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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Giorgio Armani Mahogany Lip Maestro (just one new shade I saw!), Tom Ford Destroy Lip Spark (eight new shades, PR sent 7 of 8 shades so I bought the 8th one), MAC Back to Surreality Eyeshadow (was missing this shade from the new Loud & Clear collection), Urban Decay Wired liners
  • Weekend plans: I’m going to take some photos and do swatches of a handful of new products today, and then spend most of the weekend finding and entering dupes to prep posts for next week.
  • Are you big into celebrating holidays?: Not really! We barely celebrate/acknowledge a lot of holidays these days (we’re not fussed over birthdays or anniversaries either), though we have found that it makes a lot of those holidays boring, LOL. With my mother-in-law moving near us this year and my parents moving near us the following year, I expect holidays will be a bigger thing.

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Haul: Nothing! I was close to getting some sale things from Sephora from their President’s day sale, but resisted. Though there was a perfume I was interested in getting.

Rediscoveries: Nothing to speak of; I’ve just been enjoying my collection.

Weekend plans: Probably cleaning more and trying to get over this persistent cold.

Are you big into celebrating holidays?: Yes and no? My family really gets in to Christmas, but the “lesser” holidays not so much. Though I am trying to make a little more of an effort for the sake of my son.

I recieved that Laura Mercier highlighter affliction and it’s pretty. The Chantecaille blur powder really nice but falls out of case! And that Koh gen doh swirly powder. And El futurist foundation really really like it all.
I tried that thing where you powder a little after skin care then setting spray then primer and wow!! Makeup really lasts!! Looks nice too!

I’m on call all weekend and looking like 14 hrs tomorrow and 8 hrs sun.

My family celebrates bdays with a dinner and fav dessert. Not really into holidays except Xmas and turkey day and that’s scaled down since my parents and mama gone.

Holidays are for the children and they make it fun.

Purchased Mac Studio Fix foundation, Mac Glow Play blush in So Natural and That’s Peachy, Mac lipstick, PC Skin care.
No plans for the weekend
My hubby and i love celebrating Christmas. Birthdays and Anniversaries are low key.

A big hug for the always handsome Mellan!

I don’t know Mellan, but if I put my dog in a box and his ears were in that position, I know he would not be happy with his situation! Lol!! However, he loves when I put a treat toy in a small box and he has to figure out how to get to it. It’s one of his favorite games. 

Haul: Well, I almost made it through another no-buy week, but I had a frustrating day at work on Thursday and needed a little makeup shopping therapy, so I picked up MAC Love Me Lipstick in French Silk. It’s an under-represented shade in my collection and I paid with a gift card, so that helped alleviate the guilt. In non-makeup haul news, I bought Vera Bradley’s Iconic Work Tote in black (the flowers and paisleys make it look too much like a diaper bag, but the black looks professional). I love all the zip and slip pockets it has, plus the padded laptop compartment, hidden cell phone pocket, and trolley sleeve. 

Weekend plans: Dinner with friends, visiting family, chores, and getting some much-needed sleep.

Are you big into celebrating holidays? My husband loves Halloween and I love Christmas, so we do both holidays, but I am not a big fan of how commercialized these holidays have become. And it annoys me how every year they start earlier and earlier. Disney is starting their Halloween parties in August now! I cook every Thanksgiving. It’s a lot to do, but I love the family get-together. I don’t like how Thanksgiving is being minimized by stores that stay open for Christmas deals on that day. Another holiday I like is Easter. The two holidays I dislike are New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. I ignore and avoid them both as much as possible.

I have a cat and I purposely leave empty boxes around the house, before I take them to recycling. 😆 She goes to sit or lay in them, but most times makes a face like it’s the most excruciating thing in the world. Bonus points if I leave paper filling in the box.

I want to try more the MAC Love Me Lipstick (might choose a shade for my next back-to-MAC), but I wasn’t that much into the way they feel on my lips… although I only tried them once in a store for a couple of minutes. I guess I like too much their Matte formula.

His ears fall back naturally if they’re not actively perked up/alert and he’s looking up a bit 🙂 He won’t tail won’t wag at all when he’s scared (his tail is blurred in the picture because he was wagging it). No dog harmed in the taking of this photo!

Hauls/rediscoveries: Nothing.

Weekend plans: Besides cooking a couple more involved dinners, washing sheets and working in garden, need to do some online research for upcoming vacations.

Holidays: We’re much older than many people and have no family around us here, so at this point, we don’t fuss about holidays much at all. Same with birthdays and anniversaries. That said, we are starting to take advantage of holidays to travel and do things that other people may not do on that holiday itself.

