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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Intense/Medium lipsticks and blush,
  • Weekend plans: We’re going to drive to a nearby neighborhood and then walk around to get some frontyard inspiration! (We already walked around a lot of our immediate area!)
  • Do you like traveling?: I can’t recall enjoying traveling in a long time, if ever, but definitely not as an adult. I loathe flying, don’t like driving, get seasick on cruise ships, and do not sleep well outside of my own bed (not even a guest bed at my parents’ house). If I could only teleport… then maybe I could enjoy the destination, but the journey to and from has not yet been “worth it.”

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Beautiful portrait of Mellan…he certainly is a strong boy! Glad he’s doing well. 🙂

Haul: Well, I broke my no-buy New Year’s resolution before the end January by buying Revlon’s Softsilver Red lipstick (it was only a few dollars, so I don’t feel so bad). I was in the drugstore to pick up a prescription, and as I walked down the makeup aisle, I stopped for a second and there it was. Three hours after applying, it still looks good and isn’t oxidizing on me as most other Revlon lipsticks do. It’s a unique shade in my lipstick collection, but I am going to set it aside for now because it’s more of a spring/summer shade.

Weekend plans: Not sure yet, but I know there will be chores involved.

Do you like traveling? Only road trips. I used to travel a lot years ago, but I don’t like flying anymore. 

That is a very pretty lipstick Seraphine and is defintely a spring/summer shade. I always find that buying a DS lipstick is a good way to give yourself a little beauty treat that doesn’t break the bank.

We love you, Mellan! You are one tough cookie! Keep on keeping on, Buddy ?

Haul: Nothing. Rediscoveries? MAC Uninterrupted eyeshadow! With my using PMG near non-stop since receiving Dark Galaxy and then Decadence, I’ve been neglecting most of my other eyeshadows and eye palettes. But yesterday, I just wanted an easy, simple eye look and remembered Uninterrupted.

Weekend plans: Hair, possibly going out tomorrow in the field ministry for a bit, and meeting on Sunday. Nails are a maybe.

Do you like travelling? Yes, I do. Well, all except for trying to sleep in a strange place! Other beds/bedrooms just aren’t the same, and leave me struggling with insomnia for the first few nights. I’d love to make a trip back to NJ/NYC area, but I worry about my 2 elderly cats being in the care of anyone but me. So I stay put.

Finding a good pet sitter for my cat is always a struggle when traveling. And not because I can’t find good professional, it’s because my cat doesn’t interact with other people. It’s odd to say `Just make sure she has food, water and clean litter; otherwise, she will plainly ignore you and hiss if you try to approach her.` I almost feel bad when sitter are kind and try to bring her treat and toys just to help out; my cat is plainly anti-social even with most of my friends and family 😀 .

At least yours acts like a “normal” cat, Ana Maria! ? My almost 15 y.o. Maine Coon mix Scunci is very dog-like. He thrives on attention and fawning over him, my 12 y.o. Clarissa will hide and won’t come until she knows the visitor is long gone!

Nancy T, that must be a trait of Maine Coon cats. Our Gracie is initially shy with guests, but as soon as she sniffs them, she’s loving and attention seeking. I just love the breed. This is our second one. Cali was 24 years old when she died. Gracie just turned one.

My twin sister would hardly ever go away when her cat Katie was older. She was a bit anti social as well and it was rare that she would let me pat her. When she was younger, my sister and her partner went on a holiday, Allison returned early because she found out from the cattery that Katie had stopped eating….

I <3 Mr. Indestructible! So glad his check-up went well.

Haul: Nada, but going to hit Sephora on Sun because I am out of my Dr. Jart+ tiger grass serum.

Rediscovery: I've recently been enjoying my Makeup Geek "Celestial" highlighter. "Glitz" is so perfect on me that most of the time I don't reach for anything else (unless I specifically want a golden glow), but I've been doing more makeup playtime at home and I was reminded that Celestial is pretty cool, too.

Weekend plans: Taking a half-day today to go get a massage, then pick up our zoo membership cards (holiday gift from my folks!). Not sure what else we'll do out and about. Tomorrow is the horror-themed belly dance show! And Sunday will be more about errands and chores.

