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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Glosses — I don’t backup things much, even if they get discontinued, but I definitely reach for these to adjust lip colors on the fly (for photos) and it’s not likely that they’ll be back any time soon (per the brand), so at $5.50 a pop, I had to replace the ones I have one time. 12 x Anastasia empty palettes (they’re really lovely!). Sara Happ Lip Balms (x2).
  • Weekend plans: I’d like to finish tidying up the front hall/mail room areas. I did a lot of sorting, and we filled the Prius with as many boxes (of new products) as we could fit (I had a box under my feet and on my lap, haha) to donate. It’s cleared up some space so I should able to “reset” those areas so they don’t feel so cluttered. Otherwise, it’s continuing to try to make a dent through some of the products I’ve recently tested and get reviews up!
  • What are three things that bring you joy?: Husband, Mellan, and a really good latte–seriously, it’s one of those never-lets-you-down kind of morning highlights.

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Haul: I picked up the full sized bottle of the Farsali Liquid Glass Radiance Serum (I love the sample so used the 25% off coupon at Sephora), Sephora Rouge Lacquer lipstick in Wicked Smart, a second MAC Craving lipstick and an empty medium sized palette, Clinique Aromatics Elixir (my bottle was running out) and Burt’s Bees Multi-Purpose Ointment (what a great product!)

Weekend plans: dinner out tonight with hubby, training session at the gym tomorrow and then getting the bedrooms ready for the kids all coming home for the holidays (our older son is in the military and we’ve not seen him in almost a year so this is super-exciting), putting up the tree and putting out the outside lights.

Three things that bring me joy: my children (all adults now and all “launched”, so having 2 of the 3 home over the holidays is really special), my husband and my friends. In the greater scheme of things, all the other good stuff (a home, a job I love, hobbies, travel, etc.) all are nice but don’t matter nearly as much.

I love that your family remains close, Mariella! It’s not always the case, and it always strikes me as something special when people choose their family to spend time with as they get older.

What a lovely comment, Christine – thank you. I’m an only child and married into a family with 5 siblings, so it’s like I gained through marriage the sibs I never had growing up. And all 5 siblings (and their partners) remain close. It’s not like we’re all each other’s cup of tea, necessarily – we’re all a pretty mixed bunch – but I think the fact that they lost their father quite suddenly when my husband – the oldest – was 15 and the youngest barely 6 – and their mom had to go back to school, get some job skills and then work to support the family – this all meant that they had to pull together and get along and pitch in just to get through each day. So in spite of differences in personality, they’re all still pretty close and we spouses are part of that too. As regards my own children, I knew as an only child myself, that I wanted more than 1 child and I wanted to do all I could to foster positive relationships among my own 3 kids. And I’m glad they’re close – close with one another and still close with us.

Hope you’ll enjoy the holidays (and not only) with your children!
My mom always says that the holiday come when her children are at home. Both me and my brother live abroad and we actually visited at the end of November… we always gifts so visits eventually transform into `mini-Christmases`. 😆
After my visit to my family this year I felt so charged with love and good energy (I got my tank full), that I can also state that in the grand scheme of things… everything else is nice, but doesn’t matter as much. 🙂

That’s a great Sephora lipstick that you have purchased and I love Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir – my twin has bought me some more of that for our collective birthday recently.
How fabulous that your son in the military is coming home for Christmas/holidays. It will be a joy to see him and notice how much he has grown/matured.
We are putting up the Christmas tree this weekend too – although I have to move Olivia’s art table and what lies beneath…..sequins, paper, pencils, Christmas cutting out pieces etc.
My family is very special to me too. Enjoy your weekend Mariella.

Rachel, Ana Marie and Genevieve, thanks to all of you. I know a lot of people have pretty sad family lives and this time of year probably drives it home to them, unless they’ve been able to break free of the toxicity but those of us who’ve got good (if wacky) families around us really are fortunate!

