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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Missing shades from the MAC Strip Down Collection, Marc Jacobs Runway Spring ’19
  • Weekend plans: We’re going to a nice restaurant for Easter Brunch, possibly popping by a mall on the way home to walk around a bit.
  • What’s your evening routine like?: We usually have dinner around 5PM, then I’ll go back to work until 8 or 9PM. I let Mellan out and give him his third meal with some water, then I’ll take off makeup/do evening skincare. I try to watch or read something for an hour or so before I turn off the lights, and then just before then, I give Mellan a few additional treats to keep his tummy (around 10:30PM).

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The one we were going to says they’re open on that day, thankfully! 🙂 BUT LOL! the store my husband was most hoping to go to apparently closed for good, so it might be a no-go anyway. Thank you for the reminder!

I always forget that things are closed on Easter in US… and end up making plans that I need to cancel. 😆
While I live in the US for almost three years now, I always think of Easter weekend as the one in the Romanian/Greek Orthodox calendar.

Mac Strip Down nude collection lipsticks x3, Mac foundation, Clinique skin care, PC skin care.
Date night/Easter dinner Sunday with my hubby.
Eat dinner at 5:30 and watch some tv with the hubby, let the boys out at 8:30 or so, got to bed at 9:30.

Haul: Mac Taupe and Retro (I tried on Velvet Teddy again, and the MUA cringed at how bad it looked on me, lol).
Weekend plans: no real plans at the moment, just being lazy for an extra long weekend. Maybe catching up on some TV and reading. The gym.
Weekend routine: my husband works odd hours so we don’t have much of a “routine”. Dinner within an hour of him getting home, prep for the next day if possible.

Haul: ULTA had their 20% going on and I purchased a few things.

Too Faced Primed and Poreless Pressed Powder. I’ve had good luck with Too Faced complexion products. I bought this for touch ups during the dat. I’ve only used it a few times but so far, so good.

Eyeshadow Primers: Urban Decay Antiaging primer, MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, and Smashbox 24 hour shadow primer. I just wanted fresh primers.

NYX Suede Lip Liner in Los Angeles (like).

UD All Nighter Setting Spray. Will this really prevent my makeup from getting on my coats and sweaters? We’ll see.

Tanluxe The Body Self Tan Drops in the darker color. I like that these are mixed in with your regular moisturizer.

Peter Thomas Roth Potent CE Ferulic Power Serum. I’ll be trying this for the first time. I’m already going through Drunk Elephant withdrawals and I haven’t even switched yet.

ABH Soft Glam palette. For my grandaughter who will be turning 14 in July.

Too Faced Sculpting Concealer in Nude. I already own one of these, I just wanted to try another color.

NARS Climax Mascara. Initial impressions are good.

Too Faced Juicy Fruits lip gloss in Dreamsickle. Pretty color.

Covergirl It’s Lit concealer after hearing a youtuber rave about it.

Weekend plans: Workout, bulk cooking, watching Russian Doll, reading Lincoln in the Bardo, and Easter with daughters and grandchildren.

Evening routine: Gym from 5:30 to 6, shower, dinner, reading until bedtime (with accompanying footrub from my husband), and bedtime at 9:00 pm.

Tammy, let me know how the Cover Girl Lit concealer works for you, please? I am currently working through a rather large sample, a good thing, of the Too Faced Born This Way concealer. It is okay but I am beginning to think that I fail to understand the definition of full coverage. Taylor says the L’Oreal Fresh Face foundation is full coverage and she has some acne scarring. I don’t get anywhere near full coverage, although I still like the foundation. Born This Way concealer is suppose to be full coverage and again, not for me. I haven’t used any Cover Girl products outside of their Super Sizer mascara which is still one of my favorites. I use it alone and with other mascara’s. So, anyway, still on the hunt for a decent coverage concealer. You don’t have anything to conceal so not sure what I am asking you to tell me but maybe if it is thick enough and wears well enough for me to try it. Another thing I hate about DS makeup, you can’t get a tester!

Deb, I can already tell you the Covergirl is NOT full coverage. It’s so light you can use it on top of concealer to brighten the undereye. Tarte Shape Tape doesn’t give you good coverage? I think that stuff has so much coverage it’s scary, lol.

