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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Becca Year of the Rat highlighter, Charlotte Tilbury Lunar New Year Lipstick
  • Weekend plans: Hopefully, Mellan will sleep through the night so that I can sleep through the night (only three four!! nights since 12/9 has he slept through the night). It took awhile, but the lack of sleep has started to take its toll on me in the last week. What I’m able to do/get done is dependent on that, LOL!
  • Are you sentimental about any items?: Before, I would have said yes, but after having a discussion with my husband about sentimentality, I’m not sure I am at all (I couldn’t think of any item in particular, even my engagement/wedding rings).

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Kuávsui Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: I decided that the first quarter would be about dark lips, and got myself thw Milani Bold Matte lipstick in I Am Victorious – found it thanks to Temptalia’s swatch gallery! The cooler undertones work so well on my skintone!
Weekend plans: Nothing much, probably tidying a couple of the messier corners in the house and seeing the sun for the first time in two months on Sunday!
Are you sentimental about any items? Makeup, absolutely not. Other things maybe, like the silk shirts I got from my late grandmother’s closet after she passed. Love them.

Celesta Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: I haven’t purchased a thing this week. My plan is to do a 3-month no-buy/year long project pan. I’ve really enjoyed shopping my collection this week. Because I’m using what I have and trying to pan a few things, I’ve rediscovered my ND Face Glow Foundation, which is lovely, especially mixed with my Missha M BB cream, my Becca Sunlit Bronzer in Bali Sands as well as the Moonstone Liquid Highlight, which I think came as a part of a set?, and one of my favorite lipsticks of all time: Bite Beauty Luminous Cream Lipstick in Musk. That little baby is OLD. But it still smells and tastes great and there are no signs of weirdness happening with it, so I want to pan it.

Weekend plans: Taking down my Christmas tree, cleaning out the new car and installing all weather floor mats and finally, FINALLY going to see the new Star Wars movie.

Are you sentimental about any items?: I’m not sentimental about very many items at all. I used to move around so much that I became accustomed to purging my belongings. I’m sentimental about my engagement ring/wedding band set because the main diamond was my mom’s, as well as an antique onyx clover ring that used to be my grandma’s. And a few things from when my son was a newborn. Otherwise, I’m completely fine with getting rid of the old and making room for the new.

Seraphine Avatar

Haul: I stuck to my beauty no-buy resolution this week, which includes ignoring special offers. A few days ago, I received an Ulta email titled, “Makeup to Achieve Those 2020 Beauty Goals”… I hit delete, another 2020 beauty goal achieved! Well, I may not have bought any makeup, but I ordered a pair of Dr. Martens shoes (with a 10% discount code). This brings my Dr. Martens count to 10 pairs (makeup is not my only obsession). I still have my very first pair, which will be 40 years old this coming October. No longer wearable, but very sentimental.

Weekend plans: Taking an art class with a friend, visiting family, chores, binge-watching season 3 of Stranger Things.

Are you sentimental about any items? Besides the aforementioned boots, I tend to be especially sentimental about anything associated with my mom, who passed away years ago.

Kira Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: Chanel Baume Essentiel Multi-Use Glow Stick in Sculpting
Weekend plans: Try out pizza by the author of pizzacamp! The new pizza place in Fishtown, Philadelphia also has a private hoagie room to honor Philly roots.
Are you sentimental about any items?: I am particularly sentimental about jewelry from my Chinese relatives, particularly my grandmother’s jade and gold bracelets and a fan pendant from my great aunt. Chinese Americans tend to wear all their jade and gold jewelry at weddings and other special family occasions. I lost a necklace pendant last year with a tiger on it that my family got me at birth (a tradition), and it still hurts when I think about it from time to time. I try to communicate to loved ones that I prefer to receive gifts that can be used up/consumed, as I want to avoid feeling too weighted by possessions.

Kitty Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing.

Weekend Plans: Just cooking and doing some things around the house. Maybe work a little outdoors if it’s not too cold and there’s no snow. Have to plan trips for this year too.

Sentimentality about items: I’m sentimental about certain items at certain times of my life, and then find that I become less so as time goes on. I agree about the wedding ring, although in my case I became allergic to the metal in it so can’t wear it anyway (I’m not even sure where the ring is now). But other things, such as certain stuffed animals, I’ve still got and can’t imagine getting rid of. Even a few things that are my husband’s alone (such as his teddy bear from childhood), I’m sentimental about, especially if I was involved with it after we got together (I took his bear to a “hospital” to be re-stuffed, cleaned and restored as a birthday surprise, for example, so now his bear is “mine” too). We still have our deceased cats’ favorite toys and their toy box as well as their tall cat tree post too and can’t imagine getting rid of the toys.

Probably the most sentimentality (about items) I have regards letters and cards. I’ve got mostly all the handwritten letters and cards I’ve received from family and friends since mid-1970s when I was in college. I need to go through these sometime to reminisce and figure out which I want to keep (cards will likely go but not letters). Many of the people who sent me these items are long gone. I keep all the cards/letters in brown vintage faux leather cosmetic/overnight cases set high on bookcase or built-in shelves (which looks pretty neat). Nowadays I only keep any letters or special cards I get though.

