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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: A few pieces from Dior’s spring collection (could not wait for press samples, omg!), Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Palette
  • Weekend plans: So far, Mellan has been sleeping through the nights regularly, which is… beyond nice. We’ll be keeping it low-key this weekend, probably trying to get some added work in in preparation for Winter Love Island dropping on Hulu on the 20th! 😂
  • How has your 2020 been going?: It’s been going! Not the worst, not the greatest start to a year I’ve had, but we’re hanging in there. Mellan has a follow-up ultrasound for his liver next week (part of his protocol, generally), so hopefully, we don’t get any added bad news!

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I’m so happy Mellan has been getting his much-needed sleep!

Haul: Another successful week of my 2020 makeup no-buy resolution! Now if I can only apply this willpower to shoe shopping… 

Weekend plans: Going out with friends, laundry, visiting family, laundry, grocery shopping, laundry. Wait, did I mention laundry? Also, I will be avoiding all stores except grocery shopping.

How has your 2020 been going? Well… I have bronchitis, which has affected my sleep, so I’m exhausted all the time. My dog has been having loose stools and is on meds. Family member was hospitalized a couple weeks ago, but now is home and recovering. It’s been a rough one so far.

Oh Seraphine, you are in the wars – bronchitis can be so debilitating, plus with your doggie and family member ill, it hasn’t been a great start to the year for you. I hope all get well soon.

Oh Mellan, what a good puppy-boy. I’m sure your mama really appreciates the sleep!

Haul: I haven’t purchased a single thing! So, so far the no-buy is going well.

Rediscoveries: I’ve had a lot of fun the last couple of weeks dusting off the items in my collection I’ve neglected for a while. This morning I rediscovered my Viseart Amethyst Theory palette… I forgot how much I love those purples and how pretty the shimmery shades are. I have had a lot of misses with Viseart and have decluttered/passed on quite a bit from the brand, but that little palette has stood the test of time for me.

Weekend plans: Mentally preparing for Walt Disney World in a couple of weeks, cleaning, and oh man, I really need to wash my make up brushes! I also have Monday off work, so I’m meeting up with my best friend for brunch.

How has your 2020 been going?: So far so good! I’m much less stressed now than I was in December –having a vacation to look forward to has really helped – and I’m very happy with how my project pan/no-buy and weight loss journey have been going.

We’re staying at the Fort Wilderness Cabins! We’re SO excited. The plan is to go to all four parks, Magic Kingdom twice, and hopefully have a rest day at the resort. It will be interesting; we’re driving down with our two year old, so wish us luck!

Oh, how fun! I’ve walked around Fort Wilderness during the holiday season to see all the decorations, but I’ve never been inside a cabin. We are passholders, so we go to WDW a lot. Have a fabulous time!!!

Thank goodness your babydoll Mellan is sleeping through the night again! Sweet, beautiful boy! 😘🐶

Haul: Nothing in the beauty department for two whole weeks! But some clothing hauling happened, though. One pair of sized up jeans (boo! hiss!), two sweaters and a fancy t-shirt in shades of navy, teal and pale aqua.

Weekend plans: Nothing out of the ordinary, I don’t think. Just hair, laundry and meeting on Sunday. Might attend a “girls night out” gathering, just not sure yet.

How has your 2020 been going? As you so perfectly put it; it’s going! Still in the process of getting everything straightened out so that my move goes smoothly on or around March 1st. Wouldn’t be so bad if I still had some stamina and vivacity. But I wear out easily these days.

One of the many problems with clothes sizes is that they are so unreliable, so maybe those jeans were just cut too small….The T shirt sounds lovely in beautiful shades that, no doubt, you can co-ordinate your makeup to suit it.
Best of luck sorting out your belongings etc in preparation for the move. I hope the new place is lovely and more suited to you.

Aww, you’re so kind, Genevieve! I wish I could blame the jean manufacturer, but I have packed on a good 12-14 lbs over the past 5-6 months due to a new medication. Ironically, it’s supposed to help with depression and social anxiety disorder, but this weight gain has me feeling seriously depressed. But I was worse before it, so I suppose that this is the price I have to pay.
As for the sorting through everything, a LOT of old clothing has to go. Some of it is just things I’m tired of due to having them awhile, others are never going to fit me or look right on me again. Still, I hate packing up to move with a passion!