Tarte Shape Tape is the most full covereage concealer that I have tried but still doesn’t cover my hyperpigmentation. The only one that really covers it is the IT Bye Bye Undereye but it really is a dry concealer and since I already have dry skin under my eyes it just really emphasizes my dryness and isn’t attractive on my under eye area. I also tried Secret Camouflage but it is the same way. Oh well, thanks for the information and the hunt continues!!

Deb, have you tried using a peach corrector under your concealer? This is what I used to do with customers at Lancome if concealer alone was not providing the results the client wanted.

When I first tried the Nars Climax Mascara it didn’t impress me, I was really disappointed I always have such high hopes for new mascaras. I put it aside for a while, then I picked it up again to give it another try and wow, it really worked wonderfully. I’m glad I didn’t return it! Sometimes I think it’s just the way the wind is blowing.

Haul: as I’m waiting for Sephora’s VIB Rouge sale, I’ve held off but I did treat myself to more Saje diffuser oils – 2 new ones (Bliss, which has a lovely rose scent, and Daydream – which is now my favourite of all their oils and blends) and I also bought the Happiness diffuser blend collection (half price because of what I spent on the other 2 oils).

Weekend plans: younger son arrives soon and his girlfriend tomorrow. We’re all going out (daughter and son in law too) to celebrate 2 birthdays. I’ve done nothing about Easter this year – just no inclination to do or arrange anything.

Evening routine: dinner somewhere around 6 or maybe 7, watch Coronation Street (with the hockey on now, it comes on in the early afternoon and I PVR it and watch as soon as I get home). Sometimes a walk, sometimes a yoga class, and I like having a shower before bed. Hubby and I both go to bed early (we’re almost always in bed before 10) because we’re early risers.

Happy Birthday to those family members and I hope you have a lovely dinner out. It’s hard to think about Easter as Christmas doesn’t seem so far back. And you had a very hectic Christmas time as I recall.
I hope you enjoy the Easter break and some fine weather comes your way.

Your mom is right. Mellan is spoiled. And that’s a very good thing. Dogs are so wonderful, they should always be spoiled. We certainly do our best to spoil our canine baby, who, by the way, thinks the word “medicine” means “treat,” thanks to pill pockets!

Haul: Another week of no-buy went by!

Rediscoveries: Estée Lauder Nude Cult lipstick. I got this as a gift with purchase months ago and never used it, so I gave it a try today and it’s a nice MLBB shade. I love how EL’s Pure Color Envy lipsticks feel on the lips. I have a few others, including Intense Nude, Decadent, and Tumultuous Pink, all received in gift-with-purchase bags over the past year or two. They give away such beautiful full-size shades, I can’t see myself ever actually buying an EL lipstick!

Weekend plans: Dinner with in-laws on Saturday, Easter service on Sunday. Plus laundry, groceries, etc.

What’s your evening routine like? On work nights, I walk and feed the dog; eat dinner; relax (TV, read, crafting, music, etc.); work out; walk the dog again; give my wagging, salivating dog his beloved pill pocket; wash my face; floss and brush teeth; take my vitamins/pills; and fall asleep with the TV on (a habit I’m trying to break). On weekend nights, it varies depending on what we’re doing.

Well, in the end I had to cancel the Easter festivities at our place because my son and grandson were feeling sick again. My husband woke up not too well, so I thought it’s best not to risk it with the rest of the family. I had a shocking headache myself and just didn’t feel like cooking…. so it’s ended up being a fairly quiet day here in our household.
We will hold it next weekend and celebrate Greek Easter instead.

Haul/Rediscoveries: The Colourpop Zodiac loose pigments and Festival pressed glitters, and the new Illamasqua Nude Collection Iconic Chromes eyeshadows.
Weekend plans: We just moved to Cyprus, which is 95% Greek Orthodox, so Easter here is celebrated NEXT weekend instead (even though we’re both Catholic and observe this weekend’s Easter as well). But tomorrow is the Saturday of Saint Lazarus of Bethany, and the church where his tomb is said to rest is having some big celebration, so we’re just going to check it out!
What’s your evening routine like?: We’re working on getting out business up and running, so when we’re home in the evenings after a long day, we have dinner by 7pm, and then literally Netflix and chill — HARD.

