Free for Haul Friday, Volume #224

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: Two YSL lipsticks and the spring Laura Mercier palette
  • Weekend plans: Shaun’s family will be visiting us on Saturday!
  • Favorite TV show of the moment?:  House Hunters

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This week’s Mellan photo/video…

Saw these and had to get them for a FFHF photo! Mellan is a total saint to put up with me! (You can find the set on Amazon.)

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Haul: … Nothing! I’m being good! But I accidentally spotted a Sephora box that came in the mail this week. I suspect my husband got me some goodies for my birthday next week. 😀
Weekend plans: An out-of-town friend is coming by for pizza, beer, and cupcakes tonight (sort of a joint birthday celebration. Hers was on the 19th, mine is next week). Sunday I am attending another friend’s baby shower.
Favorite TV show of the moment?: Hannibal! And the new season starts right on my birthday. 😀

Haul: from the drug-store, Physician’s Formula Happy Booster in Rose (a fail), Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in “Neutralize” (excellent), Jouviance Cleansing Milk (I love this stuff – this is my 2nd bottle) and another Quo Retractable Lipstick Brush. From Sephora: Tsubaki Beauty Oil (I got a sample size 2 weeks ago and fell in love instantly) and the Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57.

Weekend plans: A friend is visiting from out of town and we’re taking her out for her birthday. Other than that, a trip to the fabric district and to the gym (not in that order!)

Favourite tv show of the moment: It’s a toss up between Downton Abbey and the newest series of Doc Martin which just began airing here 2 weeks ago.

Haul: Sleek blushes and Face Form
Weekend Plans: Cleaning and spring shopping
TV Show: RHOA, Scandal and Bloos, Sweat and Heels

BTW: In honor of Black History Month, perhaps you could interview Pat McGrath or Sam Fine.

Haha that Mellan photo totally cracks me up! He’s SO docile!

Haul: Aurelia Miracle Cleanser arrived today. Got some Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows on their way to me now!

Weekened plans: Dinner at my “Belgian parents” tonight. A friend is coming over tomorrow!

Favorite TV show of the moment: I can’t choose between Person of Interest and The Big Bang Theory!

Mellan’s too cute for words! I just want to give him a hug. 🙂

Haul: Becca Ultimate Colour Gloss in Malibu Punch and Palm Breeze, Ultimate Eye Colour Quad in Sun Chaser; Chanel Le Vernis in Cinema, Holiday, Pirate, and Starlet, Ombre Tracees in Jardin Zen, and Rouge Allure Intense in Fleurie; Cure Natural Aqua Gel; MAC Fix+, Prep+Prime Lip, and Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Hot Paprika; NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base; Sisley L’Orchidee Highlighter Blush

Weekend plans: Have dinner with a few close friends tomorrow and relax on Sunday.

Favorite TV show of the moment?: Game of Thrones and Revenge

Precious I am ur fannnnnnn dear 🙂
ur fav are mindddddd blowing always
do u have a blog or are planning to start dear ?

love n kissessss to you for being such a lovely n active member here

Poor Mellan! I’ve seen that look before, it’s the same one my son gets when I put hair clips in his hair and call him my, “Pretty Pretty Princess!”

Haul: My prize package from OPI arrived yesterday! My nail art was chosen as a finalist during the Gwen Stefani contest. I received the full collection. I already bought the whole line so I’ll be giving it away to family.

Plans: Nurse a sick baby, make sure my hubby doesn’t have any caffeine (don’t ask), and try not to get sick myself in the process.

Show: At this very moment, Walking Dead and Teen Wolf. I love me some zombies and Stiles! 😉

Haul- MAC lip pencils, Benefit They’re Real mascara, Benefit Rockateur
Weekend Plans- a trip to Sephora, and a relaxing weekend
Favorite tv show at the moment- Vikings

haul-nothing this week
weekend-visiting dad in hospital. He is improving so much. He will be ready for rehabilitation next week.For awhile it was scary because we weren’t sure if he was going to make it.
fave show- American Horror Story and The Walking Dead

So glad to hear that your dad is showing such great improvement! Still sending positive vibes and thoughts your way for the continued speedy recovery he’s having!

Haul: Sugarpill order of Saint False Eyelashes, Cold Chemistry Palette, Royal Sugar Loose Eyeshadow and Smitten Loose Eyeshadow (not one sale 😉 ).

