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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Clinique Even Better Pop Lip Colour Foundation x28, Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife Set
  • Weekend plans: I have a whole lotta editing to do today (about 900 photos to sift through, then edit), and then I’d like to plan out the next couple of weeks (sort of a “lull” in the season where there aren’t as many NEW releases!). Spend more time with Mellan, take more photos of him.

    Last Friday night, hubby discovered a new lump/bump on him, so I took him in on Monday to have it aspirated. The doctor (not our usual one, though) saw some abnormality on the slides and advised surgery to remove it, but I’m very, very hesitant to put him under given he’s almost 12 years old and has a compromised liver (so it’s harder on his system), so I had the slides sent to pathology, which determined that it was a lipoma (fat pocket) with no evidence of any malignant processes (so benign). We’ll keep an eye on it, as we do all his other fat pockets, though.

  • What kind of accessories do you enjoy wearing the most?: Earrings are really the only one I wear, so definitely those!

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Carolina Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: I bought some things since it’s Black Week and I found some good discounts that I wanted to take advantage of. I bought some Christmas gifts: the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer And Volumiser for my mom, and two sets of three mini Yankee Candles for my boss and for another coworker.
For myself I bought the Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Palette in Light, the Colourpop Going Coconuts Palette, 2 Real Techniques sponges, a BrushWorks Makeup Remover Cloth, The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (hope it helps with my chin and upper lip irritation and spots), the Morphe M436 Mini Duo Blender, Morphe M462 Duo Powder Dome and the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Complexion Master Collection. I never do a haul this big but I really needed almost everything that I bought (except the two eyeshadow palettes that I just really wanted) and I’ve been avoiding it for a long time. I feel a little guilty about the money I’ve spent lol!

Weekend plans: My boyfriend and I are going to a few stores to see if we can find some deals on clothes for him and maybe going for a ride or eat out with some friends. The rest of the weekend I plan to rest.

What kind of accessories do you enjoy wearing the most?: Bracelets and earrings.

Ashley Avatar

I hauled over on ND site some new eyeshadow sets, and you know when I’m busy that’s the one thing about 40% of mornings I don’t wear! I just can’t get enough of the colors and textures though! I rediscovered my Dior original Forever foundation, I don’t think there’s anything like it on the market!
Weekend Plans: to put together some new furniture for my office/ sitting room since I’ve moved it downstairs.
Accessories: I love them all! For me, clothes are chosen after I’ve chosen an eye look, necklace and earrings. Sometimes I build my whole look around my boots.

Valerie Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: stockpile of ND including the 5-pans, Suqqu, Kaleidos; stuff from brands I haven’t tried including MELT, Huda and Glossier; stuff from brands I have tried, including Hourglass, La Bella Donna, Bite, MUFE, Lisa Eldridge, Colourpop

Weekend plans: going to the opera tonight, more thanksgiving stuff and friends tomorrow.

Lipomas are soft and well-defined and never become anything. Glad you had it analyzed.

Nancy T Avatar

Christine, I totally understand what you’re talking about when it comes to spending more time with Mellan. Our babies are elderly. I’ve got one 12 year old cat, Clarissa, and an almost 15 year old, Scunci. Realizing that their time is so limited and that they’re up there in years is pretty sobering and kinda rough, isn’t it? Probably because their love is so pure and true.

Haul (so far!): Ordered Marc Jacobs Jet Girl Luminizer and Bobbi Brown Crushed liquid lipstick in Juicy Date from Sephora. Ordered ND Bloom Cheek Palette from Beautylish. And then placed a mini order with Devinah Cosmetics for Pixy Stix and Starfire duochrome/multicrhome pressed pigments. Then hit Express for 2 pairs of soft, fleece lined, high-waisted jeggings with full pockets. I need these just for comfort, as all my old mid-rise jeans are digging in uncomfortably lately. Might be ordering ABH’s 3 pack, too. Just don’t know where to put it!

Weekend plans: Hair, possibly nails, food shopping on what must be the worst possible weekend for it. I already ordered all my cat supplies, Simple face wipes and GF flour off of Amazon late last night. So the bulky stuff is out of my way.