What a beautiful place to live Sandra. My hairdresser is Cypriot and they are Greek Orthodox too. It is a big feast and celebration they have for Greek Easter. I hope you are enjoying your new abode and that your business takes off.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I rediscovered how much I love the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer and how much I miss the short small wand on a brow mascara. No hauls (waiting for Sephora sales), although I might just end up ordering in advance some Ordinary products (since they are not included in the sale).

Weekend plans: The classic hike on Saturday, opera on Sunday, meal prep and small house chores in between, plus a long run to take the week off.

What’s your evening routine like?: After I get back from work I do a couple of big chores around the house (I prefer to do most chores during the workweek, to have more free time). I go to the gym in the evening (and I remove make-up before very well, even if it means washing my face 3-4 times a day). After I return home I have my last meal of the day, take a final swipe around the house. I do some relaxing things, maybe some videos, reading a book, calling some friends/family back in Europe. Before sleep I do my skincare routine.
*Strange note: I find it somewhat strange when people give `meals` at specific time to pets. I just leave my cat food in a bowl (make sure it’s full), and she eats whenever she feels like it. She never had `meal` patterns; she sometimes eats a few kibbles every 1-2 hours, other times eats a huge chunk once or twice a day… she’s very `intuitive` with her eating, but never overfeeds.

Mellan is pretty food motivated and typical lab – he will pretty much eat until he passes out if you let him. Like I’ve never seen this dog not hungry. With dogs, some people take them outside to go bathroom, it’s often better to have them on a schedule so that they get in a routine and can do their business at specific times during the day/night (it’s also how potty training often starts to avoid accidents in the house!) – this is what we did and do. We also give him about 10 medications, so we give them with food/water as appropriate (this is why he has 3rd and 4th meals). I’ve heard of some people free-feeding their dogs but I’ve never actually know anyone (family/friends) that can do that with their dog!

It’s the same with people. 😀 Some have very strict meal hours and routine, some just play as they go.
I just find it interesting how amazingly different each individual is, human or animal.

Ana Maria, you’re very fortunate that your cat allows this! My 2 cats literally DEMAND their wet food first thing in the morning when I’m still just half awake trying not to trip over them, LOL! At bedtime (oops! Forgot to put that in my nighttime routine), I give them a prescribed portion of dry no grain kibble. Usually, that’s mostly gone by morning. Mine will pester for their food, and they also seem to know when it’s due time.

My cats were like that too, but my corgi Daisy would eat constantly if we let her! And when we had her sister Maggie, they would fight over food, so it was important that they got fed their meals in their own crates at the same time. Daisy has slowed down her eating now that there’s no competition, but she’ll still eat an entire meal in just a few minutes and then go see if you might want to give her a treat for dessert!

Being overweight is especially dangerous for corgis due to their long backs and short legs, so it was stressed to us when we adopted them how important it was that they be fed regular meals of controlled portions, and because we’ve followed that advice, Daisy has maintained a healthy figure her entire life (she’s currently 12!) and hasn’t had any back, hip, or knee issues arise yet.

I think dogs are very different from cats when it comes to meals. If my dog had a full day’s worth of food in his bowl in the morning, he’d eat it all at once and then feel sick. (Actually, I’m kind of the same way with ice cream, so I buy the single serving size rather than a pint.)

My husband always asks me what treats I bought grocery shopping. My reply is, if I don’t buy it I won’t eat it. It’s along the same line as buying a single serving rather than a pint. If it’s there, you are going to eat it.

Ana Maria,

I have always just put food in my cat bowls and all was well with my cats, until Lula arrived ten years ago (we found her in my husband’s car engine). Now Lula is ten years old, and her health is compromised by her 17 pound weight. I tried to reduce her weight over the past year and she actually gained another pound. She has not been able to clean herself and I have to use a washcloth to clean her back and hind quarters. She is pre-diabedic, and constantly drinking water and urinating. She has a tooth with a hole in it, and the vet won’t remove it because she can’t go under anesthesia at this weight. We have other cats in the house so it’s very difficult to restrict her food. She stays under the bed all day and it’s impossible to get her to play. Her metabolism is slowing with age and lack of exercising. As you can probably tell, Lula’s health weighs heavily on my mind. Some animals just don’t regulate their food intake independently.

Some animals don’t do well with food left out, and can over-eat just like humans. My sister had a cat that would eat constantly if there was food available, and his weight eventually became dangerously unhealthy. I have a friend who had two dogs with the same problem (they’ve both since died of old age).

