Friday Finds & Check-ins, Volume #557

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  • Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: CeraVe SA Cleanser, Overtone Deep Conditioner (in a medium and deep brown shade)
  • Weekend plans: Trying to get a day or so ahead on posts! My mother-in-law moves here this weekend, though we’ll only see each other briefly (with masks and social distancing rules followed), at least for the first two weeks after she gets here!
  • What was the high point of your week?: I actually slept through the night once, which is a B I G deal for me (I normally wake up 3-4 times a night) AND woke up at a mere 5:40am (usually more like 5AM).

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Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Nothing this week!

Weekend plans: Other than my quarantine usuals (Zoom happy hour with friends, reading, watching TV, household chores, etc.), I plan on doing some cooking. I am one of those people who hates to cook, but for some weird reason, I am suddenly motivated to make a casserole. 

What was the high point of your week? A great conversation with an old friend.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Too much random stress shopping. From Target while on a paper towel run, Kiss imPress nails in matte navy and Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream. From Ulta, Acura Brighten Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid serum, Ulta Adjustable Cover Foundation, doHue ACV Scalp Scrub, and a bag of random samples. From Milani, Even-Touch Powder Foundation. And I am awaiting delivery on an order from Danessa Myricks: Smooth FX Refining Gel, Vision Cream Cover sample, and Vision Cream Cover Perfecting and Shaping Wand, as well as another Ulta order: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Powder, Revolution Skincare Hydration Boost, and Julia’s Place Serafina Blush. I also placed a pre-order with Clionadh.

Weekend plans: Thunderstorms are predicted but I am hoping to do my farmer’s market run in the morning now that local fruit is here. My eyeglass place has reopened so I may get some new sunglasses made also.

What was the high point of your week?: It’s a tie between getting my nails done and lunch with a friend, outdoors of course.

Three times in public (in days of yore, BC [before Covid]) I had asked about a l/s shade being worn, and got the answer J* Unicorn Blood. So, I got the minis @ U, am keeping UB and Redrum, and giving the 3-4 glosses to my new m/u initiate, age 11. This does not mean conversion to J* or the dark side/drama side of cosmetics. Christine’s sidebar for Cosrx will probably persuade me to try their cica line, though I doubt it can dethrone Purito. Rediscovered the Lorac Sunset palettes, Pirates, and the Pro 4. Lorac 2017 ruled, and downhill since Markwins. Plans? Since no night job, very little. Taking the pups out, when Fay isn’t threatening. Farm stand after work today. Lots of non-m/u decluttering. I have lots of huge boxes that could not go to Goodwill, since mid-March. It makes me a little anxious, before I watch the Mellan video, that he’s checking out a scorpion. Your fountain looks terrific.

Recent purchases:
I went a little OD over the 4th.

Pat McGrath sale: Midnight Sun palette, Iconic Illumination quad, Nude Negligee Gloss, Sunset Seduction Gloss trio, & Fetish Lip Balm trio.
*still looking at the site bc I want to try her base products.*

YesStyle w/ 10% discount code: romand lip tint in Cherry Bomb and Eat Dotori, Pony Effect Enamel Lip Lacquer mini kit & Enamel Glossy Lip in Apricot Jello, TonyMoly perfect lip shocking lip in Tomato Shocking, Black Rouge cream matte rouge in Orion, and Sioris Cleanse Me Softly Mill Cleanser Jumbo size. Fingers crossed I like all of this lol. It’s my first order from here.

Ulta: Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops in Cinnamon & Pinched, LA Girl HD Pro Concealer in green and peach, Nyx Black Eye Shadow Base, BeautyBlender Liquid Beauty Cleanser, and Spongeables PediScrub Foot Buffer 20+ uses.

Pat McGrath: La Vie En Rose, Decadence, Bronze Temptation & Subversive palettes. Her black pencil eyeliner, and lipstick in Attitude. Been on a bit of a PMG kick recently.

Melt: Twenty Seven palette – they sent me a new one over the 4th weekend bc I discovered mine had what appeared to be mold forming in one of the mattes. I purchased the palette 2 years ago and they still replaced it for me. It looks like the shimmers are more firmly pressed but they don’t seem to be that much better but at least this palette won’t get so messy.

