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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: MAC Bronze Collection, Kate Somerville EradiKate
  • Weekend plans: I write mine on Thursday evening, so I’m planning on doing some photos/swatches on Friday morning, then write another review for Friday, edit photos, and work on getting some more reviews done. I’d like to get a day or two ahead if possible!
  • What’s at least one thing that never fails to cheer you up (even a little)?: Hugs from my husband, cuddles with Mellan, watching Mellan videos.

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Hiya Mellan! Whatcha discover?

?Haul/Rediscoveries: I shouldn’t count my chickens before they are hatched, but no surprise, I saved up all my beauty temptations to grab PMG Rose II this morning – Of course, we had to have a bit of drama with the early access scheduled for 8:00 then 9:00.. I went for classic ebony packaging in the hopes of actually receiving my order. It took me a couple of attempts to get through to International payment. You know, the uzgh.
?Weekend Plans: I live alone and so that means every single task falls solely upon my shoulders. Spring never ceases to make me feel more like I cannot possibly accomplish enough in one day than any other. If I work outside, my indoors suffers and vice versa. This will be a work weekend.
?What’s at least one thing that never fails to cheer you up: My dogs, of course. They are everything. Sometimes Twitter is the best virtual space on the planet, and I follow some amazing peeps who make me laugh so hard.

Outdoor and indoor work can be so overwhelming at times, especially when there is just you. Potter around Wednesday and you may find that you get more done than you thought you would. I hope the weather is kind for you.

Haul: Nothing!

Rediscoveries: Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask. I’ve been having a bit of a bad skin week and used this last night… it makes my skin just right every single time I use it. It doesn’t really dry down on my face so it doesn’t feel stiff like a lot of masks do, it doesn’t make my skin super dry after using it, but it cleans out my pores so nicely! Oh, and it smells so nice too! The next day, when I put on my make up, it applies so much better.

Weekend plans: My in-laws are coming over! They’re the first people that we will see since social distancing about 12 weeks ago.

What’s at least one thing that never fails to cheer you up (even a little)?: Hugs from my son and husband always. Going on walks while listening to podcasts.

Haul: Nothing, I’m in a year long no buy and staying strong although I have been very tempted lately. I rediscovered my Smashbox Vlada collection and have been enjoying the eyeshadow palette lately.

Weekend plans: Its our last weekend for quarantine! YAY!! My husband and I contracted coronavirus and we haven’t left the house in 3 weeks so I’m so ready to get out again. I’m dying for a manicure.

What cheers me up?: Our holland bunnies never fail to cheer me up! They are sooo sweet and cute.

Haul: Nothing this week although I am headed to Kalispell later today and am hopeful that maybe the Sephora in JC Penny’s is open up there. I am armed with my masks, gloves and hand sanitizer! So far we have had 17 deaths in the state of Montana, although, I am sure there have been more that just aren’t being attributed to COVID 19. We have done little testing as our Governor is a Democrat and it is a really red state so we haven’t received much in the way of federal support. We are sparsely populated so that has been a major factor for us. Anyway, with PPE I feel safe going into Penny’s but not sure if it is open yet.

Weekend plans: I am spending the weekend up in Kalispell and getting my daughter’s snow tires off. I store her tires at my house as she is in an apartment and has no where to store them. It is a pain having to drive so far just to switch out tires but what can you do. While there we will likely take a drive into the park. It is a favorite past time of ours since we are so close. We go to the same old places and take the same pictures and post them on IG but it is the beauty and the peace of the park that is appealing.

Cheer me up:
Well, I think my previous answer probably covers the question but I love the way nature speaks to me, here in the country. I have deer, turkeys and all manner of wild life visit me in my yard all day and in every season. All I really have to do it look out the window and see the mountains, trees, wildlife and I instantly feel better. Of course, probably the biggest mood booster for me is either talking to my daughter or seeing her.

We are a nature loving family too Deborah and live very close to a national park that has lots of ferns, woodlands and native Australian animals. I find that it recharges my batteries to go up into the mountains and hills. That’s one of the big things I missed during our harder lockdown.
We are doing a lot of testing and tracing here to ensure that the spread of the virus is limited as much as possible. We are fortunate that both the federal government (Liberal) and the State Govt. (Labor) have put aside their political differences and worked together on this one. At all levels of politics the information has been driven by the Chief Medical Officers and their recommendations.
I find that your state hasn’t received federal support to be absolutely astounding Deborah and I hope that the virus doesn’t have a second stage when lockdown is eased more.
Visiting your daughter this weekend will be lovely and I hope you get to find a little treat for yourselves this weekend. I always love visits from my son, DIL and grandchildren.
Enjoy your weekend and keep safe.

Haul: Nothing but groceries this week.

Weekend plans: Zoom happy hour with friends, reading, watching TV and Netflix, household chores. 

