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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing that I bought this week has arrived, actually… I’m pretty sure I only made one Sephora order this week (gasp!), which were a few Marc Jacobs eyeshadows (they looked new).
  • Weekend plans: The usual — writing reviews, looking up and submitting dupes, and hang with hubby and Mellan. His blood results came back, and they are improved, so now we’re hoping it was just a reaction to prednisone and that the dose adjustment will give him some pain relief and control his IBD but not make his liver go haywire. Fingers and paws crossed!
  • What are you looking forward to in the next season?: I’m looking to some cooler temps–it’s been brutally hot here in Arizona this past month. I feel like every other day is an excessive heat warning! I try to think of Arizona’s summer as other people’s “winter,” where they might be shoveling snow or dealing with wet, dreary days on end…

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Haul/Rediscoveries: Oh gosh, not a lot. I did re-purchase my favorite Milk mascara because I’m out – I picked up the full size in the original formula, and a mini in the waterproof formula. I’ll see what I like more.

Weekend Plans: Not a lot. I might put some hours in the Final Fantasy VIII Remaster I’ve waited nearly a decade for. It’s a beautiful jolt of nostalgia. I may also do some writing too, I’m a month behind on my chapters.

What are you looking forward to in the next season?: Pumpkin everything and I guess the crisp mornings. Fall in New Mexico is absolutely nothing like fall in Kansas and I’m still trying to warm up to it so-to-speak, three years since my move. I might try some day hikes in the early fall to see if I can make myself love the difference.

Haul: Viseart Absinthe palette and MAC Creme in Your Coffee a la Ulta sale.

Rediscoveries: Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Kitten and since I’ve started the switch to fall tones, some of my brownier nudes.

Weekend plans: Visiting with my best friend to celebrate our birthdays (our birthdays are a week apart).

What are you looking forward to in the next season?: Cooler weather, sweaters, and watching the leaves change. I always get distracted driving in the autumn season because I love the colors of the leaves so much!

Mellan has the sweetest long beak. Ah, that makes me miss my own big yellow doggo.

I’ve surprised myself by wearing the Lunar Beauty Strawberry Dream palette every day this week. It’s surprising how versatile it is, considering what it looks like when you open it up! I can’t do a nude eye, but you CAN make three really pretty greens by mixing the gold Horizon with either Blue Sky, Haze (deeper blue), or Storm Cloud (matte brown-leaning purple). It’s nice to find something I can really play with.

My thoughts are with Mellan for more good test results.

Haul: The only beauty product I got this week was my birthday gift from Ulta—a mini NARS Lipstick in the shade Pour Toujours. But I was disappointed by the very light shade and stiff formula. It makes my lips look chalky and dry. I wonder why they chose this shade as the birthday gift instead of a more universal shade.

Weekend Plans: Visiting family, chores

What are you looking forward to in the next season? Cooler temperatures and the end of hurricane season (though it’s still a long way off).

Are you being affected by the latest round of hurricanes Seraphine? I have read about how destructive Dorian is and I hope that you are OK.
Best wishes for your birthday too.

Thank you, Genevieve. We just got some of the far outer bands, but nothing serious, thank goodness. A bit of rain and breezy conditions, mostly. But what happened in the Bahamas is horrifying. They can use all the help they can get.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Fragrances! I used to be a bit of a perfume buff some years ago and still have a modest but serviceable collection – and a box full of samples I just forgot about at some point. I went through it all and sorted them into keep, test and pass on boxes, and I have been working on the test box this week. I also discovered that an old favourite, Fan di Fendi Extreme, was discontinued, as was Issey’s Pleats Please line, and was lucky enough to find discounted bottles, so that’s what’s coming to me next week! I’m so happy!

Weekend plans: Trying to get over a persistent flu and figuring out what to do with my car that needs extensive and thus expensive repairs… wish me luck!

What are you looking forward to in the next season? Putting away summer things and getting out the warmer stuff! Temptatures have dropped and the birches are turning yellow, and for a couple weeks the woods are alight with them before they turn brown and fall. Also berry-picking and hopefully continuing my university studies. It’s going to be exciting!

