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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items — Laura Mercier cheek palette, Tom Ford lipstick trio, Tom Ford Eye & Lip Set, Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette, Fresh Hydration Set
  • Weekend plans: I’m planning on doing a fair amount of photographing/swatching today, so mostly editing and, hopefully, getting enough processed to post on Saturday… and then trying to get going on some reviews! I also took Mellan to a physical therapist to get an idea of more exercises we can do at home for him yesterday, and one of those is doing some tunnel work and using cavalettis, so I’m expecting those to arrive over the weekend.
  • What’s your favorite type of pet?: Dogs for me! I’m allergic to a lot of more typical pets (cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and so on… even dogs to some degree, like my whole face can get red and itchy every so often if I nuzzle Mellan too much). I’m also shallow: I like that Mellan’s whole body wiggles when he sees me!

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Nancy T Avatar

Love the half-rump roast he’s giving the camera! ?

Haul: Hey, the day is young, and at 12:30 p.m. Nordies opens to all! I did order Charlotte Tilbury’s Cat Eyes To Hypnotize in Silver Leopard. It should be here soon. Wanted it waaay back when you initially reviewed, but missed out that time. Also ordered a Joyyum spinning hair dryer/straightener-curler on Amazon Prime Day because it has become increasingly difficult to do my hair with my usual method of brush and blow dryer. I may buy the Simple Human mirror today instead of waiting for the 1st l, IDK.

Weekend plans: Just my usual routine. Hair, maybe nails (they still look perfect a week later, so maybe not!), meeting on Sunday. I would love to go across town and watch Lion King remake with my son, if I were to do something fun for a change!

Favorite pet: Cats! Even though I am severely allergic to them and use a truckload of different antihistamine products in order to keep my remaining 2. I don’t mind, but my doc does! I’m also allergic to most furry mammals dander, even somewhat to dogs and hamsters, but those I tolerate better than cats. But, I’m a cat person, what am I supposed to do? If I get a dog after having cats, I would want one with some cat-like traits! Chill, low-maintenance, intelligent.

Nancy T Avatar

Although having 2 long-haired, Maine Coon mix cats, with one being close to pure, means TONS of grooming. But, only rare bathing because they (especially Scunci!) sometimes get *something* stuck in their hindquarters. The poop walking doesn’t appeal to me at all…litter box cleaning isn’t so bad, I suppose I could get used to using a pooper scooper, as that’s no worse than a cat box! Any catlike breeds I should learn more about? I ask because my eldest is almost 15, and his half-sister is 12, so I’m getting info before the inevitable. This could still be many years off, too.

Seraphine Avatar

From what I understand—though I’ve never met one—Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are lovely low maintenance dogs, though they look like they require brushing. My neighbor has a pad-trained Maltipoo, so she doesn’t have be walked as often. She is small enough that she gets enough exercise running around the house. And she gets on very well with her feline brother. On the other hand, my dog is a very needy mixed breed. He’s pretty much the opposite of a cat! We’ve tried to get him to use pads, but he won’t. Maybe if he had learned as a puppy, but he was already six years old and had a rough life before we adopted him.

Nancy T Avatar

Maltipoo’s are cute, Seraphine! Labradoodles have been one I’ve been considering, too. Your poor little guy! Sounds like he had a very rough start before you took him into your home and heart. I don’t think I’d even try pad training a dog over a year old, if that. If I got a Labradoodle or Husky, I would just use a pooper scooper. Nice and hands free!

Seraphine Avatar

My little one has been living a very cushy, pampered life with us for the past six years, so whatever he went through in his previous life is way in the past. He’s pretty spoiled, but he deserves it. Dogs are so wonderful! I hope you find your perfect canine soulmate, Nancy T.

Ana Maria Avatar

My Amazon Prime orders were totally out of scheme 😆 : mouthwash, sport supplements (ZMA), detergent, snacks. 😆 Last cosmetic I bough on Amazon was the Wet ‘n’ Wild stick foundation… got free shipping for it even if it was under $5… gotta love Amazon.