Nah, not spoiled. Just very much loved and well cared for!

Haul: Nothing bought this week! This has begun to feel better as each week goes by.

Weekend plans: Tonight I’m attending the Memorial Observance of Christ’s death at 7 p.m. over at the DoubleTree on 44th Street. This is the first year in awhile that I didn’t buy a new dress for the event. So, I will probably wear this really gorgeous long teal green dress that has gunmetal beadwork on the neck. Still need to get myself together. Do a mani-pedi, make my legs match the rest of me! Plus, get into the right mindset for tonight, too. On Saturday we have our congregation picnic. I’m hoping to go, but worried with the heat now cranking up and being on Lasix. Regular meeting on Sunday.

What’s your evening routine like? Embarrassing! LOL! Okay, so I’m a creature of extreme routine, for the most part. I literally follow a tightly sequenced routine. Unfortunately for me, I tend to eat late because I really hate cooking for just one person. After I eat, I watch Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC Nightliine, then go take off my makeup if I wore any that day, apply Dr. Dennis Gross eye serum and TO retinol treatment to face, take night meds, read daily text on, watch a YT video, apply Ole Henriksen Truth serum and TO Buffet to face, follow Clarissa into the living room (she too is a creature of habit!) for her nightly red dot chasing session, then I get my desert and go back to my room for another YT video (or 2), apply DE Protini Polypeptide Cream, eczema meds, lip balm, spray some lavender air freshener over my bed area, talk to God in prayer, and afterwards, hopefully fall asleep! By which time, it is usually around 2 a.m. 🙀

OMG, that teal dress sounds so beautiful and it would look lovely on you Nancy. And you can really glam up your eye look too.
I hope you enjoy your religious events this weekend and it sounds as if you are feeling much better. I understand about the heat – it has been so hot here over the past week or so. We had a bit of cool run and now it has turned hot again – but no rain to water the gardens or replenish the dams.
Hopefully it will be OK for you.

Rediscoveries: I really like the little sample of NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound that I found in my stash and took with me to NY. The formula is really comfortable!

Haul: Ok so I went to IMATS in NYC and I may have gone a little overboard, though some of it was a gift from my MIL who loves to spoil her kids (and all her children-in-law count as her kids).
Lit Cosmetics: A few glitters and pigments for me, a few for friends, picked up their new “Glitter Camo” product which is a jelly with the glitter already in it.
Larina Makeup: Two multi-chrome pigments and two multi-chrome glitters, plus a glitter for a friend.
MYO Cosmetic Cases: Picked up their kit, it’s a really cute slim-line travel makeup palette/kit with built-in mirror and magnetized pots for product that isn’t already in magnetized pans.
The Makeup Bullet: New makeup sponge on the market, this one goes on your finger. They had a buy 2 get 1 free deal so I got two and MIL got one (she’s never used a sponge for her makeup before!).
The Lip Bar: Liquid Lipstick in the new color Prom Queen. It’s gorgeous!
Pinkie Rose: My MIL picked up a green liquid glitter for me and they were also handing out free eyeshadow singles in a nice fuchsia sort of color.
DNA Hair Tools: Heat styling comb for my partner and I to share since we both tend towards fly-aways and frizz.
Indigo Cosmetics: Beautiful blue-based red liquid lipstick, I think the color is Miss Jessie.
Plus a couple brushes eat from Smith and Sigma.

Weekend plans: Tomorrow I have a video dance lesson with a dancer I really admire, and a massage appointment. Sunday I have a belly dance performance. Might also go look at a rental house or two, we’re considering not renewing our apartment lease since they’re proposing another large rent increase and we haven’t been happy with our neighbors or the parking situation here.

Evening routine: We don’t really have one, it depends a lot on what we feel like doing, if we eat out or stay in, etc etc. Been trying to develop some good habits around evening dance practice and housework but things keep coming up to throw a wrench in my plans.

What a lovely MIL you have! I have a DIL and I treat her like my own daughter too. I am often finding little treats for her in the makeup/skincare line as they don’t have much money.
I hope you find a better place to rent, there is nothing more annoying than difficult neighbours, lack of parking spaces plus a big rent hike. So best of luck there.
Best wishes for your belly dance performance too.