If you didn’t get a nasal swab to confirm true influenza, maybe you have what I call faux flu. Officially called viral syndrome or influenza-like illness. The two are very similar, with high temp, feeling godawful, and total body symptoms. The difference is, with ILI, you get massively confused, and all the symptoms, including the delirium like aspect continue, after the fever breaks. Most people wind up in the hospital, but of, course, why go, because they’re only going to give you Tylenol and fluids, and you can do that at home. First I looked after my friend (who was in the ER~15 hours, because I think they don’t admit you) so we had 4 dogs who were pretty confused, themselves. I found my friend on my porch at 3A, with her fist raised to the moon, arguing st the top of her lungs with invisible, imaginary people. I thought the neighbors would call the police. Of course, when I had it a few months later. I realized I could not do meaningful work, so I proceeded to misplace a bunch of m/u, put the coffee pot in the cabinet, etc. I knew if I drove, i’d get lost. Eventually, I watched tv, because reading retention was zero. It was far worse than the real flu I had in 76, not a misprint. I recovered reasonably quickly, but my friend was still out of it a month later. The sickest i’d been in decades. I think the earmark of faux flu is the confusion. Not good. Hope you don’t have that one, but, hey. There’s nothing to do but fluids and bring down the fever for either one of them. Good luck.

Oh god that sounds awful! I havent had a test because what can they do with the results except prescribe ibuprofen and fluids, like you said. If it doesn’t let uo by Monday i’m going to see the nurse though. I’ve been lucid throughout so it’s probably not ILI, thankfully! Just bored out of my mind, I even reorganized my toiletries and made a budget for the next 12 months, but cant do anything physically demanding, lol. Lots of time to think and plan. Thank you, hope you stay healthy for the next couple decades as well 🙂

So glad to hear Mellan’s bloodwork looked good 🙂

Haul: Nothing yet but I’m going to Sephora later!

Weekend plans: I’ve got a friend visiting all the way from The Netherlands so I am having fun showing her around. Not sure what all we’ll do but there’s going to be Sephora, tea, a farmer’s market, ice cream, bookstores, lots and lots of walking, probably some makeup play time…

What I am looking forward to in the coming season: Pumpkin Spice Everything. Wearing boots. Halloween-themed belly dance shows. Reaching the end of “people visiting us” season.

I got a 20% off coupon from Sephora saying they “missed me” during the recent sale. Since I am off work today I went an picked up Cover FX Warm Honey blush, which I wanted before, but your desert island status pushed me over the edge.

I got a 15% off coupon today in the mail, seems they didn’t miss me that much. 😆
I still don’t need anything, but if there will be nice options in the perk points offers this weekend I might stock-up with some Verb Ghost Oil; it’s also my birthday month, might as well get that Drunk Elephant gift.

Haul: I made an order from MAC (they have the 25% sale) and got a new eyebrush and `Antiqued` eyeshadow (I was missing a copper in my collection). I received a brown eye pencil as a birthday gift (which was exactly on point, I need to replace my current one soon).
I love MAC brushes, for aesthetics I try to switch to only MAC brushes slowly; but I’m never buying a brush if it’s not with their quarterly (I think) 25%. 😀

Rediscoveries: How much I like Estee Lauder powder foundation as a setting powder.

What are you looking forward to in the next season? I’m also looking for the cooler weather, but because hiking had been brutal in the summer heat even in the forests / redwoods! I’m looking forward to sweater weather! The clothing and style I like the most is `autumnal`. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll wear my booties and combat boots even in summer. But it’s too hot for sweater and layering.

I’m also looking forward to less awkward looks when I wear bold lipstick (love me some deep burgundy)… I wear them year round, but somehow people stare less in the cooler weather.

That’s very promising news about dear Mr. Mellan’s blood levels! I’m sure you both breathed a little easier after receiving those results. 💕🐶💕

Haul: What a bizarre string of mishaps there have been! One good one, though. My Ofra Covent Garden highlighter arrived on Tuesday despite no shipping notification, so that was a happy surprise! Looks gorgeous on, too! However….my Ulta order that I placed on Monday for the Foreo Luna Play Plus and Ofra Bali Highlighter got majorly BOTCHED on Ulta’s end. So I still don’t know if or when I will receive those 2 items. They tried to blame PayPal, but their claim was disproven, and they have yet to make things right. Due to this, I might never order anything online from Ulta again. I also ordered from Pat McGrath one of her lip balms in Ultra Vixen and the Subversive mini palette. Those are due to arrive Monday. My corrected order from Sephora is out for delivery today. They still haven’t sent me the shipping label for that box of stuff I received last week, though. It’s still sitting in my walk-in closet.

