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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Anastasia x Norvina Vol. 3 Mini, Fenty Eyeliners
  • Weekend plans: Take advantage of the excellent weather–this is the time of the year where Arizona really shines!–and go on some extra long walks, probably walk to lunch or dinner at least once, too.
  • How do you relax before bed?: I usually watch Great British Bake Off, which puts me to sleep in the best of ways – it’s not boring, just that it calms me and makes me ready to sleep!

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YES, he has a big patch missing from one side! His skin allergies flared up, and then one got infected, so they shaved him down and we applied topical spray… but he ended up having a few more hot spots, so he did a full course of oral antibiotics. He looks like he’s molting, but everything seems resolved ?

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Haul: a new tube of TooFaced Shadow Insurance (20% off at Shoppers Drug Mart), a set of Footner exfoliating “socks” as a gift for the friend who is coming to stay and a few bottles of Saje essential oil blends (Daydream and, for my car diffuser, Mountain High)

Weekend plans: a friend is coming this afternoon to stay for the weekend and so we can celebrate her birthday. Gym on Saturday, probably some fabric shopping and then dinner out to celebrate her birthday and then brunch on Sunday.

How do you relax before bed: usually a warm shower, turning on my bedroom diffuser and humidifier to make our bedroom perfect and as often as not, listening to an audio book (invariably if I try to read in bed, I fall asleep and hit myself in the face with the book!)

I wish books could get me too sleep, reading actually makes me don’t want to fall asleep and keep reading. 😆 In my teens it was the worse… I had my sleepless nights binge reading because I really wanted to know the whole story or because I simply loved being immerse in the universe of the book.

Looks like Mellan’s having a nice rest after a very exciting birthday party! I’m glad he’s feeling better.

Haul: Nothing! Ok, I just lied. The other night I placed an Ambien-induced order for CP’s Flutter By palette. Sleep-shopping again. ? But it’s a nice palette that I’ve had my eye on when it was released, so I’m looking forward to receiving it. I think I’m going to switch out the glitter shade for Sunburst from the Uh Huh Honey palette (if it’s possible). I never use the rest of those yellow shades, and I can see putting a tiny pop of gold shimmer on the center of my lid with the Flutter By palette…at least it sounds like a good idea in theory…we’ll see. 

Weekend plans: Planning for an upcoming trip, chores.

How do you relax before bed? Watch TV. Sometimes I also play games or surf on my iPad, but I’m trying to stop because that’s when I tend to make makeup or shoe purchases that I regret/don’t remember the next day! (See my above response to “Haul.”)

Aww, I’ve got skin allergies too so I’m sending a virtual hug Mellan’s way. I’m glad his skin has cleared up.

Haul: La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation. I really dislike the fragrance but it doesn’t last and more importantly, my skin seems to like this foundation. It replaces an old GA Maestro although I’m still using that one for when I garden outdoors in wintertime.

Weekend plans: although I’m sore from gardening yesterday, I may do so again this weekend. It’s perfect time of year to move plants around, so I’ve been transplanting native plants from one wild area to another. With Super Bowl Sunday, we always watch the game, half time and of course the commercials.

I try to read from a book before bed. This is after we’ve watched TV and then caught up with online reading. Sometimes I watch a mindless type show in bed (meaning a show that won’t excite me), such as Grey’s Anatomy or Antiques Roadshow.

My makeup purchases have slowed down a lot—I’m saving for a kitchen Reno! But I did recently get some of the Armani Neo Nude Powders to bronze and highlight (shades 2 and 8) and been using them for a few months. Wow they are gorgeous. Hope I can afford to repurchase ??

Hope Mellan is doing well!! One of my cats has a lot of allergies, too. Develops hot spots, acne, food sensitivities, it can be hard to spot and keep up with—she’s very good at hiding them.

Poor fella, Mellan! As an eczema sufferer, I sure can relate to the discomfort. Hopefully, it’s resolving for him now. ???

Haul: From Ulta, liters of my favorite Paul Mitchell Teatree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, plus a can of L’oreal Magic Root Cover-up in Dark Brown. Deciding which PMG OpuLUST Gloss to order… probably either the Garnet shade or Naked Rose.

Weekend plans: Same old same old. Hair, nails, meeting, plus food shopping later today.

How do you relax before bed? Doing a full, crazy routine of applying my skincare interspersed with watching YT videos and cuddling up with Scunci (my almost 15 year old Maine Coon mix cat). Also, reading a chapter in the Scriptures can give me something more positive to reflect on and have a calming, comforting effect on my frazzled nerves.

EDIT: I just ordered Glowing Garnet from the PMG site. This is the one that I believe she recreated from Grace Jones lip look in a video.

