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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Becca Lipsticks since they were BOGO at Ulta!
  • Weekend plans: Stay cool. HOT HOT HOT! temperatures expected through the weekend last I checked. We are officially in oven-like weather.
  • What’s one way you’ve been de-stressing lately?: Sometimes I put on some “chill” music (various playlists on Spotify), lay on my heating pad, and rest my eyes.

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Recent Purchases: Oden’s Eye Alva and Solmåne palettes, a Melt Lipstick and Bobbi Brown gloss that I’ve wanted for a while since they were half off, a few items of clothing from Marsté at closeout prices, and a couple of comfy bras since I’m working from home indefinitely.

Rediscoveries: Sugarpill Fun Size palette… I think I’ve used at least one shade from that palette every day this week. It’s really is so… fun! Also my CoverGirl + Olay Advanced Radiance and Simply Ageless Ageless Foundations I’ve re-rediscovered. I mix them together and mostly use the Simply Ageless to lighten the Advanced Radiance shade (the shade range is abysmal at both ends of the spectrum), but they’re beautiful, have a lovely finish, and my skin looks amazing at the end of the day when I take my makeup off, it’s bizarre.

Weekend plans: Welp, someone in my son’s classroom at his daycare tested positive for coronavirus, so we are quarantined for the next two weeks, which is a bummer.

What’s one way you’ve been de-stressing lately? Going for long walks so my anxious energy has an outlet and either listening to a podcast (The Office Ladies always puts me in a good mood) or listening to mellow music (Taylor Swift’s new album is great and I love the soundtrack to Little Voice, the show on Apple TV+).

Fingers crossed about your son, family, and the daycare. My job (so used to saying day job, but I quit night job) is reopening next week, with very reduced numbers, strict protocols and guidelines. Mon is the behavior program with about 12 individuals returning. The behaviorist sent me a DM saying we had front row tix to the shit show. Probably right. I just want the country to pull out of this pandemic without more casualties, lessen the polarized nature of the US society, and see a lot more kindness and tolerance. Those last two have left the building. I don’t want your son and other wee people to have to grow up in this negative atmosphere.

Ugh, I hate that we even have to consider going back to work with cases at an all time high. It’s just wrong. I really hope everyone rallies come this November and takes advantage of absentee ballots so things can start shifting back to… reasonable at the very least, lol. Stay safe, kjh!

Oh dear – hoping you will all be well. Please keep us updated!
Schools here (Ontario, Canada) won’t re-open until after Labour Day but I am worried that our numbers, which have fallen significantly (in spite of some really stupid behaviours in the past few weeks) will start to climb. I’m a teacher, as is my daughter. She teaches in elementary school and the reality is that little children are not good at things like social distancing, not touching their own faces, let alone the faces of others.

Thank you, Marcella! The school situation here is terrifying right now… the gov’t is more concerned with getting the kids back to school and them not falling being on their learning than their lives, and yet won’t provide a plan of attack to keep them safe or funding for alternative learning. It’s the most backward thinking, but that is the US, sadly.

The daycare my son is at won’t divulge whether it was a student or teacher that was diagnosed… I guess I would feel better if it were a teacher with all of the measures they are taking day to day, but it just sucks all around. My family is all safe and healthy right now, thankfully, and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted!

It was some really thoughtless stupid people here Mariella, who started off our second wave and it is so bad now that we are most likely going into Stage 4 lockdowns…no coffee shop open for takeaways!
Little kids are not made for social distancing and it’s been very hard for all concerned regarding Olivia (who is in Prep here – kindergarten in the US/Canada). But staying at home is the right thing to do at the moment, everywhere.

Best wishes for your family Celesta. I am sorry I didn’t reply yesterday, but our Internet Provider was under a ‘hostile atttack’ and was closed down for the day.
I think the Alva palette would really suit you and the shades look beautifully summer like.