Weekend plans: Con-G on Staurday.

Favorite TV show of the moment?: A lot of shows are on hiatus during the olympics so it goes to Almost Human right now. 😉

Haul: Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels in Surf Spray and Lime Basil.

Weekend plans: Photo shoot tomorrow (it’s a jewelry shoot) and so much homework!

Favorite TV show of the moment?: Once Upon a Time.

Mellan looks sooooo cute 😀 I bet he lets you do whatever you want with him. My lab was like that. I remember putting a sombrero hat on her head once. She just held still so I could take a pic and then patiently waited for me to take it off again. I miss her…

Haul: LIERAC skin care, and some nail polish. Oh, and a Clinique Cheek Pop!

Weekend plans: I think that tomorrow we might go out again, for the first time in literally weeks. I’m recovering from knee surgery but I think my knee is good enough to go out for dinner.

Favorite TV show of the moment?: Pretty Little Liars.

Haul: L’Oreal Collection Privee nail polish in Jennifer’s Nude and Doutzen’s Nude, Orly nail polish in Nite Owl, Butter London polish in Muggins, NYX eyeshadow in Flamingo, Pixi eyeshadow in No. 5 Boho Breeze, Boots No. 7 liquid eyeshadow in Pewter, Sonia Kashuk lipstick in Red Lip-Matte (holiday LE), Cargo Bordeaux lipstick, and Cargo eyeshadow in Moreton Bay. Ulta is no longer carrying Cargo, sadly, so everything’s 50% off. Nice for the sales, but it’s a shame to see them go. 😐
Weekend plans: Ugh, working.
Favorite TV show of the moment?: I don’t watch television. 🙂

Kohl’s, apparently, which is actually in the same shopping plaza as my Ulta, so I understand why they didn’t want the competition…but still. That only leaves Macy’s and Kohl’s for my area. It’s a shame because Cargo is such an underrated brand. I’m baffled as to why they haven’t gotten more traction in the blogosphere, but maybe breaking contract with both Ulta and Sephora is indicative of a problem with their PR approach than the product lineup.

Interesting. Sometimes I see brands like Cargo struggle to find distribution and hold (and I haven’t really tried anything in years, so I can’t speak to the quality) and wonder how they can survive – but I also wonder this about ALL beauty brands and skincare brands because there are so. many. of. them.

I don’t hear much about Cargo behind-the-scenes, and I almost exclusively shop online with the exception of some drugstore items (but I prefer to buy those online, too, for sanitary reasons), so I can’t remember the last time I saw them in stores.

Macy’s is the biggest distributor that I’ve seen for them in-store but they don’t have the full line – even Ulta only carried a *selection* from the main line, to the extent that an extensive part of the blush collection (their most famous product!) wasn’t available. Sephora was the only one of the three that carried the entire line, which is why I was disappointed when they broke contract. Maybe Kohl’s will fill that vacuum?

I’m sure there’s a lot of bureaucratic meandering behind the scenes. I can think of a few high end brands whose cosmetics have failed to impress me yet have clung tenaciously to their contracts, and I imagine it has to do a lot with brand power backing it. Cargo isn’t linked to any of the powerhouses like L’Oreal or Estee Lauder, and I’m sure that isn’t to their benefit. Who knows, though – maybe Kohl’s will be a good move for them. In Ulta, they had a lot of quality competition, whereas Kohl’s other makeup lines have done little to impress me, making Cargo the standout.

Wow, really? It’s been completely removed from the Sephora stores in my area, even the JCPenny distributors. Perhaps some of the JCPenny retailers had independent contracts that required them to carry it longer in some areas. I’ll be interested to see how much of the line makes it into Kohl’s.

Considering the brands Sephora is getting rid of these days, it wouldn’t surprise me if Cargo is next to go. I will be really upset if that happens because Cargo has some great products. I am in love with their blushes in particular.

Where I am, Sephora has never carried Cargo, hence my insane (and frustrating) search for Yukon e/s, which was always sold out at the ULTA in Buffalo! The “new” Sephora nearest to my home (and the one I feel obligated to use so that it remains open!) is quite a large store, square footage wise, compared to the one I used to have to go to but it has so many fewer brands – no YSL, no Guerlain, no Givenchy and now, no OCC (in the summer and up til Xmas, they had the full range of lip tars, at least; now, they just have those little duos in the bins where you line up). The further away store is smaller but has loads more brands.