Awww, poor patchy Melan! He’s cute even when he’s sad and scruffy though 🙂

Haul: So last week I was all “I didn’t buy anything!” and then immediately after I posted, I saw the ColourPop sale link at the top of Temptalia. Tee hee. I ordered the Mint to Be and Blowin’ Smoke palettes, Take a Bao liquid lip, and Dame false lashes. They finally shipped yesterday so it should arrive before I leave for Costa Rica, hopefully. Also went to Sephora, and got my Cicapair Tiger Grass Serum, and some Sephora brand dry shampoo. And while we were in the mall, we popped into Lush and got some Plum Rain bodywash for the spouse (their Avocado Wash was discontinued), and I picked up their reusable pad style face wash (can’t remember the name) and one of their solid moisturizers (also can’t remember the name). Might take both of those on vacation to reduce my liquids, but I’m concerned the solid moisturizer might melt in the tropical heat.

Rediscovery: Last night I used one of the colors in my old Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush trio and holy crap how did I forget how pretty these blushes are?

Weekend plans: Tomorrow we’re going to our local Lynnwood nerd con, called appropriately, “NerdFaire Con.” We’re definitely going to attend a panel on wigs (spouse and I are both curious about possibly getting into that for some cosplays and me for theatrical belly dance), maybe some other panels, maybe play some games, definitely shop the vendor floor. Sunday, one of our favorite shops is having a little grand re-opening to celebrate their move to a bigger, better space, so we’ll go to that and also get some ice cream. And on Sunday I will do most of my packing for Costa Rica — not leaving til Thurs but I will be less stressed if I do it on a weekend day when I have lots of time, and that way if I realize I need anything, I have time to go to a store next week.

How do I relax before bed? I like to read in bed! Usually it helps me sleep by calming my mind and getting me to just focus on the story and not a whole bunch of thoughts running every which way. But sometimes the story is too good and I stay up late reading “just one more chapter” 😉 I like to read science fiction, fantasy, and romance. I save my non-fiction reading for earlier in the evening or on the weekends, when my brain is sharper and I can actually absorb some facts, lol.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I ordered 3 eyeshadow refills from MAC since 3 of the ones in my custom palette reach 3 years from manufacturing date on February first; the ones I got are Greensmoke, Brun and Brown Script.

Weekend plans: Cleaning, groceries, meal prepping, a long hike (or two), the regular stuff.

How do you relax before bed?: Just doing my skincare routine and planning the next day is the most relaxing thing for me; I might watch something in the background, but that depends on what I’m in the mood for.

New Hauls.

Dior Holiday 5 Couleurs Colour Party half price
Pat McGrath Platinum Bronze half price

Weekend calling around friends.

I just watch whatever on TV and get tired and go to bed.

Haul/Rediscoveries: My low/no buy was going swimmingly until I decided to buy not one but two foundations. I purchased the Shiseido Self-Refreshing one, which is nice but a bit persnickety so I have to finesse it a bit to make it look as flawless as YouTubers wear it. It’s a nice foundation, but I don’t love it so much to repurchase (yet). Then I picked up the new Smashbox 24 hour foundation which was hands down the worst foundation I have ever tried in my entire life. Which was so weird because I had a very generous sample of the stuff and it wore beautifully. Buying the full-sized tube was a mistake and I never sent something back to Sephora so quickly. Thankfully, I got my refund.

Weekend plans: Oh, the usual. Clean the house, play video games. I think I might take a hike on Sunday, it’s supposed to be 50 degrees and I can get a nice hike in before snow comes back to Santa Fe on Monday.

How do you relax before bed? I take a shower and then mindlessly scroll Reddit until the boredom takes me off to dreamland.

Haul/Rediscoveries: ND Love eye and cheek palettes arrived yesterday, Fenty Beauty Flyliner (dark grey one). I really like the Fenty eyeliner which is seriously budge proof and I will probably grab more eventually.
Weekend plans: Take down my Christmas tree. Ahem… ?
Relax before bed?: Netflixing, Amazon Priming, mindless cards games on my iPad. I do not seem to have any problems dozing off, but I cannot stay asleep for longer than a couple of hours unless I self-medicate. I’m in year 4 of menopause which I believe to be the primary culprit. Night sweats. I’m not sure if all my autoimmune meds make it worse. Possibly. It seems cyclic and I’m in another ‘active’ phase. I was never this psychotic with my period ??

I am in year 12 of menopause. While I was working I had to go on HRT as the hot flashes would wake me up at night and I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep very easily. Now that I am retired I stopped the HRT, I no longer get the hot flashes at night but they still visit during the day. My younger sisters are not bothered with hot flashes I was blessed with them all. My older sisters had them for a few years then they stopped, my husband is always cold and likes to keep the house warm. It is sometimes -30C outside and I will be wearing shorts and a tshirt in the house. I am NOT enjoying the golden years!

Hi Brenda: I tried HRT and it didn’t work for me. By that I mean it caused all sorts of other problems and so I felt it wasn’t worth the risk. Like your husband, I used to be cold all the time. Now I vascillate between the two extremes. I’m either bundled up, or practically nekkid. Company may never know what hit them coming to my door unannounced. ??

Haul: From the last couple weeks, since I wasn’t home last weekend.

*Beautylish — Natasha Denona Love Glow Cheek Palette and GWP travel size Oribe Wave and Shine Spray.

*ColourPop (25% off sale)– Blush Crush, Nude Mood, and Good as Gold palettes; Lippie Stix in Lumiere, Crème Lux Lipstick in What’s Your Sign? and Little Snow.

