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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Dr. Jart+ face masks x2, Peace Out Acne Dots/Pore Treatment Strips/Pigmentation Dots, Peter Thomas Roth FirmX, Fenty Beauty Bronzers x8, Fenty Beauty Highlighters x2, Biologique Recherche PIGM 400
  • Weekend plans: Enjoy the weather as it’s starting to warm up quite a bit, so some walks with Mellan and hubby. I’m hoping not to take photos this weekend, as I have a ton of stuff shot and need to focus on getting the reviews started!
  • Do you like horror movies?: Nope, not at all! I’m easily scared, and it keeps me up at night/repeats in my dreams.

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I know that look very well. My dog gives me that look when I get something out of the refrigerator and put it into my mouth instead of his.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing! It’s a no-buy marathon!

Weekend plans: Big formal party. Time to pull out all my best high-end makeup!

Do you like horror movies?: Although I don’t like slasher movies or jump scares, I do like psychological horror. But I’m picky, so it has to be very well made. The last great horror film I saw was “Get Out.” I’m looking forward to Jordan Peele’s new film, and I’ve been actively avoiding all reviews of it.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Just place an order on Paula’s Choice for their new SPF powder (gotta be prepared for summer sun), the conditioner (the only non-fragrance conditioner I have found) and the body AHA (gotta keep skin looking good). I might place a Sephora order… I just discovered they carry Skinfix now and I love their products.

Weekend plans: I do hope to be able to visit some redwoods nearby this Saturday. And I go to a musical on Sunday.

Do you like horror movies?: I don’t like horror movies specifically, I like good thriller movies. I guess I’m more into movies that play upon mental fears and psychological build-up; I don’t like those movies with tons of blood and physical violence. For example, I’m more into horror movies like `The Others`, than the SAW series.

Haul/Rediscoveries: A local chain is slowly closing its stores and had some things at 50% off. I picked up Cinema Secrets brush cleaner, Ben Nye LiquiSet, and some mini sponges. I rediscovered my Artis brush dupe and it works incredibly well with the KGD Aqua foundation, much better than the flat brush I was using.

Weekend Plans: Hanging out with friends on Sunday. Tomorrow will be the usual errands.

Do I like horror movies? No, for all the reasons listed by Christine.

That look in Mellan’s eyes just melts me into mush! ?

Haul: Nothing! But it feels like withdrawal symptoms, at least emotionally. It does get a little easier. Saving up for the Sephora Rouge sale. This Spring, they’re giving Rouge what we’ve been asking for, too! ?

Weekend plans: After that big wind storm on Wednesday, it’s been a nice little cool spell, so I’ve got to get out and try to enjoy it before the heat cranks up again. It actually feels like “Spring”, which is a nice break! I also need to touch up my roots. There’s about an inch of new growth aka lots of white and grey. Meeting on Sunday to finish out the weekend.

Do you like horror movies? No, I hate them! Although I do like suspense, I hate anything that has elements of spiritism or graphic violence in it. I’m far to sensitive to it. Way back, my ex brought me to see the OG “Susperia”. Even though I was in my late teens I then slept with the light on for at least several months! “Alien” likewise, and I was 20 when we went to see that one! Yet, I have since watched all the Alien franchise up through Alien Resurrection. Why? Idk. ?

Funny you should mention Suspiria. Italian Gialli are the only horror movies I like. Profondo Rosso, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, etc. Dario Argento and Mario Bava. The old classics from film hx courses, like Nosferatu and M, too, and horror shock, like the eye scene in An Andalusian Dog. But those films are highly stylized, and have psychological tension, not like slasher flicks Halloween and Elm Street. It’s a different kind of disturbing.

I’m also delaying some Sephora purchases hoping that the sale comes in the next 1-2 weeks. But usually if they offer good perks before that I give in… A good Drunk Elephant mini-sized product as a perk on a $25 purchase is sometimes more valuable than a 15-20% discount.