Anne Avatar

I’m pretty darned allergic to cats too. My allergist at the time of discovery told me to get rid of them as well. I had 3 at the time. I think my body has done what shots do and desensitized me to them! If I get scratched by one of them, then I get a reaction. I have 2 left, one of my senior Siamese, a lynx point male who is the best cat I have ever had (on my lap as I’m writing this) and a solid black rescue.

Nancy T Avatar

Anne, I’m definitely always going to be a cat-person, and I do believe that the main reason I don’t have serious reactions to my 2 cats is because like you mentioned, I’ve been desensitized to them for the most part. However, it is showing up as “very severe” on that blood allergen test. Dogs and other mammals as mild to moderate. The ONLY creatures to set off “very severe” reactions with me have been goats and scorpions. That’s it. My one cat, the fairly insane white phloofball, sleeps right up by my face, and NOTHING. No sneezing, wheezing or anything other than itchy, reddened skin. A scratch will react, though. As will a stray fur getting in my eye or nose. I see myself always having at least one cat, but having a dog too after these 2 loves leave me one day.

Kira Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: I have been living in Pat McGrath LUST Glosses. The shade Flesh 4 is working perfectly with my summer skin tone!
Weekend plans: Hang out somewhere air-conditioned, like a museum 🙂 And meeting a distant cousin for the first time on Sunday for brunch!
What’s your favorite type of pet?: Ferrets!! Also dogs — I practically have a love-induced panic attack when I get any sort of affection from dogs.

Tammy Avatar


Le Labo Another 13. I fell in love with this fragrance when I purchased the body lotion in March. I was initially going to send it back due to barely being able to smell the fragrance, even immediately after spritzing. Then I did some research on the fragrance and discovered that some people are unable to smell or barely able to smell Iso-E Super, which must be the case for me. The scent is very unusual in experience, as some people find it strong (???), and some say it smells like magazines, salt, musk, and woods. I don’t know exactly how to describe what I smell, particularly in the body lotion. Maybe a hint of sweet lemon, a hint of woods, a touch of musk. I love skin scents so it is no surprise I fell for this one. When I smell it on my robe or sheets, I just want to bury my nose in the scent and inhale as deeply as I can. So I am keeping the fragrance to layer with the body lotion in hope that others might be able to smell this addictive fragrance in my skin.

Rediscoveries: MAC Fusion Pink Lipstick. I like bright lipsticks but this one is really bright and maybe not the best choice for work, so it doesn’t get as much love as it should. This week I watched a YouTuber put a bright lipstick just one the center of her lips, blur it out with her finger, and then further mute the color by applying a sparkly lip gloss on, also with her finger. It’s the finger blurring of the lipstick and gloss that create the beautiful, wearable, but still brightening effect. I used this approach with several of my brightest lipsticks this week and it was like having new lip products! Fusion Pink was by far the prettiest. I might just have to post a pic of it applied this week on instagram, to help me remember how much I love this application method for Fusion Pink.

Tom Ford Blush in Flush. Again, another really bright product but I can pull it off is summer and it is THE PERFECT accompaniment to MAC’s Fusion Pink Lipstick.

Weekend: No real plans other than the usual. I am debating mowing the lawn for my husband today, as he has been working 12 hour days all week. But it’s 93 degrees F out there with a heat index of 106F, so maybe not ?.

Favorite pet: Hands down, cats. I’ve always had cats and I probably always will. Currently we have Lula, Zoe and Lily.

Denise S. Avatar

Tammy I’m one of the people who can’t smell that Iso E perfume. Try as I may the scent doesn’t come through for me. But it’s wonderful to buy a perfume that you enjoy smelling on your things. Le Labo makes my favorite perfume Vanille 44. Good lip stick application idea!