I have seen Cargo at Impulse beauty (in Select Macys stores) and in select Walgreens (the new “super” Walgreens). Yeah, I like their blushes, but I just think their products are quite dupable frankly…

Cargo is leaving ULTA??? Yikes! For a time (before I “discovered” good things in the line), it was available at some of the more “prestigious” Sears stores here but it was discontinued and by the time I wanted things, they’d cleared out all the best stuff (Blu Ray concealer, for example) at hugely reduced prices. Then I had a heck of time getting hold of Yukon eye shadow! My husband was golfing in the States last month and was finally able to find one for me. Good thing I’m old and the shadow is large or I’d be in a crisis right now!

Lmao @ his face! He’s such a good sport! It’s been a while since I hauled. YSL lipstick but I’ve been eyeing a few of them lately. I’ve been spending more time at Walgreens so I’ve been going Milani and Maybelline crazy lol. I forgot how good drugstore makeup can be!

I live in a smaller city where I live, so the LE collections tend to linger a tad longer…but what happens is the products get ruined by people who insist on “testing” the product. Ugh. I was so mad when I found the Maybelline LE matte cream shadows…only to find them somebody had ripped open all the packaging and swiped them!


This is why I get SO frustrated with LE drugstore launches! It can be a total PITA to track them down, because they basically release whenever the store receives them so it’s not consistent. When you finally do, there are two of each shade, and then you have to hope nobody tested, opened, or swatched them.

It is funny, but sometimes the effort I exert to try and find LE launches (which normally results in me batting zero) makes me think MAC launches are way easier. At least there’s a window of time where it’ll probably go online, and if I stick it out, I can probably get the products, lol. (Or at least know I can stop looking after a week.)

MAC launches are probably easier due to the online release; I just have less patience for their antics than drug store due to the mid-range pricing. A few brands seem to be wising up to the benefit of testers – I’ve noticed Revlon and Covergirl are starting to add testers to their initial launches of new face products (foundations/primers/etc.) – but it would be nice if they did it for all LE products. Thank goodness for American return policies!

I went to every Walmart, CVS, Target, Wegman’s etc. just to find the Revlon Matte Balms. Either they were all opened or they had one shade. I also find smaller chains have higher prices. It almost makes me pay the Ulta price. I would order on-line but I want to see the actual shade. I have already called an Ulta, trying to track down Essie Hide and Go Chic nail polish.

– The Anastasia Eyebrow Pomade in dark brown. This is being saved from extra dramatic evening looks because even a pinch of this stuff…well, went overboard while trying it out at Sephora. I looked like Groucho Marx. Maybe I need a pen dot size? But the color matches perfectly with my brows so I will argue with it a little longer.
– Eye liner/shadow brush duo from the Sephora bargain bin. Needed the extra set for traveling or in case I break the one I use right now. (I use it every day because it’s perfect!)

Weekend plans:
– Laundry or else!
– Very late birthday massage for myself.
– Photograph an eye shadow look and post on my blog.

Favorite TV show of the moment?:
Dangerous Grounds.

Did you see the figure skating program last night? I wanted *all* of their makeup looks even if the costumes were considered meh by Johnny Weir.

Enjoy your massage!! 🙂 They are amazing things to be able to have.

I didn’t catch them last night, but now I’m going to go look!

Haul: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Sandy Shores, a couple of Revlon polishes, & and a red glitter polish (Sephora brand), all from Big Lots. I’m way over my monthly beauty budget after my NARS haul…

Plans: I’m going to an Special Educational Rights seminar, presented by an expert local attorney in the field. I’m very fortunate that the therapy center my daughter attends often has things like this to help parents.

TV Show: Hmmm… Until recently, it was Red Eye, but since Joanne Nosuchinsky has been made a permanent fixture, I don’t know how often I’ll be watching. Mob Wives just ended the season, but RuPaul’s Drag Race starts Monday. I’m also a huge fan of Justice With Jeanine Pirro, & The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly. Obviously, I’m not one for sitcoms!

You’re so lucky that you’ve been able to find such great resources (and your daughter, too).

It tells you how little TV I watch that I really only recognized the reality TV titles you listed.