I am really loving my ND bronze palette and recently rediscovered my Bobbi Brown lippie Bahama Brown. My stepson is going to his mom’s this week and then returning for one day, then back to college. I am really looking forward to PEACE and freedom this weekend. It’s been rough having my adult step kids in my home for 6 plus months. I have had to walk on eggshells lately and it hasn’t been very fun this past month. My other living room space is packed with his new apartment boxes and that room was where I escaped to for reading and yoga. It’s way too hot to go outside right now and the prince complains he can hear the dogs outside if we go into the pool while he is gaming upstairs.

I have taken steps to put on makeup and do more skincare this past week, as the process is almost meditative to me and I had forgotten that while teleworking. I plan on doing new looks and just having fun, relaxing and maybe catch up on Netflix which doesn’t stream since the gaming sucks up my bandwidth. My husband escapes to the golf course.

Sorry this is so “complainy”. Getting out has been impossible and the month hasn’t been very fun. All my destressing avenues have kind of been put in jail as of late.

Excited to hear about your experience with the Bronze palette! It’s on my list!
Hope you get to enjoy yoga again soon 😊

You are stronger than you know. I can’t imagine working from home with adult kids doing online college, plus their work and entertainment online. Plus not really being mature enough to understand why they ought not sneak out to see GFs and/or BFs. And all wanting something different to eat, and pursuing it. OMBFG. Exhaustive Horror show. Your internet and sanity must have been strained to the max. Good job keeping it together.

this made me chuckle 😆 hope the collective insanity ends soon but meanwhile let’s all hang in there and find peace wherever and whenever we can 🥰

I love that, Exhaustive Horror show! LOL Never in a million years did I imagine turning 50 and dealing with this. That is so on point and I am giggling at that term.

I wouldn’t have imagined the sneaking out in this environment to see BFs and GFs but I saw it. My stepdaughter got a job and finally moved out to her boyfriend’s who she would go visit here and there. 28 years old and 9 months with us without a thank you. I was honestly very hurt when she turned on me the week she got her job and told me she never liked me. She got upset when I told her not to smack my 9lb dog on the head for “growling”. He is just very vocal and a “talker” when he hears certain words…with “good dog” always eliciting this grgrgrhhh noise. I had saved $3K over that period to help her furnish a new place that will now go towards the bathroom I want redone. My husband was furious and threw her out.

My stepson though…strange. He honestly believes AI will replace our lives and we will be in a virtual world. He has no interest in girls, socializing, or exercise. Very handsome kid but very socially awkward.

And the food! I so get that. We have two extra refrigerators in our garage…one a water/soda/drink fridge and one overflow when we entertain or my husband is smoking meats. My freezers have been packed with stuff I don’t eat, Hungry Man frozen meals, corn dogs, pizzas, burritos, ice cream sandwiches and various other desserts. I am sensitive to gluten so eat pretty much paleo. I have had no room in my space to get basics like chicken or salmon, which are not always readily available during these times. I was trained by chefs in my 20s for 3 semesters and nothing I made was good to them. So I gave up.

It really helps to hear from everyone that this isn’t just me. I thought I was the evil stepmother but I had a girlfriend call this weekend and I overheard her fighting with her older teenage sons about the food thing.

Combined families are trying ! 6 months is a LONG time . Hopefully the worst is behind you and you have time for some much needed personal care !

I so get you. Both my adult sons live with me. I just reclaimed my makeup room from my brother, who also lives with us (we built him his own room). Hugs to you, and I hope you finally get to relax.

You are not complainy at all, just echoing a situation that many of us are currently living in. My eldest son lives (and is now working) from home. Our main complaints from him are having the windows open during the day (to air the house) and he whinges that he is too cold.
I use to talk to my kids (when they were teenagers) about the need for independence and initiative and what it looked like for them: picking up the towels off the bathroom floor, cleaning up your own mess on the bench, emptying the dishwasher and bringing the clothes (mostly their’s) from the line. Needless to say, we had lots and lots of these discussions…..I now feel like revisiting them.. Yes, I know he is working long hours, but so did I and he is not incapacitated to empty a dishwasher now and then or clean his own bathroom…….
I so do feel your frustration about Prince Charming and hopefully he will be moving out soon.