Mariella Avatar

Haul: not much this week but good stuff – a TonyMoly facial spray for $5 – I knew nothing about the brand or the product (which seems to be discontinued) but I’m so glad I got it. I also received REN’s Wake Wonderful Treatment – I have a bottle on the go and Sephora no longer carries it but I love it so was glad to find it on

Weekend plans: it’s going to be stinking hot, humid, rainy and stormy here for much of the weekend so mostly I’ll be trying to stay cool. Sunday morning, we’ll be meeting my cousin’s (he’s more like a brother as we were raised together) newest grandson and attending the “bris” of this new baby (as the mother of 2 sons myself, I cannot tell you how conflicting this all is).

Favourite animal: the dog; le chien. Specifically, golden retrievers, flat-coated retrievers, Leonbergers, Bernese mountain dogs and bearded collies but I pretty much love all dogs except the really little, yappy, nervous ones.

Lesley Avatar

Wake Wonderful is a great product. I could never understand the hype around Sunday Riley Good Genes when the REN is certainly as good and cheaper. It is available on REN’s own site, just not at Sephora anymore.

Mariella Avatar

I saw it on the REN site but I think it was actually cheaper from plus we get free shipping. I’ve only tried one or two things from Sunday Riley (Good Genes might have been one of them) and I wasn’t all that impressed.

Mariella Avatar

I remember the insufferably hot summer you Australians just left behind; we’re getting similar here – record hot temps (apparently, this past June was the hottest on record – yay…NOT). We had some errands to run today and even stores that are generally cool and comfortable were swelteringly hot – I felt sorry for the employees!

Seraphine Avatar

Haul: No makeup this week, but I spent a lot on shoes.

Weekend plans: Hopefully lots of resting. I’ve had a stressful week at work.

Favorite type of pet: Dogs, because they’re so loving, expressive, and intelligent, not to mention adorable.

Ana Maria Avatar

Haul: I ordered a couple of minis on Macy’s for products I’m finishing soon. I discovered in the last years that for some products it’s wasteful to get full sizes, I’ll sometimes not even finish a mini.
* Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer – I’m excited to try it, even if I heard the packaging is faulty; I have pots and doe foot applicators, so I like this is in a squeeze tube.
* Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Gel – I love the ABH brow products, just wanted to try the new one. I never know when my brow setter runs out (but I usually throw it away if it doesn’t dry out in 6 months), so it’s good to have a back-up.
* Benefit Cosmetics Roller Liner True Matte Liquid Eyeliner – I just ordered it because it was to only mini liner available; this is another product I usually toss out after 6 months, so it’s no

* Estee Lauder Double Wear powder foundation; well, I know have the Matte version, previously I tried the `Regular` one… but I rediscovered how much I like it as a setting powder
* The wonders Vitamin C does for my skin

Weekend plans: A hike, some lab tests, groceries, chores, meal prep, boring but enjoyable stuff to me.

What’s your favorite type of pet? I’m a cat person, but I like (from a far) almost all animals.

kjh Avatar

No color; no skincare. Thanks to Isabella (Muse) was able to score some Creed from CosBar @50% off. I have wanted Himalaya since its issue, in 2002. Can’t believe I waited 17 years. Good things happen to those who wait. Two to come. Enough spent, despite the big discount. Total Creed h00r. I think the sale is still on, for other Creed fanatics. W/e: not even the ocean, as it is due to be 100+ for 2 1/2 days. Indoors, w/pups and a/c. Fixed, and almost forgot, the a/c in the car, Stupida! Dogs. Altogether too well versed in dogs. Better than vets and rescues at predicting breed mixes, confirmed by dna, and rare breeds. Love cats, herps, and wildlife as well. Volunteered at a wildlife center, caring primarily for birds, for years.