Genevieve, isn’t Aromatics Elixir a strange one? It’s so “in your face” in some ways but it’s also unlike anything else. I only wear it in the cool/cold weather and I use very little. I also like the shower gel – delivers the same scent in a less overpowering way and makes the bathroom smell really nice. I need to give the body lotion/cream a try – that might be a nice way to keep the fragrance going in a less heavy-duty way. But I’ve used it for 35 or more years (alarming as that sounds) and love it. And those Sephora lipsticks – they remind me a lot of the Hourglass lip pencil things (even down to the positive and encouraging names) – similar finish and gloss and short wear time – but at a fraction of the price.

Those sweet eyes of his just draw me in and melt me!

Haul: With Sephora’s $25 off $75, I just replenished my supply of Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Creme and Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I’m almost out of the Laneige I bought 2 whole years ago. That jar lasted that long while being used just about nightly!
Anti-haul: Cancelled the ND Bloom Cheek Palette after noticing that MJ Jet Girl looked a lot like my favorite shade in her palette. Too close, I think?
Annnd…Lucky Jeans did me dirty. Long story, but suffice it to say, I’m highly disappointed in their online service. Waited 6 days for the shipping notification, but then get an email from them cancelling my order. Call them and they tell me it’s OOS. Well, how come it took 6 SIX days to notify me of that? I’m livid!

Weekend plans: Hopefully I’ll get to attend a 1 day Assembly down in Casa Grande tomorrow. Depending on whether I get a ride and whether my Crohn’s will behave. I’m only a week out from my next Remicade infusion, so I’m highly symptomatic this past several days. We’ll have to see how I’m doing tomorrow morning.

Three things that bring you joy? My 2 elderly cats Scunci and Clarissa! My faith-based organization that I belong to. And nature. Especially the ocean!
My 2 adult children do, too. On occasion….🤷‍♀️

I think the ND Bloom shade you’re thinking of and Jet Girl are definitely close enough to just have one!

Sorry to hear that Lucky Jeans disappointed you!! I’m waiting on a Sleep Number order (pillows) that took until today to ship (wow! so slow compared to most places, lol).

I guess the last Remicade infusion is wearing off, so your Crohn’s will be playing up – I really do sympathise with you as my sister suffers from tummy complaints as well. Touch wood, she has not been too bad lately.
What a bummer that the company treated you so badly – what a nerve to do this to a customer. I hope you are feeling well tomorrow and catch a lift to your Assembly.

Haul/Rediscoveries: MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze. I saw Wednesday here recommend it, and am so happy I picked it up. It has exceeded all expectations, and I’ve been wearing it everyday since it arrived.
Weekend plans: Work and studying, but hopefully also finishing the Osamu Tezuka two-part comic book “Message to Adolf.”
What are three things that bring you joy?: Being in nature; learning a new idea or way of doing something that shapes how I think about other long-held ideas; deep conversations with people I love.

Haul: Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Blush Trio in Rose Cliff (love!!!). Apocalyptic Beauty LOTM Club for November, Ghostly Glamour: Eyeshadows in Into the Light (golden pale blue) and Dreams to Ash (ash gray w/blue duochrome), Silent Screen Starlet Setting Powder, Custom Glitter Blend in Paranormal Cold Spot, and Tinted Shimmer Balm in Resurrection Mary (sheer, pale frosty blue).

Weekend plans: Setting up my stash into storage shelves, etc. in my bedroom. I’m behind due to various mini-disasters. I want to take it fairly easy, as the virus I had towards the end of October did indeed turn into a sinus infection. I got some antibiotics on Tuesday, so hopefully I’ll start feeling better soon. I want to recuperate and not be so fatigued this month. I may do some more online Christmas shopping, too.

What are three things that bring you joy?: My husband and our two sons. I love them more than anything, and I’m so proud of them.

Yes, I had a virus this year that turned into a sinus infection and it makes you feel so tired, especially when you are trying to do something like re-organising things.
Your sons have done really well and I think they won the lottery having both you and your husband as their parents.

Thank you! I get this every year. The first respiratory virus turns into a sinus and/or ear infection, and it just hangs on. Doctors don’t like to prescribe antibiotics right away, so I have to wait a few weeks to see whether it goes away on its own (it rarely does).

It’s too kind of you to say that about our parenting. We do our best. We’re lucky to have smart, kind-hearted kids, who never give up, no matter how hard things are for them with their issues.

