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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Clinique Warm Up Palette, Jack Black Black Reserve Body Wash, Tom Ford Girls Lip Colors x3
  • Weekend plans: A lot of new products arrived yesterday and a few more today, so I expect to be busy photographing/swatching a good chunk of that!
  • What’s your favorite book genre?: I like historical romance, and I don’t find that I reach for much outside that genre. I’ve read some fictional books centered around dogs, but they always make me sob. I only like happy endings in my entertainment!

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I wanna hang out with Mellan in your makeup room!

Haul: Went to the Sephora holiday preview sale. I didn’t buy any of the holiday sets, though my friend got the last Milk set (they were gone within 15 mins and she only got one because she was standing there when someone else changed their mind). I did get a replacement for my almost-empty Sephora Collection concealer, picked up the Sephora Cream lip stain in Bohemian Purple (a pretty good dupe for the KvD everlasting liquid lip color Ayesha), and the Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb, which I think is going to look uh-maze-ing under stage lights. Also I picked up a green glow in the dark Sally Hansen nail polish at Target, because how could I resist that?

Weekend plans: I’ve got a massage scheduled tomorrow (yay!), my partner and I will do a date night (though we haven’t decided what to do), and Sunday I’ve got a girl’s night out with a good friend (dinner and drinks at a brewpub, and general chit-chat).

Favorite book genre: Fantasy, but I also read a lot of sci-fi, the occasional romance, a fair amount of graphic novels (mostly of the fantasy and sci-fi genre as well), on rare occasion a horror book, and I always have some sort of non-fiction book (or two) in progress, usually about dance, tea, self-improvement, or some sort of pop-sci thing. I read a LOT is what I’m saying. I’ve always been a big reader and I think one of the best things about being an adult in a comfortable two-income household is being able to buy books whenever I want instead of hoping the next book in the series I’m reading will eventually show up at the used bookstore or library.

Oh! I also picked up a really tiny liner brush so I can experiment with the technique of “pushing” color into my lash line so I get a darkening liner effect without taking up valuable real estate on my hooded lids 😉 Initial experimentation on Saturday was encouraging, so I’m going to keep trying it.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Finally repurchased Hourglass’ Veil Mineral Primer now that Hourglass is available in Finland!

Weekend plans: chopping some firewood and working, things are getting too busy 🙁

What’s your favorite book genre?: I don’t really read any more. It’s a shame, I used to love it and reading gave me so much when I was younger! I read anything and everything I could get my grubby little hands on, lol. I still love N. K. Jemisin’s work and it’s a dream of mine to translate some into my language when I’m older and more experienced 🙂

Haul: Nothing new for me!

Rediscoveries: Natasha Denona Biba palette, my Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lipsticks and my PMG lipsticks.

Weekend plans: Getting a new Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods and shopping at the Disney Store.

What’s your favorite book genre?: I’ll read pretty much anything, but a book has to grab me within a couple of chapters for me to continue reading it. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of sci-fi/fantasy books, thanks to my Kindle Unlimited subscription, and I have loved every second.

Kindle Unlimited (and even Prime Reading) has a really nice selection of sci-fi (and some come with audio narration included), I loved that I got a change to re-read some books in my 30s and be amazed how different is from reading them when I was a teenager. 😀

Mellan is living the life! He looks so chill and comfortable.

Haul: I jumped the shark and bought UD Naked Honey last Saturday. Two weeks before I had planned. Also picked up a few things from Ulta, FAB Pure Skin Cleanser 50% off, and Revolution Pro 24HR Brow Day & Night Brow Pen because I’ve been looking into those pens that have a microblading effect.

Weekend plans: Back to routine! Hair, nails, meeting and laundry.

What’s your favorite book genre? Sci-fi, mystery or historically based novels. Problem is, I hardly ever read books anymore. Mostly due to eyestrain issues. I know I need to get in for an updated eye exam and new glasses, but I hate that whole rigmorale. Although, it sure would be nice to be able to read comfortably again!

I hope you get to an optomitrist soon Nancy, it will be so good for you to get back into books. You have a lovely haul too – how do you find Naked Honey?
How is your daughter going too?