Thanks everyone. I’m normally a positive person so going down this rabbit hole was not fun. I don’t get the young adults these days at all. I have been working since I have been 15 and was very independent. I put myself through college and the worse time in my young adult life was living with my mom for 3 weeks after a hurricane destroyed my home. I don’t know if I would have believed you about picking up after yourself or complaining about the home until I had recently experienced this myself.

I think we make them entirely too comfortable and cater to them so much that they don’t want to leave. I don’t care how old you are, but you are not an adult who can do what you want when you are living with someone who is supporting you. My home, my rules.

This sense of entitlement is so bizarre to me. I honestly think this pendulum swings back and forth with each generation. One gen feels their parents were too strict, so they are more lenient. Those kids grow up and are harder with their kids because “they know”. My baby brother got away with murder when he was a kid and he is super hard on his kids.

Oh Mellan I would love to be as chill as you!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nada
Weekend plans: Our neighbors behind us have gone away, so we are going to have nice peaceful times on our decks (under the umbrellas) because the heat has finally come to us yay! I’m also putting the grout sealer on the grout so that we can put our furniture back and stop living in just 2 rooms.
What’s one way you’ve been de-stressing lately?: I have the radio on all the time and when my favorite songs come on I dance like no one is watching! I also sing, I hope nobody can hear that lol!

I do that too! Haha. Hubby was golfing this weekend and I was watching Mama Mia 1 and 2 and singing and dancing and he walked in on me and I didn’t know for like two minutes! He and I had been at odds over his kids and he said he hadn’t seen me happy like that for a while. He also told me I have a horrible voice. LOLOL

Where are you where you are just getting heat?

Recent Purchases: Just some books.

Weekend plans: Trying to de-stress.

What’s one way you’ve been de-stressing lately? Watching mindless TV shows, taking walks with the dog, backrubs from my husband. Sorry, that was three ways, all equally helpful.

Mellan is so cute! Yesterday I was enjoying the difference between standing on the bit of tile that was warmed by the sun coming in through the sliding glass door, vs the tile that was still shaded and cool.

Purchases/arrivals: Picked up face cleaner for myself and the spouse over the weekend (Julep “love your bare face” for the spouse, and a Trader Joe’s cleaner for me. My skin is less picky than theirs, so I am looking for something less expensive I can use so we’re not both using their Holy Grail product and having to replace the $20 bottle so often), and some strawberry lemon hand creme from Trader Joe’s, too. And my ColourPop order arrived yesterday — Wild Nothing palette, the Laurel cream shadow, and clear lip oil. I said I would test Laurel last night but my fitness class wiped me out and by the time I got out of the shower I had no energy for messing around with makeup.

Weekend plans: My usual online classes Sat and Sun. After class on tomorrow we’re going to drive down to Tacoma (about an hour away) for curbside pickup at a couple of cute local shops down there (a new houseplant and puzzles). Normally I would not drive all that way for so little, but we are both bored of being at home and it’s going to be a nice day so we’re up for an adventure. Plus we drive an electric car so it’s not like we’re creating pollution with our frivolous drive. We might take Daisy along and find a park to go for a walk, and then we’ll get some takeout for a car picnic.

One way I’ve been destressing: I’ve been starting my dance practice with gentle stretches and restorative foam rolling to get into my body and out of my head, and release the tension from being at my desk for 8.5 hours.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I love Pat McGrath Decadence reddish/orange colors, (Inferno, Blue Blood, Hedonistic), mixed with pink and purple shadows from La Vie en Rose, and finished with a soft brown Pat McGrath pencil (and no liquid eyeliner).

Weekend plans: My boyfriend is heading back to NY, so I will get caught up on work and enjoy some reading time. I also might watch a classic soccer game on YouTube – Amsterdam Football Club Ajax winning the 1995 UEFA Champions League. A friend made a shirt design based on this classic match, which I bought to support. Now I think I should watch the game in case it sparks conversations, so I don’t make a fool out of myself ;-p

What’s one way you’ve been de-stressing lately?: Long walks with audiobooks!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I got one of the new-ish L’Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks during the mini sale at Ulta, and I love it. Colour Riche has always been a favorite formula of mine, but these new France-inspired shades are gorgeous. I got Montmartre and it is lovely.