I have been actively avoiding the Sephora website so that I can keep to my no/low buy but I have known for a while that I was going to stock up on a bunch of things when the sale arrives. So, that is my long winded way of asking, what are they giving Rouges? Maybe I will have to revise my plan to forgo being a Rouge this year, LOL!! Actually, given my skin care needs and another sale in the fall I may end up being a Rouge anyway but definitely not to the degree I have in the past. I just commented below about avoiding movies with anything demonic or satanic in the plot as I just don’t handle those well. I remember when my daughter was little and her father and his girlfriend let her watch “The Chainsaw Massacre”. They don’t know how close they came to being chainsawed but that is neither here nor there. My ex was like, it is just a movie, Deb. No big deal. She knows it isn’t real. I told him, she doesn’t need that garbage in her head. Once it is in there you cannot scrub it out. To this day she is frightened by that movie and any music that was in it freaks her out. Some things just shouldn’t be watched, IMHO.

Deborah and Sandy, Isabella @ The Muse posted the dates and more importantly, the AMOUNTS of the various levels the other day. So did Trendmood. You know how we’ve all been clamoring for 20% for the Spring sale? Looks like Sephora heard us, or so it would seem!

Haul/Rediscoveries: With my coupon, I bought Buxom blush in Havana, the Wonder Woman Avengers makeup bag from Ulta, and Clinique Even Better foundation in Breeze (to try). Returned the Kylie lip kit as it made my lip lines super noticeable…like it sunk in all the lines even when my lips were well moisturized. Also I got my Boxycharm in and love the loose highlighter that came in it from Artist Couture! It’s so pretty!
Weekend plans: Take my son to get his photo with the Easter bunny, go to a friend’s 40th birthday party, and take my son on an Easter egg hunt (he’s 2). And also the usual chores.
Do you like horror movies?: No…but I’m a psychologist, so I can’t tell you how many horror movie previews the teens want me to watch to make them feel better at the end of session. lol I have watched a few movies but some just scare me too much.

Haul: Yes to Carrots dry scalp relief shampoo and conditioner, Revolution Pro foundation drops and a brow pomade and I bought another of the BH Cosmetics Hanging in Hawaii eyeshadow palettes as a gift for a friend. I finally caved and ordered some of the Coourpop Villains stuff (the Facilier collection & Maleficent lipstick) plus some of the new pressed glitters and a couple more of the Juicy glosses but they haven’t arrived yet.

Weekend plans: No plans for Saturday, my husband has been away for work since Thursday and doesn’t get back until Easter, so it’s just me and the cats. I’ll probably just potter about doing domestic stuff and chores, boo. Sunday I am going to visit my mum in the afternoon and then going out to the farm to visit my in-laws because it’s my SIL’s birthday and we’re having a family dinner. I might make brownie to take along for dessert.

Horror movies: Nah, not really. I don’t mind the psychological or supernatural themed ones so much but I just can’t do the gory splatter flicks. Watching Wolf Creek just about destroyed me, I was physically ill afterwards and it still gives me the shivers, years and years later. John Jarrett was brilliant in it and even though the movie storyline was fictional, it was based on several true life events in Australia at that time and the realism was the most shocking part of it.

Haul: Ciate Jessica Rabbit lip stick, a couple of Nars Audacious lip sticks from Hautelook

Weekend Plans: Wash my hair and do my nails, Chill read and watch Netflix and Game of Thrones!!

Do you like Horror Movies?: Yes they are my favorite movie/book genre’s next to mysteries. I love to be tense and focused on the victim getting revenge or free, lol. My mom and sisters like horror movies too. I’ve seen all the good ones so it’s hard to really scare me. Not into cutting up of body parts so much though.

Oh Melan, you are such a sweet baby and you have such an expressive face. I am sure your mommy wouldn’t go into the pantry and come back empty handed. Check behind her back!

Haul: Nothing this week although I will be placing a Sephora order next Tuesday to pick up the $100 gift card with my points. I am going to pick up one of the Kaja Bento Shadow trios, although still trying to figure out which one! Also, the palette that I purchased from Emme Cosmetics got here today so I am anxious to play with that and see if the pigmentation and shine is as beautiful in real life as it is on IG. Hopefully I will have some time this weekend to play.

Weekend plans: Not much. A maternal aunt passed away this week and I am pretty sure they won’t hold the memorial until next week sometime but want to be available to help in any way that I can. I also have a couple of art pieces to finish for a friends upcoming birthday and one for my mother for Mother’s Day although I have a little time before that comes around. Mixed media does take a little while to work on because of the drying time and often I will do something and not love it so have to figure out a way to change it or remove it and start over.