Hi Genevieve! I’ve been trying on some frames lately, I just need to book an appointment with the opthalmologist to get adjustments made to my current prescription so that I can get new ones. The issue is that I have convergence insufficiency due to amblyopia in my left eye, and it’s becoming worse. That, along with regular vision issues (nearsighted, astigmatism and farsighted for up close vision) make for a fairly potent script!
Naked Honey is my FAVORITE UD Naked palette, ever! I’m thoroughly enjoying mine!
My daughter is healing up nicely, so far. It has been a rough go of it, though, with so many procedures all at once. I didn’t hear back from her yesterday, but at 2 weeks out, I’m pretty sure she’s doing fine. Hope to hear from her sometime today, just to be sure.

Haul/Rediscoveries: LC Fairies Highlight palette during Ulta’s 21 Days for haul (along with more RT sponges because they old ones were so janky); rediscovered Catrice In a Rose Garden lipstick

Weekend plans: Therapy, reading for my grad classes, and on Sunday night my husband and I are going to the Winchester Mystery House to see their Halloween stuff.

What’s your favorite book genre?: My home genre is dystopian fiction, but sci fi and fantasy in general are my most favorite, but I read and love so many different types of literature, especially if it has an interesting intersectional kind of focus. Think feminist sci fi, political fantasy, etc. I am getting my MA in Literature and my BA is in Comparative Literature where I read and wrote in English or Spanish, depending on the class. So I will read just about anything when I have the energy, but reading for grad school can take my reading for fun time down significantly.

Christine, have you read Suzanne Kearsley’s historical romances? Most of them have a combo of historical and modern storylines that often meet up, usually set in some part of the UK.

Mellan is such a cutie pie.

Haul/rediscovery: still just trying out all the SG singles I got plus the two recent PM palettes I got during one of her sales.

Weekend plans: have to work outside to fill our weed barrel (it goes out Monday), make some meatloaf, finishing reading a book, etc. Laid back, basically.

Favorite book genre: Nonfiction dealing with all sorts of subjects, including history (especially WWII–one I plan to finish today is Bas**d Brigade); nature (latest books were Truffle Underground and The Mosquito: A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator); cookbooks (yes, I read the recipes); and some biographies (I don’t like that many of them though). I’m a voracious reader but sometimes my book pile from the library is overwhelming.

I find that biographies are so frequently disappointing. I hate when they try to fill things in, like “Surely she must have thought…” If you don’t have enough facts about somebody to write a biography, then don’t pad it with your own assumptions just to make wordcount.

AJ, I so agree. That’s why I don’t usually read them. Every once in a while, a good one comes along, but for the most part, I find them boring with too much stuff made up. I did read a recent one about Dr Seuss that was pretty good: Becoming Dr. Suess: Theodor Geisel and the Making of an American Imagination.

Any other good recommendations for WWII American history books? I’m strangely fascinated by the era, but most of my readings are for the European side (as a born European 😀 ). It’s not the war part that fascinates me more, it’s the `war at home` part. Lately I’m keen on knowing more of the American side (since I live in the US). Last year my `obsession` lead me to plan a road-trip to Richmond to the Rosie the Riveter museum. It was fascinating to me to find out how WWII helped not only women, but non-white and disabled men get into the workforce, just because white men were at war. I was also embarrassingly unaware of the Japanese internments.

Ana Maria, I’ll have to think on that one. Most of the books I’ve read have been about the war as it happened overseas. I know I’ve read about the Japanese internments; Midnight in Broad Daylight is good for showing how the war divided some Japanese families.

One fascinating obscure book that required my library borrowing it for me from an out-of-state library appears to have been recently republished: From Major Jordan’s Diary (also appears to be republished as Major Jordan’s Diary). Definitely not run-of-the-mill reading, it’s a firsthand account by a U.S. Army Officer stationed in the US in charge of helping the flow of Lend-Lease material to the Soviet Union during WWII. He discovered that much more was headed to the Soviets then what the US public thought. Eventually he tried to alert the officials in the U.S. government about what was going on and was told to keep quiet or he’d be shipped to “an island in the South Pacific”. The whole thing has been suppressed (it’s a bit of an embarrassing scandal) but seeing what’s happening nowadays with Russia, it’s an eyeopener. I’m not sure that this would appeal to you since it’s not as much home-front material as it is espionage type stuff, but thought I’d throw it out there anyway.