I am relieved to hear Mellan is sleeping through the night! Sending hope for his liver results. Haul/Rediscoveries: Sydney Grace Enduring Love light and Time Stops blush
Weekend plans: I’m heading to a friend’s place in the city. I’m due for a dose of social. I live by myself in the country with my dogs and that’s fantastic 98% of the time, but I spend far more time alone than most could tolerate or imagine. Every once in awhile I have to get out. Typically, a day or two and I’m already clamouring to get back home, but it’s important for my well-being and it helps to maintain important connections with my friends.
How has your 2020 been going?: 2020 is going to be an important year for me. I’ve been actively healing and dealing with the fallout from the breakup of my longterm relationship for over two years (I asked him to leave and cut off the money flow so he sued me and then lived in my home while the case churned through taunting me daily), Anyhooo now it’s time to make decisions on where I see myself down the road. I’m stronger and more resilient than ever and changes are afoot. I won my case, btw, had to pay him off with a token amount and, yeah, don’t let the door hit you on the way out buh-bye. Please do not feel sorry for me, it was brutal emotionally destructive process, but so necessary to rip off that toxic bandage. Is this considered sharing too much? 😆😆😆😆. Told you I direly need people time.

“Every once in awhile I have to get out.”

This is me! I am a homebody and very happy to hang out with hubby and Mellan 99% of the time, but I just need a break here and there, haha!

So glad you won your case!! 🙌

It does sound like you’ve been through the wringer but as you’ve asked, I don’t feel sorry for you. I was in a couple toxic relationships years ago–not as bad (especially in its ending when compared to yours) but bad nonetheless–and your attitude and determination to move forward and get well-needed people time is very healthy and spot on.

FWIW, after I was in these toxic relationships, which were about 5 years apart from each other, I then spent several years just dating around before meeting “the one,” who I’ve spent over 30 years with. I think being in the toxic relationships really made me stronger in ensuring that I ended up being in a good one; in fact, I had pretty much accepted that I may end up never being married or in a long-term relationship again, if it meant only being with a jerk. About the time I had reached that point, I met the one.

That’s fabulous, Kitty. I’m simply not looking. I’m 56, will be 57 this year and I’m not interested in a long term commitment at this point. I’ve never been on a dating site/app and won’t be. I’ve been hit on by professional friends and friends who are married (eyeroll) and just no. I imagine having relationship(s) perhaps in the future with someone who is 100% single and can support themselves, has their own place, and maybe on weekends and such we share space….. Yeah, I can live without sex, but not my glasses.. I saw this somewhere and laughed my butt off. Cheers!!!

It’s so freeing to get rid of toxic relationships. I’ve had my share of them. There’s a lot of healing involved, but it makes us stronger, better people. Have a great time with your friend in the city!

Cheers to you! This sounds exactly what happened to my sister. She is now with an amazing man travelling the world. I love the glasses quote bahahahah!

Well done Wednesday for surviving all of those issues – it just shows you how horrible the last person was to sue you….
Enjoy your social time and I totally agree with the quote about glasses. I could not live without mine!

Wednesday, I am so so glad that you were able to extract yourself from that toxic relationship. Those are the WORST. Just very draining of a person’s soul and wearing of their patience. But you’ve survived and are thriving in spite of it all, which is fantastic to hear!

That’s so great that Mellan’s sleep is improving. Fingers crossed his ultrasound results are good.

*Milani — Conceal + Perfect Foundation Stick in Porcelain, Baked Highlighter in Dolce Perla, Rose Powder Blush in Wild Rose and Spiced Rose.

*Apocalyptic Beauty LOTM Club Subscription — Succubus Theme: Liquid Lipstick in She-Devil (plummy brown w/fine gold shimmer), and Eyeshadows in Demonic Royalty (light, shimmery gold), Rangda (matte reddish orange), and Lilith (plummy brown w/holographic microshimmer).

*Other — ColourPop Mint to Be Palette; Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk

Weekend plans: Tonight we’re taking the kids to see Mystery Science Theater Live. Otherwise, the usual shopping and housework.

How has your 2020 been going?: So-so.

Haul: Another week of nothing!

Rediscovery: I’m really loving the lightest matte green in the “Just My Luck” palette from ColourPop. I’ve been using it to blend out/diffuse the edges on darker green shades.

Weekend plans: Probably going to take off of work early and go run a couple errands this afternoon. Tomorrow we’re taking a class on oolong teas, then maybe a distillery tour, then dinner. Sunday I’m taking a finger cymbal and dance workshop from an Egyptian dancer and percussionist, and after that, performing down in Tacoma.