Horror movies: Absolutely not, no never. I am a big chicken and will have nightmares like crazy if I watch anything even remotely scary. My now ex-husband loves them and talked me into going with him to see “The Howling” when it was in theaters. I didn’t sleep for a month. It is funny because I can read really “scary” or similar genres and not have it bother me. I have read all of Patricia Cornwells novels and she gets fairly graphic in them and it doesn’t bother me. That could be because of my medical background and her Dr. Scarpetta novels deal with a forensic pathologist so I find that really interesting. If I had my life to live over again I would definitely get my MD and then be a forensic pathologist. It is so interesting.

Thank you, Genevieve. I had taken my 92 year old Aunt and my 83 year old Mother over to see her about 10 days ago because after talking to her on the phone, I just had a bad feeling. So glad that I did so they had both seen her recently. I had been trying to lift her spirits by telling her I was going to take her to North Dakota this summer to see all of her family there. She had been tearful about never getting to see her cousins again so I was planning a road trip with her, my Aunt from above and my Mother. I am hopeful that I can still get my Aunt and Mom there this year. All of the cousins are in their 80’s and 90’s. My Aunt that passed away was the oldest of my Mom’s siblings and my Mom is the youngest. We lost another Aunt at the age of 83 back in 2011. She was very close to my family as she suffered brain damage from a high fever when she was an infant and spent a lot of years in a state run facility until my Mom and Dad, with the families blessing, took her from the facility and brought her to California to live with us. Unfortunately, she became too much for my Mom to handle alone and so I found a care home near where I lived and so she was able to come home for holidays, trips, etc. In general, my Mom’s family has longevity on their side. I knew when I saw my Aunt this last time that she likely didn’t have a lot of time left but really was surprised it was so quick. She was placed into a nursing home and was okay there as long as she had a private room but when financial constraints forced her to be moved to a semi-private room, it was really the beginning of the end for her. Anyway, enough of the sad stuff. Thank you. You are always so gracious, Genevieve. I don’t know if I have ever told you this before but Genevieve is one of my favorite names and if I had had another daughter I would have named her that. It is just such a beautiful name.

Thank you, Nancy. Yes, I feel like I have had a lot of deaths in the family recently but as I was saying to Rachel, at my age with so many living aunts and uncles it is inevitable that there will be more and more deaths. I have had a lot of time with my family because my mom had me when she was 16 and in fact, had all of her children before she was 19. Consequently, I feel like my “old age” has almost coincided with theirs! We have grown old together but we have a lot of shared memories and wonderful experiences so I can be thankful for that.

Thank you, Rachel. It has been a lot lately but as I have gotten older I knew that it was coming. I mean I am 65 so all of my aunts and uncles are in their 80’s and 90’s. It was great having them around for my entire life and we are a close knit family so there isn’t any way to prepare yourself. I know in the intelligent part of my brain that there is going to be a lot more over a short space of time but still difficult.

I get what you mean. We’ve lost many close older relatives over the last 10 years, and it doesn’t get easier. My mom was the latest last summer, and my husband’s mother’s cousin is currently in the hospital and may not make it through this next year. She’s a real sweetie, too.

Hi Tammy, did you change your profile pic? Very pretty! So, the cards are available on Tuesday mornings beginning at 9 AM which is 10 AM for me. When they first started the program they were pretty difficult to get but seems like things have changed recently as both my daughter and I have been able to get them later in the day. You have to purchase something and cannot use the gift card to purchase that initial purchase. My daughter and I generally pick something we need but not too expensive. Each $100 costs 2000 points. At first I was not really interested because it took so many points but since I don’t care about being Rouge this year and I haven’t picked up anything with points in quite awhile, (nothing of any value), I was fine with the amount of points. I have picked up 2 in the past 6 months and my daughter has also. I almost used them this past Tuesday to pick up the Kaja Bento Box shadows after seeing Tara’s video but wanted to wait for Christine to review them so that is my plan for Tuesday. Take care. Hope everything is going well for you and your family.