Weekend plans: Cake for my mom’s b-day tonight, painting our bedroom and our Little Free Library tomorrow, and moving our stuff into the bedroom on Sunday. I think most of my free time will be spent doing house stuff.

What’s one way you’ve been de-stressing lately?: Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons or crocheting.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Kosas concealers and deodorant at Sephora…..I use the concealer as a foundation (survives the mask) and I am fascinated by their deodorant….has AHA and lactic acid to help prevent smell instead of chemicals. Sol Janerio Bum Bum Spray – has been immensely therapeutic for my patients…smells like vacation and good memories.

Weekend plans: Stay cool. Keep the animals comfortable. Eat ice cream. Do yoga instead of weights.

What’s one way you’ve been de-stressing lately?: Connection with family as a point rather than an after-thought, even if it can be challenging during the plague. All social media banned as a rule. 15 minutes of news a day tops; good to be informed, no need to be overwhelmed.

Project Pan Panned items for the month:
💄ABH Clear gel (replaced with a spoolie and soap) – loving a good soap brow
💄 Goldielux bronzer (will repurchase in future; replaced with TheBalm Bahama Mama to pan next)
💄 Qi Energy Eye cream (repurchased )
💄 Beauty Pie Oxygen Mask ( replaced with Japanfusion Ceramide mask)
💄 IGK Mistress Balm (replaced with IGK Rich Kid Gel)
💄 Schmidt Charcoal Deodorant (discontinuing…scratchy and awful. Lavender is better but slimy. Trying the Kosas one instead)
💄 Lavinalla natural deodorant-Sport (good for winter, not summer heat)
💄 Bed Head Conditioner -Level 3 (Red) )frequent repurchase.

I also must learn to not follow the news so often. For me it’s a double take, as I follow both US news, UK news (where my brother leaves) and news from my home country (where my family leaves), so something is bound to frustrate me each day. It’s important to follow the news and be informed, but it’s indeed overwhelming.

That Schmidt’s. I thought it was my bad for getting them at TJX. I have 4. The charcoal is as you described. The fragrance free is just a bit lumpy, but the 2 scented ones (bergamot and cedar?) are just fine. It figures the most universal ones would be the worst. No rebuy there. Too bad, as inverse psoriasis in my pits kept me from sweating for ~2 1/2 years, and left the skin pretty intolerant of everything. I had hoped.

That sucks about the psoriasis…..I have heard mixed reviews about Native. I also tried Asos (Amazon) last month, that wasn’t great.

The search continues…….😏

I have had regular psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, shingles, herpes of the esophagus, and pulverized my calcaneus so that I could not put a toe down for 12 weeks. Inverse psoriasis is basically worse than all of them. I’ve had it for 3 years. It jumped to my face. I called derm at Mass General, a biggie world class hospital, and was told one doc had treated it without good effect. I wouldn’t wish it on……

I regularly purchase the Fragrance Free Schmidt’s from my Sprouts and it’s never lumpy or gritty. For me it works wonders; I still sweat (which is normal, natural and needed), but keeps smell under control even when I go for long walks and hikes in hot California.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Another week of nothing new.

Weekend plans: Groceries, house chores, a hike, calls with my mom, the usual boring stuff, every weekend is the same.

What’s one way you’ve been de-stressing lately?: Long walks and hikes are always de-stressing, especially when listening a good audiobook

Mellan is such a cutie. It has been so hot there recently, I bet finding a cool spot in the shade is a necessity.
Haul: A few more Sydney Grace shadows. I went to one of my favorite looks that Christine has done with SG shadows and purchased the ones I didn’t have already. So I picked up Queen of Hearts, Blaze, Immortal and Starfish. I am headed to Spokane tomorrow so will likely pick up a few things at Sephora.