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: Nordstrom’s Seattle: Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation in the shade 2N, Diorskin Nude Luminizer blush in Coral Pop and Plum Pop, Dior Lip Glow Reviving Lip Balm in the shades Berry and Raspberry Glow.
Sephora Seattle: I may have mentioned these in last weeks haul but I don’t remember as I was getting ready to go to THE QUEEN concert!! Anyway, I picked up the Ciate Marbled Metal Eyeshadow’s in Entwine and Wicked. I wore Entwine to the concert that night and got so many compliments. It is one of the nicer formula’s that I have tried in this type of shadow. It didn’t emphasize the texture on my very textured eye lids. Blythe Tundra Chaga which is a repurchase for me, Cover FX blush duo’s in Mohave Mauve and a travel size Cover FX Dewey Finish Setting Spray.

Weekend plans: Nothing special. I will clean the house and do some grocery shopping but other than that, nothing. My daughter’s birthday is August 1st so we are currently trying to figure out what we want to do that doesn’t impact her work at the park. Several other staff have asked for time off over that date so we may celebrate this coming week so if that happens then I will be making some reservations and plans.

Pet person: To be 100% honest, I am not much of a pet person at all. I grew up with a small menagerie of pets taking care of them and cleaning up after them wasn’t something I enjoyed. When I retired by daughter asked if she could get a cat. She is definitely a cat person. She had wanted one the whole time she was growing up but her father kept telling her he was allergic. After we divorced and I moved to Montana we got a kitten from a local shelter and while she is definitely my daughter’s cat, I have had her with me more than she has as she couldn’t have the cat at her dormitory when she was in college. I have gotten attached to her and don’t mind having her around at all but when and if something happens to her, I would not get another one. I am sure my daughter would, though. When we went to Europe and had to leave her home at the last minute, I told my daughter that having a pet really ties you down and because she is so close to the two of us and hardly ever sees anyone else, she hides whenever anyone comes into the house. Just last week when I went to Seattle, my brother came over to feed her and play with her a little and he couldn’t find her anywhere. He knew she was okay because the food was going down in the bowl and the litter box was being used but even though he sat at my house for a couple of hours, she wouldn’t come out. It isn’t like she doesn’t know him because he does come over often and has meals here enough that she knows who he is but no way she going to come out!

AJ Avatar

Mellan! That’s not how couches work!

Haul: Got my partner some Maybelline primer and some Too Faced Born This Way concealer in the continuing quest to find a good combination of products for their textured, reddened skin. I also picked up another bottle of the Dr Jart Cicapair serum because mine is almost out, and Ciate London Marbled Metals Eyeshadow in Twisted because I can’t resist a good dark metallic green.

Rediscovery: Actually a discovery on my partner’s part. They used my Julep “Love Your Bare Face” oil cleanser to remove a concealer test at home, and it made their skin look so good. Like the best it’s looked in years. Not sure what ingredient or aspect of the cleanser is working well for their skin condition, but I am more than happy to share my cleanser since their skin issues really stress them out. Going to have to see if I can find a dupe though, in case Julep goes entirely out of business (still mad at them for unceremoniously canceling their subscription box and dumping everyone’s points!).

Weekend plans: Tonight will be a quiet night at home. Tomorrow, I have a massage scheduled and then our weekend date activity will be going to a craft fair with food trucks. Sunday I have a belly dance performance — all improve, the host chooses the music. In between, continuing the ongoing unpacking/settling in/cleaning to prepare for next week’s in-law visit, and working on a new belly dance belt.

Favorite kind of pet: I am a dog person and a cat person in equal measure. For about 10 years we had both, 2 of each, but now we only have our corgi Daisy left and she is 12.5 years old! We’re hoping for a few more good years with her and then I think I will need a break after losing so many pets. Then we will decide cats or dogs — it’s too hard to handle the logistics of having both! I’ve had many other kinds of pets in my life and I love animals in general, but I definitely like cats and dogs the best for home companions.