Favorite accessories? Earrings! Mostly hoops and then studs for my back holes. I also love big pashmina type scarves this time of year.

kjh Avatar

Chewy, Yesstyle, and will do Paula, Deciem, and maybe Zoeva. I just want to remind all readers that one of the most important things to do in sale season is to UPDATE ALL CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS/PAYPAL/ ADDRESS, etc. before starting. I seldom order from Yesstyle, and it’s always a massive frustration. Also suggest using PayPal with updated info on some regular order, to insure that it can be a second option. Holy (Tony) Moly, spending massive time on a Korean site, when I have to finish up my CEUs is not a good use of time! Plans: CEUs (phone is off, dogs are resting, systems go.) Twice cooked turkey for a variation on a classic Chinese recipe. I’ve been off jewelry for a bit, but I like my sets in semi-precious/‘natural’ stones like fossilized coral and sand dollars, ametrine, various jaspers, agates, chalcedony, etc. Love the retro B&W of our man, Mellan. I’ve been wondering how he got his name.

Mariella Avatar

Haul: Shoppers had a bonus points redemption today; I didn’t even know about it and went in just to check if they carried Spice Bomb – they DO and I got it purely using points! I also got another Craving lipstick and Greystone eyeshadow for 25% off at MAC and picked up a sample of the Farsali Liquid Glass Radiance Serum (if I like it, I’ll be picking up the full size).
Weekend plans: groceries tonight, gym tomorrow and then some baking!
Accessory I enjoy wearing: scarves! I wear a lot of black and grey clothing and scarves are a way to bring colour, pattern and interest to that dark background.

Alison Avatar

Well, I hovered around the ND site taking the Biba and the Gold palettes in and out of my basket. I love the ND formula but so many of the palettes have those warm bronzes and coppers I can’t wear. Then I got the half off Bite Agave Lip Balm in Maple. And picked up a few Eminence organics moisturizers because in the end they are price comparable to other brands and I prefer their ingredients. So then I thought I was done. I cooked, served, ate and cleared away the T-day meal, and while others were cleaning up, I went back to the computer, recalled that I had signed in at Beautylish and parked at the page with the ND 28 color palettes. And lo and behold in the brief window of the Green-Brown’s availability at the unheard of price of $167, it said ‘add to cart’ and I did.

Hoping that I am done.

We went to see this movie that was so good. Chris Evans was in it.

The same day we’re gorging on the meal, the cats decided that their go-to canned meal of the last three years was now walk away food. So this weekend begins the experiment of what they’ll next favor.

I like hats and eyeglasses. Aside from 2 rings I never take off, I do wear necklaces in summer, but they are made by artisans who are personal friends, or else from my Mom or something I’ve had for a while. No splurging there — thankfully.

Alison Avatar

It was wonderful. A throw back to an old-fashioned kind of mystery but up tempo and contemporary and satirical. Chris Evan’s Dad is our dentist, and this was the first film role I’ve seen him in. Because I am picky about movies as well as everything else.

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: I picked up the large tub of Farmacy Green Clean when it was 30% off on their site. They also had a gift set with a mini Green Clean, a mask and a moisturizer so I got that also. That is all for my daughter and nothing for myself.

Weekend plans: I am still at my daughter’s until Tuesday since I have an appointment to get her snow tires put on. She has been driving my car because I got my snow tires on at home where there is never a crowd. Here in Kalispell, you have to book a time and so late Monday was the best I could do. I will head home after that. I am passing the time making origami boxes for her Advent calendar so I am keeping busy. It is too cold to be outside. We got down to 8 degrees here last night and with wind chill we were in the double digit negatives. Walking from the car to inside my daughter’s apartment left me with blue fingers. I should have put my gloves on before I got out if the car but usually no matter how cold it is I can make a quick dash and not have to worry. The wind is a killer. We had gusts up to 60 mph on Wednesday.

Accessories: On a regular basis I pretty much only wear earrings but I have quite a lot of jewelry and should attempt to wear it more often. My daughter and I were just discussing going through my jewelry boxes and deciding what she likes and would want to keep and what she isn’t interested in so that I can pair down a bit. The costume jewelry that she doesn’t care for will go into my mixed media pieces.

AJ Avatar

Haul: Nothing! I have successfully resisted Black Friday and pre-Black Friday sales all week. Sephora almost got me with the Melt Impulsive palette being on sale, but do I really need another palette? No, I do not.

