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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I bought a ton of empty Sydney Grace palettes that arrived! I bought my mom some skincare to try (a few mini-sized cleansers and two hydrating serums) and sent a Tatcha mega-sized Cleansing Oil to my sister.
  • Weekend plans: Cross fingers, toes, and paws for some monsoon activity! It’s been more humid lately but no real activity by me!
  • How has your summer been so far?: Despite the larger, global issues looming, it is nice to have my mother-in-law moved and settling in, as it’s one giant to-do off my list of stressors! We are also in love with the landscaping remodel we did, and everything has started to grow in, which has been lovely to see. I miss seeing my parents, though, as they normally stay for a week in the summer.

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Haul: just the new-ish Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer, which I’m loving, and a points perk of Kerastase leave in conditioner (which I’m planning to go back to purchase in the full size).

Weekend plans: a friend is coming to stay overnight, pick up her sewing machine from the repair place and stuff (I think she’s got a lot errands she’s hoping I’ll take her to but it might not all be “do-able”)

Summer so far: disappointing in some ways (no travel trips, no big trip to Denmark, not even trips within lovely Canada), frustrating in some ways (gyms closed and in spite of all the progress I’ve made and even though I’m still FaceTime training with my trainer, it’s not the same and I’m back-sliding; I don’t get to see my friends or my kids and their partners) but very sort of “calming” in other ways. And seeing how the numbers in Canada stack up, per capita, against the US (and, yes, we do have excellent and FREE testing here for anyone) and so many other countries, I am glad our Prime Minister and our Provincials leaders are keeping a tight rein on things.

Ditto for our PM and State Premiers – all on the same page and offering as much support as possible. Melbourne is in the middle of a huge second wave of community transmissions – luckily not so many where I live in the outer eastern side of the city. The hard aspect of this second wave is that it’s really coming down to people spreading the virus when they are asymptomatic or not following the guidelines because they don’t believe it’s real. Mumma Mia!

💄Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Purchased the Born to Run palette on 50% sale at Ulta for Christmas presents. Panned a Beauty Pie bronzer (repurchased!), Bed Head conditioner (the red one, repurchased!), and Dove moisture body wash (repurchased!).

💄Weekend plans: Training horses, gardening, the usual. Also: reading books I loved as a girl.

💄How has your summer been so far?: Strange but productive. Lot’s of outdoor time. Veggie garden is sad, fruit garden went bonkers. 🤷‍♀️

Recent Purchases: Nothing!

-Sugarpill Funsize palette. I’ve really enjoyed incorporating this palette in with my more neutral looks for a pop of color. It’s so fun.
-My single shadows, especially my special shades.
-CoverGirl + Olay Advanced Radiance and Simply Ageless foundations
-Stila Cosmetics Heaven’s Hue Highlight in Kitten
Basically I’ve really enjoyed playing with my “older” makeup recently.

Weekend plans: It’s my son’s third birthday on the 29th, but we’re going to celebrate this weekend. We’ll decorate, have cake, and maybe go to a local park (one with out a playground, just with hiking trails) so he can run around to his heart’s content. I’m a little bummed that we can’t have an actual “party” for him right now so his grandparents can see him to celebrate, but we are arranging for everyone to come see him separately in the coming few weeks.

How has your summer been so far?: …weird. I’ve spent more time outside than in previous summers, but it’s also been super hot. It’s weird being socially distanced from family and friends and playgrounds and fun summer activities. Everything feels off. I’m already looking forward to autumn and hunkering down and cooler weather and cozy things, maybe for the comfort of it. Because nothing feels comfortable right now.

I keep resisting that Fun Size palette! It’s so cute but I don’t know how often I would use the pastels.

Happy Birthday to your son Celesta. It’s really hard for both you and him not to be able to celebrate his birthday the way you would like, but I am sure he is going to love the day anyway. 3 year olds have so much energy that a run around in a park would be perfect for him. What did you get him for his birthday?
We are lucky because we have a reserve at the back of our house and the local council has recently added a huge paved area around the oval that is suitable for little kids on bikes, scooters and balance bikes. I always take our grandchildren there.