Haul: nothing but I’ve “discovered” – as I don’t think I’ve ever used it in past – “Claudia” from the ABH “Mario” palette. It’s become my go to outer corner/outer V shade this past week. I’ve been using it mostly with NYC on the inner lid and I like the quick but slightly dramatic/defined effect I get.

Weekend plans: hubs’s cousin, who passed away in the early fall, was a world renowned expert in brain function and tonight, there is a “celebration of life” for him at the Ontario Science Center and so we’re attending this. Tomorrow, I have a bridal shower for my niece. On Sunday, hubs and I are going for brunch at the local golf course and then I think I’ll try to hit the gym since I won’t be able to go on Saturday and because he’ll have some worker guys in who are working on our kitchen “re-do”.

Holidays – I used to decorate like a maniac but in recent years, I’ve toned it down somewhat. I do like to celebrate the holidays but it can be exhausting and now, with people’s food issues (the real ones and the imagined ones – I have one sister in law who always seems to have the food intolerance or illness du jour….) and choices, it has become a bit less enjoyable doing large family dinners for the big holidays (a nephew has Crohn’s, a BIL has celiac – and I seem to be the only one to go out of her way to make a special dessert for him; one niece is a vegetarian and another is a vegan and then there’s the sis in law I mentioned….) I think once my new kitchen is done, I might enjoy it all a lot more, though!

You’re right, Mellan; this “if I fits I sits” thing isn’t just for cats!

Haul: Nothing.
Rediscoveries: MAC Sweet EDES and Twinks lid combo!

Weekend plans: Trying not to have a stroke while waiting to hear back from that one highly favored apartment complex. Having filled in all the physical paperwork last Saturday, I was surely expecting to hear from them by now, but crickets. I’m trying to stay calm, but my nerves are overwrought!
Other than that, hair and nails, meeting on Sunday. Possibly a few loads of laundry, too.

Are you big into celebrating holidays? Nope! With the lone exception of the annual anniversary of Christ’s last Evening Meal with his Apostles on Nisan 14 (March/April), I do not celebrate holidays with either religious or patriotic origins.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Of course I picked up the Sugarpill Capsule palette, because it’s too cute and I always know Sugarpill is of great quality. And I finally gave Glossier a try. I’ve been battling MDD pretty hard the last few weeks and I can’t seem to find the energy to do a full face anymore, but Glossier is great. In fact, I’m finding I like the more natural look as opposed to my usual cake face. The cloud paint and boy brow is my favorite of all the products I picked up this week (which also included the stretch concealer and the brow flick…I hate the brow flick.)

Weekend plans: Going to Tucumcari, NM to visit my in-laws and I might see Birds of Prey this weekend. Seeing awesome, strong women kick a bunch of behind will cheer me up significantly.

Are you big into celebrating holidays? No. I wish I was but…eh.

Rediscovered the MUG duochromes (old formulation in round pans). As part of my 2020 resolution to wear my bright makeup more often, I’m reaching for those colors I normally consider too crazy for work. My brighter makeup should have a chance to hit pan just as much as my neutrals.

Weekend plans:
Trying a new pool. The one I normally go to is under renovation.

Are you big into celebrating holidays?
Christmas, Saint Patrick’s day (mom’s birthday), Thanksgiving yes. The others I’ll sometimes celebrate.

Haul/Rediscoveries: No purchase this week, nothing new. I’m waiting for the next MAC 20% sale for some eyeshadows and blush replacements, most likely will back-to-MAC some products in the near future for a new lipstick.

Weekend plans: Next week will be crazy busy at work, so I’m planning to keep it lazy with house chores, meal prepping, groceries. I’ll definitely go on a hike on Saturday, but I’m debating if to visit a museum or a local garden on Sunday.

Are you big into celebrating holidays?: Not really, even as a child I wasn’t really into celebrating holidays and birthdays/anniversaries. I like to celebrate meaningful things as they happen in my life.
I do take advantage of the days off or low traffic while others celebrate. 😀
I live far away from my family as well, and my mom has a nice saying `It’s always Christmas when you come home`. Now… I don’t know if it’s the celebration of being together or the fact that I bring many gifts (although personally I don’t like to receive gifts, I have the tendency to be an over-achiever when it comes to gifting others).

Seeing Mellan in that box makes me miss my kitty Tara, who died last summer. Anything larger than a shoebox was a cat condo, although plastic bags were preferable (but not allowed because I was sure she would suffocate). Mellan is looking good. I hope he is in good health now.