Natasha Denona: Sunset, Sunrise, Gold, and mini Lila.

I used mini Lila and La Vie En Rose with a little Divine Rose II and it created the prettiest purplely pink eye.

Weekend Plans:
I have a 4-hour pole and flexibility intensive on zoom on Saturday. I’m a little scared lol. The instructors are out of this world. Look up Phoenix Kazree if you’re interested in why I fear for my life lol. After that, I have a 90-minute dance class with another instructor. Sunday, I have a 75-minute shoulder stand workshop, a makeup session with KinkySweat, and then another 90-minute dance class. *Everything is on Zoom bc quarantine and I do not live in the same state as any of them.

The high point of my week was I finally got to see my grandparents and my dad. I haven’t seen them since the start of the quarantine. That was really nice even tho we weren’t able to give hugs we were able to spend time which was great.

Tonight, I will wash makeup brushes and my hair.

I’m super interested in the PMG concealer, once I use up my NARS pot. A makeup session with kinkysweat sounds like such fun!

I got to see my grandma too for the first time since quarantine. Still distanced myself, like you, but it was so good just to see her. Glad you got to see your fam!

I’m so glad that you got to see your family! Your plans ARE scary. I just realized that little thumbnail was of you on the pole: inspiring. Hope you make it through!

Purchases: We had 2 ~incidents last week lol so I had to place a surprise ulta order. My coola matte tint sunscreen tube (which I use as my daily sunscreen) exploded, and my husband for some reason brought his whole bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to his fishing trip and then left them there.

Weekend plans: not much – it’s so hot and there’s still lots of new covid cases in my area.

High point of your week: I touched up the paint in the master bathroom finally! When I originally painted it, I took a break and left the edging tape on too long, and when I peeled it off it ripped off a bunch of the paint.

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: Another week of nothing new.

Weekend plans: I was planning to get my car serviced, but I had to move it to next week. I think I’ll try to find some less crowded state parks to hike in. Otherwise, just chores, groceries, phone calls with my mom, finishing to read Anna Karenina, etc.

What was the high point of your week?: Don’t get me wrong but… my weeks haven’t had highs for… 4 months. ? I mean I had a nice discussion with my grandma last night (which is morning for her), remembering my childhood… but it’s sad I don’t know when I’ll be able to see them again. I had a well received deliverable at work and I was praised, but if I’ll go mad soon from working from home. Life isn’t miserable, but I do find it difficult to find high points… it’s just medium or small sized points in a sea of boredom. Ok… Maybe reading again Anna Karenina can be a high of the week… Remember what an amazing writer is Dostoevsky.

Purchases: Haven’t bought anything beauty-related in forever. I did order some masks from various print-on-demand type services so I can compare and contrast and see which ones I like better. Will probably make a blog post to review them.

Rediscoveries: I honestly can’t remember the last time I wore makeup, but I am dancing in an online show next weekend so I might pull out some products this weekend just to refresh my skills to prepare to get pretty again 🙂

Weekend plans: I have a couple online classes and one online private lesson. Might go out to pick up some ice cream and cider on Saturday, and we have to do a Target run on Sunday. Lots of reading, we’re both doing the Seattle Public Library book bingo summer reading challenge and seeing if we can fill our entire card instead of just getting one row.

High point of this week: Last night my spouse and I did an online resistance band workout class taught by a friend of mine, and our dog was VERY EXCITED that we were on the floor doing mat exercises, and kept running back and forth between us to lick our faces. After how sick she was last month it’s so good to have her back to her normal, goofy self! We got a good workout too, in between the licks 🙂

Recent Purchases: I purchased a few Looxi Beauty singles (lots of iridescent and duochrome shades!), and a few singles to fill in some gaps in my collection from Menagerie Cosmetics as well.

Rediscoveries: I have four palettes in rotation right now to hopefully get some good use out of before I decide if I’m going to declutter them or not: ABH Riviera, Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts and Cheers to the Beauty, and Colourpop Misunderstood… I think I’ve decided to keep Misunderstood and QoH, but not sure about the other two… I really only like a few shades from Riviera (which I may just depot), and am always at a loss as to what to do with the Cheers to the Beauty palette, though the highlight that’s included is really lovely.

