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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Natasha Denona Retro/Bloom Mini Palettes, Becca Ignite Liquid Highlighters
  • Weekend plans: Window shop for patio furniture (probably something from Target), walk around the neighborhood a bit (have to find a time when… everyone else ISN’T walking, lol!).
  • What’s are some of your go-to methods to decompress?: Snuggling with the dog or hubby, hot showers, and romance novels (always a happy ending!).

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Haul: I didn’t buy a single thing this week, makeup or otherwise!

Weekend plans: TV (but not the news), reading, dog-walking, wiping things down, washing my hands, etc. I’m looking for a good book to read, so any suggestions are welcome. Something easy, breezy, and escapist, but well-written. Maybe something romantic…but not raunchy. Christine, which romances did you like? I don’t know much about this genre, but it seems like it would be a perfect escape from the world these days.

What’s are some of your go-to methods to decompress? Reading, watching Outlander, Better Call Saul, and The Office (for the umpteenth time), hanging out with my husband, hugging my dog, and sleeping.

I read mostly historical romance – really big fan of Julie Garwood myself! I loved Ransom and Honor’s Splendour. Lisa Kleypas The Hathaways series is also enjoyable (Love in the Afternoon being my favorite). Judith McNaught’s A Kingdom of Dreams has been a reread for a decade now!

I wouldn’t call them raunchy – though they certain have sex scenes in them – but they’re more a natural evolution of relationships over time, often a fair amount of setting the scene, character development, and build up before getting there.

Thanks for the recommendation. Historical romance sounds right for me, as I love love love Outlander! I read just the first book many years ago, but I’m watching the series. I’ll check these out. 🙂

Hey Seraphine, another Outlander fanatic here! You are in for a treat if you decide to continue reading the rest of the series…I think there are 7 or 8 more waiting for you :). So great (and rare) when a beloved book has a screen adaptation that’s just as good. Feels heretical to say but I think I love both forms of Outlander equally.

Hmmm, I was thinking that they did such an amazing job of turning the first Outlander book into a series that I wouldn’t bother reading the rest. It is really rare to see such a fantastic adaption of a book I loved. I was horribly disappointed by the adaption years ago of The Mists of Avalon, another favorite book. It seemed like they never even bothered to read the book before they made it.

Yeah, well if you happen to find yourself with a bit of extra time on your hands…… 🙂 There’s some uneveness to the writing imho, if you consider the entire ‘opus’, but I give her a break because few people craft 8 thick books where every page sings. Some parts felt like she was striving for a ‘blockbuster’ – plot, construction & character buried under endless extreme situations and waaay too many special effects. I don’t need to be “entertained” like that – rather be engaged by quality writing and resonant themes. Love to know what you thiink if you end up reading more.

Over 15 years ago I discovered the Outlander book series at a garage sale, I then passed them on to my family and now we are all addicted to the television series. One of my favorite things to look forward to every week.

Anything by Charlie N Holberg! The worlds she weaves are amazing! She’s the author of the Paper Magician Series, but really anything that she writes, I read. One of my favorite books Of hers is The Fifth Doll. It’s fantastic.

My husband is a huge Outlander fan and loves the series. I enjoyed the first book, read many years ago, but wasn’t really a fan of the rest. I think the series has been well done.

Natasha Denona Retro/Bloom Mini Palettes, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away concealer and pressed powder

Weekend plans:
Walk the neighborhood, maybe go fishing with my husband on Sunday, cook and meal plan, finish the book I’m working on, My Dear Alexander about Eliza Hamilton.

What’s are some of your go-to methods to decompress?:
YouTube videos and tutorials, walking and listening to music, cooking, doing my nails

Haul: ND Mini Retro palette, Nabla Cutie Nude palette, Nabla Dreamy 2 palette, CoverFX Blush Duo in Bronzed Rose (which I actually hope works for me as a bronzer). It’s the end of my three month no buy and I went a little ham, lol. But I had a ton of Ulta points to use up and am staying on a very low buy for the rest of the year.

Rediscoveries: ColourPop SSS in Weenie. I’ve had that little shadow for a couple years and it is STILL insanely creamy and beautiful. Somehow, it hasn’t dried out at all?.

Weekend plans: Just more of the usual that is this never-ending Sunday, It feels like the movie Groundhog Day right now.

What’s are some of your go-to methods to decompress?: I go on a walk pretty much every day (unless it’s pouring), play a video game, or read.

Weenie is a great all round shade I think and it’s a testament to the quality of the product that it hasn’t dried out after a few years.
How is your little one coping with the lockdown Celesta?