What’s at least one thing that never fails to cheer you up (even a little)? My weekly Zoom happy hour with my two best friends. No matter how tired or down I was feeling before the happy hour, I always feel so happy afterwards. (Note: My happy hour beverage of choice is nonalcoholic, so the happiness just comes from the friendship.)

Aww Mellan! Dogs are so weird sometimes.

Haul: Still nothing. I’m getting down to the end of my lipbalm though so I guess I’ll at least need to buy a new one soon, lol. No rediscoveries either. I miss wearing makeup, might do some just for fun this weekend.

Weekend plans: We’re still in Phase 1 of reopening in my county, so still just mostly staying home. Have to run a couple errands. Probably get some pizza for takeout, it’s been a few weeks. I’ve got my usual online dance classes, and an online show featuring black belly dancers from across the country. Annoyingly, the past two days (while I’ve been stuck inside working on my computer) have been warm, sunny, and beautiful, and it’s supposed to RAIN Saturday and Sunday.

What never fails to cheer me up: My dog, of course. She is a delight. But since that’s an obvious answer… You know that little viral video of the small parrot (a caique I think) walking across the floor with his little feet going slap slap slap? I LOVE that frickin’ video. I can never not watch his little stompy slappy walk. Also, What We Do in the Shadows. That show makes me laugh so hard. Last night’s episode with the open mic night? LOL.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Not anything makeup or skincare related. Very focused instead on things relating to healing such as corn and rice ice/heat wrap bags purchased from Etsy, etc. Also discovered some perfect comfortable waterproof trail/walking/hiking type shoes that have the right arch support, roominess in the toes, and firmness yet flexibility in the soles, so bought several pairs for indoors, walking outdoors and gardening.

Weekend Plans: Not much planned out of the ordinary gardening, cooking and misc. This is the last weekend before I go in to get a Covid19 test (with required household quarantine afterward) and then get surgery later in the week.

The one thing that never fails to cheer me up: is watching animals (domesticated or wild). There’s always something fascinating to see and their behavior can be amusing at times too.

Hi Kitty – I hope all goes well with the Covid test being negative so that you can have your surgery. What a worry that would be! And I hope your surgery and recovery goes well too.

Thank you Genevieve for your kind words and wishes. Having to wait test results does make the stress of surgery that much worse! ? At least our hospital is just now allowing patients to have someone in the waiting room; last week, it was set up so that loved ones would be texted when surgery was over so the drive home could be arranged. I feel better knowing my husband will be waiting for me at the hospital.

I’ll be off my foot for a while but it shouldn’t be as bad as when I broke it some years ago and was in cast for 8 weeks. Fingers crossed. I’m getting a ganglion cyst removed (which is surprisingly more complex than what I thought originally) so I’ll have to control the swelling and pain afterward just as I did after the foot break.

Haul: A Paula’s Choice order for items I am running out off: big bottle of the Hydralight One Step Face Cleanser, the Retinol Body Treatment I indulge in as a body lotion, a mini of the Resist Skin Restoring Moisturizer SPF 50 to carry around on the go to re-apply SPF (I hate carrying the big tube of my body SPF).

Rediscoveries: Not necessarily a rediscovery, but I got at some point a free sample of the Niacinamide booster and added it in my routine. I tried it before, 2-3 years ago, and did nothing for me. But somehow this time it seems that my face loves Niacinamide, my skin looks amazing!

Weekend plans: Same old, same old. The frustrating grocery shopping trips, laundry, cleaning, meal prep, long walks (maybe a hike), long calls with my mom.

What’s at least one thing that never fails to cheer you up (even a little)?: Talking with my mom, she’s just the most cheerful spirit. When I feel bad I always call her to lighten my day (or night, living on the other side of the world makes time sync quite difficult).

Inspector Mellan ?

Haul: Just 2 bottles of The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane from Decium. There’s a special lipstick in my cart at Ulta, but I really don’t want to top it off at $35 in order to get free shipping, so idk if I’ll be pulling the trigger on this order yet…?

Weekend plans: Not much. Attending tomorrow morning’s meeting via Zoom. Otherwise, just trying to stay cool and hydrated. Very boring and depressing.

What’s one thing that never fails to cheer you up, even just a little?: Kitty kisses and kneading from Scunci! Or Clarissa petting my hair with her little paw! Oh, and I befriended a semi-feral kitty over here, too. Tiny little thing! All black with somewhat longish fur. She needs a home now that she’s getting used to being petted and interacted with. I wish I could take her in, but they have a 2 pet limit here ?. Anyway, she always makes me smile when I sit outside with her! Beyond cats, whenever one of my close friends does an unexpected act of kindness, that warms my heart and makes me see that things are not as bleak as they may seem to be.