I hope your DIL appreciates you as much as I appreciate mine! She is a real treasure and when other people complain about mothers-in-law, I have nothing to say! (well, unless they ask about my stepmother-in-law, lol)

Thanks for the well-wishes on our rental adventure! We’ve got one tour scheduled for later today and requests in for a handful of other houses. We basically have to decide by Tues whether we are staying here or not. The time crunch is not ideal but we both felt like we might as well look and see if someplace grabs us as being worth the hassle. Made a Pros and Cons list on moving and everything.

My DIIL appreciates all that I do because her own mother lives a long way away and has been unwell for awhile. A couple of years ago for Christmas I got her a great big beauty bag filled with treasures – skincare, makeup, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks (her favourite coral shades), vitamins etc. She loved it.
I find it’s always hard on renters, they have such little time to make decisions about a place and the cost of bonds etc. are quite high. I hope you find somewhere you like better and at the same rent you are paying now.

I’d be tickled to get a gift like that!

Rental hunt continues… the house we looked at yesterday had a HOLE in the external wall of the laundry room! And the previous occupants had left an unflushed toilet which no one had bothered to clean before the showing! There were several other small problems and we were like, if they didn’t fix any of this before putting it on the market, what other problems would we find down the road? Too bad really, because the place had a lot of promise. If we were in a position to buy, we wouldn’t mind putting some work in to make a place really shine, but if we’re renting for a year or five? Don’t really want to do the owner’s work for them!

ABH Brow duo, includes Brow Wiz and mini Dipbrow Gel. I’m really happy with both products so far. I also exchanged the Fenty Pro Flit’r Setting powder for my right shade. The shade I got originally leaned too red.
PMG Mothership II palette, Melt Gemini palette, Melt Twenty Seven palette, Hourglass Smoke shadow, ABH Sultry palette
Weekend Plans:
I have to work tomorrow. Sunday, I’ll be going to my grandparent’s house for the holiday. I may make it to my friend’s to watch Game of Thrones, but it all depends on how the festivities go with my family.
What’s your evening routine like:
It depends on the day, but I do work Monday – Friday from 9-5p in addition to evening shifts when needed during the week & weekend. Monday’s I go to my sister’s to help her a little with the kids and then I had to gym afterwards. Tuesday’s & Thursday’s I head to the gym and then head to the pole studio for the 7:15p & 8:30p classes. Wednesday’s I meet a friend at the gym around 6:30p. Friday’s I head to the pole studio for classes at 6:20p & 7:40p. Saturday & Sunday are a lot less structured. I typically get home around 10pm, shower, eat dinner, and watch a little tv before going to bed. None of this accounts for if I have to work in the evening, which changes everything.

Haul/Rediscoveries: SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil face lotion. Although, I’m in the market for another face moisturizer that isn’t stupid expensive. Any suggestions? Non spf since I use that separately.

Weekend plans: Visiting my sister and grandmother in Charlotte! Eating, shopping, strawberry picking. Church on Sunday and brunch after at her friends’ house.

What’s your evening routine like?: Dinner anywhere from 6-730 depending. Play with the baby until his bedtime around 830-9. Relax with my husband until our bedtime around 10-12.

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. My son just celebrated his 1st birthday in April 5th! I can’t even believe. Life is good for the most part. Yesterday, I realized I’ve misplaced my Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette & Rose Golden brushes. I am still crushed about it. What’s going on with y’all?

Gosh Joyce, I can’t believe your little one is a year old! He must be growing up before your eyes. Is he saying a few words yet?
I do hope you find your eyeshadow palette and brushes – so annoying. I always say a prayer to St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. He has been pretty helpful to me over the years…..
We’re fairly good at the moment Joyce, although a nasty gastric bug has affected my son and his family over the past week. They just can’t seem to shake it off. And they have implemented full infection control procedures in their house too. So hopefully things will be better for them soon.

Mellan is just such a cutie and with such cute habits.