Weekend plans: As I mentioned, I am headed to Spokane tomorrow for my daughter’s birthday. We usually stay at The Davenport Hotel and have Sunday brunch but they aren’t doing brunch for the foreseeable future so we are just going to have dinner there and then spend the day visiting Sephora, etc. We will be wearing masks and social distancing. We have such a low risk in Montana, although the numbers are doubling, but there is a lot more risk in Spokane so we will be doubly safe. It actually helps having two of us as one can kind of keep an eye out for people not following social distancing rules.

De-stressing: I have had to cut out watching so much news. I am really not a news watching person but had found myself watching a lot of news because of COVID and then was sucked into the whole political situation. I was about ready to kill someone so had to really cut back. Not that I don’t still care and I hope everyone gets out and votes in November. We cannot go on like this and the only relief comes through voting. I also have been doing a lot of creative things which I enjoy. I am still trying to perfect my Sato Rose Origamin fold. I got the Kawasaki down now so I have moved onto the Sato and the Pentagon Rose, also by Naomiki Sato. Naomiki is an Asian man who was born in France. He is a brilliant rose origami creator and has published a couple of books on the subject. Anyway, I am working on perfecting the folds for both roses. Origami helps me relax.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: e.l.f. Bite Size Eye Shadow Palette in Hot Jalapeño. This could be my HG green palette!

Weekend plans: The usual farmer’s market trip. We continue to stay close to home. Maybe a bookstore, because I got word that my favorite one has “regular” hours now.

What’s one way you’ve been de-stressing lately?: I follow a few subreddits in the makeup and skincare “circle jerk” space and they always make me laugh at myself. If I am lucky, one of my cats will snuggle up with me while I am a scrolling.

Only half-baked? It’s too hot for all life today! LOL 🌞

Purchases/rediscoveries: Just purchased 2 HG items from Sephora, their own instant brush cleaner and Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic Acid & Retinol Eye Serum. I was playing with the idea of ordering the Melt She’s In Parties Palette, but then this morning I did an eye look using Viseart Amethyst Theory palette and PML Divine Rose II Mothership and it looked as if I had used the Melt palette! So I may not get it, idk?

Rediscoveries: CP Bijou USLS! Used it today with a very smokey, goth purple eye, and UD NOHO blush. Pretty!

Weekend plans: Well, thankfully, I was able to completely stock up on food and supplies for the month this morning. My son brought me to both Walmart and Fry’s. Tomorrow morning, my Zoom meeting. Hopefully, it cools down enough to use our pool. Yeah, the water actually feels a little too warm these past couple of days!

What’s one way you’ve been destressing these days? Using the pool! Nothing else really helps except for a good swim. I’m just feeling so wired and having lots of anxiety recently. 🤷‍♀️

Purchases – the Kerastase leave in stuff I ordered arrived this week (though I think I purchased it last week); rediscoveries: my Bare Minerals Ready shadow duos and quad; also, Tarina Tarantino’s fabulous Dream 5-pan. How I wish I’d scooped 2 others when Sephora had them marked down and before they vanished from the face of the earth.

Weekend plans: It’s August Civic Holiday here in Ontario (perhaps other provinces too) so it’s a long weekend of good ol’ relaxing. I might try to book some time on the gym floor (we have to book as there is very limited capacity in order to keep things safe and that is great, IMO). We do have to go to Costco in the next few days too.

Destressing? – I’m not especially stressed for the most part but a long walk, a workout at the gym, some yoga or listening to an audiobook are all things that will distract me enough when I am stressed and sort of get me off that hamster wheel and break the cycle a bit.

I have Tarantino’s “Wonderful” jewel 5 pan with the mint and forest green, a gorgeous gold and a lovely brown in it. A fantastic little gem. The only bareMinerals duo I have is the Scenic Route, with the best olive green shade – Spectacular around. I also have the Wild Thing as well. These, plus the 8 pans the Playlist and the Soft and Smokey, were made in BM’s heyday… Such excellent quality products.

