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Haul/Rediscoveries: ColourPop Butterfly palettes/trios (from Ulta), EltaMD UV SPF 46, Briogeo Deep Conditioning Mask, Alterna Leave-In Spray, Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner

Weekend plans: I’d like a very uneventful, boring weekend of sitting at home with the puppy and hubby. Last Saturday, Mellan had an incident at the groomer, where the hook that holds him in place failed, so he went flying forward and fell off the grooming table. He was barely able to walk from the mobile grooming truck into the house, and then his rear legs were extremely shaky, his lower back tucked in, and he was knuckling both rear legs (he knuckles when he gets up on the right rear but doesn’t walk or stand on it that way).

This resulted in an emergency appointment at the neurologist, followed by x-rays and an MRI of his spine. The MRI confirmed that he has a ruptured disc (L6/L7), which is about where we expected based on previous visits to the neurologist (he had suspected IVDD, type II). MRI does require full anesthesia (just over an hour), which is the only reason we haven’t done one previously (he is almost 12 years old and has liver problems!). His results were sent to UC Davis for a second opinion, which we’re still waiting on.

He is walking more normally now, but his gait is a bit stiffer; it was better and then has regressed a bit as we’ve tapered the prednisone down a bit. He also started trembling/shivering/chattering at times (Monday night), which is being diagnosed as related to the spine injury (a response to pain/discomfort). If you pet the top of his head when it is occurring, it feels like it’s rumbling under your hand.  We’re keeping an eye on it, as if it worsens, then we’ll recheck (he was seen yesterday by his primary care vet to ensure he didn’t crack any teeth or hurt his jaw from the fall).

Mellan is a really good boy, and he is so tough to the point that it is so hard to know where his pain is and how bad it is.  Despite his wobbling, trembling legs (have never seen him walk like that) on Saturday, it was hard to get him to sit still or lay down for long. The neurologist poked, prodded, and found the sensitive spots on his spine, and he did not yelp, whine, growl, or nip (he just turned around and looked at her with a “Hey, could you not?” expression on his face).

What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year?: I’d like to get to the point where I’m ahead by a week or so, mostly because my family visits after Christmas and stays through the New Year.  I like to have a good chunk of posts written ahead of time so I only write one or two while they’re here and cover any “drop everything” kind of launches.

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So sorry for Mellan, hope he can get well soon! Other than getting bathed, what does a groomer do on a short haired dog? I’ve always had short hair dogs, never brought one to a groomer, just curious.

He sheds a lot, so they do a more thorough job of brushing and blowing out the undercoat, which minimizes shedding noticeably, and they also trim his nails (which has ended in tears–on my part–with him).

He is such an incredibly good boy to not have yelped or nipped anyone after suffering that nasty spill. Poor Mellan! Hopefully, he begins to walk more normally and the shaking stops. ??

Haul: Pat McGrath x Star Wars Dark Galaxy Palette! The only thing I wanted from the first drop. I literally ordered it half asleep, then saw that I could’ve bought BOTH palettes for $115 instead of $130. Oh well, I have 3 of the shades in Galactic Gold as it is. Now comes the 2 week wait until the biggie!

Weekend plans: Other than doing just the usual stuff: hair, nails, meeting? Laundry! And hopefully catching up on lost sleep…I woke up today to very loud banging. Got nervous that perhaps someone was trying to break in, so I got up to check it out. It was dang water heater!!! It scared the wits out of me! The only good thing was that then I was also awake for the PMG launch.

What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year? Get my notice of intent to move letter drawn up and sent. But I’m so nervous about moving. Other than doing that, making initial preparations to move; decluttering, deep cleaning, getting packing gear like tons of bubble wrap. March 1st will be here before I know it! ???

Good luck with your cleaning, decluttering and packing Nancy. I’m right there with you. I’m not moving until the end of summer but I have a big house and I filled up every inch of it, ugh! We just had to go through our Mother’s house and clean it out but there were six of us plus a few husbands helping, I need to fly them out here to help me lol!

Good luck in getting the palette that you wanted the most.
Commiserations on the packing and decluttering. It’s such an awful job – nothing fun about it at all.
Have you been able to secure an apartment closer to your preferred suburb?

No apartment secured yet, Rachel and Genevieve. I do have several complexes that I will be applying for after the 1st of the year, though. Very excited, yet also quite sad because I like this city. But it’s too far from my 2 kids.

As for the palette, I am SO fortunate that my water heater was banging and clanging me wide awake and ready to whack an intruder or I may have missed the early access provided! Cannot wait for it to get here!
In all seriousness, I really was scared that someone was trying to get in.