Hi there! I highly recommend “Inferno: The World at War 1939-1945” by Sir Max Hastings. It is a long but spirited read and the best one volume history of WWII I have ever read.

The title of the Mosiquito book is quite apt – they can be quite dangerous with all the diseases you can catch.
I like reading non fiction books like that too. What SG singles did you get? I have just combed through them looking for shades that I don’t have dupes for. It’s a really good brand.

Genevieve, I got one SG cream–Wish — I love that color of purple and it’s a great cream for applying. Also got its powder dupe Mythical. I’d like to get a couple other creams but I wonder how long they’ll last so probably won’t.

(I’m allergic to chromium so the shades I can buy from SG are limited to those who the owner specifies don’t have it in them. Wonderful owner for working with me about this). Other shades I got:
–Mattes: I got a bunch for figuring out how to deal with my deep-set eyes (mainly by “moving” the crease up a bit; ended up keeping for this purpose Tippy Taupe, San Diego and Grounds. Two good basic outer-V or deep crease mattes are Dark Chocolate and Beyond.
–Shimmers: for toppers/inner part of lid: The Greatest Gift, Winter Garden and Immortal. Good shades for inner and middle part of lid: Mythical, Peace, Strawberries and Cream and Troops. Good shades for middle of lid (need different shade on inner and outer part of lid): Golden Rose, Golden Strawberry, Golden Peach, Magenta Dreams, Hydra and Dive. Good shades for outer V: Rover, Midnight Gold, Defiance, Princess Pay Pay, Sweetheart, Pandora and Slayed. Princess Pay Pay and Sweetheart are practically matte and also work for transition shade too although much bolder than San Diego (which is my go-to transition shade).

What nonfiction have you read that you’ve really liked?

I’ve read a few exciting biographies lately. my absolute favorite biography to date was “the invention of nature” by Andrea Wulf, about a Prussian (at the time) scientist, Alexander Von Humboldt. it chronicles his expeditions to Latin America. it was the most gripping biography I’ve read!
another really good one is “American Kingpin: The epic manhunt for the criminal mastermind behind the silk road”. It reads like fiction but in fact, it’s all very real! it’s the biography of Ross Ulbricht, the founder of a dark web sort of “amazon” where you could buy drugs and the law enforcement agents that captured him.

Haul: I decided to spend my $10 Ulta coupon on NARS lipstick in Dolce Vita. (Like I really need another MLBB shade!) I also picked up a new eyebrow pencil that I’m absolutely in love with: Benefit Goof Proof Shape & Fill in Grey. Finally, a shade that looks truly natural on me!

Weekend Plans: Family get together out our place. Plus the regular chores, etc.

What’s your favorite book genre? I don’t like to read two of the same genre in a row, so I’m always skipping around. It depends on my mood, too. Good writing and a good story are more important to me than genre.

Mellan looks like he’s guarding the makeup!
*Haul for Aug/Sept- Sephora 20% off VIB Rouge – NARS High Pigment Longwear Eyeliner in Mulholland Drive ( love!!), Sephora Lipstories Lipsticks in Fireside, Vacation Goals, Snuggle Weather (don’t care for the fragrance but love the unique colors), The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Diorshow Maximizer 3D Lash Primer, Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40, Sephora Biodegradable Eco Sharpener
*Ulta 20% off Sale – Benefit Boing Cakeless Concealer (returned, sooo drying!), FAB Retinol Eye, It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara, Puerology Nanoworks Gold Shampoo, Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo, Shea Moisture Coconut Hisbiscus Curl Milk, The Body Shop Aloe Day Cream, CosRx Low PH Morning Cleanser
*MAC 25% off – Disney Aladdin Princess Incognito Lipstick
Weekend – hopefully a chance to relax and catch up on the To Do List
*Book Genre- historical fiction

Natasha Denona mini Gold palette
Urban Decay Naked Honey palette
Twinkled T stamping polishes

Weekend plans: The usual chores, then visiting with my parents on Saturday. Facial and then stamping mani on Sunday. I haven’t done much nail art in a while and I’m looking forward to playing with my new plates and polishes.

What’s your favorite book genre?: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense

Haul: I repurchased my MAC paint pot of Vintage Selection because I lost it on one of my vacations. I also recently got the Jackie Aina palette, which I LOVE..