Weekend plans: This is a tough weekend. My daughter went in for surgery today for a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, sinus tissue reduction, biopsy of the excess tissue growth and they are also repairing a deviated septum. This is oddly being done outpatient, which strikes me as peculiar because this surgery is so much more risky on an adult than a child. So, of course, I’m worried sick for her. Therefore, my weekend is basically standing at on-call just in case she needs me to come over to her home. Otherwise, just doing my hair and trying to make my meeting Sunday. And lots of deep praying for my daughter!

What are you looking forward to in the next season? Please; RAIN!!! And for goodness sake, please, no more 110°F days!!! Yes, just like you said Christine, this is AZ’s version of other folk’s winters. As in, we tend to hibernate and stay cooped up in summer here just like they all do during the dead of winter! I did that when we still lived in NJ. But these summers here are far more brutal than the cold and snow are, I feel. One can at least bundle up and stay warm usually, however, cooling off after being exposed to 110° and above is another story entirely!

Haul/ rediscoveries- I had a good week in that regard, KKW so fire eyeliner trio , x mario lip gloss, and highlighter palette, Pat McGrath mini eyeshadow palette ( which for price looks amazing!!) and some Chi hair products.
Weekend plans- shoulder is still recovering and hurt ither onr so a lot of physical therapy this weekend.
Looking forward to – just some not 100 degree days in Tampa

Hi Lesley, she’s still in surgery. It was scheduled for a 10 a.m. check-in, so by the time they anestesized her, it may have been 11 or so. I haven’t heard anything yet via text that she’s out yet. I’m hoping she’ll be out soon, too.

Thank you, Lesley. She did get out around 3 p.m from the multiple surgeries and was doing relatively well all things considered. But my poor girl is in a lot of pain with a long recovery ahead of her.

Best wishes for your daughter Nancy and I do share your concerns regarding the whole set of procedures being done as an outpatient. You would think that she would be required to spend at least a couple of days in hospital to minimize any post operative problems she may experience. She will probably feel quite unwell for a week or so whilst recovering and it could be quite painful too. My prayers are going your way!
Let us know how she fares.
We are praying for rain too and our summers seem to be so much like yours. I think, like you said, that you can always warm up if it’s cold, so much harder to cool down when it’s hot. I find myself hiberating in summer far more than what I do in winter. I hope autumn comes your way very soon!

Thank you, Genevieve. She didn’t get out of the facility until around 3 p.m., I believe. She sent me a pic that broke my heart. She was obviously in a ton of pain and had packing securing her nose in place. It actually hurt to see her like that, and makes me question our medical standards here with not keeping patients at least overnight for observation. Idk, but I really hate that this is standard practice here now.

Sadly, more and more surgeries are being done on an outpatient basis. As an RN, I was initially really worried that there would be very negative outcomes. So far though, there haven’t been and so more and more procedures are being added to the outpatient lists. It is of course driven by money. The whole practice started because of Medicare/Medicaid. When the government stopped paying for over night stays and Drs. and hospitals were eating the cost of the lengthened stays, they started bumping people out early. When nothing bad happened then the private pay insurance companies started doing it also and then more and more procedures were added to the list. Some of it has to do with the comfort level we have with certain procedures and usually you will see when a new procedure comes along they will keep them in the hospital and as they get better at it they bump them out. My sister had almost the exact same procedure as you daughter. She had it around 2007. We had not routinely been letting these types of surgeries go home because of risk of increased swelling and difficulty breathing but they sent her home and I stayed with her. It is very painful surgery and my sister does not have a good pain threshold. That combined with mouth breathing because of the stents they put in the nose and she was miserable. Once the stents come out then she started to get better pretty quickly. Luckily, I got the Dr. to give her liquid pain medication as opposed to tablets or capsules which I am sure she wouldn’t have been able to swallow. I will keep your daughter in my prayers and you too, Nancy.

Good new about Mellan. Praying for good blood test results.

Haul: Pat McGrath Mini-Subversive Palette, Viseart Dark Edit Eye Shadow Palette, Volition Strawberry-C Brightening Serum (25% off), and LunatiCK Labs Take My Heart Palette.

Weekend plans: My husband and I are taking a three-day trip to belatedly celebrate our anniversary (our 28th anniversary was Aug. 31). We’re going to visit the Maryville House Museum, the Stonehenge replica, and some other attractions in the same area in WA.

What are you looking forward to in the next season?: Cooler weather and being able to wear sweaters again. I love sweaters. Being able to wear more eye makeup because it’s not so hot out. My birthday and Halloween in October.

Congratulations on your 28th anniversary, Rachel! Hopefully, you have a wonderful time on your 3-day getaway, too. You 2 deserve to have a happy time together, so enjoy!🎉🎊

Congratulations Rachel to both you and your husband on your wedding anniversary. I hope you enjoy your three day break, visiting museums and local attractions. Have a lovely time.