The others come on Fox News, and are more “political”. Red Eye actually takes a more humorous look at social/political issues, but the new girl just doesn’t seem to contribute much. In fact, I was watching last night, and I noticed the camera barely fixed on her, so maybe others feel the same?

I am very fortunate to have the resources I do. My daughter has been part of the center off & on since she was 2, and we credit most of her progress to the therapy she received there.

They’re working on getting Temple Grandin to speak, and we’re all looking forward to that!

Haul: Yves Saint Laurent Creme De Blush in Baby Doll.
Weekend plans: Today is the Gentleman’s birthday. He’ll take a three day weekend starting tomorrow and give him a chance to relax!
Favorite TV show of the moment?: It’s not exactly television but I just finished burning through the second season of House of Cards.

Haul: My package from Fyrinnae arrived! I got Nordic Angel powder blush, Serendipity Loose Eye Shadow, Sleepy Hollow Loose Eye Shadow, Mephisto Loose Eye Shadow, Meerkat Loose Eye Shadow and Pixie Epoxy!
Weekend plans: Work on a paper.
Favorite TV show of the moment?: Dexter

Haul:I did a haul this morning – I bought l’oreal super liner eye liner in black laquer AND black crystals, l’oreal perfect slim super liner in laquer black and l’oreal nails porter (false nails set) in femme fatale. There was a deal on l’oreal in my local pharmacy so I snapped it up. I’ve just tried out perfect slim liner and super liner in black lacquer and they are super cool. Best eyeliners I’ve ever used- they are so precise!

Weekend plans: I have to write some college papers 🙁

Favorite TV show of the moment?: The Following- we are now getting to season 2 here and I’m addicted to it.

Ellis Faas Concealer
Edward Bess Quad Royale 01 South of France
Edward Bess Quad Royale 03 Summer in Capri
Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire Filled with Desire
Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire Bed of Roses
Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer 01 Daydream
Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer 02 Desert Sun
Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow Dusk
Edward Bess Prismette Eyeshadow Quad Cosmic Bliss
Edward Bess Prismette Eyeshadow Quad Over The Moon
Edward Bess Prismette Eyeshadow Quad Sun And Star
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Radiant Magenta
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Diffused Heat
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Mood Exposure
NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base x2 (backups)
NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder Translucent Crystal
NARS Duo Eyeshadow Kauai

Weekend plans: Study. And I really need to do some house cleaning. But knowing myself I’ll probably end up spending every spare minute playing WoW. I need to get my 5th 90 before WoD comes out and I have lots of catching up to do on my main.

Favorite TV show of the moment?: I’ve been obsessed with Parenthood lately and I also like The Fosters a lot. I guess I’m just really into the relaxed and cozy family dramas these days. Pretty Little Liars and Law&Order SVU (Mariska Hargitay=pure hotness!) have been ongoing obsessions for years, I really LOVE those shows.

■Haul: Been trying to not acquire more debt, so focusing on paying off my last credit card by not buying makeup for a whole month 🙁 I did buy a MAC 217 though 😀
■Weekend plans: Plans? You mean like do… stuff? No. Lazy weekend!!!
■Favorite TV show of the moment?: OMG I CAN’T PICK BETWEEN SCANDAL AND VIKINGS! They are both back next Thursday at the same time, so I have some serious anxiety deciding what to watch! One will have to wait til the next day… First world problems lol

This weeks haul: from Sephora: Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, Peter Thomas Roth set with Unwrinkle Peel pads, Max Sheer moisturizer, Cucumber Gel masque, eye wrinkle serum and a face wash and Escada Cherry in the Air perfume. I also picked up Caresse Emerald Rush shower gel, Maybelline the Nudes lipcolors in Nude Lust and another nude from them, the name escapes me at the moment.
weekend plans – I have been very busy with my job, so i plan to do a lot of cleaning this weekend. I will make time to play with my new pretties tho!
Fave TV show – House of Cards is incredible.

Mellan is sooo adorable – he loves you so much and is so sweet!

Haul: MAC Patina ES and Perky PP!
Weekend plans: Breakfast tomorrow with a friend from my previous job and hopefully a movie – it´s been ages since I’ve been to the movies
Favorite TV show at the moment: The Big Bang Theory

Mellan!!! What a good boy!! It never ceases to amaze me how well behaved he is. He’s definitely a model lab who understands wearing this set was “part of the job” for this FFHF :D!