Haul: Yay, I bought something!! So from Sephora I picked up the $100 points gift card, Too Faced Peach Kiss Moisture Matte longwear lipstick in the shade, “Peach Beach”. I have wanted to try a lighter shade just to see if I can wear it given my more pigmented lips. Answer, “No”. It looks okay as long as it wears which isn’t that long for me and since my lips are more pigmented, it wears off weird. I also picked up the Kaja Beauty Bento Shimmer Eye Shadow in Rosewater. Surprise, surprise, for the first time in forever I got both of the samples I asked for. That is a real cause for celebration. So I picked up the Kiehl’s Face Cream and the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Face duo pack. It is a toner/moisturizer product. I also used a 100 point perk to get Ren Day Cream and PTR Potent C-Serum. For the Ulta 20% off sale I picked up the Revolution Fast Base Foundation stick x 2 for my daughter. I don’t know why she doesn’t have her own account like she does at Sephora but for some reason she and I have shared the Ulta account. Anyway, got that for her and then I succumbed to the Buxom blushes and picked up Seychelles and Mykonos for myself. We were in Sandpoint, Idaho for a funeral and I was able to run into Walmart and get what I hope is the right shade of the L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Face foundation in the shade 405. I am hoping it is a little more neutral and just slightly darker than the lightest shade 400. Again, no testers so it is trial and error at the DS. That is it for my purchases. I am gearing up for Sephora sale. I forgot to use Ebates for my Sephora and Ulta orders which just goes to show that I haven’t purchased any beauty products in awhile!! Sephora was 8% off, too. It usually drops to like 2% during the sale but if I buy enough it pays off.

Weekend plans: Not sure. I have so much to do around my house but there is a chance of more heavy rain so it will depend on the weather. Other than that, I am working on a canvas for my Mother for Mother’s Day and one of my daughter’s best friends from high school has a birthday in May and I am also working on a canvas for her. She is my “adopted” daughter. I am sure her mother wouldn’t like that but the truth is she and I are close. She is working on her Master’s Degree in History and Archiving. When she was asked to do a paper about the person she admires most she wrote about me which sort of soured her Mom on me, I think! Anyway, I don’t care. She has a lovely daughter and I am proud to be a mother/friend to her. It is one of those relationships that even if my daughter and she had a falling out, she and I would continue to be close. Luckily, that hasn’t happened. She trusts me and shares things with me that she doesn’t share with her mother and I value the trust she places in me. I am doing a special canvas for her birthday.
Other than that, I don’t have any “family” plans for Easter. The local restaurant is closed for the holiday so no where to go for food, little own special food!! There are three bars in town and they all serve food, albeit not the best food, but likely will go to one of them for Easter meal. I cannot cook this year as my dining room and kitchen are in shambles. I got my roof fixed from the water leak but now comes the inside repair work.

Nightly routine: I worked the graveyard shift for more than 23 years. In general, I am really just starting to get going about 8 PM. My daughter and I have been trying to force ourselves to get to bed at a decent hour but the truth is, we are failing miserably. I didn’t go to bed last night until 4 AM. So, we usually eat dinner at about 7:30 PM which is really different than how I was raised. We ate dinner at 6 PM on the dot when I was growing up. Sometimes my daughter and I will look at each other at about 10 PM and realize we haven’t eaten anything! It is a terrible habit given my diabetes. Anyway, after eating and dishes I play with my grandbaby, the cat Sophie. She has a laser pointer and that keeps her entertained for awhile. Then she gets a good brushing. My daughter has usually fallen down the NetFlix rabbit hole and will start watching a series of some program and then not want to quit until she reaches a good stopping point. I usually will read for awhile. I love reading and had moved away from it in favor of YT and the “rabbit” hole it creates. I am trying to erase myself from social media a little bit. Not that I was ever really into it but it is a great little time user/waster. I will take my makeup off and usually apply some type of mask. I kind of enjoy the whole mask process so I can find one to do most nights. When I finish that I do my skin care and retire to the bedroom to do some Sudoku and then lights out. My routine is pretty boring but it isn’t really a routine, either. It is very haphazard and not really punctual or time driven.
I have been watching a lot of tiny house tours and van conversion YT videos and I am not sure why but the idea of just selling everything, throwing stuff in a van and heading off to see the country is appealing in a romantic way!

Deb, I forgot to tell you, I got the $100 points gift card from Sephora. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten anything of true value to me from Sephora!! I wouldn’t have even tried if you hadn’t mentioned it last week and given me instructions on how to do it. THANK YOU!

Oh you got it! Sorry, I forgot to ask you about it. Yes, both my daughter and I got one on Tuesday. I have done it enough times now that my points are under 2000 which is a first. I don’t care anymore about racking up a lot of points. Having a lot of points is only helpful if they offer something you want and like you, this is the first thing of any value to me. Glad you got it.