AJ Avatar

I’ve been really impressed with the ColourPop Just My Luck palette, actually. For only $12 you’re getting a great range of greens to play with! I see you and I have similar coloring so it would probably play as well on you as it does on me 🙂

When it comes to dark metallic greens, the one in the Pat McGrath Mothership Sublime palette is pretty gorgeous, and I think Makeup Geek has a couple good ones but I’d have to check my stash for names and then see if they’re even still in production.

Maggie Avatar

Haul: just using all the stuff I got last time and trying to combine with ordinary serums with mixed results for acne. Will report later to see if anything else works.

Weekend plans: cleaning & tidying, learning about dyslexia teaching strategies, and finding new vegetarian recipes!

Favorite pets: Cats! I love how independent, easy yet sweet they can be. The indoor cats I’ve lived with will mostly mind their own business but were always up for petting, cuddling or playing. My only concern with them is that I’m highly allergic. Dogs are also lovable and am thinking about getting one. I hesitate bc they don’t seem to be as easy as cats. I would have to exercise them daily and wash them way more often than I do with cats. I also would be the sole caretaker and it would be harder to find a place to live. I’m sure it’s a rewarding but if I don’t take to it then it would be a miserable process for the dog to adapt to another owner.

Jessica Avatar

Haul: Not a beauty haul, but I have finally purchased a new (to me) Honda Accord from a wholesaler, after being without one for 2 months (in May, a woman decided it was a good idea to do a u-turn at one of the busiest intersections in the city and of course we collided. After arguing with her insurance company, I finally got them to see that she was indeed in the wrong b/c she performed an illegal u-turn. Always call the cops and get a police report when an accident happens guys b/c the way she flipped her story to blame me was mind-boggling. The police report saved my insurance rates).

Rediscoveries: ND Gold palette. It’s such a nice, easy summer palette, and using it with the SPF Shimmershade Cream shadow in Sunset from Supergoop! is heavenly and nicely protecting in this intense sunlight. When Sephora has another sale, I’d like to get the Golden Hour shade.

Weekend Plans: I have to work tonight. Saturday, I’m supposed to be having dinner with friends, and then I’m going to be a pole cleaner for a show tonight. Hopefully, people tip b/c I could use a little extra gas money b/c a bigger car means a bigger gas tank. Sunday, I have rehearsal for one of the group numbers I’m in for the upcoming pole extravaganza show in September.

What’s your favorite pet: I used to hate them, but now I absolutely love cats. I just had to find the right one for me, and now that I understand cats and their inner workings, I can say that they are some of the sweetest babies on the planet. My sweet baby Piper greets me at the door when I get home and presents her belly to me for a “welcome home” rub. She doesn’t even attack me for touching her belly, which apparently is really strange for cats.

Lesley Avatar

I hope you can work out some PT for Mellan. I have heard that acupuncture works on cats but I don’t see how they could be kept still. I am waiting for some studies on CBD safety for cats in the hope it will ease their arthritis. It apparently helps dogs and is safe for them.

—-Sephora: PMG Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil in Coffee, Supergoop AcaiFusion Lip Balm 30 SPF, DS of KVD Go Big or Go Home Mascara and it Cosmetics Confidence in a Gel moisturizer.
—-Sydney Grace cream shadows in Lake Days, Spiced Cider, and Candle Light; powder blush in Summer Love.
—-Prime Day: an electric eyelash curler. I cannot get the manual ones into my outer corners.
I rediscovered that a “five minute face” for me requires a matte foundation applies with a damp BB. So-called easy solutions like a TM work for me only if I set them with powder, which then requires buffing and maybe some hydrating spray to soften the powder. Many more steps than foundation alone.

Weekend plans: Dinner with a friend tomorrow but mainly staying cool during the expected heat wave.

What’s your favorite type of pet?: I am a cat person but I enjoy all animals.