Do I like to travel: YES! I love the opportunity to explore new places. In just under two weeks I am off to Costa Rica for a dance retreat. It will be my first time in Central America. I've been reading a book about Costa Rican insects and I hope to see some cool stuff while I'm there, when I'm not dancing. I don't always enjoy the getting-there part, and I do sometimes struggle to sleep in a new place too, but I love BEING someplace new and trying the local food and beverages and seeing the scenes.

If you are as married to centella as I am, you might want to check out Purito. Many of their product are EWG certified. Purito made me fool the derm, which was unintended. Except with intense sun exposure, no one would know I have weird immune mediated redness.

Costa Rica is a fabulous place to visit with so many varied eco systems, animals and birds. I think you will love this country. I haven’t been there myself, but I have friends who have and they have really enjoyed their time in the country.

AJ, I just wanted to thank you again for the info on the Horrific belly dance show. It was incredible! My husband enjoyed it even more than I’d expected. He’d be open to us going next year.

Yay, I am so glad you both enjoyed it, Rachel! I heard that the late show went even better than the early show, and the early show was already really awesome. Every year the dancers really just step up their game in terms of costumes, makeup, and stage props, so I can’t wait to see what they do in 2020.

Wasn’t Edenia (who danced as Pennywise) just ridiculously creepy?

Yes to Edenia (I thought they said Ysenia, so thanks for clarifying that)! Her dancing, cheography, costume, effects…everything was perfection! All the acts had amazing quality. Costuming, sets, and SFX were higher quality than what I’d expected.

I really am amazed at all the clever things people do for their sets and FX. Most other belly dance shows it’s either one stage set for the entire thing or maybe there’s a few props that someone needs set up for their piece, but at Horrific you get all these mini one-act plays with full set dressing. It’s such a treat!

I’m not even a huge horror movie fan (I think this year was the one where there was the largest number of pieces where I had actually seen the movie, and even then I think it was only 4-5) but I always go anyway because I love seeing the productivity and cheering on my friends 🙂

Right?! The Ring, The Shining, and Psycho especially stand out to me as being little mini-plays. I think there was only one movie they did that I hadn’t seen, but I can’t remember which one it was now. lol

My husband didn’t recognize them all because he’s not into horror, but he said the dance interpretations were easy enough to follow in their own right that he enjoyed them.

Mellan is such a beautiful boy! 🙂
Haul: This week I bought the Tatcha Silk Peony eye cream, and Tissu lip mask. LOVE. I went to Estee Lauder expecting to buy Knockout Nude, since everybody raves about it, but it pulled too peach on me, so I got Pinkberry instead. The formula and color are perfection. I definitely think I will get more shades!

Weekend Plans: Same as always, laundry and housework
Do you like to travel: Absolutely! We are hoping to go to Ireland this year. It’s a bucket list item.

Hauls: my Sydney Grace order arrived! I got six singles during their sale. Wearing The Greatest Gift right now and have now tried every single. This was my introduction to their products and I’m so impressed.

Weekend plans: short road trip with friends to visit another friend!

On travel: For some reason I love to travel. Maybe it’s the weird self-importance of having places to go, people to see. It feels like an exciting mission lol, even when it gets exhausting.

I’m happy to hear it! I’m a big fan of SG, and I wasn’t sure about the hype when I tried, but they are really amazing across a ton of products!

Haul: Another Burt’s Bees Red Dahlia tinted lip balm, a set of 3 Burt’s Bees lip balms that were just marked down to 3 bucks for the set, a Footner exfoliating socks set (for a friend as a small birthday gift) and a big bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby oil (I use it on my arms and legs pre-shower in winter time).

Weekend plans: working out with my trainer tomorrow and brunch with hubby on Sunday. I also want to make a big pot of Hungarian mushroom soup and one of chili to freeze for lunches. If I really kickstart my mojo, I might make a few apple coffee cakes to put in the freezer.

Do you like to travel: I LOVE to travel. I wish I had scads of money so I could travel MORE. We’re starting to plan a trip to Denmark (and maybe Norway) for the summer for our anniversary. As our son will be deployed to Ukraine, we were hoping we could also meet up with him either in Copenhagen when he’s on leave or at some mutually “do-able” place but we may have to scrap that plan, unfortunately. I love home and do feel very much like a home-bird in many ways and I’m always happy to get home again but I love travelling. I even met my husband in France; had I not taken that trip, I’d never have met him! I think going to India for a wedding was probably the real high point of our travels – I don’t think anything could top that!