Weekend plans: my son’s soccer game, and then my husband and I are going on a date for the first time in months, and we are going to see two movies (Ad Astra and IT: Chapter 2).

Reading: I love horror, psychological thrillers, some sci-fi, dystopian fiction. Recently, the newest release of the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown came out, so I read that one (Book#5), and I’m re-reading books 1-4. If you like dystopian sci-fi, I’d highly recommend that series! I like to read, so I’ve read a lot of books this summer. The Area X or Southern Reach series by Jeff VanderMeer was weird but interesting.

Haul/Rediscoveries: No haul.

Rediscoveries — The BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette, especially the amazing pink and white highlighters. ABH Matte Lipstick in Dead Roses.

Weekend plans: Today I’m waiting for the Frontier Cable installers to come upgrade my internet. They were supposed to 10 days ago and were no-shows (as is typical), so hopefully they’ll show up today. Otherwise, just the usual shopping and chores.

What’s your favorite book genre?: Fantasy/sci-fi/horror. I love classic English literature, too. I love to read, though, and will read almost anything.

The Carli Bybel palette, next to the Foil Eyes, was one of the best of BH’s big palettes, I think. It would look beautiful on you.
I hope the cable installers come soon. We are all on the National Broadband, and contrary to expectations, the system is not as good as what it was made out to be….

The internet installers stood us up again. I gave them an earful on Twitter. They had us scheduled again for Sept. 24, but never told us! I told them how frustrated and unhappy I was, and if there was a third no show they were in for it. My friend has supervisors’ phone numbers and that will be my next step, along with looking at some smaller providers. The big providers here basically split up territories and have virtual monopolies, so they have horrible customer service. They frequently don’t show up for installs, and the give zero cares about how lousy they are.

Haul: Just a Clinique order:
-> Even Better Refresh Hydrating and Repairing Makeup Foundation. My current foundation is on it’s last leg, I’m actually using and liking the Beyond Perfecting Concealer, and I love the extra added skincare. Hope it will work for me.
-> Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream. Needed a new handcream for work and I liked this before.
-> Birthday Gift: Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm (there’s nothing better than getting for free a favorite)
-> Gift with purchase (all minis): Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, Pep-Start Eye Cream, Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips, Aromatics In White fragrance (this will go in a goodie bag I’m preparing for my mom)
-> Redeemed point: High Impact Mascara (still not spending any dollars on mascaras)

Weekend plans: Returning to the classic a hike on Saturday, opera on Sunday (Die Fledermaus)

What’s your favorite book genre?: I’m more into dark/satirical/classic fantasy (Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, J.R.R. Tolkien), thrillers/horrors (Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen King, Gillian Flynn), classic science fiction (authors like Philip K. Dick, H. G. Wells, George R.R. Martin – just his 80s novels, I don’t like his latest work), Russian and Norwegian play-writing (Ibsen and Chekhov; and yes, I love reading plays, sometimes more than watching them). Sometimes I’ll enjoy a lighthearted classic detective novel (Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) or historical non-fictions.

Ana Maria-
I am really into sci fi, especially golden age, but it sounds like we might have similar tastes. The only Pratchett I have read is Good Omens, and I do love that, but I never know where to start with reading his other work like Discworld. It seems so overwhelming to get into it now!

Good Omens got me hooked on Pratchett when I was in high school. 😀
I’m actually reading Discworld right now, I personally decided to read them in publishing order, even if it makes it a little bit more chaotic. I don’t regret it, as I find the chaos quite fun and I can actually tell how Pratchett writing styles evolves through the series. But at this point I’m just at `Guards, Guards` (8/41).

You can check this website if you want more info on how to decide what books to read in the series:
Some books make great individual reads.

But I would personally say that `Good Omens` and `Discworld` are not necessarily similar reads; you get Pratchett’s style, but they’re somewhat different types of reads from my perspective.

I also like reading plays. I’ve read a lot of them, Shakespeare, Chekhov, Strindberg, Williams, Wilde and a lot of others, I find them scaled of novels, not more than general descriptions of the setting and the characters. I find they make my imagination work when I stage them in my head.
Unfortunately I don’t read much anymore.
I might have to give Good Omens a try now, I don’t think I’ve ever read any Pratchett.