How has 2020 been so far? Fine I guess? My dance practice is going well, I’ve made some strides on getting organized, I’ve been reading a lot. But work has been frustrating and my spouse got some disappointing news (life-goals wise). Kind of in a position where we both have to decide what we want to do next.

I really love that picture of Mellan! I’m glad he’s been sleeping through the night and I hope his ultrasound goes well.

What a wonderful weekend you have planned AJ, especially dance workshop. That would be terrific for you.
I am sorry to hear that your spouse has had some bad news and I hope that as a couple you can find a solution to this problem that works out for both of you.

Haul/Rediscoveries: No beauty buys this week.

Weekend plans: Nothing planned yet, the long weekend in January always gets forgotten until it arrives. There’s a little bit of snow on the mountain peaks near the Bay Area and I would love to go see snow without the hassle of driving to Yosemite or Lake Tahoe.

How has your 2020 been going?: It’s been going! 😂 Doesn’t feel like a new year, just the same old routine, which for me is not really that bad.

HA! My spouse actually asked me yesterday “Is this a holiday weekend?” and I was like “No, what holiday is in January?”

Turns out it IS a holiday weekend for my spouse, but not for me.

I could really do with some snow here! I love it when it snows and I hope you get to see some safely and enjoy your long weekend – such a blessing they are.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Makeup Revolution Bronzer Reloaded in both Take a Vacation & Holiday Romance, Revolution PRO Skinfinish in Lustrous and another NYX microbrow pencil in Brunette. Can you tell that I am longing for some sunshine?!? If I can’t actually get out of the snow I will pretend by bronzing up! 😉
Weekend plans: My hubs and I are going out to dinner for the first time in nearly two years! I am super excited to get dressed up, eat food that I didn’t have to cook and spend time with my favorite person! Other than that laundry, cleaning, the usual.
How has your 2020 been going?: So far so good. the last two years have been a bit of a slog and I am ready to move upwards and onwards!

I really hope the both of you have a wonderful time going out for dinner – I hope the restaurant is excellent and you both enjoy some happy time together.

Haul/Rediscoveries: This week’s theme is “cheap and cheerful”: I picked up a clearance-priced Warehouse own-brand palette of warm neutrals which turned out to be much better quality than I expected for $5; a Wet and Wild trio (Crystal Cavern Jade: the lightest shade has really pretty green shimmer), and an Australis mini chocolate-scented bronzer which I dropped and broke one of the plastic hinges on the case (oops). I also found that an Essence matte lipgloss (this seems like a contradictory description) I’d had sitting around without really using is actually a really good everyday pink, lighter than my natural shade but not too washed out. And comfortable to wear. Nice!
Weekend plans: Sleep.
How has your 2020 been going?: Not too bad. There have been changes, and they’re going better than I’d feared.

Haul: nothing new this week. Rediscoveries – 2 Stila single shadows from long ago – Cloud and La Douce. Such a shame they were discontinued. I also used, for the first time in a very long time, MAC Smoke & Diamonds (how I wish they’d bring back Starflash so I could get Mink & Sable and Go eyeshadows). Also came across a mini of the old BITE VIB Rouge for Sephora lipstick – oh, how beautiful! I need to find a dupe.

Weekend plans: as we’re bracing for a major snow storm expected to start overnight tonight, all these plans may be changed but working out with my trainer tomorrow morning at the gym then home for a quick shower and hair wash and then to my sister in law’s to celebrate my mother in law’s 95th birthday (I’m doing appetizers and a dessert; everyone’s sort of pitching in as we generally do). But if the roads are bad, this will likely be postponed.

2020 so far as been great. I had picket duty this past week for only the 2nd time in my life and we even had a fire can – rocking it old-school. I hope the government and unions can come to an agreement but this current government is at war with all the teacher unions, with parents of special needs kids, with health care workers – with just about everyone.

I hope the snow storms don’t impact on your MIL’s birthday and that you can all get together to celebrate her 95 years.
I completely understand your position re the govt vs teachers and parents of special needs kids. The issue of special needs children is so overwhelmingly neglected here, so tough to get teacher aids, which both the child and the classroom teacher definitely need and not enough specialised classes. When I first started teaching, back in 70’s – we had intervention specialists, language classes for those with dyslexia, literacy and maths consultants that worked with you, lots of teacher aids and support staff etc. Now most of that has gone….