Oooh I hope you can find a home for the semi-feral kitty! If I remember correctly you’re in AZ, and it’s just way too hot for a long-haired black kitty to be outside!

Nice chapeau, Mellan!

Haul/Rediscoveries: Bumble & Bumble While You Sleep Hair Masque. I am pretty basic when it comes to hair products but without regular trims, standard conditioner is not enough. I have rediscovered the Black Rose eye liner from the Smashing Vlada collaboration two years ago. My mask look skips eyeshadow except for something pale and shimmery on my lid and I focus on liner and mascara. Plain black is too harsh but the bit of shimmer in the Vlada is just lively enough.

Weekend plans: Nothing going on.

What’s at least one thing that never fails to cheer you up (even a little)?: Early Beatles music. And for the past six weeks, the two kitties we adopted mid April.

Haul/Rediscoveries: My first Allure Beauty Box!!! I was beyond excited LOL! Also not makeup, but I just received my Maniology package a few moments ago so I’ll have more nail stamping fun options!!
Weekend plans: Pick up some sushi! And hug all my new beauty items from my Allure beauty box and my new nail stamping goodies! And track the packages I still have coming!
What’s at least one thing that never fails to cheer you up (even a little)?: Cute and goofy big dogs!

Haul/Rediscoveries: I really tried to talk myself out of purchasing the PMG Divine Rose Release today but I wasn’t successful so it will join the others in my PMG Collection.
Weekend plans: I’m due for my Migraine Botox Injections so I have to go have them done tomorrow and hopefully his office won’t be busy, they said I can wait in the car until my appointment. We are supposed to have beautiful weather this weekend so we are just going to relax and enjoy it, lots of bbqing. I had such bad migraines this week they took a lot out of me, the meds keep me awake so I kind of get a double whammy.
What’s at least one thing that never fails to cheer you up (even a little)?: My daughter texts me pictures of her dog randomly and it makes me smile, we miss taking care of him. Any communications from my kids makes me feel good. It’s hard not being able to see them and hug them right now but my husband is a perfect substitute.

So sorry to read about your migraines Brenda, they must be so debilitating for you – and even the medication is not much fun either.
I hope you get to see your children soon and that the Migraine Botox jab does its work.

Thank you Genevieve, The Botox already feels like it’s working and it can’t be, it takes 7 days for it to work. I think just knowing I had it done makes me feel better. It’s the time of year when the spring time storms roll in and the barometer is up and down that is the worst. It doesn’t last forever, thank goodness!

Haul/Rediscoveries: I just got NARS Audacious Lipstick in Vera and have Janet on the way. Thinking about getting more bc it looks like NARS is discontinuing their Audacious lipstick line (does anyone know how I can get a clear answer of whether they actually are discontinuing?) or they temporarily stopped some manufacturing due to COVID-19. I’d rather wait for a sale or until I “need” it rather than paying MSRP for lippies I’ll seldom wear during this year of masking–but if it is going to be discontinued altogether…then it becomes a last chance thing. It’s the only formula still for sale that I feel truly comfortable wearing after trying SO MANY bullets–no irritation/dryness at all. I also got Maybelline Mega Plush WP Mascara (good first impression: soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and not heavy, holds a curl, a nice everyday clean look)

Weekend Plans: I was originally going to go whale watching but it’s looking like rain in my area sooner or later. So I might just do some light hikes and baking instead. Just made some bread today!

What’s at least one thing that never fails to cheer you up (even a little)?: Hmmm…animation–anything light-hearted and not too sad. Things like How to Train Your Dragon, Disney movies, some of the Ghibli movies, etc.

Your garden is looking beautiful Christine and no wonder Mellon likes to explore it!

Haul: Cosmetic Capital (an online beauty retailer in Aus) had my favourite foundation, L’Oreal True Match in porcelain rose, for $10 (it normally retails for $30) so I ordered a couple of bottles. This shade sells out pretty quickly. Apart from that, nothing else.

Weekend Plans: Friday, Saturday and Sunday all involve some housework, some food shopping and drives in the country side. At some point we will see our grandchildren too.
Olivia is back at school and enjoying seeing her friends and Lachlan is back at kindergarten (which I think you call nursery? or preschool?). Olivia looks really smart in her winter school uniform and she has grown so much lately.

Cheers Me Up: My husband telling me he loves me, my grandchildren giving me hugs and cuddles. with Lachlan saying that I’m the best nona in the world…

You are so lucky, Genevieve, to have found an affordable foundation match. Your colouring is very pink so I imagine it is actually not that easy to find something which works.

We call it Kindergarten here too, but we’re part of the Commonwealth as well ( ?? )

Wonderful you have family and grandchildren to help uplift your spirits during these challenging times!