Oh no, poor Mellan! I hope he has a speedy recovery.

Haul: I finally received the Pat McGrath LuxeTrance Lipstick in Madame Greige that I bought for $10. I was worried that this shade might make me look dead, but it looks nice on me. The formula is a bit drying and makes my lips look wrinkled if I don’t put balm on underneath. I really hated the shipping packaging from Pat McGrath. I opened the box and loose black tinsel flew out all over the place. A tinsel bomb! Super annoying and unnecessary. Thank goodness I was close to a garbage can.

Weekend plans: I have a severe cold, so my weekend will probably consist of soup, tea, tissues, and binge-watching Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year? Cleaning out a huge overpacked closet that I’ve been avoiding for a long, long time. I’d like to accomplish this, not sure if I will!

Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Mellan! How negligent of the groomer to let this happen! I just want to hug and baby Mellan.

When we had our cats (now all deceased), a couple of them went through similar health issues (especially with the shaking and being unsteady when standing and walking) and it’s just so heartbreaking. We had a trick with one elderly cat in giving him a halved aspirin when his back was bothering him and this really made a difference–he would actually welcome taking the aspirin whereas in his younger days it was a struggle to give him any pills (that’s how we knew the aspirin was working). I’m not sure if aspirin is safe/okay for dogs so you’d have to look into it….

He’s on a mix of gabapentin, tramadol, and the prednisone for pain relief/anti-inflammatory already, so no NSAIDs for him (also hard on his liver, we switched from Rimadyl once getting his liver diagnosed). I think aside from more controlled substance-level pain relief, he is pretty close to max on meds 🙁

Thank you for sharing what worked well for your cat!

I’m getting all emotional about Mellan because it’s been such a tough year for me with my beloved pets and I know only too well how it feels. I hope you can determine best course of action and a firmer diagnosis. ?

Haul: Received part of my ND haul this week with Biba and Safari palettes and I’ve been playing with and loving both. I enjoy pairing the cooler with warmer tones in both palettes. I really enjoy the gray/greens in the safari palette. I also hauled Patrick Ta blush, the mauvey one, and I’m sadly ambivalent. It went on looking very much like Benefit Dallas, but a softer more shimmery version, perfect, right?, but then it turned on me shortly thereafter and went orangey…UGH. I cooled it down with another product, but definitely this was not the plan.

Weekend plans: I am having a Christmas Open House the following weekend, so I am ramping up to get everything in order beforehand. I am better under pressure.

Hubby had to drive me to the neurologist last Saturday, because I felt like we were going to be in MRI-land (which to me is just anesthesia -land) and I was not sure I could drive back. I cried a bit on the drive over, kept it together for most of the time with the doctor, but once the two techs came to take him to prep for the MRI and all they do is hand you back their leash and collar, I just started bawling. I think it was particularly rough because we only just got relief about his lump (diagnosed as a fat pocket) so we thought he wouldn’t have to be knocked out any time soon.

Do you think the blush oxidized because of the underlying base you had on? Maybe powdering lightly before? Bummer to hear it turned so orange!

Oh man, my eyes are welling up again. When I lost my first horse, the University Vet techs braided part of his tail and put ribbons on it and sent it to me in the mail. I wasn’t expecting it and when I opened the package, I lost it, uncontrollably bawling.. big beautiful animal and all I had left. I had kept it together for my animal. I always do. They need that strength. But that moment, my grief was overwhelming, he was gone, and I couldn’t hold myself together any longer.

I know all of us view Mellan as an integral part of Team Temptalia ???

It’s funny you mention base because I’m wearing a cheap purported “La Mer” knockoff: Revlon Pro Glow. Very limited shades which run dark and wouldn’t work for anyone with fair skin. I’m light skinned and wearing 202, the second lightest and it is too dark for me, but I can make it work. I like this base for a glowy go-to day wear because it’s cheap and it blends out so easily. In any event, that could be the problem. I used Good Molecules moisturizing non-silicone primer.. I’ll have to futz around and figure out if it just needs a different primer/foundation combo.

I can’t even imagine how emotional that moment was for you, Wednesday! Especially since it was as you said… just not at all expecting it.

Yes, my thinking was possibly too much hydration in the base, whether primer or moisturizer or makeup… possibly contributing or interacting. Obviously not ideal since it’s not something that occurs as easily with other formulas!