I’ve also got The Scenic Route and 2 others – The Escape and The Magic Touch. I have one 4-pan – The Designer Label – and of the 8 pans, I’ve got The Power Neutrals and The Star Treatment. I think The Playlist was one I wanted that wasn’t released here and there’s another 8 pan as well – maybe The Soft and Smokey, but I’m not sure – that I also wanted but, again, it wasn’t released here. I could kick myself for not getting that “Wonderful” palette as well as “Lovely”. I’m just glad I didn’t hesitate and got The Emerald Pretty palette (in spite of the bad packaging) when it was marked down.

Recent purchases: Picked up a couple Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips and Maybelline Superstay Matte Inks from Ulta. I got the Bowl of Cherries shade and Salted Caramel Mocha. Bowl of Cherries was bright and beautiful with the green from the Sugarpill Capsule Collection 1 palette, like candy apple red and candy green apple, and as smudge proof as promised.

Weekend plans: spend quality time with my attention-starved partner and stay 6+ feet away from everyone else

De-stressing: You mean besides makeup? :p I’ve been rewatching Stargate Atlantis (which, in middle school, I thought was the best show on TV (ok, even then I knew Battlestar Galactica was objectively better, I just had a massive crush on the lead)) with a friend over Zoom. We heckle it like it’s Mystery Science Theater 3000. Man it aged really poorly for something from the early 2000s (though I think that’s part of the prob right cause it’s Bush era and has to be pro military by its nature, but the queerbaiting?). Also it devolves from somewhat intellectually interesting plots here and there in season 1 and 2 to just rah rah sci-fi action guns explosions killing aliens, but I guess the thoughtlessness of it is why it’s a successful de-stresser.

Your backyard is looking immaculate Christine, a really enjoyable space – which Mellon approves of! I sympathise with you on the very hot temperatures you are experiencing. You just never know what temperature heights the weather will get up to in summer nowadays.

Haul: Being a lipstick kind of person (tricky at the moment), I really wanted to purchase a lipstick for National Lipstick Day. After much perusing of the internet, I decided to buy Laura Geller’s Iconic Sculpturing lipstick in Battery Park Bronze – a metallic bronzey shade from her site. It was on sale too.

Rediscoveries: Recently I dug deep into my palette bag and found UD’s Mariposa – now that was made when UD was doing its best and there is a delightful variety of neutral and colourful shades in which to play with.

Weekend Plans: Our Covid 19 numbers are going through the roof here and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight at the moment. The Aged Care nursing home situation is appalling and there appears to have been a total lack of planning all around on this – even though Australia had the luxury of time from the European experiences.
This weekend be like my others – cooking for the family, laundry, reading and watching the latest series on Rocku (whatever it is called). I am currently watching War of the Worlds and Marcella.

De-Stress measures: Reading a good book always de-stresses me, as does walking and listening to music.

Genevieve: I also have that Mariposa palette (got it from my daughter) – it’s such a lovely little thing though I often struggle to get the tin to open!

I adore Anna Friel and so was really excited about Marcella. My advice, after shaking my head with Season 1 (how can someone so damaged be allowed to continue to work on the police force, especially when her colleagues SEE the evidence of her mental instability and she ends up jeopardizing the whole investigation by her actions); struggling even to watch Season 2 (it’s about child kidnapping and abuse and I know it’s a fictional tv show but it was still turning my stomach – strong ties there too to Jimmy Saville) and then sticking with Season 3 in hopes that all the insanity would finally come round right – my advice is “quit while you’re ahead”. DH would come through the family room and comment “Why are you still subjecting yourself to this show?”

You too struggle to open the tin? I thought it was just me with my itty bitty fingernails! It sure is a challenge at times. But the palette does have a pretty collection of shades, apart from the pink one – which we will both happily ignore.
Yes, Marcella is a challenge to watch and I am not sure that I will get through Season 2 – it’s a bit too dark for me perhaps.
Trapped, the Icelandic series was really good and I wished I had watched Season 1. Another I have enjoyed is Modus too. It’s only since lockdown that I have started watching so many series on TV of an evening.