Hope you are feeling better soon, Rachel. Knock wood, I’ve not been sick this year (so far….). I work in such a germ filled environment but fanatical hand-washing seems (at least for the time being) to be helping. I envy you having an organized stash. Honestly, the amount of time I waste looking for things….frustrating!

Thank you, Mariella. I’m glad to hear you haven’t gotten sick yet. *knocking on wood*

I think I’m doing a little better. I wash my hands all the time, but I’m now catching things from my sons. They get out more than I do. Especially Brandon, who works in food services at the hotel, so has contact with lots of guests and their dirty dishes. I have only a fraction of cold and flu antibodies as most people, which doesn’t help. I had almost none several years ago, but flu and pneumonia shots have helped some re-colonized. They can’t find a reason for it, other than a life full of constant, huge stressors. A round or two of antiobiotics usually does the trick, though.

Hauls: I picked up the Clinique cheek pop in Melon with my Ulta 20% off and it’s already a favorite. Also got a Mac gel liner because my old Clinique one is probably a petri dish by now and waiting for an Alima Pure eye primer to come in the mail.

Weekend plans: movie night out, watching football, working around the house…

Three joys: fun nights out, football season, and painting!

Haul: Very little again this week. I picked up a couple of Bite’s Amouse Bouche lipsticks that are being discontinued in this formula but to be honest, I can’t remember the names as I put them into my daughter’s Advent calendar. I have a couple of baskets filled in different brand websites but not sure if I will pull the trigger or not. The first of the year sees my prescription drug prices go back to their steep base until I meet my deductible so that is just shy of $700 a month. It is always a rude awakening in January.

Weekend plans: Still sorting through boxes from my storage shed. I spent longer at my daughter’s place over Thanksgiving than I had intended so haven’t accomplished anything around the house. We had a lovely, very relaxed Thanksgiving and since it was just the two of us, I didn’t have to cook a gigantic meal and then clean up afterward. I made mini sizes of all the sides and actually used my crock pot to make a one pan Thanksgiving-esque meal. I had come across a recipe on line that includes turkey/chicken stuffing and your vegetable and it turned out to be quite good. I think I will tweak the recipe when I make it next as I didn’t think it had quite enough spice but it was a boat load easier than stuffing a gigantic bird at 5 AM!

Three things that bring me joy: Obviously, my daughter. You guys hear me comment on her practically every post so I am sure that didn’t come as any surprise. Normally, I would list Sophie, my daughter’s cat. She lived with me more over the past 6 years than she did with my daughter, however, she is definitely my daughter’s cat and not mine so while she tolerates me, I am not her mommy so for that reason I am nixing her off my list, LOL! So my second thing would be reading. I absolutely love to read and my interests span most genre except anything too lewd or the occult. In particular, I love historical fiction. Finally, my art would be the third thing that brings me joy. I love put zing around in mixed media as it doesn’t have to be anything some would call real art! I got started because of my love of all things paper. I have loved paper since I was a little girl and would always save the beautiful wrapping paper that gifts were presented in and would use them to make collages or just to look at. Now I either use them to scrapbook or include in my mixed media. I am a real paper and flowers kind of girl.

Very nasty surprise re your prescriptions. In Aus., you have to get to $1100 or so – the Govt. moves the goal posts every year and it makes such a hole in your budget.
I am a big reader too and my reading matter includes a wide range of crime fiction and non fiction books on terrains (Antarctica, Alaska, Himalayas etc) and mysteries.
I always have to have a book with me.
It’s lovely that your daughter and you are so close.

Sadly, we need to address the cost of prescriptions in this country but nothing is getting done until the impeachment trial is over. So many bills have been sent to the Senate and not brought up for a vote that it feels like our government has come to a screeching halt. My deductible is $5600 so it takes awhile, even at $700 a month to meet that deductible. Luckily I have a decent income with my pension and my social security. I honestly don’t know how senior’s trying to live on just their social security make it. My Mom brings in about $800 a month and her health insurance runs just over $400. She wouldn’t be able to survive without my brother and I helping her out. Eventually, something in this country is going to give and I don’t think it is going to be pretty. I am glad I live in a small community and close to the Canada border, LOL!