Thank goodness Mellon has been sleeping through the night for you both. You must have been quite exhausted. It means that he is getting better and I hope the next lot of ultrasounds on his liver show improvement. Fingers crossed!

Haul: Apart from some L’Oreal Professional series shampoo in Volume and Vitamino, nothing else.

Rediscoveries: Used Naked 2 this week and it is lovely – especially the YDK shade – it should have been made twice the size because it is such a flattering shade.

Weekend Plans: It turned out last weekend that I had my grandchildren for both days and at least the weather was cool and clear. So more parks for me.
We have been suffering from a lot of smoke haze here in Melbourne, so some days are absolutely shocking and others are good, depending on the winds and temperatures.
Today I am taking Olivia out to my twin sister’s place for her to have a good look at all of my sister’s gems and jewellery, as Olivia is very keen to learn about this. Allison will have all her gemstones and equipment out to explain it all.
Sunday: shopping and a big date with the laundry.

How has 2020 been? Well, not great in many parts of our country that have been affected by bushfires, a lot of people have lost their homes, their business and animals. So many animals have been destroyed, it is heartbreaking.
For us personally, it has been reasonably good in comparison.
And the US has been affected by tornadoes and snowstorms too. I hope everyone over there is safe and well.

I’m sorry you’re having to deal with the poor air quality. Stay safe! We went through that a few years ago with the big fires in Oregon and California. I used my asthma inhalers more in those few weeks than I had in the last 10+ years combined.

Thank you Rachel – my husband is a really bad asthmatic, so he has had to stay indoors on those days. It has made it difficult for anyone to do anything outside. Needless to say it is worse for those directly affected by the bushfires.
I remember those horrendous fires you had a couple of years ago – they just wiped out so many vineyards and small towns.
PS – I am glad you enjoyed the show.

Aww Mellan, I just want to cuddle you! So glad you are sleeping through the night!

Haul/Rediscoveries: My PMG Decadence Palette arrived on my Daughter’s Birthday (14th) with the Standard Gold Pan smashed. I’m sure my heart stopped! I emailed their customer service, Annie got back to me on Thursday and said that they would send me a new one. (Hmm, I thought it was sold out.) My doorbell rang a few minutes ago and there it was all in one piece! Now guess what my daughter gets for a belated birthday gift!

Weekend plans: It has been so cold here for the last week I only went out for groceries on Monday. It’s going to warm up on Sunday (I have a migraine so I know it’s coming). We are going to the Home Renovation Show as we have decided not to move to Vancouver after all, and to renovate our house. My sisters will be very upset when I tell them, but we love our house and it would cost 10 times as much to find the same one out in the Lower Mainland/Vancouver area. So they can just suck it up and come and visit for the Calgary Stampede.
How has your 2020 been going?: It has been a little rocky. My husband’s business is slow but it will pick up. I bought a book for myself called Signs, by Laura Lynne Jackson who is a medium that speaks to people from the other side. It is helping me with my Mother’s passing as my Mom was a great believer in Sylvia Brown and her beliefs. At any rate I feel more positive and that is the main point.

Rachel, I was a little surprised because of the fact that it took 3 weeks to get the first one to me. I don’t know if it was sitting in customs, but it was in New Jersey for what seemed like forever! Anyhow I’m going to play today!

Haul/Rediscoveries: Sephora: Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Patsy Red and Red Hot Susan, a replacement tube of Fenty Pro Filt’r 110 concealer, KVD Sinner perfume (it was half off!), and used 100 points to get a free Sephora Red Velvet liquid lipstick. Walgreens beauty sale: LA Colors Feisty eyeshadow palette, Neutrogena UltraSheer sunscreen stick, L’Oreal Revitalift serums-hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid (for preventive purposes)
Weekend plans: Relaxing today (we did our grocery shopping Wednesday because tonight’s cold with a wintry mix), working all day tomorrow, Sunday maybe dinner and any last-minute errands that might pop up.
How has your 2020 been going?: The initial start wasn’t bad, but things got dicey this week. My dad’s (very large) dog ran away Sunday after strong Saturday night winds blew a picket in our fence loose. He got 2 towns over before being found today. My dad and neighbor are going to pick him up from animal control in the morning, after which we’re hiring the neighbor’s friend to exercise and retrain him! Hopefully the friend can get him calm enough that I’ll be more comfortable around him!

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