Trapped was AMAZING. I think it’s the reason we got Netflix in the first place – I really wanted to see it. It just really bothered me that Marcella herself was SO disturbed and yet was allowed to continue working. Season 3 is even worse than the previous 2 and it’s just a total bloodbath. I’ve not watched Modus though I think we have it here on Neflix (it varies from country to country). If you have Bodyguard (not the Whitney Houston one from decades ago) – it is REALLY good (well, until the end – so many of these series seem to fall apart at the end in an effort to get everything tied up) – it goes from 0 to 60 in terms of tension in about 3 seconds and it’s really good once you sort of figure out who all the various police and government people are. And if you don’t mind subtitles, Occupied (in Norwegian, a bit of Russian and English) is another one that had me on the edge of my seat and holding my breath. I’ve still not seen all of season 1 even (I think there are 3 season) but it has to do with Norway’s very real commitment to green energy and the fact that they process a huge amount of Europe’s gas (or maybe oil) and in the series, the government – elected on a green agenda – in keeping its election promise, is going to stop processing all this gas for other countries. Well, the “other countries” decided they won’t stand for that and can basically bully Norway into doing their bidding. It’s another program where everything seems to be going along nicely until suddenly, the tension ramps up a thousand percent!

I think a lot of people have trouble with that Mariposa tin. Sometimes it pops open easily and at other times, it’s almost impossible.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Yesterday I ordered the Morphe A Better Whirled brush set (made for Pride and part of the proceeds go to GLSEN-it’s for a good cause and I couldn’t resist the rainbow ferrules!) and my Sephora package-Fenty Slip Shine Vamps Who Brunch lipstick and Marc Jacobs Top Brass and Glittersweet Highliners-arrived!
Weekend plans: Work tomorrow, run errands either after work or on Sunday, TV marathons, get more takeout.
What’s one way you’ve been de-stressing lately?: Absolutely it’s cutting down on how much virus news I read-I try to stay informed, but there’s only so much I can take before it makes me more nervous than prepared!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: My Holt Renfrew July makeup sale items arrived – a Dior eyeliner brush and the Tom Ford Honeymood quad. 15% off is a decent deal. Pulled out the Summer 2018 Dior orangey/neutral quad to wear out to a bbq and also tried out the Summer 2020 blue and gold eyeliner from the Colour Games collection. Nothing else except for groceries.

Weekend Plans: Enjoying the heat for a few days. Summer here has been quite rainy so it’s nice to have a few dry days. Not as hot as in Arizona. Visiting my cousin, probably. May check out some of the hockey games that are starting (my city is the Western hub due to low Coronavirus numbers).

De-stressing: Having an occasional nap or resting my eyes for 45 minutes to an hour per day. Some walking. Listening to some new music. The lead singer from one of my favourite bands has a new solo project coming out in a couple of weeks – Even in Exile (about Victor Jara). The couple of singles so far are quite good.

Mellan looks so sweet. The lawn is admirable. I should invest in some fake lawn. Mine is finally doing a little better this year.

Recent Purchases: MAC x Teyana Taylor lipsticks in A Rose in Harlem and Junie Bee; MAC Bronzer Foiled Shadow in Tide ‘N’ Seek. (Sale) P/Y/T Beauty Heart Beat Cheek Color Powder Blush in Exhale, Clinique Quickliner in Grape and Intense Midnight, Smashbox Travel Size Photo Finish Primers in Oil and Shine Control, Reduce Redness, and Oil-Free Pore Minimizing.

Weekend plans: Younger son’s paperwork. I didn’t get it done do to unforeseen issues with older son.

Pets Update: Jack the kitty is recovering nicely from his bladder infection. Mr. Maize the corn snake had a check up Tuesday and got all his sutures out. His skin is completely sealed, though the new skin isn’t toughened up yet. He’s off antibiotic shots and cream, and the vet doesn’t need to see him again. We have to keep things soft inside his terrarium till the skin toughens up. There will be some scarring, but it might diminish some over time.

What’s one way you’ve been de-stressing lately?: I don’t feel like I really de-stress any more. The best thing is going on a nice long country drive with my husband. We talk and listen to music as we drive. I’ve found watching makeup videos on YouTube oddly comforting. I can’t stand to watch much of anything else, lately. Usually I find horror movies or animated shows and movies escapist, but I’ve been too depressed/anxious to focus on a plot. Music at the end of the day helps some, too.