I second the Terry Pratchett Discworld recommendations!
I didn’t read them in published order. I read them as series. The three outstanding ones for me are the Witches series, the Guards series, the Tiffany Aching series (aimed at young adults) and the Death series. I feel like you cannot go wrong if you start with guards! guards!
you will laugh frequently and out loud!

have you ever read the wheel of time by Robert Jordan? it’s 14 novels (it’s a bit long) but it’s finished and most importantly, the timing is propitious as it is currently being adapted into an amazon TV series. it is my favorite series of all times.

I just can’t get over how cute Mellan is and the way he looks at you so lovingly. I would love to get a dog but my daughter’s cat is a terror to dogs and while she will be back living with my daughter very soon, she will still be coming to visit me. I couldn’t put a dog through that but cat’s rarely look so lovingly at the human!

Haul: So, I have purchased a couple of things this week but haven’t received anything yet. While visiting my daughter I went into the Sephora in the JC Penny’s and picked up a couple of samples. I got an Ole Henricksen Dark Spot corrector and Phat Glow Facial Mask, Murad dark spot toner and another package of the Peace Out Hyperpigmentation dots. I am into all things hyperpigmentation lightening right now! So, after using up the samples I decided to go ahead and pick up a full size of each of the products and give them a one purchase try out and see if they work. I mean obviously, a sample isn’t going to do much but I wanted to spot test to make sure I wasn’t allergic and I wanted to try the consistency. One of the products, and right now I can’t remember which one, but one was very watery and the other is very viscous. I know it isn’t true but a lot of the time, if something feels like I am just putting water on my face, I wonder whether it is really doing anything? Also, the Murad product has hydroquinone in it so I will only use that product for a month before giving my skin a break. I am planning on using the products one at a time so that I know which one is working, if they do. I also picked up the Vintage Rose palette from Give Me Glow Cosmetics. I have to blame Tarababyz for that purchase.

Weekend plans: Not much. We are definitely into fall and winter weather. I had to turn my heat on yesterday which for this time of year is unheard of. It rained so hard that we had little mini flash creeks running to the river. I am not mentally prepared for winter but Mother Nature listens to no man! I am doing some organizing to get ready for my daughter’s move but other than that not much happening.

Book genre: I am a crazy quick reader and will read anywhere from 2-4 novels a week. I grew up reading encyclopedia’s and my whole family teases me about it but I love that sort of thing and I really enjoy doing research. I pretty much will read anything except horror and some sci-fi. My preference is for historical work and I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction. I love the classics and can’t tell you how often I have read Jane Austen’s work. I have probably read Pride and Prejudice several hundred times during the course of my life and it isn’t even my favorite of her novels! I do love me a good romance novel, too. I really enjoy biographies and autobiographies. I guess history would be the overall theme of most of my reading.

I hope you get a little bit more sunshine Deborah before the winter sets in for you. I guess you have to prepare for winter (physically and mentally) the same way we have to prepare for summer and the intense heat. I am not looking forward to it at all. Last summer was brutal.
In the parts of Australia that my son and I just travelled to have had lots of bushfires already and it was so vulnerable to them because of the extreme drought they are experiencing.
That’s a lovely lot of skincare products you have got and I hope they work well too. Have a relaxing weekend Deborah.

Hi Genevieve,
I know what you mean about preparing mentally and in all honesty, I would rather prepare for winter rather than a very hot summer. I find as I have aged that I don’t tolerate the heat very well. As Helene mentioned below, you can always add clothes but there is only so much you can take off!!
Yes, I am into spending my money on skin care more these days. I really didn’t have much hope that the Peace Out Microdermabrasion patches would work so when they started actually showing some lightening and decrease in size I decided to go all in on the spot correcting products. I am looking at a few at The Inkey List as they seem to have some promising products and at such a good price point. I am still battling a few break-outs even though I stopped the CBD oil more than a week ago. That is the only new product I have added and I never get break-outs so I am still thinking it was the oil. I am not going to be trying anymore CBD for quite a while.

I would love to see an update later on the Murad Toner. I don’t think the other brands are available here, but of course they are probably, hopefully available on line. For someone who does a lot of on line shopping it’s strange how I forget it exists 🙂
It’s very autumn-y here as well, nice and sunny today though. I must say I’d rather have the winters than the summers in the really hot parts of the world. I can always add clothes, but nothing helps when it’s over 35 degrees Celsius.

