Free for Haul Friday, Volume #214

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  Received my Bath & Body Works order finally!
  • Weekend plans:  Wrap Christmas gifts, clean the house, and my desk needs a good sorting!
  • Are you superstitious?:  5% of me is.  When I went away to college, my mom got me a money frog (it’s a frog figurine that has a coin in his mouth), and it’s supposed to always point into your home, and then prosperity will come.  So, I’ve kept him and his coin facing inwards in all of the places I’ve lived, and I continue to do it, because I’ve definitely had many good things happen since he’s been part of the household.

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This week’s Mellan photo/video…

“Look, Mom! I’m a present!” — My husband called for my attention, and this was waiting for me!