot of them, like…. 350ish?) Also installing our Little Free Library in our front yard. This is something I have wanted to do for years, and I am so excited to get it started!

What was the last thing you cooked/baked?: Last thing I cooked was cacio e pepe for dinner last night; last thing baked was Atlantic Beach Pie, which was AWESOME and I highly recommend it, even for novice bakers. It is so simple and sooooo delicious.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: The bralette saga continues! I purchased and returned several in the last week… I have a big problem with the ladies smooshing together to make a uniboob, so that’s a thing, lol.

Weekend plans: Now that my son is FINALLY feeling better, I plan on cleaning and disinfecting lots of surfaces. My in-laws are coming over Sunday to celebrate my birthday (which is in a few days) and my son’s birthday (which was almost a month ago), so that will be nice.

What was the last thing you cooked/baked?: Wednesday afternoon/evening, I made chicken bacon ranch foil packet dinners and they turned out delicious! Super simple prep and minimal cleanup and the family really loved them.

I am glad to hear that your son is feeling better, it’s awful when they are sick – you get so worried about them and quite often their sleep is affected too – which makes them grumpy the next day.
Have a lovely birthday celebration Celesta – happy birthday to you. I am sure your son is going to enjoy seeing his grandparents again.

Purchases: I went to Winners to get more Pecksniff’s soaps and they were all gone – I’d been 2 days earlier and stocked up on some LE scents and they had LOTS – but it wasn’t entirely fruitless because I found a NARS Voyageur e/s palette Suede for $16.99!!! It retails for $41 in Canada so you can see why I was excited! I was looking at it just the week before at Sephora and contemplating getting it if I could find good reviews for it (it hasn’t been reviewed here at Temptalia, though). So THAT was my big find, along with the soaps (I did find more of them at Marshalls) and a litre bottle of the Joico shampoo I use.

Weekend plans: my youngest and his girlfriend are coming in this evening to spend the weekend. We’ll go to Seven Saturdays (an initiative to get restaurants on a mini-main street near me going again) and then brunch at the golf course patio on Sunday (weather permitting) and who knows what we’ll do in between…

Last thing I cooked – I just got in from the gym and made myself scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for my lunch. Prior to that, it was risotto with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes for dinner last night. It’s one of my husband’s favourite things in the whole world. Baking-wise, it was vinegar pie and there’s a whole long and nostalgic story behind it. It wasn’t very good, though and I ended up tossing out about 1/4 of it.

I just looked up the Voyager palette and I heartily like it. It is my kind of palette too. The Suede palette looks beautiful and I think you will be very happy with it. My husband is a big risotto fan too, so I think I will add in the sun dried tomatoes with his favourite mushroom and vegies (I also add a bit of bacon to it too for flavour). It sounds really nice. I love scrambled eggs with smoked salmon – haven’t had that for awhile either.
The weather is absolutely freezing today here – a real blast from Antarctica. Good weather for a risotto.
I cannot wait for our restaurants to open and it is such a good idea to have that Seven Saturdays initiative. I would totally be into that! Enjoy your weekend Mariella and I will be thinking of you enjoying your meals out!

It is SUCH a lovely palette, Genevieve – I can’t even begin to rave enough about it. You’d love it too – it’s just exactly “our” sort of colours. I am so pleased by the quality – I feared there might be fallout galore but no…

Regarding the risotto (sorry, Christine, I know this isn’t a cooking blog), I use the packaged sun dried tomatoes that AREN’T packed in oil. I cut them into strips with kitchen scissors (more effective than a knife) and soak to rehydrate them and then use the drained off soaking liquid as part of the liquid to cook the risotto (ditto the dried porcini mushrooms). Decades ago, we visited my brother in law when he was working on a pig farm (he was in uni studying agricultural science) and ever since then, my husband won’t eat anything that was ever on a pig. It’s SO frustrating – even things like potato soup topped with crumbled bacon but I’ve now reached the point where he can pick it out of things or make himself a peanut butter sandwich!

I was talking to an Aussie who works at our gym about the surge in cases where you are (his parents and family are still in Australia) and how the irresponsible behaviours of the few have ruined it badly for so many. I hope things can be brought under control again and that maybe people will have learned a lesson (we have some of the same behaviours here – it’s infuriating). This Seven Saturdays involves closing the street to traffic entirely so that the restaurants and cafes can set up patios on the street. I’d welcome a bit of your cooler weather – I’d gladly trade you some of our heat for some of your cold!