I’ve encountered the eyes partly open while sleeping with my one cat on occasion. Also, I had a BFF as a kid who would sometimes sleep with her eyes open! Weird, isn’t it?

Haul: Eh, nothing this week either. I’m waiting on the MAC x Selena collection #2.

Weekend plans: Other than being bored out of my gourd, I’ll be trying to download Zoom onto my phone. I may take a walk around the huge apartment complex just to get my bearings. But I’ll have to make sure it’s when everybody else is inside. After living in such a tiny complex (8 units) for 5 years, I’m not used to being in such a large, sprawling complex!

What are some of your go-to ways to decompress? Take a hot shower or use the hot tub that is in my apartment complex. Everything else I would do is basically off limits for now. Like going to the mall and just walking around. Going into a Sephora and so watching a bunch of different lipsticks or eyeshadows on the back of my arm or hand. If I was still in shape, I would say dancing. But I’m not so sure that somebody with CHF should be rigorously dancing! LOL!

Yeah, I am pretty bored too Nancy. I am seriously missing my friends and grandchildren. I hope your new apartment is proving to be a delight.
How is the virus going in your neck of the woods Nancy?
Out where we live (outer East of Melbourne Aus) there are about 10 -12 cases, mostly from returning from overseas visitors. But my family and I are playing it safe by staying indoors.

Same here, Genevieve. I miss getting together with friends and family so much! As for cases of covid-19 here in AZ, it’s mostly in Maricopa County, which is where I’m at. While I do practice social distancing and plenty of hand washing, I’m trying not to let myself get too freaked out. But, that’s pretty difficult, though. Thankfully, it’s not too awful where you are! Stay healthy. 😊

Haul: Ordered the Jack Black and Kiehl’s hand lotions that Christina recommended. Got sample sizes of both, and may pick up a drug store sample size if we brave Target this week, and we’ll see what our hands like better and buy a full size. Later today I’ll probably order the Julep face wash that is my spouse’s Holy Grail. Trying to decide if I’ll give in to the PMG 20% off sale and get that quad I’ve been eyeballing for 6 months.

Rediscovery: Speaking of Pat McGrath, I wanted some gold eyeshadow last night so I grabbed my Bronze Ambition palette and daaaaang I had forgotten how amazing those colors were, and how easy to apply. Might just wear gold eyeshadow every day now.

Weekend plans: So my spouse and I discussed it last night and we’re thinking…
Tonight: Stay home
Tomorrow: Stay home
For Sunday we’ll mix it up a bit and… stay home.
Ok, seriously though, the geeky belly dance troupe my friend is in in Chicago is doing a virtual show tonight so we’re going to watch that. And one night we’ll get some takeout, and a six-pack of our favorite cidery’s seasonal flavor (mojito!). And I’m taking an online belly dance class tomorrow morning. We’ll play some games, watch some Marvelous Mrs Maisel, maybe get out and do some yardwork if the weather clears up on Sunday, hang up the new hammock.
(I’m in WA, our governor extended the stay-at-home order through May 4!)

How do I decompress? I, too, am a fan of escapism reading, including romance novels! In normal times, almost any good fiction will do, but right now I am definitely appreciating the guarantee of a happy ending promised by romance, and the fact that it’s pretty easy to find low-angst romance.

I also really enjoy: dancing, going for a walk on a nice day, reading books about cocktails or tea, drinking tea, doing a puzzle, playing a video game, or crafting. I’ve been doing a lot of cross-stitch, and I just unpacked the rest of my beads this last week, so after I finish the two WIP cross-stitch kits I’ve got going on, I might start a beadweaving project, and I’ll definitely do a couple simple stringing projects.

Spending time with pets is also a good way to decompress. Mellan is just the cutest little party animal.

It’s great that you are so creative and artistic AJ because this is the perfect time to do all of those things. I hope the online belly dance tutorial goes down well.

Hauls/Rediscoveries: no new stuff (though I am thinking of ordering rms beauty’s Buriti Bronzer from Sephora’s website); rediscoveries: Sephora Glazed Donut eyeshadow (it is so lovely) and the “Burning Ambition” side of MAC’s very old MES “Illusionary/Burning Ambition” – a glorious bronze-y brown. Together, they’re perfect for these days of wanting to wear makeup but not too much makeup or fuss or effort.

Weekend plans: no idea. All our trails, mountain-side stairs (a very popular workout) and parks are closed, though I think the track near my kids’ old middle school is still open (it was 3 days ago and most people – except one couple that was running – were good about keeping a safe distance from others. The weather is supposed to be nice so I may walk the track for an hour or so…(my knee is too shot for running any more)

Destress? It used to be hot yoga or restorative yoga and the gym but now….probably counting my blessings and tuning things out by listening to audio books.