I will certainly keep you updated as I use the product. I am going to start with the Murad product first since it is the one with hydroquinone and potentially has the greatest chance of being effective because of the hydroquinone. Over the years I have focused more on covering the sun spots with concealer rather than actually trying to banish them. I mean I have used products that claim to work on dark spots but the ingredient list doesn’t contain anything that would likely help. If money were no option and I lived someplace where I could readily see a dermatologist, I would likely spring for some laser treatments. The closest place that I would trust is in Seattle and that is an 8 hour drive away. I wouldn’t want to have a procedure, go home and then have a complication requiring me to go back in.

8 hours, that’s a long drive. I’m a bit scared of laser treatments, not of the laser itself, but the after part. I still have to walk the dogs, and there are some days after laser that I’d much rather not go out 🙂
I I can get results with a skin care product, I’d be really happy. As it is my spots are hard to cover, so I just let them do the opposite of shine through the foundation.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the Murad product to work wonders!

Haul/Rediscoveries: n/a

Weekend plans: Catching up on a MOUNTAIN of emails, also binge watching Downton Abbey with my mom

What’s your favorite book genre?: Romance, preferably of the not-super-cheesey variety. I like some angst. I used to be really into fantasy a few years ago, but none of the newer stuff has piqued my interest. Ofc I’ll reread Harry Potter every once in a while though.

Lately, I’ve also been into non-fiction, especially if it’s related to the social sciences or biology.

Hauls: I think this was more than a week ago, but I picked up CoverGirl Exhibitionist lipstick in Feelings (love a good purple!) from the clearance bin at Target for less than $3. I also got Urban Decay Heroine, but haven’t worked up the guts to wear it in public yet. I’m also at the point where I need to restock on skincare, so I got CeraVe cleanser and eye cream, and Paula’s Choice AHA gel and Peptide Booster is on its way to me.

Rediscoveries: Revlon Bombshell Red lipstick, Maybelline Believer Liquid Lip (tends towards patchiness, but the color is perfection).

Weekend plans: List some stuff that’s been cluttering up the bedroom on Poshmark.

What’s your favorite book genre?: Pop science and history for nonfiction, a pretty broad variety of fiction, but I’m currently binging Terry Pratchett novels.

Aw Mellon, you look so sweet in your favourite spot next to Mumma!
Haul: My Sephora lipsticks came this week – Hong Kong by Night and Festival Lights. And they are very, very nice.
I ordered the Pixi Beauty Reflex Light palette too, Christine had done the swatches, so it was easy for me to see what the shades were really like. They look like the kind of shades I was looking for.
As a bit of an impulse buy, I purchased the Flower Beauty Shimmer and Shade Golden Natural palette, on sale at Chemist Warehouse and it is surprisingly good. A bit of fallout on one shimmer golden shade and I think you do need a primer underneath, but otherwise more of what I had hoped the UD Honey palette would have been. At least I can use all the shades.

Weekend Plans:
Friday – It has been surprisingly warm the last couple of days. I had both Olivia and Lachlan over and we spent quite a lot of time at the nearby park. It worked out well because there were lots of other children for them to play with too. Nonna was pretty tired at the end of the day.
Saturday: A date with the ironing board, shopping and cleaning.
Sunday: Hopefully a drive out somewhere nice for a Sunday lunch…..

Favourite Reading Genre: Now that is hard, because I love reading. I tend to favour Crime Fiction and mysteries. However I also love Non Fiction books on Palaeontology, Tropical Medicine, Rivers and other topics that catch my interest.
I did use to buy a lot of books, but I have found that since my local library has been updated, nearly all of the new releases have been purchased, so I am quite lucky.

My library is the same. They usually have the new upcoming releases and a great system in which patrons can request that the library buy or borrow titles that aren’t in their catalog. I’ve nudged them into buying many books….