Thank you for the risotto hint – I am making it today. I don’t really like the oil in the usual sun dried tomato jars either. I got a container of sun dried tomatoes packed in their own juices, I find the flavour of those not to be too over powering either.
This is interesting about your husband’s reluctance to eat pork. My husband is a pump engineer and he was sent to a pig farm to help solve a problem they had – as a result he no longer likes to eat pork (in addition to chicken and lamb), but he will tolerate bacon, which is very handy because I do use it in quite a few recipes.
It’s not just that some people are behaving irresponsibly re the virus, but also our State Govt. who declined the use of our army to guard those in quarantine. It turns out that the guards were chosen for social inclusion, but not given any instructions re hygiene and infection training….Every other state accepted the use of army personnel and they are now fine. All our current cases stem from the poor and lax procedures for hotel quarantines…..I think this stage 4 lockdown is going to continue way past its deadline of mid September. And the situation in some of the aged care facilities has been disgraceful at best and criminal at worst.
Re our weather – we’ve even had snow on our nearby hills and normally we would be up there having breaky at a local restaurant watching the snow fall, but no – it is just outside our 5km zone. I feel for you putting up with summer because each year I dread to think what the hot weather will bring.

Mellan is so patient as you play with his feet! How does he like the homemade pill pockets? I might have to look into those for Daisy, too.

Purchases/rediscoveries: Nothing! Might finally do some makeup again this weekend, I miss putting on my face.

Weekend plans: I took off of work early because it was sloooooow, after starting late because I HAD to finish the book I was reading. So the weekend has already begun! Tomorrow we’ll do our once a month trip to Target and Trader Joe’s, and pick up some cider for Sunday’s plans. Sunday we’re going to go visit friends and hang out outside and play some games. Daisy gets to come along and play in the yard, she’ll love that. I also have my usual online dance classes.

Last thing I cooked or baked: I can’t even remember! My spouse loves cooking and baking so I leave it to them. In fact, they’re making pizza for lunch right now. But I handle our “beverage program” and last night I made sloe gin and tonics, which were delicious. Today I might whip up some homemade cocktail cherries, because I felt like last night’s drinks could have been classed up with a cherry.

He seems to have no problem with them!

I don’t follow the recipe so much as use it as a guideline… but I do fairly equal amounts of coconut oil and peanut butter (no sugar added, literally just peanut butter!), then add in oat flour until I get it to the stickiness I want. I like it to be a little tacky so it’s easy to shape and fold around pills–Mellan has 10+ per meal–and not dry out too readily. I find the recipe doesn’t lose a ton of moisture over the week or so the portion I make lasts.

Wow, 10 pills a meal! That’s more than we were going through treating a dog with cancer and two cats with kidney and thyroid problems! Homemade definitely sounds like the best choice.

Right now Daisy is just on one medication, so we don’t go through pill pockets very quickly, but I suspect as she continues to age (she’s 13.5 now) we’ll have to do more.

Toe beeeans! Hahahaha! I love playing with my cat’s toe beans, too!

Purchases/rediscoveries: My order from Marc Jacobs for the Night Fever & Hot Stuff Airblush is due to arrive today. Too bad I can’t wear makeup for a bit, as I inadvertently got blowing dust in my one eye last night while taking videos and pics of the storm coming in. When I was getting ready for bed, I noticed that my left eye was red and had discharge. I rinsed it out with artificial tears, but it only got worse. Kept me from getting a good night’s sleep on top of it all. Yuck!
As for rediscoveries, I used my CP Yes, Please palette with Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Palette the other day as I was feeling very inspired to do a sunflower look. It was super pretty and fresh looking!

Weekend plans: Zoom meeting tomorrow morning. Load of light color laundry, the rarest of loads around here, LOL. Nursing my eye back to normal and praying I didn’t get Valley Fever spores in it.

Last thing you cooked?: Hmm, well I did “cook” a pork chop, brussel sprouts and rice for dinner last night, however, my last food I made involved NO heat; a delish fruit smoothie! Frozen strawberries, banana, Fuji apple, baby carrots, some orange juice and a huge dollop of Greek yogurt in the blender. Perfect desert!

Speaking of pets… Adding to Weekend Plans: Scunci, my very beloved 15½ year old Maine Coon mix has a veterinarian appointment on Sunday to find out why he developed a blackened red spot where he had lost a canine tooth about 3 weeks ago. He has quit grooming himself over the past several days and began yelping whenever he yawned, so I looked inside his mouth and saw that area of diseased looking tissue. I’m starting a GoFundMe page for him, as I was caught off guard by this completely yesterday. Prayers, good wishes, paws crossed for Scunci are all highly appreciated. Just cannot bear to lose him. Not yet.