Aww Christine!! I’m really sorry about Mellan’s spine problems! I really teared up when you described how sweet he was as the neurologist proded him for pain! Animals and all vulnerable populations (babies, elderly, people with special needs), they can’t express to us where it’s hurting and what’s wrong with them and then it’s up to us to put the pieces of the puzzle together and help them!

I wish Mellan the speediest of recoveries and joy for you together! He is lucky to be in your care! And he really seems like such a sweet boy! I myself have degenerative spine problems and it really hurts. I can’t imagine what a good character he must have to endure this so stoically!

Have a nice weekend,

Goodness only knows what that dog’s pain tolerance level is! Other than very, very acute pain (like if you accidentally stepped on his foot), it is hard to get a reaction.

I hope you have a reliable regimen/medications that help you with your spine condition, Bridget!

Awww, Christine.
I have tears running down my face just reading about your worry and sadness before, and during, Mellan’s MRI.

I know first-hand how hard all of this is, as we are dealing with the health issues of our 12 yr old dog (liver, arthritis,etc. issues).
It is so heartbreaking to witness our pets in discomfort 🙁

Many prayers for a pain-free 2020 for both of our doggos!!

Oh I am so sorry to hear the news of Mellan’s fall and resulting issues. I’m sure you want nothing more than Mellan’s good health for Christmas. I am keeping you in my thoughts.

Haul: I haven’t been able to post a haul in a long time. I suspect it’s been a couple months. I am training a new person at work and my Fridays, which used to be relatively quiet, have really picked up. Here are the best items I’ve picked up in the past 2-3 months:

Pat McGrath Mothership VI Midnight Sun. I wear this more than any other Pat McGrath palette I’ve ever purchased. I would have purchased it just for Astral Solstice, I love it so much. I pop Astral Solstice in the center of my lid no matter what palette I happen to be using. It makes every eyeshadow look glamorous.

Pat McGrath Blitz Astral Quads in Iconic Illumination and Nocturnal Nirvana. Effortless and beautiful!

Sonia G Pro Eye Set. Purchased during Beautylish’s gift card event. I use them everyday and love them.

I was also able to snag the Wayne Goss Holiday Brush yesterday. The website malfunctioned for awhile, but eventually I got it. I decided to leave the Sonia G Face One brush in my cart when I pushed purchase, so I’ll be getting two new brushes for Christmas this year?.

Today I ordered the Huda Retrograde Palette and
Pat McGrath’s lip lust in Astral Moon Flower, using the $25 off $75 bonus from Sephora. I have wanted that blue lip Gloss for a year! I believe the Huda palette will be especially good for spring.

What I want to get done before close of year: I really just want to get the Christmas presents wrapped and gifts to my son, who is stationed in Idaho, in the mail. I am hoping to do this by Monday. Wish me luck!

I was just thinking of you the other day, wondering what you had got up to and deciding you were probably very busy at work.
You have certainly hauled some beautiful palettes and quads and I know that you are going to love them.
Best wishes in getting all of your presents wrapped – particularly towards your son stationed in Idaho – you will be missing him, I am sure.

OMG I know that terrible “shattered” feeling. My heart goes out to you and to Mellan. I know he’s a senior and has other health issues, but he is thin and active — and he has a wonderful forever home. Here’s to a speedy recover and I hope he does not need surgery.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing new this week

Weekend plans: The heavy rains have eventually stopped here in the Bay Area (CA), so I hope to explore more nature this weekend, have a hike, explore a nearby wild beach. Otherwise it’s just house chores, grocery shopping, meal prep.

What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year?: I actually don’t have an end of the year goal. Career wise, I already hit my plans for this year, while my personal goals are something more long term (or continuously working on).

Sending love to you and Mellan! I hope you all can have a quiet weekend at home and that he will be feeling better soon. He really is such a good, sweet boy.

Haul: UD “Stay Naked” foundation in 10NN, small size of the Milk Hydrogrip primer, and the Inkey List Wake-Up Duo, since I am almost out of the caffeine eye serum and I saw the duo by the register. Also picked up a couple small items for my spouse’s stocking.

Weekend plans: Tomorrow we’re going to go get library cards, do one more art and craft fair (a favorite tea vendor is there), and do some sort of drinks and dinner situation. Sunday I’ve got a belly dance costume swap meet and I am REALLY hoping to get rid of a lot of my stuff because some of it, I’ve been hauling around to swaps for at least 5 years and if people don’t take it this time I’m gonna give up and send it to a thrift store because I refuse to still have these old costumes the next time I move!