I have to stop and smell the flowers just like Mellan!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I bought the new PML mascara, now I need somewhere to go to wear it lol!
Weekend plans: We’re having someone come in to clean the grout on our main floor on Monday so we have to move everything off the floors, I’ve been doing the small things that I can manage but my husband and my son are going to have to move all the rest of the furniture. Eventually we are going to replace the tile but for now it needs a deep clean and my back can’t take hours of scrubbing on my hands and knees anymore. Who in their right mind uses white grout?
How has your summer been so far?: We have had so much rain this summer our landscape is so green and I can feel the humidity in the air! This is in dry Alberta. But yesterday was so scary, I was outside watering the plants on the deck and a tornado warning came across the radio! It was very close, so I went inside and closed the windows and grabbed a few things and went down to the basement, then our house alarm went off, twice, warning of the tornado! I’m sitting down there looking out the window and it’s pouring rain then the sun comes out, nothing else happens. Later, on the evening news they show what looks to be a tornado very close to my house, it has yet to be classified by Environment Canada. That is how my summer has been in isolation. I just want to go to Vancouver and visit my family!

LOL! WE use light colored grout too. Buying a steam floor cleaner managed to do the trick for us. We don’t have a whole lot of tiled flooring so it seems to work for us now.

How scary for you – a tornado warning! Do you get many of those? We’ve had a lot of rain in our autumn/winter as well and it was very welcome after the bushfires from the previous season. It’s beautiful when the country side is so green and we can’t even visit it.
Good luck with the tile grout too – we have white tile grout as well and it is so difficult to clean properly.

Hi Genevieve, there has been one other tornado near here around 4 years ago I was at work with other people around and we could see it from the window, it didn’t do any damage, but our weather seems to be getting worse, we had a hail storm that caused a billion dollars of damage a few weeks ago in the north part of the city and | have never seen damage like that before, it ripped the siding off people’s houses and broke their windows and smashed the windshields and ripped their fenders off their cars, it makes me nervous when they announce a severe thunderstorm warning, if it happened once is it going to happen again? Our furniture is all moved and ready for our cleaner I can’t wait! I usually do the grout this is going to be a treat to have someone else do it for a change. Take care!

I remember when you first got your lil yellow baby boy, so it is always a joy to see him exploring and living his best desert life!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: This is about the furthest thing from makeup, but I bought a Little Free Library for our new house! I am so excited to put it up since there’s a lot of foot and bike traffic on our corner. I also got my scentbird for the month, and the perfume in it (CK Obsessed) is pretty nice because it reminds me of CK One but softer.

Weekend plans: Packing, painting, moving. It will be fun once it’s done. Also helping a friend prep for an interview at a university.

How has your summer been so far?: Stressful.

Good luck with the move. This month I am going to find out if my lease is renewed, having to move during a pandemic will definitely make my summer less boring.

What a lovely idea to have a Free Library Stephanie! Best of luck with the packing etc. Do you have to paint your old place or your new one?
Best wishes to your friend for his/her interview – always such a stressful situation.

Purchases and discoveries: I caved yesterday and bought a few items from the new ColourPop collection. I’ve spent most of my life avoiding neutral palettes so I probably don’t even have dupes for most of that palette, LOL. And I finally tried my Melt Impulsive palette last weekend and I’m in looooove. I was also reminded of how much I like the liquid lipstick from The Lip Bar in Unimpressed. It’s a really good replacement for KVD’s Lolita, IMO.

Weekend plans: Tomorrow I’ve got a workshop on giving and receiving critique, with a focus on dance. Sunday I have foam roller class (both of these are online, of course). Gotta run some errands this weekend. Probably play some games. Try to catch up on sleep.

How has the summer been so far? Ehhhhh. Started out with a long hospitalization for the dog (and we almost lost her), all the fun summer events I would normally attend have been canceled, no travel, no visits from family and friends. I’ve been feeling pretty unmotivated in dance. I’ve been reading A LOT because I decided to do the Seattle Public Library book bingo reading challenge. I’m 8 books away from filling my entire bingo card, and I’ve read maybe 5-6 books that didn’t fit in any of the squares, too. Trying to make the best of a quiet summer at home. I mean, I wanted to spend more time at home this summer (last year was jam-packed with travel and guests), but this is not what I had in mind!

One of the spotlights of my summer was definitely reading more, especially reading again books I read in my summer highschool vacations, like Anna Karenina (heavy reading) or Agatha Christie books (light reading).