The Glazed Donut shade looks lovely and I think it would work with just about any other shade you have. All of our parks and playgrounds have closed down now and people have to keep a very safe distance from others. Up until this weekend (which is cold and wet), it has been perfect autumn weather.
How is the virus tracking in your part of the world Mariella? Where we live (outer East of Melbourne) we don’t have many cases, but this could change in the next week or so.
Are your schools open?

It is a really lovely colour – the closest I’ve ever come to a dupe for MAC’s Grand Entrance, which was one of the Starflash shadows from years ago and was LE.

As for the virus, numbers are still increasing here and as in most other parts of the world, hospitals and medical staff are taxed to the max and there is a shortage of protective equipment for them. And the US president just ordered that 3M could NOT deliver masks here to Canada or to Latin America. It’s very distressing, especially in light of the close and supportive relationship there has always been between Canada and the US and how Canada has always come to the US’s assistance in a crisis like 9/11 (our little city sent body bags – a chilling thought but a necessity – because NYC didn’t have enough and the story of “Come From Away” is a real one). As our schools closed for the March Break, it was announced that they would remain closed for a full 3 weeks rather than the standard 1 week. No plans have been made yet about re-opening but I can’t see it happening any time soon. In fact, restrictions are tightening as more and more closures happen. Our son in the military was supposed to be deployed to Ukraine but that’s been postponed and when he got back to base (he was home for his pre-deployment visit), he and all those not in self-isolation were put on high readiness in case they were needed to support police and other groups. What is happening is so surreal. I look out my living room window and there is usually a stream of walkers heading to the Bruce Trail which runs behind where I live but now, the streets are, quite literally, deserted.

Our virus numbers are stabilising a little bit, but most of them are those returning from cruise ships and here in Victoria, from overseas.
Our medical hospitals are getting prepared for an influx and it has been reported that when the initial outbreak occured in China, we sent a whole stack of extra equipment over to them….now we don’t have enough ourselves. Apparently some of the equipment that the Chinese Govt. has sent to other countries is substandard – a real problem.
Again I think the US president has been quite divisive and, at times, ill informed about this virus and his decision not to assist Canada and the Latin countries of the Northern American continent is so devastating.
I remember reading about how the wonderful people of Newfoundland looked after those passengers during the 9/11 crisis and thinking how magnificent the gesture was during those dark days.
Our schools are set to open in a ‘reduced capacity’ whatever that is, after Easter. I am not sure whether my son and daughter in law will send Olivia to school, as Anika is 22 weeks pregnant and is worried (naturally) about the risk of infection. I have given Anika a lot of my Prep resources to help her keep Olivia up to the mark in terms of her education.
Lucky that your son has not been deployed to the Ukraine at this point in time. I hope you enjoyed his visit to your home and that he continues to be safe and well.
Behind our house is a big reserve with tennis courts, footy oval, cricket pitch, soccer pitch and a brand new playground and it is empty too.
It is a really scary situation at the moment for everyone. Keep safe Mariella!

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing, although this week I applied make-up everyday.

Weekend plans: I have avoided going out for groceries as much as I can… so it’s time to go out. I’m still debating which store to go, as I never can predict how well stocked they are… and I don’t want to go to multiple stores.
I plan to get outside for walks and maybe a run, within 5 miles of my residence, off course. My neighborhood is full sometimes with people walking, I either take odd itineraries to avoid crowds, either go very early in the morning or late at night.
It’s not like I’m panicking, but I try to do my part of prevention without loosing my mind.

What’s are some of your go-to methods to decompress?: The worst part? For me is nature, walking, hiking, being outside. Cooking, reading, does help. But without my long walks nothing truly helps. One day after a call with my grandparents I needed so much to walk, they I simply went up and down the two level stairs in my apartment building. I was listening careful for any of neighbors coming in/out, I was not touching any surface, I had my face covered… I feel so selfish to need my hour long walks at this point in time.

Walking outside is essential for mental and physical health, I know what you mean. I have taken to walking at odd times too, but it has rained a few times (like at 6 pm) when I have wanted to go out. No-one here in Victoria (Australia) is allowed to go to playgrounds and I am not sure about nature trails. Every day we get a whole new list of rules, which may or may not be different to what other states or the Federal government is saying.
We are urged to plan before we shop and our shops are beginning to be better stocked now. What part of the States are you in Ana Maria? Is the situation dire for your area at the moment?