One thing I’d like to accomplish before the end of the year: My new hobby is making cocktails and I’d really like to have all the basic tools I need for that by the end of the year — I’m just waiting to see if anyone gets me anything along those lines for the holidays 🙂

What did you get for your spouse, AJ?

Moving is always a strong motivator for letting things go. The idea of having to pack it and unpack it…whew!!

What is your favorite cocktail to make?

Well I suppose it’s unlikely that they’ll be creeping on my Temptalia comments, so I can say… LOL. I picked up a Sephora brand lip scrub and lip balm for them. It’s admittedly a bit of enlightened self-interest because sometimes their lips are a little rough and I’d like a smoother smooch 😉

Destash at the swap yesterday was a success! I got rid of a lot of items including some bulky fluffy skirts. Sold about $145 worth and gave away a bunch of things too. Bought myself a vintage bordering on antique old school coin belt. So I spent more than I made, but I came back with less items 😉

And I think my favorite cocktail I’ve made so far is the “Fireside” which is an old fashioned variation made with homemade spiced simply syrup and an optional pumpkin pie spice sugar rim. It was delicious! That’s what I made for Thanksgiving dinner because it was perfect for fall.

I ended up picking up most of my bar supplies this weekend because spouse said they weren’t going to buy me any as a gift, since it would be more of a gift for both of us 😉 So I think that’s a good sign that they’re enjoying the fruits of my labors, LOL. I got some pretty brushed brass-toned barware at World Market, and a couple of Irish Coffee style mugs for making hot cocktails. And we got some locally made tonic syrup at the craft fair, so there’s G&Ts on the docket for this coming weekend.

Aww that’s whack about Mellan’s accident. I hope he feels better soon. Poor baby. Emotionally draining I know it’s hard on you too Christine. When I accidentally slammed the door on our cat’s tail and he loss part of it. I was so upset.Lots of TLC and expensive vet bill, medicines and time healed him.

Haul: I got up early 9am is early for me,lol And ordered the Pat McGraft Star Wars palettes.From Mented 25% off ordered some lip pencils and gloss. Ans finally got to order from Give Me Glow cosmetics the Christmas Morning palette!

Weekend Plans: Some shopping I have to get gifts for a few males and they are tough to buy gifts for because they have everything. May have to resort to gift cards but I was hoping to make it more personal. Need to wash my hair and do some house cleaning.

What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year?: I need to get rid of lots of stuff. Clothes, makeup ,shoes etc. Planning big declutter and donations.
Also want to visit people I love.

Poor kitty!! We’ve all been there. My dad has tripped over many a dog in his household, since they have had three little dogs underfoot during my childhood and after the original three passed… they immediately got three more, lol! And he is forever trying to get up and down stairs with at least one trying weave around him. Glad your baby healed up!

Have you tried Give Me Glow before? So many indies to keep up with!

I am sending healing vibes Mellan’s way. Would acupuncture help him? At least it would not aggravate his liver like drugs might.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I went to Ulta to get my birthday gift (Tarte Maneater Mascara which I did not open and plan to give away). Nothing interested me and I used the $10 coupon to buy some Dr. Bronner’s that I need to clean my brushes. I am just not in the mood.

Weekend plans: A friend of a friend is performing at a local club tonight so we will go to hear her and then out to dinner. Tomorrow I may go to Sephora and use the Rouge $25 coupon for some perfume. Or not.

What is the one thing I want to accomplish before the end of the year.? I have finished all my end of the year financial chores. If the deadline is not imposed on me by the tax laws, December 31 does not have much meaning for me so I have no year end goals.

We tried acupuncture before for pain in the same area, and I didn’t feel like we saw any improvement!

Do you have any perfumes on your list to check out?

*Shroud Cosmetics (formerly Strobe Cosmetics) — Arcana Palette. Stunning jewel tones and fantastic quality!

*Natasha Denona (Black Friday sale) — Eyeshadow Palette 5 in 03 (This just might be my dream gray e/s palette!) and 09, and Diamond & Blush Palette in Darya.

*Macy’s (sale and rewards combo) — Clinique Cheek Pop Palette in Warm Up. I’m disappointed that the packaging isn’t higher quality, but I can’t complain about the products.

*Ulta (20% off ) — CP Frozen Elsa Palette, Unleashed Eyeshadow Palette & Travel-Size Big Ego Mascara Set, and Makeup Revolution Precious Stone Eyeshadow Palettes in Amethyst and Diamond.