Genevieve, have you ever seen Michael Palin’s (yes, from Monty Python) travel films? They are fascinating. The first one – Pole to Pole – was done right around the time the Berlin Wall and the Communist Empire fell. He was trying a bit too much to be a comedian in that one but it was still fascinating. He and his film crew visited a little village near Chernobyl that had been evacuated with the exception of one elderly woman who refused to leave. All of a sudden, the film crew had to get out of there PDQ because the radiation sensors they were wearing let off a warning. He’s done several since then – Himalaya, New Europe, Sahara and several more – and they are so interesting, in part because he has experiences and gains access to places most of us can’t experience.

Haul: Should I lists all my Black Friday / Cyber Monday hauls? 😆 I only purchased things I actually need, as I postponed most purchases knowing that the sale would be around.
I made 2 MAC orders to get two eyeshadow refills (Blackberry and Print), the Veluxe Brow Liner, a powder brush (135) and I repurchased after many years the ProLongwear Concealer.
I also placed a Paula’s Choice order to get filled in all my skincare needs for the next months: Lipscreen lip balm, C15 Super Booster, BHA 9 Treatment, Balancing Oil-Absorbing Mask, Calm Redness Relief SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer for Normal to Dry Skin (because California and winter makes me combination skin too dry), Hair & Body Shampoo. I got 20-25% off and most products, and even the gifts with purchase were items I actually needed: the Hyaluronic Acid Booster and a set of minis (an AHA, an eye cream and a face cream)

Weekend plans: On Saturday I’ll go with my car to the service. While I wait for the car, I’ll either do a long walk to a nearby farm (kills the 2-3 hours waiting time) or hit a nearby shopping center if it rains (although I don’t actually have something to buy, so I’ll most likely stroll). I’m still not decided on Sunday; either a lazy day, a symphonic concert or a hike (again, if it doesn’t rain).

What are three things that bring you joy?: Nature, my family and being able to gift/help people (I prefer acts of kindness, but I’ll always also be that one who brings treats from vacations and random things)

Awww, Mellan’s sweet face. Of course he brings you joy!

Haul: Nothing yet, but thinking of heading over to Sephora with my $25 coupon and shopping for a new foundation.

Weekend plans: My spouse gets back from their quick biz trip tonight, so I took a half-day off of work to get some chores and holiday shopping done before I go pick them up from the airport. Tomorrow is the Urban Craft Uprising craft fair and the anniversary party for our local gin distillery. Sunday is my last belly dance performance of the year, which means I also need to finish working on the belt I’m going to wear, and decide what shade of “dark red” lipstick to wear.

Three things that bring me joy: A good cup of high-quality oolong tea, dancing to live music, and my corgi Daisy.

Christine, I was considering Fenty and maybe Milk, but I ended up with the new Urban Decay formula! I’d been using their old formula for the past few years and they had a perfect color match for me in the new one too so we’ll see if I like how it wears. Also picked up a small size of the Milk hydro-grip primer to see if I like that.

I’ll give them both a good test at my performance on Sunday, but I might pre-test tomorrow if I’m not feeling too lazy to do makeup in the morning 🙂

Haul: I took advantage of Sephora’s “$25 off of $75” and finally bought Marc Jacobs Steeletto after many months (maybe even years) of resisting. Also picked up Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Cobblestone.

Weekend plans: Catching up with old friends that we haven’t seen in many years.

Three things that bring me joy: My dog, Disney World vacations, and Christmas lights!

Yes! The newspaper publishes a list of the best houses, so we usually go check some of them out. Also, we often go to Disney World during the holiday season to see their amazing lights.

Think I’m with you on steeletto. Have totally resisted, though have fallen for every vaguely similar palette. MJ conflicts me so. I am so totally bummed by the liner formula not working for me that it colors my receptivity to the brand. I mean, those liners are TDF. I got the first mega, though, and it’s pretty dented. Still hoping that using the 25$ won’t jump me over to Rouge again…that’s exactly what they plan!

I hope Mellon continues to be well and he looks so relaxed in this photo. What a gorgeous boy he is!