Weekend plans: Family photos tomorrow morning! Otherwise, just racing around after a toddler, and maybe some cleaning and wrapping some presents for said toddlers 3rd birthday that happens in a couple of weeks.

What was the high point of your week?: Trying a cut crease for the first time (it was fun, but the technique doesn’t work on my eye shape) and when I pick up my son from daycare. We always have the most fun conversations; he surprises me every day with the things he says and what he’s learned.

You can never be lonely with a three year old Celesta – they talk constantly and tend to mix past and present, reality and fantasy all in the one sentence!

Inspector Mellan on the job assessing the mysterious water situation!

Purchases/rediscoveries: No purchases. Just waiting for my PML Divine Rose ll to get here. As for rediscoveries, there have been a few! I got out my ND Lila Palette the other day and put together a gorgeous pink and purple eye look that I was very pleased with. I had forgotten just how easy this palette is to use.

Weekend plans: Tomorrow morning I need to get up early enough to watch the first part of our Annual Convention via Zoom streaming. It begins at 9 a.m., but I am not a morning person at all! We have never had a year without our in person, physically attending Convention, so this does feel really weird to me. Also, tonight I need to do at least one load of laundry even though my knee is in so much pain. After dealing with the pain coming, going away for a few days and then coming back again, I made an appointment with my doctor to see what could have happened to it.

High point of my week? My son is FINALLY getting to travel to Texas to see his daughters! I am elated that his estranged wife is finally allowing him to visit with them and that he now has his own vehicle to get there and be able to bring them to the park and other places. Yes, I do realize he has certain legal rights, but those have yet to be pursued….I am not able to get into any further details.

I’m so, so happy your son will be able to see the girls! He must be over the moon excited.

I’m sorry the Annual Convention can only be done over Zoom, but I’m happy that your Church is being smart about social distancing.

Rachel, Kyle is happier than I’ve seen him in ages! He drove the 6 hours to get there with no issues, thank goodness.

I’m glad my faith based organization is making these provisions for our safety. But technology is still a strange thing for me sometimes!

Look forward to your thoughts on Divine Rose II! I think the hardest thing about Zoom is that you can’t naturally pull away into subgroups for more intimate chats, like when you’re convening with loved ones in real life. It’s so great though to just see the faces of your community in real time. Hope you have a nice time!

I will definitely let you know how I do with using it once it gets here and I play around with it some, Kira! And thanks, I hope I do too, I just have to get with the technology!

How wonderful it is for your son to see his daughters again – they must be so excited too.
I hope the zoom meeting for your Annual Convention goes according to plan as well.

Haul: Nothing this week. I am holding out for Sydney Grace this week and I have Toshiya, @fudejapan working on getting me the LE Laduree summer release. It is suppose to be super limited in quantity and releases in August so I have to save some of my discretionary money for that.

Weekend plans: I have had the worst sinus headaches this week and everything around me is either in bloom, making pollen or drying out and it is playing havoc with my sinuses and headache. I plan on a quiet weekend indoors and hopefully by Monday I will be better as I have to make the trek into town to pick up groceries and my Rx’s. The local bridge is still under repair so I am still having to drive 25 miles in the wrong direction to get to the grocery store making my round trip about 100 miles. Needless to say, I am not doing it very often. Hopefully they are on time and will open one lane in about 3 weeks.

Highlight of my week: I am not sure there is a highlight, LOL! As many of you know, I am folding 500 origami models for my Christmas tree this year. I have folded probably 300 of the models that I love the most. Anyway, I had planned on doing varying models in assorted colours but I am not liking how all the colours look. I am sort of an antique shabby chic kind of a girl so I should have stuck with very pastels and a lot of white. So, this week I started folding just white roses and I am looking at different models. There are quite a few different rose models and some are way out of my skill level but this week I managed to actually fold the original Kawasaki rose. It is the little things in life that make me happy! Anyway, so now I have ordered some pastel and white origami paper so that I can fold quite a number of roses. Actually getting the Kawasaki rose down is a huge achievement for me so that would be the highlight of my week.