I love how Mellan’s expression is like ‘Oh, Mum, you’re so weird. But I love you anyway :-)’

Haul: Nothing yet this week! Unless you count way too many of the white-flesh nectarines that were on sale in the supermarket the other day 😉 Seriously, if I could subsist on stone fruit for the rest of my life, I would be a happy camper.

Weekend plans: Ballerballetballetballet…thesis.

Favourite TV show: our TV isn’t actually tuned (hasn’t been for about 4 years, we use it as a computer monitor :-P) but I have been watching several series on YouTube by a German guy called Gronkh.

Haul: YSL Gloss Volupte in golden #1 It’s a warm gold gloss I can wear over my lipsticks. I don’t look that great in matte lipsticks I think they make me look older. I love YSL glosses!

Weekend Plans : Nothing so far but I do have to relax my hair. Which is a bit time consuming.

Favorite TV show of the moment : The Walking Dead, RHOA,and Grimm
I like House Hunters too, you can get great decorating ideas from that show. I used to watch it more when we first purchased our house.

Haul: NARS Narsissist palette, MAC warm neutrals
Weekend Plan: Nothing big! A visit to library and the mall maybe, some chinese/pizza. In other words a lazy one
Fav TV show now: For now I just finished the House of cards, second season

My haul: Molton Brown body washes at half off from Haute Look. Warming Eucalyptus and Cool Buchu. These are way too expensive at $30 a bottle but I love the Warming Eucalyptus which is the best thing when I’m sick. I always have to shower even if I’m not feeling well and this stuff just seems to make me feel better. The Cool Buchu is so minty and cool it’s going to be perfect on those sweltering summer days. (That is, assuming we even see summer again).
Also Lipstick Queen – Nude Metal and Red Metal. Soft, shimmery colors that are very wearable.
Weekend Plans: Still hibernating (and is this getting boring)
Favorite TV Show of the Moment: After 50 years, I finally started watching Doctor Who. And with all this hibernation, I’m catching up on the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors.

Mellan is such a patient pooch!

Haul: Nars Matte Multiple on Altai and Venitiane; Anastasia Lash Genius, Stila Eye Liner/Crayon in Canary

Weekend Plans: Dinner and Movie with my sugar tonight, relaxing and vintage shopping on Saturday, work on Sunday

Favorite Show: Blood, Sweat, and Heels

He looks so adorable, my girls would have tore it apart in seconds. One of them is pretty destructive.
Weekend plans, need some rest , the kids at school had exams and the deadline to correct the exams was today, so I was pretty busy correcting 300 exams in 3 weeks, counting that we work everyday till 2 o clock and every Thursday have reunion till 4 or 4.45. And really had a class to day that almost made me cry , is one of the most horrible first graders at elementary school, their mentor cant handle them most of my colleagues are very tired of them. I have punished them but I doesn’t work, called the principal for them last week , didn’t work, called the principal for them again today, After so many complains about this historical horrible class the whole class got an afternoon detention.

Oh my goodness! That is a LOT of exams, and I’m so sorry to hear about having such a hard class today! Hope you can rest up this weekend.

Haul: I ordered from sephora the hourglass blushes, a caudalie serum, and the ud naked loose powder
Plans: Laundry and homework, sigh, grad school. 🙁
Fave show of the moment: Helix is a new one I got into, Walking Dead of course, and The Americans returns next week which I am so excited for!

OMG Magellan is KILLING ME! What a sweetie! 🙂
I am very excited about my haul! I just upgraded my skincare routine, and I’m trying out the more advanced products from Paula’s Choice to see if they do any good… I would love to hear some people sound off on her in the comments if they have experience with her products. I ordered her Skin-Balancing Toner, 2% BHA liquid, and Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Serum… let’s see if this works!
Weekend Plans: watching the Portland Trail Blazers tonight and Sunday, jazz show tomorrow night, studying Spanish all weekend, and brunch on Sunday!
Favorite TV show: The Wire… never finished watching the series so I’m rewatching season 3 and continuing on!

Oh and I forgot to mention I just picked up Wet ‘n Wild “Comfort Zone” and Maybelline Age Rewind concealer and so far I am loving them! Nice to not spend $70 on a cosmetic product for a change.