Weekend plans: Enjoying a four-day weekend thanks to the holiday (although I don’t get PTO, so it’s gonna cost me). Yesterday we relaxed and ate a lot, today I’m doing laundry and otherwise mostly still relaxing. Lots of time on the couch with a book and tea. Thought about doing the “#OptOutside” thing REI encourages, but it is SO COLD. Tomorrow we’re going to go out, hit a geeky craft fair, then go to one of our favorite neighborhoods for food and shopping. Probably split up a bit so we can do some shopping for each other. Sunday will be some quick errands but mostly staying home, maybe some more chores. Also gotta make time to practice for next weekend’s dance performance (last one of the year), and work on the belt for one of my costumes.

Favorite accessories: Wasn’t this last weekend’s question too? I still love all kinds of accessories 🙂

Glad to hear Mellan’s lump was benign! I think you made the right choice not choosing to have it removed. When Daisy was younger we went through 2-3 “it’s probably nothing but we should remove and biopsy it anyway” incidents, and they were always benign. It seems like a lot of expense and stress even for a younger dog like she was then, I don’t think I would want to put her through it again at age 13. I’d probably adopt more of a “let’s see if it grows before we consider surgery” attitude.

Dandy Avatar

Awww, Mellan! The stresses and worries of having an aging dog, eh…

Haul/Rediscoveries: I wasn’t going to be tempted by all the big sales, and, well, I wasn’t, but my lip balm ran out so I had to buy a new one, and then while I was at it picked up a Wet & Wild clear mascara for ‘stache purposes, and another Australis Velourlips tube out of the clearance box. It’s Lundun, a pink I’ll probably never wear on its own, but it was $3…
The Sephora Lip Creams I ordered last week arrived, too, and were all pretty much exactly what I expected. Audacious Emerald somehow looks BETTER when it gets patchy, Siren Song is super opaque and looks really bright mint green on me, and Stone Blue I immediately gave to a friend as it is exactly the right shade for her style (and that was what I was secretly hoping for ehehe). Score all round. Now I want some more colours…
Weekend plans: Sleep! And maybe some time in the garden.
What kind of accessories do you enjoy wearing the most?: I got the cord of a pendant caught on my new earrings while taking it off the other day. It really hurt, they’re still healing! I’m sticking to rings only for a while. 🙁

Lesley Avatar

I am so glad the pathology revealed nothing serious.

Haul/rediscoveries: Nothing. I am not tempted any any Black Friday sales although I may take advantage of the 3 for 2 mascara sale at Nordstrom tomorrow.

Weekend plans: None. I’m getting over a cold and plan to stay wam by the TV.

Accessories: I have three different pairs of glasses that I treat as accessories. Next would be earrings.

Rachel R. Avatar

I’m glad the lump turned out to just be a fat pocket. I don’t blame you for being wary about putting Mellan under anesthesia.

Haul: I ended up getting the Pat McGrath Divine Rose Palette. I had a bad week, so I said, “Eff it, I earned it.” I was worried I’d regret it, because it seems kind of basic. It’s so beautiful in person, though, and seems more unique than I gave it credit for. PML’s finishes always get me as soon as I see them in person, though. Not good for the wallet.

Weekend plans: Rearranging furniture in my bedroom to fit shelves and the makeup stash in. Some friends might be coming down to get the rest of their stuff out of storage and moved to their new town. If they do, we’ll be helping them load up their U-Haul and visit. I’m going to let the wife see if she wants any of the makeup I’m destashing.

What kind of accessories do you enjoy wearing the most?: I love earrings the most, and I have multiple piercings in my lobes and cartilage. I’m also fond of rings and hair clips.

Genevieve Avatar

Hi Mellon, are you waiting for someone to come and play with you?

Hauls: I’ve taken advantage of some of the Black Friday sales here and purchased enough skincare to last me for a long, long time: Skin Physics Intensive night cream, day cream with SPF 50, serum, some Olay Regenerist day cream and serum, Akin Night firming cream, cleansers etc.
I haven’t been anywhere near Sephora yet and their 15% off does not really inspire me.
As for makeup, I have seen a lot of things that I like, but nothing really I LOVE. And with the international shipping rates, conversions to our poor dollar and import taxes, ordering from US retailers becomes prohibitive – especially when the above is far more than the cost of the products.