Haul/Rediscoveries: No new makeup, but I did get a new jar of Farmacy makeup remover balm and some sunscreen.

Weekend plans: Brunch with friends at their house on Sunday. Tomorrow maybe a walk on the boardwalk. We are currently in Miami Beach.

Am I big into celebrating holidays? Not at all. I have one friend who invites us every year for Thanksgiving and also for Passover and another friend who does barbecues on some summer holidays but left to myself, we would never organize anything. My husband and I studiously avoid New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. Our favorite holidays have been the ones that occurred while we were traveling. Italy at Christmas is magical.

Sorry about losing poor, Tara! They are hard to lose and impossible to forget.

He is definitely better! I think we’re in a new status quo, which is a good sign.

Lol Mellan 👍. My dogs love boxes and I called it ‘Amazoning’.. as soon as I get a delivery, my corgi, Henry, expectantly waits until I open and grab the contents knowing full well he gets the box to destroy.

Haul: Sonia G Sky set for eyes. If I could grab a couple of extra singles from this collection, I would. There are two brushes in particular which are unique in feel and I now will not be able to live without them. The Jumbo Blender and the Classic Crease. The jumbo blender can pack and diffuse and I find it uniquely fits in the outer corner of my eye to smoke out my darker shadows without diffusing them too much. Ditto for the classic crease which is softer but underlyingly (is that a word?..I know what I mean) firmer and beautifully blows out crease and transition.

Weekend plans: we are getting a snapshot spring weekend with much warmer temps and sunshine before we are back to full on winter weather and snow storms. I plan to get out with the doggos as much as possible.

Birthdays: Yeah no.

Oopps.. ‘holidays’.. not just Birthdays. Pretty much same answer. I had a Christmas Open House this past December and that was fantastic bringing together my friends with my neighbours… and it actually worked out great 😅

Does he eat all the cardboard or just gnaw on it? My parents have a dog that LOVES cardboard… to eat.

I am surprised to hear that your two favorites are Jumbo Blender and Classic Crease! I’m waiting for the next restock and will grab a few of the Mini Boosters.

Henry is always first to the cardboard and he shreds it and spits out the bits. Then George is permitted to indulge. I have to watch George as he wants to eat it and I’d rather he didn’t.

I’m surprised as well over the brushes. I thought they were pretty much dupes for the SG’s I already have, but they are not. I find these two are more multipurpose and I can work a shadow with the brushes and instead of switching, just either turn the brush to another angle or apply less pressure. If that makes any sense.

*I forgot to list this last week, but thanks to a very good friend, I was able to get my hands on a PML x Star Wars Decadence Palette. I’m very lucky to have the friend and the palette!

*Sephora (sale) — Viseart: Warm Edit Palette, and Theory Palettes in Cashmere, Minx, Amethyst, and Absinthe. KVD: Lolita Eyeshadow Palette; EVV in Ayesha, Malice, K-Dub, Requiem, and Suspiria; and ELL in Sexer, L.U.V., and Coven.

*Wet n Wild (sale) — PAC-MAN Shine Kit; ColorIcon Blush in Nudist Society and Pinch Me Pink; Zombie Blush (backup); MegaLast Stained Glass Lip Gloss in Kiss My Glass; Mega Last High-Shine Lip Color in Mad for Mauve and Clothes Off; MegaLast Breakup-Proof Retractable Eyeliner in Blackest Black; Rebel Rose Perfect Pout Jelly Balm; Perfect Pout Gel Lip Balm in Rule; MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Metallic Eyeshadow in You Copper Cat; ColorIcon Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow in Mysterious Nights; Fantasy Makers MegaLast Liquid Catsuit High-Shine in Vampire’s Juice Box, Dead End, and Dead Ringer; Fantasy Makers Mega Last Liquid Catsuit Metallic Lipstick in Shady Witch; and (GWP) Perfect Pout Lip Color in Club Brat.

*Other– MAC Lipglass in Oyster Girl, Real Techniques sponges, and Burt’s Bees Micellar Cleansing Towelettes.

Weekend plans: Monday is my son’s birthday, so we’ll probably take him out to dinner this weekend to celebrate. Other than that, just the usual chores and shopping.

Are you big into celebrating holidays?: Some, but not as much now that my kids are grown. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and birthdays are the biggies. Hubby and I celebrate Valentine’s and our anniversary. Easter and Independence Day get special meals and family time, though we stopped doing basics a couple years ago.