Congrats on mastering the rose! My son used to do origami. He still occasionally does.

The Laduree collection is insanely beautiful! Especially the blushes.

I can’t tell you how many sheets of paper I went through and how many times I decided to give up and just go with an easier rose. The one I successfully folded isn’t beautiful but now that I have the steps down I can work on making it look nice!!
I agree the Laduree collection is beautiful and the blushes are my favorites. I purchased some pieces while I was in France but there isn’t a place to get it in the USA and Toshiya ships really fast and works hard to find the items you want so if he can’t get it then I wasn’t going to get it anyway. Time will tell.

I completely commiserate with you. I think we have talked about migraines before. They are just so debilitating. I am sure that the pollen is the major cause but stress over politics is another factor. Tonight, the Friday night info dump out of the White House has added a huge factor to my headache. I would really just like to get through one day without another debacle. Anyway, hope you feel better and avoid turning on the news!

Oh no don’t watch the news! We live in Canada but I’ve banned my husband from watching US news his blood pressure goes through the roof and I don’t want to be a widow over politics thank you very much!

That sounds like such a beautiful project! Now I want to try to fold a Kawasaki Rose. Great idea!

If you have ever folded Origami then you might be aware that the Kawasaki Rose is one of the hardest to fold. There are a million tutorials for how to fold it on YT but many of the roses are not actually the Kawasaki Rose. The model creator, Kawasaki, has steadfastly declined to have a video made or to post a crease pattern of his rose. Some really talented model developers were able to break it down but many of the tutorials are not really the right rose. There is also a variation that was created by Phu Tran and so it is called the Kawasaki Rose Phu Tran Variation. Mr. Tran also declines to give a crease pattern or sanction any videos so the YT videos that are supposedly the variation are not all accurate either. I had to watch a lot of videos and rely on some professional origami folders to get the right pattern. Then I had to fold it about 25 times before I even got close to the model. It is a labor of love though. It gives me something to do on long days of social distancing, LOL.

Purchases: face wash (Murad, 40% off at Ulta) to back up my dwindling cleanser, and a decent pair of sunglasses. Gotta move on from cheap H&M frames lol, and protect these retinas.

Weekend plans: catching up online, bothering my cat, reading, painting, long walks not on the beach.

High point: finally seeing some family (no hugs or close quarters), and splashing in a waterfall while maintaining responsible social distance!

Yay for sleep! I hope there are more full nights in your future. Best of luck on your MIL’s move.

Recent Purchases: Likely Beauty Clown Blush Palette. GlamLite Cake Palette — I pre-ordered it in April. Once it was ready to go, they shipped right away and it got here quickly. It’s still in stock, if anyone’s interested.

Weekend plans: Just the usual cleaning and laundry here. My sons’ friend is coming over Sunday.

What was the high point of your week?: Hubby dyed my hair for me Sunday. I’m so lucky to have him! I hadn’t colored it since early March. I had the dye the whole time, but not the motivation. It’s the same shade of magenta-red, but we bleached the side shave and dyed it turquoise. I’m a chicken about damage from bleaching all my hair and trying all the fun colors, but I figured the side shave was safe. If worse comes to worse, I can shave it completely off. Great fun! I feel like me again. Faded orangish hair with 4″ brunette roots streaked with gray was not a good look. lol

Your husband is a gem! I would love to dye my hair a different color (Christine’s hair post updates are so inspiring)! My husband’s idea of changing my hair colour would be a shade darker than my dark brown lol!

Oh Mellon – you are such a cutie! I thought you were looking around for some hidden treats in there.
And congratulations Christine on getting a full nights sleep! I hope you woke up feeling refreshed.

Purchases/Redisoveries: No purchases, but just giving my City Color singles in Cleo and Sandstorm some love this week.