Mine has been a mix of heavy and light reading, too, and since each box on the bingo “card” has a different prompt, it’s got me reading books I might not have considered otherwise!

I am a great reader and I think this idea of the Seattle libraries is a fabulous one. I guess you get to read books that far from the normal ones you would choose.
We’ve had our best autumn and winter yet here and no-one can enjoy it at all, I understand where you are coming from. At the moment I can’t quite see where or when this wretched virus will end….
Good luck with your workshop too AJ.

Thank you Genevieve, the workshop was a lot of fun! Sure miss being in the same room as people, though.

The reading challenge definitely got me to read a few books I wouldn’t have considered otherwise, and also got me to finally crack open some things that had been waiting on my shelf for a while! So often these challenges are for kids and teens so I really appreciate that the library put together one for adults, too 🙂

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Another week of nothing new beauty and cosmetics wise.

Weekend plans: Another week of nothing new. 😅 Groceries, house cleaning, cooking, a long hike, some walks, calling my mom

How has your summer been so far?: Boring, depressing, the same as the spring. I lost track of time, I hate working from home more and more each week, I worry too much for my mom and grandparents back in Europe, I miss like crazy being able to explore cities and museums, I miss the sound of live musical instruments, and so on.
But things are good I think… the daily routine is fine, I am healthy and cope with stuff day by day. Have no hopes for the remainder of the summer, but we’ll see.

Mellan, I love the smell of lavender, too! 💜

Purchases/rediscoveries: No purchases this week, but I finally used my PML Divine Rose II Mothership in a look this past Monday and this is by far her easiest palette to use! The mattes in here don’t stick in spots the way that many, if not all, her other mattes do on my less than perfectly taut, smooth lids. And that trichrome Sextraterrestrial is PERFECTION for bringing out all the green in my eyes!

Weekend plans: Other than having to go out to run a few errands this afternoon and my Zoom meeting tomorrow morning, nothing. If I still lived over in Scottsdale, I’d go up to the park on Chaparral and Hayden to enjoy this slightly cooler day.

How has your summer gone so far? Other than getting to swim in the pool here, it’s been a largely blah and boring summer. Oh, one other thing, I made a new friend! I’ve been sitting outside daily, feeding one of the semi-feral kitties over here, trying to convince her that the indoor life is best…she’s having none of that, though. Upstairs neighbors have her sibling, Pepper (all black) and named this one Salty Girl, because she’s all black with a little tuft of white fur on her neck. Both are semi-longhairs and absolutely adorable!

Oh Nancy you had me at feral..😻

It took us 2 years , and a ton of calm patience before a beautiful feral “7” felt safe to hang out with us in the house .
He always needed a quick access outside though because he associated outside with safety.

Nancy, are there any parks near to where you live now? It’s always nice to access some greenery at this time. Thank goodness your awfully hot weather has cooled down a bit.

Not any that I readily know of, Genevieve. The Westside of town is more desert like and more barren looking. Nowhere near as green as over where I was living before. Nor as interesting. Over in Scottsdale, we even had wild Lovebirds that would fly over to the property I lived on and sing up the trees! We had Old Town Scottsdale to go walk around in, and one very lovely shopping mall that was just a mile away from where I lived. Lots of unique, fun eateries, too!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing this week

Weekend plans: 1) Filling out paperwork to get my son reinstated with Vocational Rehab, so he can get more services from his programs. They can’t do a virtual intake meeting till Sept. 29, but there’s a packet to fill out and mail back ASAP. 2) Lipstick reorganization and declutter. 3) Our cat Jack has a mild bladder infection and has been feeling extra needy, so comforting him.

How has your summer been so far?: The only good things about it are that there have been few really hot days so far, and we have not yet caught COVID-19. Otherwise, it’s been even more of a disaster than spring was, with no end in sight.

Best wishes for your son Rachel so he can access more programs. I hope the admin package isn’t too arduous to fill in – sometimes they want to know everything about you including what you eat for breakfast!
I hope Jack is feeling better better soon.

Thank you, sweetie! It doesn’t look too difficult. It’s not the largest packet I’ve filled out for him. lol Jack has only peed on bedspread once since getting the antibiotic shot, so that’s an improvement. He’s been really cuddly. When he’s not sitting with a person, he’s been sitting next to the guinea pig’s cage for comfort. It’s so cute.