Haul/Rediscoveries: I finally got the liquid eye makeup remover I was looking for, Maybelline Experts Eyes for Waterproof Makeup, but it took me until Wednesday to do so.
Weekend plans: Lots of TV marathons and some trips for groceries and takeout.
What’s at least one thing that never fails to cheer you up (even a little)?: Doing my makeup, watching marathons of any show in the Law & Order franchise.

*ColourPop — I finally got the Mulan stuff I ordered literally right before CA shut down. Totally worth the wait. I got the True to Your Heart Set and the Matchmaker Blush. I really wanted the other blush, but it sold out at CP and Ulta so fast! I hope they’ll restock.

*Sephora — Melt 420 Palette. (Sale Page) Natasha Denona Safari and Tropic Palettes; NEST New York Cocoa Woods 1.7 oz.; Fenty Gloss Bomb Double Take Duo; UD Wired Collection Liners.

*Nomad Cosmetics (sale) — New York Studio 54 Discoshdow Palette; Antilles Intense Eyeshadow Palette; and Stockholm Northern Lights Intense Eyeshadow 4-Piece Set.

*The Pastel Roses (promo code) — The Unicorn Palette and (GWP) Pearl Loose Eyeshadow Pigment in Dusty Rose and testers in Orion and Dreamer.

*My Pretty Zombie (affiliate code) — Effing Magical Highlight; Drugs Like Me Blush in Pethidone, Cocaine, THC, and Ether; and Dr Soda Eau de Toilette Spray. (Disclaimer: The company owner is a pharmaceutical chemist, and does not condone illegal drug use. She includes a brief history of each compound on its product page. )

*HIPDOT (sale) — Collector’s Box: Rio, Cenote, Zion, Napa, and Spongebob Palettes.

*Pinky Rose Cosmetics (affiliate code) — Bright Lights, 80’s Baby, and Obsessed Eye Shadow Palettes.

*Naimie’s (clearance) — KVD Lock-It Powder Foundation, Lock-It Blotting Powder Refill, and Beauty Fetish Eyeshadow Palette.

*BH Cosmetics (sale page) — Angled Brush Holder x 10 (to sort liquid lipsticks and glosses into), Studio Pro Brush 9, Studio Pro Total Coverage Powder Brush. Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Agatha, Lucinda, and Esmerald; Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick in Chrissy; Liquid Eyeliner; and Studio Pro Brow Highlighter. Opalescent, Fairy Lights Shadow, Desert Oasis, Run Wild by Tina Yong, and (GWP) Midnight City palettes. Illuminating in Ireland and Glowing in Greece cheek palettes.

*Cinema Secrets (30% off sale) — 32 oz Brush Cleaner

Weekend plans: Start moving my makeup back into my old makeup room, and declutter more as I go. If the weather stays nice, paint my old roll top desk/vanity to match my makeup room decor. The usual laundry and household chores.

What’s at least one thing that never fails to cheer you up (even a little)?: My husband or one of my kids saying they love me.

I hope you enjoy the ND Safari palette as much as I do. I can really see all of these colour stories on you. I find the mattes to be some of the easiest I have ever used. I think I have a newer/improved iteration of the palette because the initial release reviews were dismal.

Thank you! I’m glad to hear you like it. I think the shades in it will be flattering on my eyes. Plus, the older I get, the more I’m needing mattes in the crease.

I absolutely forgot that yesterday was FRIDAY! Every day is the same here….

Haul: nothing Rediscoveries: I want to use the Clarins e/s palettes I have and haven’t touched in quite some time – Brown, Forest, (hardly “summery” but I don’t care); Odyssey and Enchanted.

Weekend plans: some more gardening work and as it’s cooling off, I want to get in some walking. I had my Facetime workout with my trainer yesterday (usually it’s Saturday but she’s away this weekend). And I want to get to the grocery store to get ingredients for an Instant Pot recipe.

Something that always cheers me up – the spontaneous and situational jokes my husband comes out with. In the last week or two, he’s come out with some doozies that had me giggling and smiling…. And right now, looking at my 2 Japanese tree peonies – they are so spectacular that people are stopping to look at them and take photos!

Haul: No haul this week.

Panned: After a year and a half endeavouring to pan Hourglass Dim Light, I finally did it this week! It’s not quite the right shade for me anymore, so I’ve been using it mostly to add warmth to my face. I’m over the moon to have finished it, and will replace it with the bronzers that I own.

Weekend Plans: Cleaning up the main room in our apartment in anticipation of a replacement air conditioner being installed by our landlord. We’re having nice weather, so will go for a long walk on Sunday. We’re starting the series Watchmen on Netflix. Otherwise, staying in.

What cheers me up: Talking to my mom, my twin sister, and close friends always cheers me up. Being in nature, watching a comedian or concert, playing with my cat all lift my spirits as does my spouse’s sense of humour.

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