Haul/ rediscoveries- I had a good week in that regard, KKW so fire eyeliner trio , x mario lip gloss, and highlighter palette, Pat McGrath mini eyeshadow palette ( which for price looks amazing!!) and some Chi hair products.
Weekend plans- shoulder is still recovering and hurt ither onr so a lot of physical therapy this weekend.
Looking forward to – just some not 100 degree days in Tampa

Such good news about Mellan! He is a very handsome guy (but he knows that).

Haul/Rediscoveries: Sephora was offering DS of the new Charlotte Tilbury foundation so I ordered a travel size of Not A Perfume from Juliet Has A Gun (talk about unfortunate product names!) to satisfy the minimum purchase. I am wearing the foundation today but I don’t know yet if I like it as much as the original Fenty or even the $7 C.Y.O. foundation.

Weekend plans: The usual farmers market and tomorrow, women’s tennis.

What are you looking forward to in the next season?: Resuming my adult ed classes in art history and music history. But I am a warm weather person and always am sad to see summer go.

Good news about Mellan and I hope he continues to do well! I’m curious as a pet mom myself…do you have pet insurance? I know all those tests are expensive and after what I went through with one of my cats (she developed diabetes), I now have pet insurance for all my fur babies.

Haul: One of the new Marc Jacobs Omega eye shadows (Moment-O!), the Viseart Dark Edit palette, ABH Norvina Vol. 1 (which came smashed since Sephora no longer knows how to package fragile items with care), and ColourPop’s Baby Got Peach palette. A couple of other things I’ve ordered have yet to arrive.

Weekend plans: Nothing new except NY Giants football.

Looking forward to next season: Fall weather. NY Yankees in the playoffs.

Hi Christina,

I do have pet insurance, though not all of his issues are covered as pet insurance isn’t equal; his heart-related problems were not covered by anyone (discovered at his first vet visit so not covered, even though he’s been enrolled in pet insurance since we got him!), and his first insurance used large categories with lifetime maximums so I had to switch to another insurance company (annual limits) but then several of his problems were pre-existing.

That’s kind of crappy that they considered his heart-related problems to be pre-existing; I realize it was his first vet visit but there should be some kind of allowance so that good people like you can continue to care for their pet’s special needs and not give up on them. I’ve had my cats insured since they were kittens, but for my poor baby who was diabetic, I didn’t have insurance and just paid everything out of pocket. It’s what you have to do when you want the best for your pets.

Christina , I’m so glad your pup is doing better, I’m such an animal lover, I just signed up to train as volunteer at humane society. I went today and those pups, I want to take them all home ❤️ .
Rachel , many congrats!!
Nancy, saying extra prayers for your daughter. I’ve had that surgery and it was very painful. I did outpatient but they made me get a hotel close to hospital for a week. If it wasn’t for my mom taking care of me , I would’ve been a hot mess

Haul: I think the only things I bought this week were 2 MAC eyeshadows (Vanilla and Plumage) in the pro pans and that was just because of the 25% off though I am particularly happy with Plumage.

Weekend plans: I’ve got a training session tomorrow morning (I’ve started to work out with a personal trainer again and do I EVER feel it!) and, sadly, on Sunday, we have a cremation to attend ( a cousin of my husband’s has been battling cancer for a while and the last few months have not been good at all; his daughter and his partner have cared for him ’round the clock as it was his wish to die at home; there was nursing care for the meds and such but L and L were with him 24/7, taking it in shifts; it has been dreadfully hard and exhausting for them).
What am I looking forward to: also the cooler temps, fall clothing (I love tweeds, wool flannel and challis skirts and pants, etc.), being back at school and having that routine and fun contact with students; also, starting to plan our trip to Denmark in the spring/early summer.

That’s really sad news Mariella and it must have been so difficult for all concerned too. It’s never easy to watch someone suffer and the painkillers only work for so long. My condolences to you all.
I hope you get to experience some lovely autumn weather in the coming weeks, my favourite season. Planning a trip to Denmark will be so exciting. Are you going to Norway as well?