Poor Scunci! I hope it will turn out to just be an infection that can be cleared up with some antibiotics. Is he good at taking medications? My Maine Coon mix was so chill about it most of the time. I could even give him sub-q fluids solo, though it took some clever engineering to hang the bag high enough that it would drip while I held the cat and the needle!

Hopefully only an infection, AJ. Much easier, and more successfully treated than the dreaded feline oral cancer. As for getting medication into Scunci, this will be new territory for him. He’s never been sick before. Next week, I may be missing a hand!

Oh, Nancy. My heart goes out to you. Our furbabies wrap us very neatly around their paws. I pray Scrunci is easily treated and completely heals quickly and I pray for your momma’s heart to be strengthened and comforted.

ShariP, they really do, don’t they? Probably because they’re so innocent and never have any questionable motives. Their love is so pure! I definitely appreciate your prayers for Scunci and FurMomma, too.

Thanks so much, Mariella. I will definitely keep everyone here on the loop with any developments, good or bad. Tomorrow 1:30 is the big day for Scunci to see the Vet. Nervous doesn’t even begin to cover what I’m feeling right now.

Fingers crossed for Scunci’s vet appointment. I hope it all goes well!

You mentioned doing a load of light colors and I wonder if you’ve heard about a product called Shout Color Catchers? They’re dye-trapping sheets that you place in the laundry and they captures any dye without affecting the load. (I usually use one sheet unless a piece of clothing is brand new and medium to dark in color). I haven’t sorted clothes in years and it has cut my washing down considerably. Available at Target and similar retailers. 🙂

Tracey E. , Scunci actually did very well with his vet appointment, behavior wise anyways. They told me that he has advanced periodontal disease in his gums, that they will need to put him under to do a thorough examination of his entire oral cavity in order to check for the suspected oral cancer, and that my little old guy has a heart murmur, making anesthesia quite tricky. The estimate is between $1,500-2,500. This is nuts! It’s more than getting this done on my own teeth. If it’s cancer, then we’re talking roughly 10 G’s.

On to more pleasant, mundane topics like laundry! I actually have gone through quite a many box of Shout Color Catcher sheets. I love those! At this moment, I don’t have any left. And so I’m back to sorting for now. I’m just not a fan of the walk to the laundry room in this extreme heat we’ve been hit with in the general Phoenix area!

Thank you, Genevieve! Prayers are most welcome! I’m hoping for the same: a treatable infection. He’s always been so healthy until now, so this has been a complete shock.

Haul: Not much. I picked up a new Buxom Waterproof Mascara as mine is feeling a little too dry. I also picked up a new mini shaver to remove my peach fuzz and exfoliate.

Weekend: I have to go to Missoula on Monday for an eye exam. I dread it as I hate trying to get use to new prescriptions since I have vestibular migraines. I have enough dizziness without adding new prescriptions but I really need it because things just aren’t as clear as they should be and I am feeling a lot of eye strain by the end of the day. In any event, I have to spend the night in Missoula because they are going to dilate my eyes and I don’t have anyone to take me in so I will be there for at least one night. Leaving home for any length of time requires some planning as I don’t like people knowing I am gone so I have to work on making it look like their is someone here. I am not paranoid but I live alone out in the woods and it is the perfect set up for someone to take advantage of my being gone.

Last thing cooked or baked: I baked some chocolate chip cookies about a week ago. I have a wonderful recipe for a rhubarb tart and I wanted to make that but the little grocery store doesn’t get rhubarb so I ended up making cookies since it was the only thing I had all the ingredients on hand. I use to be quite a baker/cook but living alone now really took the desire away. I just don’t feel very inspired to cook.

I hope your eye exam goes well and I understand about your reluctance to make it known that your home is empty. That’s not paranoia, that’s being sensible.
Best wishes Deborah.

1-2 cup oat flour
1-2 tbsp coconut oil
1-2 tbsp peanut butter

I put the coconut oil and peanut butter in a mixer, combine until creamy, and then add oat flour. I typically just keep the amount of coconut oil and peanut butter the same, visually, and then I add oat flour slowly until it’s the texture I like (slightly tacky, almost greasy but doesn’t leave bits on your fingertips!).

Recent Purchases: Pat McGrath Rose Decadence MTHRSHP Eyeshadow Palette, ColourPop Bloom Together Lip & Cheek Kit and Cloud Dye Shadow Palette Vault; BH Cosmetics Sweet Shoppe Palette in Bubble Gum.

Weekend plans: More paperwork. The usual chores.