Mellan is so cute. My daughters cat loves boxes also. You know the classic old line about buying your children a great gift and they play with the box instead. I think it holds true for most pets.

Haul: Nothing this week but I have a list started for the Sephora sale. Mostly skin care. I don’t actually know what I am going to get but I have had my skin on a time out for about a month. I have not really used any skin care, just removing my makeup with a balm and then a non-stripping cleanser. I spray my face with the Pixie Milky Mist and a light moisturizer from Olay. My skin was just not happy and so I decided to just pare back and start over so I am on a major investigation to decide what I want to start using.

Weekend plans: Nothing especially interesting. I am finally feeling better but just feel tired and weak. I am likely going to rest up and try and get back on a more normal schedule. While I had the virus my system just did a 180 and I was having trouble sleeping. I was getting a couple hours at the most. Having worked night shift for 22 years, my system just decided that I was back on night shift and I am struggling to get back on track.

Holidays: I love Christmas because I love decorating. I use to celebrate Halloween but since I live in the woods and there are no children around, I don’t even decorate for that. My daughter and I celebrate each others birthdays and then Thanksgiving is the other holiday we celebrate. Again, I use to do Easter Sunday dinner but I haven’t done that since I moved to Montana as neither my brother or mother care about it.

Haul – nothing! Rediscovered rms beauty “un” cover-up original (not the new cream foundation) and have been loving the minimal/natural look.
Weekend plans: Nothing exciting, usual shopping, laundry, attending kid’s sporting events, etc.
Are you big into celebrating holidays?: Depends on the holiday I guess. Some more than others. If it means spending time with loved ones then definitely!

Haul: Jeffree Star Blood Lust pallet released today and Jouer Moulten Glow Highlighter. I don’t hear much about Jeffree Star on here – not popular??
Weekend plans: Poshmark! Since I no longer work I’ve been selling my working wardrobe, shoes, purses, accessories etc. on Poshmark. I have done quite well but it sure takes a lot of time.
Holidays: you bet. Christmas big time. We go all out. Massive decorating inside and outside. Baking for days, we make our own fudge and mail to our relatives. Thanksgiving – absolutely. My husband wouldn’t miss it – he prepares a feast for our immediate family. We celebrate Birthdays always for my husband and I and our three grown kids. Anniversary and Valentines Day for my husband and I.
P. S. I am a huge animal lover and it warms my heart to see pictures of Mellan. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Hauled one each of the Kiko heart shaped blush and highlight; rediscovered L’Oreal Rose Gold lipstick which just pops now that my hair is darker.

Weekend plans: My cousin gets in from out of state, and we are gonna pick her up, have lunch at this bomb vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Oakland, then go to a gem & mineral show in the afternoon. It will be my second time hosting someone from out of state this month, and while it is stressful, it is also so much fun! It also kinda helps me to appreciate my last few days in California a little bit more.

Are you big into celebrating holidays?: In terms of decorating and stuff, yeah. In prepping for moving, we had to get rid of a ton of ornaments just for storage reasons, and it was very hard to let some of them go. We like to do spooky stuff for Halloween or go to a nice dinner on Christmas Eve since it has just been the two of us for the past few years, but since we are moving back to my hometown, I think holidays are probably going to become more of a thing.

Haul/Rediscoveries: The Inkey List Hyaluronic acid serum and Alpha Arbutin.
Weekend plans: A visit at an energy exhibition , meeting family and friends.
Are you big into celebrating holidays? Oh yes, we are a big family! It is an opportunity to see beloved family members, even when they driving me crazy. LOL! Because, as my grandmother was saying, life is not only work and saving money! (or it was an emotional blackmailing from her? LOL).