Haul/Rediscoveries: New – Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse (I got the glittery one this time) – a discussion here this past week about some new and very pricey body oil got me thinking it was time to replenish, even though I hate the packaging and I figured since I’ve still got about 1/3 of a bottle of the regular oil, I’d go for the golden/glimmery one; a new jar of Vasanti eye cream (love that stuff) and Burberry Body Tender Eau de Toilette. I also got a sample of Laura Mercier concealer but I’m not sure it’s really going to work for me. REDISCOVERY – MAC Family Silver MES from years ago. It looks so lovely in the pan but has always been a total let-down applied; I’ve been wearing it over Laura Mercier Amethyst eye crayon shadow and while it’s not perfect, it is so much better and more like the colour I see in the pan.

Weekend plans: the gym tomorrow, bbqing dinner now that the weather is nice and that’s about it, really

Horror Movies: for the most part, no thanks (when I was a teen, I saw the original Exorcist and couldn’t sleep and was nervous as a cat on hot bricks for weeks; I’d never watch it again). If it’s more a sort of psychological horror movie or a jokey one (the original Ghostbusters, Hocus Pocus, What We Do In the Shadows – funniest movie in years – or the original Night of the Living Dead) – those I’m okay with but anything too graphic is too much for me.

I am a really big fan of all the Nuxe products that I have tried and the lip balm has been my holy grail for forever. I love the cleanser and the oils. I agree, their packaging sucks but I can put up with it for the products. I wish they were still readily available in the US. I order them on-line and was lucky to pick some up while in Paris.

I saw the Exorcist back in the day and it scared the daylights out of me. Anything to do with evil, demonic, horror is just not my cup of tea. I go to the movies and watch movies at home for escapism and not to be uncomfortable alone in my house. I also read Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood” when I was in high school and was sure some psychotic men were going to break into our house for no reason other than our house was in their path and that they would kill us all in our sleep. On some levels I loved the book but overall, I was glad my Mom and Dad’s bedroom came before my bedroom in the hall upstairs!! Dad kept a gun under the bed so I figured he would take care of the crazies.

Nuxe makes a body lotion in the same scent as the Huile Prodigeuse. I like it a lot and find it much easier to use. The oils are nice but packaging is the worst. Avene makes a very nice body oil – also in a spray but with a container that is so much easier to hold onto and isn’t clunky glass, so no fears of dropping it and having it shatter.

I really love spray oils and have always wondered why more companies don’t make them. They are so easy to use. I will have to check out the lotion. I have only ever used the oil and have come close to dropping it several times when slippery fingers meet already oil covered glass bottle!

Haul/Rediscoveries: No makeup but there was a sale on the Glowpro dermal roller so I bought it, haven’t used it yet but I have many handy items that I love to use on my skin that I use all the time.

Weekend plans: My husband is going away on business tomorrow and I have my grand puppy so we will be going on lots of walks, Hi Mellan I see you!

Do you like horror movies?: Loved them when I was a teenager. Now I’m home alone when my husband goes away and every sound I hear could be a murderer coming to kill me! So NO horror movies for me thank you very much.

Not bad really, he’s my daughter’s so he’s going back to her next week. Lots of fun to have to take care of, a lot more work than you think. Thanks for asking.

Oh Christine I love Firm X too , such a good product .
Haul / rediscoveries?
Guerlain L’Essentiel foundation
Weekend plans / exploring Salt Spring Island with my guy.
Do I like Horror movies?
Ever since I saw my first indoor movie( Mary Poppins ) when I was a kid I’ve loved movies , every kind , I even volunteer at Film Festivals to see indie films
But horrowMovies , not the slashy ,bloody type , however I do love psychological thrillers , Hitchcock style.

Mellon looks divine with his soulful eyes waiting for his dinner. How gorgeous is he!

Haul: My Maybelline Spice for Me lipstick arrived this week and it is fabulous. Just love the shade and I hope Maybelline brings it out to Aus this year.

Weekend plans:
Friday – Lachlan over per usual and I took him to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, a fair distance from our place. They had a children’s bush art and hut building area organised for the children as it is the Easter holidays here. He loved it – painting, drawing, building a bush hut.
Then we went on a tour of the gardens, it is huge and we had a wonderful time there..
Saturday – nothing really special – just shopping, cleaning and a date with the laundry.
Sunday – unknown at the moment, so hopefully a drive in the country side.