As a Romanian I feel almost ashamed I didn’t hear until now about Hungarian mushroom soup. 😆 Although I love a good gulas or paprika stew (especially if made with veal meat). Now it seems I have some cooking inspiration for the weekend.

Ana Maria, my mom and my aunties were born in Romania (it might have been Bessarabia back then???) in the early part of the last century and came to Canada as young girls. But the Hungarian mushroom soup started after I had some at this wonderful restaurant called Burnt Tongue (it specializes in terrific, “from scratch” soups – always amazing combinations of flavours). I loved it and wanted to replicate it and was lucky to find, online, a recipe very much like what I had at the restaurant. Whether or not it’s authentically Hungarian, I can’t say. But it sure is good and it freezes not too badly….

Haul/Rediscoveries: Another week of nothing new

Weekend plans: The usual stuff, but I’m debating to see a `Red Violin` in concert show on Sunday… although in the last weeks I felt the urge to spend as much time in nature as possible. I’m also planning to ship out another box of empties to Terracycle (just a random beauty related fun fact).

Do you like traveling?: I don’t like that much the act of traveling itself, but I love visiting and discovering new places, new people, new cultures. I love exploring new places by foot, getting lost and finding hidden gems (instead of visiting just the famous landmarks). I somewhat like road trips, but the ones I get to drive no more than 1 hours between stops (and spend at least 2 hours exploring each stop 😀 ).
I have a slight dislike for traveling yielded by the fact that I live on the other side of the planet than my family. Traveling for 11 hours with a connecting flight is not the best time (although I’m aware others have it worse), I wish teleportation was an option. Definitely I would prefer best to teleport myself to a spot, explore as much as I can, than get back to my own food and bed.

Haul: 2 weeks ago I bought Mac Sprinkle of Shine set in pink and Mac Star-dipped face palette in medium-deep, which really should just say medium because it definitely wouldn’t show on anyone deeper than medium. I’ve now started my year long no-buy which I’m really excited about. Fingers crossed that I won’t break it!

Weekend plans: Dinner tonight, not sure where, probably steak

Do you like traveling?: Yes and no. I hate the process of getting there as I hate packing and I hate airplanes because they have a certain smell which I dislike and all I can think about is how dirty they are. I too suffer from motion sickness which has ruined lots of excursions for me.

Good luck with your no buy! I started one this month too… going to do three months and see how I feel and hopefully keep it going thereafter!

Mellan, you are the bestest and the finest and the healthiest lab fellow I know. You are an inspiration to us and our pets. Sometimes, I look in your eyes and see a wise old soul.
Haul, well, if I did not say it loud enough before: I GOT THE RAT BRUSH. Feeling self-indulgent and a tad smug.
W/e: SSDW, but needed, as work today was pretty dicey, with lots of dysfunction and disinhibited inappropriate verbals. (The opinion of the ultimate potty mouth…, but this was OOC and showed how abusive that setting can be.)
Travel: I grew up in an era when you could go to South America by yourself; my bestie did. I was fortunate in the past, but actually haven’t had a true vacay in ~35 years. Not sure I could leave the dogs, esp Patticake, s/p neurosurgery. I trust no one but that vet’s office to care for her. I would road trip with them, if I were truly retired and had the dough.

For all of his illnesses, Mellon looks remarkably healthy, no doubt due to the loving care of his parents. He is a lucky doggy to have both you and Shaun to take care of him.

Haul: nothing this week, but shopping for Lachlan and Olivia’s up coming birthdays.
Rediscoveries: Used the original Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone palette this week and it is still as good as ever.

Weekend Plans: My eldest son’s workplace had a Bushfire fundraiser for family and friends on Friday. Everything was donated (the jumping castle, art and craft activities etc) and you had to donate gold coins for the BBQ food and face painting. We took Olivia and Lachlan and they had a wonderful time seeing David’s workplace plus all the activities. The company raised over seven thousand dollars. The best part for me was one of David’s collegues thinking I was his sister…..and was surprised to learn that I was his mum.
Saturday. Having lunch with Anika’s grandmother and Anika and Nicholas at a lovely restaurant. Hopefully doing nothing too strenuous later, but probably laundry.
Sunday – Gardening, cleaning shopping.
It is our Australia Day weekend – so Monday is a public holiday. Not sure what is happening on that day.