What was the last thing you cooked/baked?: Pasta shells stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, and baked in marinara sauce.

Oh, I also got the Naked Ultraviolet, because JC Penney Sephora Website had it for $10. It turned out to be an error, but they still gave it to me for the $10. I’ll give it a shot at that price.

Recent purchases/rediscoveries: Revolution Dream Kiss lip balms in pineapple and watermelon, MUA Banana blur makeup primer (so good), Mario Badescu hyaluronic dew cream, Sigma Soft Blend brush set, Becca Ultimate Love lipsticks in Melon and Sundae, Ouai hair treatment mask and Tarte shape tape shaping eyeshadow palette. I also pulled out all my Ofra pans and palettes and rearranged them a bit.

Weekend plans: I have birthday parties to go to, a joint 40th tonight and a nephew’s 3rd on Sunday.

Last thing I cooked/baked: Red velvet cupcakes, about 20 minutes ago. And a bacon sandwich for breakfast before that, ha ha!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing new, I’m not finishing anything to have to replace. And I am just waiting up for September, since it’s my birthday month so I would have free birthday items/discount codes to redeem on most retailers.

Weekend plans: It’s not like I had major things planned since the pandemic started, but now we also have wildfires in the area, so all hiking plans are cancelled. So except the usual, I will most likely go on long neighborhood walk, if the air quality allows.

What was the last thing you cooked/baked?: I love cooking and make most of my meals. Even on vacation I mostly rent places with a kitchen to at least make my dinners with what I purchase from local stores and markets. Last item I baked was a gluten free paleo-ish thyme and onion flat bread. Last meal I prepared was a Mediterranean salad with rice, chicken, sweet peppers, olives, feta, lots of greens; but I don’t consider it cooking since the rice and chicken were leftovers. The last item I cooked was a spaghetti carbonara, with the sauce being carrot not tomato based.

A very mellow and relaxed Mellon sitting there.
Purchases – nada. And nothing I have ordered in the past month has arrived yet.
Rediscoveries: Chanel Tisse D’Automne quad – so beautiful.

Weekend Plans: We have had a most eventful week, with Anika due to have her baby next Thursday (Australian time). The hospital has concerns that the baby isn’t growing as much as he/she should. It is either because the baby is small or because the placenta is not working properly, so they have booked her in for an induction next week on the above date. They tested the amniotic fluid and that was fine, heartbeat fine and the baby is moving around like crazy (it has actually kept Anika awake at night). Understandably, she is quite concerned and worried. But as I said to her, if it were a really serious worry, she would have had the baby straight away.
We have had the children quite a lot this week, under the ‘care and compassion’ terms of our lockdown. Our place looks like it has been ransacked by aliens and I definitely need to do a big vacuum this weekend – but first I have to deal with the Lego bits, the duplo and Brio – plus the horses, stable and farm……..
I have also cooked them a lot of meals this week as well. So I have been quite busy.
So this time next week, we will know the baby’s gender and names. I keep trying to guess, but my son isn’t giving anything away.
Today – Saturday – I will be cleaning and shopping for more food. And ironing on Sunday.

Last thing you baked/cooked: I did a Vietnamese beef dish yesterday morning for the family, plus a French beef casserole and made a stack of foccasias with roast vegetables. I have been cutting up vegetables and putting them into zip lock bags as well. Plus three cakes: a berry (strawberry, raspberry and blueberry) shortcake, a chocolate fudge slice and my nut slice with a layer of chocolate on the top.

Our Covid 19 cases are beginning to decrease but I think we will be in Stage 4 lockdown for quite awhile yet.
I hope everyone who is affected by the recent bushfires in California are safe and well.
Take care every one.

Genevieve, good luck to Anika. My best friend’s daughter in law who, ironically, is a high risk OB/Gyn, had the same with her first pregnancy but the baby – a boy – was delivered fine and health though he continues to be a bit small for his age (his “baby brother” is as big as he is at this point but that may all change with puberty). What a time to be having a baby – the world has become such a different place!

Thank you Mariella, it may be that the baby is just small and he/she is certainly moving around a lot – so that it a good thing. But what should have been a good year for having a baby – Olivia at school and Lachlan at kinder (preschool), is turning out to be a nightmare of logistics.
Added to that, a week and a half ago, Olivia developed a lump on her neck, just below her ear. She was prescribed some antibiotics, which she has now finished. The lump has gone from soft and squishy to hard and fixed. So she was sent to have an ultrasound on it. The results show that there is nothing sinister inside the lump, but we still don’t know what it is and where it has come from – just to make things more tricky.