I things are going a little better in Australia.

Recent Purchases: My first purchases in forever. I bought 3 Pat McGrath singles on sale. I chose Purple Reign, even though I have it in a palette because it’s my favorite purple, Rose Venus, which pulls too orange on my eyes but it’s still pretty, and Burnished Honey, which is rich and versatile. I also used my Ulta points on a pedicure stone, new base coat, and some new bottles of OPI polish since I have been doing my own nails. And an extra MAC 217 brush. Ulta now has some MAC brushes.
Weekend Plans: Cooking, cleaning, and a home movie night. Socially distant farmers’ market Sunday morning weather permitting.
How is your summer going so far: We’re all healthy. So I’m grateful.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: A new hairbrush. I ruined my old one trying to scrub off the accumulated a thick layer of root cover-up and dry shampoo from the Pause.

Weekend plans: New glasses in a more mask-friendly style.

How has your summer been so far? So-so. I am pretty anxious about current events and the activities that I would rely on for distraction aren’t available. I have not been sleeping well. But my family and friends are healthy and we have the material things we need, and so I am grateful for that.

Lesley, I totally get what you mean about our current situation, and its effect on sleep. I’m not sleeping well at all, either. The other night, I was awake until roughly 6 a.m. This whole mess is so anxiety provoking!

Recent Purchases: The only thing I’ve been buying recently are books and groceries.

Weekend plans: Watch TV, read, Zoom happy hour with friends, chores.

How has your summer been so far? I’m sorry to have such a negative answer, but this has been one of my worst summers ever. Besides the pandemic, I’ve been dealing with a very sick relative, an emotionally abusive relative, plumbing problems at home, and personal health issues. I miss going out, miss getting dressed up to go out, and miss getting made up to go out. I miss being able to hang out with my friends in person. It’s just been miserable. Sorry to be such a downer.

You’re not a downer, Seraphine! Uh uh. Nope. I believe most of us are feeling exactly as you described. There is a sense of feeling trapped, for lack of a better word. Not being able to do the things that bring us a sense of contentment and normalcy in our lives at this time is super stressful and depressing.

I’m sorry. I’m doing teletherapy and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a great way to vent my negativity about everything, because it all builds up, you know? Just a suggestion because it helps me a ton.

I was missing everything myself, so I just starting doing my makeup for fun again. Somewhere along the way I stopped doing just about everything but lip balm. I felt great afterward. Who cares if I watched Netflix’s with my kids? It just felt good to take care of myself, because that’s what it really is about: self care, self esteem, & self love.

Seraphine, you just put in to words what most of us are feeling. I have to keep pausing and taking deep breaths and try and think of something positive that’s the only way I’m going to get through this. We will get through this! Sending hugs to you!

Seraphine, I’m so sorry. The issues in our world make bad situations even worse. I really sympathize about the abusive relative. Been there so many times. I hope the sick relative recovers quickly, and that you get some kind of break soon.

Haul: Nothing this week. I had hoped to pick up some things while in Kalispell but the store inside JC Penny’s was closed for remodeling. Still waiting on some products from Japan depending upon availability.

Weekend plans: Nothing, literally nothing. I am more than a little bored. I have been reading, (Diane Galbadon), but I need something physical to do so who knows. I would love to go berry picking up the mountain but I can’t do it in my car and so I have to work around my brothers schedule. He might come through for me this weekend. Huckleberries only grow at higher elevations and only on the north slope of recently logged or burned clear cut. They are temperamental little buggers. I lost my freezer supply summer before last and didn’t get up the mountain last year so really want to get some this week.

Summer: Not the best summer I have ever spent. It has been pretty boring and no way to travel. I had hoped to make a trip to Wisconsin and Manitoba to continue genealogy study but not this summer. Hopefully, next summer. Otherwise, we are planning short trips within Montana and really being careful about social distancing and masks as I have risk factors. The numbers are doubling here in Montana but we have so few people in comparison to other states so we have not been over run. Unfortunately, there are a lot of non-believers here so that is an issue. I just try to keep my distance and keep my mouth shut, LOL!!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: A hair razor comb just came in–hopefully with that and some hair shears, I will manage a semi-decent self haircut. Also just ordered some Paula’s Choice skincare: the 20% Niacinamide booster, moisture boost toner, and a cleanser. Never tried any of these products specifically so fingers crossed these work out!