Today is my birthday (39, one year left of my thirties!) and I hauled a Bobbi Brown caviar ink gel liner and touch up stick yesterday. I also ordered last week from Sephora but as I’m in Canada orders tend to get stuck in Customs for a week. I ordered that Nars flair lipstick, a few UD shadows, and Dior BB eye cream. My VIB rouge birthday gift and some perfume samples are in there too.
As for TV, Once Upon a Time is my very favourite, as it’s not coming back for another few weeks I’m excited for the return of Vikings and Bates Motel.

Haul – This week I ordered OCC’s Kimber Lip Tar from the Plastic Passion collection – I stalked the Sephora website until they put them up for sale! 😀 I also got a Nars Orgasm blush, and a friend gifted me some Besame lipstick samples… it was a good week for makeup! Haha!
Weekend plans – Hang out at my house and sew things, probably. Nothing big and exciting!
Favorite TV show of the moment – Hm, I actually don’t watch TV.

Haul: Two YSL lippies as per your review the other day (#31 and #33). Am loving them. YAY.
Weekend Plans: Got all the in-laws coming over for dinner tonight and am just waiting for my Pavlova to cool down in the oven before getting started on some nibbles.
Favourite TV show: Several actually: the Blacklist, The big bang theory , Revenge and Doc Martin among others. (My secret guilty watch (and I’m not proud of this) is Four Weddings – my daughter and I love looking at the dresses and ideas they have for their weddings. Meanwhile my husbands eyes are rolling so far back in his head with disgust that he can see his brain!!)

Thrilled to hear you’re loving the new YSL lipsticks, Denise 😀

I like Say Yes to the Dress, just because wedding dresses are so pretty!

Haul: Nothing… Unless I decide to place an order from Meow Cosmetics.

Weekend plans: Do a lot of laundry and get myself prepared for a new short course starting Monday.

Favorite TV show of the moment?: I don’t watch actual TV, although I do watch some shows online. If anime counts, my ongoing favorite is Hoozuki no Reitetsu and Noragami. If anime doesn’t count, The Big Bang Theory.

I STILL go “d’aaaaaaaawwww” at this picture of Mellan. He’s definitely a saint! Coincidentally, my husband linked me to this article on the link between dog and human brain link today, which you might find interesting:

That. Is. ADORABLE. I miss having a dog, they are so much more willing to put up with playing dress up than cats are.

Haul: Not sure this counts, but I bought the last two Jack Black lip balms in Shea Butter and Vitamin E that my Ulta had. I had to track them down a bit; I went to two Sephoras and two Ultas, but it was worth it. The Shea butter one is my favorite. 🙂

Weekend Plans: LOTS of reading to catch up on and doing some research for papers.

Favorite TV Show of the moment?: Once again I’m not sure if this counts — I don’t watch too much TV — but I’ve been kind of obsessed with House of Cards.

I can imagine cats aren’t so thrilled with playing dress up, lol!

Jack Black totally counts! My husband is currently watching House of Cards S2!

“Really, Mom, really? You’re lucky I love you so much……..I do look pretty cute, though, don’t I?”

Haul: NARS Matte Multiples in Laos and Anguilla, Hourglass Ethereal Glow blush, and after stalking all the drugstores in my area, four of the new Maybelline Spring 2014 Color Tattoos!

Weekend plans: Word on the street is that we are celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday with bumper cars! And walking dogs at the Humane Society. My husband and I have our eye on a pair of German Shepherd mixes that look super sweet and adorable. (To walk, unfortunately not to take home.)

Favorite TV show of the moment: Almost Human. Favorite TV shows of other moments: Castle, Good Wife, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones.

Haul: I thought nothing, but I recieved my Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop. I really love this color for a fresh look.
Weekend plans: Tonight is dinner with friends and theatre afterwards. Tomorrow is a day to relax and I want to researche online for spring/summer cloth and shoes.
Favorite TV show of the moment?: The Bachelor (German edition): I’m looking foreward for the next season of “Let’s dance” starting next Friday.

Haul: Chanel Jardin Zen quad and Origins Well Off eye makeup remover.

Weekend plans: Had dinner with my parents-in-law on Saturday. Today we’re going out and about, gonna pick up some books.

Favorite TV show of the moment?: House of Cards

Revlon lip butters
Candy apple – thanks Royu for the suggestion
Sugar plum
Hourglass ambient
Hourglass blush
Radiant magenta
Newish spring 5 colour eye palette

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