Ana Maria Avatar

I so wish that more people would have written me letters… I still regret not keeping and bringing with me some of the drawings my little sister made me when she was little.

I think that if my cat were to die, I would have her food bowl and litter box sitting in the house one year later. She’s one of those sentimental items… I have to be sentimental if I moved across the world with two luggage, a backpack and a cat (even if my brother would have loved to take her). 😆

Kitty Avatar

Many letters were written back then because long-distance phone calls were super expensive. There’s one particularly funny letter that my dad (who recently passed away) wrote me that I’d like to find–this may make me open the suitcases and start going through everything to find it.

That’s touching about your cat and I can so relate. For up to a year after our remaining cat passed away, we were finding mice she had stashed underneath furniture.

Emily Avatar

Aw I feel for you regarding the toll that being up with the dog can take! Our pup had a gastro issue recently, and had me up every 2 hours like a newborn. I hope you can catch up on some sleep soon!
I was 3 days into my new year no buy when I gave in to the temptation of the MAC lunar new year collection. The packaging really called to me, and I’ve never tried Ruby Woo, one of the most iconic lipsticks in all the industry. So, I ordered the lipstick, which should be arriving today. I am working hard at decluttering and I’ve finally decided to part with quite a few eye palettes that are lovely but I just never use them. So, gotta clear out my vanity and archive some products!
Going to an author event this weekend, a reading by Mary Beth Keane of recent Ask Again, Yes fame. Son’s basketball game tonight. Nothing much else.
Yes, I’m sentimental about many items, too many to list. I’m talking tshirts that are hanging together by threads. It’s bad.
Happy weekend!

Nancy T Avatar

Two nights in a row is wonderful, Sir Mellan! Now let’s make that a regular thing, for your poor hooman’s sake. ?

Haul: Another nightmare shipping experience. Ulta sent my package containing Lunar Illusions Double Gleam highlighter and Ruby Woo lipstick to the WRONG ADDRESS! The USPS worker caught the mistake and didn’t deliver it, but USPS had to send it back to Ulta. Needless to say, I was extremely upset! Thank goodness that MAC had restocked Double Gleam, so I ordered both items from MAC. They are supposed to arrive today. On a happier note; my PMG x Star Wars Decadence Mothership and Flesh 3 balm arrived at nearly 9 p.m. Wednesday night! Used them yesterday in a beautiful blue eyeshadow look that actually brought out the blue in my eyes instead of making them look seawater blue-green. I’m impressed!

Weekend plans: Doing hair today, I think. Got invited to a small get together with some other members of my congregation for tomorrow. Have my meeting on Sunday at 4 p.m. That’s for all of 2020!

Are you sentimental over items? YES! Wish I wasn’t, but I very much am. To the point where I can vividly remember from whom I received them or if I purchased them myself, under what circumstances/event, and how long ago! This is mostly just for jewelry, special household decorations/pictures/framed photos, and other special keepsakes.

Ana Maria Avatar

Haul: Nothing beauty wise.

Rediscoveries: MAC Prolongwear concealer.
I just opened a new one this week, since I finished my previous one. And I just got reminded how much I like the coverage, the staying power (even with my runny eyes), how practical I find the packaging. But I also rediscovered that I need to amp-up my eye cream game while using it.

Weekend plans: Just the normal routine I guess… but I just don’t mind it. In the last year I loved and enjoyed my week-end routine with house chores, meal planning, long hikes, just strolling in town.

Are you sentimental about any items?: Yes and no. On one side I don’t like to own many things, I don’t make sentimental purchases and people in my life are aware so they don’t `clutter` my life with physical gifts.
Did I wear the earrings my mother gave as a child until I was 31 and they broke, even if I’m not wearing jewelry and accessories at all? Yes, I did, and I still keep them in a box.
Do I still have half of a ceramic angel from a 5 years relationship, although I highly dislike trinkets? Yes, I do, no matter how many other people I loved (maybe even more).
Do I still keep some `martisoare` (they are small talismans people gift and wear in Romania at the beginning of the spring) from some friends, former co-workers and loved ones? Yes, I do; and re-wear them each year here in the US.
So… I hope people will stop giving me things. 🙂

Kitty Avatar

I like the MAC Prolongwear concealer for my face but I can’t wear it underneath my eyes at all — it’s way too drying there. With what I use now (Tarte Shape Tape), I can’t use it alone because concealer flakes too easily there. So how to make it more moist for my concealer to behave? Instead of eye cream (which seemed to not be right look underneath the Tarte), I dot on some silicon-based primer. I also mix a dot of primer with the Tarte before applying this “enhanced” concealer underneath my eye and this does the trick. I’m using Fenty’s primer for this but I’m sure others would work too. Maybe think about this trick in the event that using eye cream with your MAC concealer doesn’t work for you.