I wish we had such a well stocked library! however, there’s a very impressive online second hand book retailer where I live. I end up ordering all my books and DVDs there and paying a very low postal delivery fee. plus it feels good to buy stuff local instead of using amazon for everything

Rediscovery: Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder (my shade is 03 organza caramel). This is such a high quality mattifying powder. It’s been forgotten about over the years as I started using Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder, which is good but doesn’t keep my skin matte for the whole day like the Givenchy powder. I recently bought it during the 20% off Sephora Australia sale and realised what a truly great product it is and it’s worth the investment.

Haul/Rediscoveries: The only thing I can think of that counts is that I’ve been wearing Revlon Super Lustrous Wine with Everything Pearl lipstick a lot this week.
Weekend plans: Worked all day and got groceries today. Not sure about tomorrow or Sunday, other than watching some of tomorrow’s SVU marathon.
What’s your favorite book genre?: In fiction, I care about the author (I know a Stephen King book will always be good) or the plot (I’m currently reading Naomi Alderman’s The Power because I was interested in the plot-women suddenly develop the ability to electrocute men) more than the genre. My nonfiction tastes bounce all over the place.

Haul: I got my ipsy box and it was the best box I have ever received. I finally got to tried Ofra highlighter and it was amazing. It was a lot more natural looking than I thought, but you can build it up, and it lasts all day. The blush in the Ofra x madison palette was perfect for my skin tone. Also got a wanderbeauty brow pencil in Taupe which was fine. I thought it was too light for me by looking at it, but it actually was perfect for my highlights.

Rediscovered: ABH Modern Renaissance. I have tried playing with it so many times and had decided that it was not for me. I used it with Pat McGrath Labs Mthrshp Sublime Bronze Ambition to add just a little bit of matte and burgundy, and… it was my best makeup look today. I was so proud of myself.

Weekend plan: Soccer mom on Sat, and birthday party on Sun.

Favorite book genre: Fantasy, but nothing Sci-fi or futuristic. I just don’t like machine and things in metals.

Haul: Chanel Ombre Premiere Top Coat in Penombre, Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to Hypnotise, Haus Labs Metalhead and Dynasty collections (each includes liquid eyeshadow, lip pencil, and gloss), and Bobbi Brown (25% off) Luxe Shine Intense Lipsticks in Desert Sun, Passion Flower, and Claret (+GWP full size Luxe Matte Lipstick in True Pink).

Weekend Plans: Breaking out a new food processor, catching up after a week away, and trying not to melt. The hot and humid weather continues in spite of the rain and the calendar month of September. I have been so uncomfortable the past few nights I told my husband I wished for snow. I love a long Fall but if Fall carries on the misery of what a Midwest summer is becoming, I’d rather winter. On a serious note, this points to our need to find a different place to live, one that has central air.

Favourite Book Genre: Nonfiction.

Haul: Not sure it qualifies as a haul Bare Minerals stick foundation, it is very natural and as I apply it very sheer it just evens my skin out, I quite like it, and the beet thin, it doesn’t sit in my pores making me look like a polka dotted salami slice (some foundations actually have that effect, it’s not pretty!).
I’m waiting for an eye shadow palette and a lipstick from Coloured Raine, it taked a long time to get things from the US, though I’m still waiting for some lipsticks from Colour Pop that I ordered on the International Lipstick Day, and that was a long time ago, I should probably investigate where they are, stuck in costumes, probably.
I did order some MAC good byes, though when I read the list I was amazed by the fact they had Up the Amp, Violetta and some of my other favourites there.

Weekend: Half way through now. I’m going to plant the roses and other stuff I bought last week, I bought some for me new roses, they honestly didn’t have a great selection, probably as it’s the end of the season. I did buy as mulberry tree, it’s very small now, it’ll be interesting to see it grow, if it likes its designated spot and does indeed grow at all. So gardening it is for the weekend.

Book genre: Due to my depression and high anxiety I don’t read much anymore. I used to love reading and I miss it so much. I read anything and everything, I think I have a special fondness for the classics but also for autobiographies and well researched biographies, non fiction history and archaeology, books about actors and films, fashion through the ages, knitting, sewing, cooking (though absolutely dislike doing the cooking). In non fiction it’s mostly the aforementioned classics and crime, also plays, some fantasy, mostly the stories in World of Warcraft, yes I still play. I sit in my combined library/sewing/dining/office room and look at my overstuffed bookshelves if I was somewhere else I would not have realized I had so many books and interests.

Mellan is such a darling. It was a lovely little film!

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