*BH Cosmetics (Black Friday Sale) — Naturally Flawless Foundation in Ivory, Stellar Collision Palette, Pisces and Sagittarius MiniZodiac Palettes, Studio Pro Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, Quick Change, Studio Pro Brush 6, V10 Brush, Petite Chic Mini Brush Set, and some Waterproof Lip Liners.

*Overstock — Elizabeth Taylor Passion Men 4 oz. I got two for my husband. It’s been his signature scent for years and he’s running low, so no-brainer Christmas gift.

Weekend Plans: 1) Putting up the Christmas tree. 2) Getting some organizing trays for smaller makeup items, since I had to move them from drawers to shelves. 3) Making a trip to Uwajimaya Asian Market with the kids. They want some mochi, Japanese soda pop, and some other goodies for our Christmas feast. Their bakery makes the most amazing cream puffs, too.

What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year?: Get my house in order. Between moving my son in, moving rooms around, and people getting sick, it’s a disaster area. My husband has Christmas week and most of the week after off, so he’s going to help me organize and keep the kids and my brother working. God bless my brother and my husband, though: While I’ve been ill and fatigued the last six weeks, they’ve taken over a lot of my chauffering, shopping, etc. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Nice haul, Rachel! Lots of great products snagged on sale.

It’s so lovely that your family has been so supportive and helpful while you’ve been ill!

Thank you. And again, I’m sorry I spaced on reading your answers above; I wrote a reply here. I care very much about dear Mellan, and you. I pray he’ll be OK. He’s a trooper and a sweetheart.

It’s amazing how tolerant animals can be when they know you’re trying to help. Last weekend, we had to make a visit to the vet, as we noticed Spike was scratching his right ear a lot, and I saw lots of dried blood. It turned out the poor kitty had yeast and bacterial infections in his ears, and his ears were both bleeding. Between everything going on here and his super-fluffy ears, I didn’t notice. I could tell he was in awful pain getting his ears cleaned and dosed with antibiotic, but he tried so hard to hold still and be good.

Another cat I used to own caught a flesh-eating bacteria. We were soaking his leg wound per doctor’s instructions, and necrotic tissue sloughed off. By the next morning, bone was showing, and we took him in as an emergency to the vet’s. Then they realized it must be flesh-eating bacteria. That cat didn’t even so much as meow in pain, never growled or tried to scratch. He was amazing. He had to have the leg amputated, and he never complained then, either. He’s long deceased, but he was the best cat I ever had. I can truly say I admired him.

Wow! Both incidents just sound like nightmares, but flesh-eating bacteria really is the stuff of the most awful nightmares! I’m so glad that he was able to recover and enjoy his life as a tripod ?

OMG -poor Mellon – what a shock for him to fall like that. I bet he was in a lot of pain too. What a shock for you too Christine, and all the vet hospital visits as well. I hope he gets better soon. It would have been awful for you too to see him trembling as well. Love and kisses to him.

Haul: no makeup just Christmas present purchasing.
Rediscoveries: Just using a variety of my eyeshadow stash – some Chanel Tisse D’ Autuomne, City Color singles, Lorac Pro Metals etc.

Weekend Plans:
Friday – caught up with quite a few of my old teaching friends – some of us have grandchildren the same age as mine and they are all going to school next year too, as Olivia is. It was fabulous to see them all and we always got on so well both personally and professionally.
In the early evening I went to see Lachlan’s Daycare Christmas concert – and he was so gorgeous singing his Christmas carols. He has a sweet little voice, which can hold a tune and was able to do all the hand gestures accompanying the songs.

Saturday – shopping, cleaning and going to the local community’s Christmas Carols evening. Olivia’s kinder group is singing there too. So that will be lovely.

Sunday – probably going for a Sunday drive and doing nothing much else.

Accomplishments before the end of the year: Finish off re-doing some of our front garden, getting over all the Christmas festivities and doing some more decluttering of our large house.

That’s so nice you got to see your teaching friends. I’ll bet Lachlan was just adorable. I miss going to kids’ winter holiday events. They truly filled me with the holiday spirit. I hope someday my I’ll have some grandchild events to go to.