Weekend Plans: We’ve experienced another Covid19 upsurge around Melbourne, so we are back into Stage 3 lockdown for another six weeks. We are not sure if primary students are going back to school in a week or so (school holidays at the moment). We are crossing our fingers that Prep (or kindergarten in the States) will be allowed back. Anika is 33 weeks pregnant and is quite worried about what will happen when the baby arrives and whether we can help her or not. I am going to get a letter from the doctor saying that we are needed for ‘compassionate care’ for her and my son.
So our weekend plans involve staying at home – I will be washing all of the little baby clothes that we have stored here and doing my usual baking.

Highpoint of the week: I am not sure we have had one – I was going to take the children to Healsville Sanctuary (an Australian animal zoo) last Thursday, but that was the day that our new lockdown started… and it was a beautiful sunny day too.
My real highlight was having our grandchildren over on Tuesday and Lachlan declared that my bolognaise sauce (handed down to me by my late Italian mother in law) was ‘delicious’.

Oh Genevieve, This crappy covid is a pain all over! I’m sorry it ruined your plans. I guess we’re going to have to be a little more patient, not much else we can do.

Yes Mom get me a pool to cool off in please! I hope your MILs move goes well this weekend Christine and keep up with the sleep yay!
Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: DE E-rase Milki Micellar Water and PTR Retinol Fusion PM Overnight Resurfacing Pads.
Weekend plans: I’m hoping this migraine subsides so I can enjoy our only beautiful day in the week tomorrow, 26C then our summer is over for the year lol!
What was the high point of your week?: Christine’s reviews of the Clionadh eyeshadows!

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: PMG Decadence palette! I finally see what Christine means about it. My first look: Enigma, Divine Mink, Iridescent Pink 003. Love to do single shade looks with the blues and silver too.

Weekend plans: I’m moving tomorrow to a few blocks away! Still not totally packed.

What was the high point of your week?: From last weekend, but I went to a wetland nature preserve with friends, and we crossed a footpath over a lake full of lilies, with so many swallows flying across our path, right next to us! I didn’t realize this beautiful bird watching spot was right near where I lived. Magical!

I just bought the Pat McGrath Divine Rose 2 – I looked at all the new releases and was kinda torn on the ND bronze but after looking at my collection and my dupes and unique additions I decided on PMG and I am thrilled!!! It is simply amazing
I also purchased the Dior liquid highlighter and it is simply lovely! Summer glow for sure ! I think my next purchase will be the Charlotte Tilbury bronzer

Recent Purchases/Rediscoveries: After watching too many Hindash videos 😉 I bought my first contour kit; it’s the Nyx ‘3 steps to sculpt’ kit in the Fair color. It has a neutral matte contour shade, a matte highlight shade and a sparkly neutral taupe highlighter. I’ve been practicing with it, unfortunately the palette did not come with instructions. I’m using one of those long flat contour brushes to place the contour (no brand, bought on amazon), my Sephora 79 Pro Contour to blend, and a Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter. I’m pretty happy with my beginner results, it gives a nice subtle finish; I especially like the taupe highlighter. I tried using it as eyeshadow and you could in a pinch, but it’s not the best formula for that use (not enough pigment). I also bought a Lancôme foundation stick at Macy’s to try out as it was half price during their Black Friday in summer event, but I haven’t picked it up yet.

Weekend plans: Cleaning, gardening and cooking/baking. Not very glamorous 🙂

Recent Purchase: Belk (40% off): Lancome Visionnaire Day Cream; MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil (for my mother-in-law).

Rediscovery: EL x Victoria Beckham Modern Mercury Highlighter and Bitter Clove Eye Metals. Still adore the glamour packaging for this collection.

Weekend Plans: Takeout dinner on Friday, farmer’s market and chores (laundry, vacuuming) on Saturday. Finished watching Netflix show Dark. Fantastic! Will be enjoyng outdoors on Sunday, basking in lower temps and low humidity. We’re staying close to home as we usually do. Mandatory mask wearing in public and private indoor areas except one’s household goes into effect on Monday.

Highlight of the week: I had a phone call on Friday from a company that provides medical supplies under my health plan. The person helped me get the right items as I was having difficulty reaching the person who ordered the wrong items. I appreciated that the caller took the time to send a message to the person who sent the wrong supplies. I told her she made my day! I was moving my account to a new company when I learned they merged with the outfit I was leaving. I hope they keep people like the person who called me!

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