Haul: Ulta: Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50 in the non-tinted and the tinted version. I use the non-tinted and my daughter uses the tinted. Essence Lash Princess False Effect mascara. I haven’t tried this before and after watching Taylor rave about it for a couple of weeks, I decided to pick it up. I also got the Revlon So Fierce mascara that she uses with it, Ofra Star Island highlighter and Buxom lipstick in Powerhouse. I was looking for a specific shade to wear with a particular blouse and finally decided to pick Powerhouse up. It is a warmer leaning red which I don’t wear, at all. I am mostly a cool red person but having one warm red isn’t a bad thing.
Sephora: Peace Out Microneedling Dots. I purchased this so that I would have a full two weeks of product to use for my initial testing. I have one more application before giving my final thoughts.

Weekend plans: Not much. We have had rain for the past couple of days and I am enjoying it because it has dampened down the smoke from a fire in Eastern Washington. I have this feeling that fall/winter are coming early so need to prepare for that both physically and mentally. I am continuing to work on furniture for my daughter’s first solo apartment. Luckily she has everything she needs. I had purchased a sofa for her when she was living off campus in Missoula so she can take that and she has a vintage bedroom set that includes a bed, dresser and vanity. We had painted them with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Grey with Pure White accents. She wanted a couple of tables and a multi-drawer storage unit painted to match so that is what I am doing.

Next season: While I am usually heartily tired of snow by the end of the winter season up here, I do really love that all the summer tourists are gone and I don’t have to deal with them anymore. In such a small town, pop < 300, when the summer rolls around our pop increases by literally thousands as they all come to boat, swim, water ski etc on the river/lake in front of my house. That is great but having trailers, RV's, and all terrain vehicles parked wherever there is a wide spot in the road is tiring. There are three bars in this little berg and having cars parked 3 and 4 deep and out onto the highway is really annoying. Plus it takes up all the space that the locals who travel to the bar via tractors, need for parking, LOL! I like making soups and casseroles so that is another plus.

I can understand why you would want your lovely little village back to yourselves come autumn and it must be so beautiful where you live. The traffic would be so annoying.
Your daughter’s furniture sounds lovely and I really like the shades chosen too.
Where is she going to live?
I think the Buxom Powerhouse lipstick looks gorgeous and it would one that I would happily wear, if I didn’t have so many lipsticks already in that shade..
Enjoy your weekend Deborah.

Hi Genevieve,
My daughter worked the summer in Glacier National Park. The park straddles the U.S. and Canadian borders and the umbrella name for the park is The International Peace Park. About 90% of the venues on both sides are owned by one parent company called Pursuit. They like to staff the venues with a wide range of different people from all over the world. The work is just seasonal but they provide housing and food via a stipend. Depending on what area you are working, they have contracts that go from May to September. Glacier National Park is a special place to both my daughter and I so she was anxious to spend the summer up there and to be able to hike on her days off. So her contract ends in about 3 weeks and she decided to stay up in Columbia Falls, which is a town just about 15 minutes from the park. She took a job in retail and rented an apartment (her first by herself) and she is excited to be on her own and also to have her cat, Sophie, with her. She plans on doing the contract again next summer so this is a filler job. She has made several friends and they have all decided to stay and find winter work and then go back to the park in the spring. I am so happy for her but it is a little sad, also. I have been blessed to have had her here with me for longer than most mom’s do but doesn’t make it any easier.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I’ve been bad with the 21 days of beauty – bought Creme in the Coffee MAC lipstick yesterday and then the Estee Lauder dual concealer after seeing NikkiMakeup use it so frequently. Also bought my Celestial Storm palette this morning and am now impatiently waiting.

Weekend plans: Turning in my two weeks at my part time tomorrow, then going and playing with my bff at Ulta probably lol.

What are you looking forward to in the next season?: The start of a new job, an end to this miserably hot summer. The chance to see my bff, and maybe going to see MR on Broadway for my birthday if I can swing it lol.

Haul: Natasha Denona mini Tropic and Pat McGrath Submersive that just got released. I have no idea why I just bought colourful eye shadow when I am definitely a neutrals girl but I’ll give it a whirl.

Plans: Family coming from The Netherlands tonight but might go to Spruce Meadows Masters tomorrow.

Haul/Rediscoveries: No new purchases or discoveries.
Weekend plans: Worked all day and bought groceries today. At some point we’ll be doing laundry and probably looking for 3-way LED light bulbs for touch lamps. And of course tomorrow is the weekly SVU marathon.
What are you looking forward to in the next season?: Red leaves-they’re my favorite fall leaf color.