I so, so miss the long country drives, ending up in a perfect little country pub or restaurant for lunch. Les Sigh!
Good news for your pets (and your wallet as well). I hope that you get to finish the paperwork for your younger son this weekend, if time allows.
I hope you can find some inner peace Rachel and hang in there, it’s very, very tough at the moment and I know it’s a big struggle. We are probably going into more stringent lockdowns next week (Stage 4) for the forseeable future. Not fun at all.

I miss being able to get lunch out, but there is a Dairy Queen on one of our favorite routes, so I occasionally get a small treat if my blood sugar is good.

Thanks. The stuff going on in the world and the U.S. right now, combined with the lockdown and COVID Wave 2 in my state are not combining well with my severe general anxiety disorder, and I had a long bout of depression. I’m doing better with the depression, and I’m trying to focus on what I can control. I can spread resources and back causes, I can take care of my family, I can get out and do a few things, I have new indie makeup to play with, etc. I know we’re all struggling through this.

Your yard is perfection, as your reviews. And your son looks comfy and smart, as he carefully places himself mostly in the shade, still getting his vitamin D on his head and shoulders. I have been where you live. Many people move from one air conditioned environment to the next. The sun intensity pricks your skin. my contacts popped out, when i spent time outdoors. I can only imagine that major dry heat, since it has been a steamy 97 in the shade in Boston! I’ll take the steam over the dry…I think. Thanks so much for the dupe feature. I had at least one dupe for every shade i desired on NLD. Of course, the fact that my color preferences have radically narrowed helps a bit. Speaking of oven, someone gave me a spaghetti squash and i cooked it at 5A to minimize the heat. Long and low. Less heat didn’t work awfully well, and the recipe i found was definitely for winter squash. It is good, though. Possibly i can do more than wade in the water, and get to one of the town-only beaches. No way I’m going to Covidville down the hill. De-stressing: love ups with the dachshunds. Found a new composer via on-air classical radio. Einaudi. He’s contemporary, Italian, but it isn’t atonal or offbeat. It’s piano and very relaxing, incorporating some world music influences. I sent a link to the nurse at the behavior Day Hab, as calm down music. Three centers open next week with heavy regulations and protocols. Nevertheless, the behaviorist sent me a DM saying we have front row tix to the ****show! Probably true.

Thank you! 🙂

Yeah, it is… hot, hot, and hotter right now, so it is definitely stay indoors where the AC is blasting time of year!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I tried to buy the blush I missed out on during the first Colourpop x Sailor Moon restock. Sadly the blushes sold out again before I could get one. In the meantime, I rediscovered the classic Maybelline lipstick in “Touch of Spice”. Back when I was just getting into makeup I bought both Touch of Spice and Clay Crush as they were touted as “universal nudes” on YouTube at the time. I ended up loving Touch of Spice way more as the darker mauve complimented my olive skin much more than the paler Clay Crush which gave me concealer lips.

Weekend plans: Uploading the last of my vlog footage. I daily-vlogged the month of July and while I can appreciate the experience I’m kinda happy it’s over.

What’s one way you’ve been de-stressing lately?: How could I pick just one? Distractions are about the only way I can keep variety in my life these days. Video games, books, movies, walks around the neighborhood, having dinner and a glass of wine with my family.

Finds/Rediscoveries: Ordered the Wayne Goss Luxury Eye Collection, arrives Monday. Finished a Clarins toner, now trying Elizabeth Arden ceramide toner. I’ve not been one to use toners but had these from previous purchases and am enjoying using what I have.

Weekend Plans: the NHL has returned in a bubble format, so my activities revolve around the matchups I can’t wait to see. Went househunting on Saturday. On Sunday, dropping off a donation of school supplies, visiting a friend, and curbside takeout for dinner.

De-stressing: I started an exercise program and that helps physically and mentally as does spending time outside. I take time away from social media and enjoy what is around me, with gratitude. A hearty laugh with my spouse or with family and friends helps lower stress levels.

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