Haul: I don’t think I purchased anything for me this week but I did buy some lip balms for stocking stuffers (O’Keefe’s for the boys and Burt’s Bees tinted for the girls and my trainer; I also bought some Body Shop Capuacu body scrub for my trainer). REDISCOVERY, though – MAC’s Illusionary/Burning Ambition Mineralize Eyeshadow duo – specifically, the brown side of this duo. It’s such a delicious colour. I’m glad the pan is large otherwise I’d be getting nervous about using it up and not being able to replace it.
Weekend plans: Older son comes home tomorrow – we’re picking him at 5:30 AM (oy!) and then going for brunch before heading to the gym (I have a training session and hubs goes to a weightlifting “class” and folks at the gym are eager to meet our boy); then it’s home for a SNOOZE and more Xmas decorating. Sunday, to Toronto for brunch with dear old friends. Sunday, I’ll be baking more eggnog mini cheesecakes to bring to our family Christmas dinner.
What I want to accomplish before the year is over: get rid of a whole lot of stuff in our basement, some of which can go to charity and some that has to be taken to the transfer station (old printers, paint tins, stuff like that)

….and best wishes to Mellan for a speedy recovery and a pain and fear-free time as well. If only they could understand when we are trying to do the best for them and make them better….

YES!! By Sunday, he was walking more normally, which is great, but he doesn’t believe he has limits, LOL. He’s not a jumper, and thankfully, there’s not a lot for him to get overly excited about in the house (no kids, no other dogs, etc.)… so it isn’t a minute-to-minute challenge to keep him rested.

However, taking him to the vet on Thursday…. he was wiggling and getting up and down and I was like, please, just lay down dude!

They are really nice and I was so proud of how the “trial run” turned out. I made a dozen gluten free pumpkin ones – someone in the family has celiac and 2 others are on this whole “I’m avoiding gluten” kick – but the eggnog ones have a bit of flour in them. But they are SO good and this whole “mini cheesecake” thing is such a lot of fun to do.

How often??? So far, NEVER but it doesn’t stop me worrying! 🙂 How much we decorate varies from year to year, depending on how much time we have. Some years, it looks like a TV Xmas special in this house and some years, because we’re busy or because of illness and general lack of time, it’s more minimal. We do need 2 trees, though (for 30+ years, we’ve been ordering custom ornaments for each of our 3 kids from a woman who makes them with their names and dates on them; she’s sort of stopped making them any more except for some of her original “customers” – she’s not really a business, but rather a “friend of a friend” – and they pretty much need their own tree as there are so man of them!)

I remember when I used MAC Espresso eyeshadow as my go-to brow filling shade… and it would easily take a good year to finish one, maybe longer, and I feel like I was using that nearly everyday and QUITE a bit of product (vs. an eyeshadow used on the lid).

How pretty must your trees be! I love the idea of custom ornaments. I have just one – a stocking with a dog popping out for Magellan from 2011 or 2012. When I was younger, my parents would have my sister and I each pick two ornaments to give to my parents, and then we’d (as a family) get an ornament with the year on it.

We still put Daisy’s special ornament on the tree every year – it’s a Hallmark or Carlton one that looks like a rolled up newspaper with the headline “World’s Best Dog” on it and a slot that holds her photo. We haven’t had her since 2006 but I don’t think a single day goes by that I don’t think of her and every year, that ornament goes on the tree.

Blessings for Mellan’s return to good health. Plant the sweetest of smooches on top of that beautiful head. And happy holidays to all of you.

Aunt Leigh

Oh Christine! My heart goes out to Mellan, I hope he recovers ((hugs))! He’s such a trooper!

Haul/Rediscoveries: I am still trying to stick to a low buy so the only purchase I made was Shu Uemura Muroto Volume Pure Lightness Shampoo for Fine Hair from Sephora, I read a review from somewhere saying how wonderful this shampoo was and I don’t usually believe these reviews but I can’t believe how nice it is and yes it gave my fine, thin, lifeless hair VOLUME! I even left a review on Sephora Canada’s site.

Weekend plans: I am still decorating for Christmas. My husband is trying to lift my spirits so he decided that we are having Christmas at our house this year. I haven’t had the heart to tell him that bringing out the decorations isn’t lifting my spirits because I keep finding things my Mother gave me and I end up crying while I’m decorating.

What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year?: We will be moving at the end of next summer. I have been slowly decluttering and packing up things for a while now and I would like to step up the pace and actually finish the left side of the basement.

Hugs, Brenda, as you go through this difficult time! I hope that you find some joy this holiday season, and perhaps seeing it all come together after you get through it will lift your spirits a little. ?

Thank you Christine, I will enjoy staying home this Christmas and having my kids and my husband’s family over will lift my spirits. There’s nothing like having family around to help through difficult times. And my daughter will bring her dog over for lots of snuggles!

Poor Mellan! I hope the results come back quickly. The waiting and seeing them not quite right takes its toll. Hoping for good news and keeping your sweet pup in my thoughts.