I hope everything goes well for Anika and all is fine with the baby. I hope they figure out what is going on with Olivia. I’m glad to hear the ultrasound on the lump didn’t find anything bad.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I’ve been enjoying my Pat McGrath palettes. I don’t have the energy for elaborate looks, just 2-3 colors total. I just got the Midnight Sun palette in this week and went ahead and purchased the Bronze Seduction. That only leaves Rose I on my wishlist.
Weekend Plans: Cleaning the house in preparation for my hubby to come home from the hospital. He had his lower right leg amputated yesterday…he had surgery to reconstruct his ankle last November. His body never healed and he developed sepsis, osteomyelitis and MRSA. There was nothing else the doctors could do, but amputate.
Last thing I cooked…..seriously don’t remember.

Shari, I am so sorry to hear bout your husband’s health woes. What a nightmare. I hope he will be on the road to recovery and adapting to this new situation. All the best to you both.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Just placed my Sephora order for the Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette – the new Divine Rose one. It came in to stock. Had a tough time finding anything I wanted as I don’t really need much. Plus the discount wasn’t that great. The Dior fall collection is trickling in to the Bay so I am waiting for that.

Weekend Plans: Usual stuff and attending my cousin’s husband’s birthday barbecue. I expect it to be socially distanced and I also have a supply of masks. The weather should be decent and most should be outside.

Last thing I baked/cooked: I don’t really cook that much unless it is winter and I make a roast or a curry or some other dish on a Sunday. I don’t like cooking and prefer baking. Cooking for one is boring unless you can freeze or eat leftovers for a few days. I did make my annual blonde carrot cake today to take to my cousin’s tomorrow. It is a golden colour instead of orange and the cream cheese icing includes Grand Marnier.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries:
Picked up my third tube of the Wet & Wild brow mascara that I like so much. I probably go through it twice as fast as “normal” since it’s doing double duty as a moustache tint. So glad it’s a cheap brand I can get at the supermarket!

Weekend plans:
Laundry. Tidying. Sleep.

What was the last thing you cooked/baked?:
Dinner last night – lightly stir-fried leafy greens with onion, garlic, coriander and peanuts, on top of some wheat noodles. The night before that, creamy pasta with spinach and chicken. The night before that… something with fried tofu? I like cooking.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My mom gave me and my sister a Sephora gift card from her Discover rewards so I bought the Unseen Sunscreen from Supergoop! as well as the Give Me Some Shine Balm and Gloss Lip Set. My sister bought the Pro Kiss’r Luscious Lip Balm in Pinch Me from Fenty and the Green Tea Moisture-Balancing Cream and Green Tea Seed Intensive Hydrating Roll-On Eye Serum from Innisfree. Then yesterday I caved and bought the palette, one of the blushes, and the lip set from the Colourpop Mulan collection. This is the most I’ve ever bought at once since lockdown started and while I bought the Colourpop items with some of my refunded security deposit from the Disney College Program (RIP) I feel guilty buying this much when I still haven’t found a job

Weekend plans: Mostly staying indoors since the fires have made the air quality unfit for my usual walks. At some point I may have to visit my grandparents’ house to help clean the ash has been building up on their front porch. We’re not super close to the California fires but we get a lot of the residual ash and smoke

What was the last thing you cooked/baked?: I make my own homemade popcorn every weekend with butter, salt, and pepper. I don’t bake as often but the last thing I baked was brownies to celebrate the end of July Camp NaNoWriMo

Haul: Nothing this week; enjoying recent purchases. I did finish a bottle of MAC makeup remover!

Weekend Plans: On Friday, I saw a friend for a physically distanced visit and then did delivery for dinner. My focus this weekend is getting utilities, etc. arranged for our new house and packing up makeup like eyeliners, eyeshadow sticks, lip liners, and lipsticks, as well as hair and skincare products. We’re having a hot and humid weather again, so hoping to stay cool while I do these projects.

Last thing I cooked/baked: Last week I made coconut curry salmon and recently baked an “easy rhubarb morning cake.”

Recent purchases:
I picked up the Chanel Elemental quad (from Mercari). The Dior Cool Neutrals palette. A BHA serum from Inkey List. A travel size of size of the Laura Mercier translucent powder. (From Sephora with $15 off) The MAC Foil Eyeshadow in St. Tropez. A vitamin C serum from the Ordinary. A cleansing oil from Fourth Ray Beauty. (From Ulta to get 250 points)

Weekend plans: My daughter and I are going to Target so I can return something. Otherwise it’s just staying home
Last thing you cooked/baked: I made my daughter pork chops with sauerkrat?

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