Do you like travelling: Yes I do – especially if it is a trip to Europe or driving up the coast. I haven’t been on a cruise yet – I am not sure whether I would like this or not as I like exploring towns and places of interest.

You being mistaken for your son’s sister is like me being mistaken for my sister’s daughter, it’s surprising and very fun! We need to enjoy it while we can! I hope the fires are put out soon are hearts are with you!

Thank you Brenda – we’ve had a lot of rain lately, but we need more to ensure that fires are completely out. With scorching temperatures predicted for the end of next week (typically the week that school starts) it will probably flair up again.
How very nice it is to be mistaken for a generation younger! I was quite surprised, although David looks identical to his father and not like me at all. We both share the same placid/calm personality though.

Yay for ornery old doggos!

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing, I’ve had a migraine for the past 3 days so I’ve been very low key ie. laying on the couch most of the day.

Weekend plans: We’re going to meet people for dinner tomorrow night, hopefully I’m feeling human by then. Then spend time with hubby as he is going to be leaving town to work next week.

Do you like traveling?: I love travelling to new destinations to see new things. I also love going back to Las Vegas many times a year to our favourite places. A few trips out to Vancouver to see family. My husband doesn’t favour flying too much, so we drive a lot and I love our long drives with the amazing scenery.

Driving is a great way to see lots of little towns and great scenery. David, my eldest and I enjoyed our driving trip up the east coast of Australia last year. It also gave us a chance to shop in the independent businesses so our dollar was going into the local community.
It’s so nice that the hardest decision you have to make for the day is deciding the place of interest to see and the restaurant for dinner….

Haul: UD Moondust palette, since it’s onsale for $15 at Nordstrom Rack and I’d been wanting to replace it since my original got shattered 🙁

Weekend Plans: It’s restaurant week so husband and I are going out to dinner tomorrow with another couple.

Do you like to travel: Yep!

So happy to see that Mellan is doing well! He’s a sweetie!
Haul: Just replaced my Hourglass Loose Powder, and got their new
concealer in Cotton. It stays put all day with minimal creasing. I just give
it a very light dusting of loose powder.
Weekend plans: Try to find Chiefs Super Bowl T shirts!
Do you enjoy traveling? not so much the trip itself, but I do like it when
I get there.

Haul: Nothing this week. I have been hibernating and haven’t been wearing makeup or buying makeup. I have been focused on just letting my skin breath and trying to keep it hydrated with the cold and wind.

Weekend plans: Nothing special. I am actually working on origami Christmas ornaments as I am going to have a tree next year that is decorated entirely with origami ornaments. I figure I have to make ten per week to have a good selection and I am making a variety of stars. I am currently trying to master the “Shining Star” model which was created by Ekaterina Lukasheva who is a very talented model creator. While learning each new model you have to do a fair amount of folding just to get comfortable with the folds so that you can get a clean model and since I am planning on pretty much white ornaments, I have to make the minimum of folds to keep it from looking ragged.

Do I like to travel: Yes, Yes, Yes. I would travel every day if I could. I have a confession to make though and that is that I have been afraid of flying for awhile and was worried about it when we went to Europe. My Doctor sent me with a prescription which I didn’t end up needing as for some reason, my fear just wasn’t a factor. So, I have been watching a particular YT channel called “The Flight Channel” and it is all about plane crashes. My daughter and I were talking about another trip to Europe and she asked me why I was watching these videos and freaking myself out!! Who knows! I have an inquisitive mind and my daughter finds my varied interests, funny.
I wish I had not worked so much when I was younger and had traveled more but as long as I can still walk, I am going to make more trips.
I also have been watching van conversion and van RV video’s on YT and have given some thought to selling my house and all my possessions and buying a van and just travelling around the US and Canada.

How patient and visually connected you must be to make all of these origami ornaments!
I can understand your daughter’s point of view re watching plane crashes…but really flying is very safe these days.
Here in Aus there are a legion of people who sell up everything and travel around, but some of the places are quite remote, the roads poor and the distance between petrol stations/habitation are quite considerable, especially if you have a breakdown.
Also, you might tire of it and then you won’t have home to come back to…

Your origami tree ornaments sounds like such a cool idea. My son used to do origami.

My husband used to be a flight instructor, and he’s currently building a 4-seat plane in our garage. Flying is many times safer than driving. You’ll get used to it the more you flly.