Haul: Our local chemist was having 20% off everything this morning (Saturday here) and I purchased a couple of Amie’s gentle scrubs (one for myself and one for my daughter in law). It’s a British brand – cruelty free and no bad ingredients. I also purchased some Dermese hand cream. One of my best friends was recommended this brand by her Dermatologist for dry skin and I thought I would give it a go.

Weekend Plans: On Friday we had both Olivia and Lachlan over and when I was taking them to the park behind our house, Lachie fell over and badly hit his head. Olivia was magnificent, she ran back to our house to alert my eldest son and husband and went and got the antiseptic cream and bandaids.
After applying a cold compress, we decided to get him checked out at the local hospital because the lump was huge. He hadn’t vomited or lost consciousness, but I was still concerned. He was greeted like a long lost friend at the hospital, because of all of his croup admissions last year (fortunately none this year). After checking him over, he was OK. His parents were doing some Christmas shopping, so they returned to the hospital.
Saturday: I am having the family over for dinner tonight, including my sister and husband. So I will be busy cooking and preparing the meal: barramundi, snapper and a greek dish – Pastitio, with lots of salads and charred greens.
Sunday – absolutely nothing much – some gardening and putting away the good plates and cutlery.

What brings me joy: My grandchildren, my family, catching up with my friends, reading a good book, enjoying a good meal out, going for a drive in the countryside and visiting museums.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I went a little crazy for Black Friday so I’m kinda tapped out this week…So nothing.
Weekend Plans: Just relax in piece and cater to my babies Rocco, Stella, and Dorian…my three Pitbulls.
Three things that bring me joy: My doggies, family, and Temptalia!!!

Haul, Black Friday sales:
Picture Polish: Paris, Cheri, Shine, Double Decker, Dreams, Deep, Sienna, Fall, Sage, Faith, Owl, Malty, Christine, Cashmere, Revenge, Kako and Amber polishes

Smith & Cult: 1972, Bite Your Kiss, Sugarette, Analog Fog, Fosse Fingers, Forever Fades Fast, Doe My Dear, Darjeeling Darling, Peaceful Paranoia, Soul Purpose, A Little Underground, Mannequin Moves, Seek Me Out polishes and Locked and Lit lip balm

Cirque Colors: Snozzberry, La Vie Boheme, The Devil Wears Cirque, Empire State of Mind, Topless in Time Square, Rouge Rockefeller, Garnet, Madison, Red Hook, Lapis Lazuli, Strawberry Fields, Bowery, Famous Original, Minetta, Wall Street, Mystic Moonstone, Aegean, Izola, Brownstone, Rose Kaolin, Majolica, Tuscan Tile, Mosaic and Tutti Frutti polishes and base, top and matte coats

Holo Taco: Holoday Collection, Peely Base x2, Glossy Taco x2 and Super Glossy Taco x2

Uber Chic Beauty: Black, White and Arctic Skies nail polishes, Nail Art Barrier, Luxe Cuticle Oil and rectangular and large round flat stampers, scrapers, stamping plates Plaid, Christmas 3, 4 and 5

Twinkled T dotting tools

Tom Ford Golden Mink quad using Sephora’s $25 off $75

Herbivore Prism Exfoliating Glow, Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Serum, Phoenix, Lapis and Orchid facial oils, Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment, Lapis and Amethyst Facial rollers, Brighten Blue Tansy, Pineapple+Gemstone and Pink Clay Exfoliating masks

ColourPop Going Coconuts palette x2

Pat McGrath Divine Rose palette (picked up when it launched but hadn’t posted)

Rephr brushes – 4 #1 brushes, #13, 14, 15, 16 (bogo)

Weekend plans: Laundry and chores, playing with and organizing my new pretties, working Saturday and Sunday morning, manicure on Sunday evening.

3 things that bring me joy: spontaneous giving/random acts of kindness, my collection and the perfect cup of coffee on a Saturday morning when I don’t have to work.

I love Mellan’s soulful eyes in this photo. Two gray tabby brothers are my darling boys. They have been getting a smorgasbord of different flavors so that I can identify their new favorites now that they are less enthused with the old standby.