Haha, Deb, I just saw we both got the PTR Power C serum. We must be on a similar skincare wavelength, lol.

I was actually trying to less expensive with my vitamin C serum (DE) but ended up choosing a MORE EXPENSIVE product. But ULTA had 20% off and I had almost $200 worth of ULTA reward money, so it didn’t actually cost me anything.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Got s’sexy from MAC after your review, two pink Sydney Grace shades, and me and my buddy are going to get up at 3 AM est to try to get Smoke Sessions.

Weekend plans: Working my second job tomorrow, and my mom and I are going to see Shazam on Sunday.

What’s your evening routine like?: Come home, change out of my work clothes. Eat, watch some YouTube, write a teeny tiny bit, shower, skincare, sleep.

Eyeing off the treat, Mellon looks so hopeful!
Haul: Nothing this week as we are preparing for the big family Easter feast.
Weekend plans: A nasty gastro bug has hit my son and his family’s household – the kind of one where you feel sick one day, OK the next and back to feeling unwell again. All of them have had it in varying degrees of severity. It’s going around in their neighbourhood and kinder. So this week I have looked after the well ones and have done a lot of their washing (not the yucky ones) and have purchased them some more towels, sheets, mattress protectors etc. They are much better now.
Saturday – getting the house ready and preparing some of the food for Easter Sunday. Nothing too fancy, just salads, fish, vegetables and some meat.
Sunday: We are having an Easter lunch. I don’t buy the kids chocolate Easter eggs, I just get them a toy and some clothes. And given how unwell they have been, chocolate would be the worst thing out.

Evening Routine: We usually have dinner anywhere between 6.30 and 7.30. In winter it is usually earlier, but it has been so darned hot here lately.
After tidying up the kitchen, I find myself either reading or watching a TV show that I like. I have a shower at night time and begin my evening skincare routine. I usually read some more and go to bed at about 10.30 pm.

Oh Genevieve, I hope everyone recovers well enough for your Easter lunch. I can’t believe your weather is still hot. We are just getting into Spring, yesterday driving around with the roof down in my car, nice 20C, today 6C and a cold wind. And we’re still not safe from a “surprise” snow storm too, not until after the May long weekend. Happy Easter!

Thanks for your good wishes, but we had to cancel the festivities for this week and move it to the Greek Easter next weekend. My son was still quite ill, my grandson had tummy aches and my husband woke up not feeling well. So it was best not to share the germs around. Next week the weather is going to be cooler too.
Hopefully our hot run will end soon, I am so sick of it. The only benefit is that the washing gets dry on the line quickly and I have taken care of my son’s family washing (not the yucky stuff) this week…..about 10 loads worth!

Haul: Revolution Pro lipsticks in Instigator and Haywire and I am so impressed with these, they’re as good as the Nars Audacious formula. Another tube of Olay eye serum and other than that, still waiting for my Colourpop Villains stuff to arrive…

Weekend plans: I am on holiday! So I have no plans except do whatever I want when I feel like it. For two whole weeks!

Evening routine: As soon as I get home from work, I get changed into comfy clothes (mostly pjs or a dressing gown). Then I sit on the couch and catch up on some blogs, read or check the news. We usually eat about 6.30pm but it depends on who is cooking and what we’re having. Then it’s digital entertainment of some kind and I usually wash my face and stuff before I go to bed at 10.30 – 11pm.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nada, I’ve prepared a list for my trip to the U.S. this weekend.

Weekend plans: I leave for Vegas tomorrow night to meet my husband who is working down there.

What’s your evening routine like?: I’m retired but my husband doesn’t usually get home until around 6pm or later. We watch the news while we eat. Then it depends what we have going on, maybe we will just chill and watch tv. I have an extensive facial routine and I will do that before we retire for the evening.

Mellan’s nose knows where to look for treats. My daughter’s dog could track a treat anywhere in the house I’m sure. He doesn’t like it when my husband leaves for work, so I would put a treat in my pocket to give him when he was leaving. That dog would know that cookie was in my pocket way before it was time to give it to him. Their sense of smell is sensitive, I think my husband was a dog in a previous life!