Denise S. Avatar

Haul: Saks 20% off sale I wanted to try Bond no.9 new lip sticks so I brought a nude and red refills. The lip stick with the pretty tube cost $105! So thought I’d try the refills first before spending that much. Also picked up a Gucci lip stick in a coral color. And Dior Luminizer blush in Coral Pop

Weekend Plans: I was planning a fun trip to Baltimore to see my sisters and family.My twins 27th birthday is on the 27th and we were going to meet there and celebrate. But we just found out my mom has bladder cancer and will probably have to have her bladder removed and radiation treatment. Mom is 80 and in good health so this came as a shock. I’m on standby with my bags packed waiting for her to tell me when to come and help out.

What’s your favorite type of pet?: dogs, cats and birds are my favorites. Can’t pick one because I’m a animal lover.

Tracey E Avatar

Denise, I’m so sorry to hear that your mom has cancer. Wishing her the best possible outcomes in the surgery and treatment ahead.

Robin Avatar

I was good this week – purchased nothing ! Wow .

Weekend – surviving this excessive heat warning . It’s going to feel like 105-110 degrees here in New England both Sat. and Sun like today .Not a good thing at all for many people . Only 2nd time I ever remember having excessive heat warning for this many days . The pool thermometer reads 95 degrees . It’s never ever read that high. My husband is away all weekend so will be happy if friends and family (including my three week old granddaughter) show up to swim and socialize .

Stay cool everyone !!!

Genevieve Avatar

I feel your pain Robin with the heat you are experiencing. Last summer in Melb. Australia, it was so jolly hot for days on end and I often felt that the weather stats were underplaying how hot it was. Your pool is going to be very warm. A three week old granddaughter – what bliss they are!

Pearl Avatar

Haul: A bottle of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and quite a few fragrance samples. I want to find a few new scents. Quelques Fleurs used to smell divine on me but that and everything else I’ve bought over the years is just cloying anymore. I think I need to start trying unisex scents?

Rediscoveries: MAC Aurora and Earthly mineralize eyeshadows

Weekend Plans: The usual chores and laying low. Binge watching a few shows with takeout on Friday night, dinner with friends Saturday night and Sunday is masks/facial and giving myself a manicure. I have 3 purge boxes done and will be donating/giving away this weekend (which means I’ve just made room for holiday releases!)

Favorite type of pet: All of them (except fish – not sure I’d care for them adequately as I’m completely unfamiliar with them/their care and I don’t need the anxiety of accidentally killing them). I’d have a sanctuary here if I could. I’ve only ever had dogs or cats, though.

Genevieve Avatar

How gorgeous is Mellon?
Haul: I ordered quite a few items from Cosmetic Capital this week – skincare products that were on sale: Skin Doctors Daily moisturising face cream with SPF 50, Hydrating evening moisturiser, Dr. Lewinn’s cleansing oil and an extra facial serum. All for my trio.
From Chemist Warehouse, I got the Swisse Sweet Almond Cleanser (absolutely fabulous), Cetaphill Cream cleanser, Eucanol Foot balm and the A’kin Sulphate free Shampoo.

Weekend plans: Friday I picked up Lachlan for the day, I also had a luncheon on with my sister visiting before our trip. My daughter in law and Olivia joined us after her swimming lesson. It was a big day.
Saturday – shopping, washing, cleaning. Thinking about what to pack. We will need both summer and winter clothes.
What eyeshadow palettes will I take? I am thinking of taking Naked 2, Maybelline Burgundy Bar, bareMinerals Soft and Smokey, the Playlist, a few City Color Singles and Dior’s Bonne Etoile. Plus a few others, I know!
Sunday: more of the same.

Favourite pet: I like either dogs or cats.

brendacr1 Avatar

Half assed is better than nothing Mellan!
Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing this week. I have my lists prepared for shopping in Vegas this next week.
Weekend plans: All packed and ready to go to Vegas tomorrow. At least we will get some summer down there. We’ve had so many hail/rain storms and a tornado touched down south of Calgary yesterday. We haven’t really had much of a summer yet.
What’s your favorite type of pet? I had cats when I was a kid, so my first love is cats. But my daughter’s dog has stolen my heart and I’m sure you could throw in a horse or two in the mix too. I love animals, we would always bring home the kid’s classroom pets at holiday time, ducks, rabbits you name it, one exception, the class tarantula was not allowed in my house, the teacher’s daughter got that one.