The eminence skin care arrived and is fabulous. I alternate it with the DE Protini. I got the MJ navy and grape skinny liners and a back up concealer at the Sephora sale. Also two Sisley lippies from the Net-a-Porter sale just arrived. I had been considering the ND nudes but found them too drying and so am layering some CCO Macs I already have with other shades and kind of mixing my own nude shades. And one of the Sisley’s is a nude and the formula is very hydrating. I’m also into natural health care and got some new products at the Cyber Monday sales.

My weekend plans include getting on the phone during health insurance open season, a long catchup with an old friend, dealing with Bare Necessities customer service (some PJ’s I ordered melted when I briefly rested a cup of hot tea on my knee), cooking turkey parmesan and a beef pot pie for weekend dinners, and going to a special meetup with our town’s most awesome new Congresswoman and a lot of young activists.

What gives me the most joy is friends, music, the boys, nature, and the new younger generation environmental protectors/activists. I also love my local food coop, where the food is healthy, reasonably priced and people of every type all pitch in to work and shop together.

I just want to jump into the photo of Mellan and give him about a zillion nose kisses, he is that cute. I love his soulful eyes. Dogs are a joy!

Haul, so it was Black Friday all last week, I still wait for some orders, mostly skincare, I think.
In no particular order I bought Guerlaine Météorites in Light, MJB Steel(etto), Natasha Denona E/S Palette 5, Tom Ford Lipstick 12 Control, Lancome Mascara Grandiose, MAC Cheeky Bits Extra Dimension Blush, MAC Art Library inNude Model,MAC Little Lipstick in Chili and D for Danger, Stila Hide and Chic Foundation in Light 1 and a couple of weeks ago I bought Bare Mineral Foundation Stick in Vanilla. Baqck up for Clinique Take the Day Off cleansing balm, it remains a favourite.
Do I have any thought regarding the haul,
I don’t know why it’s taken years to get Météorites, I love the product and the scent is lovely though I can understand it puts others completely off.
Steel(etto) I waited quite some time before buying this, I love the colour story, it’s easy to get a nice look using the palette, but the sparklier shade was a bit problematic and I had a lot of fall out, next time I guess I’ll use it wet.
The Tom Ford Lipstick, I seem to remember seeing it reviwed here and I think I put it on the WL thinking Something like no way I’m paying that much for TF, well it was rather cheap on the sale and I’m so happy I got it, I love it, it’s comfortable, it sparkles, the colour is great.
The MAC lipsticks are lovely, Chili’s been on my radar for years, D for Danger is just a nice shade for me. I like the minis as they might actually be used up. 🙂 The palette is such a no brainer, easy to use for all the days when I lack inspiration. The blusher nice and easy to use,
I’ve been having issues with a lot of mascaras lately, it’s probably me, and my very hooded eyes, but the Lancome one worked very well last time I had it, so I’m going back, hoping it will still work.
I was quite satisfied with my Bare Minerals stick foundation when I saw a review of the Stila one on Hot and Flashy. I must say that I think Hide and Chick is my number one favourite foundation now.
Sorry for dragging out this haul report, but I think it’s been a year since the last one, as I’ve mostly bought boring things all year due to low buy.

Weekend, seems I stayed up too late doing nothing of importance on Friday, overslept today (Saturday), and will have to clean the garden and plant the last tulips tomorrow.

Three things that bring me joy. My son, my dogs, the view from my sea facing windows.

Haul: CCO (50-75% off) – Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara and Luxe Eyeshadow in Metal Rose, and Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color in Paradiso.

Weekend Plans: We’re seeing Hamilton on Sunday. Watching hockey and football games while catching up on our to do lists.

What brings joy: a hot cup of coffee, the sounds of a hockey broadcast, a good concert, my mother’s laugh, everyime we’re back home enjoying family and friends, favourite places, a board game, my mother’s baking, having a good laugh with my spouse and twin sister, etc.

Haul: Colourpop Going Coconuts palette and PMGL Luxetrance lipstick in Madame Greige, both thanks to Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.

Rediscoveries: I really like the effect of finishing powder, as long as it’s applied lightly and not too matte.

Weekend plans: I attended the first family Christmas get-together with extended family on Saturday, which was really nice and started deep cleaning my house in prep for hosting Christmas.

What are three things that bring you joy?: My husband, my sweet son, and a really good lipstick.

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