Pat McGrath Dark Star and Galactic Gold palettes
Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage x2

Weekend plans: Takeout and chores on Friday night, working all day Saturday, facial and stamping mani on Sunday.

One thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year: Get my boxes shipped off to Project Beauty Share. It’s probably time for a new computer and TV and garage door as well.

New computer and TV – those are fun! 🙂

Just dropped off a car’s worth of makeup to my local org – good on you for shipping to Project Beauty Share!

I’m so very sorry to herar about Mellan’s injury. I hope you have pain meds for him and give them frequently. Dogs and cats are so very good at hiding pain but the trembling and vocals confirm pain IMHO. I am not a vet but have had dogs and cats and other creatures for 70 years and am also an RN. Please remain vigilant and do what needs to be done. So very hard when our companions have problems and don’t quite speak our language.

He is already pretty much on maximum pain management normally, but his prednisone is a little higher than before, so hopefully that is helping him. Other than the faint trembling (not 24/7), he doesn’t show any outward signs of being in much pain.

Many, many years ago, when our Daisy was under a year old, I picked her up from being spayed (our breeder had asked us to wait because she wanted to breed a litter from her but then we decided against it). I had just had a C-section myself (3rd baby) and couldn’t lift and they said not to let her jump so they came out with me to help lift her into my van. Before anyone could do anything at all, she’d jumped in all on her own….animals have a different sense of pain than we humans do. I hope your boy continues to improve – slowly but surely is a good sign.

Poor pup 🙁 I hope he feels much better! I’m sure the worry has been very draining.

Haul: I got the Farmacy sunscreen. So far I like it!

Weekend plans: shopping, painting, overdoing the Christmas music…

There are several things on my to-do list before the end of the year. Fingers crossed it all happens!

Poor Mellan! Has the groomer company helped out with anything? Apologized? Hope the big guy feels better soon.

Haul: I bought the Dior Celebrate in Gold palette. The Bay had a buy 2 get 1 free Dior Lip Glow to the Max promo. You got a choice of a gloss or mascara for free. My sister’s gift from her dog, as chosen by his aunt. Dior is also repackaging its Capture Totale cream and serum, so I bought an on-sale serum. Reduced $75, plus a 10% discount and a $25 gift card. Sephora here is also reducing some of the Dior stuff. Still mulling my $20 discount, I am a few dollars from Rouge.

Weekend Plans – groceries, errands, and taking it easy.

What I would like to accomplish by the end of the year? Moving onwards and upwards Fromm being laid off my job a couple of months ago and moving Tom a fresh start. And getting my hair and brows done – getting past my job loss, foot reinjury, elderly aunt passing away in November, and feeling like me again,

I’m in touch with the company, and they certainly seem willing to compensate monetarily, but I’m waiting to see how far down the path we have to go!

Good luck on the move!

Poor Mellan, what a fall.
I hope he is recovering. I’m sending as many positive vibes I can to him, the darling boy. He looks so lovely on the photo, the eyes look happy and playful.

Haul, I ordered both PMG six pan palettes and the lip balm/stick Nude Astral or what it is called, now in for a long wait, I still haven’t got the $10 lipstick from Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
No rediscoveries. I should spend next year only shopping my stash.

Weekend, doing nothing, I think, I’m feeling very uninspired. I will walk the dogs of course. 🙂

What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year? I need to put all the garden tools away, not much of an accomplishment LOL. How about cleaning the house, a real thorough cleaning. And actually cut the fabric and sew a lot of straight seems thus finishing the curtains. About time as I’m on my third year in this house. Ouch, it looks like I’m the laziest person alive, reading this. 😀

I hope you get your PMG goodies soon!! I have heard some received their orders, some received one order but not others, etc. so fingers crossed that’s all sorted soon!

I was really hoping to order the Star Wars stuff via Selfridges just because I imagine they’re still working through Cyber Monday orders 🙁

I had Selfridges open on my other screen most of the day for the launch. After a while I just didn’t dare to wait and bought from PMG.
I hope you get the Starwars stuff, it’s always interesting to read your reviews even if I already own the product. If I find something performing iffy, you always seem to have a solution for the problem.

Christine, your description of Mellan’s accident and the after effects left a pit in my stomach. I can’t even imagine how you and your spouse felt. I hope Mellan’s health improves and you receive the second opinion without much delay. Poor puppy!