I live in California, in the Bay Area. We’re not in complete lock down, it’s still shelter in place, but with more restriction. There are new cases everyday, but we’re not as bad as New York or Europe (I’m from Europe and most of my friends and family are in a much more dire situation than mine).

We are in complete lockdown at the moment and can only go outside for medical purposes, essential food shopping, caregiving and exercise (with one other person from your household and away from everyone else).
It is completely scary about what is happening in NY and Europe. My husband’s family is from northern Italy; they are well but find it all quite frightening. What part of Europe are you from Ana Maria?

I’m from Romania, the country had a big outbreak because many people that worked in Italy and Spain returned home when they started the lockdown; they were queuing at the border for days, and then many didn’t stay in quarantine for 14 days after settling back home.

Well, I actually did get some backups of the UD eye primer at the Ulta sale– which still have not arrived so not sure if that qualifies for this week’s haul. Excepting this and one other purchase I’ve been sticking to my no-buy, after going overboard last December. Am not using beauty products or skin care much, given all of the “don’t touch your face,” advice. Was momentarily interested in the ND retro mini, but realized some of those colors are in the Green-Brown palette.

It’s been cold and rainy here, so am waiting for Sunday when the sun is supposed to come out to haul the trash to the dump and pick up a package in the mailbox outside. And take a little walk.

I follow and comment on the news as that’s part of my job, so I try to do that and then get out of it so it doesn’t become too overwhelming. I begin the day by reading some of this terrific book– called the Wild Twin by Martin Shaw. And I usually apply some essential oil blend as an AM wakeup, and have learned that the two cats are obsessed with this particular blend and I am going to have to reorder it– for them. I drink vitamin C throughout the day to build immunity. And I usually have at least one long phone chat per day with one of my far-flung friends. At night I watch favorite movies– mostly from the 1930’s and 1940’s to have good thoughts for bedtime. I take melatonin if I find myself waking up too early.

Mellan looks comfortable.I feel like giving Mellan’s head a couple of pats. I miss having a dog.
Haul: Charlotte Tilbury Super Blue palette, ordered some sample perfumes from Ebay. Really loved Armani/Prive Rouge Malachite perfume so I brought a bottle from Neiman’s $50 off $200 sale. I’m on a serious perfume kick for some reason. Brought backup bottle Tom Ford Lost Cherry perfume 25% Nordstrom.And the travel set of House of Sillage 25% off.

Weekend Plans: Need to do my hair and maybe shampoo the carpet in my bedroom. Reading 2 mysteries , listening to audiobooks and watching some Netflix and cable shows.

What are your go to methods to decompress? Prayer, Meditation and Exercise. Calling up my mom or sisters to vent. Reading Temptalia, Watching You Tube beauty and perfume videos.

Haul/Rediscoveries: No new purchases this week, but my Sydney Grace order arrived today, a day ahead of schedule!
Weekend plans: MST3K double feature and laundry tonight, SVU marathon tomorrow, no plans so far for Sunday.
What’s are some of your go-to methods to decompress?: Mainly watching TV. The ability to absorb myself in the challenges the characters face makes my problems seem more manageable.

Mellon looks like he is having a good snooze…
Haul: the only beauty products I have purchased lately is some skincare for my daughter in law, whose birthday it is on Saturday. She really likes the Neutragena Hydro Boost range – so I got her some daytime and night time moisturiser, cleanser and cooling gel scrub. She also liked the Lipstick Queen Frog Prince lipstick, which I purchased a long while ago for her.

Rediscoveries: I have decided to do a ‘Neutral palette a day’ challenge for myself, whilst in lockdown. So every day I use a different palette for my eye looks. So far I have used Nakeds 1 & 2, Huda Smokey Obsessions and Sephora’s It Neutral palette.

Weekend Plans: Not really much – gardening (we are having lots of rain and icy winds at the moment) if we can, reading and clearing out my spare room….going for a walk and that’s about it.
We are in Stage 3 lockdown here in Victoria Aus. and that means that only two people can be outside together when walking (at a social distance) and taking grandchildren to visit their grandparents is definitely out….so I am really missing seeing Olivia and Lachlan.

Decompressing: Reading is my favourite way to decompress and I am definitely churning through the books at the moment. Luckily I ran into the library in the days before it closed down and grabbed quite a few.
I hope everyone on the blog is safe and well. We have been hearing about how awful things are in the States, particularly in New York and in other countries like Spain, Italy and France.

Haul: Macy’s ($20 expiring Star Rewards) – Bobbi Brown Oil Infused Gloss in Spring Fling, Patchology Poshpeel Pedicure, and Patchology Perfect Ten Self Warming Hand and Cuticle Mask.