Mariella Avatar

Haul: Nothing new this week but my big “rediscovery” is NARS Rue Allent e/s duo from the Charlotte Gainsbourg release. I don’t use the white side (I prefer using ABH Marina or Sephora Fall Leaves) but the greenish/grey-brown shade is unique and really lovely.

Weekend plans: my husband’s trial should be at an end (or if there is more time needed, it won’t be til February) so I’m hoping we can get the Xmas decorations packed away and go out to see a movie (I really want to see Knives Out). Training session at the gym tomorrow (I will get to meet my trainer’s mom) and then a haircut and badly-needed colour.

I am sentimental about a LOT of things – I wear my mom’s diamond earrings practically 365 days a year; I have 2 lovely painted floral plates that belonged to her; my kids’ things they’ve made me over the years are precious to me…..I am really sentimental and I’d like to curb it somewhat as we just have way too much stuff….

Rachel R. Avatar

That’a a brutal sleep “schedule.” I’m hoping for you that his sleeping through the night is not a fluke.

*Besame Cosmetics — 1920 Purple Cake Mascara. Sale: Mini Lipstick Trio, and Sleeping Beauty Cream Rouge Locket.

*Apocalyptic Beauty (post holiday sale) — Blushes in Crazed Fairies, Murdurous Toys, Candy Caning, and Rosetint My World. Highlighter in Snow Miser. Chunky Glitter Blend in Phantasy. Eyeshadow in Possessed Toys.

*ColourPop (sale) — All Star Mattifying Primers x 4

*Amazon — A cute black kitty makeup sponge case, Fancii LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror, and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Berry Haute.

Weekend plans: Just the usual housework and errands.

Are you sentimental about any items?: My wedding set, some of my kids’ baby items, and family photos. Otherwise, not really.

Teasha Avatar

Haul: Sydney Grace cliff jumping & vibrant madness cream shadows. Haven’t gotten them, but I’m excited. Rediscovered: Glossier balm dot com in cherry and their concealer, both can be applied without a mirror in a rush (while driving kids around).
Weekend plans: I hear you, about no sleep (2 year old & 1 year old). The holidays were crazy. I need to filter/organize baby gifts, mostly clothes and toys.
Sentimental: I try not to be. I have some framed photos. I keep copies/files, but I wouldn’t want to full on lose them. Heirloom jewelry items, not that they are financially extremely valuable, but definitely sentimental.

Genevieve Avatar

Oh Mellon – waking up your mama during the night. I hope you can get a few more full night’s sleep Christine. It’s amazing how much better you feel without your sleep being interrupted.

Haul: A Collstar lipstick in a berry bronze shade. Very pretty and moisturing on the lips too.
Apart from that, nothing else.

Weekend Plans: I am having our grandchildren over this weekend as their parents are cleaning out their rooms (Good luck with Olivia’s – she loves collecting ‘little things!), so it will be parks for me on Saturday. After a very hot and humid week, the weather has cooled down considerably and we’ve had some good rain. I just hope that it has reached the bushfire affected areas.
Sunday – gardening, shopping and cleaning.

Sentimental – I guess I am over my both my son’s early kinder photos and art work. My makeup collection, perfumes, favourite books and jewellery.

AJ Avatar

Haul: Just some shampoo. We went to Ulta over the weekend but I only found one thing I wanted, none of the things I was specifically looking for, and the line was really long so I decided not to buy anything.

Rediscovery: I still really love the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in Marshmallow. I did a pretty weird look with it last night where I just grabbed a bunch of strange light greyed-out colors and used them together.

Weekend plans: Tonight we’re going to go try a nearby cider taproom after dinner. Tomorrow we have a game night with our friends. And Sunday we’re going to go see Knives Out. In between there’s going to be plenty of housework and lots of reading and maybe finally start watching The Witcher.

Am I sentimental about items? I’d say I have a medium level attachment to items. I like to buy things like jewelry when I travel because then I can be sentimental about something that I can actually wear and use. And I have a hard time getting rid of things that belonged to dear people who have since passed away. We purged most of our books when we moved up to WA and it was hard to let go of some of the books who had been sent to me by a long-distance friend I never met, she’d send me a book because it was the best thing she had read recently, or because she thought the subject matter would interest me especially, or because it was a fundraiser thing for something she cared about and she decided to order me a copy, too. So I think a lot of my sentimentality is tied into the sentiment behind me getting the item.

I hope Mellan continues to sleep through the night so you can too, Christine!

Wednesday Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: No haul. Yay!
Weekend plans: We are expecting a nasty widespread ice storm so I have nothing major planned other than hunkering down with the doggos. I hope you get some much needed sleep this weekend, Christine. I’m sorry to hear Mellan is keeping you up. I brought in two puppies to my household in 2019 and went through many sleepless nights while training them. I’m not the best of sleepers on the best of days.
Are you sentimental about any items?: Only my photographs of travels, grandparents who were more like parents, horses, pets, and letters from my best friend who died in his late 30’s; the things that are not replaceable.

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