Building a plane in your garage! That is pretty impressive. I know it is safe, in fact, safer than driving but fear is an irrational thing. I use to work with an Irish nurse and she told me to go to Heathrow and watch the planes land and take off. She said that after you watch all those planes you realize how many planes are up there everyday and how infrequently you hear about them crashing. Again, a great idea except it only takes one, LOL!!
On a totally different topic, I just saw a house built entirely by a 3D printer! Amazing times we are living in, that is for sure.

Yes, fear is irrational, and I’m sorry if I seemed dismissive. I have anxiety disorder, so I totally get the fear. Facts and research are a big part of how I cope, but it still gets the best of me quite a bit. You should be very proud that you were able to conquer yours enough to go to Europe. And yes, it is brave to get the prescription — and so great that you didn’t need it. If you had…it would still have been just as brave. I know you’ll be do great the next time you travel, too.

Our plane is a kit, which makes it easier. My husband is an engineer, so he finds building it enjoyable and relaxing. It will take 4-5 years to finish it in his spare time. He’s been working on it about a year now.

The 3D printing is amazing! They can build bridges in place with them, too.

I didn’t read your comment as being dismissive, Rachel. I too am sorry if that is the way it was perceived. I was proud of myself for getting through 17 legs of the trip without even feeling the least bit anxious. Not sure why that was but I was happy for it. In fact, on our flight back to Athens from Santorini there was a huge front moving in and they were predicting the airport would be closed the next day. We already had our reservation to leave but a lot of other people were trying to get off the island that day. There were a lot of young men and women and they were able to get seats on our plane so we were full. The ride was very choppy with lots of side to side and up and down motion. The young people were a mess with it. The women were screaming at every movement. There was a lot of crying going on and the stewardess was seated in my direct line of vision and every time someone would scream she would roll her eyes. My daughter and I were quite entertained for the entire flight which was only about an hour. The couple across from us were particularly affected and my daughter tried to speak to the young woman but she didn’t speak English. Anyway, no worries about your response!!

Great news about Mellon!

HAUL: Violet Voss Sweet Violer Fun Sized Palette. I bought a few Color Cosmetics palettes to try, but I’m not home and can’t remember their names,

WEEKEND PLANS: My husband and I are in Tacoma for the weekend. Tomorrow night we’re going to the horror themed belly dance show AJ mentioned.

DO YOU LIKE TRAVELING?: I love iit! I just wish I had the time and money to do more.

Actually, I live a few hours away, near Portland, Oregon. We go to the Seattle-Tacoma, Washington area pretty regularly for events or sightseeing, though. AJ and I had tickets for different times, but she’s the reason I knew about the show. (Which was fabulous!)

Haul: Nothing new this week! Still going strong on my makeup no buy.

Rediscoveries: Can you rediscover something you just want to declutter? I pulled out my ABH Master Palette by Mario the other day and realized that I really don’t like it anymore! I love the shade Marina, and that’s it. The rest of the palette just doesn’t work for me anymore. I might try to depot Marina and declutter the rest. It doesn’t seem worth it to keep an entire palette for one shade.

Weekend plans: cleaning and packing for our Disney trip! We leave in 3 days!

Do you like traveling?: I don’t mind short trips; all of my family lives 2 hours away and it’s nice sometimes to make that trip by myself. Longer travels, not as much. I find the older I get, the more of a homebody I become.

Best wishes for your forthcoming trip Celesta and I hope your little one travels well. When our children were quite young we would go up to NSW and visit all of my mother’s relatives. A long drive, so we got to know all the little playgrounds along the way for a stop and for them to get rid of their energy….
It’s a fabulous destination you are going to and I hope the weather is perfect for you all.

Haul: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk blush in Medium and Pillow eyeliner.

Weekend Plans: Reorganizing certain aspects of my makeup storage. Refreshing and removing stains from baseboards and doors.

Do I like traveling? Sure. Recent travel has been within Canada and US by car and plane. I have a medical condition and I’m a bit reluctant to travel significant distances. I’d love to see Europe again. My blessing is that I can sleep anywhere. I have no interest in getting on a ship.

Haul/Rediscoveries: None.
Weekend plans: Ran errands Friday, worked all day Saturday, did some laundry Sunday. We had to hang shirts all over the house because the dryer broke.
Do you like traveling?: I would if it weren’t for the fact that my parents and I always tend to fight on our family vacations!

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