Weekend Plans: Going to start a bread tonight to bake tomorrow. Also cleaning & tidying–I let my bathroom go for a bit and everything is on the counters–so I want a clean and tidied bathroom by the end of the weekend. AND…watching hair cutting tutorials of course! For myself and for my dad. Fingers crossed as I’ve NEVER used hair shears, hair clippers, or hair razors! And now…I have to learn how to use all three to cut mens’ hair and my own hair. I’m simultaneously excited and terrified.

How has your summer been so far?: So long as I don’t think about the global issues, life is actually better than fine. My family, friends and I are in fine enough health though I wish it would be safer to travel to visit them. I’m lucky to live in a remote area that has lovely outdoors so I’ve been trying to view this experience as a staycation with mixed success. I’m struggling with listlessness. Thinking about job-hunting in these interesting times.

Hi everyone – I’ve been on a long hiatus from posting anything here but read everyone’s comments here all along . New granddaughter last June, Daughter married last Sept., son engaged Nov. Two of my three kids just bought their forever homes and there are hundreds of projects to get done . Covid hit us here hard in March – in Connecticut . Neither hubby or I have worked for pay since then . It’s been a life changing experience and I cringe as I watch what is happening in the current hot spots in our country . My daughter has had to work in Covid ICU and I’ve never seen her so stressed . I have no need for makeup ( rarely leave house) and haven’t bought a thing this year. Since things are improved here we can have small outdoor get togethers so having people over to swim is our big thing . We also have a lot of gardens and so there is always something to do outside . Those things combined with helping with my kids projects plus a wedding we can finally start planning pretty much fills the time and keeps us sane . Be careful out there folks . I don’t want to see any of you go through what NY, NJ and CT went through .

Well I hope there aren’t any bees in that beautiful lavendar bush to sting Mellon’s nose!

Recent purchases: Priceline had its 40% off selected skincare range and I availed myself by purchasing a few cleansers (Dr. Lewinn’s, A’kin), a couple of moisturisers (Olay Serum, A’kin night cream) and some good shampoo (Redken Hydrating shampoo), Dermal Scalp care. The purchases qualified me for their free skincare bag, which contains all kinds of goodies. I also purchased some Dermal Very Dry Skin body lotion, hand cream and foot balm as well.

Rediscoveries: Dior’s Jardin quint. I haven’t used it for awhile, but the teal and mint shades are lovely.

Weekend Plans: This virus isn’t going away anytime soon and our numbers of cases here, like elsewhere, are still very high for us. So we are into wearing masks when shopping or outside (which we should have been for past three months). At least on both sides of the political fence here, the respective State Premiers and PM are on the same side. All are urged to get tested.
This weekend is about cooking, cleaning, laundry and not much else. We will probably have our grandchildren over on Sunday to give their parents a break. Anika is 36 weeks pregnant and really feeling it.

How has your winter been so far? It’s our winter season and the weather at least has been stunning.
This time last year I was on my big trip with my eldest son up the east coast of Australia. How I wish I was back there! I love our winters here and it has been hard to being able to go for my Sunday drives, visiting lovely restaurants/hotels for lunch and seeing the beautiful countryside and country towns.

This pandemic is teaching us to cherish what we have and to respect boundaries and you can learn the hard way or the easy way, you choose your path. Everyone should have been wearing masks right away and then we wouldn’t be in such a pickle now! But hindsight….
I love it when your purchases qualify you for a bonus especially when it’s extra products! Good for you! Enjoy them!

I know how you feel. Last year around this time, we were returning from our big family dinosaur education and camping trip in Utah. It was so amazing! Now, we’ve barely been out of the house since mid – March. I’m so grateful we did the trip and didn’t put it off another year. At least we have memories instead of regrets!
Michael and I were hoping to get to Australia for our 30th anniversary next year, but now I don’t know. We may have to shoot for our 40th, the way things are going in the world. C’est la vie.

Rediscoveries / Discoveries ?
I just started using Pat McGrath “Dark Star “ mascara .
I the jury is still out ,but so far so good.