Weekend Plans: Decluttering and cleaning the livingroom and diningroom, and packing away winter clothes. If the weather is nice, will go for a walk but otherwise, staying home.

Ways I Decompress: Watching a tv show or a live/recorded video, enjoying a mask, indulging in skincare, enjoying a latte or glass of wine, doing something that give me a smile or a good laugh, and getting out into the fresh air.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Pretty much can only rediscover here, and that’s a good thing. I’m rediscovering my skin products, like today Origins Ginzing Hydrating Eye Gel and Kiko Smart Radiance Cream 3n1 (primer +cream+highlighter)
Weekend plans: Same, make sure the kids assignments are scanned for the teachers ;), play a game with the family, cook and hopefully work on an online class (and read my Bible, as I get so swamped I tend to leave for last what I should do first).
What’s are some of your go-to methods to decompress?: Prayer, looking at or putting on makeup, or a bath soak (yesterday)

*Charlotte Tilbury quad in Super Blue. I need a splurge, and it was too pretty to resist. #sorrynotsorry
*Apocalyptic Beauty LOTM Club: Area 51 Collection. There’s an awesome neon green pigment in it. Love.
*LORAC Moonlight Kiss Diamond Disco Lip Gloss Set. It looked pretty and was on clearance for $9.
*Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick in Glistening Purple.

Rediscoveries: CP She’s a Rainbow Palette. I hadn’t use it much, not sure why, but I’ve been using it a lot this week both by itself and with the ABH x Carli Bybel Palette. It’s great fun!

Weekend plans: Signing up for benefits with with work.

What’s are some of your go-to methods to decompress?: Music! I used to play computer games and listen to music on my head phones before bed, but my new work hours have messed that up. I always listen to music driving to and from work.

Adult coloring books. I love to color, and it’s soothing. I can also do it while watching TV, in doctor’s waiting rooms, etc.

Horror movies and TV. I know it sounds weird, but I find them de-stressing and escapist.

I love that CT quad in the Super Blue and I think it would look lovely on you Rachel. I am considering getting the Green Lights one when this is all over as a great big treat for myself….
I am considering doing some Adult colouring as well. I haven’t done it for a long time, so I am going to have a look at a few books to do.
I have been helping my daughter in law source suitable classroom work for both of her children (6 years and 4 years), as I have been a Prep (I think you call it Kindergarten in the States) teacher. So it has been fun/nostalgic to go through my tubs of maths games etc.

Thank you! Green lights is gorgeous. If I hadn’t bought so many green and olive shades from Sydney Grace, I would have been tempted by that one, as well. I think it would look gorgeous on you.

That’s so nice of you to help your DIL source classroom work. She’s lucky to have you as an experienced resource.

I’ve always loved coloring. Most of my books are fantasy, fairy tales, and horror, but I also have books with sea creatures, cats, patterns and mandalas, and miscellaneous.

I had a whole stack of fun maths games laminated for Olivia’s level and as Lachlan is really good at maths (even though he is 4 years), he can join in. It has all come in handy for her. Anika is a kindergarten teacher herself and is so creative, so that really helps them.
Yep, you are so convincing me to get the Green Lights palette when this is over as a treat to myself for enduring the lockdown with my husband and working from home son, who is busier than ever maintaining the computer systems that support the large stationary business that we works for.
I think I am going to get some colouring books involving patterns and tesselated shapes, since I am drawn to mathematical things.
Take care Rachel – to you and your family.

Haul: Charlotte Tilbury Green Lights eyeshadow quad
Weekend plans: Weather dependent – if it’s nice I might continue gardening. If it’s horrible then I’ll probably binge watch something
Go-to methods to decompress: A lovely, luxurious bath with something from LUSH

How do you find the Green Lights quad Caroline? I think we have the same colouring as well, so these shades would look fabulous on you. I am considering purchasing it. I would really like to know what you think.

Other than replenishing my night moisturizer, haven’t bought any new beauty products (meaning makeup and lipstick and eye shadows), since I have way too many to last me two life-times. 🙂 And I don’t even get to use them frequently. But I still have to make up my face to look pretty for my students even though I don’t see them now in my usual classrooms on campus-I do my classes via Webex now, so it’s business like usual for me. Still lots of grading, lots of prep for classes, lots of website maintenance, and I make sure I got out on the bike n’ hike trail for my 5-6 mile walk to keep sane. Thank God the weather has been nice here in NE Ohio and we had lots of sunny days (and some rain, yes) so going out on the trails every day for 2 hrs has been my sanity.

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