Thank goodness Mellon’s results were positive and that his liver reaction was a probable result of medication. I love seeing and reading what he has been up to during the week and he is such a gorgeous doggie.
Haul: Nothing this week as I have been struck down with a cold.
Weekend plans: Not a lot, catching up with some housework at a snail’s pace and visiting my son and his family this weekend.
Last Wednesday, their beloved cat, Rah, passed away. He went into convulsions on Wed afternoon and Anika rushed him to the vet, who diagnosed heart failure. She had to make the decision to have him euthanised there and then as the vet explained that he was suffering. It was quite traumatic for her, but she held and cuddled him and so did Olivia and Lachlan. My son arrived shortly after.
On Sunday afternoon we are having a little memorial service for him at their house as they now have his ashes in an urn, which Olivia chose. He was such a character and he had lived a good, long life.

Looking forward to the next season: I kind of don’t mind spring, but I am really loathing when summer comes because I know it’s going to be brutal. So much of our country is in drought at the moment, so another hot season will just herald more bushfires. I am dreading it.
I hope all of those affected by Hurricane Dorian are safe and well.

I’m sorry to hear about Rah. I hope you get over your cold soon. I know what you mean about the hot, dry weather. This is the first more mild, no huge wildfires one we’ve had in awhile. I hope summer won’t be too awful for you.

Good news about Mellan!!
I have hauled nothing this week! My plans for the weekend are to do fall cleaning, some decluttering of my wardrobe and book shelfs.

Haul: FAB Ultra Repair Oat & Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and PMG Subversive mini. I have become desperate to get rid of this breakout that was going 3 week strong from a wax on my cheeks and that oil was the trick. I’m going to let my light fuzz stay…I will never go through this again! The shadows are amazing and I no longer wish for a Decadence relaunch!

I rediscovered my Naked foundation after needing more coverage. Another cancellation. Laura Mercier cancelled my fave tinted moisturizer too…which was highly rated!

Mellan: I’m glad they adjusted her meds. My girl is on Prednisone on non-chemo days on top of two doses of Benadryl daily…I hate how it makes her so hungry. It sucks when they suffer and hopefully your baby continues to feel good.

I am looking forward to the fall because I have over 3 weeks vacation to take and this year has been rough. My family is coming over Christmas and I am stoked.

Weekend: Deep cleaning my brushes, my dressing room and packing for my 4 day vacay next weekend.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I purchased some highlighters from Black Moon Cosmetics (Moonlighters), which haven’t arrived yet. I also got the new OFRA Star Island highlighter, and it’s just as amazing as it appeared in the review here; during the same shopping “trip” for the OFRA product, I got a bunch of smell-good stuff (various Body Shop items in Pink Grapefruit), a hair treatment product from IGK called Antisocial (the reviews and description got me), and two The Ordinary products: AHA 30% BHA 2% Peeling Solution, and Lactic Acid 10%.

Weekend plans: Office work, tidying, vacuuming, laundry, hopefully a really long walk tomorrow morning, and somewhere in there I need to get a lot of weeding done.

What are you looking forward to in the next season?: Cool weather, though the weather here has been notably cooler than normal this summer. I’m from Michigan, and Autumn is a very different thing where I grew up; it has always been my favorite time of year, but it’s just not the same here. I do still think I like it better than the other seasons, just wish it were more like what I remember. Still, I intend to enjoy the weather and get a lot of walking done this coming season. Hopefully the winter’s not too cold, so I can continue walking as much as possible through next Spring.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I caved and bought the two mini Pat McGrath mini eyeshadow palettes, Sublime and Subversive. They’ll be my first eyeshadow palettes from the brand.
Weekend plans: Went to the farmer’s market this morning, going to a ballet performance tonight, relaxing in between. Tomorrow, nothing on the calendar but volunteering at the cat shelter in the late afternoon! Idk what I’ll do with the rest of the day though, looking forward to relaxing I guess.
What are you looking forward to in the next season?: Literally everything? The cooler weather, the leaves changing, pretty much everything *except* the days getting shorter.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Pat McGrath Sublime/Subversive palettes, ABH X Jackie Aina palette, Mented Cosmetics Season 2 bronzer/highlighter set, Mented Cosmetics Peach for the stars blush, Too Faced Deep Translucent (full size) and translucent (mini size), mini Damn Girl mascara, a mac blush insert for the only two MAC blushes I kept in this season’s declutter.

Weekend plans: I hope that all goes well with Mellan! All the prayers and love! This weekend, I am catching up on my DVR, school work, and going to the first home college football game in my town.

What are you looking forward to in the next season?: I am also looking forward to cooler temps and lower humidity. My skin and hair suffer so badly during the summer months because of it. I am also looking forward to “fall makeup” although you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want to 🙂

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