Haul, I gave myself the Nu Face Trinity thingy with the led light thingy and their gel as an early birthday gift. I’ve not used it long enough to see any difference. It cost a lot, but there was a 20% off.
I did get the Beautylish new year mystery bag or whatever they call it. The star product was Hourglass Confession (is that right? The slim replaceable ones) in Secretly, I really like it so much. The box also contained Sugarpills Twins set, eye shadow palette and liquid lipsticks, Jeffrey Star 5 year liquid lipstick set, Good Molecules niacinamide toner, a makeup microfiber sponge, an eyebrush set I’ve no clue of the brand, they are called Unit 201 – 205 and an eye shadow palette from Miss Fame called Under My Skin, The palette is nice, there’s a satiny brown I love in it. The biggest surprise out of all of the products was the liquid lipsticks from Jeffrey Star, they were quite comfortable.
After trying Haus Laboratories lipstick in Burlesque (love it), i decided to try more from the brand and have now got the eye shadow palette i Glam Room no 1 “Fame”, I got it to use as an easy to use everyday palette. I’ve tried it without primer, I found all the eye shadows soft, easy to work with but on the sheer side. I think I’ll like it better with a primer, I also bought a liquid eye shadow in Rose Bitch, lipgloss in Scream and lip liner in Drag. The gloss is gorgeous, the liquid eye shadow is very shimmery, but not glittery, the lip liner is soft and pigmented.
I also bought, some time ago Hourglass Scattered Lights trio.
I think that’s it so far for almost two months, there might have been some skincare as well, but I can’t recall.
I used to keep all new makeup by the PC so I’d not forget to report my hauls, I should probably do that again.
Rediscoveries, PMG Major Red lipstick, I disliked it when I got it, decided it cost to much to just let it sit until it goes bad, tried it on and found I love it. It’s been my go to red for two weeks now.

Weekend, nothing, I had an idea about starting spring cleaning my garden, but it’s very windy and rainy, I might do a bit of spring cleaning indooors instead.

Holidays, I don’t really celebrate any of them these days, my son and I have somethings we like to eat and some gifts for Christmas, I have some lights in the windows and maybe a few ornaments and that’s it. Same for New Years, all the other holidays just pass by, I’d hardly know about them if not for the ads and e-mails from various retailers on line and in stores. I sound sooooo booooring!

I love the photo of Mellan, my standard schnauzer would kill the box and eat it in minutes, the miniature schnauzer would be terrified.

Haul: Chanel Joues Contraste blush in Rose Petillant – this may well be one of the prettiest blush shades that Chanel has made, imo.

Rediscovery: Nars Orgasm blush. I applied Benefit Cookie highlighter like a blush and then lightly applied Nars Orgasm overtop and it looked stunning!

Weekend Plans: Enjoying two days of above seasonal weather! Also watching some hockey and catching up on paperwork.

Am I big into celebrating the holidays? Not “big” though it’s important to me to celebrate certain holidays and we acknowledge others. We do something special for Canadian and American Thanksgivings, Christmas (which we spend with our families in Canada), Easter, and Canada Day. We’ve both lost our fathers, so we acknowledge Valentine’s Day by sending our mothers flowers during the week of Valentines (oftentimes it’s a cheery bouquet because it’s also the dead of winter). We acknowledge Halloween and Valentines by buying ourselves a special treat. As we have no family living near us, we celebrate when we are together, often making a special meal or buying special dessert and enjoying it on china (if/when we feel like it).

Forgot NYE, which we celebrate in Canada by having our family and friends over for dinner and picking up Chinese food, ordered a week in advance.

I love that sweet face. It warms my heart that you are such a good Mama to your sweet boy, Christine. They deserve nothing less.

▪MAC Sweet Vision Magic Dust Powder

▪ MAC/Nordstrom/Ulta: MAC Blush Please, Cheeky Devil, Cheer Up, Grand, So Natural, That’s Peachy and Totally Synced Glow Play Blushes. I’m so excited to get these! I was going back and forth for a week over these and decided to go for it as it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blushes. These will spruce things up nicely. This is me dipping my toe into the water for cream type cheek products. I really like the texture of these and am looking forward to using these as stand-alone blushes or as a base for my powder blushes.
▪ Ulta: ColourPop Flutter By and Blush Crush palettes – it appears that my embargo on CP may be lifting. I can’t see myself going apey to keep up with their bonkers launch schedule and most of what they release are not my taste, but these seem lovely and stood out to me.

Weekend plans: The re-decorating and decluttering continues. I’ll be finishing the kitchen and the pantry today (Saturday) and that completes the house and then next week we start or finish up – can’t tell which at this point – the garage. We’ve been taking the maybes to the garage so what was once orderly and organized has turned into a dumping ground in very short order and I’m about done with driving into the garage and seeing heaps and piles everywhere. Sunday is my facial and at-home manicure and I’m going to relish both. I’ve picked out a nice palate-cleanser for the week (Cirque Colors Fast Fashion). I’ve been doing nail art with bold (for me) colors these past couple of months and I’m ready to go neutral again.

Are you big into celebrating holidays?: No. I loathe themed holidays and festivities because it seems to bring out the worst in people rather than charity and good will, myself not excluded I’m sure. My peaceful little hamlet gets overrun because wineries. I prefer “just because” gifting and get-togethers throughout the year.

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