Haul: Charlotte Tilbury: Scarlet Spell lipstick; Bobbi Brown (30% off): Limited Edition Full Coverage Face Brush (my holy grail foundation brush); Bloomingdales (15% off): Tom Ford Soleil et Lune and Glow Stick in Megeve; Aveda (20% off): and Phomollient Style Foam to keep and to gift. I’m still awaiting two small lipstick orders from Pat McGrath. I need them to arrive next week or will cancel the order as we go out of town for the holidays. Finally, my pre-order for two sets of rephr brushes arrived 2 weeks ago and I forgot to mention them.

Weekend Plans: Going to a Christmas symphony concert tonight. There will be multiple choirs and guest artists, so it’s a lovely concert and a favourite of mine. The rest of the weekend is crossing items off the to do list and get ready for being out of town over the holidays. I’m also feeling quite tired of buying, and buying on behalf of others and for ourselves. I want to simplify Christmas giving next year.

What would I like to accomplish before the end of the year: I’d like to organize some online education and have it on the calendar going into the new year.

I feel bad for hubby, since he has to keep it together to help me through it.

I hope your PMG lipsticks arrive shortly! It seemed like quite a few people started to receive their orders, so here’s hoping!

Christine, I’m so very sorry I’ve been an airhead due to my illness and everything going on at my house. I totally spaced and didn’t read your answers yesterday. I’m so, so sorry to hear about poor Mellan’s accident. I’m glad he made through the anesthesia. Praying he’ll be able to get the surgery he needs and that he’ll be OK. Sending lots of love.

Best wishes to your good boy!

Haul: Two of the metallic Kiko Milano holiday collection eyeshadows from Ulta; an Innisfree skincare set for my husband and a replacement for the Too Faced Peach Perfect powder for me from Sephora using the discount.

Weekend plans: Clean the house a bit, finish essays for my classes, dye my hair

What would I like to accomplish by the end of the year? Getting my library cleaned up and organized again. I really want to spend time in there, but I need it to be inviting. My messiness has given it bad mojo that I need to fix.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I got the Melt Cosmetics Muerte palette! Right now Sephora has Muerte but not Vida as in-store only-luckily my Christmas shopping (see Weekend plans) took me to my nearest Sephora and I was able to bundle the gift and Muerte and use the $15 off $75 Insider discount.

Weekend plans: Friday: worked all day, got groceries, and sadly had to stop at Urgent Care because the cold I’d had all week wasn’t getting better as fast as it should and I thought it was getting stuck and turning bacterial. The UC doctor said I was probably right and put me on a Z-pack. Yesterday: did some Christmas shopping. Today: ate at Red Robin (I love the Royal burger-basically a bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg on top!) and did a shopping trip that was a combo of Christmas gifts and some groceries that had sold out Friday but been restocked over the weekend.

What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year?: I think I’ll pretty much be good once I get my Christmas shopping done. I have an ongoing craft project* that I’m working on gathering the components for, but I put a component on my Christmas list and when I get the project done will depend on whether or not I get the component as a gift.
*There are very few types of artsy/crafty things that I can do well. The main one is collecting dolls and doll clothes (the vast majority are Barbie dolls/outfits or Barbie-sized Disney Princess dolls-I have some American Girls and some porcelain dolls, but they don’t make it onto my photo blog) and photographing the redressed dolls, but I do sometimes have to modify the dolls or parts of the outfits. The “craft project” in question that I’m waiting on a component for is assembling as many doll outfits in the right size from the series of Frozen features and shorts as I can so I can do a giant photoset of my favorite Elsa and Anna dolls wearing all the outfits-the component on my Christmas list is one of the Disney sets from Frozen II.

Poor Mellan! I hope he starts feeling better and you all have a course of action that will help it stay that way it’s so hard when our furry babies are hurting and they can’t tell you!

Also, I feel like I commented on this post on Friday, but it got lost in internet-land? I don’t see it below, but I’ll comment again. 🙂

Haul: I didn’t buy anything this week!

Rediscoveries: CoverGirl + Olay Advanced Radiance foundation. It’s really lovely! Also my Nar’s Skin Deep palette. I love that when ever I want something VERY smoky, this palette delivers every time.

Weekend plans: It was my husband’s birthday and we also had Christmas with my in-laws on Saturday. It was a lot of fun, but we’ve had an exhausting and hard week so we’re all beat! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to rest before everything gears up again for Christmas!

What’s one thing you’d like to accomplish before the end of the year?: I’ve been on a weight-loss journey since the end of September and I’d like to continue that through the holidays; my goal is to not go too crazy and hopefully maintain my current weight and not gain. Mostly I’m just trying to make it to the end of January for my family trip to WDW!

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