Korinne Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: I got some kind of crappy news at work so I’ve been engaging in some retail therapy. Charlotte Tillbury Hot Lips 2 in JK Magic and the Glowing Jen refill. Can’t figure out how to change out the bullet without killing JK in the process, so she lives on. I got some skincare from Surreal (Mister Everyday with a sample of her new toner and my beloved Smooches lipbalm). I wish Smoochies was sold separately but all in due time! My original one melted. I also got the Wet N Wild Pac-Man powder brush after going to eight or nine drugstores. But CVS gave me a 40% off coupon so I’m not mad. I also purchased 2 more of the CYO Lifeproof foundations as CYO is being discontinued. It’s become a HG in my collection so I’ll be stockpiling like ThaTaylaaaa lol.

Weekend plans: I’m planning on doing nothing at all, except a production meeting for the show I’m working on.

What’s your favorite type of pet?: Cats (not the weird musical kind though). I also enjoy watching them on YouTube on Kitten Academy. LOVE DJ & Mr. A.

Tracey E Avatar

Hi Korinne, sorry to hear you received bad news at work. I hope things improve.

I can help with the CT refill – remove the cap, keep the lipstick in the down position, hold the gold part of the case (the area above the CT emblem ) and pull it gently upwards. The lipstick should pop right off.

Nikki Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: No active hauls, but I have several goals for the future. Future haul #1: Chanel Infrarose (Nordstrom) and Tom Ford Liev (Neimans) lipsticks. Future haul #2: Marc Jacobs Not Sorry lip gloss and Tarte blushes (Dollface, Blushing Bride, Natural Beauty) and Park Ave Princess bronzer. Future haul #3: Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2-Amazing Amal, Patsy Red, and Viva La Vergara.
Weekend plans: I was scheduled to work all day tomorrow, but last night I found out from one of my managers that no one’s allowed in the building tomorrow (my library’s getting a new building, so I assume it’s some sort of construction issue keeping everyone out), so I get an unexpected day off-which is good with this heat wave! Otherwise it’s a pretty normal weekend of TV and, when the weather permits, errands. I also want to run to Old Navy and try on a couple pairs of dress pants (I don’t like buying pants without trying them on first, but usually don’t have a problem with eyeballing tops), preferably dress pants with pockets. It might happen Sunday, weather permitting, or it might get pushed back to Tuesday or Wednesday if not.
What’s your favorite type of pet?: Cats! I love it when my aunt hosts family parties because I get to see her super-sweet cat. My last boyfriend (this was years ago) came to our New Year’s party while we were dating and the cat followed him all over the house and even sat under his chair while he was in it! I won’t specifically share the cat’s name because I don’t know if my aunt’s OK with that, but I will say that he’s named after a British-accented character from a popular animated TV show.

Tracey E Avatar

Haul: Saks: Bobbi Brown Makeup Melter and Cleanser. I saw Saks was selling this new product for $30 vs $38 at other retailers, and wanted to see if makeup/impurities really activated this foam cleanser.

Macy’s (redeemed expiring Star Reward): Chanel Les Beiges Lip Balm in Intense.

Haus Labs: Pre-ordered two trio sets (liquid eyeshadow, lip liner, and lip gloss). If these products apply and review well, there’s a few other products I’m interested in if/when they sell products individually.

Weekend Plans: Staying cool. We’re nearing the end of a week of unbearable heat and humidity, so staying hydrated and cool is the plan. We have plans to go out for dinner on Saturday and have a picnic to attend on Sunday. Thankfully, next week looks warm and comfortable!

Pets: Definitely cats though I’m an auntie to a few dogs and could see us having a small dog under the right circumstances. Our tuxedo cat Felix rules the roost in our house!

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