How’s my Summer so far… ? Like for many of us it’s a bit surreal.. it feels like the new normal is a bit like two sizes too small .. restrictions , and distance ,
Also long ,sloooow lines …patients.. .
I miss Movie Theaters , and Museums, and new launches that I can actually swatch , sigh….ha.ha…

Then I step back and take a breath and refocus on appreciation for all the good in my life and compassion for those going through loss and sadness .

Mellon has the right idea., appreciation for the little gifts.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I took advantage of the Melt cosmetics sale today and bought the Smoke session and the She’s in parties palettes. I also bought way too much during the Sydney Grace sale last week. This pandemic has been a bad influence on my spending habits lol

Weekend plans:We’re looking forward to using our Bbq/smoker this weekend. And I’ll give the dog a spa day : Nail trim , groom his face so he can see where he’s going (he’s a shitzu) and a nice bath .

Summer so far: Strange, we were hit pretty bad here with the pandemic (Montreal, Qc), so we’re still mostly staying home. It’s also been the hottest summer in history which, between my fair skin and hot flashes, doesn’t make me want to be outside much.

Such a fitting video for the times! Beautiful raised beds too. Well done!

New purchases: Sydney Grace sale went a little crazy with single shadows. I love them. They really may be my favorite eye shadow formula in general. I never tried her empty palettes. I’m guessing they are good if you bought a bunch. A cherry hurraw lip balm. It’s okay.

Weekend plans? Hang out with my husband, 2 toddlers, & 2 dogs.

How’s my summer been? Hot. Humid. Always is where I live. Busy with 2 toddlers. Kids are difficult because they need to get outside to burn off energy, but they get bored with the same old same old. It’s a difficult time to keep them entertained. I don’t envy parents of teenagers right now! So far everyone is healthy and that’s all that really matters to me. Without your health, happiness is hard to achieve. With it, anything is possible.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I took advantage of the Sephora Points Multiplier event. I bought Marc Jacobs Gold Edition Highliners Top Brass and Glittersweet and Fenty Slip Shine Vamps Who Brunch lipstick, and added the multiplier to get triple points on them! This way if I buy something in August, I can get a perfume (probably Versace Bright Crystal-that’s what it is right now) in the Rewards Bazaar and still stay VIB.
Weekend plans: Worked all day today. Lots of TV marathons, probably some errands.
How has your summer been so far?: A bit better now that I’m back at work on a partial schedule, but overall still pretty bleh. The worst part for me is that it can never just rain-moderate thunderstorms happen every single time it rains!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: I bought a few polishes from the Holo Taco 1st anniversary collection. I’ve never been a nail polish person but I wanted to paint my nails for when I film my full collection videos. Went searching around the house and the only nail polish I own are 10+ years old from Claire’s so new nail polishes are on the way!

Weekend plans: Sit in the In-n-Out drive-through for a solid hour because the burger is absolutely worth it.

How has your summer been so far?: Like many others, not great. Both my summer job and my post-grad job were cancelled, plus my graduation itself has been pushed back to Spring 2021. So I’m basically stuck in the house applying for jobs online when I thought I’d be in Orlando working at Disney World a little less than a month from now. No luck so far, but I’m glad I have YouTube, writing, and makeup to keep me occupied.

Finds/Rediscoveries: No purchases this week. Have been rediscovering Bobbi Brown’s Bobbi to Glow Highlighting Trio, especially the nectar shade that I love to wear in the summer.

Weekend Plans: Takeout on Friday, Farmer’s Market on Saturday, tidying up on Sunday. The weather is extremely hot and humid this weekend, so staying mainly indoors (and hoping for rain).

How has summer been? I’m ready for Fall. I dislike the heat and humidity here in WI and our local haunt to beat the humidity has very limited hours with some areas closed entirely. I’m a prairie girl from Manitoba, so am built for a dry heat. I miss being back home to see my mom, mother-in-law, friends and neighbours. It remains home to me and I miss it terribly. Mentally, I’m focusing on gratitude – thankful for our health (and the good health of our loved ones), for fresh vegetables from the farmers market, a cool breeze in the morning, and being able to enjoy food from our favourite restaurants on a takeout basis. I also challenged myself to get moving, so finished my first week joining an online exercise program, which did wonders for my mental and physical health. I prefer exercising in a pool but this will have to do for now.

Stay safe, everyone!

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