I got my second Chanel Rouge Coco Flash hydrating vibrant shine lipstick. The first time I got a bright color (Pulse) and this time I got one of the sheer shades (Flash). This one is the barest whisper of coral. I plan on picking up more of these in May, if I can wait that long. I love this formula.

While I was ordering the Chanel lipstick, I saw Yves Saint Laurent had a mini kit of their Rouge Volupt Shine lipsticks so I thought I’d get those as well. These are nice, but the formula on these minis is not as hydrating and the colors (12, 45, and 49) lack the freshness and vibrancy of the Rouge Coco Flash colors. However, I do have a full size Rouge Volupte Shine that is wonderfully textured and pigmented so maybe these minis do not accurately represent the line as a whole.

Weekend plans: Date with daughter. We are going out for dinner and drinks. I would like to take her to Ulta to see if anything catches her eye for the 20% off sale but I don’t know yet if she wants to do that.

I can’t do horror movies. I can’t hear the music for horror movies. I can’t have horror books. Once I threw a book that frightened me into a dumpster and from then on I was afraid of the dumpster, lol

Haul/Rediscoveries: Two pink Sydney Grace shadows. I was trying to be good and wait for the sale but ….

Weekend plans: Put all my winter stuff away and try to figure out what I have for summer that’s work appropriate.

Do you like horror movies?: NOPE easily freaked out. Love haunted houses though.

????: MAC Undercover Heroine Blush (This beauty needs to be made permanent!); Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush in Keep It Peachy; e.l.f. Luminous Blush in Radiant Peach; two e.l.f. Highlighting Brushes; Maybelline The Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette (Genevieve has me curious, and I finally found it in stock somewhere.); MUG Eyeshadow Palette in Joyfully Jade from (I’m happy to report that I actually think these shadows in this quad are winners!).

??????? ?????: Get my son’s cat her shots and annual physical, then return her to him now that he’s done moving and settled in. Get my other son’s guinea pig his annual physical and his nails clipped. Do some housework and errands.

?? ??? ???? ?????? ???????: Yes. I don’t get scared or grossed out easily. I’m not a fan of slasher or “torture porn,” just for the sake of violence, though. I like supernatural and psychological horror, and I love a good zombie movie.

Haul: some half-off ABH shadows (the search for a perfect warm plum, pewter and blue continues). a couple of glittery pencil liners from a ds brand that’s new to me – Wunder2 Superstay Eyeliners. Great pigmentation, sparkle and lasting power. wow.
Weekend: I lead a monthly women’s group (I’m a therapist & dating coach) – so prepping for Monday night – focus this month: “Brave, not Perfect” , inspired by book of the same name, written by founder of Girls Who Code. Loved it – quick read, motivating & lots of suggestions for how to build the bravery muscle.
Horror: I find the reality alarming enough, (especially in the last few years), thank you very much. No need to borrow from anyone else’s imagination.

Love that sweet face!

I haven’t posted in a while but here’s what I’ve hauled to date (past 4 months-ish):

Flame-boyant, Nude Model, Kabuki Doll eyeshadow palettes
You Wouldn’t Get it, Hi-Fructease lipsticks
Heartmelter lipglass
Tan, Melon, Rose pigments

Pat McGrath:
Burnished Honey, Statuesque eyeshadow singles
Flesh 5 Mattetrance lipstick

Sonia G. Pro Eye Set x2
Worker 2 x2
RCMA Makeup No Color powder x3

Weekend Plans: More spring cleaning, one room/closet at a time. I’m enjoying it this year!

Do you like horror movies?: Not anymore! I used to but the imagery stays with me and it’s haunting. The last scary movie I saw was that one with the witch in the woods, and the last 5 minutes of it, where the boy has to turn and face the corner? Still turns my stomach and makes me run cold.

Forgot to add that I have rediscovered my Tom Ford blushes. I’m making it a point to keep them in rotation. I love the packaging and they were starting to collect dust because I always just used my workhorse staples and wanted to keep the pretties on display. I love the pigmentation but you only need just a smidge and then you have to buff out like crazy – it’ll take me years to get through them. I don’t even swish my brush, I just do one tap and pat on the cheeks and then buff, buff, buff, more buffing . . .

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