Weekend Plans
Saturday – we are going to a friend’s surprise 70th birthday party in the late afternoon and I will be doing some shopping in the morning. I am hoping to get some Christmas presents for my twin sister and others in the sales (if I can get a parking spot that is!)
Sunday, I am going out to my sister’s place on the other side of town to the Taking Shape clothing outlet as they are having 40% off all their clothes. So I am looking to score some bargains there.

Accessories: I usually like to wear necklaces as my favourite accessory when I am going out.

Janice Avatar

Oh, poor Mellan. I went through this with my cat who was 11 years old at the time. At 1st we had a lump on her neck aspirated. But, some months later it grew into a very large bleeding mass on her neck. We were so worried sick. It turned out to be a very large cancerous tumor. She went through the surgery. You can imagine how we felt that day.
Long story short, The surgery was successful. She is cancer free now for 4 years, like a brand new cat! But, now she is 15 years old, & our other one is 13. So, we were just talking about it today, that they are getting older etc. we are soooo very attached to our fur babies. So, I know how you feel, totally. Keep us updated.

Can’t decide what I want to purchase during these sales! That Biba palette is out of stock Really wanted that, as I love ND’s eyeshadow formula. I’ll think about the 5 pans, but as much as a love my shimmers and metallics, I need mattes to ground them, so to speak.

Weekend plans. We live in South Florida. So will be going to the beach and then having dinner outside in a nice restaurant. It’s been in the mid 80’s here, so very warm. . Our son leaves for Georgia for 2 weeks training. Want to spend time with him before he goes. Have to take care of his cats too. He’s on his own, not far from us though.

Christine Avatar

I’m glad that you were able to have a successful surgery and cancer-free for four years!! I read up a ton of cytology and accuracy/reliability, so we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it in case it behaves abnormally (like growing quickly).

Tracey E Avatar

Haul: My Pat McGrath orders came in while I was out of town – Divine Rose eyeshadow palette (10% off) and Ritualist Rose quad (25% off). I’ve been wearing Divine Rose almost nonstop, it’s an easy, everyday wearable palette. No other Black Friday purchases made just yet

Weekend Plans: I’m enjoying the peaceful nature of holidays like this when the city seems quieter than normal. I’ll be enjoying turkey dinners/leftovers, and homemade soup that my spouse makes. Looking forward to shopping the many local businesses who have gift certificate and other sales on this weekend. Our landlord installed a new floor in our kitchen on Friday, so we need to return mostly pantry items back to their regular place.

Accessories: I enjoy wearing earrings and, on occasion, wearing a wrist/arm cuffs.

Shelly Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: I was super bummed when I found out Tati Westbrook didn’t launch Tati Beauty’s “game changing” product for Black Friday!!! So I turned my frown upside down and purchased Jeffree Star’s Northern Lights Supreme and Brainfreeze Pro Highlighting Pallets. Also picked up his gloss in Ice Cold. From NARS I got the Queen of the Night Eye Pallet and the Exposed Cheek Pallet (both limited editions). From Colourpop I purchased eye pallets in Bluemoon and Mar. I was also very curious of Colourpop’s skincare, Fourth Ray Beauty so I picked up the serum “Remedy” with Niacinamide…very impressed of the quality for the price point. Also found a very killer deal on a 10 piece Vasanti Stubby Brush set at Costco of all places. When I price matched it on their website it was a no brainer!!! Last, but not least I finally received my Shawn Dawson Mini Controversy eyeshadow pallet and love it!!!

Weekend Plans: Just relax and hang out with my 3 babies (Doggies) and my husband as well as eat all our amazing leftovers. Maybe take advantage of a few more sales!!!

Accessories:These days I’m not a big accessory wearer…If I wear anything it’s usually just my wedding band and another ring on my right hand. I have an awesome watch I’ve been wanting to wear, but I need to have a few links removed to fit my wrist.


Denise S. Avatar

I sure hope Mellan is okay. Glad you’re going to spend more time with him.
Haul: Melt Muerte palette, Huda Neon Orange, a couple items from Pat McGraft for gifts. Tihota perfume from Luckyscent.
Weekend Plans: Just chilling with my kids. Shopping and eating good food.Reading some great books and new movies to watch.
What kind go accessories do you enjoy the most?
Earrings and necklaces. I don’t feel put together without earrings.

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