*Nordstrom — NARS Cool Crush Hot Fix Cheek Palette.

*Hipdot — Kesha Rose FTW Eyeshadow Palette and Complete Mini’s (sic) Set.

*Ccolor Cosmetics — Nightfall, The Frost, Savanna, The Birthday Bash, Whimsical, Feverish, and Fairy Tale Palettes.

*Makeup Revolution (Sale from 3-4 weeks ago, but forgot to list) — All That Glistens Hydrating Lipgloss in Metropolitan, Suede, and Seduction (I love this one over UD Sheer Rapture); Snow Globe Palette in Arctic and Snowflake; Precious Stone Highlighter Palette Ruby Crush; The Emily Edit – The Needs Palette; Pro Highlight Palette; and Large Empty Magnetic Palette.

Weekend plans: Writing and taking pictures for a guest piece for a friend’s makeup blog. We need to do a big grocery shopping trip, too.

How do you relax before bed?: I go on my computer, listen to music on my headphones, and play easy going computer games. Or I might catch up on watching YouTube videos. This works part of the time, if my son isn’t manic and interrupting. Not that I’m ever truly relaxed at any tiime. lol

Aw, poor Mellon with his skin allergies, how annoying it must have been for him – as someone who occasionally suffers from eczema. Glad to hear that he is all well now.

Haul: Nothing this week – just birthday presents for Lachlan, who is turning 4….
Rediscoveries: Nothing really there either – just rotating my palettes as usual.

Weekend Plans: The last few days have been infernally hot, with strong, hot north winds and high humidity. The nights have been hot too, so it has not been fun at all.
Olivia had a calm and relaxed start to school this week, looking quite mature in her school uniform.
She is with a few friends from kinder (pre-school) and has enjoyed the experience.
Saturday is Lachlan’s birthday and the weather forecast has been for hot, humid weather with thunderstorms… His family and friends are going to the local swimming pool for a small party.
Sunday: The weather is going to change, so we are having a BBQ birthday party at our place for family.

Relax before bed: Quite often it takes me awhile to get to sleep, so I have to be quite relaxed before I go. I always read a book before bed and borrow quite a lot of books from our local library, which is well stocked, so I have plenty to choose from.

Poor Mellan! Hot spots are the saddest thing on a dog; they want so badly to make them feel better and keep licking and licking, it’s just so sad. I hope Mellan feels better soon! Poor guy has been thru the ringer. He’s a trooper.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I haven’t purchased a thing! This makes one month for me without purchasing cosmetics! It has flown, but I’ve had a lot of distractions. I’m sure I’ll have a harder time in the coming months, but I’m really happy that I’ve made it a full month!

Weekend plans: I’m at Disney World! Tomorrow, we have breakfast at Ohana and then we’re spending the day at EPCOT. Sunday is supposed to be a rest day, but I think we’re going back to the Magic Kingdom to make it up to our son. Wetried taking our 2 year old to Hollywood Studios today… bad idea. That park is nuts right now with the new Star Wars land/rides opening and, frankly, it isn’t a land for kids under 5 or 6 years old.

How do you relax before bed?: I do my nighttime skincare routine, put lotion on my hands and feet, put on a lip mask, journal for a few minutes, then I read a book for a while. I’ve been doing this for years; reading a book has always relaxed me.

Oh Mellon ! What a good boy ! Love his chapeaux!
One product that works for my Kitties is over the counter Vetricin .
But it looks like you’ve got it under control .

Haul/Rediscoveries: Chanel Waterproof Mascara (dear hubby was just diagnosed with Cancer… it is going to be needed).
Also: Maybelline NY Nudes

Weekend plans: Hanging out with some friends and laying flooring.

How do you relax before bed?: Big Bang theory and tea.

I’m sorry about your hubby’s diagnosis, cancer sucks, I worked at the cancer centre in my city for 25 years and our doctors and every one else are so dedicated to helping patients through their diagnosis, they work tirelessly for solutions/cures each and every day. Good luck. Big Bang lol. Thats who I worked with Physisists albeit Medical Physists but they are still quirky.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Surratt dew drop foundation, wow! what a beautiful foundation, it wears so well even with my current skin condition. Milk makeup sunshine skin tint, it’s a great hydrating tinted moisturizer. Im glad i picked it up.
Weekend plans: Study and hopefully spend some time with my family.
How do you relax before bed?: watch a movie with my family.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Bobbi Brown ($15 bonus discount) – LNY Luxe Lipsticks in Pink Sapphire and Rare Ruby (one of the nicest reds BB has made);
Selfridges – Pat McGrath Decadence palette in Star Wars packaging. Decided I wasn’t going to jump through hoops to get it, so when I accidentally saw it on Selfridges, decided to get it. I’m still not pleased with the brand from the Black Friday lipstick fiasco and the created frenzy around PMG launches, so taking a break from the brand.

Weekend Plans: Enjoying some warm weather before going back to seasonal temps. Watching hockey Saturday night and the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Relax before bed: I don’t intentially relax before bed as I fall asleep pretty quickly. I do enjoy spending time on my evening skincare routine, so that might be my winding down activity.

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