Thank you Genevieve, We used to own a house down in Vegas. We go 3 or 4 times a year. Imagine a playground just for Adults then multiply it by 10. It can be wild and wacky and you need to have an open mind, because, anything goes in Vegas, and we just laugh at it. I think it keeps us young, and we like it. Aerosmith is playing down here and Pink is in L.A. we will try to get tickets, they are quite expensive though. And yes Genevieve it kind of is surreal.

Haul/Rediscoveries: None

Weekend plans: Work out and clean

What’s your evening routine like?: Oof don’t have much of one to speak of lol. Though I would like to, at least on weeknights.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Weeelllll … I just got done buying the Melt Smoke Sessions palette, as well as their Baked eyeliner (looks like a pretty unique shade) and Ghostlight highlighter.

Weekend plans: Easter dinner tomorrow. Possibly professional manicure and a movie today. Work I brought home from the office to fill in the gaps.

What’s your evening routine like?: Nonexistent? I really need one. I feel like I used to have one at one time, but I can’t tell you how it went. I’m fairly desperate to get some routing back in my life. My office mate went on maternity leave (which I don’t begrudge her — the world needs mothers), and I ended up absorbing almost the full range of her job; even though we tried to split it up amongst three people before she left, somehow it still ended up almost entirely on me. Sooooo … I’ve been working the near-equivalent of two full-time jobs for months now and it has blown up my personal life. I need structure to manage this or the negative effects of a complete lack of downtime (me-time) will soon snowball in ways that will take time to recover from. At the very least, I need a routine that lets me fit walking back into my day, every day, as walking was always my decompression (and my only real form of exercise!) — I’m really feeling the lack of it.

That doesn’t sound very equitable to me – one person leaves, three people around and one of those ends up with three quarters of the workload. Hmmm.
You must be exhausted and I hope you can take a break over Easter a bit and recharge your batteries.

Haul/Rediscoveries: No new makeup, but I picked up more makeup remover wipes and today I finally got my Lauren Cohan haircut! I love it! *squeals*
Weekend plans: I worked all day Friday and ran errands Friday night. Tonight my dad’s side of the family all met up at a restaurant as an Easter celebration. Tomorrow evening my mom’s side is celebrating Easter at my aunt’s house-I’m assembling a cheese plate. I might go to my church’s later Sunday service if my allergies don’t interfere.
What’s your evening routine like?: None of the following ever happens at the same time every day, because our schedules vary so much. Dinner’s usually after 6PM, unless we want to go somewhere relatively nice on a busy day. I surf the Net, and we watch TV if there’s something good on. I take my makeup off, take my meds (a daily nasal spray and a pill for my hormones) and go to bed, usually as late as I can possibly manage it.

Update: at my mom’s side’s Easter, my aunt put a bunch of makeup she didn’t like in a basket and had my cousin and I divvy it between ourselves. I got 2 Essie nail polishes-Nothing Else Metals and St. Lucia Lilac, a Tarte of Giving eyeshadow palette, and a Sephora Beauty Insider birthday gift Tarte set-Paaarty blush and Birthday Suit Tarteist Lip Paint.

Haul: Urban Decay Game Of Thrones collection – The Night King eyeliner, Winterfell Snow eyeliner and Daenerys Targaryen lipstick.
Weekend plans: My daughter’s visiting for the week, and we’re going to a Dog Show with our pooch, Loki
Evening routine: Dinner, dog walk, listen to the radio/watch a DVD, and bed around midnight.

Haul: I went on a Coloured Raine splurge with their sale last week and got the Queen of Hearts Palette, the Safari Raine palette, and the Cheers to the Beauty palette. They were so affordable! And the shipping was fast! AND they sent me an extra Queen of Hearts palette for FREE?!? I’m a fan!

Rediscoveries: The Laura Geller Baked Blush n Brighten in Peach Delight is GORGEOUS. I found a way of applying it that doesn’t make my cheeks look dry, but it gives such a beautiful pink glow on my cheeks that I don’t have to use highlight. I love it so much; it’s perfect for Spring.

Weekend plans: Hanging out with my dad on Easter, but that’s about it.

What’s your evening routine like?: Most of my evening is spent trying to convince a wiley toddler to go to sleep, lol, but once he’s asleep, my hubby and I cuddle and watch a show, then I’ll take off my make up and do my skincare, brush my teeth, and lay in bed and read for a while before hitting the hay.

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